Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Scarab Lives! - full transcript

The gang's favorite comic book superhero, the Scarab, comes to life as a super villain.

- Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.



Let me at him. Let me at him!

Let me at him. Let me at him!



Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?



And at two minutes before
midnight here in Lake City...

it's 68 degrees.
We're looking at

temperatures in the
high 80s for tomorrow...

and now it's back to the news.

That noise, where's
it coming from?

Who's there?

What's wrong, Sloane?

Don't you recognize
the Scarab alarm?

After all, you created it.

Who...? Who are you?

You don't know?

You've only drawn those infernal
comic books about me for 10 years.

No! No! It's impossible.

How could you forget
about my Scarab's sting?

You invented it.

The Blue Scarab?

That's right, Sloane.

You gave me life on your drawing board,
but you will draw no more comic books.

Is that clear?

No more comic books.

You... You can't
be the Blue Scarab.

You can't. You can't.

"Ha-ha-ha. You'll never be able
to carry out your sinister plans.

For I am the Blue Scarab!"

Wow! What a hero.

Keep reading, Shaggy.

I love how you read
The Blue Scarab.

"I fight a never-ending
battle for good guys...

and I never lose."

Boy, would I like
to meet up with him.

He's my kind of hero.

The Blue Scarab is really
something, all right, Scrappy.

Hey, like, that's weird.

Yum, yum, yum. Mm...

Scooby? SCOOBY: Huh?

Is that my mango
malt on your lips?

Not anymore.

Not anymore.

Hey, guys, listen to this.

"Noted comic-book
artist Jerry Sloane...

claims he is being haunted by
his own creation, the Blue Scarab."

Like, haunted?

Oh, boy. A real Blue Scarab.

Oh, it must be a
publicity stunt, Scrappy.

Yeah? Well, we'll
see about that.

Come on, Uncle Scooby.

You and me are gonna
meet the Blue Scarab.

We are gonna meet him,
aren't we, Uncle Scooby?



Puppy power!

Well, it looks like we're
going to investigate.

Yeah, whether we want to or not.

- Right, Fred?
- Right.

We read about your problem
in the paper, Mr. Sloane.

If you believe my story,
you're the only ones.

After all, a comic-book
character coming to life...

It's pretty
unbelievable, all right.

And it's all a joke, right? Huh?

Yeah. Right?


I, uh... I don't think
it was a joke, Scoob.

After the Blue
Scarab vanished...

I found this on my wall.

That's the sign of the Scarab.

Like, in the comics he leaves that
mark to warn criminals he'll be back.

He's coming back?

Well, I'm gonna find
him first. Come on, unc.

We'll show him he can't go around
scaring the guy that draws him.

Hm. This is very interesting.

And very frightening, Velma.

He wants me to stop
drawing his comics, so I am.

- Does anyone else draw those comics?
- Just me.

Oh, I have an assistant
to do the lettering,

but the Blue Scarab
is my creation.

If that Blue Scarab person is
hiding around here, we'll find him...

and we'll splat him.

Won't we, Uncle Scooby?
Huh? I mean, won't we?

- Won't we?
- Blue Scarab?

Uh, Scrappy.

I'll bet this is the Scarab's
secret hiding place.



Jinkies. What was that?

It came from the hallway.

Uncle Scooby?

Where are you, Uncle Scooby?

This is no time to be
reading comic books...

Uncle Scooby. SCOOBY: Huh?

Did you find the Blue Scarab?

No, they found my
comic-book collection.

But we're getting close.

Hey, like, I haven't
seen this one before.

"Blue Sca..."

"Super Crook"? "Blue
Scarab, Super Crook"?

That's next month's issue.

It's not on the stands yet.
You can have it if you'd like.

Uh, thank you.

Would you mind if we had
a talk with your publisher?

Not at all, if you
think it could help.

Good idea, Fred, old buddy.

We'll stay here and
catch up on our reading.

I mean, cleaning... I mean, we'll
clean up this mess, all right, Fred?

It's a catastrophe.

The Blue Scarab is
my number-one seller...

and if Sloane doesn't
draw him, I'm out millions.

I've got to keep
these presses moving.

But this Blue Scarab thing would
shake up anybody, Mr. Hardy.

It's just an excuse.

I've told you, Hardy,
Jerry Sloane is through.

Kids, this is Floyd Hotchkis...

another of my artists.

Your best artist.

Wise up and dump Sloane.

Oh, you wouldn't really
fire him, would you?

If Sloane won't draw,
I'll have no other choice.

Which means we better get
back and unlock this mystery.

We draw comic books much
larger than the size they're printed.

Then a camera photographs
the pages and reduces them.

My assistant then
takes the pages...

Oh, no.


Oh, boy. It's the
Blue Scarab alarm.

Like, it's the Blue
Scarab himself.

This is no time to look in
there for clues, Uncle Scooby.

