Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Man Who Died Twice - full transcript

An old Vietnamese double agent friend of Lee's fakes his death and betrayal to get his son back.

The Chinese Trade
Fair is a week-long event.

Eighteen running miles
of parades and exhibits.

Their general secretary, Hu
Yaobang, kicks it off at noon, Friday.

Fifteen receptions,
two concerts...

and about a hundred possibilities
for any anti-China group.

Doesn't make any difference
which hand they salute with.

It's still a security nightmare.

Several nightmares.

Secret service and D.C.
police will handle the main show.

We back them up
with intelligence.

Any half-truth or piece of lint that
you pick up, I want it now. Let's do it.

House shopping?

Uh, just studying architecture,
pre-revolution, antebellum.

You know they date everything
around here from some war?

Go to a senior staff
meeting, you'll find out why.

Dr. Smyth is beating me up for
proof on your Vietnamese plot.

It's real. The Vietnamese are going to hit
the trade fair. Khai has all the details.

Well, get them.

The old man likes to have a nice thick
packet when he goes to the White House.

Why are we being so careful
with these Vietnamese, huh?

I think the president ought to
take Mr. Diem and his delegation...

and ship them
right back to Hanoi.

Ah, but then again, I
only work around here.


Here, look at this. Hmm?

- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.

Did they put too many
zeros in that price?



LEE: Bethesda is just
getting too congested.

And Annapolis is great for a weekend but
you can forget about that 301 coming in.

- You like up toward Rockville?
- Oh, yeah, I love it up there.

- Yeah?
- It's pretty expensive.

Well, we don't have to
live in a palace, you know.

I think it'd be
great for the boys.

Yeah, ah, you know, we have
an awful lot to think about...

before we start talking
about mortgages.

I know, I know. I'm just getting
excited about the possibilities.

AMANDA: I know you are.

Up in Rockville we
can keep horses.

You have any idea how
much it costs to keep horses?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.

I had a roan mare when I was 10 years old
and my uncle was stationed near Cherbourg.

I sure loved that horse.

She taught me a lot about responsibilities.
I think horses and kids are a natural.

I always planned that when I settled
down, my kids would have horses.

- You don't like the idea?
- I like the idea.

- I like all your ideas.
- Heh, well...

I just think we have
a lot to talk about...

before we start thinking
about things like this, that's all.


I'll keep my feet on the ground.
But for now, watch my rear, huh?

AMANDA: Pleasure.
LEE: Very funny.

Why aren't you alone?

Amanda King's my partner.

- Now, what's the problem?
- Mr. Diem.

Diem? Where?

Come on, what's going
on? Put the gun away.

- Mr. Diem wants to call the question.
- Amanda, get down!




Hey. Don't mind me.

- Are you, uh, looking for Billy, sir?
- Uh-uh.

And what apparently
you don't want me to see.

Oh, this, sir?

I haven't got time for Maypole dance
this morning, Desmond, dígame, dígame.

It's Scarecrow's
preliminary, sir. I was just,

uh, cross-indexing for
possible peripherals.

Spare me. You people
down here sound like robots.

You usually receive the report
digest, sir. This is the full report.

I know we don't play
patty-cakes around here...

but this man Tranh Van Khai
is a very special little birdie.

I'm surprised Scarecrow
made it so irrevocable.

He was being shot at, sir.

He was being shot at?

Come closer.

- Proverbial life-and-death situation?
- Yes, sir. I believe it was.

Lee Stetson is very
cool under fire...

and he is the first one to avoid
shooting someone, especially a friend.

- This is really tearing him apart.
- I think you're being sincere.

- Yes, sir.
- Doesn't suit you.

Back to your
peripherals, Desmond.

I think he asked you not
to let me see that, didn't he?

Yes, but I don't think there
was anything devious about it.

Why not? I like that in a man.

It took the review board 10 minutes to rule
inadvertent homicide in the line of duty.

