Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 12 - The Ghoul, the Bat, and the Ugly - full transcript

At a horror film awards show, a Shadow Creature shreds the winning film to pieces.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.



Let me at him, let me at him.

Let me at him, let me at him.


Puppy power.


Uncle Scooby?



And in the, ahem, category
of Best Actor in a Horror Film...

our panel of
judges has chosen...

Judson Carr, for his performance
in The Transylvanian Terror.

And now the moment
you've all been waiting for...

our special preview of next year's horror
hit, The Curse of the Shadow Creature.

Just as soon as I
start the projector.

Oh, my friends, something's
wrong with your ceremony.

You've glorified
make-believe horror too long...

now you'll see what it's like to
really face the powers of darkness.

This will be the last time your panel
of judges gives an award for anything.

Jinkies, I'm sure glad we could
get tickets for tonight's Batty Awards.

Maybe we'll get to meet some
of our favorite movie monsters.

- Monsters?
- Monsters?

Oh, boy, monsters
are our kind of people.

Right, Uncle
Scooby? Uncle Scoob?

You're not gonna find any monsters
under that rug, Uncle Scooby.

We're not even there yet.

It's a long drive to Brandon Davies'
estate. We may be a little late.

Oh, well, Fred,
better late than never.

In this case, Daphne,
like, better never than late.

Here we are, everybody,
Hillside Manor!

And just in time
for something, look!

- Help!
- Run!

Ruff and double-ruff. Monsters,
millions of them. Let's go, guys.

Scrappy! Wait!

Okay, you monsters, put up your
claws. I'll take you on one at a time.

All right. We'll be
fair, groups of 10.

Hey, Uncle Scoob,
I almost had them.

Wait, come back. There's
got to be an explanation.

An explanation for
what, Mr. Davies?

For the shadow creature that
appeared during the ceremony.

It seemed to come right out
of the movie I was showing...

and frightened all
my guests away.

This could ruin the
Batty Awards for good.

- Can we take a look around?
- Oh, sure. Come with me.

I had just started the projector and
was on my way back downstairs...

when the film broke and the
shadow creature appeared.

Then maybe we'd better
start in the projection room.

And we'll start somewhere
else, like anywhere else.

Here's the projection room but I
don't know what you expect to find.

Neither do we,
Mr. Davies, but this wasn't it.

Oh, no, film! It's
been cut to pieces.

- Who would do such a thing?
- I don't know!

The producer lent me his only
copy of the movie for the preview.

Oh, he'll be furious!

Hmm. I guess we'll
have to look for clues.

There's ought to be a light
switch around here somewhere.

Shaggy, the best place to look
for a shadow creature is in the dark.

Like, why do you think
I'm looking for the lights?


Never mind, here he is now.

All right, you shadow
creature, prepare to see light.

Puppy power! I got him,
Uncle Scoob. I got him!


- Don't I got him?
- Let go of me, you little fool!

- Help.
- Got you.

I've got you now.

It looks like he's right,
Scoob, we're goners! Aah!

Yeah, goners.

Who are you?

Like, we'd like to ask you the same
question, except I think we already know.

That's right. He's
Creighton Ames.

Oh. Ha-ha-ha.

- Who?
- Jeepers, the famous actor.

Apparently not famous
enough for Mr. Davies there.

He's given the Batty Award for Best Actor
to somebody else for three years in a row.

I'm warning you, Davies, you
haven't seen the last of me.

Mr. Ames sure seemed mad.

Well, uh, don't worry about
him, he's just a sore loser.

Go ahead and
look around, kids...

but I've got to try to explain
this to the newspapers.

Then we better get
back to looking for clues.

Right, Velma, and Scoob and I
know just the place, the kitchen!

Yeah, right! Yum.

Oh, I get it.
No, I don't get it.

But my Uncle Scooby always
gets his shadow creature. Wow!

Hey, how about that?

A full-page ad for the
awards in the Times.

