School Tales the Series (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Curse - full transcript


Hey. Hey.

Have you heard about this?

They say that…


…at the old building behind the school…

Hey, Korn.

We need a favor from you.

Just a simple thing

that a great student
like you can do easily.

…at the end of the corridor,

there's an abandoned infirmary.


You see, we have exams tomorrow

that the three of us need to pass.

Hey, Korn.

You gotta let us copy your answers, okay?

If you sit in the wheelchair
in that room…

And turn your back towards the door,

the school nurse ghost will appear.

Our seats are so far apart.
How can I show you the answers?

I don't care.

Just do whatever it takes to make us pass
or I'll kill you.

- No.
- Damn it!

Stop it!

You think you're better than us?

And if you ask her
to make your wish come true…

That wish

will come true.

If we fail, we'll kill you, shithead.


Hello, exam day.

You guys are so ready. I can tell.




The exam room is like
death row for stupid people.


Good luck.

Hello, students.

Final Destination sucks
less than final exams.

- Good one.
- Look at your uniforms.

- Tuck your shirts in.
- Come on, sir.

If you want to pass,
go make a wish.

- Give it back.
- Come and get it.

- Mor!
- What? Make a wish?

- Give it back.
- You know.

It was in the group chat yesterday.

Hey! Give it back to me.

You mean the old building's
school nurse ghost?

- What?
- Shit. That's creepy.

Come get it!


Damn. Do you think it's real?

You'll never know unless you try.


Who'd be that goddamn stupid?



So you found your bag, did you?

Why is your stuff all wet like that,
Korn, you idiot?

Screw you, Jack and Mor.

Still want a piece of me? Come and get it.

Wanna try me?

Damn it. They're all wet.

Attention, please.

The midterm exam starts at 8:30 a.m.

- Please go to your exam rooms.
- Damn it. No kindness around here.

- Proceed with your exams with decorum.
- Look at him.

Cell phones are banned.

All electronic devices are banned.

- These dickheads won't share their tables.
- Latecomers will not be admitted.


What? It says "kick me" on your back.

- Where?
- What an idiot.

Damn. What an easy target.

Hey, show some respect. He's a senior.

- Why? Everyone picks on him.
- Whatever.

Yeah, walk away.
Don't let me see you again.

Hey, Korn. If he really does comes back,
you're the one who's gonna get beaten up.

Damn it. Asshole.

Hey, Korn, my friend.

Enjoying your food, buddy?

A and Bom, be gentle.

We're asking him for a favor.

- Are we?
- Yeah.

Favor? What favor?

I made it clear yesterday. Our seats
are far apart. How can I share my answers?

Forget that. I already have a better idea.

But you're the one who has to do it.


I… I have to study, finish my food,
and go line up at the exam room.


You know what?

If you have so much to do…

…just skip eating, moron.

- A!
- Hey!

Be nice.

Wanna get beaten up again?

- A.
- What?

Come on. We'll be late for the exam.


I'm not going. Let me go.

Drag him, Bom.

Let me go.

I'm not going. Let go, Bom!

Let go. I have to take my exams. Let go!

I'm not going. I have to take my exams!
Bom, let go! I told you to let go!

Let go, damn it! Let go!



Let go of me.

Where are we going?

Just shut the hell up.

I'm not going.

Just walk up.


What are you waiting for? Open it.

- Is this the place?
- Yeah, of course it is.

All right.

- Go.
- Go where?

Just get in there.

I'm not going.

Let go of me.

I said, let go!

Don't be difficult.

Hurry up, will you?


Move. Keep walking.

- Boo!
- Shit!


What a wuss. Damn.

Did you piss yourself? Well?

Come on, Korn.

I know you guys are scared too,
A and Bom.

What did you say?

Such a smart-mouth, aren't you?



Wanna fight me? Come on.

Shit. So damn pathetic.

A, where are you going?

What are you doing?

I think I found something fun to do.


Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Vroom! Whoosh!

Damn, A.

Show some respect
to the ghost in the room.

Whoa! Let's go! Vroom!

Okay. Now what?

- A.
- What?

They say

that if you sit
in the wheelchair in this room

with your back facing the door,

the school nurse ghost comes.

Then if you make a wish,

whatever you wish for will come true.


Come and sit here.

Hey, Korn.


I won't.

I said no. Hey!

- Get up, asshole.
- What are you doing? Let go of me!

- Come on.
- Let go!

Sit still.

- Let go. Let go of me, Bom! Let go!
- Hey.

Let go! I said, let go.

Let go. Let me go!

Let go! I said, let go.

- Just sit still.
- Let go of me!

- Let go.
- Don't be so loud.

- Hey, shut up.
- I gotta take my exams. Let go!

