Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 3 - Over the Limit - full transcript

A mother who is involved in a demonstration for fishing limits is accused of killing a congressman and Amanda fights for her cause.

Secretary Hamilton
Rawlings' office.

I'm sorry, he's not here. He's
meeting with the governors.

I'll tell him. Goodbye.

Not here?

- Why have I been waiting a whole hour?
- He's here for you, Mr. O'Keefe.

I'm just careful
about his calls.

Walter, I am sorry.
This is a bad day.

- What's so important?
- Ha. What isn't?

I've put everybody on hold, not
just you? What have you got, Pam?

This is for you. You have
a budget review at 2...

and Miss Sullivan from Save
Our Bay called at least four times.

I'll cool her off.

Bye, Walter.

Heh, is he gonna bench press
me? If not, I'm really in a hurry.

You can give me five minutes.

Now you're dancing cheek-to-cheek
with Elizabeth Sullivan?

- What's going on?
- Political reality, Walter.

The President's
taking a lot of heat.

I may have to pacify
people like Elizabeth Sullivan.

Look, I really am
out of pocket today.

But Pam will set you up
first thing next week, huh?

- And you can leave Tarzan at home, okay?
- "Pacify" is a word I don't like.

I've got 20 million
in Trans-Oceanic.

I don't give a damn
about Elizabeth Sullivan...

or her mom-and-pop boats.

If my trawlers can't fish over
the limit, I'm out of business.

Now, you know the deal.
I put you in this office.

Now you keep me in business.

Call security. Mrs. Sullivan
left us another calling card.

You didn't used to take
a slap in the face like this.

Times change, Walter.
So do priorities, even allies.

Call Mrs. Sullivan, Pam.

Tell her that I got her message.


- Mother, is this your water? DOTTY:
Yes, darling. Would you turn it off?

Uh, Mother, I've got a meeting
that's probably gonna last all afternoon.

And Jamie has a worm farm to make.
So if you could get him started on it...

I would appreciate it, then I'll finish
up when I get home this afternoon.

I've already gotten him the
worms and everything he needs.

Just get him started.


- Earth to Mother.
- Ha, ha.

Darling, do you think a woman
becomes more or less attractive...

when she gets older? To men?

Depends on the woman.

- And the man.
- Right.

- What's that?
- Just one of those throwaway things...

that they put into
these magazines.

Mother, this is not one of those
throwaway advertising things.

This is an entire catalog.
Rebecca's Fantasies.

This is an entire
sexy lingerie catalog.

Oh, would you look at that?

I don't know why anybody
would wanna wear this stuff.

- You can read through it.
- You could.

But when you put
one of those on...

I don't think you wanna
curl up with a good book.

Okay. I'm out of here.


Good morning.

- Good morning, Francine.
- Good morning.

Beautiful day. 72
degrees clear as a bell.

- Did anyone see that sunrise?
- We're in trouble.

The complaint I get most is
that some of you feel cooped up...

chained to your desks.

Well, today, that's
all going to change.

Oh, no, spring cleaning.

- What is spring cleaning?
- Because it's spring cleaning time.

- Ooh, it's the Midnight Rambler.
- I wanna talk to you.

Every year a couple hundred...

of new organizations
crawl onto the shore...

seeking their place in the
sun, struggling to find a voice...

rouse some rabble.

We want to know who,
what, where and why they are.

Oh, no, no, no. I'm not
getting stuck with these.

Oh, some of them do
look a little strange, Sir.

Okay, everybody
set? Let's hit it.

- Amanda.
- Yes, sir.

I want you to get
on this for now...

but tomorrow I've got you
set up for the firing range.

- I think it's about time, agreed?
- Yes, sir.

- And, don't shoot yourself in the foot.
- No, sir.

The last time I saw him look this bad
was when the Russian circus came to town.

He got assigned to that
Bulgarian sword-swallower.

- What was her name? Sacha?
- Good morning.

- Sonja?
- Svetlana. She was a juggler.

Oh, excuse me.

On the National Scale of
Dissolution and Dissipation...

I'd say you rate a
strong 13 today, Stetson.

