Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 21 - A Matter of Choice - full transcript

Francine is the target of a cruel scheme to kidnap a prominent scientist involving her ex-fiancée and an enemy of Lee's that he is obsessing about.


Passenger Jann Renney...

please meet your party at the
information desk in Terminal C.


WOMAN 2 [OVER PA]: Flight 709
from Frankfurt now arriving at Gate 15.

WOMAN 1: Tomar Abid,
please report to customs.

Tomar Abid, please
report to customs.

AGENT 1: Kleiner will be wearing
a cashmere coat and Alpine hat.

AGENT 2: I've never seen him.

AGENT 1: Brody insists on no
previous contact between sales.

CHASE: We'll use the recognition
sequence at the phone booths.

I was supposed to meet
a Mr. Hans Kleiner here.

I understand he wears a
hat and a cashmere coat.

And he's damn tired
after that six hour flight.

I want you to take control of the
civilian contractor who flew in with me.

He's done favors for the CIA before,
so he knows how to take orders.

How will we know him?

He'll be clearing
customs in a few minutes.

I'll point him out in the
baggage area. Come on.

- Stop where you are, Kleiner!
- Federal agents. No one move.

No! What are you doing?

Kleiner? Kleiner?

- Kleiner, where's Brody?
- Stetson, the man's dead.

- And you just screwed up our case.
- Kleiner!

- We had Kleiner on a fugitive warrant.
- Damn it, Beeman!

You just blew three weeks of
surveillance work! You realize that?

Kleiner could have
been my ticket to Brody.

Why wasn't I
notified about this?

If you had bothered to check
the latest Operations Bulletin...

you would have known.

What is it with
you lately, Stetson?

PFAFF: Scarecrow,
this is not my bailiwick.

I'm not used to playing the
true/false game with criminal riffraff.

All I'm authorized to do is
question this guy Chase...

in connection with the
fugitive warrant on Kleiner.

Just forget that
nickel-and-dime stuff, Pfaff.

Chase is my only link to Brody.
Now, this is our most recent photo.

Brody, interesting.

- Hot on the trail of your old nemesis, eh?
- It's just business.

Let me give you a
tip for future reference.

Never try to buffalo
your own shrink.

I should know the look of a lean
and hungry agent when I see one.

I'll come in for
analysis later, okay?

Meanwhile, you put him on that
polygraph and see if we get a spike on it.

You know the procedure here.

I need Melrose's approval to question
any subject on an unrelated matter.

You'll get your authorization.

Ms. Desmond, how much longer
will I have to put up with this?

- I'm going nuts out here.
- I know you're not crazy about it...

but since Dr. Goez disappeared,
we can't take any chances.

You're one of the three
remaining scientists

left working on the
Stealth radar project...

and there are lots of
people who'd like to know...

how to detect a plane that's
supposedly undetectable.

DUNLEAVY: If any of
them try to bribe me with

Caramel Corn
Crunchies, we're in trouble.

FRANCINE: Why don't you have
the chef make you a crème brûlée?

- It's one of his specialties.
- Yeah, but it ain't food.

Here's my latest calculations.

Don't worry, I wrote the radar
acquisition plans inside on shorthand.

Great. I'll take this
back to the agency...

and incorporate it with
the rest of the research.

How many other scientists get to enjoy
this Voluntary Classification Program?

I'm afraid that's
classified, doctor.

See you in a couple days.

BILLY: You're letting this
Brody thing run your life.

You'd better get
ahold of yourself.

I don't want a repeat of
what happened at the airport.

Those guys were
trigger-happy, Billy.

Look, Vernon stepped in
front of Kleiner and opened fire.

Beeman did not
have any other choice.

As it is, we've lost Kleiner and it
looks like Vernon won't make it, either.

No one's sorrier than I am.

I was counting on
Kleiner to get me to Brody.

I thought maybe I'd find something
on surveillance tapes from the airport.

I've only had time to take a
quick look. If I slow it down...

You're not going to get
anywhere unless you slow down.

Look at yourself. You haven't
taken a day off for weeks.

You're a wreck.

I know you feel a
certain responsibility...

You're damn right I feel
a certain responsibility!