I'm begging you, A.
Please let me go.

Sure, buddy.

- One sec.
- Let me go!

- Hold him still.
- Hold him.

- Let go!
- Stay still.

Let go of me!

Why are you tying me up?

I said, let go of me. Come on.

Let me go! Let go! Let go!

Hey, Korn.

You are going to wait here.

Wait for the school nurse ghost to come,

and wish for us
to pass all the exams, okay?

You dragged me all the way here
just for this nonsense?

Stop complaining.

You idiots.

- Hey.
- How can a ghost help you?

Let me go.


We should go. We'll be late for the exam.

- Aren't you gonna wait and see?
- No way. Let's go!

Hey, Korn,

listen carefully.

If the nurse ghost doesn't show up,

you won't take the exam.

And if we fail,

you're dead meat.


Where are you going?

A, where are you going?

- Oh.
- Let me go. A.

A! Let me go!

- You're all set.
- I said, let me go!

Let me go!


- Bye-bye.
- Let me go!


Let me go.



- Under-eye bags?
- Do the lips.

Wait. Add this first.

- What is that?
- Nose hair.

- What the hell is that?
- Aw.

What are you doing? Well?

Aekachai, Burin, and Mintra.

Yesterday, I was told

that you three threatened someone
so they'd let you copy their answers,

but they refused, and you beat them up.

Is that true? Well?

We already had a meeting
with your parents once, remember?


Who snitched, sir?

You don't need to know.

Was it Korn?

It must have been him.

That asshole.

Hey. Stop it, Burin.

Don't believe him, sir.
Korn's such a liar.

No one wants to be his friend.

That's enough.

Considering what you did yesterday,

if you fail today's exams too,

I will need to speak to your parents again

to let them know
that you must repeat this year level.


Listen, you three.

If I don't see all of you
at the exam room before eight o'clock,

you can't take the exams.



If my dad gets a call again,
he won't let me stay in school anymore.

Same here.

My mom said she'd buy me a car
when I graduate.

If I don't graduate,

what am I gonna do?

If I have to repeat,
my dad will beat the shit out of me.

It's that prick's fault.

That bastard, Korn.

Attention, please.

The midterm exams start at 8:30 a.m.

All students, please go to your exam rooms

and proceed with the exams with decorum.

- A and Bom.
- What?

How do we know Korn made a wish for us?

The exams are starting.

I told you, Mint.
We should have waited there.

- Why did you leave so fast?
- Well, I was scared, of course.

I'm sure he made a wish for us, Mint.
He wouldn't dare defy us.

I know, but I can't be sure.
How do we know if the wish came true?



Should we go back and check on him?

Seriously, Mint?

The exam is about to start.

Jeez. Just take the exam first.

If we happen to fail…

Bom and I will beat him up. Okay?

Why are you yelling at me?
Is this my fault?

Fine. I'm sorry.

- Is that good enough?
- Shit.

I'm stressed out. I'm going for a smoke.

Hey, Bom.

- I'm coming with you.
- Don't go, A.

I told you, I'm scared. Stay here with me.

Sit down.




Let me go.

Don't try to scare me, A, Bom, and Mint.

Won't you make a wish?

What the hell?

I'm not scared.

Don't try to scare me.

Show your face if you dare.

Aren't you going to make a wish?


You can't scare me, Mint.

Your stupid tricks
only work on little kids.

You won't make a wish?


We're screwed.

Damn, it's Korn.
Mint, Korn's back. Let's go!

Where are you going? Hey, Korn. Don't run.

Where are you going, buddy?

Where are you going, huh?

Did you make a wish for us?

You made a wish for us, right?

Answer me!

Hey, Korn,
did you ask that damn ghost for a wish?

You did, right?

Yeah, I made a wish for you.

You idiots.

There's a dead body behind the gym!

Sir! It's Bom.

Bom from Room Two died behind the gym!

There's blood everywhere. Sir!

Shit. Bom.

The legend…

The legend is true, Mint.

My wish,

it came true, Mint.

Korn, you bastard!

- What wish?
- What did you wish for?

What did you say?

What was your wish?
What did you ask for? Answer me!



Damn it!

Stop it!




Tell me your wish.


I made a wish for you.

You won't make a wish?

Fine. I'll make a wish.

A, Bom, and Mint.
I wish all three of them would die!

I wished for all three of you

to die!

You all can die!

Remember this.

You all will pay the price.

Why the fuck did you wish for that?
How could you do this?

You wished for us to die?


Shit. What the hell?


I wished that the three of you

would all die.

A, Mint, and Bom.

All of you can die.


All three of you can die.

- All of you can die.
- A!

A, get back here.