Francine, do you mind,
huh? It's insomnia. That's all.

- Yep.
- Insomnia, huh?

Chronic, too. Same
problem for the last four days.

There's a way you can make it up to
me. Amanda's never been spring cleaning.

Oh, no, wait a minute, Billy.

Amanda doesn't need a nursemaid.

She's been around enough to
know how to handle a few crackpots.

- Come on.
- Handling is one thing...

but Amanda gets enthused.

Like any other day in
D.C., anything can happen.

Listen, I've got a mill full of
funny rumors. Who makes rumors?

- Crackpots.
- Take care of her.

Mr. O'Keefe wants to be
certain that it's going to work.

Look, I know how to make a
bomb. That's why you hired me.

Tell me what's happening with that light.
- It's blinking on and off.


- What about now?
- It's still blinking.

Look, we've had you working
for Sullivan for six months.

You should know by now
what puts a smile on her face.

When Rawlings called yesterday
she started grinning like a Cheshire cat.

He gave her his whole
speech right there on the phone.

It's trouble, buddy.

- Rawlings is gonna hand her the moon.
- So we guessed.

- But what exactly did you hear?
- Back to the old boundaries.

Strict catch limit.

If Rawlings makes that speech, O'Keefe can
kiss his fancy fleet of trawlers goodbye.

In which case
Mister O'Keefe says...

you should move on this
as soon as you're ready.

I'm ready.

The less time we spend
with these oddballs, the better.

You're cranky when
you don't get your sleep.

- What's so oddball about a woman's club?
- Let's just get the info and get out.


I'm Jenny Weeks.

Hello, we're from the
People's Encyclopedia...

and, now, we're making a directory
of all the non-profit groups in this area.

We wondered if we could
ask you a few questions.

Oh, yes.

We're the Ladies' Auxiliary
of the Cosmic Cabal.

We get together on
Wednesdays to play poker...

and to commune with the
spirits of departed rock and rollers.

- Oh, we've made contact.
- What does that mean?

We got through to Richie
Valens. The Big Bopper's with him.


Well, we were in
there 30 minutes.

We had to let them finish singing
before we could fill out the questionnaire.

Oh, yeah. AMANDA:
You're pretty antsy.

You got a date?

No. I'm just a little
preoccupied. That's all.

If you want I can finish
these off. They're all close by.

- Are you sure?
- Sure.

Oh, that's great.

Amanda, remember that New Year's
Eve party at the Soviet Embassy?

Oh, yeah. You tried to match
Borchov vodka-for-vodka...

- and you ended up in the borscht.
- Right, ha, ha.

- You sure looked beautiful.
- Oh, thank you.

- Remember how we danced?
- Oh, yeah.

Amanda, you were
wearing that fabulous dress...

the one with the, uh...
What do you call them?

- Spaghetti straps. Yeah.
- Spaghetti straps.

- And there was pearl buttons.
- Peal buttons, right.

- Oh, it's gorgeous.
- Thank you.

- Where'd you get that?
- I made it.

- Oh, it's a one-of-a-kind, huh?
- Yeah, yes it is.

I wanted to get a present
for a friend of mine...

and I just thought she'd look, you
know, great in something like that.


No, no, no. I don't
want to see you.

I don't wanna talk to you.

I don't wanna see your ugly
excuse for a human face ever again.

So... Fine. Jump. Fine. Go on.

Save us all some grief.
But send me my blender first.

Now, my daughter.

How may the Guru of
Cosmic Love help you?

I, uh, fully understand, uh,
the regulation, Mr. Cochran.

Uh, um... We received your
signature on the permit two weeks ago.

Uh, no problem.

Oh, I'm sorry you had to wait.
Well, he certainly likes you.

Well, I've got two of my
own. I had lot of practice.

- Kurt. Are we ready to go?
- Yep. That's it, Elizabeth.

- Are we, uh, gonna take the baby carriage?
- Oh, I think I'd better. Let's roll.

There you go, sweetie.

I'm sorry for the rush. I really
can't answer your questions here.

Why don't you come
to the rally? We can talk.

- Well...
- Could you grab some of those boxes?