I am the one who put
Brody in prison, remember?

When he broke out
he paid me back...

by murdering two of my
best contacts in cold blood.

You're convinced Brody's
doing something big?

Yes. When he
broke out of prison...

we all thought he was gonna lay
low for a while, right? Well, he hasn't.

Instead he's
reactivated this cell.

He's after something, we don't
know what it is or who he's selling to.

Knowing the way Brody works, it could
be anyone from the Soviets to the IRA.

They don't call him the
Death Broker for nothing.

Kleiner said he was bringing
in an outside contractor...

on the same
flight. He's the key.

How do you propose we
find this outside contractor?

All right, listen.

We know Brody's organization is very
much like ours, it's compartmentalized.

But we also know his chain
of command is falling apart.

We have got his man Chase...

and with the information Pfaff will
be able to squeeze out of him, Billy...

I know that I can crack
Brody's network wide open.

All right, I'll sign the authorization for
Pfaff to question Chase about Brody.

- Good.
- But then...

I want you to go home, get
cleaned up and get some rest.

Francine, I have to pull a
disappearing act to satisfy Billy.

I need you to do
some things for me.

Get the manifest
from this Paris flight...

cross-check it against the passport
and customs declarations, okay?

Lee, I just got back from
Dr. Dunleavy and I've got a ton to do.

- Would you just please do it?
- Call for you on the I.F.F. line.

Thank you.

What is it?

- Jonathan Stone?
- It's been five years, Lee.

I'll tell him you quit. You
don't owe him anything.

No. I owe him a
piece of my mind.

- I think you're making a mistake.
- I can handle it.

I.F.F. Francine Desmond.

Let's just say I'm
surprised to hear your voice.

No, I'm not upset,
it's more like shock.

- Lee, he wants me to meet him at Michel's.
- Tell him to crawl back under his rock.

sure, 7:00 is fine.


I don't believe it. Why didn't
you tell him to go to hell?

Scarecrow, I thought I
told you to get out of here.

DOTTY: Lee, let me
ask you a question.

Are you familiar with the, uh,
fourth dimension theory in laundry?

No, I can't say that I am. Ahem.

You know, you put a
pair of socks in the dryer...

and when you take the
clothes out, one's missing.

My theory is that they disappear
into the fourth dimension...

and they reappear in
somebody else's dryer.

Now, you take this
sock, for instance.

This man's sock appeared
in a load of Amanda's things.


Imagine, a beautiful
sock, expensive, argyle.

- What a coincidence.
- Isn't it, though?

- Ahem.
- Ah, there's Amanda.

Okay, well, I'll leave
you two together.

- Uh...
- You, uh... You three.

AMANDA: Hello.
- Hi.

Well, stranger. My
gosh. You look exhausted.

When's the last time you
had some decent sleep?

- Ah, I lost track.
- Aw.

It's this Brody case.

I'm making some headway...

- but it's damn slow work.
- You know what?

If you work 24 hours a day, you're
not gonna be able to think straight.

You're not going to do anybody
any good. Why won't you let me help?

Amanda, I can't.

This thing's really
gotten to you, hasn't it?

Yes, it has. I feel responsible for what
happened to Sally Wong and Peters.

Look, they both knew what
kind of chance they were taking...

when they agreed to be your
contacts. You know that, don't you?

Brody broke all the
rules, even for this game.

Promise me you'll get some rest.

- Yeah, I guess I will.
- Yeah, I guess you better.

- I'm worried about you.
- How worried?

- Pretty darn worried.
- Heh.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Francine. I was afraid
you wouldn't show up.

I almost didn't. I've been sitting
in the car for, uh, 45 minutes.


- Where do I begin?
- Well, how about with the question...

that's been on my mind for
five years? Why did you leave?

The best answer I can
come up with is, uh, cold feet.


A phone call would
have been nice, Jonathan.

All you had to do was say,
"Look, Francine, I'm sorry.

- I don't want to get
married now. Goodbye."

- I know.

But that's not what
irresponsible people do.

- Did I do something to scare you?
- No, no.


Francine, look, you were
strong and I was weak.

You were independent and
I didn't trust my own shadow.

