School Tales the Series (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Headless Teacher - full transcript


Help! Help!

Help! Help!


Let me go, you dumb losers,

or I'll tell the teacher.

Jeez, we just want to copy your homework.
Why are you making such a fuss?

Yeah, don't be selfish.

Because of you,
I've been tired all morning.

You irresponsible jerks!

You can't even do your homework.

- How will you do your jobs?
- Hurry. He's so loud.

You single-celled organisms!
Animals with only 84,000 brain cells!

Damn you, animals...

Yeah, it's great.

Keep it, sweetie.

I'm not thirsty.

Aunt Noy,

when will you pay me back?

Let me see how much you owe me.

The loan is 3,000 baht

with 10% interest,

and you're six months overdue.


you owe me

5,314.683 baht.

I'll tell you what,
I'll give you a discount.

You owe me

5,877 baht in total.

Come on, Teach a Waiwan.


Pronounce the R clearly. Say, "teacher."

And it's pronounced "Wai-ya-wan."

Teacher Wai-ya-wan.

Very good, Aunt Noy.

You didn't even give me
a discount of half a baht.

Your interest rate's so high.

Who could afford to pay it?

I don't have the money right now.
I'll pay you later, all right?

Pay me later?

That's not what you said
when you asked for the loan.

"Teacher Waiwan, please help me.
The lottery dealers are going to kill me."

They were going to kill you, remember?

Come on.

Who would have known

that you would be
even worse than the dealers?

What? Me? Worse?

No, you are the worst.

Nong and Nan, watch out for her.

COVID-19 is not as scary as Aunt Noy.

When we get COVID-19,
we feel the symptoms,

but she's a debtor
who feels nothing at all,

and you never know when she'll pay. Well?

- What did you do with all your money?
- Is something wrong?

Hello, Teacher Nop.

Nothing's wrong.

Right, Aunt Noy?

- Right.
- That's good.

- Yes.
- I want to say something.

We all work here,
so we should try to get along.

- Of course.
- Most importantly, students are watching.

If we fight in front of them,
we could set a bad example for them.

- That's right.
- Mr. Principal.

See, we're teach as. It's embarrassing...

- Stop!
- Yes?

Teacher with an R.

Pronounce the R clearly. Say, "teacher."

Teach a.


Pronounce the R. Say, "teacher."

- Teacher.
- Very good.

- That's how leaders should speak.
- Well…

Teacher Nop mentioned embarrassment.

The one who should be the most ashamed is,
in fact, you, Mr. Principal.

You've owed me money for six months.

Well, let's settle it now.

Your six-month debt is 24,000 baht,

plus another 25,000
for a gold lotto ticket.

Mr. Principal!

Sir! Sir!

Look at their faces.

You never have money,
never run, and never pay.

Hey, students!

- Hey!
- What are you doing here?

- She's here.
- Why aren't you in class?

- Run!
- Go!

Go right now! These damn kids.
What will they do with their lives...

"Why didn't you do your homework?"

"Hello, students."

"Hello, students."

Explain it to me right now!

Hey, what have you done, you crazy kids?

Who did this? Who is behind this?

I know who did it!



you behaved so disrespectfully
towards your teacher.

You love to have fun.

- Hilarious.
- Yeah.

But you don't spare a thought
for your victims' feelings

and how traumatized and hurt they may be.

- Thanakorn.
- Yes, ma'am.

Cross your arms.

Face that way.

Do you know

why my cane is short?


It's so that every time I cane students,

my hand will hurt too.

Then why hit us at all?

Cross your arms!

Remember this, and don't do it again.


- Pita.
- Yes, ma'am.

Come here.

Cross your arms.

Remember, won't you? There!

Come here, you two.
Don't ever do it again.

Take this.

That looks painful.

You can go!

Thank you, ma'am. Come on, hurry up.

Teacher Waiwan.


Hey, look, they got caned.

- It hurts.
- It hurts so much. It hurts.

What's so funny?

Have you guys ever been punished
in front of the flagpole like me?

I'm notorious, you know.

That's right.

It hurts. Here you go.

- You must be so proud.
- Thanks.

Tell me something.

Why do you like teasing
Teacher Waiwan so much?

Well, look at her.

She's a tyrant. She's bad-tempered.

- Yeah?
- She's loud.

Fussy about rules and old-fashioned.

- Yeah?
- She's fat too.