- Sure.
- Okay.

It's funny how you
get into these things.

Four years ago, Eric and I never
thought beyond our fishing business.

You know, small family thing.

Then the big guys like Trans-Oceanic and
InterFish Company brought in huge trawlers.

We could barely compete. Then
they stopped playing by the rules.

Suddenly, there was
no such thing as a limit.

They didn't leave any
fish in the bay for us. So...

- That's why I'm here.
- Well, good for you.

We had a good life. I want
Trans-Oceanic to give it back.

And I think today maybe
Hamilton Rawlings will make them.

- Here comes the big fish.
- Good luck.

Hello, Mr. Rawlings.
It's nice of you to come.

Mrs. Sullivan, how are you?
- I'm all right.

- How are you?
- Fine, thank you.

What a cute baby. I
think he has your eyes.

Quite a turnout.

Men and women of the Chesapeake
Bay fishing community, you know me.

Please, we've been fighting
our cause for months and finally...

I think we've been heard.

I give you Secretary of Management
Resources, Hamilton Rawling.

Thank you, Mrs. Sullivan.

Ladies and gentleman,
I won't lie to you.

As fishermen, I know that
you understand the food cycle.

The law of nature as it were. The
big fish consume the smaller ones.

Since we are a nation of
laws and not the jungle...

and because we are a civilization that
cares what happens to our members...

we must now and again pause...

and take stock of how
we treat each other...

in our personal relationships, in our
businesses and in our government.

- Amanda, you okay? I heard you were here.
- Yeah. I am okay.

But that poor man
never even had a chance.

Lee, I felt the
bomb when it blew.

It was like running into a brick
wall and I wasn't even all that close.

Just thank God you
weren't hurt, that's all.

I'm okay.

Hi, Manny. It's your case?

Why don't you go crawl
under a rock where you belong?

I got a simple
bombing case here.

I don't need you spooks
complicating my life.

- Ahem.
- You know this joker, Mrs. King?

- Does he...? LEE:
Yeah, he knows.

Amanda's part-time.
She runs errands for me.

You're a spook too. Well,
why didn't you say so?

It's no crime to be a
spook. Not in this town.

Detective Trudeau, where
are they taking Mrs. Sullivan?

To the station. To print her, check
her against the federal radical list.

I'll talk to you.

- Lee.
- They have to.

To never forget
Hamilton Rawlings.

- Tomorrow... BILLY:
Every cabinet officer...

is going to be worried.

Well, we've just got to make
sure this isn't part of a pattern.

Let's get right on this.

We have a level-two alert.
- What's that?

It's an agency-wide
preparedness alert.

We're to presume a conspiracy
exists until proven otherwise.

Now, did that woman
mention any other names?

Lee, she is a good
person. Not a mad bomber.

And if there is a
conspiracy, she's not in on it.

She is a decent,
hard-working mother...

who's just trying to
look out for her family.

That's enough. The most dangerous
creature on God's green earth.

- Oh, Francine.
- I'm just kidding.

We've got the photo
surveillance of the rally.

- Who took these?

Would you look at that?
Sir, this Kurt Magnuson.

I met him at the
Save Our Bay office.

What is he doing with
that baby carriage?

Coochie cooing the baby.

No, sir. There is no
baby in that carriage.

Elizabeth had her baby with her.

Do we have a photograph of
the woman holding the baby?

- Yes. Right here.
- But we don't know the timing.

What order were they shot?

The most we can do
is show it to the cops.

That's it?

You gave them a statement. I'll
have Scarecrow look after things.

But it's police work
now. They're pros.

- Let them do their job, Amanda.
- I'm sorry, but that isn't enough.

I like Elizabeth Sullivan
and I'm gonna try to help her.

Excuse me, Sir.


Amanda, stop.

- Now, you have that look.
- Well...

with the sleep you've been
missing and a new girlfriend and all...

I'm surprised you noticed.

Who said I have new girlfriend?

Excuse me. I'm here to see
Elizabeth Sullivan from the bombing.

I had Detective Trudeau
send her down here to visit.

Do you know my wife?