The Blue Scarab is here.

I have returned.

Oh, no.

Have you decided to retire, or
do you need further convincing?

Like, sure. We'll
retire. Anything.

You name it, we'll do it.

Wow! Ruff.

It's the real Blue Scarab.

So how come my
hero is such a meanie?

You designed me to strike terror
into the hearts of evildoers, Sloane.

But now I strike
terror into your heart.

And mine too,
Mr. Blue Scarab, sir.

Ruff. Let me at him.

He can't talk to
our friend that way.

Shaggy, help!

The Blue Scarab
will turn to crime...

and ruin forever
his name and yours.

He's getting away.
- I'll stop him.

I'll stop him.

We'll get him now, Uncle Scoob.


- Help!
- Like, you said it, Scoob.


Pu... Pu... Pu... Puppy power!

- How about that? I think he got him.
- Yeah?

What happened?

I got you now, Blue Scarab.

You can't get away from
Scrappy-Doo, I tell you.

Let go of me, you little...

Scrappy, like, that
isn't the Blue Scarab.

- It isn't?
- Uh-uh.


Well, what'd you expect?
I'm just a little puppy.

That's Howard Gruber, my assistant.
- What happened?

And the Blue Scarab was just
here, and he escaped down that hall.

Well, he didn't go by me.

And we sure didn't see him.

- But how could he just vanish like that?
- That's a good question.

The same way
I'm leaving, Sloane.

I've had it with
all this nonsense.

The Blue Scarab. Here? Hm.

It was really something, Fred.

Like, it was the Blue
Scarab, all right, only

he said... He said he
was turning to crime.

- That's right.
- The Blue Scarab, a criminal?

This could destroy
a doggy's faith.

Oh, no.

Hey, it's just
like in this comic.

"Blue Scarab. Super Crook"?

It's just a story, Velma.

A villain hypnotizes the Blue Scarab
into committing robberies for him.

And, like, his first
stop is a jewelry store.

Heh-heh. Boy, this
guy is really something.

You show them, Blue Scarab.

What was that?

Hold it right there,
mister. You're going to...

Now for the jewels.

These should do nicely...

for the first loot in the
Blue Scarab's crime spree.

Police? There's
been a robbery...

and you'll never
believe who did it.

The report indicates that
the Blue Scarab made off...

with almost 1 million dollars
worth of valuable gems.

A jewelry store robbery.

Just like in Shaggy's comic.

Zoinks! Here, Scoob, you
can have it. Consider it a gift.

No, thanks.

Let me see that, will
you, Uncle Scooby?

There could be a clue in here.

Oh, come on, there must be thousands
of copies of that issue in the city.

No, Daphne. It doesn't
come out until next month.

The only other person
who has one is my publisher.

It says here the Blue Scarab's
next crime is a bank heist.

Like, uh...? Like, why don't we just
forget all this silly stuff for a while...

and, uh, relax with
some music, huh?

The Blue Scarab
has struck again...

this time at the First Midtown
Bank where he escaped with...

Oh, boy. There.

Like, uh, I'm more
relaxed already, huh?

It looks like the Blue Scarab is
acting out this whole comic book.

And his next target
is the City Museum.

The City Museum.

Boy, I hope we're not too late.

Funny, I was just hoping we are.

Come on, Shaggy.

Be brave like me
and my Uncle Scooby.

We're gonna find that Blue Scarab
and splat him with a capital splat.

Well, it all seems quiet so far.

Meddling fools.

Okay now, Scrappy.

We want you to stay
here for your own safety.

Uh, but, uh...? But
don't you need me to...?

Don't move. Got it?

Sure, Uncle Scooby.

Don't move. I got it.

Like, we'll be
right back, I hope.



I'm not moving. I'm not moving.


Oh, no. It's gonna hit Scrappy.

What's that, Daphne?

Hey, look, Uncle
Scooby, a big stone thing.

- Scrappy. SHAGGY:
Save him, Scoob.


Hey, here it comes again.

You pick the best
spots, Uncle Scooby.

- Huh?
- You did it.

You saved us from being
squashed, Uncle Scooby.

I did? Hee-hee-hee.

Good idea, Uncle Scooby.



- Uncle Scoob?
- Like, there he is. The Blue Scarab.

He's getting away.

Come on, everybody.

This way, Scoob.

We're gonna splat that mean
old Blue Scarab good this time...

but leave Scrappy-Doo there.

Stay here. Okay?

I never get in
on the good stuff.

Hey, I can still help with one of
my ingenious Scrappy traps. Ruff.

He's gone.

We saw him, Daphne. We
know he's up here someplace.

Like, just in case, Fred,
maybe Scoob and I...

- should just check someplace else, huh?
- Yeah.

- Where?
- Oh, I don't know, how about Brazil?

We'd be back before
you knew it. Ha-ha.

One month, two months. Oh!


