Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 7 - Billy's Lost Weekend - full transcript

When Billy forgets an entire weekend early retirement or insanity are looking like his only options.







That's all I remember
of my weekend.

We take your car,
we'll have room for skis.

I thought we were
gonna rent skis.

- They don't rent them at Pine Top.
- I thought we were going to Oak Valley.

I changed the reservations.
You are gonna love Pine Top.

Oh, I am?

Yeah. Indoor
tennis. It's fantastic.

This is the first chance
we've had to get away.

I just want us to
have a good time.

- Excuse me.

Briefing's been postponed.

- Till when?
- Indefinitely.

- Billy put himself in a lockout.
- He did what?

He had to.

Metro picked him up at 3:00
this morning in a skid row alley.

He can't remember
how he got there.

Shouldn't there be a task
force to look for breaches?

A task force is put into effect when
a field agent loses track of time.

Billy's administration.

All right. Thanks, Francine.

Let me know if I can help. Okay?

- Yeah.
- Sure.

Only one or two agents are
allowed in an administration lockout.

One. Two.

You got it.

- Okay, cough.
- What?

That was a joke, Melrose.



- Doc, how's he doing?
- Lousy.

He's got no sense of
humor, he's impatient.

- How do you feel, sir?
- I'm fine.

Physically. Mentally, you can
throw in the whole enchilada.

It looks like
Thornton's Repression.

Old man Thornton
developed a technique...

for agents to repress information
in case they were captured.

Billy repressed
the entire weekend.

Any chance this is just a bump
on the head and simple amnesia?

You know, Stetson, you bug me.

He's got restraint marks on his
wrists, needle marks on his arm.

If this was Patterson in Payroll I'd
put it down as another kinky weekend...

but it's not, and I've got 6 bucks
says I'm gonna find remnants...

of some trace of truth serum
cuddled up against his corpuscles.

All I know is somebody
pushed me hard for something...

and I don't know
what, who or why.

You don't remember
anything at all, sir?

Just a bunch of mixed-up images.

- Bears.
- Bears.

A symbol of courage
and strength. What else?

Skeletal remains.
Personification of death.

You know, I think there's
a sexual thing there too.

I'll look it up.

There are the files
I've been supervising.

Yeah. Amanda, look, why don't you
get started on the lower-clearance end?

- I'll catch up with you in a
minute. Okay? AMANDA: Right.

Oh, Amanda, dig deep.

If I've compromised an agent
out there, we have to know.

Something in those
files might be the key.

Yes, sir.

Billy, you've got to give us
something more than bones and bears.

Scarecrow, I haven't
got anything more.

JOYCE: All right,
you two, relax.

I think it's time we try a little
subliminal reoccurrence motivation.

Claudia, what is that?

It's basic psychology.

Any event, location, even a sound
can shake up the gray matter...

and bring what's been
repressed back to the conscious.

Now, let's start the whole
weekend all over again.

All right.

Friday night I was here
working on the budget.

All right, let's do it.

Come on, get to your
desk and go to work.

Claudia, I sit behind this
desk for 19 hours a day.

- You need something more stimulating.
- Friday nights. Yeah, Friday nights.

You have a built-in location
to stir up some memories.

- Randy's.
- Yeah.

BILLY: If I was here,
I don't remember.

Well, of course you was in
here. Just like every Friday night.

What's the matter? The
conversation too boring that you forgot?

What did we talk about, Randy?

Well, you was telling me how
the wife was doing in Jersey.

- She still visiting her cousin there?
- She'll be back next week.

I've been trying to get
my wife to go away...

for 16 years.


Randy, did anything unusual
happen to Billy last Friday night?

Did he talk to anyone?
Was there anyone with him?

You know why I've been
behind this bar for 34 years?

I don't see past
the beer spigot.

- Did you see past it last Friday night?
- Nope.

Come on, Randy.

Jeez, Billy.

Okay. You picked up a dame.

First time I ever saw you
do something like that.

What did she look like?