That's very impressive.

Not nearly as impressive as what'll happen
to you unless you leave here at once!

We'll see about that.

So you shall!

- Phew.
- The shadow creature, it's disappeared.

And this room's a mess, the wind
even tore this ad off the poster!

Or almost off,
look at this, guys.

"Priceless first
day covers stolen."

Gee, that's too bad, but who'd
wanna steal a bunch of covers?

Come on, Uncle Scooby!

That shadow creature's gotta
be around here somewhere.

Hey, what's this?

It's stuck.

A full moon, Uncle Scoob!

Just the thing for hunting monsters,
especially shadow creatures and werewolves!

Werewolves? Uh, mm.


Shaggy. Oh, no, the full moon.

Hey, Uncle Scoob, did you
find the shadow creature?

Not yet!

Hey! A wolfman!
That's even better!

Oh, no!

Hey, Scoob, look at this.

The Film Fans' Yearbook has
a section on the Batty Awards.

Zoinks! Like, take it, it's yours!
And so is this, and this, and this.

Ruff and double-ruff!

We've got you this time.

Hey! What's all the commotion?

It's Shaggy, the
dogs and the wolfman.

Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Somebody get the
number of that truck.

Well, I guess we took care of
that wolfman. Right, Uncle Scoob?

And speaking of the wolfman...

It's Harrison Stone.

Like, he was one of the
founders of the Batty Awards...

but formed a competing group after
a disagreement with Brandon Davies.

It says so right here!

That's true, I came back tonight to
patch things up with my old partner.

Sneaking around behind a secret panel seems
like a funny way to patch up a quarrel.

If you'd seen that shadow creature
in action, you'd be careful too.

Mr. Davies is in
his office upstairs.

Thanks, but I can find
my own way around.

Like, when you see him,
could you give him his mail?

- Enh.
- Let me take a look at those letters.

That's odd.

None of these envelopes
is addressed to Mr. Davies.

And that's not all, I think you'd
better hang onto these, Shaggy.

But not for long. Ha, ha.

Hey, a king-sized kitchen. Just
the place to fix a king-sized snack!

- Right, Scoob?
- Right, Shaggy.

- Hey! What about the shadow creature?
- Let him fix his own snack!

I found him. I found the
shadow creature, Uncle Scooby.

Right, Scrappy!
Who is it this time?

- Another innocent bystander?
- You doubt me, you fool?

Oh, no, sir! Not me, like, you're the
realest shadow creature I've ever seen.

Come on, Scoob.


All right, shadow
creature. We got you now.

I'll teach you to
meddle in my affairs.

- Quick, Scoob, do something!
- I'm trying! I'm trying!

Gee, Uncle Scoob, if you wanna
open the door, all you gotta do is push.

All right, shadow creature. You're
dealing with Scrappy-Doo now.

Prepare to splat.

Like, come on, Scrappy.
Run now, splat later!

Head for the door,
Scoob! He's right behind us!

- Maybe he's not!
- Yipe!

Okay, everybody off.

Off? Uh-uh.

You mean, like, jump?

- Hey, what's going on in here?
- That's what we'd like to know.

We're gonna get us a
shadow creature, that's what.

That must be him now.

Puppy power!

It looks like he's got him.

All right, you. Your
lurking days are over.

It's Creighton Ames!

Well, he said we hadn't
seen the last of him.

Davies is selling the Best
Actor Awards. I'm certain of it.

You mean people are paying to win?
- Yes.

Otherwise, I'd have won myself.
I came back to look for proof.

That's nonsense.

If I was so broke I
had to sell the awards...

do you think I could afford to
live in this house? Ha-ha-ha.

Come on, Ames. This
time I'll make sure you leave.

Let's check out the
elevator for clues.

Right, since it's the last place
anyone saw the shadow creature.

Like, that's a terrific reason
for us to look somewhere else.


