Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 6 - Night Crawler - full transcript

Amanda is kidnapped by a Saudi Arabian terrorist who tortures her for information about one of Lee's contacts.

I'll check in with Operations.

Passengers departing on flight
5 01 from Washington D.C...

to New York,
Boston and Toronto...

now in final boarding at Gate 5.

I'll have a feed for you
at 20 after. Stand by.

Attention, there has
been a gate change...

for arriving flight
618 from Chicago.

Passengers on flight 618
may now deplane at Gate 7.

It's the woman
in the black jeans.

What's going on?

Get back. LEE: It's all right,
folks, it's all right. Don't panic.

Lee! Look out!

The suitcase,
it's going to blow.

Hit the ground, it's live!


Scarecrow anticipated again. It's
impossible to get anything done.

Ask yourself, how
does he always know?

Scarecrow has a source inside.


No, give me time to toss
the snake from my nest.

- Beirut?
- Bunch of old women.

They lie about their villas, stuff their
face with spring lamb and absinthe...

and bellyache because I've not
burned Washington to the ground.

Don't they understand
about Scarecrow?

They understand I let him
stay one step ahead of me.

I'm not hungry for this zubala.

They can't blame you.

You put a Karbala terror
squad on American soil.

No one's ever done it.

I put it here.
Scarecrow dismantles it.

One more busted
operation and we're gone.

Or dead.

I've got to think of something.

Yusef. YUSEF: Lee, Mrs. King.

As God wills it, he is yours.

Birol? YUSEF: Mm.

- When did it happen?
- Don't be impatient.

You had Birol boxed in
so bad, he had to hit back.

All we do now is pick out
the ribbon and wrap him up.

Delivered this morning from our
Cable System News cover desk.

God wills me to raise
the sleeping conscience...

of our American
brothers in arms.

I will appear for your television within
24 hours and give you my ultimatum.

Be ready to act.
Remember Karbala.

Typical arrogant cur.

They never introduce themselves.

Voice match is 90 percent
positive. It's Addi Birol.

Now to pass on what the president
told the National Security Council...

in executive session
this morning. I quote:

"Three months ago I asked the
Intelligence Community to join forces...

and formulate a plan to put an
end to terror at home. It works.

I congratulate the ATAC team."


I congratulate you also.

It's been your show so far,
Lee. Play it out to the end.

You've got 24 hours to
push the button on Addi Birol.

All right, let's get to it.

We saved the lives of those people,
but we managed to miss Addi Birol.


We'll get him. We're close.

Heh. He's even started
changing his own rules.

He was there when she planted
the bomb. That's a first, believe me.

Max's nose must be
off. He walked right by it.

No. Max's nose was right on.

According to Night Crawler, Birol is
using the new Belgian plastique C.

Dogs can't smell it.

But from now on, we're gonna have to forget
about dogs, X-rays, metal detectors...

Intelligence is the only way
we're gonna beat the new terror.

Night Crawler says
this one's named Phyllis.

Night Crawler is a
very impressive source.

The best.

Smile, please.

- Is it for real?
- I think so.

He was despondent after
the airport, like I've never seen.

He wants the interview.

Who's he told?

Phyllis, everyone. I'm safe.

- Hi, King. Stetson in the neighborhood?
- Hello, Mrs. D'Angelo.

No, he's not here right
now. Can I help you?

Well, he asked me to put
together his, uh, pension totals...

and his early-retirement

Now, I have factored in the two-salary
hike and the dependent breaks.

It's all here, confidential.

I'll see he gets it.

Stetson's got a new bird in
the cage. I know the pattern.

When a bachelor starts thinking
about his pension, bring on the rice.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Hi, Edna.

Uh, did we say we were
coming up to the Q Bureau?

Well, we didn't say
that we wouldn't. Ha-ha.

Sorry I missed you.

- See you later, Mrs. D'Angelo.
- Bye-bye, King.

He wants morning
drive time for the traffic.

Easier to pick up a
little blocking in a chase.

What's the contact?

A CSN van waits at Benning
and U. He leads us by the nose.

Fire team?

Well, the news van has
to be clean. You'll check.

Then I send in Amanda.

She's part of the
established cover.

Don't worry. I'll have her stay
way back where she'll be safe...

and she can call in the strike.

You know...

this was in my round file three times
before I decided it wasn't my decision.

"State Department Bureau
of Intelligence and Research."

It's a job offer.

SDBIR isn't a bad shop.

Just like that, huh?
Administrative 1?

Heh, come on.

What makes you think
they'd hire me and I'd take it?

