Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 6 - Sour Grapes - full transcript

When three prominent men die from drinking wine laced with heroin Lee and Amanda need to find the rest of the tainted case.

Make sure those
corks are in tight, huh?

We don't want any slip-ups
through American customs.

Especially since the good senator
is kind enough to VIP this through...

without any inspection.

Ha, ha, I wonder what
their reaction would be...

if they knew there was
heroin in these bottles.

Let's see if we
can beat our record.

- Go.
- Whoop!

- How's it going?
- Buck, you know the way it usually works.

You knock on the
door, I say, "Come in."

Yeah, I know. This is emergency.

I've been walking the neighborhood,
Amanda, taking its pulse.

And you know what?
This place is dead.


Who's dead?

Our neighborhood and
I've got the perfect cure.

- An old-fashioned block party.
- Have you met your neighbors?

They're very quiet people.
Most of them are retired.

Ah, good. Maybe we'll give
them something to stay up about.

A costume party.

Better yet, a "come as your favorite
movie character" costume party.

- Buck. No, not on this block...
- No, no, no. We can get a permit.

- We'd close off the street...
- Buck, please.

I bet I can even score
one of those searchlights...

to give that Hollywood
premiere touch.

Yeah, I'll get my W.C. Fields
costume out of mothballs.

Oh, this is gonna
be sharp, okay.

Thank you, my little chickadee.

Amanda, what did we do to
deserve a neighbor like that?

I don't know, mother, I'm
gonna change that lock.

- How do we do?
- Oh, new record.

Oh, I love it.

McNElL: I brought this
collection in to the country myself.

The wine is an anonymous
donation to the auction.

So, uh, get them to sign
the receipt letter in there...

and bring it back
to my house, okay?

Don't forget or my tax
accountant will come after you.

Addressed to a Mr. Twillie,
Congressman McNeil?


People pay good money for
the names of charity donors.

And Mr. Twillie gives
me some distance.

And Mr. Twillie couldn't
resist a bottle for himself.

- Well, charity begins at home.
- I guess.

So when will this be delivered?

Oh, jeez, hard to say.

It goes to the warehouse
then waits in line.

Then it gets shipped out and
we're backed up to the ceiling.

- Well, see what you can do.
- Gosh, a whole five.

Hey, I am only a congressmen.


What the hell's wrong with this, Jim?
I think you got stuck with a bad bottle.

I hope the whole case isn't bad.

A congressman, a marine
general and a Nobel physicist.

All dead at approximately
the same time.

The preliminary cause of death has
listed as heroin overdose for all three.

It's either a bizarre murder plot
or a very strange coincidence.

The question is which?

If they were murdered,
it could mean anything.

They all had defense
clearance to the top.

Didn't know each other
socially, in government?

- Not according to what we have.
- What do we have?

We're still waiting on the
coroner's report from pathology.

But we do have a gift here from
our friends in the coroner's office.

They found that in
McNeil's car, empty.

And we have our lab workup here.

Man, 1945 Chateau
Monet, very rare.

Look at this, McNeil, Stargate
and Hallman all signed the label.

At least they knew each other well enough
to share a very expensive bottle of wine.

And they all had tickets to the Potomac
Services charity auction this week.

I have friends too.

Every mover and shaker in
this town buys dozens of tickets.

- It's not gonna help us.
- Let's find something that will help us.

Let's find out what this is all about
before the metro police or the FBI...

or who knows whom
lets the cat out of the bag.

- If it is a cat.
- Whatever it is I don't like it.

I want us to have the
control. Check out that auction.

Take Amanda with you.
She's had experience.

Experience? Rolling nickels and quarters?
Running a baked goods concession?

Billy, we are talking
high society here.

- What has he got to lose?
- Time, sleep...

his flawless reputation.

Take Amanda. She might
spot something that you'd miss.

Check any connection between
the dead men and the auction.

Then we'll pay a visit
to the McNeil place.


Now, since we really don't
know what we are after...

we should make a list of
the things being auctioned...

- and the names of the donors, hmm?
- Lee, that's Jill Hulsman.

She's the auction coordinator, probably
got an inventory list on that clipboard.

- Hello, Jill.
- Amanda King. Long time, no see.

It's nice to see you.
This is, uh, Dr. Stetson.

- Doctor, this is, uh...
- Ahem.

