Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 20 - Dead Men Leave No Trails - full transcript

When Amanda is involved in a fender bender she accidentally reveals a supposedly dead terrorist as living and preparing to strike at an Embassy gathering.

That's Steven Sallee.

Funny, he looks more
like a school teacher...

than someone who's killed
thousands in cold blood.

Well, today...

we make the world
just a little safer.

If Mr. Alexander doesn't get here in the
next five minutes, we'll miss our train.

Relax, Grandma. He's always late: to
Science Club, to class, to everything.

He says time's relative.

Oh. Here I am worried about
Mr. Alexander and I forgot our ticket.

Okay, you both forgot to pack your
toothbrushes but I packed them for you.

- Thanks, Mom.
- Let's hear it.

- Okay. Now, Mom.
- Yes, sweetheart?

Electricity is like a river.

It flows through the wires...

- and drives the windmill.
- Mm-hm.

The rheostat is like a dam, it can
let in a little power or more power.

The fuses here
protects the motor.

- Oh, my gosh.
- You blew the fuse, meathead.

- Sorry.
- The last fuse, what are we going to do?

- Sweetheart...
- Mr. Alexander.

If we miss that train, we won't be
able to register for the Science Fair.

We've got a problem here,
but everything's all right.

What about my fuses, Mom?

You just go on to the train station,
I'll go to the hardware store...

get the fuse, meet you at the station.
- Let's go.

- You gotta hurry.
- We'll meet you there.

The final change in this week's
events calendar is on page six.

For security
reasons, the reception

celebrating the Middle
East Cultural Pact...

has been moved back to its
original site at Hotel Monroe.

Francine is there now
checking the security.

Hamilton, McCurry...

you're on the secretary's tea
at DOD, day after tomorrow.

Goodlein, I want you to cover the
NATO conference at the Trade Building.

That's it for now.

Just a moment, people.

I'm happy to announce that Mrs.
Sawaski gave birth a couple hours ago...

to a healthy baby boy...

which no doubt explains
Jack Sawaski's absence.

However, Sawaski was scheduled to
give the department orientation lecture...

to new agents this afternoon at
1:00 Now, let's see who's light.

Uh, look, Billy, uh, heh, you
know I can't. I would really love to...

but I have that, uh, report you
wanted on the possible Gaddafi hit...

That's all right,
the lecture is yours.

- That's it people.
- Wait, wait, hold it.

What's "it"? Billy.
Billy, what is "it"?

- You're it.
- I don't do speeches, you know that.

You'll manage. Check Sawaski's office.
He's probably got notes somewhere.

Notes? Wait, hold
on a second. Notes?

The guy has given the same speech every
other Monday for the past two decades.

I heard it myself 10
years ago, until I dozed off.

Well, I hope you will be
awake when you complete it.

Oh, my...


"What to do if you
have an accident."

"Stay calm." Great advice, no
wonder this insurance is so expensive.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, I didn't
see you, but I have insurance.

Don't be sorry, you may be
just what we're looking for.

- What?
- Rupert Andretti...

friends call me Crash, maybe
you've heard of my cousin, Mario.

I run the demolition derby
down at the speedway.

I think you may be the
talent we've been hunting for.

I'm in a terrible hurry,
I have to catch a train.

I know it's an awful
excuse but if we could

go inside the store
and call the police...

Uh, uh, seriously, miss,
none of that's necessary.

The way I came tearing around that corner,
I could've qualified for the Indy 500.

You were going awful fast.

I was and I'll take
full responsibility for it.

Why don't we straighten this
out. Take this. This will cover...

That's too much
because I have insurance.

Didn't you say that
you were in a hurry?

Well, yes, but it wasn't
entirely your fault.

You don't want your
insurance premium to go up...

and I certainly don't want
the police asking me...

why I haven't been
carrying any all this time,

- so call it even.
- Oh.

All right, have a good
trip, don't miss your train.

All right, I think I'm
getting the best end of this.

No problem.

It's not too bad.

So I finally got mother
and the boys on the train...

and I got the estimate on
the car, and it's only $125.

Well, the guy gave me $300.

Now, I have 175 of his dollars
and I don't think I should keep it.

- Heh, what are you, bucking for sainthood?
- Yeah.

The guy took full
responsibility, didn't he?


Put the change
down to aggravation.

No, it wasn't really that much
trouble and I got his license number.