- Well, when I decided to marry Jeanie...
- Wait a second.

- What makes you think I wanna marry?
- You will. You should.

Lee, you have been a lone wolf too long.
Now that's not good for a man like you.

The pay jumps to GG-17. It
takes money to raise a family.

For that you've got to
be at management level.

- I hear you.
- If you want this, man, make your move.

Promotions are frozen
here at the agency. If

you stay here, you'll
be going nowhere fast.

Single rider coming
at you, Dagger 1.

This could be Birol's contact.

Dagger 2, motorcycle slowing.

We copy that, Dagger
1. Dagger Team stand by.


It's a go, Dagger Team.
North on Benning, copy.

We're on you, Dagger 1.

Two go in, I stay here.
Ten minutes and we're out.

That's it. You sit in the van.

All right, you're
clear. Let's move.

Welcome, gentlemen.
I'm Addi Birol.

We'll do this interview in silhouette.
Not all my enemies know my face.

But I'll send my fighters away.

A gesture of confidence.

Okay, Dagger 2,
the soldiers are gone.

All right. Whenever
you're ready.

- You okay?
- I'm okay. Yeah.

Ours is not a
destiny of violence...

but one of peaceful harmony,
left alone by the superpowers...

Freeze! Federal agents!

He tricked us with a mirror. Odds
are this place is booby-trapped.

Okay, boys, it's a
bust. Back me up.

Dagger 2, what's your status?

Drive. Now!


Forget it, Scarecrow. Best
thing you can do is stay away.

Oh, damn it, Billy, the guy is
a terrorist with nothing to lose.

He has got Amanda and
he took her to get to me.

Don't you see that?

I know which one of
my agents is in trouble.

I always know.

Does she know
about Night Crawler?

Yes, she knows Night Crawler
is my source, and that is all.

Birol won't believe her.

"Night Crawler for the woman."

Now, stay out of it, Lee.

Because if he gets you, he'll
use Amanda to break you...

and we'll lose the
best source we've got.

Could you watch Amanda suffer?

How'd he pick her
out, Scarecrow?

Random, or he figured the CSN crew for
a front, or he figured out something else.

If I knew, I would
have stopped him.

So he duped all his
lieutenants about the interview.

Yeah, and he outsmarted me, and
he bagged Amanda all by himself.

He's got us by the back pockets,
because we don't have a clue.

- I do this for a living, doc.
- Then act like a professional.

Let Yusef and the
ATAC team get her.

We can't even let her family
know until Birol makes this public.

If you go charging after him,
you'll simply eliminate the need.

You know what I mean?

Why don't you bunk down in the
TAC center, out of harm's way?

I'll make it a medical order.
Put you out for a few days.

- It'll be best.
- Don't you try me.

Easy, easy. Think it over.

Your first loyalty
is to your source.

Night Crawler has been
at considerable risk for us.

- You owe it.
- I know exactly what I owe, doc.

And if I have to, I will pay
it back in my own blood.

He thinks it's his fault, Quidd.

Maybe it is. We try to tie him
down now, someone will get hurt.

There's more going on with him than
guilt. He's got an emotional hang-up.

- And that's not good. BILLY:
For an agent, that can be bad.

I remember when he didn't
have any emotions at all.

Don't give it up, Amanda.

Don't give it up, please.

I'm coming to get you.
Just don't give it up.



It's all right. You knew
I'd come, didn't you?

Yeah. Heh.

- Did he hurt you?
- No.

I've come to take
you home, Amanda.

But you're going to have
to wait a little while longer.

I love you so much.

I can't stand
this. It's killing me.

Remember, I love you.

Oh, Lee?

Don't go. Lee?

Lee isn't here, Amanda.

It's funny how the mind plays
tricks on you when you're tired.

But, uh, sleep deprivation
is a disturbing thing.

I'm a reporter for CSN.

I'm doing my job. I don't
know what you're doing.

I'm trying to find
a few things out.

I thought you
wanted an interview.

I got one. You.

How did you find
out about the airport?

- A tip.
- From your lover?

- From Stetson?
- No.

From a source.


That's what this
is all about, isn't it?

But we'll get to that.

So Stetson thought
he had me, hm?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- I'm just trying to do a story.
- About me?

About catching me and putting me up
for public display? Is that your cover?

Why don't you call
CSN? Just call the station.

You and Stetson, uh,
cut me off from anything...

that would make
this easier on you.

Drugs, hypnotic inducers.

Let's look at some pictures.

You tell me who you
know, who you don't know.