- Jill Hulsman.
- A doctor?

Hope you brought your checkbook.
- Heh.

I can show you
some lovely pieces.

Jill, it's Dr. Stetson's first auction,
maybe you could preview him.

Of course. I'd be delighted.

Doctor, let me show
you something over here.

I'll just take care
of this for you.

I'm telling you, the case he
brought me is nothing but wine.

All of it.

I'd searched most of his house when his
daughter showed with the cops. Nothing.

Yes, I'm going back.
I'll search the car first.

The police have it
in their impound yard.

That's easy for you to say, but I'm
the one who is risking everything.

- There we go.
- Oh, doctor, thank you.

- We can certainly use this.
- Oh, it's my pleasure.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

You got a cure for shark bite?

- At least, it's for a good cause.
- Uh-huh.

And, look, McNeil, Hallman
and Stargate are not on that list.

But there are 11 bottles of the same
wine found in Congressman McNeil's car.

- Eleven bottles of Chateau Monet?
- Right.

It's gotta be from the same
case. Was McNeil the donor?

I don't know. The donors are all
anonymous and the wine is not here yet.

Maybe we can find a receipt
at the house. Come on.

Who let you in here?

Thank you. LEE: Yeah.

- You, uh...
- Oh, thank you.

If it was murder, I doubt all
three men were supposed to die.

So you think, uh, two of
them were just unlucky.

Yeah. Wrong time,
wrong place, wrong wine.

We've got to pinpoint the real
victim. Starting with McNeil.

- Excuse me. Agent Lamberson?
- Yeah.

Yes, I'm Lee Steadman.

- This is Amanda Kane.
- Hello.

We are from the Congressional
Protocol and Liaison Office.

- We are here to help you.
- With what?

Anything you need help with,
we'll be happy to help you with.

Anything, you know, you
just tell us, we'll just wait here...

- and help you when you need us to.
- This is terrible.

Is all this because
of the, uh, crime?

Not directly. Somebody broke in
this morning and searched the house.

Might mean something.

- Oh, who's that?
- Penny McNeil, the deceased's daughter.

She's visiting from school.

Oh, is she all right?

I tell you what, why don't I
just be sure she's all right?

- Yeah.
- Okay?

Oh, gosh. Here, let me
give you a hand with that.

- Thank you.
- It's a mess, isn't it?

- I can't seem to do anything right now.
- Let me just take care of this for you.

- Are you with police?
- Uh, no, I'm not.

I'm with another government
agency. Part of the investigation.

Trying to find out
what happened.

Yeah, what did happen? I mean,
no one has told me anything.

One minute I am in exams
at Berkeley, the next I'm here.

The house's been
ransacked, my father's dead.

Doesn't make sense. He was a healthy
man. There wasn't anything wrong with him.

There were just the two of us.

Ms. McNeil, we're ready for you.

Uh, look, why don't I leave my
name and my phone number here.

And if you just, you know,
want to talk, I'll be there.

What's this doing here?

Hey, space cadet! Unplug
your brain for a minute.

Your bad vibes are
definitely a bummer, man.

I thought this was going
out yesterday, Hullen.

We deliver no wine
before its time, heh.

- It's time. Get it out of here. Now.
- Ooh!

The police looked everywhere,
um, except Daddy's den.

Since they didn't ask to
see it, I didn't volunteer.

I suppose I should have. It's just
that it's always been so private.

- So much his.
- Are you all right?

Yeah. It's just that, um, one of
the last times I saw Dad he was...

heading towards the den with a case
of wine he'd brought back from Europe.

Do you know what kind of wine?

It was all he'd talk about...

his unbelievably wonderful
45 Chateau Monet.

My father had three loves
in his life after his family:

politics, wine, W.C. Fields.

Oh. That's my father
with two of his friends.

I never met them, but he used
to call them the three wise men.

Stargate and Hallman?

Yeah, maybe.

I want to get a copy of that.

Look, I've got some
high-speed film out in the car.

- I'll be right back.
- Hmm.

He used to love to read
and collect books about wine.

I think secretly he wanted his own
vineyard, but he didn't have the time.

Instead, he built a
wine cellar in here.

- You're all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Thank you.

- I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
- Thank you.

- Well.
- How's Penny?

Oh, she is all right.
She is nervous...

- and she is worried, but she won't leave.
- Hmm.