It was a suicide. Tranh Van Khai
knew how to set up an ambush, Billy.

From that range he couldn't
possibly miss me, he was a dead shot.

Dr. Smyth's in the building.

- Low to medium boil.
- Thank you, Mrs. Marston.

Yeah? Great.

Khai's dead, you won't
be able to explain it.

- Take the standard two weeks.
- I'm not going anywhere.

- I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.
- What do you plan to do?

Khai decided to turn you over
to his side but he was the loser.

He was a damn good friend
of mine and you know it.

Don't give me any this hard-nose
stuff. He left a widow and two kids.

BILLY: They're
being taken care of.

Two Vietnamese nationals...

on a special-guest visa
from the State Department.

A sizable amount of quiet money
to help compensate for their loss.

I understand how you feel. Double
agents change sides all the time.

- I've been there.
- Billy, Khai was a good man.

If he wanted to call the question,
I'd have been the dead one.

I've never known him to be sloppy
and I've known him for 15 years.

So much for the
sanctity of friendship.

You don't appear particularly
sanguine. Reasons?

- It's in my report.
- Read it.

Punched your man a ticket
on the last train to Nirvana.

We owe Khai a lot
more respect than that.

We owe him a crackdown on the
Viets and a fast boot out of this country.

No can do. Mr. Diem is the
darling of the State Department...

and he quivers like a tuning
fork at the mere suggestion...

we don't love and
cherish his delegation.

We're trying to bury the hatchet
with those people. Capisce?

What about Khai's tip?
He was going to confirm it.

Diem is planning a major
hit against the Chinese.

Five hundred PRC nationals
in town this weekend.

Whether Diem is planning
something against the Chinese or not...

we don't know enough
to move on him. Not now.

We have to, Billy. Khai's
dead on account of it.

Nothing the man told
you is worth a fig anymore.

He was the best damn double
agent we had in 'Nam during the war.

He was invaluable to
us until we bugged out.

He's got a file four inches
thick full of gold stars.

"Was" is the operative verb.

The man tried to make you
a past participle, Scarecrow.

You're mighty chummy with the grim reaper
if you think that's business as usual.

My intelligence is good.
Every instinct I have tells me so.

Lemmings go on instinct.

And I find their plight enviable
in comparison to my own.

Perhaps you'd like
to take my place at the

meeting of the National
Security Council...

and explain this
snafu to the president.

Bye, all.

I knew Khai would run, I simply
expected you to find him by now.

He's gone deep, but every
eye in Chinatown is watching.

Watching is passive. Stetson will be
searching. He's smart enough to find Khai.

- Yes, Mr. Diem.
- Yes, yes, yes.

Lien, we must find Khai first.

I think you've given Khai an irresistible
reason to come to us on his own.


- Hi.
- Hi.

What are you reading?

Oh, I'm just looking
at the architecture.

- Here, check this out.
- Let me see.

Colonial four bedroom,
Rockville area, acre and a half.

I bet it's perfect
for horses too.

Look, if you really wanna go house
hunting, let's take a few days off and go.

No, I can't.

I can't. Not now.
Not with Khai...

- Did you read the ME report?
- Yes.

- Cause of death?
- He was killed in a fire.

Did you read that I grazed his
skull with one of my last shots?

That he lost consciousness
while taking the turn?

A lucky shot at a
moving target, believe me.

But he was driving then
and he only fired twice.

Khai was not trying to kill me. He
even warned me before he shot.

If he wasn't trying to kill
you, what was he trying to do?

I don't know. I don't
know. I don't have the

slightest idea. The
only thing I do know...

is that if you were grazed in the skull by
a 9 millimeter, you were gonna go down.

The ME can't make a
positive ID, you notice?

Khai's features were
obliterated in the fire.

They can't find his prints or dental
charts or anything. All they have is this.

Asian, male, blood type
O-positive, 30 to 36 years old. Period.

Amanda, I don't
believe this is Khai...

and I'm gonna try to prove it.