Mr. Sullivan? Hello, Justin.

Yes, my name's Amanda King.

I was there and I
think I saw something...

that will prove that your wife had
absolutely nothing to do with the bombing.

Don't lose this one.

Manny, if you're worried,
charge her, if you got the proof.

It's coming in.

According to the report on the wire
the baby carriage belonged to her.

They found letters in her file
to several extremist groups.


Go home, Mrs. Sullivan.
But don't leave D.C., okay?

You arranged that?

- Mm...
- Good move.

That's a great boat. Not
many of these left on the bay.

- Lizzy's 48 years old.
- Thank you.

I helped my dad fish her.

I hoped my son would do
the same with me some day...

but that time's gone.

Dock master told me the bank
came down after the Lizzy again today.

I can't duck them forever.

- Won't they give you a little more time?
- I've had time.

But Trans-Oceanic's
got all the fish since then.

I can't make the payments.
I'm not the only one, you see.

Trans-Oceanic trawlers hauling up
as much in one net as I can get aboard.

Illegally, over the
limit. But do they care?

Walter O'Keefe buys what he wants,
who he wants, like Hamilton Rawlings.

It just hit me. He was gonna give
us the edge over the big corporations.

Now, it's back to square one.

I suppose that sounds
selfish of me. He is dead.

Is there anyone besides you who
knew the content of Rawlings' speech?

He didn't give advanced
copies to the press or to his staff.

It's all so crazy. The police
showed me pamphlets...

they said they found on my
desk. I'd never seen them before.

Is there anyone in your group
who might've wanted to frame you?

What about Magnuson?

Kurt, he's not from the
bay like the rest of us.

I think what Elizabeth is trying to
say is, she doesn't like him very much.

But he's a hard worker and a
good fisherman. A little hot-headed.

Eric, he is more than
a little hot-headed.

Do you know where he lives?

Oh, good. I'll get the baby.

Oh, look, you've
done enough already.

If we are going to lose
everything I'd like to do it in private.

Where's O'Keefe?

I thought he wanted
to personally thank me.

Well, he's not coming.

You bring the rest of the money?

You had visitors?

Some cops showed up. So
what? They got nothing on me.

They do now.

Thirteen, ten.

The police have probably
been here and gone.

- I wish you'd have stayed in the car.
- No, not in this neighborhood.


Hey, hey, open the door.

Lee, open the door.

Lee, open the door.


- Oh, my God! Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Go on, get his license number.

Maryland. The last
three numbers are 767.

- Are you sure you're all right?
- Yeah.

But he's not.

Damn it.

What makes you so sure
they won't get an ID on you?

There's no way they can.

The guy didn't get a straight
look at me. I know my job.

Now, you better.

In one millisecond I made
that idiot Rawlings a saint.

Neither of us want
the credit, do we?

- What about the car?
- It's registered to an old lady.

There's no way they're
gonna trace it back to us.

- Look, I said I know my job.
- Then do it.

Find out who he
was, what he knows.

And if you have to,
make him disappear.

I've been trying to call
Elizabeth all morning...

and she's not on the boat and
she's not at the Save Our Bay offices.

- Look what the mailman brought.
- Okay, well...

if you hear anything,
would you just, um, find me?

- I'll be on the shooting range.
- I say we open it and find out.

Okay. All right, I'll
see you later. Bye-bye.

Hey, fellas.

- Oh, what did we get? Rebecca's Fantasies.
- That's for me.

Mother, what have you ordered?

Well, to be perfectly honest...

I really don't think any of
this should concern you.

Mother, I have to know.

You're my mother, you're a
parent. You're a grandparent.

I am also an adult and a
woman with interests and needs.

You're my daughter.

When I ask you questions
like this, you tell me not to.

Fellas, why don't
you take the trash out?

- Right on, grandma.
- Go for it.

I don't get it. What's the big
deal about Rebecca's Fantasies?

I just realized what it
must have sounded like...

when you'd sneak in at
3 a.m., I'd be waiting up.

- Mother, please.
- All right.

Hunter Conrad asked me
to the coast for the weekend.

Hunter Conrad?