Okay. Lamberson's gonna screw
this place down tighter than Fort Knox.

- Good.
- Whoever was in that cellar...

went through McNeil's
wine collection like a tornado.


Considering the risk, he must've
been after something pretty important.

You mean like, uh, some
very rare French wine?

Yeah. Suddenly, the year 1945
has become very interesting.

The final autopsy report confirms
they all died of a heroin overdose.

Eighty-five percent pure heroin.

The same percentage of junk
found in the bottle in McNeil's car.

Well, the customs confirmed that
he VlPed two cases of the '45 Monet...

through Dulles when
he returned from Paris.

The Congressman was
involved in smuggling?

Smuggling's a guess, but it's clear he
brought the laced wine into the country.

- Yeah, but then why would he drink it?
- Heh, I don't have an answer for that yet.

We've enlarged the picture
you found at McNeil's.

Strange outfits.

- What's the bug?
- It's good question.

I'm hoping Plato has
an answer for that.

My mother, like myself, was a
person of voracious appetite...

in a time when
such hunger was...

How shall I say this,
decidedly unladylike.

I was conceived on the
acropolis on a moonlit night.

A Russian prince,
she told me, ha, ha.

But Mother always
had a flair for hyperbole.

Anyway, she named me Plato...

after the other famous Greek
to commemorate the occasion.

Plato, the picture.


Now this little buggy
is called phylloxera.

A hundred years ago, he nearly
destroyed all the vineyards in France.

He, too, had an
insatiable hunger.

About the Halloween costumes?

Standard costume of the
Phylloxera Brotherhood.

Very hush-hush wine society.

And the crème de la
crème of Escoffier America.

You mean the gourmet society?
- Mm-hm.

The Brotherhood keeps a cellar there
with some of the rarest wines in the world.

And they'd really appreciate
a case of '45 Monet.

'45? They'd kill for it.

Any chance that we could get a
membership list for the Brotherhood?

Hardly. Of course...

a well-heeled couple from New
York with a proper introduction...

selling a priceless Bordeaux...

could undoubtedly get
in the door of Escoffier.

And once inside, I'm sure
you could think of some way...

to find the membership
list for the Brotherhood.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- All right.
- I'm a little nervous about this...

It's okay, we've got a good cover.
- All right.

We're Lilly and
Gregory Peterson...

- from Hillsborough, New York.
- Mm-hm.

You're in computer software
and I am a wealthy art patron.

- That's it.
- I'm Lilly Peterson, wealthy art patron.

All right, here we go.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory
Peterson to see Mr. Robinson.

Please, come in.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.


Ah, if there is a membership list of the
Brotherhood, it's got to be right there.

Before we leave, I
have to get to that office.

- Right.

Now that the foul is seasoned...

we can simply put it aside and
prepare the vegetables for the stuffing.

- Mr. and Mrs. Peterson.
- Ooh.

As manager of Escoffier
Americas, I just want to assure you...

it's a great honor to be allowed to
consider your collection of Bordeaux.

- Thank you very much.
- Ha, ha.

Have you been collecting long?

- No, not really.
- For some time, yes.

- It only seems a long time.
- Several years, actually.

- It's the second marriage for both of us.
- Ahem.

I understand that you're
also very active in the arts.

Oh, yes. Well, uh, we both
feel that a life without art...

would be like a day
without sunshine, you know.

Now, if I can find a volunteer to help
me with the chopping of the vegetables...

and don't worry, I have aprons.
- Ha, ha.

How about, um, you?

- Yes, how about you?
- No.

- Oh, go ahead.
- No, I really don't want to.

- Dear, it might be fun.
- I don't wanna go.

- Come on.
- Oh, I'd be happy to help you.

Don't be shy.

I hope you don't mind, but, uh, I
asked Cecilia to distract your wife.

When your sponsor asked that
you be shown our private cellar.

I thought best that we just
keep it between us men.

- Hmm.
- Please.

What is going on, man?

You're going, Hullen. And
not on. Out of here. Right now.

We're very, very proud
of our collection, uh...

Haut Brion, Margaux, Chateau
Lafite, all first growths, of course.

Let me ask you something.

Even in New York, I've heard
rumors of a secret society...

a brotherhood, if you will, of wine lovers.
They take their name from the phylloxera.

- A wine society?
- Yeah.