Well, you got good taste.

She's black, late
20's, about this tall.

She was coming on to
you. I don't blame you a bit.

- Did you get a name?
- No.

You ordered some champagne and took off
with her 10 minutes after she walked in.

Well, did either of us
say where we were going?

Well, I didn't
think I should ask.

Thanks, Randy.

Yeah, sure.

- Well, see you next Friday.
- Yeah.

He's leaving now.

I understand.

We'll put it into motion.

It's not working, Lee.
It's not happening.

It will. Just don't force it.

I'm gonna take a little
walk and clear my head.

Well, are you sure?

- Yeah. I'll be all right. Honest.
- Okay.

- See you later at the agency.
- Yeah.



Excuse me, miss.

What are you doing here?

- Who are you?
- Stop it. They'll see us.

Who will see us?

Please. Not here.

Call me.


Billy, what's going on?

BILLY: The woman, her dress.

Lee, she knew me.

She thought I knew her.

- Well, do you?
- Yeah. No, no.

I'm not sure.

All right then. I'll get
a run on those plates.

Get a trace for
this phone number.

AMANDA: Plates came up stolen.

And the matchbook?

There was only one country granted
its independence on September 30th.

- It's Estoccia.
- Estoccia?

At least we got something.

We'll run over to the
embassy and have a look.


LEE: I don't get it, Billy. Why was
she driving a car with stolen plates?

Watch yourself.

BILLY: Why did she give me a phone
number for a bar in Fairbanks, Alaska?

LEE: Let's hope this embassy
will shake up some memories.

Excuse me.

Must have been some party.

I remember being upstairs.

I gotta get up there.

We're pushing our luck.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

The upper chambers
are off-limits.

RASHIDI: I think Mr. Melrose
is coming along rather nicely.

He remembered that he
was on the second floor.

That's very good, Kimambo.

I don't like this
game we're playing.

- Because there are no needles?
- Needles loosen tongues.

The last hours of your interrogating
Melrose with your drugs were useless.

He didn't even
know where he was.

And this game of images
will make him remember?

I have played with
the mind all my life.

Mr. Melrose is desperate to remember
what happened to him this weekend.

We will give him
his entire weekend...

and he will give us the 15
minutes he needed to hide Kalahari.




DOTTY: Watch it, captain.

Don't get too carried...


DOTTY: Now, don't worry.

It doesn't stain. I'll get
something to clean it up with.

You find a tango. I am
just dying for a tango.


Hello, Mother.
You're really cooking.

- Captain Curt and I were just talking.
- I meant cooking in the kitchen.

Of course you meant in the kitchen.
It was just a impromptu dinner.


The captain brought me
this and some records.

Not a samba, a tango.

I didn't think you'd be home because
the boys were with their father.

I shouldn't be. I should
be at the office working.

I could get a lot more done
there. You're right, Mother.

- I shouldn't be at home. I'm sorry.
- Amanda, don't be silly.

Mother, I'm not being silly.

Of course you're being silly.
You think I'm being silly too.

- No, I don't.
- I cannot believe...

this is our third bowl of salsa.





Well, maybe it would be better
if you did your work at the office.

Probably so.

Amanda, do you
think I'm being silly?

Mother, no.

He's being a perfect gentleman.

Now, look, I got a
lot of work to do...

so, oh, gee, I'll probably
be home real late.

You know, I mean, probably not before,
you know, I don't know, 1, maybe 2:00.

Not that it makes
any difference.





- Hello.
- Hi.

- Thought you might like company.
- Yes, I sure would.

- Good.
- I'm getting cross-eyed...

looking at this computer.

- Amanda, sit down for a second.
- Yeah?

- I wanna talk about something.
- What?

Didn't change any plans, but
you got me thinking this morning.

I forced you into this ski trip.

- You didn't force me.
- Yes, I did.

That's not our only option.
There are a lot of things to do.

- I know that.
- Skiing would be fine.

- Yeah.
- But I did some checking.