Do you mean, Mr. Conrad?
Daddy's old fishing buddy?

Amanda, he has been
a widower over six years.

You're sounding very
old-fashioned about this.

Mother, you are
going to the coast...

where you and daddy used to
go with Hunter Conrad with that.

Yes, yes, yes.


- You're dead, again.
- I know. I'm sorry.

For Pete's sakes, at least
fire the weapon, Mrs. King.

It's the only way
to shut this thing off.

- Nice.
- Oh.

Look, you just got the
agency's all-time lowball score.

See, the object of the thing is to
fire your weapon at your adversary...

not the ceiling.
Ceiling's on our side.

- I couldn't shoot the little girl.
- She shot you just like the nun before.

Okay, we're gonna try this
one more time. Get ready.

- Lee.
- How's she doing, Leatherneck?

It's gonna be a lot of
work, pal. A lot of work.

- I don't like to shoot.
- Yeah, I know.

- Did you hear from Elizabeth?
- In a way.

She's got some more
trouble. Come on.

But I don't understand. How
can they arrest Elizabeth?

We saw that guy and we even
got part of his license number.

The police found Magnuson's diary
when they searched his apartment.

It implicated Elizabeth
up to her neck.

All right.


You know, sometimes
this job is easy.

A guy walks in the door, puts his hands
out for the cuffs and says, "I'm the one."

But most of the time all
you got is a can of worms.

If all you have is a can of worms,
then why are you arresting Elizabeth?

Amanda, Magnuson's diary is the kind
of evidence that makes U.S. attorneys...

- sit up and pant.
- Still that's a good question.

There's a con on the loose.

I mean, he doesn't usually
write everything down.

- You want to see her? I'll fix it.
- Yeah, I... Excuse me.

But why did you call
Mr. Magnuson a con?

Well, Magnuson wasn't really
his name. It was Richards.

He escaped from
Leavenworth two years ago.

Elizabeth Sullivan found out and
was blackmailing him with something.

At least that's what it
says on the charge sheet.

It's very weak.

If it's weak and you're not
convinced that she did it...

then why do you
have to put her in jail?

Look, Mrs. King, I dust
for prints. I ask questions.

U.S. attorney decides whether
he's got a case or not, not me.

Come on, you wanna see?

I can't believe
this is happening.

The cops come at 5 a.m.
with a search warrant...

demanding witnesses that
said we were home last night.

We're regular people. Regular
people don't need witnesses.

Then we find out she's
charged with murder, two of them.

It's preliminary. Cases
like this are volatile.

- They're subject to reconsideration.
- What's he saying?

Oh, he just talks like that.

It's a very weak case and we're
gonna do everything we can to help you.

- I promise.
- Yes.

We ran down the trace on
that partial license you gave us.

Eleven possibles.

You're not gonna like this.

Chances are, any
one of them did it.

Eight dead ends. Only
three more to check.

Thank you.

Hello. Hello.

- Excuse me. May Carswell?
- Hi.

Yes, I'm Lee Sampson
and this is Amanda Smith.

We're from, uh, Senior's
Outlook magazine.

We're doing an article
on seniors and their cars...

where they drive,
what they drive.

Drive? I haven't owned
a car since I retired.

Oh, but you did own
a car, a blue sedan.

Oh, yes, until my bursitis
got me so gimped up that...

I wasn't safe at any speed.

I let the company
credit union take it.

And why should I
pay any more money?

Besides, the company
had a dear little mini-bus.

- What company was that, May?
- Oh, that was Trans-Oceanic Industries.

Would you look at those aphids?

I warned those little devils.

Now give it to me.

Elizabeth told me that Rawlings and
Trans-Oceanic were like peas in a pod.

Nobody had more to gain keeping him in
office than that company, that's for sure.

Look, if our murderer is
buried inside Trans-Oceanic...

he's gonna be
pretty hard to find.

Are you sure you wanna
go through with this?

Oh, Lee, come on. I can still
flirt pretty well when I want to.

- Hello.
- Hello, ma'am, can I help you?

Oh, well, yes.

Actually, this is a little bit embarrassing
but, um, did you ever see Camille?