Uncle Wigglie's birthday,
that's, uh, U-W-B-1-1-5...

and I thought you could put that in the
computer and get a name for me, huh?

- What? Me?
- Yeah.

You've spent more
time with that than I have.

I know but internal security
put in a new AP10 clearance...

and I haven't made
friends with it yet.

You realize it is
against agency policy...

to, uh, use the data bank
for personal business.

I know and you're not supposed to
handicap the horses at Saratoga...

However, occasionally
friends do favors for friends.

Didn't you used to write
speeches for a congresswoman...

when Joe was in law school?

You want me to do your
orientation speech, don't you?

- Uh...
- We can make a deal.

Okay, it's gotta be
right along here...

and that's got to be it
because that's the car...

- Uh-huh.
- Right there.

This is it.

That's the car.

Yeah, he could be the
most surprised man in D.C.

- Hello, is Mr. Jones here?
- I am him.

- Mr. Bolton Jones?
- You got him.

Oh, well, I guess you weren't
driving, but I'm the one who hit your car.

You hit my car? Where?

In front of the hardware
store yesterday.

That car has been sitting
in the drive for weeks.

I'm trying to sell it.
Ads in the paper and all.

And I didn't loan it
because I've been sound

asleep here since
6 a.m. I work nights.

I'm awfully sorry to have to
break this to you, but I hit your car.

It's not a very big dent. If you'll
come with me, I'll show you.

Oh, boy.

Right here on the...

Well, that's funny.

Look, if you don't mind, I'd like to
get back to bed. This is ridiculous.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Jones.
- Ah.

I don't understand this. This
is the car and this paint is wet.

Okay, so the guy doesn't want you
to know what he does with his car.

- Well...
- Forget about it...

- keep the money.
- Oh.

Look, I have got Sawaski's
"Welcome Aboard" coffee klatch at 1.

- That is work, this isn't.
- Okay.

Why don't you go back to the agency.
I'll ask the neighbors a few questions.

- Not helping with my speech?
- I'll go over notes...

and I'll take a cab when
I'm through here. Bye.

All right.

Wet paint.

Let me think...

- black curly hair...
- Mm-hm.


- Ah! That could be Millicent's boarder.
- Millicent?

- Thought he was young and blonde.
- Oh, no, he left six months ago.

Try Millicent McDonald's, across
the street, the house with the big tree.

- Thank you very much. Bye-bye.
- Oh, you're welcome. Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hi, Mrs. McDonald?
- Uh-huh.

My name is Amanda King.

Uh, one of your neighbors told
me you might be able to help me.

I'm looking for a tall, dark-haired
man with very blue eyes.

Uh, I owe him some money
but I don't know his name.

Your neighbor told me
you might have a boarder...

- I do have a boarder. Allan.
- Oh. Uh-huh.

But I'm afraid...

- he's not home right now.
- Oh.

But I have a picture inside.
Would you like to come in?

- Yes.
- Call me Millicent.

- Millicent. Thank you.
- Come right in.

- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.


- Allan doesn't know I have it.
- Heh.

He's so shy about pictures.

It's not very good, I'm afraid.
I took it when he was asleep.

That's him.

- It is? Good.
- Mm-hm.

Well, I'll call and see if he's
back yet and you stay for tea.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Excuse me, sir. LEE: Yes.

Is this where they're having
the orientation lecture?

Yes. Yes, it is.

If you have a minute, could you look over
my initial registration sequence cards?

- Yeah, sure.
- This is all pretty new to me.

You have to fill out all these?

Ahem, I mean...

you have to fill out all these cards, which
you have, and, uh, they look fine to me.

Uh, is there something
wrong? What are you staring at?

- Uh, your shoes.
- Huh?

My dad has some just like them.

Here we are.

You know, I am not at all surprised
that Allan gave you all that money.

He's the soul of generosity.

He's always doing little things for me
and he'll never take anything in return.


- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.

If he's not back
in a few minutes...

maybe I could just give
you the money, Margaret.

- Millicent.
- Millicent.

No. I'm sure he'll be right in.

You've waited this long.

- Here he is.
- Oh.

- Hello.
- Allan, this is Amanda King.

She tells me you've met already.
- Yes.

You naughty boy.

If you had errands to run,
why didn't you ask me?

And what was so important
you had to lose your sleep?

Uh, look, I got the estimate on
my car and it was only $125...

and I figured if your
budget's anywhere near as...

tight as mine, you'd probably
want this 175 back, so here it is.