If you don't feel like
cooperating, in time, I'll insist.

I want you to keep
this thing quiet, Leland.

I don't want you to trot it out one
night at your Banberry Society.

You know the crypto motto.

The riddle's the thing.

I can keep my trap shut.

And how did he spot Amanda?

We were both supposed
to be under contact zero.

Perhaps the cat's eye principle.

- The what?
- In the dark, there's light.

But you can't see it until
you see it in a cat's eye.

- It's like an obverse prism.
- Mm.

You have a stolidly literal head
on your shoulders, don't you, son?

Think inside the
puzzle, like Addi Birol.

He couldn't see light...

- until he saw the cat see.
- See what?

When a woman is in love,
she sees with special eyes.

Yeah, sure.

She yelled out my
name at the airport...

because that was the only
way for her to save my life.

Now, if Birol had us under
surveillance, he might have seen.

There's always a key.

Thanks a lot, Leland.

You just earned yourself a
couple of dozen Ticonderogas.

Well, well, well, it's our
loan-out from Saudi Arabia.

Those are pencils, Yusef.

I am where God wills. In
this case, a shortcut to Steno.

Oh, yeah?

A shortcut to a short
life if you say anything.

I want you to stay out of my
business. You hear me? Stay out.

You know, I'm kind
of glad you heard, pal.

Now you know why I can't sit around.
- Nor can I.

- Look, Birol deserves to die.
- Yes.

If for no other reason than for the
shame he has brought to the Arab people.

- Let me run your source.
- No.


I can't give you
Night Crawler, Yusef.

I expected not.

Birol will never kneel
for the headsman.

Perhaps God wills that
you should swing the ax.

Billy took me off finding
Amanda, Francine.

- It's rough.
- It's common sense.

Amanda is waiting
for me to come and get

her. She is counting
on me and I am helpless.

He's gonna try for an ID
on Night Crawler. He'll...

Don't think about it. Just
stick with what's practical.

I'm gonna try to
revive an old case.

You still have those
brown contact lenses?

Magda Petrak?

You've got to help me, Magda.

Without you, I could never have
defected. I would still be in Hungary.

I have a debt, to you. But
what is the cost of a new life?

I can't tell you that.

But I think I do know...

what it'll cost to save a life.

She's in the hands of Addi.

I was his mistress for three years
before I defected. You know that.

- He has a power.
- A fatal attraction.

Heh. Yes, to my
whole family, it seems.

This depends on much.

He must believe that I
never came west in my heart.

He must have a desire.

A wig won't fool Addi...

not if I can get him
to take me to his bed.

That's the only edge
he'll ever give away.

You might be the one person that
he trusts enough to see Amanda...

if your sister gets you in...

and he's interested enough
to give you the chance.

I'll get her in.

One thing about Addi,
he's always interested.


Oh, look at you.

- You're overdressed.
- It's a special evening...

and I've got a very
special question.

Oh, come on.

I know you're not really here.

My mind is playing tricks on me.

Don't give it up, Amanda.
Remember how much I love you?

Don't give what up?

Do you know her?

Do you know her?

Do you know her?

Do you know her?

I think you've seen her before.

So Night Crawler is
my lieutenant. It's Mara.

Disorientation, confusion.

They can make us
betray our best intentions.

But it's interesting how you
deal with your apparitions.

I was dreaming.

Dream again.

- It's early.
- It's late.

- Mm.
- You're already American soft.

"Westoxication," we call it.

I have to go back to my guest.

Don't raise that
curious eyebrow.

- I've hidden Amanda miles away.
- Oh, why bother.

I doubt Stetson will betray his
source, even to save her life.

But, uh, you sure put
him in hell with the choice.

- What are you staring at?
- Your soul.

I wonder what kind
of deceit I'll find there?

Addi, you never trusted me.

I never trusted anyone.

Why should I change for you?

Your sister's coming.

Are you going to explain
about our reconciliation?

Oh. Explain to Mara? Heh.

She's as big a fool with
you as I was. As I am.

Did my fool forget to negotiate
a fat fee from the Libyans?

A modest fee for success.

They trust me with 5 million.

If I lose it, uh,
my fee is a bullet.

- But you never said if...
- If I wanted your deal?

I think I do.

Five million for the woman
will be something for my trouble.

- And something to rebuild Karbala?
- Now, don't be impolite.

I never asked you what the
Libyans plan to do with Amanda King.

Oh, wait. If you're the termite man, we
can't possibly afford what you charge.

No. I'm Lee Stetson, Mrs. West.

- I work with Amanda.
- Oh, yes.