I know I put on a great show...

but I was always frightened
you'd see through me.

But you could have told me that.

- You didn't have to run.
- Yeah, I know that now.

You're still the only
woman I've ever loved.

And you still smile when
you're embarrassed.


You're making this very easy.

Well, I was, uh, going to
pour a drink on your head.

Well, I'm glad you didn't.


So tell me, how are
things working out at I.F.F.?

Oh, same old dull
routine, you know.

You started your
own business in Paris?

JONATHAN: I opened an import firm.
Luckily, business has been good enough...

to open a branch in Lyons. But for
now, we'll keep the headquarters in Paris.

Excuse me. Francine? Can
I talk to you for a moment?

Uh, Lee. Lee Stetson, this is
Jonathan Stone. We work together.

- How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.

- You look familiar. Have we met?
- I don't think so.

I have one of those faces.

People always tell me I
look like someone they know.

Ah, yeah, well, maybe
I'm mistaken. Heh.

You mind if I borrow
Francine for a minute?

No, not at all. I've got a
phone call to make anyway.

- Well.
- So, what's the big emergency?

What emergency? I'm on
my way back to the agency...

and I wanted to know if you'd finished
the passport and customs checks.

Is this really about work or
are you just checking up on me?

- Yeah, it's about work.
- Mm-hm.

So that's Prince Charming,
huh? How's it going?

I haven't been alone with
him long enough to find out.

I suppose that's a subtle
hint that three's a crowd.

- Ha.
- Ha.

- Is everything under control?
- Yes. Everything's fine.

- Lee just has to be going.
- Yeah.

- Okay, uh, nice to have met you.
- It was a pleasure.

- Take care.
- Mm-hm.


BRODY: So we've
begun the last stage of our

search for Dr. Dunleavy.
Did you follow them?

After they left the bar, they
went to a restaurant for dinner.

Looked like things were
definitely heating up.

You see?

The time we put in researching Ms.
Desmond's background was well spent.

When I put the American's stealth
radar plans up for sale in Tehran...

somebody is going to
make me very, very wealthy.

Unfortunately, with Chase
and Vernon out of commission...

- I'll have to supervise Mr. Stone myself.
- What about the other agent, Stetson?

He was in on the airport bust and he
showed up at the restaurant tonight.



could be a coincidence...

but even if it isn't, it
won't do him any good.

I've organized this operation
so there are no direct links to me.

Don't worry about Stetson.

When the time is right...

I'll take care of
him, once and for all.

And then we spent the rest of
the evening talking over old times.

Very good first
contact, Jonathan.

You know, I'm a little
surprised to see you here.

I thought I would've been
met by a couple of your men.

I felt this case warranted
my personal attention.

This has been bothering me. I spent
several hours with Francine last night.

There's just no way that
she could be a traitor.

Believe me, the company wouldn't
have called you in on this investigation...

unless we had sufficient cause.

Remember, you may be the only
one who can still prove her innocence.

When I carried that package
for you guys a few years ago...

I thought that was the
end of our association.

The CIA never
forgets a good man.

For Francine's sake, I
hope I'm doing the right thing.

- Stone sounds pretty shaky to me.
- Don't worry about Mr. Stone.

He's firmly convinced he's
performing a patriotic act.

Which reminds me. I
have a phone call to make.

International operator, please.

FRANCINE: I've explained
all this before, Dr. Dunleavy.

As long as you're working
on the Stealth project...

we need to control the preparation
of your food for security reasons.

PHONE]: Francine...

I don't know how much
more play food I can take.

If I don't get an El Maximo
Grande Burrito Supreme...

smothered in onions
pretty soon, I'm going to die.

If you eat that, you're gonna die.
Here's what I'm going to do for you.

The next time I come by, I'll personally
smuggle you an El Grande whatever-it-is.

You're a saint, Francine.


I knew he looked familiar.

Your friend Stone was on the
same flight from Paris with Kleiner.

Oh, so that proves he was with
Kleiner? You're really reaching.

Maybe, but I did some checking.
He lied to you about his business.

It's hanging on by a
thread, and three years ago...

- he did some civilian work for the CIA.
- Meaning what?

