Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 20 - Suitable for Framing - full transcript

Lee and Francine are framed by the CIA for trying to entrap a Russian student.

U.S. News & World Report.








[IN ENGLISH] The Trojan horse.

And who will deliver this gift?

SERGEI: Francine Desmond.

Word of this leaked
out through Bulgaria.

The files are thin because we
don't have much to put in them yet.

The project is
code-named Trojan Horse.

It comes directly from the
KGB headquarters in Moscow...

and Sascha Chernev
is playing quarterback.

LEE: Whew.

Chernev is the best agitprop
agent the KGB has got.

He springs an average of one
major propaganda embarrassment...

on us every year.

This one must be
an A-1 priority action.

We've never had luck cracking
any of Chernev's schemes.


But everyone from the White House down
wants to lasso this Trojan horse of his...

so they've given us the rope.

Francine, do an eyes-and-ears scan of
every diplomatic watering hole in town.

Nesheim, Goodlein, run through
the tapes at Listening Post C.

Lee, you're on the 10:45
to New York with me tonight.

Our Soviet contact at the
U.N. says he has something...

he might want to share with us,
and it's definitely worth the air fare.

All right, let's get on it.

FRANCINE: Ahem. LEE: Uh, Billy?

Billy, can't New York wait
till Monday? Sunday even?

I'm afraid not, Scarecrow.

- I want our fingers in this
pie, ASAP. LEE: Yeah, uh...

Besides, Dr. Smyth's voice has risen half
an octave, and you know what that means.

Then how about we fly out
first thing in the morning?

- What is it with you?
- What?

There was a time I couldn't
keep you out of New York.

- What were their names, the Orgalovskys?
- Let's not get into that, okay?

It's just that I've made very
important plans for this evening.

- You've broken plenty of those.
- This is different.

So I noticed.




Oh, boy.


- Amanda, it's me.

- Hi. You home?
- Yeah, I just got in.

Good. I'll feed the
boys and be right over.

Uh, Amanda, listen.

Everything's on low in
the oven. Beef Wellington...

Amanda, stop.

I have to fly to New York with Billy
tonight for 36 hours of Q&A with the FBI...

and a gaggle of Soviet shadows.

- Sounds pretty important.
- Yeah, it could be.

Sascha Chernev's got
something cooking on the stove.

Something code-named
Trojan Horse.

Oh, and I love
Beef Wellington too.

Don't worry. It's good cold too.

I don't want it cold, I want it hot,
tonight, with my wife. Damn it, Amanda...

we have not had an uninterrupted
weekend since we've been married.

- We're lucky to get a night.
- We knew it would be hard for a while.

We do spend a lot of
time together at work.

Yeah, well, work is torture.

You know what it's
like watching you across

the room when all I
really wanna do is...?

When do you leave?

An hour.

I'll be over there in 10 minutes.
The evening won't be a complete loss.




International Federal Films.

Uh, no, I'm sorry,
Mr. Andropolous, he's in New York.

Miss Desmond? Hold on
just a second, I'll transfer you.

Francine, I have a
Mr. Andropolous on the line.

He says it has something
to do with Trojan Horse.

It is weird. I've never
struck out like this.

Trojan Horse?

- Agreed.
- Get any details on the pass?

Vodka and some decent caviar
usually pries something loose.

But $147 for some stale stories about a
Hungarian agent's sex-change operation?

LEE: Go for it. But remember, if there's
any trouble, you cut and run, okay?

We're gonna look
under a few more stones.

- We'll be back tomorrow.
- Okay, I'll contact you later.

Smyth has a new ulcer.
What did Francine have to say?

I'm not sure. She fielded a call for
me from one of our European contacts...

code-named Andropolous.

- Andropolous?
- Yeah.

- Is he here in the States?
- Yeah. Well, until midnight apparently.

He has some information,
Zulu Orange priority...

that has to be passed
before he leaves.

It's got something to
do with Trojan Horse.

How are you gonna
handle the exchange?

There's a diplomatic party at
L'Etoile, that restaurant on M Street.

The courier is a waiter.

The method of exchange will be a
modified Steiglitz maneuver at 4:30.

Now, Francine says she can
be in position in 45 minutes.

I don't know. If
Andropolous has information

on Trojan Horse,
it could get dicey.

But it could be important, and we
don't have time to send in a team.

I think Francine
can handle this.

Which means you've already
given her the green light.


Yes, sir.