- We've talked on the phone.
- I'm sorry. Hello. How are you?

- Yes.
- You look vaguely familiar.

- Well...
- Oh, well, I was just picking up the den.

I wasn't picking up the den.
Picking things up from the den.

- Yes, I understand.
- Yeah. Well, um, won't you come in?

- Uh, what's the occasion?
- Uh, just a social call.

- It's a very nice house.
- It is a little cramped.

Amanda's sons, Jamie and Philip,
had a sock hop here this afternoon...

45s all over the place.

That drop dancing they do, I'm
surprised they don't break something.

Why is it that you
said you were here?

I'm okay.

- Ahem.
- What?

I was... Why is it that
you said you came by?

Oh. I'm sorry. I was, uh...
Heh-heh. I was just thinking.

I was just staring.

You have no idea how many
times I've wondered about you.

Heh. Well, it's... It's mutual.

Listen, Amanda will
be at least another day.

She didn't...?

She didn't call or
anything like that, did she?

Well, that might be her.

She usually calls when
she goes out of town.

Fact is, she's
usually with you. Heh.

Hello? Uh...

Oh. Yeah, just a minute.

- Stetson, it's for you.
- Oh. Heh.

- I wonder why that doesn't surprise me.
- Heh.

- Yeah?
- How's Amanda's mom?

A lot cooler than I am. Ahem.

Uh, did you find a buyer?

Uh, yeah. A couple
of real Libyans, in fact.

The Habib brothers. Their
cover is pressed dates...

but, uh, they're
shopping for plane parts.

What'd they offer?

Well, I had to throw in a
couple of, uh, F-15 fuel pods...

and a Xerox machine, but I did
get them up to a hundred grand.

Well, don't tell Amanda, huh?

Uh, it's just the
office party. Ha-ha.

Just some crazy
people here. Ha-ha.

Uh, do they know Birol?

By reputation.

He's gonna hear that
they're dealing him out.

They've got the bank credit in
case Birol does his homework.


- How do they like Magda?
- Oh. Charmed, darling.

Well, that's great.
Huh? You go for it.

Okay. I'll talk to
you later. Bye-bye.

Gentlemen, I think we
have an arrangement.

- Oh, no.
- Sorry about that.

But I need this for now.

Don't worry, I won't lose it. I'm
sure it has sentimental value.

I might as well tell you, I made
love with your sister last night.

It's not the first time.

But I always came back to you...

so the practical view is best.

Also, this time it was business.

Deliver this like the
first. It's my deadline.

I'll move the woman a few more times
until Stetson gives me Night Crawler...

or I deliver Amanda
to the Libyans.

It was in his pocket at
the Maryland house...

a heart shape on
a platinum chain.

- Yeah, Amanda wears one.
- Addi has a fetish.

He wants nothing in his pockets
to ID him. He checks every minute.

He must have just put it there.

- This could be the break.
- Be cautious.

Addi has six houses in D.C., or
more. He says he moves Amanda.

We are never told where or when.

Why do you think I'm
sitting on my hands, huh?

Do you know where she is?

I've drawn a map. It's
taped under your seat.

All right, I've gotta try.

His new deadline only gives us 12 hours,
and this whole Libyan thing is too iffy.

- What's the risk to you?
- Phyllis has been to the house.

But Addi won't need
much suspicion to kill me.

I don't want to die, but I don't
want her to die in my place.

All right, if he's in there, he's
not burning the midnight oil.

I've got enough immobilizer
to stiffen a division.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Give it to me.

You're neutralized for 10 minutes. How
much silence before I come in after you?

Thirty minutes.

If you lose signal, you go
in there and get me, pronto.

- Okay, ready?
- Mm-hm.

He's got a laser alarm grid.

Okay, here goes the gas.

You got a green light.
Tracking you on frequency 2.315.

It's GZP.

Zap gas, Birol. You'll be stiff
as a board for 20 minutes...

then you'll feel like the bad
end of a train wreck for a week...

but it won't kill you.

Francine, I got Birol.
There's no sign of Amanda.

Keep a look outside. Some of his
boys may be waiting in the wings.

Don't you go away, huh?

If you've hurt her, my business
with you hasn't even started yet.

Amanda? Amanda?

Oh, my God.

You should have slit my
throat when you had the chance.

I get my hands around
your neck, I'll... Unh!

Where's Amanda?

You found Night Crawler
upstairs in the cell.

So did I.

She's not dead, you
noticed, nor is Amanda.

My business with
you has just started.

Get me out of this stuff.

Come on, get me out of it! Aah!