LEE: Dr. Smyth
isn't a practical agent.

A few guys like him in D.C.
make a whole lot happen.

Why won't he at least
listen to Khai's tip?

Got it.


Normalizing relations with the
Vietnamese is a high-pressure zone.

The word of a double agent who
tried to kill me doesn't mean a thing.

That's 24 feet from the last skid
mark where he made the turn.

- Can you tell how fast he was going?
- Fast enough to break loose the back end.

I can make the turn faster
in the Vette. You watch this.



Missed by a couple of yards.

That's with a sports car with a competition
suspension. I knew it looked too tight.

There is no way Khai could've
made this turn and hit that truck.

AMANDA: Why did he fake it?

Ah, I can't give you a good
reason, but let's look at it.

Khai calls the question. The way a double
agent lets you know he's one of theirs.

- Yeah.
- He tries to kill me.

He kills his own
credibility at the same time.

Dr. Smyth gets cold feet.
He's afraid to insult Diem.

So he lets the Chinese general
secretary waltz right into Diem's party.

Dangle the bait gently.

We want Khai on the hook.

If we kill his son too soon,
he'll want to take revenge on us.

We must not let
Khai get in the way.

Now, I intend to take all the
revenge this city can bear.

We have six bombs
on the parade route.

The Chinese rejected us
the day they chose television...

and blue jeans above Maoism.

They simper for affection
and they have the audacity...

to call us Vietnamese
reactionary dogs.

But wait, wait until their blood
flows in the streets tomorrow...

and the bamboo curtain
will drop for another 30 years.

LEE: T.P. said he'd be waiting
with some information about Khai.

When I was with
G-Two in Vietnam...

Khai talked a VC out of
putting a bullet through my head.

It's an insane system
that kills a man like Khai.

We know the risks, so
did he. Still, never give up.

- Oh, and who told you that?
- You did.


If we're gonna
take all the risks...

we should get everything
life has to offer in return, right?

- Right.
- So, what are we waiting for?

When this is over, I'm gonna hock
everything I own for that Rockville house.

What do you think about
another big wedding, huh?

- I never had one.
- Wait a minute.

Yeah, you're right.
Ceremony isn't important.

We'll have a backyard ceremony, for family
and friends, your kids can be the ushers.

Hold on. You've got us all moved in
with two cats and a front-porch swing.

Yeah, absolutely.

We'll play softball in the backyard on
the weekends, we'll weed the garden...

Don't you think we ought to
talk to the boys about this first?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And you know what?

Family life and the agency don't
seem to go together well either...

when you come to think about it.

- Hello ma, Mrs. King.
- Hello, T.P.

Uh, load up on the
kung pao chicken.

Wu here uses a five-spice mix
that'll make you see your ancestors.

AMANDA: Thank you
very much. LEE: Heh.

- What's the word, T.P.?
- Oh, this is Chinatown, Lee.

You don't ever get the word,
you get signs and portents.

It's very jianli today.

Literally, seeing inside.

The old Manchurian art of
looking through your enemy.

- Who's the enemy?
- We are, of course. Here.


Only because they're afraid of
Mr. Nol Diem and the Viet delegation.

And he's made it very clear that the
ghost of your friend Khai has no friends.

A dead man can't have friends.

Nor can a dead man
be worth $10,000.

They put a price on his head?

T.P.: Signs and portents.

Oh, try the chicken, but watch
out for the little green things.

They'll raise a blister.

No, no. Thank you.

LEE: The last thing
Khai said was vinh biêt.

"Goodbye for this life."

It's a very Buddhist thing
to say before you die or kill.

- Hello. AMANDA: Hello.

- Um...
- May I help you?

Yes, just some information
please. Do you know this man?

I sell ginseng and sandalwood.


this, for the love bed?

No. No, thank you.
No rhino horn today.

Have you seen him at all?

His name is Tranh Van
Khai. He's Vietnamese.



LEE: He just left us a message.

Hexagram number 26.