Okay. Good luck.




MAN: Oh!




This is gonna sound crazy, but
this is a matter of national security...

maybe even life and
death. My name is Francine.

I'm a government agent. I
need you to keep this safe.

Meet me back here
tomorrow morning at 9:00.

- Whatever you say, lady.
- Right. Now, get out of here.

Hey, I'm not even up
at 9:00 on Sundays.

Thanks for letting
me in, Effram.

You have to fill out a
report on your missing key.

Oh. Can I get back to
you in a couple days?

I've got a lot of work here
to cross-reference for Lee.


You're asking me
an awfully big favor.

Missing keys around here...

- are a status-one priority.
- Hm?

Shutting my eyes on this
one for a couple of days...

would probably be the biggest
favor you could ask from a guy like me.

A favor that I would
be happy to exchange...

for maybe a favor from you.


If you know what I mean?


Oh. Effram, you're right.
Heh-heh. It is really a big favor.

Look, why don't you,
uh, go lock the door...

and we'll start fogging
up the windows, hm?

- Ahem. Right now?
- Yeah, you got a problem with that?

I was thinking
maybe, uh, you know...

- a drink later or dinner.
- Oh.

My nephew Ernie's having
a bar mitzvah this weekend.

Look, I'll give you a call.


You'd better get that. Ahem.

Don't worry about the
missing keys. I'll take care of it.


- Hello. LEE [OVER
PHONE]: Francine, it's me.

FRANCINE: Oh, hi, Lee.
I'm sorry I didn't call you.

I had to check something
out on your computer here first.

That's okay. What
about the papers?

The quick look I got
at them indicated...

that they had something to do with
agency operations in Eastern Europe.

I just confirmed it on your active file.
Lee, I had to protect them somehow.

Pretty risky handing them off like that.
I'd have done the same in your place.

As I recall, you did do the same
thing about, oh, four years ago.

If this has anything to
do with Trojan Horse...

it is imperative that we
get those papers back fast.

Yeah, I know, I know. So I've got
the guy meeting me with them at 9:00.

I'll pick you up at
the airport at 10:30.

Okay. Bye.


I can't believe it, you're here.

I should have known you'd be
here after I saw those papers.

- Sorry I'm late. I woke up 10 minutes ago.
- You saw the papers?

I figured yesterday
was a prank...

so I took a look inside
before I tossed the stuff.

By the way, my
name's Brian Benedict.

Uh, sorry I peeked.

It's okay, I understand.
I don't blame you.

Can I see the papers, please?

Wow, agency. I knew you guys existed,
but you hardly ever hear anything about it.

I mean, CIA, FBI, even NSA,
they're in the papers all the time...

Can I...? The
paper please, Brian.

- I don't have them.
- Where are they?

I'm a language student. I'm
gonna get my degree in four months.

- I was thinking about diplomatic...
- Wait a minute. Slow down.

What did you do with the papers?


I guess I am a
little flustered here.

This is probably old hat to
you, but to a kid from Ohio...

I mean, I'm actually
involved with spies here.



Oh, my God, the
tutorial. I've got a class.

- On Sunday morning?
- It's a make-up session, I'm sorry.

- I've missed it twice.
- Brian?

- Look, I'll meet you back at noon.
- What about the papers?

FRANCINE: Before I could stop the
kid, he was pedaling off on his bicycle.

- We have to meet him at noon.
- I don't know. I don't like it.

You don't like it? I hate it.

But it might not be
as bad as it looks.

Amanda ran a quick check on
him, okay? He looks real clean.

He grew up in a town called
Vinton, Ohio, population 9000.

He was an Eagle Scout,
high school valedictorian...

and now he's a 3.8 grade
point average in college.

- What more could we ask for?
- A better story...

in case someone asks what we're doing
passing classified documents to civilians.

It seemed to work out
well for you and Amanda.

Well, she's one in a million.


One of my sources arranges the
transfer of some important information.

You see enough of it to know that it
involves our Eastern European operation...

then someone else
gets interested...

so you give this very
important information...

to some Eagle Scout
from Ohio for safekeeping...

and now he's gonna give it back.


Why is the hair on the back
of my neck standing up, huh?

Lee, I think we've
picked up a tail.

You could be right.


Well, there's only
one way to find out.

- They're heading for the university.

We'll have what we
need by this afternoon.


- Francine...
- Oh, come on, Lee.

He doesn't do this for a
living. Give him a chance.