That's body-shaming.

- Hey.
- I mean… nothing.

I won't stand for it.

I'll get back at her.


One good turn deserves another.
An eye for an eye.

And revenge

is a dish best served cold.

Move over.

Hey, mister. Damn.

So, Tim,

how will you get back at her?



I know how to get back at Teacher Waiwan,

the ogress.


There's no one here.

This time, she'll go viral for sure.

I bet she will.

Hey, Ping, set up the camera.

All right.

Shit, my battery's about to die.
Give me your phone.

Damn, you're never prepared for anything.

Take it. Hurry.




- Yeah, that's so good.
- She's gonna get it.

Hey, she's coming.

- Go and hide.
- Hurry up.


Hello, little ghosts.

Come back.

Ping, jump down!

Hurry! Hurry!

- It hurts!
- Hurry up! Come on!




Have some water.



Hi, little mushrooms.

Grow fast, you guys.


Her body was buried in the greenhouse.

As for Teacher Waiwan's head,

the police still haven't found it yet.

- Really?
- For real?

- Shit.
- Yeah.

The police suspect
that she was killed early in the evening.

The killer's motive was probably debt,

or maybe they stole from her.

But they've ruled out adultery.

What's the corpse like?

That means the ghost we saw last night
must have been Teacher Waiwan.

She was really pale.


Teacher Waiwan was so pale.
Her head wasn't just cut off, but, like…

- Ping.
- I got chills.

Where's my phone?

Shit, I left it in her room.
I was too busy running away.

Damn. Go back and get it.

It's your phone, so go get it yourself.

But you left it there.

But it's your phone.

- How dare you push me?
- Hey.

It's not my phone.

- Go get it.
- Don't come any closer!

Come here.

I'll finish you! Come on.

- Come on!
- Hey!

- Hey.
- Go on. Hit him! Yeah.

Hey, go on! Hit him! More!

Novice, are you afraid of ghosts?

- Yes.
- What?

Ping, you brought a novice
who's scared of ghosts?

Then we're not going to pay you for this.

Actually, I'm not scared. That was a joke.


Wait, Ping. Get behind me.


Go on, novice.


Ping, you almost walked into me.

Sprinkle it everywhere, okay?

Make sure it's enough.

Ping, go get my phone.


Did you find it?


- I'll help you find it.
- Okay.





I'm sorry.

I really didn't mean it.


Hey, Ping, did you find it?

Not yet.

Try calling me, then.


I don't think your phone is in this room.

Let's go.

Hey, the call got cut off.

Yeah, it went silent.

Novice, take the lead.

Go ahead.

- Novice!
- Hey, novice!


Hey, open the door! Hey!

- Hey!
- Why is it closed?

- No!
- Hey!


- What should we do?
- It's your phone.

But you left it there.

Yeah, it's my fault.

What are you doing?

Teacher, may I please have the phone back?

Are you crazy?

She's got no head. How can she hear you?


she can hear me.


Oh dear.

Don't be frightened, darlings.
Don't be frightened, darlings.


She's headless, and she's also a zombie?

I don't think so.

It looks like she wants to say something.

Yes, I need your help.




Playing golf?

- Running?
- Running?

To where?

- Find.
- Find.

- Head.
- Head.


Find head.

Find my head.


Hey. No. Don't.

- Don't come closer.
- Go.

- No.
- Go.


We won't look for it.

All right, ma'am. We'll find it.

But may I please have my phone back first?

Let's go.


Okay. Deal.

Let's go.



I'm going to get my head back.
Go and find it, kids! Yes!

I'll be able to see soon.

Head? Where is my head, anyway?

Tim, are you really going to help
Teacher Waiwan's ghost find her head?

Jeez, who'd be crazy enough to do that?

I said yes, but I didn't mean it.

You just lied to her?
Aren't you afraid she'll break your neck?

Why should I be?

If she breaks my neck,
she'll break yours too.

What the hell, dude?

I'm gonna take a shower.
And it's just your neck, not mine.

I'm going.

Good coloring. Creative.

Good character design.

Work on the background a bit,
and it'll be great.

You have much room to grow.

Nice line art.

Out of the way!


Hey, Tim. Hey, Tim.

Huge news.

Is it worse than ordering basil stir-fry
and getting goddamn long beans in it?


- What now?
- It happened last night.

The principal saw Teacher Waiwan's ghost.