Meaning there are a
lot of coincidences here.

Stone may very well
be our link to Brody.

We have to sit down and
look at all your projects...

- and see what Brody...
- You know what your problem is?

Your problem is that
you're so hot to get Brody...

you're seeing things
that aren't there.

My advice is you take care of your own
business and keep your nose out of mine.

Thank you.

What's wrong?

Last night, when you told me
your business was doing great...

I didn't say anything, but I talk
to a lot of people in this town...

So now you know the
picture really isn't very rosy.

It sounds like you're
in receivership.

If I told you that, you
wouldn't be very impressed.

Can you forgive my vanity?

One of the reasons I'm in
town is to raise new financing.

Okay, there's another thing
and this is going to sound crazy...

but I heard a rumor that you were
somehow connected to the CIA.

Oh. Yes. Uh, I did them
a favor a few years ago.

Hardly the kind of stuff James
Bond movies are made of.

They asked and I said okay.

Now, is there anything else
that I can clear up for you?


I don't mean to pry,
it's just that I think

we should be totally
honest with each other.

Are you saying there's
another chance for us?

I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

Most of it's been centered
on you and what we had.

I don't think a day has gone
by that I didn't think about you.

Pfaff's interrogation
hit pay dirt.

I think we got what we need to
penetrate Brody's organization.

An 800 number is being
used to set up the meet...

which takes place at a
rest stop on Riverside Road.

- How do you identify yourself?
- Nothing complex.

The contact is driving a
convertible with Rhode Island plates.

I'm to ask directions
to RFK Stadium.

- It's set to go tomorrow.
- Good.

Then you'll have time to
go home and get some rest.

Right. I'll do that.

- Francine, can you hear me?
- Uh-huh.

I want you to go back in time...

forty-eight hours ago.

It's May 20th, 8 a.m. You
have just arrived at the agency.

- Good morning, Francine.
- Morning.

What's on your agenda today?


Eight forty-five,
there's a staff meeting...

Morning Report briefing.

At 9:30...

I have to meet Dr. Dunleavy.



- What the...?
- Hey, what is that?

Hey, what is that? Huh?
What are you doing?

That's all of her appointments
for the past two days.

Look, I don't know if
I can go on with this.

- It just doesn't feel right.
- I understand.


You should know this.

I've got instructions to
bring Ms. Desmond in.

Unless we can provide concrete proof
of her innocence, she may go to prison.

- You can't mean that.
- I'm afraid I do.

I managed to get
us one more night.

Let me listen to the tape
and I'll get back to you.

If... If we can zero in on
the correct information...

you may yet have a
chance to save her.

Your receiver only has a range
of two miles. So don't wander off.

Scarecrow, you realize you
could be walking into a setup?

I'm ready for it.

But whether it is or it isn't, it's the
only shot we've got at Brody, right?

Keep your eyes and ears
open. We'll cover your back.

You got it, let's go.

Excuse me.

- How I get to RFK Stadium from here?
- Sorry, but I'm new to the area.

Lee, get out of there, now!




- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Glad I had this thing
on. Damn, that hurt.

Listen to me, Brody never
intended for you to live. You got that?

You don't owe him anything.

You got two choices. Lay
here and bleed to death...

or tell me what he's after
and I'll get you some help.

- Stone, working the woman.
- What woman?

Francine Desmond.

All the evidence points to the fact
that Jonathan Stone works for Brody.

I know this is difficult
because it's so personal...

No, it's not. I've already submitted
my blood sample to the lab.

Here are the cases I'm involved
in. The resignation is on the bottom.

Francine, I'm not interested
in your resignation.

- I'm just trying to be objective.
- Come on, it's too late for objectivity.

- The guy spent the night.
- So you're spying on me now?

Someone ought to
protect you from yourself.

- So who appointed you,
Stetson? BILLY: Hold it.

This isn't getting us anywhere.

I'll follow through on
all Francine's cases.

You two take a walk
and just cool down.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm just tired and this whole
thing here was just stupid.

Oh, no. I think that I take
the prize for stupidity today.

I really need to talk, okay?

LEE: Come on, Francine, you've
been in this business as long as I have.

You know how
these things happen.