- That's him.
- Well, it's about time.

come on. Brian. Brian.

Miss Desmond. I'm sorry. I had so
much on my mind, I didn't see you.

It's okay. This is my
colleague, Lee Stetson.

We really need
those papers back.

I can't. I don't know when or
how, but they've disappeared.

Disappeared? Wait a second. You gotta
have those papers. Tell me right now...

Wait a minute. Those are the two
men that were following me yesterday.

- All right, come on.
- What's going on, guys?

There's no time to ask
questions. Come on.

Shut up and get in here.


Why did those guys in the station
wagon chase us the first time...

then not even go after
us at the university?

There's something
very weird going on here.

What about Benedict?

Francine convinced him to let
her take him to a safe house.

She'll be back in a minute to
begin a thorough background check.

We could bring a team down to
Vinton, Ohio, from our Chicago bureau.

Meanwhile, we've got a piece
of priority-one information...

- floating around out there.
- I know it.

Look, the kid said that he locked the
envelope up in a drawer in his room.

When he got back, it was gone.

From what Francine told me...

it looks like those papers are somehow
connected to Chernev's Trojan Horse.

It would be safe to assume then
that the Russians want them back.

Any luck with Andropolous?

Yes, all bad. He crossed the border
from Greece into Bulgaria four weeks ago...

and no one's seen
or heard of him since.

Where was he calling from,
some small village in the Balkans?

Hardly. According to the computer
log the call was placed here.

LEE: Huh.
- We got a call from the safe house.

Benedict thinks his girlfriend
may have the papers.

They were in a drawer with
notes she was typing for him.

Great. Great. Let's send
a team to pick them up.

We're it. He wants you to meet
him at his girlfriend's rooming house.

We're letting him walk
away from the safe house?

We have no authority to limit his
movement. He's not under arrest.

However, there's no reason we couldn't
send someone to keep an eye on him.

- Already taken care of.
- Good.

- Lee, listen.
- Hm?

I have thought this over
and over in my mind.

I don't know what I
could've done differently.

Probably nothing. What are
you worried about? Relax, huh?

Probably got as lucky with
this guy as I did with Amanda.

Oh, no way. He's not my type.

Ah, come on.

- Let's close this case, huh?
- Right.

Hold it, folks. Dan
McCaslin, CIA.

CIA? We didn't request
interagency back-up.

Why are you arresting Brian?

the one. She has tricked me.

You have tried to implicate
me in illegal activities.

Me? You're crazy.

BRIAN: This is ridiculous,
I've done nothing.

What the hell is going on here?

Well, your Brian is really Mischa
Dubinski, a Soviet student from Kiev.

We caught him with
sensitive documents...

detailing our agency
operations in Eastern Europe...

which he claims
you planted on him.

Oh, no.

They planted the kid, gave him a cover,
then tricked Francine into recruiting him.

It's all supposed to look
like they're the victims.


And young Dubinski, née
Benedict, is our Trojan Horse...

delivered by your
source Andropolous.

I mean, how classic?
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

They bent Andropolous.
And nobody knew.

We were one step
behind them all the way.

Which is exactly what
they were counting on.

Here's one for
you, not so classic.

Billy Boy Blue
Come blow your horn

The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn

I know how this looks,
but what matters...

SMYTH: How it looks,
Scarecrow, is all that matters.

The raison d'être of
Chernev's grand scam.

How do we react?
That's the issue.

Like we always
do, we don't panic.

We start from the beginning
and try to prove that it's a plot.

Bulletin, you're at the bottom.

Chernev doesn't leave proof
lying around to dig you out.

Where is the boy Who
looks after the sheep?

He's under the
haystack Fast asleep

You're buried, Scarecrow,
under all that Soviet hay.

Why don't you get to the point?

You and Desmond will tender
your resignations in 36 hours.

Say that she entrapped
Dubinski and acted on her own...

without knowledge of the agency.

Would it matter to point
out that that is not true?

Heh. In our dictionary, the word
"true" is listed under "archaic"...

where it stays while I keep the press in
the dark and sweep you under the rug.

Why give up without a fight?
Why take a black eye for nothing?

All we have is a minor contusion,
Billy. The bad end of a propaganda ploy.

Considering the cooperative
way we stepped into their trap...

we should be glad
that's all we got.

But we are not going back to your
club this afternoon for a little bridge.

We would like to have another
shot at saving our jobs and our skins!

