Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Creeping Creatures - full transcript

The gang heads to nearby Gatorsburg, where they're terrorized by Gatorpeople.

Scooby Doo Mystery,Inc 1x02 ♪
The Creeping Creatures
Original air date on July 19, 2010

Are you sure

this is New York City?
- Yeah, absolutely.

Now, if I'm not mistaken,
this here is, uh, Broadway.

What's that street sign say?
"Gator Avenue."

Hmm. I wonder how far
Gator Avenue is from Broadway.

According to this map,

2,000 miles.

Well, in that case,
we're going to need

to fill up the tank.

Hello? Hello,
anybody there?



Come back!


Hmm, Hmm.







Gator man!

Oh, sweetie,
there's no such thing as...


Gator man!


[All screaming]

[Tires squealing]






[Rain falling]

Oh, I am so bored.

We haven't had a good mystery
in I don't know when!


[Sighs] Fred,
I think I've read

every magazine in your house.

What's that?

No, don't!

Dohh! [thud]

"Traps illustrated"?


I, uh, I read it
for the articles.

In fact, it's where
I got the idea

for this little beauty.

Who do you expect

to trap outside
your front door?

[Doorbell rings]


Let's find out.

I got a package
for, uh, Fred Jones.

Hey, that's me.


What is it?


Like, um,

I think it's a box.

[Gasps] It's from Mr. E!

"Saved this for a rainy day.


Hmmph, Mr. E
gives me the creeps.

Fred, careful.
That could be a bomb.

Ooh, strike that.
Cute purse.

Check it out--

"100% pure gator,
made in Gatorsburg."


But that's impossible.

Gatorsburg hasn't manufactured
gator products in decades.

Not since the gator mines
dried up.

Gator mines?

Gatorsburg was founded
back in the 1800s,

when a group of prospectors
searching for gold

struck something
much more valuable--


Yeah! We're all gonna be rich!

[All laughing and cheering]

Gatorsburg had more alligators
than anywhere in the world.

Overnight, Gatorsburg
became a boomtown.

The town became famous
for its gator skin products.

Then the gator wells ran dry.

Gatorsburg became a ghost town.

But, like, Freddy,

it says it was made
in Gatorsburg.

Ooh, smells new.

Gang, we have a mystery
on our hands.

Oh, sweet Christmas, finally!

[All yelling]

Oh, boy!

[Tires squealing]

This is what happens
when a civilization is founded

on an entirely
gator-based economy.

All right, gang,

let's split up
and look for clues.

What do you say, shaggy?

Want to go clue hunting
with me?


Come on, not in front of Scoob!

[Sniffing] Hmm?

I didn't touch it!

Why, dude, how about
we check out gator burger?

Sounds delicious!



Like, jackpot, Scooby-doo!



Both: Oooh.

[Both moaning]

We need to talk.

Velma, like,
I would love to,

but, like,
I can't hear anything

over the sound
of my own stomach.

It's going, "like, maybe
give me a triple with cheese

"and chili,

and, like, a pickle."

You know what?
Forget it.

Velma, wait up!

Like, velm, what did I do?


You didn't do anything.

So, me not doing anything
is the thing

that you're mad about?

Like, why do girls
have to be so confusing?

Let's go, gang,
there's nothing to trap here.

Looks like Mr. e.
Sent us on a wild goose Chase.

Ah, yeah, more like
a wild gator Chase!

Ha ha!


Hmm, that's weird.

Can you tell
what the problem is, fred?

You see that hole there?

That should be an engine.

[Engine revving]


You kids are in
some serious trouble!

[Shaggy gulps]


Care to tell me what
you're doing in Gatorsburg?

Our van broke down.

Maybe you could
take a look at it.

You look like you've got
the hands for the job.

Hey, what size
is your ring finger?

Why the heck
should I help you?

Because you're...
A mechanic?

[Sighs] Touché.

Here's your problem.

Engine's missing.

I'm gonna have to order
a new one from crystal cove.

Seeing as that's
over 3 miles away,

it won't arrive until morning.

So, like,
you're saying we're stuck

in this super creepy
gator town all night long?


[Line ringing]


Hey, mom,
we're stuck in Gatorsburg.

The van broke down.
Think you can come and get us?

Oh, I wish I could,

but tonight's race night.

You know me and horses.

Venus is in
its third retrograde,

which means I'm betting
on sick little monkey to show.

Well, lentil
and mushroom caps, fred!

I've already got the recliner
in the reclined position.

There's no going back
from that.


Oh, sweetie,
it's dark out.

I can't go out
in the dark!


You have reached
the Rogers' residence.

We're busy right now.

Please call back.

Ohh, wait. Duh.

It's still life night.

Guess we're here
for the whole night.

And Scooby-dooby, too.

Don't suppose you could
recommend a hotel?

My sister greta
runs the best in town--

the drowsy gator.


Oh, and a word of advice--

don't leave your rooms.



Raggy, raggy!


[Stammers] Huh?


[Piano playing]


[Ring ring]

We ain't got no rooms.

But your sign
in the window says, "vacancy."

Well, that sign's broken.

But it's a painted sign.


Gunther, we got guests!




This is my son,
gunther gator.

I'm greta gator.

Your last names are gator
and you live in Gatorsburg?

What a coincidence!

Yeah, coincidence.

[Both chuckling]

Uh, we don't get many guests

here at the drowsy gator.


Like, are those claw marks?

I don't see any marks.

I got a few hotel rules.

Rule number one--

boys and girls
in separate rooms,

no exceptions!