Was pretty lucky to find you.


Well, it was nice to meet you,
Millicent. Thanks very much for the tea...

and I didn't mean to bother you.

I'll just be going.
Bye-bye, thanks again.



Come and get your tea.

And this one's
code-named Sweet Death.

A catch-all category
of lone wolf terrorists...

a new breed we saw
emerge fairly recently...

right after the war in
southeast Asia, 1968, '69.

"Fairly recently"?

And these guys have no
loyalties, no ties, no fear.

You've heard the names.

Sascha Stoemer, the Belgian.

- I'm sorry.
- Heh.

Giancarlo Granatti, the Italian.

Derek Van Der
Husen, the Dutchman.

Now, one of the first identified
and undeniably the most lethal...

Steven Sallee, American.

Now, Sallee was killed about
two years ago in Buenos Aires.

He's not dead.

I just gave him $175.


So he shaved his beard.
- Then you're not positive?

I'm positive about the
eyes, they were Sallee's.

Amanda, he was buried
under a ton of rubble.

- The man is dead. AMANDA:
They never recovered the body.

Might be asleep, he
works the night shift.

His apartment is
above her garage.

Okay, I'll check out there.
You see if the woman's inside.


It's Amanda again.

Millicent, are you here?



Amanda. AMANDA:
Behind the couch.


- Amanda saw the guy, Billy.
- Yes, sir.

- She is sure it was Sallee.
- All right.

No offense, but I have
checked every agency...

national and international,
that keeps tabs on terrorists...

even the Soviets,
they're all unanimous.

- Sallee is dead.
- No, sir.

What about the strangulation marks
on the McDonald woman's neck?

They could have been made
with la touche de la veuve.

- What's that, a garrote?
- A garrote takes two hands.

This is the new-improved version the
French developed during World War II.

It's a wire noose with a
handle. It's easy to conceal.

All you need is one free hand for la
touche de la veuve, the widow's touch.

- It was Sallee's trademark.
- Still is.

The pathology report
is not conclusive.

- It could have been anything.
- Sorry, sir.

All right. Did you get any of the
evidence the police found in Sallee's room?

I called Dick Abney
over at Justice.

He pressured the chief of the D.C.
police, who pressured his lieutenant.

Unfortunately, we
didn't get much.

One thumb tack,
two rubber bands...

a burnt-out light bulb...

- and a broken-pencil lead.
- That's all he left?

We just got this stuff because
it fell behind a built-in bureau...

that he couldn't take
time out to rip apart.

- Well, what about prints?
- Some, but they were sanded.

I agree. Sanded prints, no clothes,
no personal effects. Damn suspicious.

Oh, we found this from the
loose board in the woman's closet.

He'd been through her place with a
fine-toothed comb, but he missed it.

It's a diary. Crypto has been
through it, but they didn't find anything.

Sir, what about the
picture of the man sleeping?

Millicent showed me
the picture of Sallee...

Well, of a man sleeping.
Did you find that?

No, he probably
took it with him.

Billy, this guy is covering his tracks
like somebody who has had practice.

- Yes, sir. Dead men leave no trails.
- Okay.

You two spend the rest of the afternoon
and see what you can come up with...

and I want a full report
at the end of the day.

- You got it.
- Yes, sir.

- How's it going? AMANDA:
Well, in the last 60 months...

Steven Sallee has not applied for a
driver's license, passport, credit cards...

bank account or a job requiring a
background check or fingerprints...

that is, if he even has
fingerprints still. We're not sure.

So he either is dead or he's acting
exactly like what he is: a real pro.

- How'd you do?
- I just spent an hour...

with the inter agency
cross-check file...

and nothing that even sounds
remotely like Sallee popped up.

What about Millicent's diary?

Well, you heard what Billy
said. Crypto struck out with it.

- I haven't had time to look it over.
- Yeah, you mind if I take a try?

- Oh, would you?
- Mm-hm.

Look, I'm due over at
NSA in 15 minutes...

for another
international ID scan.

Ugh, it's like chasing the
wind, but you never know.

- See you later.
- Mm-hm.

We'll be sweeping the room
with dogs at 1100, 1400...

and, uh, then one hour
before the reception at 1800.

Uh, Nesheim, I want you
and Bachman to cover...

Excuse me, Ms. Desmond, my
staff has spent the entire afternoon...

buffing the crystals
of each chandelier.