There he is. And he's
got the famous ruby crown.

You'll never stop
the Blue Scarab.

Quick, he's getting away.

My Uncle Scooby is gonna be so
proud of me when I catch the Blue Scarab.

Shaggy, Scooby, you check
that way, we'll go around the back.

Right, Fred.

Oh, boy, how do we get
ourselves into these things, Scoob?

You got me.

Uh, dumb luck, I guess.

Yeah, dumb luck, and all bad.

Blue Scarab? Hello?

Oh, boy, he's not here.

Time to go home.

- Yikes!
- Zoinks!

It's the Blue Scarab again!

Run, Scoob!



Here comes the Blue Scarab now.

Boy, will he be
surprised. Wow. Ruff.

I got him. Oh, boy, I got him.

Oh, I really do got him.

Don't I?

Yeah, I got him. I got him.
- Oh! Oh!

Wow. Ruff. It's him. It's him.

It's the Blue Scarab.

It's Uncle Scooby?

Did you see the Blue Scarab in there
anywhere, Uncle Scooby? Heh-heh.

He was here again,
Hardy, and I've had it.

I can't take it anymore.

His crime spree is all
over the radio and TV news.

He certainly leaves
a big calling card.

The Blue Scarab may be a bad
crook, but he's a terrific painter.

I guess that does it, Hardy.

The Blue Scarab comic
is through for good.

Bad news?

They've already had over a
thousand subscription cancellations.

Thanks for all your help,
but there's nothing left to do.

Unless we can find
out who's behind all this.

Wait a second. That's it.

- It is?
- Yeah.

If you wanted to make sure
the comic went out of business...

where would you go?

Right, Velma. To the presses.

He's gotta be here.

And if he's here,
we'll catch him.

Won't we, unc? Sure,
we will. We'll catch him.

We'll find him faster
if we all split up.

- Split up?
- Good idea, Velma.

They'll never learn.

Just shout if you
see anything, Shaggy.

Huh. Oh, like, don't
worry about me, Daphne.

You'll hear from
me, all right. Ha.

Hey, guys, look.

You can see the whole
pressroom from up here.

Where are you, Blue
Scarab? You old meanie, you.

Good idea, Scrappy. Maybe we
can spot him before he spots us.

Too late, my friends.

Zoinks! Like, we're moving!

That's great. We could see
more of the room that way.

- Scooby, look.
- Huh?

Like, we're gonna be
sliced and diced for sure.

- Help!
- Help!

Like, "help" help!

Now to take care of the others.

Fred! Velma!


That's Shaggy and Scooby.

They're in trouble. Come on.

Not so fast, my friends.

We have some unfinished
business to settle.

It's him.

Yes, the Blue Scarab.

We're goners for
sure this time, Scoob.

Yeah, goners.

Don't worry, Shaggy.
We'll think of something.

Yeah, we'll think of something.
Huh, Uncle Scoob? Heh-heh. Oh, boy.

Oh, boy. Saved
in the nick of time.

I knew Uncle Scooby
would come through.

I'll teach you to
listen to warnings.

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta! Pup,
pup, puppy power!

Got you now, you
old bad guy, you.

Scrappy. SHAGGY: Help!


Like, get us out of here!

I'll get you, you little mutt.

Scrappy, watch out.

Coming through! Like, gangway!

Splat him, Uncle Scooby.

I guess that about wraps
this one up, huh, gang?


I don't understand.

How did you know
what was going on?

We had several
clues, Mr. Sloane.

Because of the crimes, whoever
was pretending to be the Blue Scarab...

had to have read the
unpublished comic.

Then the Blue Scarab is
my publisher, Mr. Hardy.

Well, no.

You see, whoever it was
was also a good artist...

as we could tell by the quality of
the scarab he painted on the wall.

Of course.

It's my rival, Floyd Hotchkis.

No, it's not him either.

It's not?

Nope. Our last clue was the
Scarab's disappearance in the hallway.

He didn't run out past us...

and the only other
person in the hall was...

My assistant? Gruber?

I don't believe it.

I don't either.

Ah, come on, Uncle Scooby.

You knew it all
along. Didn't you, huh?

Didn't you? You
knew it, sure, you did.

Yeah. Well...

Sure. Sure. Ha-ha.

You knew it all along.

He just padded his suit and loaded it with
gimmicks that you created in your comic.

- But why?
- Why? If I could destroy the Scarab...

there'd be a chance for
me to do my own character.

I'm sick and tired of being
your unknown assistant, Sloane.

I... I had no idea.

I don't know how to thank you kids.
- I do.

- You do, Scoob?
- Yeah.

We sure do, Shaggy. Show them, unc. We
could do a comic about the Blue Scooby...

and his partner and nephew,
Scrappy-Blue. Ruff. Ruff.

Well, it's an idea.

He's the superest
uncle I know. Heh-heh.