And before we nail it down,
I want you to consider this.

- Marathon Key?
- Sailing...

scuba diving, miles
and miles of beaches.

Listen, this is really
nice, but I really...


Crowds there this time of the
year. I thought the very same thing.

So how about this?

- Bar Harbor.
- Maine?

- We could go fishing.
- It's freezing. You wanna go ice fishing?

- How about a houseboat?
- Oh, a houseboat.

- Yeah.
- You don't have to give me these choices.

No, I don't have to,
but I wanna go on a

trip where you'll have
the most possible fun.

I'm gonna have the best possible
time that I can have on a vacation...

just because I'm with you.

I don't need all
of these choices.

I don't want all
of these choices.

I don't wanna have
to make a choice.

I wanna go skiing.


- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.


- Billy.
- Hi, Lee.

LEE: Amanda and I were
just burning the midnight oil.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello, Amanda.

LEE: You remember something?

Yes, that woman today.

I'm getting things
I'm supposed to get.

She didn't want me to call.
She knew I could trace the car.

Matchbook was the only thing that
mattered. My invitation to remember.

- Do you think you're being set up?
- Somebody knows what I did this weekend.

It's being fed in pieces.
The largest is the embassy.

I'm going back.
I need your help.

We don't know if you've
compromised anyone.

I have to keep opening doors
until I find out for sure. Lee, help me.

Help me find two hours,
an hour, a day of my life.

You're sure?


No, he should have
no trouble getting in.

You've watched him
very well, Kimambo.

Don't worry, Mr. Melrose will
have a memorable experience.




This room, I've
been here before.

And there's a safe here too.

Right over there.

I broke into this.

Damn it, why?

Just take your time.


Come on.


Damn it! We gotta
get out of here.

There's a gutter pipe
down to the south lawn.

- What?
- I've done it before.


- Can they catch them?
- I don't think so.

Make sure they don't.




What the hell was that about?

- Let's not hang around to find out.
- Yeah.

Claudia, he is starting to
remember. Billy is getting close.

Yeah, close to the edge.

Boy, what a witches brew:
thiopental, alcohol, methaqualone.

Boy, they did a number on him.

- Did they break him?
- Well, they used a big enough hammer.

But I don't know, I've got
a better question for you.


Is he stable?


I gotta pull his badge.

Retire him?

That's what I did with 12 of the
last 15 with Thornton's Repression.

One lost weekend and you're
gonna destroy his whole career?

Max Bateman couldn't
remember 15 minutes of his life.

Claudia, we don't know
what made Bateman snap.

But we know that he killed seven
men he was on stakeout with.

Look, don't pull him, huh?

We're getting close to
something. I can see it in his eyes.

You want another
Bateman out there?

We'll stay with him
every step of the way.

Stetson, you can't have
friends in this business.

He's more than just a
friend. You know that.

And I know I've got a job to do.

Five years ago, she made the
decision to keep Bateman in the field.

We'd better find Billy.

He's been at it all night.

He needs sleep.

I need to ID that girl I
saw outside of Randy's.

Rack up another year's photos.

- You've already been through six years.
- So now I want to see seven.

Amanda's pulling
another generation of files.

- Is there anything else you want
us to do? BILLY: Stay with the files.

The girl was at the
embassy with me.

We ran, just like you
and I did the other night.

Now she's out there somewhere
scared and I've got to...

- What is it?
- It's that same dress.

She wore that
dress at the party.

Coroner's office has this woman
listed as Jane Doe number 421.

She's not the same
woman I saw yesterday...

but the resemblance is
pretty damn coincidental.

It sure is.

This Jane Doe was
found dead Friday night.



PHONE]: I must talk to you.

- Where?
- The mall in the park.

- When?
- Ten minutes.

I'm on my way.


Billy, I'm going with you.

Tapping my phones now?

Don't you know what is going on?
Dr. Joyce has you on surveillance.

You're about one heartbeat
away from early retirement.

So why waste my time?

You heard the woman.
Wants to meet me alone.