I Ching.

Look at this.

"The ritual has been performed but
the sacrifice has not been made yet."

Mr. Stetson.

I believe you dropped this.

Things have a way of
getting lost here in Chinatown.

But never found.

Take care.

AMANDA: He a friend of yours?

No, but you get used
to that around here.

People know more about
you than you know about them.

Come on.

If Khai's inside, he'll have
more than one way out.

- You watch the street, okay?
- Yeah.



Get around here.

Khai, if I wasn't so damn glad to
see you, I would kill you myself.

- Why'd you do it?
- For my family.

Diem said he'd take
them away from me.

You know he'd do it.

Come on.

KHAI: My wife and children.

Diem could put them
in a camp. A slow death.

So you faked your own death.

Diem discovered I
was betraying him.

He needed to
discredit what I told you.

He had a body. A car like mine.

I drove past and he blew it up.

He wanted me to
put on an act for you.

Then he was going to extract everything
I knew about you and the agency.

- You could have come to me for help.
- There was no time.

I couldn't even
help my own family.

One hour after he found out, he took
my son Kim, and forced me to go ahead.

After I faked the
crash, I escaped.

Now he's keeping Kim
alive as a lure for me.

How old is your son?


How can he possibly
understand what happened?

Look, you did the right thing.

Now, Diem probably won't
hurt your son. For now, anyway.

- He's the only leverage that they have.
- For now, anyway.

Until when?

Diem probably won't need to
bother the rest of your family.

I'll put them under
24-hour surveillance, okay?

How much does your wife know?

Nothing. I couldn't risk it.

- Well, we'll tell her you're safe.
- No, no.

Diem must think
everybody is fooled.

- Even my wife must think
I'm dead. LEE: Yeah, he's right.

Now look, you can't come in.

If Dr. Smyth finds out you
are alive he will move on Diem.

Then I must go deeper.

There are places around here
that I can hide. I'll be safe for now.

Is there anything
we can do for you?

Find my boy.

It proves the Vietnamese are gonna
make a bloodbath out of the trade fair.

It's the way Diem works. He
hates the current Chinese leaders.

We can't keep the old man in
the dark. We're courting disaster.

Oh, come on, Billy, if you tell
Dr. Smyth, he's going to move on Diem...

and Diem will have nothing to
lose. But Khai sure will, his boy.

Now, come on. If I
wanted Dr. Smyth to know...

I would have
brought Khai back in.

How long do you
expect me to hold off?

The opening ceremonies
aren't for 18 hours.

We can use that
time to find Kim.

Look, you're an occidental
in an Oriental community.

- You've got two outs and two strikes.
- I gave Khai my word.

You have a job to do.

Since when is my job more important
than the life of a 7-year-old boy, huh?

All right.

All right, 12 hours.
Twelve is all you get.

LEE: She's not going
to see me, I know it.

I met her once when
Khai was hiding me out...

after an MIA hunt into Cambodia.

AMANDA: Hello.


Is your mother home?

Look, we'd like to see her. Would
you tell her Lee Stetson is here?

I'm here.

Why are you?

Your police have already been here, as well
as the officials from my own government.

They're watching.

Our people want
to help you, Sen.

I've heard those very words
in the past, 10,000 miles away.

Ever since you recruited my
husband, we have lived in fear.

At least my children
can live without danger.

Look, it wasn't my choice.
I had to try to save myself.

I suppose that's what the snake
says once inside the gopher burrow.

"To save myself being
bitten, I must bite instead."

Where is your other son?

LEE: Yeah, Kim, your youngest.

Kim is with relatives.

- He's too young to understand...
AMANDA: We know that isn't true.

We know Kim's not with relatives,
we know that Diem took him.


Mr. Diem took him
away yesterday morning...

before Khai's meeting with you.

He said it had something to
do with our dependent visa.

I haven't seen my son since.

Look, Sen, there's much, much more to
this than you know, than you should know.