They said…

She came to collect her money

because the principal owes her
the largest sum.

It happened when he was practicing
ballroom dancing with his girlfriend.

She's jumping too. Oh no.

Help me! Help!

She's holding me.

I'm dead. I'm so dead. That's it.

Oh no, I'm dead.

She's come to collect my debt.

She must have been demanding
money from the principal

because he said he'd pay her back.

Now all her debtors are scared to death.

Nobody knows

who's going to be the ghost's next victim.

What if

it's us who are next?

Don't say that it's us.

You were with me the whole time!
Of course it's both of us.


You broke your promise.

Aren't you going to find my head?

Okay. Deal.


- Hey, Ping.
- What?

I think I'll help Teacher Waiwan
find her head as promised.

If I don't,

she probably won't rest in peace.

Then you should make sure you find it.

As for me, I'm out.

- Where are you going?
- I'm not helping.

- You're the one who promised her.
- You have to help me.

- I won't help.
- No, you have to help.

No, I won't help.

Why did you close your eyes?

Well, I was just taking time
to consider whether to help you or not.

And I've decided

that I am

not helping you.

If you won't help me,

I'll tell everyone

that you just tried to kiss me.

What should I do? Damn it.

Why wouldn't I help you?

You're my best friend.

If you need anything, just ask me.
Don't even worry about it.

Get your hand off me.
Don't get carried away again.

Want me to scrub your back?

Want me to kick your ass?

Ma'am, do you remember anything
about when you were killed?

When I was killed?

I don't know.

Ma'am, how does it feel to be headless?

I really want to know.

I feel like…

Do you need to piss?

You crazy kid.

- No, I don't.
- Ouch.

I kind of feel…

Maybe she's cold?

Yes, it's cold.



That means your head
must be hidden at the North Pole.


- That hurt.
- Are you nuts?

I was just joking, you know.

She feels cold.

That means it must be
hidden somewhere cold.


A fridge?

Aunt Noy.

- Aunt Noy?
- Yes.

Before you died,
you argued with her, didn't you?

That's right.

Aunt Noy might have got angry

and killed you.

- Oh no.
- She was so mad, she cut off your head.

- Oh dear.
- Then she put it in the fridge.

Maybe she even scooped out your brain
and made herself an iced drink with it.

- Oh no.
- Yes.

The killer must be Aunty Noy.

Aunty Noy?

She didn't pay me back,
and she also killed me?

Is it really her? Aunty Noy?

Aunty Noy! She killed me!

Right. This is delicious.

She blended the brain for herself
and for the students too.

Man, what a monster she is.

You're being ridiculous.

Ridiculous? How?

Just keep an eye on her.



I think now's the time.

- Let's go.
- Right.

Hey, Tim, follow me.

What? How did you get here?

Jeez, why are you so dumb?

I just walked in.
Why did you crawl through?

Well, like Detective Conan, you know.

Damn. Conan is not this stupid.

Come on. Let's find it.

Did you find it?

No, it's not there.

Shit. I've found it.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Grab it.
- What are you doing?

Are you stealing from me?

Answer me!

We're not thieves.

- But you're a cold-blooded killer.
- Yeah.

The evidence is in the fridge.

Show her.



Here's the evidence.

A watermelon?

What do we do?

You damn idiot.

Aunty, I have to go.

Hey, Tim!

It's a watermelon. So what?

You grew it from a seed.

And when it got big, you cut it up

and put it in the fridge.

Why are you so cruel?

Don't you feel bad for the watermelon?

It's okay.

Ping, so where's this murderer of yours?

I've eaten so much evidence
that I need to piss.

Sorry, man.

Damn it.

Be careful.


What are you doing?

My skateboard got stuck in there.

Get away from there.

I'll get it for you.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Go play somewhere else.
Don't hang around here.

Yes, sir.

Well, go on. Hurry.

We're going.

Damn, don't make me kick your ass.

Exactly. One good turn deserves another.

An eye for an eye.

And revenge is a dish best served cold.

- Hey, Ping.
- What?

Isn't Rhang being weird?

Yeah, I think so.

It's like he's hiding something
in that room there.

Hey, Tim.

Where has Teacher Waiwan gone?

Sitting in there, looking sad.

- Ping.
- Yeah?

We have to find her head.

I feel bad for her.


Where is my head?

The kids didn't find it
at Aunty Noy's stall.

My dear body,

come and find your head.