And now your men are covering
them with their fingerprints.

I am less concerned about
the crystals of your chandeliers...

than I am about
the security problem.

I have been doing parties
in Washington for 20 years.

I understand about
security, but this is excessive.

- Excuse me, uh, Mr. VanKlef.
- VanKleef.

Whatever. Eighteen months
ago, a terrorist group in Beirut...

replaced the window of a hotel
skylight with a transparent explosive...

that crashed through the
ceiling, killing 54 people.

- Yes, but... FRANCINE:
Tomorrow, night...

in this very room, there will be
senators, ambassadors, congressmen...

and the vice president
of the United States.

My job is to make sure
that they're still around...

to notice the fingerprints
after the reception, understood?

- Of course.
- Good.

- And if there is anything I can do...
- Ah, yes, as a matter of fact, there is.

We'll need a list of
every staff member who'll

be in or near this room
during the reception.

And anybody who's
involved in food preparation.

- Everyone?
- Yes.

- That's well over 300 people.
- Well, then let's get started.

The agency will be doing a background
check on everyone, including yourself.

Of course, Ms. Desmond.

All right, let's see
now, where were we?

Okay, uh, Bachman,
you and Nesheim...

will be covering the front
ballroom door, all right?

Now, go check it out.

- Hi.
- Hi. What's all this?

Well, I'm just doing some
clues from Millicent's diary.

Ah, all this is from that diary?

Well, see these red pens
mark the old bus route.

Millicent said that Allan took
the bus to work every evening.

The old line is the only one that
goes through the neighborhood.

Yeah, but there's probably
half a dozen transfer points.

No, she said it only
took him 15 minutes to

get to work, so I doubt
if he would transfer.

- If Millicent is accurate. Right.
- Right.

I know if I work at this
long enough, I can get more.


Let me read you a couple of
things. December 12, "He says...

it's not necessary, but I love
pressing Allan's work uniforms." Right?

"Work uniforms." Then,
uh, later on, she writes...

"He must have
noticed his shoes today.

He wore them home
this morning soaking wet...

and he put them on
tonight, clean and shining."

So whatever he does, he wears a
uniform and works near the water.


He could be anything from a
postman to a longshoreman.

No, can't be a postman because
that would be a government employee...

and he's not in the computer,
and I doubt if he's a longshoreman.

Old line doesn't
go near the water.

- A waiter.
- Yeah, he could be a waiter.

But if he was a waiter, she probably
would have mentioned pressing his shirts.

He's probably a blue collar
worker, maybe works outdoors...

maybe works in maintenance.

Assuming you are right, Amanda,
we would have to narrow it down.

- We just don't have the detail.
- I think we might.

Listen. "On his way to the bus stop,
he bought me chocolates, my favorites."

See, so there's a candy store.
And then just last week she wrote:

"He's too wonderful. How
did he know I love Schubert?"

So he's a music lover.

- Candy and music.
- Mm-hm.

- It's not very much.
- Well, I know.

You know some of
this stuff is pretty sad.

"We have so much in common. If I could
ever get him away from his inventions...

I could teach him violin." I
think she was in love with him.

Amanda, all this gives
us is a map full of dots.

Well, maybe we can
connect the dots tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow
in this case, Amanda.

Without a national-security angle to
hang our hat on, we cannot stay involved.

Billy wants the
police to handle it.

Take a look at this picture and
tell me if you recognize this man.

He's about six feet tall and he
doesn't have a beard anymore.

I think he rides this
bus almost every day.

I can't be sure. I just take
the fare and watch the road.

Right. Well, thanks anyway.

"I wish he'd let me fix
him a proper breakfast...

instead of eating those horrible
steak and onion sandwiches."

Did you say something, lady?

Uh, yeah, this is my stop,
could I get off here, please?

Okay, thank you so much.

That's right, uh,
we're open 24 hours.

I come on at 6 and this guy
comes in almost every morning...

and orders a Philly Hoagie
with extra onions, 7 a.m.

Not me, but you'd be surprised
how many people do. Friend of yours?

Yeah, he's an old friend,
I'm trying to find him.

Well, stick around, he'll be in.

Uh, could you tell me if there's a
pay phone around here anywhere?

Yeah. Right over there.

Oh, good. Look, if you
don't mind, it's a surprise...

so if you see him,
don't tell him I'm here.