We're not gonna be able
to tell you anything else.

We'll have to ask
you to trust us.

Can you tell us if anything at all
unusual happened yesterday morning...

when Mr. Diem came
and took Kim away?

It was a normal morning.

The boys were about to leave for
mission school when Diem arrived.

All smiles.

Now Khai is dead.

LEE: That could
be you one day...

talking to strangers
about your dead husband.

Trying to unravel the truth about
his death, knowing you'll never find it.

I know.


Not your typical
two-career family, huh?

One of us might not
come home for dinner, ever.

They've got Khai's
little boy, Amanda.

- That could be Philip or Jaime.
- I know.

I know.

My time is rather limited
tonight. I trust you will not waste it.

This time my price has doubled.

Depends upon
what I'm paying for.

Ten thousand for
Tranh Van Khai...

and 10 more for Stetson.

I could get them together.

I did not wish Khai any harm.

He was very valuable to me for many years,
but Stetson swayed him away with money.

But Khai did what I told him to
do and he repaired the damage.

- Mm-hmm.
- Now I want an end to this.

I will give Khai back his son.

And I want them back
together tomorrow night...

- on our charter flight.
- Mm-hmm.

All is forgiven.

Deliver this message and
you will get your money.

And, uh, I can go to the
concert tonight with a clear mind.

It's my favorite program.
Mozart's Requiem.

AMANDA: Hi, fellas, I'm home.


AMANDA: What's that smell?

JAMIE: Dinner. And if you think it
smells bad, you should've tasted it.

Oh, my gosh, that looks
delicious. Who cooked?

I did. I've got cooking
third period school.


JAMIE: Yeah, making dinner
is on the final exam. He flunked.

Oh, come on.

Mom, would you like something?

I'll tell you what, why don't you
save some for me and I'll have it later?

- Sure.
- Smart move.

Next time Philip cooks,
can I eat over Mark's?

Sweetheart, you just
keep cleaning, okay?


I got it. Hello?

I'm sorry I'm late,
you gonna be home.

Hi, Mother. No, I'm sorry, I won't. I've
got a deadline I gotta get back to work.

Oh, all right. Well, tell the
boys I'll be right along, okay?

Uh, my adult education class is
just finishing, I told you about it...

- Soap Opera and the American Dream.
- Yes, Mother, you should do very well.

I wish you were gonna be there. I wanted
to tell you about Captain Curt's new love.

- You're kidding, who is she?
DOTTY: No, it's not a she, it's an it.

It's a Pitts Special. Fast as a
bullet, all engine. It's for aerobatics.

Oh, Amanda, it
makes me so upset.

What you do when the man you
like wants to live dangerously?

- Just tell him to stop?
- Uh, mother...

I really can't talk
right now, okay?

I'm just gonna grab a sandwich on
the way back to work. I'll see you later.

Amanda, you don't eat well.
That's all you do is run, run, run.

I don't get to spend
five minutes with you.

Okay, don't worry about it.
Tell the boys I'll be right along.

I guess I don't have to see
you to tell you that I love you.

- I love you too, Mother. Bye-bye.
- Bye.

You gonna be okay?

- Yeah.
- Sure.

Okay, fellas, your grandma
will be home in a little while.

- Do your homework. PHILIP: Bye.


Look, Khai, this tip of yours better
be worth your breaking your cover.

I got the message,
Kim will be here tonight.


Maybe Diem has canceled
his move on the Chinese.

I can't pass up any chance.


Yeah, well, I don't like it.

Look, if he brought Kim back
here to trick me, I'll go in alone...

save my son.


Look, are you sure
this is the right place?

I am.


My contact.

They've got us boxed in!

- Amanda?
- It's all right. I'm right here.


- Just be still for a minute.
- What?

He's awake.

It's all right, you're in
the agency hospital.

What the hell is this
stuff on my eyes?

Just a saline soak. A caution in
case your eyes were damaged.

LEE: What about Khai? The
Vietnamese man that was with us.