In this game, Stetson...

you're lucky when you
end the match in a draw.

And you always
sacrifice a pawn...

or two.


Let me remind you, these proceedings
are sealed, no records may be made.


The State Department has agreed
to hear the Soviet protest only.

Should they wish to
make a public statement...

the U.S. may or may not
acknowledge this meeting ever occurred.

Gentlemen, proceed.

SERGEI: Thank you.

How long can we sit on this?

Forty eight hours...

then all's fair.

Mischa Dubinski,
a Soviet student...

studying at, uh,
Georgetown University...

was approached several weeks
ago by two American agents...

who attempted to entice him
to spy on his own government.

A loyal citizen, he refused...

and reported the attempted
recruitment to the Soviet Embassy.

We saw this as an
opportunity to document...

the U.S. policy of harassment
and entrapment of Soviet citizens.


SERGEI: As expected,
a second contact...

was made a few days
later, one week ago.

Again, the young man
refused his cooperation...

and the American provocateurs
resorted to coercion.

After physical threats were made,
the entrapment phase was begun.

Two days ago, in a
clumsy maneuver...

the American agents planted
classified American documents...

on the student's person.

Nice touch.

Not only are we con
artists, but incompetent ones.

SERGEI: An arrest
followed yesterday.

To avoid suspicion, the actual
arrest was made by a second agency...

but the U.S. control
was on hand as well.

Of course, our courageous young student
did his best to expose the charade...

but who would believe him?

Find Stetson and Desmond.

I want those resignations today.


My hands are tied, Scarecrow.

Billy, all I want you to do is turn
the screws on McCaslin a little.

Make him tell us
the source of that tip.

You're the best agent
I ever worked with.


I consider you and Desmond
cornerstones in this agency, I mean that.

You're the best there is.

And you're also good friends.

Listen to me, Billy...

I have too much respect for
both of you to sugarcoat this.

Dr. Smyth has asked for
both of your resignations now.

Your security clearances
will be canceled at midnight...

and you'll have 24 hours
to clear out your offices.

I thought you'd help us
fight while we still had time.

- I went to the wall with you a few times.
- Yes, you have.

More times than
made any good sense.

I guess you finally
wised up, huh?

Straighten your badge.

- Hi.
- Hi.


"I, Lee Stetson, am
responsible for my actions...

and absolve the agency from
any blame or wrongdoing result..."

I can't believe you're
gonna lie like this.

At the Battle of Bull Run,
the Saratoga Light Cavalry...

faced 500 Southern cannon.

An order to charge had
come, it had been delayed...

but the foot soldiers didn't
question their orders, they charged.

The astonished Southern gunners
mowed them down, all 3000 men.

That was their
war, this is ours.

I can't believe you're gonna
equate this to something like that.

I know, but we can reason why all we want.
The point is, when the time runs out...

we are gonna both do what's
best for the agency, right?

All right, look.

I checked the Eastern European
roster they say we planted on Dubinski.

- It's current.
- This thing is updated every two weeks.

Maybe we'll be able to find
out who leaked it to the Soviets.

- How many requests were there?
- Sixty-one, all legitimate.

- I'm already checking them out.
- Good.

Another thing we can try to run down is
who tipped McCaslin at CIA about Dubinski.

You know, uh, you can tiptoe
around McCaslin forever...

and you're never
gonna find anything out.

Well, I wasn't thinking tiptoe.

I was thinking black bag. And
don't get any ideas, you're not going.

Why not? I passed my
agency infiltration test.

I know, but Francine
is the agent of record...

and for once, I want you out of
the line of fire. Please, Amanda?

Aren't you supposed to be
in the unemployment line?

Come on, man. We were
set up and you know it.

Knocked down
and counted out too.

That's why I'm officially
uncooperating with you.

If the Soviets succeed, the
intelligence community gets hurt.

No kidding. It's already
happened, Stetson.

Typical numb-knuckle agency
stunt, playing it fast and loose, huh?

Oh, yeah? You were there. You
responded to the tip as if it were good.

Yeah, but you and Ms. Desmond were the
stars right up there on the silver screen.

- I hope that's a figure of speech.
- Hell no.

Sergei's got the
whole thing on tape.

From the first blushing
proposition to the bitter parting.

I had to grit my teeth
through the whole thing...

in a room full of groaning
State Department types.

Oh, and Fellows from the Post?

He was in there coining little
bon mots for his front page.