- No. Yeah. Okay, bye.
- Thank you. Bye-bye.

Good morning, Mr. Stetson.
Have a call for you on line six.

Six. Thank you.

Yeah, Stetson.

Hi, it's me. I think I've
tracked Sallee down.

Wait, hold it. Is it Sallee?
Have you seen him?

I'm not sure. I haven't seen him
yet, but I think I'm just about to.

You need to meet me on the 2000
block of Connecticut Ave. Can you do that?

I'm across the street from
an all-night sandwich shop.

Couple of little
tables out in front of it.

Okay. I've got it. I'll be there in
10 minutes. You stay out of sight.

And, Amanda, if it is
Sallee and he shows up...

- don't follow him, you hear me?
- I wouldn't think of it.


Last I looked, he
was following her.

- Which way?
- Down the street towards the park.

You stay here.

There is a reason
Sallee is here, I know it.

My guess is that he is too
close to whatever it is to stop now.

- Now, what we have to do...
- Ah.

Is figure out what,
where and when.

- Check my events calendar on the desk.
- Yeah.

There's a cluster of pins around
the sandwich shop, Sector 3.

All right, we'll move outward
in concentric circles, say...

two blocks out to start.

Right, Sector 3, what events?

Uh, public and private. Security
risk: code blue and above.

Uh, six today, three
tomorrow, 11 the day after.

Oh, man, that's
what I was afraid of.

A dozen embassies and a score of
government agencies in that sector.

Hotels and museums too.

I'm gonna go down and
check along the bus route...

talk to that proprietor of the sandwich
shop. He seemed to be talkative.

- Right.
- Maybe he can tell me something.

- Check into that diary some more.
- Yeah.

- Okay, see you later.
- All right.

"Went to the library today and found
two wonderful volumes on electricity.

Allan has such
fascinating hobbies."


Don't tell me. The
money's still on the register.

You got it.

We figured dope or numbers,
but if he was dealing here...

it was the quietest
operation in town.

- We never heard about it.
- Hmm.

I'm Lieutenant Trisk.

I think you'll find this ties into a
homicide yesterday in Arlington.

McDonald, the same MO.

Tell me, Mr. Stetson, what's
the agency's interest in this?

We're looking for a guy.
Steven Sallee, he's a terrorist.

- We thought he was dead.
- Not this guy?

No, this guy is dead.

"How did he know
I love Schubert?"

Russell Music, 2321 P Street.

Sector 3.

- Amanda?
- Here.

You know...

you are going to set a new
record for disobeying orders.

You told me to stay of
Sector 3. This is Sector 7.

And besides that, you got an
agent outside. I couldn't be safer.

- Okay, what are you doing here?
- Well...

Millicent said in her diary that
Sallee's hobby was electricity, right?

So I brought this light bulb
from Mr. Melrose's office...

and I checked it out and it doesn't fit
any of the lamps in the entire house.

- The light bulb has burned out.
- That's right.

- Probably carried it home from work.
- Mm-hm.

Unfortunately, there are
about 100 places in D.C...

where he could've
changed a bulb like that.


Now, if we could just narrow
down the possible locations.

Look, I think he bought this sheet
music for her from Russell Music...

at 2321 P Street,
right there in Sector 3.

Wait a minute. That's
right across the street...

- from the Hotel Monroe.
- Mm-hm.

Francine's coordinating security
for a diplomatic reception there.

Isn't the vice president
going to be there?

Yes, sir, I'll
bring it right over.

I've run a deep background on
everyone who will be in this room...

and a medium-risk check
on anyone who'll be near it.

- I don't see how Sallee can...
- Let's hope we have boxed him...

- out of whatever he was planning.
- Ms. Desmond...

I refuse to let my staff bring a
single tray of food into this room...

as long as those dogs are present. We're
already seven minutes behind schedule.

- Mr. VanKleef, not now.
- Maybe Mr. VanKleef can help us.

Mr. VanKleef, look at that picture and
tell us if you've seen that man before.

- Yes. The point is...
- Yes?

I've got 200 Viking
spears on ice...

Wait, hold it. What
are you talking about?

Viking spears. Crab claws on ice.
- No, no, the picture.

The picture. You've
seen this man in the hotel?

- He works here.
- That can't be, he's not on the checklist.

I saw every employee that works
here, no matter how insignificant.

- Francine. VANKLEEF:
Ms. Desmond...

he's not an employee of the hotel.
He's on the night cleaning crew.