The movie, you know, with
Robert Taylor, Greta Garbo...

and he saw her across the
opera and he just had to meet her...

and well, let me see if I can
say what I'm really trying to say.

This morning on my way
to work I stopped at a light.

There was a man in a car next to
me. He was a good-looking guy...

and he had a great smile...

and, so, I followed him
and he came here and...

Well, anyway, he was
driving a blue four-door...

I don't know, something
or other with a license plate.

And the last three
numbers were 767?

Oh, yes. Well,
you struck pay-dirt.

The car is checked out to
Mr. O'Keefe. He's our president.

Oh really? Well. Uh,
you think he'd see me?

- Well...
- I think so.

I'm going to have to ask
you to come along with me.

Now? Oh, no. Well, you
know, I really hadn't planned...

I should probably
come back later.

- No, it'll have to be now.
- Now is fine.

Get the gate.

Good luck, ma'am. Maybe
it'll be just like that movie.

Oh, well. I hope not, she dies.


Thank you very much for all
your help. Certainly appreciate...

Oh, what a lovely office.

- Who the hell are you?
- Uh, Mr. O'Keefe, I'm looking for a job.

And you see I didn't want
to go through Personnel.

I know I probably should've,
but I thought I would just...

bring my résumé myself
to you and deliver it to you...

except I left the car
without my purse...

- and I don't even have it with me but...
- Wait just a minute here.

- Did you tell him yet?
- No.

- We're friends of Jack Richards.
- We're partners.

- Yeah, you know him as Kurt Magnuson.
- All right, Bonnie.

- And, uh, we know everything.
- That's right.

- We're willing to forget for a 100 grand.
- Hundred grand.

Unless you want everyone to know
that you blew up Hamilton Rawlings.

- Get out of here.
- In a minute.


phone by midnight tonight.

Otherwise, we'll feed you
to a lot of hungry reporters.


- Goodbye.
- We were just leaving.

- Thank you, sir.
- Ha, ha.

That's him. That's the guy.

The guy that I fought
with at Richards' place.

They say they were Richards'
partners, that he told them everything.

- Do you believe them?
- That's irrelevant.

The question is...

how to get them out of our way.

Oh, I think we got him, I really do.
We really got him on the hook, boy.

- I don't know. Do we?
- Oh, yeah.

- I was bluffing like crazy.
- Oh, I know. But you were good.

You were really, really good.
How did you learn how to do that?

Oh, I don't know. It
comes out naturally.

- Oh, it was good.
- You were pretty good yourself.

- I don't know. I wasn't as good as you.
- No, Amanda. Believe me.

- Take it from...
- You were better.

Take from my experience,
you were very, very good.

Okay, I was pretty good. Oh, no.

I hope you don't mind.

I just got so bored
waiting at the hotel room.

So I convinced your
doorman to let me in.

I thought I'd surprise
you with dinner.

Oh, you did.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hi, I'm Leslie O'Conner.
- Hello, Amanda King.

- Amanda is my...
- Secretary.

Well, I, uh, guess that
wraps it up for today, Amanda.

- Quitting time.
- Quitting time.

Quitting time. I love
the sound of that.

I'm on 24-hour call in D.C.

I'm a translator and I travel between
Paris, Geneva and the Hague.

I'm gonna call Billy about that
contract. Tell him you're on your way.

Tell him I'll be right there.

Well, no, it was very nice to
meet you. But I better be going.

Can I please ask you something?

I, uh...

Well, I'm just
getting to know Lee...

and what I wanted to know,
is he always full of surprises?

Yes, he's full of surprises.

Heh, because yesterday,
apparently, he was out shopping...

and saw a dress that he
thought would be perfect for me...

and he bought it and
delivered it to my hotel room.

Well, that was very
thoughtful of him.

I brought it with me.

I'm gonna go try it on later
and surprise him, if it fits.


Lee has been so
wonderful for me.

Sometimes there's
just, well, chemistry.

- I guess I really better be going.
- No, you must stay for dinner.

Tell me all the delicious things about
him that he'd never tell me himself.

Well, heh, I
don't really... Ah...