You go ahead, Uncle Scooby...

this looks like a great place
to set up a Scrappy trap.

If you catch anything,
be sure not to let us know.

It's just a dummy mummy. Ha, ha.

Ulp! Right, Shaggy. Ha-ha-ha.

Come on.

There's nobody here but us
and a bunch of wax figures.

There you are, come back here.

Like, what would
your husband say?

- Help!
- Help!

- Hey, look out for my...
- Aah!

Scrappy trap!

Now I've got you.

All right, lady monster,
listen, and listen tight.

My Uncle Scooby's busy
inspecting my Scrappy trap...

so I'm gonna splat you for him!

Puppy power!


Missed my monster.

That's no monster, she's Dolores
Canfield, a real-estate developer.

I had to put on this silly outfit
just to get into the house tonight.

She's been haunting me to sell this
place so she can put up a shopping center.

If you'll remember, Mr. Davies, if
was you who originally approached me.

Ha-ha-ha. I told you I'm not interested
anymore. Let me show you out.

Jeepers, for all the
monsters we've met...

we're not any closer to solving
this mystery than when we arrived.

Hmm. I'm not so sure
about that, Daphne.

This looks like a
piece of the film...

the shadow creature destroyed
up in the projection room.

What's it doing down here?

Maybe a better look at this
film will give us a clue. Come on.

Like, if you're following the
shadow creature that way...

ulp, ha, ha, we're
going this way.

Going outside is a
super idea, Uncle Scooby.

We'll lure that old shadow
creature out into the open...

- and then we'll pounce on him.
- Ulp!

Uh, right, uh, pounce.

And there's the perfect place for
the shadow creature to hide, a maze.

Like, I think he's right, Scoob.

Then what are we waiting for?

Hey, Scrappy, can't
we, like, talk this over?

Gee, Uncle Scoob, I think
we're lost, what do we do now?

I don't know. Ha-ha-ha.

We'll stay right here.

If we don't even know where we are,
the shadow creature will never find us.

Yeah. Ha-ha-ha!

There, that should do it.

It's a scene from
the movie, all right!

A location scene...

and isn't that Brandon
Davies in the background?

Gee, I didn't know
he was an actor.

Jinkies! I've got it.

We've got to find Shaggy
and those envelopes

before the shadow
creature does. Come on.

Uh, Scoob, why do I get
the feeling we're not alone?

Because you're not.

I didn't ask you.

Well, Scoob, I
guess we lost him.

That's okay, Uncle
Scoob, I found him for you.


Like, if that monster sneaks
up on us once more, I'll scream!

Come back here, you.

Puppy power!

We got him, Uncle Scoob.

Don't we got him?

You got him all right, Scrappy,
right behind the eight ball.

But with all those monsters from
the Batty Awards loose in the house...

who is it?

That's easy to figure out once you know
what's really been going on here tonight.

The first clue was the newspaper
story about the priceless first day covers.

Right! They're
not blankets at all...

but a special and very
valuable kind of stamp.

You mean like the ones
I found in that old book?

I mean exactly
the ones you found.

Then the shadow creature wasn't
trying to break up the Batty Awards...

he was after the stamps.

Wrong. He already had the
stamps. He was after the film.

- Huh?
- But why?

Because one of its scenes
accidentally showed the thief...

leaving the stamp
shop after the robbery.

Brandon Davies impersonated
the shadow creature...

so it would be blamed
when he destroyed the film.

But why would a rich man like
Mr. Davies have to steal stamps?

Because I'm not a
rich man, not anymore.

I needed the money to keep this
house and continue the Batty Awards.

Used the mansion's secret
passages to walk into a room...

just after the shadow
creature went out!

And his magic with the
doors and floating furniture...

was all done with wires
he'd rigged up earlier.

Well, as long as we're here...

let's take a look at some
of these great old movies.

Right, Shaggy.


Hey, Uncle Scooby,
maybe this will help.



And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo too!