Where have you taken him?
His name is Tranh Van Khai.

He didn't make it. You
two were the only survivors.

Look straight ahead
for me, please.

Hmm. Well...

your left shoulder will be
giving you some discomfort.

And you're gonna
have quite a headache.

But everything else
appears to be in order.

Sorry about the other man.

- Thank you, doctor.
- You're welcome.

Damn it.

Be careful.


They call it a Saigon
boxcar. Two bombs.

We walked right into it.

Pathology. Uh, Jeff speaking.

Hi, Jeff. This is Francine Desmond.
We met at Senator Roger's party.

Well, hello. What's
the haps, Frannie?

Oh, nothing, heh, I've just been
thinking about you ever since that party.

Since 1983?

Has it been that long, heh?

Say, Jeff, do you still have that
fascinating job at the morgue?

The one you were telling
me about at the party?

You got it. Morbidity and
toxicology is my middle name.


Same old Jeff.

Oops. Oh, I was just
putting perfume on my...

Well, I was just
putting perfumes on...

and the stopper from the
bottle fell into my lingerie drawer.

Could you hold on a
minute while I look for it?

You bet. If I was
there, I'd do it for you.


- Perfume?
- You use what you got.

Look, I'm running out of options. This
guy works for the D.C. metro morgue.

I think I can get him to shuffle
some paper and make it a bit harder...

for anybody to put the pieces
together between Khai and the bomb.

Sorry. That's a
bad choice of words.

Okay. Buy us as
much time as you can.

We're way outside the line on this
one. And keep it strictly personal.


It's not so much
to ask, Francine.

Ah, you never met, Jeff.

Hi, found it. Now I'm all yours.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Scarecrow. Just on my way to the
clinic. What are you doing back so soon?

Taking care of business,
isn't that the game?

Now, get on the horn and tell Dr. Smyth
that we wanna bust his pet Vietnamese.

We have something to discuss.

What's to discuss? We
gave it a shot, Khai lost.

In my office. Now, Lee. Now.


Khai. What the hell is
going on here? Huh?

- The doc said you bought it.
- Not me, my contact.

Your people switched my ID.

- Officially, Tranh Van Khai is dead.
- Oh, yeah? For how long?

We've bought another six hours
before the police and the ME...

have to come clean about the mistake. The
contact's family will have to be notified.

I'm sorry I jumped down
your throat out there.

BILLY: Forget it. Forget it.

I bent agency rules
to bring Khai inside...

- but we can't take any more chances.
- Where's Amanda?

LEE: She and Francine are
going to Chinatown to look for Kim.

Six hours?

Phew, it's getting tight.

FRANCINE: Nobody has a clue, or
at least they aren't about to help us.

AMANDA: Maybe in here.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Sorry to bother you again.

No bother. Something for you?

I wonder if you could
take a look at this picture.

That's Khai's son,
Kim. He's 7 years old.

He's probably lonely and
wishes he were at home.

All children should be at
home. Be safe, be happy.

Hexagram 13. Community
in the open brings progress.

Great. That and a road
map, we can probably get lost.

Community in the open.

Come on, Francine.

I don't find any public
instruction waivers.

Why is the board of education
so concerned with us?

We are a cultural mission. We
have only a few children. I teach them.

The board is very strict
about home instruction.

Ahem, tutoring in an unapproved facility
is a violation of regulation 4499...

defined in statute 10-76.

A copy is available at your Government
Printing Office. No extra charge.

Perhaps if we could interview the
children, we could clear this mess up.

It's not possible. None of
the children speak English.

Well, maybe you
could translate for us.

The children are supposed to be in class.
I do not wish to disturb them any further.

I would prefer any official
discussion about this mission...

be conducted through
your State Department.

Yes, well, Mr. Diem, is it?

If this mission had diplomatic
status, well, we wouldn't even be here.

But it doesn't and we are.

FRANCINE: We can order
the children to public schools.