A, is that the wheelchair
from the old infirmary?



Mint, you bitch!

- Hurry.
- Hey, what is it? Hey, what happened?

Attention, please.

The exams for all classes
and year levels are postponed.

All teachers, please inform
and advise your students to go home.

Hurry up, kids.
Get yourselves home.

- Wait at home for further announcements.
- Hurry up. Go home now.

- Avoid the scenes of the incidents.
- Go get your bags and go home. Hurry up.

- Hey, a Room Four kid died on the stairs.
- Do not take photos or videos.

- Don't spread any unconfirmed information.
- Scary. I bet that's why we're going home.


- I've no idea.
- The teacher's here. Guys, let's go.

- Hey.
- Let's go and see.

…according to the school
code of conduct.

Please pay attention, students.

Today, the school has decided
to postpone the final exams.

Sir, did someone really die
behind the building?

Sir, the body on the staircase,
is it A's body?

Sir, my friend said someone died
in front of the old building.

Is she really one of our senior students?

- Is it true, sir?
- Is it true, sir?

Please tell us, sir.

That's enough. Enough for now.
Please remain calm, everyone.

For now, I'd like you to call your parents
and have them pick you up soon.

Go and wait at home
for announcements from the school.

- What?
- All right. That's it.

- Sir.
- What the hell?

What the hell was that?

- What?
- What do you think?

I guess we'll go home.


You made the ball wet.
Watch where you're going.

Are you stupid?
Standing here drinking?

Damn, our ball is all wet now.

Hey, you're the ones who threw it at me.

Well, you weren't paying attention.

- Wipe it with your shirt.
- Take it off.

- Hey.
- Just take it off.

Get off me.

Get off. I said, get off.
Hey, get off me. Get off!

- What the hell?
- Hey!

You. And you.

You wanna end up like A?

What are you talking about?

Are you joking about the dead?

Yeah. You always talk shit like this.
That's why nobody wants to help you.

Fine! I don't want your help anyway!

- You assholes!
- Hey. Why would you say that?

- How dare you?
- You're the asshole!


- Idiot.
- Fine!

Mark my words.

I'll get back at all of you.
Just you wait!

I'll get you, assholes. Damn.

I'll get you, bastards.

You got it, assholes.

I'll get back at you.

I'll get back at all of you.

Just wait, assholes.

Jack, Mor, Kong,

Guide, Por, Tong, Game,
White, Lee, and Champ.

Did A and his friends die today

because of my wish?


Then I want to make another wish.

All the people who bullied me,

I want them to die.

Of course.

But last time,

I didn't get anything in exchange

for your wish.


what… what do you want?

You ask for death,

you pay with a piece of a living soul.

What… What do you mean?

One dead body

in exchange for one body part.

These are

for the three bodies earlier.


…as for your new wish…

About all your bullies,

there are

33 of them.

I don't want it anymore.
No more. I don't want it.

I take it back. Wait!

I take it back! I take it back!

Help! Help me!

What an idiot.

If he really does comes back,

you're the one who's gonna get beaten up.

Fuck off.

Hey, I'm just warning you nicely.

Wanna fight me?

You're so rude, Korn.

That's why no one helps you
when you get beaten up.

Help me! Somebody help me!

I don't want it anymore. Help me!

- What's up, Korn?
- You'd better shower!


I take it back!

Don't believe him, sir.
Korn's such a liar.

- I take it back!
- He's so rude.

And he always swears at other people.

I don't want it anymore.

Shit. Stop it.

- You stink. Let me wash you.
- Stop. I told you to stop.

- Stop it! No!
- He thinks he's smarter than us.

He's a school representative,

so he thinks he can call anyone stupid.

You're all stupid.

Just quit school.


All brawn and no brains.

Damn it!

I take it back.

Please help me.

You want me to kick you first?

Help me! Help me!

So you found your bag, did you?
Why is your stuff all wet like that,

Korn, you idiot?

Help me.

I can't take it anymore.
I don't want this.

No more.

Don't worry.

I won't let you rot to death
before I grant you 33 bodies for sure.

No! No! No!

Hey, do you think
the legend of this place is true?

Of course. It's quite scandalous.

They say if you sit on the wheelchair

and turn your back to the door,
the school nurse ghost will appear.


So where's the wheelchair?

Hmm… You're right.

There it is.

- Go take it.
- Yeah.

Be careful.

- Bring it here.
- Come on.

- Whoa.
- Whoa.

Well, what do we do next?

You just sit in it

and turn your back towards the door,
then the school nurse ghost should appear.

- Okay. Make a wish, then.
- Okay.

How was it?

What did you wish for?

I'm not gonna tell you.
Wanna try?

Yeah, sure.

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Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.