Get home safely, kids.

Come on, Ping.

- Hurry up. Let's go.
- Okay.


Why aren't you back in your dorm?

Well, I'm on my way there.

What are you doing here? Where's Tim?


Hey. Wait. Hold on, Uncle Rhang. No.

Those are just barrels.

I don't know where Tim's gone.

Then go back to your dorm.

Hey, Uncle Rhang.

I'm going to treat you
to some fried meatballs.

Let's go. Come with me.

- Come on.
- But you…

Come on, it's my treat.
I'll buy you some.

- Come on.
- And gold egg yolk drops?

Sure thing.

- Let's go.
- Why are you so hungry now?

I just am.

Come on.

No need to fix AC units or whatever.

Damn it, Ping.

What should I do?


Why are you being so nice to me today?

I'm feeling generous today.

- What? Frivolous?
- No. Generous. Come on.

- Okay, kid.
- Hello, Uncle Rhang.

I was just going to look for you.
A ceiling light upstairs is out.

Can you fix it for me?

Of course, miss.

I'll go get the ladder and my tools.

- Thanks.
- Wait.

- What about the meatballs?
- I'll be back.

Damn it.

That hurts.

Yes, ma'am.

After you.



Find the head in here?

All right, ma'am.

Where is it?




- My head's here.
- Are you okay?

My dear body, your head is here.

My dear body!

Keep looking? All right.

My dear body,

your head's here.

Is it in the drain?

Ew, that reeks.


Yes. Absolutely.

It's urgent, isn't it?

- Certainly. I'll go get my things.
- No.

I won't be long.

Go and hide, ma'am. Quick.


Tim. Tim.

- What?
- Shush.

Be quiet. Don't make a sound.

Take the head too.

Take the head too.

Teacher Nop, I found her head.

I've had it with kids these days.

There are so many other places out there
for you to mess around.

You must love your Teacher Waiwan so much.

Good. I'll send you to hell to see her.

My head.

That hurts.

Where are you running to?

Don't hurt me, Teacher Nop.

Let go!

Who is that? Let me go!

Waiwan will get you!

Now I remember.

It's you who killed me.

Nop, you asshole! Handsome but heartless!

Why did you kill me?

Yeah. It was me.

I already killed you once.

Don't think I won't do it again.


This time,

I'll get rid of both
human and ghost at once.


Run away! Run away! Run away!

Don't hurt him!

Teacher Nop, what are you doing?
I'll take care of him.

Uncle Rhang, help me.

Uncle Rhang! Uncle Rhang, help!

- Take this.
- What?

Uncle Rhang!

- Uncle Rhang!
- Uncle Rhang, wake up!

Uncle Rhang!

Uncle Rhang!

Teacher Nop?

Don't come any closer.

I'm going to faint.

Damn it, Ping.

Uncle Rhang.

- Psycho teacher!
- You're dead!


Ma'am, I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?


Hey, be gentle.

Hey, Ping!

Please don't!

You damn kids!


My dear body, your head is here!

What the hell? Hey.

Uncle Rhang, are you going to hurt him
with the trash bag?

I'm a janitor.
Why shouldn't I have a trash bag?

Trash bag?

Uncle Rhang, I give up.

Please don't kill me.

Then tell us.

Why did you kill Teacher Waiwan?

- Come on.
- Don't, sir.

- Don't play so hard to get.
- Please don't hurt me.

- I beg you.
- I know that you like me too.

I saw you throwing yourself at me.

No, please.

Please don't.

- Nop!
- Uh...

Do you call yourself a teacher?

- No, that student was...
- Stop!

I never thought
you'd be like this.

I'm telling Mr. Principal about this!

The goddamn principal?

I'll tell you something.

That scum is even worse!

Tell him.

Go on!


Then I'll use this video
to report you to the police!

Report me to the police?


So what?

Who will you tell?

Trying to dodge?


Do you have the strength
to fight me?


The head.

Where is it?

God damn it.

Where is it now?


I'm screwed.

For fuck's sake.


Thank you, my dears.

Be good.

Study hard, all right?


I'm sorry for everything.

It's all right.

We hope that you rest in peace.

I forgive you for everything.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

By the way, I have a present for you two.

Doing good does pay off.

Here you go.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

Can I open it now?

Go ahead.

Open it.


Teacher Waiwan!


Like this. Dance.

Let's dance together.

Dance like this.