We did a background
on the woman in the park.

No IDs, no labels in the
clothing, no witnesses.

She was erased by a pro.

- So now they're playing with me.
- What...?

What else can I do?

They're my only window.
They're holding all the cards.

That doesn't mean you have
to play by their rules, does it?

Why can't we get a decent
elevator around here?

I know that Dr. Joyce is
getting ready to pull me...

and I know you can prevent
me from getting on this elevator.

I wanna help you.

The door wouldn't be open
if I didn't already know that.



I swear, I don't
know who she is.

Why are you showing me this?

This woman was
found dead Friday.

Why are you dressed like her?

She must be from
my region in Africa.

It is a traditional gown.

I was with a woman
Friday dressed like this.

Yes. You were with me.

No, no. It wasn't you.

I'm Lanni. Don't you remember?

I was the only other person
who knew about the Kalahari list.

- The what?
- Mr. Melrose, please.

We are running out of time.

Is Kalahari safe?

Billy, it's a trap! Run!

- We're not through talking, Lanni.
- What?

Lanni Jeans. That's
who I was with.




Where are you hit?
We gotta get out of here.

- Who were they?
- I don't know.

Well, the woman's back
there. She's the key. Come on.


The woman in front of Randy's, the
embassy, the confrontation in the park...

they were all tricks to try to get
you to remember those missing days.

No, no. Not tricks.

Carefully set-up flashbacks.

- You remember something else?
- Yeah.

Francine, inform the coroner
that the body they found...

last Friday was that
of a one Lanni Jeans.

Are you sure about that?

BILLY: Yes, she took me to the list.
My job was to get it out of the safe.

She was an Estoccian
operative in a lot of trouble.

I remember her.

- And the Kalahari list?
- I had it.

That's all, I remember I had it.

They want you to remember
what you did with it.

Fine. Let's dig into the
files and find out what it is.

I wouldn't know it if
it hit me in the face.

- Billy, you need to slow down.
- I can't.

- You need to.
- I can't.

Listen, try to understand.

Twenty-nine years ago, I
was a kid out of law school.

I had a decision to make.

To have a nice law
practice in New York...

or to take a job as a counterintelligence
agent that paid little more than sweat.

I don't know what kind of lawyer I
might have been and I don't care...

because I do know that I
made a pretty damn good agent.

And if there's somebody trying
to take that away from me...

I'm gonna fight like hell
to make that decision stick.

Gee, Billy, I think you would
have made a lousy lawyer.

Oh, the worst.

- Well, Mr. Rashidi, are you satisfied?
- As we agreed.

It feels about right for a
couple of days' impersonation.

Kimambo will get you
out of the country quietly.

What do you want
me to tell your buyers?

The Kalahari list will be
on the market in 24 hours.

It seems to me that I passed
that information once before.

Once before, I trusted my very
young, very naive secretary...

whom you played so well.

This time it is for certain.

Your confidence is reassuring.

My confidence is a reflection
of the opportunity at hand.

By this time tomorrow,
Mr. Melrose will have handed us...

the entire American
intelligence community in Africa.

A prize that will keep us out of
the clove mills for generations.

Zebra list was an FBI
operation during Prohibition.

We've tried every variation
of Kalahari list on the books...

and still can't get anywhere.

- What about the street?
- No, nothing. No word.

Billy, you need some sleep.

You've been going at
this for 48 hours straight.

Well, so have you.

Go ahead, knock off.

- You've done everything I could
ask. AMANDA: No, sir, we haven't.

We haven't found
the Kalahari list.

I'll put on another
pot of coffee.

I'll second that.

Oh, before I forget.

I want you both to know that
your relationship, whatever it is...

is fine with me.

We all look for something...

and when we find it, I think we should
hang on with everything we've got.



- Melrose here. MAN: Billy,
it's Monroe. I need your help.

- Who?
- Jack Monroe. You've gotta come.

- Monroe?
- I had to call.

Meet me at D and 3rd
Streets in half an hour.