I've been at it long
enough to know better

than to let anything
like this happen to me.

You're taking this
entirely too personally.

Even Itzhak Perlman
hits a klinker now and then.

And Art Monk drops the ball.

But Francine Desmond does not
allow herself to be compromised.

Come on.


FRANCINE: Ever think maybe you're
just not cut out for this line of work?

LEE: I do think that everybody has
twinges of self-doubt from time to time.

But I'm doing what I've wanted
to do ever since I can remember.

I wish I could say that. I never
even felt I had much of a choice.

My father, he wanted me to
compete in a man's world, right?

So I worked twice as hard as any
man I ever knew and I succeeded.

If I hadn't been so
driven to please him...

things could have been
different with Jonathan.

Hey, you and I have known
each other for a very long time.

- Haven't we?
- Yeah.

I want you to know, whatever
happens, I'll be here for you.

Thanks. That
means a lot, really.

Come on, let's go see
what Doc McJohn has for us.


Ah. Jonathan.

I listened to the tape.


Now, heh, we need
to get more specific.

She mentioned a Dr. Dunleavy.

We need to know what
procedure she uses to contact him.

Okay. Oh, by the way, I don't
know if it's important or not...

but while we were having
lunch, she got paged.

It was Stetson calling
her back to the office.

- Are you sure it was Stetson?
- Yes.

- Any problem?
- No. No.

We're on top of
things. I'll be in touch.

Seventeen parts per
million of Deja Vu Two.

The new improved version.

It's like a bad case of flu,
gets worse every season.

Brody couldn't have picked
a better tongue-loosener.

Even under regressive hypnotism, there's
no way to know what you told Jonathan.

- But what is Brody after?
- Let's bring Stone in and ask him.

If we do that, we
risk scaring Brody off.

To find him, we follow Jonathan,
and that's where I come in.

Jonathan wants
something from me.

I'm the one who
can find out what it is.

Hold it. This is not a personal
vendetta for either of you.

Who cares what it is?
We've got to get Brody, right?

- I can lead you to him.
- We can't take the chance...

- that he'll give you that drug again.
- Dr. McJohn said there's an antidote.

It won't reverse the
effects of Deja Vu Two...

but it will block them,
at least temporarily.

That's right. I have dinner
with Jonathan tonight.

Later on, when he gives me the drug,
I'll find out exactly what Brody wants.

You said the
antidote is temporary?

It's effective for only
three or four hours.

Well, that's fine. I'll
take it right before...

things get heavy.

Okay. You get up a Tac team.

Get the Telcom people
to wire your apartment.

Billy, no. No Tac
team, no mics. Just me.

She's right, Billy.
Brody has a 20-20 nose.

If he smells agency,
he's a no-show.

Look, Brody knows his operation
is falling apart at the seams.

He may do something desperate.

I'll work out a call-in
procedure with Lee.

If things goes sour, you might
have to take Jonathan out.

I understand, sir.


MACHINE]: Hello, sweetheart.

I hope you're up for Indian
food. See you tonight at 8.


- Yeah. FRANCINE: Lee,
I'm switching to the scrambler.

There was a message waiting for
me from Jonathan when I got back.

- He's picking me up
at 8:00. LEE: Good.

Call in every hour on the
half-hour until he gets there.

- Okay, will do.
- All right.

Now, Ms. Desmond, it's
Wednesday afternoon...

and you have just pulled up in
front of Dr. Dunleavy's house.

Can you see the
house, Ms. Desmond?


Very good. What's the
number of the house?


- And what does the street sign say?
- New Bedford Avenue.


Now, what do you have to do to
get inside the house, Ms. Desmond?

I knock three times...

then pause...


BRODY: The password
is rhododendron.


What's going on here?

In case you hadn't figured
it out, Dr. Dunleavy...

you're a very valuable commodity
and I'm putting you up for sale.


Yes, Scarecrow.

Billy, Francine missed
her second call-in.

- I was wondering if they slipped past me.
- Negative.

They haven't shown up
at the restaurant, either.

This isn't like
her. I'm going in.




- Yeah.
- Scarecrow. I'm sending out a Flash Alert.