No, no, I'm afraid I
can't be of much help.


Let me offer you an
excellent Montrachet.

I was in Paris last week
and I ran into a member...

of yours. A Congressman McNeil.

Yes. Of course.

Yeah, we bumped into each other
in a little wine shop in Montmartre.

We were both looking
for a '45 Chateau Monet.

- Not an easy wine to find.
- Jean Pierre.

- I'd like you to meet Gregory Peterson.
- Hello.

Darrell tells me about
the collection you have.

It would make a wonderful
addition to the cellar.

Jean Pierre is a master sommelier.
One of the three in the States.

He recommends all of our
big European purchases.

Including every bottle of '45
Monet I can lay my hands on.

So if you have any luck.

I'll keep you in mind. - Thanks.

Now, I see you two
have business to discuss.

You're a good sport.
Thank you very much.

- Oh, you're welcome, Cecilia.
- Heh.

Now if you'll all step forward,
you can see how I dress the bird.


- May I help you, madam?
- Uh...

no, I came up here to
use the, uh, telephone.

By all means.

I can't use it because I don't remember
the number. My husband probably does.

He's good with numbers. I
should go get the number from him.

Then I'll just use another phone
and I won't bother you in your office.

I'm so sorry. I didn't
mean to intrude.


- What?
- Hello, are you alone?

What are you doing
down here, huh?

Cecilia finished stuffing a bird and I
got upstairs to the membership office.

- You, what?
- Yeah.

- Amanda, I told you not to.
- Listen.

I found the membership
list for the Escoffier.

Now, there are hundreds of names on it,
but I found another list, a shorter one...

and Congressman McNeil, Stargate
and Hallman were all on that list.

The Brotherhood. Gotta be.
- There's more.

There was also a calendar in the same file,
the day that they died was marked on it.

They had their membership
meetings right here in these cellars.

Look, I found on the floor.


- The bug.
- Yeah.

They're with the cops, the
DEA, maybe even Interpol.

I don't care if
they're the Marines.

We made a deal,
we're gonna deliver.

Follow her.

Find out who she
is, what's she's up to.

- And if there's a problem?
- Take care of it.

We've never ever had
an accident of this kind.

Now, look, here,
uh, is our lawyer.

And the insurance company is on the
back please just send everything to them.

Once again I am
so sorry. I am sorry.


Some accident.

- What do we do now?
- We go home and change.

Then right back to the agency.

- We're gonna dissect the Brotherhood.
- Right.

- Wait a second.
- Huh?

Think you can remember
other names from that list?

Able brown bears cough deftly
enough frightening grown hens.

- What?
- It's word association.

Able brown bears cough deftly
enough frightening grown hens.

Abele, Brown, Barrett,
Caufman, uh, Dickerson, Evans...

uh, Fergusson, Hallmark. Yeah.

Yeah, I got it. I think.

You're sure you want me to get in your car
like... Oh, I'm really sorry about this.

Maybe we should check in on
Penny and see how she is doing.

No, no, no. You go get it. You
go get it. I'm not going back.

I mean, that guy grabbed
me by the knuckles...

and I'm not going back there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Yeah, he's here.
Yeah, he just pulled up.

All right. Yeah. Yeah,
sure. You take it.

He can have his damn job.

Have a good life.

Guy's a real psycho.

Same to you, cowboy.

Buck, you cannot just rent sawhorses
and block up the whole street.

And with those search lights, you're gonna
have people coming from all over town.

- That's the idea, Dot. It's a party.
- Oh.

Amanda, I want you to... What
in the world happened to you?

Nothing. A little
accident at work, but the

street looks like a
prison yard after a riot.

Hello. Uh...

Amanda. AMANDA: Mm-hm?

There's a girl on the phone.
She sounds very upset.

Thanks, mother. Hello.

Oh, Penny, sure, yeah.

Uh, ha, ha.


Uh, sure, I could probably
be there in half an hour.

Okay. All right,
don't worry, bye-bye.

Just a friend from work.
I'll probably explain later.

Sure, you will.

Prison yard?

- Okay. Calm down. What's the matter?
- Police are here again.

Tearing the house apart. Daddy
might have something to do with drugs.

Okay. We're going to call Lee
and find out what's this is all about.

We got these an
hour ago from Paris...

the same time that
Lamberson got them.