- I understand.
- I'm sorry.

No, no, you did the right thing.

I understand.

They're at it again.

They just called.

They helped me remember
a phone call from that agent.

Jack Monroe?

I talked to him Friday.

He was running. He was
running and he needed help.

His case status is empty.

Because he was working
on a blind trust operation.

No records. No
reports. No questions.

The Kalahari list.

Only three people
knew about that.

Monroe, Lanni and myself.

It's a list of our
African operatives.

Lanni tipped Monroe...

that someone working in
the Estoccian embassy...

had it on the market.

- And he couldn't get it.
- Right, right.

He was made.

Which meant somebody had to go into
the embassy and get it out of the safe.

I went in his place.

And I didn't make a clean break.

Does that mean that you hid it
somewhere before the police picked you up?

There are over a
hundred names on that list.

That's a lot of telegrams
to the next of kin.

All right.

The phone call said to meet on
D Street near the corner of 3rd.

- Let's go.
- Hold it, hold it. It's 6 a.m.

The streets are empty at
this time of the morning.

If you trail me, they'll
spot you like that.

No, they're not
completely empty.

Amanda, stand by.

I'm dropping Billy off
at the end of the block.

Stay in Amanda's view.

- I'll circle around.
- Lee...

I don't know what I'm walking into and
don't know if I'm walking back out, but...

Hey, hey, save it, will you?
You'll come out of there.

Yeah. Beer and
steaks at Randy's.

You've got a deal.

LEE: I'm coming back your
way. Keep your eyes open.

I'm going to the end of the
block and then turning around.

Won't you join us, Mr. Melrose?

He's in the limo.

LEE: I have him. Stand by.

I'm coming up beside you.

Amanda, that's the shooter
from the park. Get out of there!

Stay with the limo.


AMANDA: Lee, the limo is pulling
up by the Smithsonian Gardens.

Are you there?

Lee, I'm by the Smithsonian
Gardens. Are you all right?


Come in, Lee.

Amanda, stick with the limo.

Right now you're
all Billy's got.

Will do.

RASHIDI: This is where
we lost Melrose last week.

The streets will be
filled in a half hour.

All the pieces are in place.

This is the last
ride, Mr. Melrose.

We can use the needle...

or you can simply tell us
where the Kalahari list is.

I'm not telling you anything.


He's running.

LEE: Stay on them.
I'll circle around.

Take care of any obstacles.

- We'll bring him to you.
- Yes, sir.





Any problems?

Let's get what we came for.

This way.

It's a shame we didn't
catch you last Friday.

It would have made our
customers much less anxious.

You caught me
after I hid the disk.

Of course.

And then we spent the weekend
trying to pump the information out of you.

Now, may we have the disk?

Now, may we have it back?


Both of you, guns
on the floor. Now!

And now, you, you
kick them over here.

Move it over.

- Billy?
- Got it.


It's over.


BILLY: Amanda, did you get it?

- Here you are, sir.
- All right.

- I'll call an ambulance.
- All right.

Yes, sir.

She's gonna be just
fine, Lee. Just fine.

I know. How do you feel?

I feel like beer and
steaks at Randy's.

That sounds good.

LEE: You know what?

Pine Top just received 18
inches of new, fresh powder.

- Really?
- Yup.

- I've got the skis.
- Mm.

I've got the boots.


- I've got you.
- Mm.



It's Billy.

- Got a minute?
- Yeah.

AMANDA: Hello, sir.
- Hello, Amanda.

Well, first, I wanna
tell you both...

that I put you on record for
helping recover the Kalahari list.

- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah, thank you, Billy.

- But it was your collar.
- Ours.

Well, thank you, sir.

And second, I took you
off roll call for tomorrow.

Have a nice, long weekend.

- Oh, well... BILLY:
See you Monday.

- Yes, sir. LEE: Thanks, Billy.

Thanks a lot.


Wow. Ha!

- Whoa. Whoa!
- Ha, ha. Ha!

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