- To the press?
- Total hang out, folks.

The day after tomorrow.

But you know the fourth
estate, could be sooner.

What's that expression?

Twisting slowly in the
breeze. That's you, pal.



If you're gonna bribe
somebody, I say do it up right.

Bontelli truffles, it
must be Scarecrow.

It's no bribe, Stamps.
Just old times'.

Yeah, I heard the bad
word. It's true, huh?

Yeah, too true.

I'll just bet the lock-out order
is somewhere right in here.

I always said, didn't I, you
were too cute for your britches.

I'm gonna miss you. Is it too
late for a mad indiscretion?

Ooh, I don't know.
It's after 9. You tell me.

Give me that.



Oh, hey.

They're wiping you
clean, son. The full ride.

You and Desmond are
zipped out of the security web...

from Delta Green to
your parking passes.

Better get up to Supply and grab all
the paper clips and ballpoints you want...

before I punch
this into the system.

Because when I do, you can
forget the words "top secret" for good.


Thanks a lot, Stamps.

What do you say, can
I have a semi-sweet?

- Hey.
- Yeah?

- Last one.
- Mm...


LEE: Ooh.

I sure am gonna miss you, toots.

Yeah? I'll miss you too.


You're not going.

AMANDA [OVER PHONE]: I wish there
was some way I could help you and Francine.

I don't have time to argue. McCaslin's
office is in the Alexandria station.

They've got full security there,
and I may be locked out in an hour.

Now, please stay put.

You know, Amanda, I may be ending
both our careers here, but I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry one bit,
especially for the last four years.

AMANDA: You don't
have to tell me all this stuff.

You know, I was thinking,
no matter how this turns out...

this may be something
that we both need...

a reason to live
like normal people.


Traffic in Alexandria can get heavy
if there's a game in Georgetown.

Maybe we should, uh, head out.

Listen, I'm asking you to
do a hell of a favor for me.

You can tell me to go
jump in the lake if you want.

If I don't help you, your chance
of success is less than half.

If you blow it, we're
out on our ears...

and like you said, you might just
have to live like a normal person.

I can't let you be
normal, Stetson.

Heh. Not you and Amanda, both.

Come on.

Stetson and Desmond.
Interagency Emergency Task Force.

- Who's here?
- Just me and the cleaning crew.

LEE: What about the bomb?
- Bomb? Here?

If it was here, we wouldn't be.
Where's the task force set up?

I guess where they usually set
up. Third floor conference rooms.

You're the first ones here.

- Clear. FRANCINE: Thank you.


Here it is.

Ah, it's more sophisticated
than I thought. Here.


LEE: Oh-oh.


LEE: Ahem.
- So he was, uh...

I think that scenario
number three...

is our best option in
this particular situation.

- You really think so?
- Yeah, I do.

LEE: Uh-huh. FRANCINE: Mm.

Well... Scenario?

- Television.
- Yeah.




If it's a working record...

he won't have it on microdot
or anything as small as that.

Try, uh, paperwork,
computer floppies...

tapes, anything like that.


Hey, we got a tape.

FRANCINE: That's great.
- Here.

I'll handle it my way.

SERGEI [ON TAPE]: Of course,
but I enthusiastically discourage you...

from any severe measures
against Miss Price.

That's Sergei. But
who's Miss Price?

I don't know, but they're in the
thick of things with McCaslin.

This ought to make Dr. Smyth bite right
through that damn cigarette holder of his.

- Yeah.
- Take it.

No further, please.

Keep your hands by your sides.

I just burned six paybacks...

five "I really owe yous"...

and a half dozen future
friends in need to spring you two.

- Thank you for bailing us out, Billy.
- Oh, I'm a great bailer.

Sometimes we forget
what else I do around here.

I'm the boss. I okay the plan.

And your job is
to do what I say!

She was just giving
me an extra pair of eyes.

Dr. Smyth cut your eyes out last
night. You don't work here anymore.

I spent a considerable amount of
time tap dancing around that fact...

with the security
guard who caught you.

You're not interested in a link
between McCaslin and Sergei?

I don't need any
more flies in the web.

Sixty-one agents requested
the European roster.

Price was one of
them. Carla Price, Billy.

She is a link to McCaslin.

Damn it, Scarecrow!

Dr. Smyth buried you and
Francine with a bulldozer.

Your resignation is only the
beginning of his scramble...

to show the Russians
we're doing something.