Jack Dunleavy
was Brody's target.

An agency team got to the safe house
five minutes after Brody grabbed him.

That's not the half of it,
Billy. Francine's missing too.

And you're certain Nathaniel Brody
represented himself as an agent...

in the Central
Intelligence Agency?


I can't tell you how stupid I feel.
They've been working on me for months.

He's a real professional.

He knew all the names of my
prior CIA contacts, dates, details...

- Just a simple yes or no.
- Yes.

So all this time Jonathan
thought he was working for the CIA.

Brody somehow connected Francine
with the Voluntary Classification Program.

Remember a couple of years
ago, a doctor in the group...

tried to buy a Nobel Prize with
research material from the Soviets?

It's apparent now what he
sold to get that information.

The names and identification of
every agent assigned to that program.


With Brody's connections...

it probably wasn't difficult to
link Francine with Jonathan.

Well, the machine seems impressed.
If you ask me, he's telling the truth.

He doesn't know anything about Brody's
operation or where we might find him now.

These crates were constructed
for transporting wild animals.

No matter how much noise you make,
nobody is going to pay any attention.

I'm truly sorry for the restraints,
they're just a precaution.

- Your aircraft is landing, Mr. Brody.
- Good.

- We're ready to load cargo.
- Thank you, sir.

Because of the unauthorized landing,
you'll have to load on the taxiway.

This is hardly
service with a smile.

I'm sorry, that's the
best what we can do.

International operator, please.

Yes, Tehran.

Here's the telephone log for the
calls Brody made from his hotel room.

He's made calls to
places all over the world.

Seven of them are the
same number in Tehran.

I noticed he has one of those
watches with a dual time display.

One of them was set eight
and a half hours ahead.

The only place eight and
a half hours from us Iran.

Check to see if there were
recent calls to that same number.

The last call to that number
was a pay phone in Dulles.

- I'll roll out a Tac Team for a look-see.
- No Tac Team.

I don't want to take a chance on
spooking Brody. He's got two hostages.

- Two hostages?
- Yeah, a scientist named Dunleavy...

- and probably Francine.
- Beeman, check with Air Traffic...

and get a list of unscheduled
flight leaving the country.

- You got it.
- Scarecrow, let's go.

Take a look at this.

- You ever see that guy?
- Uh...

I don't know, he looks
a little familiar but...

- Yeah.
- Wait a minute.

This was the guy that was
talking to the Operations Manager.

- When?
- Just a while ago.

What did he say?

He said, uh, something about an
unscheduled flight out on the taxiway.

- The taxiway. Are you sure?
- Yeah, right out there.

Go ahead. I'll handle
everything from here.

- Can I use this tug?
- Yeah, go ahead.

Charlie, get away from there.

All right, let's get airborne
as quickly as possible.

Hold it, Brody.

PILOT: Roger, let's
clear to taxi on runway 2.

Come on, give it up,
Brody. It's all over.

The only place this plane is
taking you is back to the federal pen.

BRODY: That being the case, Mr. Stetson,
I better take you out before I go.


Ease up on that throttle.
I'm a federal agent.

This plane is not taking off.


Well, Dunleavy's
research is safe...

and Brody is where he
should be, federal prison.

And you're back here
where you should be, with me.

You bet.

If you drink that coffee, you're
not gonna be able to sleep.

If I don't drink it, I won't
be able to stay awake.

You don't need to stay awake, you
need to sleep, about 36 hours' worth.

Yeah. As soon as I wrap
up Jonathan's debriefing...

I'll sack out and leave a
wake-up call for Tuesday.

You don't think Jonathan's
such a bad guy anymore, do you?

No, he just made the mistake
of trusting the wrong person.

He was only trying
to help Francine.

Well, what do you think's gonna
happen with Jonathan and Francine?

We'll know in about two weeks.

They're taking off on
vacation together tomorrow.

Really? Gosh, I
hope that works out.

Yeah. Well, you know what they
say, everything comes out in the wash.

Oh. Speaking of the wash,
something of yours came out in ours.

- Oh, no, not another sock.
- Nope, not a sock.

- Oh.
- I'd recognize them anywhere.

[English - US -SDH]