Now, guy with McNeil in the black
coat is Armand LaCoste. The Camel Man.

He earned that moniker when he
was caught smuggling heroin in camels.

Big news. The Camel Man was
busted in Marseilles last night.

He's singing like Edith Piaf and
Jean Pierre's name is in every verse.

McNeil brought the heroin-laced
wine into the United States, right?

But apparently he thought he was
doing some sort of a harmless favor...

by VlPing it through
for Jean Pierre.

Probably when he got both cases home,
he confused his wine with the bad stuff.

Well, Jean Pierre didn't
organize this plan himself.

I want to talk to Lamberson
before he locks him up.

Jump on it. We're losing the
race against time and press.

I want this nailed down
before they get claws in it.

You got it.


Uh, just a minute. Billy.
It's Amanda looking for Lee.

I'll take it in here.

All right. Now, Mr. Melrose said he'd
call as soon as he knows anything.

Excuse me, ladies.

This the Twillie residence?

Twillie? No, this is
Congressman McNeil's house.

Another screw up.

I've got a registered delivery receipt
for a Mr. Twillie for this address.

Oh, well, you know, Twillie...

that was a W.C. Fields
character in My Little Chickadee.

- It's the wine.
- My dad's wine?

Uh, look, I'll explain
everything later. I got to find Lee.


What a surprise. Looking for
another telephone, perhaps?

Oh, Mr. Peterson.
May I help you, sir?

Yes. I certainly hope so. I'm
looking for Jean Pierre Henri.

Oh, I haven't seen
Mr. Henri in sometime.

If he is in the building, he
most probably is in the cellar.

If you wish, I could check.

No, no. I'll do it myself. I
know the way. Thank you.

We have a problem.

The woman's here with me. Why's
not important. Just get over here.

Now, who the hell are you?

I've already told you.
My name is Lilly Peterson.

I'm from Hillsborough, New York.
My husband is in computer soft...

Stop this.

I don't want to hear more useless
details about your obviously bogus cover.

I want to know who you're
working for. Right now.

You have my identification.
My name is Lilly Peterson.

Who is it?

- What are you doing here?
- What the hell are you doing here?

It wasn't my fault.
He was following me.

So I did what the agency training
manual said to do. I lost him.

I thought I better figure out why
he's following me so I followed him.

He must've executed a good double
cut-back reversal because he caught me.

That was crazy. You
know that? Crazy.

It didn't seem dangerous at that time. I
had no idea I was going to end up in a...

- Oh.
- Shh.

All right, my friend,
come on. Let's go.

Now, the Camel Man
was picked up yesterday.

He's been doing a lot of talking
about you. Now it's your turn.

Come on, Jean Pierre.
You're a bad sommelier...

and an even worse crook.
Who are you working with?

Um, I must have immunity.

That's not my side of the table.

- I can't make those kind of promises.
- All right. All right.

I do have a partner.

What do I always tell you to do?

- Wait here.
- Right.

Hey, a guy came through here
with a gun. Which way did he go?

- Come on.
- What's he doing?

If that's just a
normal case of wine...

we're still missing a full
case of wine laced with heroin.

- No, sir.
- No. Not anymore.

- It's at the auction.
- Yes, sir.

How do you know that?

- Ask her.
- It's very simple, sir.

You see Congressman
McNeil loved W.C. Fields.

So he donated the wine to the
auction under the name of Mr. Twillie.

That's a W.C. Fields
character in My Little Chickadee.

I know because I was at
Congressman McNeil's house...

when the receipt for the wine
came addressed to Mr. Twillie.

That makes sense.
What's the plan?

Jean Pierre was tracking the
wine full of the heroin, right?

So was his partner.

Now, all we've gotta
do is put out the word...

that the wine will be auctioned
off and see who shows up to buy it.

Yes, sir and we start
right here at the Escoffier.

This is the truly exceptional
cabernet from Kenwood Valley.

That's number 107
on your program.

But more importantly, all the
sales benefit a superb charity.

So do I hear 700?

700, thank you, sir.

Do I hear 8?

Eight hundred, thank
you, sir. Do I hear 9?

Nine hundred, thank you, madam.

Nine hundred going
once, going twice.

Sold for 900 dollars.


Chateau Monet is next.

The higher we go, the better.

See that'll burn off
some of the collectors...

and the philanthropists.
Whoever is left should be our man.