Well, uh, thanks
for the lift, Amanda.

- And I will be seeing you in the morning.
- Yes, we have a busy day tomorrow.


We're going to a party
tomorrow evening...

at the Soviet Embassy. That's
why Lee bought me the dress.

You're going?

Oh, no. I think I'll
probably skip this one.

Maybe the three of us can
get together again soon.

- Well, yeah, maybe so.
- Thanks, Amanda.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Amanda.

I briefed Billy.

I've got a team standing
by in case O'Keefe calls.

She's very nice.

- I'm glad you like her.
- Not your type.

- What do you mean not my type?
- She's a normal person.

She would never understand you. She
would never understand what you do.

Amanda, she has a top security clearance
from the U.N. as a diplomatic translator.

She's been to Moscow
for the START talks.

She can guess what I do.

That's why it works
out so perfect.

- Oh.
- Anyway, where was I?

Okay. Uh, everything's all
set up in case O'Keefe calls.

- You're going straight home, right?
- Oh, go straight home, Amanda.

Story of my life. School, dinner,
grocery store, then straight home.

Never been to the U.N. Never
been on the road to Moscow.

Only Hague I know is that guy
used to be Secretary of State, Ha!

Amanda, you have been a big
help. Believe me, I appreciate it.

All we have to do is wait
for O'Keefe to take the bait.

If he calls for a rendezvous,
hey, I can get Francine to...

- Right.
- Double as you.

Yeah, we could
at least watch him.

But, oh, no, no, no, you
have better things to do.

Amanda King, I am not
gonna fight with you about this.

Now, watching O'Keefe
is pointless. You go home.

Go home.

Not this time, buster.


Amanda is very nice and
you're very lucky to have her.

Yes, Amanda is very special.


Leslie, I...

- Heh.
- Excuse me.

Yeah, Stetson here.

We've got a deal.

You show up with the girl
at my cannery near the pier.

- No, uh, no girl. I come alone.
- Uh-uh.

Bring the girl or no deal.


- I need to pick her up first.
- Go straight through the parking lot.

You've got a half hour. Slight
left, go to the loading dock.

You got it.

It has to happen as close to the
plant as possible and in his car.

I don't want any questions.

It has to look like just
another bombing gone wrong.

It will.

Oh, no.

Go on, cover the other
side of the building.

Lee, watch out.

I'm really out of my element.


All right, cowboy, drop the gun.

I said drop it. Swing it away.

You can't get out of here.
The place is surrounded.

A cop.

- I might have known.
- Hey, come on, man.

Smarten up, huh? Put
the gun down. It's over.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

- Oh, Amanda, that was great shooting.
- Thank you, Francine.

- Great shooting? Great shooting?
- Yeah.

Why didn't you just
take O'Keefe out?

Well, Lee, I probably
would have missed him.

And if I didn't shoot him, then
he would probably shoot you.

If you didn't think you could get him, what
makes you think you could get the pulley?

Well, I just aimed for the broad side
of the building and hoped for the best.

Look, I've been practicing.

Well, I can't imagine O'Keefe
or Trans-Oceanic Industries...

bothering you folks again.

The sad thing is we
never wanted that much.

Just to make an honest living.

There shouldn't be anything
standing in your way now.

Especially with that new
legislation in the Congress.

Nope, bad weather, 18-hour days
and fish that refuse to get caught.


- Well, good luck.
- Thank you.

Thank you very
much for everything.

- Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.

- Bye, Elizabeth.
- Goodbye.


Um, you're probably busy tonight,
right? PTA, Den Mother's Club.

- No.
- But your mother's card club?

- No.
- Oh. I thought maybe, uh...

I thought maybe we'd have dinner tonight.
You know, just two of us, uh, alone.

You and Leslie have a dinner
party at the Russian Embassy tonight.

Uh... Yeah.

She won't be lonely, believe
me. She's working anyway.

She's got her own invitation.

No, I thought maybe, uh, you
know, nice steak, bottle of red wine...

baked potato on the side.

No shop-talk for a change.

You know, we don't do
enough of that. Do we?

Not by half.