He can't back up, and I can't get
you into a latrine in a post office.

What if that latrine
contained a tape of McCaslin...

running down Trojan
Horse with Sergei?

Killing the woman
was unnecessary.

Carla Price was the only one
who could link me to the agency.

Corpses have a hard time
pointing a finger of guilt.

You have an interesting
point, McCaslin.

You may as well put that
to your own head, Sergei.

- You need me more than you think.
- Convince me.

I'm a paranoid federal agent.

I took out an insurance
policy just for times like this.

Look, all of our Trojan Horse conversations
are on tape. Enough to bury us both.

A good bluff.

Look, I would not be
here if I was bluffing.

Then why are you here?

Because Stetson broke into my
office last night and stole the tape.

So your insurance
policy is our indictment.

Not yet. He never got
it outside of the building.

Our security guards searched both him
and his partner before they were released.

If he knows it exists...

- he'll be back for it.
- And I'll be waiting.

And I'll be watching.

LEE: Don't get up, T.P., I
wouldn't want you to run aground.

I always wanted one of those.

T.P.: Yeah, well, this gizmo
only controls the rudder.

Uh, the, uh, wind
provides the power.

It takes a lot of time to
master the technique.

But perhaps now
you'll have the time.

Get me into the CIA, T.P.

I didn't think you'd throw in
your cards on the first ante.

I'm running out
of doors to open.

Carla Price has disappeared,
the agency is closing files...

faster than the White House
shredded the Watergate files.

McCaslin, he's getting
away with political murder.

- Sounds like you need a friend.
- I need an in.

Ahem, that can be arranged. It's the
out that might prove a little difficult.

You get caught this time, and I
don't think even the president...

can hold back the expletives.

If I had an alternative, T.P.,
I'd be the first one to use it.

Ah, all right, let's see if there are any
CIA closets that could use freshening up.

Uh, I have a friend
over at GAO...

who's in charge of the
master maintenance schedule...

for federal office buildings.

- Hi. How you doing?
- All right. How you doing?

- Closets, huh? Heh-heh-heh.
- Yeah.

Okay, that ought to
be pretty interesting.

- Park in M-18.
- Thank you.

Yeah, he came alone this time.

- He's got it.
- And we've got him.

This is no way to end
the game, Scarecrow!

Come out!

We will shake hands!

- You set us up, Sergei.
SERGEI: Of course I did.

I had to fight like hell
to get the sweat suit!

Well, I don't like to lose!

There'll be other games. My
country would love new players.

Why don't you consider Moscow?
We would be worthy allies.

I'll take that tape.

Get it.

I think that belongs to
me. What are you doing?

Get his gun.

I'm afraid your
conversation with me...

concerning Trojan
Horse never took place.

Your insurance
policy is terminated.

McCASLlN: You could never have
run Trojan Horse without me, Sergei.

Don't flatter
yourself, McCaslin.

If it wasn't you, we would have found
another agent with an unfortunate habit.

McCaslin likes to lose
at the gaming boards.

He owed us quite a bit
when we approached him.

Gotta hand it to you, Sergei.
Covered every base, didn't you?

Ah, the real fun will start
when the news blackout is lifted.

They will probably
want to hang you.

- You really think that? SERGEI:
You were set up and destroyed.

You can stay and face
the bureaucratic scramble...

or you can quietly
slip into a new uniform.


Is that the same offer
you gave McCaslin?

SERGEI: Mr. McCaslin
is in an awkward position.

He is now a player
without a team.

I think he will join Miss Price.

- For God's sake, Sergei.
SERGEI: Get the car.

BILLY: I wouldn't do that.

All right, people, take
them. They're all yours.

- Cutting it a little close, aren't you?
- Yeah.

I believe you're
looking for this. Unh.

- Oh, this is gonna make good listening.
- Yeah. Francine, you up there?

Your mikes picked up every
word. I got a great camera angle.


Come on, let's get out of here.

- Time off? FRANCINE: Ooh.

It has been a very
stressful couple of days, sir.

I think a little R
& R is in order.

But you will be returning to the
agency? I've torn up your resignations.

Uh, wait a second, we never
submitted our resignations.

You fired us, remember?

Of course, if this means
that you're rehiring us...

- A week's vacation
enough? FRANCINE: Oh.

A month.

Two weeks.

All right?

- I expect to see you in about two
weeks. LEE: Uh, one moment, sir.


[English - US -SDH]