I'm gonna go up to the
balcony and take a look.

You keep an eye on me.

Once things start here, you keep kicking
up the price until I tell you to stop.

- I got it.
- Good.

- See you later.
- Yeah.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
before we continue...

the directors of the Potomac
Community Services Center wish me...

to thank you for your
wonderful support and donations.

And particularly our friend in the
White House for his generous support.

Now, for our next item
of bid is number 108.

That's a broken case
of Chateau Monet '45.

Now, those of you who know great wines
know the reputation of Chateau Monet...

particularly the '45.

Shall we begin the
bidding at 5000?

- Five thousand. MAN:
Five thousand, thank you, sir.

Surely, that's just a beginning
for such a fine vintage.

Another thousand,
the bidding is at 6.

Sixty-five hundred. Do I get 7?

Ladies and gentleman,
there are 10 bottles here.

Normally, they go for
$1500. Do I get another bid?

Ah! Seven thousand.
Thank you ma'am.

Seventy-five hundred. Excellent.

Eight thousand.

Nine thousand.

Ten thousand. Eleven
thousand, very good.

Eleven thousand going once.

Twelve thousand dollars.

We have a bid for $12,000
going once. Last call.

Twelve thousand going twice.

Thirteen thousand dollars.

We have a bid for 13,000.

Do I hear more?

Sold for 13,000.

The Community Services
Center thanks you, madam.

That was a very generous bid.

I'm afraid you have
to come with us.

Don't anyone move.

She is dead.

Please stay calm.

Everyone, stay calm.

Don't move. Do
exactly as she says.

That's Cecilia Kemper.

Come on.

Yes, sweetheart. Put
grandmother on the phone.

Yeah, put your grandma
on the phone. Hi, Mother.

Yeah, I'll be in home
in about an hour.

You want me to... Okay, I'll stop
off at the store and pick that up.

Okay, Mother.
Sure, I'll hold on.

I should've known
it was Cecilia.

Who could've known, huh?

A respected chef, on the
board of Escoffier. Come on.

She nearly fried her croutons to a
crisp. She obviously had her mind on...

Yes, Mother.

Okay. All right, I
love you too, bye-bye.

Well, that was certainly
exciting, wasn't it?

Yeah, I hope the auction
made some money.

Oh, it was a fortune.

But the most fun was
going to the White House.

- The what?
- The White House.

I thought it would be fun to take one
bottle of wine from each donated case...

to the White House cellar
so I took some of them myself.

Ten bottles, McNeil drank one and
one is on the way to the White House.

- On the way to the White House.
- Come on.

What did I say?

Dispatch. Patch me
through to the White House.

This is a Priority
One emergency.

And the dining room
captain told the pastry chef...

who passed the buck to me.

I'd only think about the wine cellar
and then during the confusion...

the valet came for the
president's glass of wine.

No one tells the
President's valet what to do.

Where is his valet?

Taking the president
his nightly glass of wine.

Uh-huh. Come on.

Whoop! LEE: Hold it.

I beg your pardon?

Did this come from a
bottle of Chateau Monet?

Apparently you are unaware
of our president's roots.

He only drinks California wine.

Excuse us.

- I found the Monet. It hasn't been opened.
- Oh.

What is Edna Gilstrap doing?

I've never heard
her laugh like that.

Actually, I've never
heard her laugh.

You really gotta give Buck credit. He
got them off out of their rocking chairs.

- Heh, it sounds like fun, doesn't it?
- You wanna go see.

All right. Except let's swallow
our pride and do this with class.

I've got a slinky bright dress
that'll put Mae West to shame.

- W.C. Fields will be happy.
- Back in 10.

I'll just clean these up.

Okay, Buck.

You win.

Ah. Ha, ha.

- What did you do? Go to that party?
- It was the only way I could get in.

This place is surrounded
by crazy people, huh?

I've been to calmer parties
during the Chinese New Year...

- in Hong Kong.
- Ha, ha.

I borrowed this mask from a guy
who was bobbing for apples in a hot tub.

- See, now, that would be Buck.
- Buck?

Oh, Buck.

Well, anyway, the, uh,
reason I came over here...

is, uh, I just dropped in to
see Penny and she's doing fine.

- Ooh, good.
- She's going back to school...

and she asked me to give
you something personally.

She made me promise.

Amanda, have you seen...?