We can send in hordes of
social workers day and night.

- Court orders, federal marshals...
- What do you want?

Well, let's just start with
something very simple.

How many students do you teach?


At present, we have only six.

I have asked the teacher
to bring them in to meet you.

Oh, very good.

Word on the street
is that the Vietnamese

still want to make a
trade. Khai for his son.

I think they're testing the waters to
see if Khai's alive and if we've got him.

Well, we know Kim's at
the Vietnamese mission.

Okay. Let's talk options.

It's time for Dr. Smyth
to be in the picture.

You know what that means.

A full-blown search-and-destroy mission
with Dr. Smyth himself on the bullhorn.

My favorite position, Desmond.

Oh, should I have knocked?

Congratulations are in order.

I understand Khai is alive
and in our hands. Finally.

He's with Scarecrow
at a safe house.

Corpus delicti, eh? Well, I'm
satisfied everything he gave us is good.

So I'm shooting a green
light to the posse. Okay?

- What about Khai's son?
SMYTH: It's an unfortunate situation.

Look, I'm as fond of
children as the next fellow...

at holiday dinners, of course.

Preferably at a separate table.

I don't want this man
Khai to lose his son for us.

- When's all the hoopla start downtown?
- They're already lining the parade route.

I figure they'll save the action for
the Chinese general secretary at noon.

Oh, la-di-day, what a snag.

Okay then, by the numbers.

One, we move on
the Viets at 11. Two...

that's up to you fine people.

We've got an hour.

I love a parade, don't you?


Diem's men. We
won't get past them.

We can if Amanda and Francine
work their cover. Come on.



Miss Desmond. Mrs. King. I thought
our business had been completed.

- You thought wrong.
DIEM: I'm a very busy man.

I'm afraid we must insist.


They're inside.

So are we.

And there are facility minimums,
recreation, infirmary, fire code.

- It's all part of the 892.
- Pardon me, 892?

It's a new statute, limiting
supervised educational services...

outside of a public structure.

It's all quite complete.



Ladies, I have another
meeting in 15 minutes.

- I'm tired of your bureaucratic red tape.
- We all have very busy schedules.

And a lot more
spare forms to sign.




DIEM: What now?



Ladies, we have an emergency.

Our security will protect you.

Now, would you please
follow their instructions?





There's a locked cabinet in Diem's
office. He seemed pretty nervous about it.

All right. Come on, I got plan.


I'm very sorry to bother you.

I know how busy you are, but
we need to do a textbook count.

There's an awful lot
go... My goodness me.

Mrs. King.

- You have been an absolute
pain. AMANDA: I am so sorry.




He's marked the parade
route to the Chinese Trade Fair.

All right. We'll check this
off with Billy on the phone.

Sweetheart, that was the best
casserole surprise I've ever tasted.

I think I left out some
ingredients from last night.

Well, it just made it more
of a surprise. Whoops!

PHILIP: Yeah, a
gastronomic experience.

How'd you like
your brother's meal?

JAMIE: It was a lot better
than last night. I'm not dizzy yet.

PHILIP: Mom, since I cooked,
its Jamie's turn to do the dishes.


JAMIE: This isn't cooking. It's
cruel and unusual punishment.

PHILIP: Wait until you try to
scrape the food off the plate.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I saw the opening ceremonies
for the Chinese Trade Fair on TV.

Yeah, we followed Diem's map to
six spots along the parade route...

pre-wired for explosives.
We saved a lot of lives today.

- You get Khai and his family on a plane?
- Yup. Off to California and a new life.

Will they be safe?

No one's ever completely
safe in this job. You know that.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Amanda, uh...

the horses and the softball games in
the backyard are gonna have to wait.

I know that.

But I am gonna marry
you, Amanda King.

Except it's gonna have to be...

a mystery marriage.

It because if isn't, one day our family
might get in trouble just like Khai's.

We'll make the best of it.

I got you.

And I got you.

[English - US -SDH]