Solvent. I'd close your eyes.

You should have come in here with an
army, Stetson, but I knew you wouldn't.

I know you so well.

All right, Francine, they've
sifted through the ashes.

Relax. There are no
signs of human remains.

- And stand up.
- Yes, sir. That's good news, sir.

The last of it. The
rest of my news is bad.

He disobeyed a direct order
of mine, and you helped him.

I should write you up, but who has
time? I've got two agents to find now.

I'm sorry, sir. Lee did
not wanna use a big force.

He didn't want a repeat of
the Egyptian airline disaster.

I can't fault his tactics.

My God, Francine,
Birol has them both.

How did the Libyans, the Habib brothers
and Magda Petrak get mixed up in this?

Magda is one of the few people
that Birol might trust in a bind.

He has kept Amanda
even from his own soldiers.

- It's a long shot.
- It's a sucker's bet.

It's the only option we have.

Okay. We're setting Birol up
so he thinks he's been stung.

We needed a couple of
harmless Libyans to make it work.

I found the Habib brothers.

Face it, Billy, the Libyans are paying
top dollar for American hostages.

It'll work.

- Oh, hi.
- Amanda.

Yeah. Oh! Ha-ha.

- Oh.
- Oh, this is getting pretty good now. Mm.

- Are you all right?
- Oh, yeah.

You know, I can
actually feel you.

I think this is probably the best
hallucination I've had yet. Mm.


Oh, wow!

- Amanda.
- Yeah.

- It is me. It is really me.
- Oh, it's not...

Yeah, go on, feel
it. See? It's me.

- It is you.
- Yes.

- It's you? You're here?
- Yeah.


- Heh.
- Oh...

It's hello and it's goodbye.

I've got Night Crawler.

Why do I need her?

Now, I do have a bullet
under the hammer. You want it?

I have an offer from the
Libyans for her. I like it.

It's up to you what happens.

Give me a list of
the ATAC team...

your assets here and abroad,
your sources, your fronts.

I'll be back in an hour.

I'm sorry I'm shaking so badly.
- Heh. I didn't notice.

We must be shaking
together, huh?

Turn around.

I've got a surprise for you.


Now, it may need a new
clasp, but I think it'll hold for now.

How are Mother and the boys?

- They don't even know a thing.
- Mm.

Billy's decision was
to keep them out of it

unless Birol went
public or it dragged on.


I went to the house.

- You saw Mother?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Heh. It made me
feel closer to you.

Is there a way out of this?

Look, why don't you
just sit down, hm?

You just sit there
while I make out that list.


You can't give him the list. You'll
destroy everything you've done.

He's not the only one.
There are a million Birols.

You have to draw
the line somewhere.

Look, I'm buying us some time, Amanda. I'm
not gonna let him sell you to the Libyans.

I'm not crazy about
that part either.

You got here in time,
I knew you would.

I had hoped to get here in time
under different circumstances.

We might not make
it out of this one.

Yeah, I know. It
really stinks, doesn't it?


Amanda King, you are the
best, the bravest, the smartest...

most beautiful woman
I have ever known.

I love you.

Then will you marry me?

Will I marry you?

Oh, yeah, I'll marry you.

We're the luckiest two
people on the face of the Earth.

We're in place. As soon

as Birol smells the
fish, you do the rest.

He's got to think a big dredge
net is about to drop on his head.

There's Birol's truck.
He'll have Amanda.

Be ready to show the money.

That's her. That's Amanda King.

- Assalamu alaikum.
- Alaikum assalamu.

Where's the rest?
The price was 5 million.

Addi, it's a trick. Run!

- Those weren't the Habib brothers.
- But that was you.

Except for the hair.

- Who set me up?
- The agency.

They found out about the
trade, Addi, I don't know how.

I see you were clever
enough not to risk your ace.

- It's off.
- But the Libyans will still pay.

Forget about the Libyans' money.
You and I can make a new Karbala.

We'll even have martyrs.

Well, Birol has bought it all the way.
And I'm locked into Magda's signal.

- The list?
- That's it.

I know enough to know you've
done a surprisingly complete job.

You'll both be
remembered as heroes...

and martyrs of the people.

- You got it under control?
- Yeah.

It's zap gas. You better
get out until it clears.

It doesn't matter.
We've been neutralized.

- Amanda?
- You know, I don't feel so good.

I know. Don't worry.

- Oh.
- Don't worry.

It's zap gas, and right now
you won't be able to move.

Let's just get comfortable.
It only lasts a few minutes.

It better last longer than that.