Then I guess
I'm with you, Daphne.

I said, no exceptions!

But I'm a girl.

Oh, right.

Rule number two--

stay in your rooms,
no matter what you hear.

That includes screams,
moans, wails,

pounding, clawing, scratching,

and anything
that sounds like a body

being dragged
across a hardwood floor.



Well, shag, looks like
you, me and Scoob

are in this room.

I almost forgot!

Rule number three--

no pets in the hotel!


Hmm, Hmm, Hmm.

It's ok, Scoob.

You can sleep
in the mystery machine.

It's just one night,

I'll see you
in the morning, buddy.

I hope so!

[Both crying]

I'm not a pet.

Is there something different
about your bangs?

I raised them
a half centimeter
to bring out my forehead.


Where you going?

I, uh, forgot something.


I forget.


You know, shag, when we all
graduate from High School

and move in together,

we can get a room
just like this.
You like bunk beds?

I can't think about that
right now, fred!

Like, I'm really worried
about Scoob!

Well, I'd say check on him
if it weren't for the fact

that we were warned
to stay in our rooms.

Hey, do you prefer flannel
or cotton sheets?


Uh, oh.

[Chuckles] Velma.

Were you sneaking over
to see me?

Um, yeah.

Like, I wanted to see you.

But Freddy told me
I had to go check on Scooby-doo,

so I'm doing that.

Trust me, Scoob is just fine.

[Scooby whimpering]



Huh? Daphne?

I'm looking for velma.

Have you seen her?

No, but I'm glad you're here.

I have something for you.

You do?

It's just a little memento
of our time together.

Oh, Freddy!
A scrapbook!

I bet it's filled
with wonderful pictures of...


We used this one
to catch the phantom
of vasquez castle.

Yeah, I remember.

And this baby helped us nab
carlotta the gypsy.

Mm-hmm. I was there.

And this one...

[Scooby whimpering]

No monsters,
no monsters, no--


[Indistinct yelling]



Raggy! Raggy!





[Ringing bell]
Come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on!


And I left a few pages blank.

You know, for future traps.

Good thinking.


Scoob! What's the matter?

He's trying
to tell us something.

Tator people.

Uh, crater steeple?


Skater feeple!
Gator people!

Phew. Uh-huh, uh-huh.


[Glass breaking]
[electricity flickering]

[Scooby whimpering]

Quick, on the bed!


Oh, oh!

[Daphne groaning]

Oh, fred!

My scrapbook!


Oh, fred.


This is it.
There's no escape!


I've got an idea.

Quick, guys,
the comforter.


[All grunting]


Wow, look at this.

No fred, no Daphne,

no Scooby.

Just us.


[Panting] Raggy!


What's going on?

Gator people!
Come again?


[Fan squeaking]

Maybe they're gone.

[Electricity flickering]


[All gasping]



[All screaming]

[Both grunting]

[Both screaming]

[All gasping]

[All screaming]


Move toward the door,
very slowly.



Whoa! Oh! Ahh!




Oh! You saved me!

I did? Oh!

Like, I did.




That's disgusting.

Wait! That isn't real.

It looks like
part of a costume.


[All groaning]

[All screaming]


Scooby, get behind the wheel.


But the mystery machine
is broken!

Which is why
we're going to push it.


[All grunting and groaning]


[Tires squealing]

Look! They're stopping.


They weren't trying
to eat us.

They just want us out of town.

I don't know.

But if we're going
to solve this mystery,

we have to go back into

Both: Say what?

Like, it's them.



"100% pure gator."

This belt is just like
the purse Mr. e sent us.

Let me see that.


What happened?

I'm allergic
to imitation animal skin.

Pleather, fake fur--

it all makes me break out.

That belt
isn't 100% pure gator.

It's a fake.
They're all fakes.

So, like,
those fake gator people

are selling fake gator products?

Dude! We are dealing
with serious irony!

We have to stop them.

Like, dude, you gator freaks!

You're, like,
the ugliest crocodiles ever!

Who are you calling
a crocodile?

Get them!






[All grunting and screaming]

Got 'em.

Old 45, gets 'em every time.



Time to find out who these
greedy gators really are.

Grady gator?

Greta gator?

Gunther gator?

But why?

After we ran out of gators,

everybody moved out
of Gatorsburg.

But not us.

This here is our home.

So, with no alligators left,

you decided to make
imitation gator products

and pass them off as real.

But you couldn't have anyone
snooping around Gatorsburg.

So, you created
the creeping creatures

to scare people away.

Then you could run
your counterfeit gatoring

whatever anyone knowing
who you were
or what you were up to.

Why, that is
one ridiculous plan.

And you know what?

We would have
gotten away with it, too,

if it weren't
for you meddling juveniles

and your unauthorized

of our synthetic
gator accessories.

You're tellin' me
this gator stuff is fake?!

I paid a fortune
for this tracksuit!

Sorry, sheriff.

[Sighs] Man,
I gotta get out of this suit.

This fake gator
doesn't breathe.

I'm starting to smell
a little...


Arrest them,

even though I have absolutely
no jurisdiction here!

Wait, sheriff,
can you give us a ride?

The mystery machine isn't--

[engine starts]

[All gasp]

Like, there's no engine
in the mystery machine!

It's haunted!

It's from Mr. e.

"Hope you had a good time
in Gatorsburg.

"But be warned--there are
more mysteries to come.

This is only one piece
of the puzzle."

What's that supposed to mean?

Like, I've got a bad feeling
we're going to find out!