It's a contract deal.

If you want to know more, talk to
Plant Maintenance. I'm Banquets.

I'm about to be out of a
job. Can we move along?

This couldn't be more important.

Could you tell us if there is any
chance he could be here now?

I said he's night crew.

- Starts at 7:30. AMANDA:
Is there a chance?

He could be here,
but not on the clock.

- Do you have an employees' locker room?
- Of course.

We have to see his locker. Amanda,
follow up this lead with Plant Maintenance.

- Right.
- See what they know, okay?

Come on, show me.

It used to be so easy
to do a lovely party.

Consult with the chef about the
menu, call the florist, organize the staff.

Security was a few
agents in formal attire...

discretely sprinkled
among the guests. But now...

I'd be willing to bet there aren't
any prints. I think we'd better call Billy.

I'm telling you, I have got a security
net pulled so tight over that ballroom...

that no one, not even
Sallee, could breach it.


It's possible you and Amanda
scared him off this morning.

It's possible.
Anything is possible.

We have a 30-minute window.
That's as long as I can stall...

the vice president in his limo outside
before we call off this shooting match.

- That's a bad choice of words.
- More to the point, how sure are we?

Billy, I have been on this for weeks.
We've covered all the bases, we are secure.

- Secure?
- Yeah.

The guy was here. Been
here for three months.

He's not here now. Even
his time card is missing.

- What'd you find?
- Talked to Maintenance.

They recognized him,
but don't know where he is.

- Do we have proof he was in the hotel?
- He was a few blocks away this morning.

We know he's not on this floor now.
He's not on the floors above or below us.

And there's no way he can
get anywhere near this ballroom.

Ms. Desmond, we've
got another emergency.

A dozen or more light bulbs
in the chandelier just blew.

It's a power surge, I suspect.
It's the power company.

- Been driving us crazy for months.
- Mr. VanKleef...

will you just try to get through
this crisis without me, okay?

Ms. Desmond, no one from
the Maintenance department...

is cleared to come
into the ballroom.

Well, then you'd better
change them yourself.

Well, everything is set.

Guests are arriving. We're only
about, uh, 25 minutes behind schedule.


Andrew, take these.

I have to get my champagne
fountain out of the walk-in.

- Lee.
- Yeah.

Is it possible to make a
bomb out of a light bulb?

Francine, the bulbs,
did you check the bulbs?

Yes, the bulbs, the sockets, the
wiring, the fixtures, the crystals.

What about the new
ones they just put in?

I checked all the
spares. Yesterday.

If he packed those
bulbs with plastique...

the glass from those chandeliers
will cut everyone to ribbons.

All right, clear the ballroom,
everyone. Let's move it.

Scarecrow, find out where the
main power trunk enters the hotel.

You got it.

Nesheim, get the bomb
squad down here ASAP.

- Amanda.
- Yes, sir.

- Get yourself to the command-center van.
- I'm on the way.

Francine, come with me.

- Stop right there.
- Hold it. Hold it.

- Hold your fire. Hold your fire.
- You too, hot-shot, just stay there.

- Stay. Stay. Stay.
- Hold your fire.

- Unh.
- Easy.

Easy, everybody.

The rear doors, if he gets out there,
he could go in a dozen directions.

Lee, the bulbs
are about to blow.

Francine, get down!

- Get down! It's gonna blow.
- Watch out! Take cover.

- Francine?
- Yeah, here.

Come on.

Easy, easy.

- You all right? Huh?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

He's really dead this time.

Lee told me about the diary,
Amanda. That was fine work.

Thank you, but actually Millicent McDonald
did all the work, I just interpreted it.

Sallee's dead.

Killed by his own hand, huh?

He who lives by the sword...

Disaster. An absolute disaster.

Come on, Francine, we've
got to mend some fences.

Don't know what his
problem is, look at my hair.

- Well, another day, another dollar, hmm?
- Yeah.

What do we do for an
encore after a day like this?

Mother and the boys won't
be home until tomorrow.

- I have a couple steaks.
- You and me?

Your house? Just like a
couple of normal people?

- Let's give it a try.
- Yeah.

Two years ago Ari Gershen headed the
anti-terrorist unit that went after Sallee.

He was also one of the
organizers of that reception tonight.

- Aha. So Sallee wanted revenge?
- Yeah.

- That and notoriety.
- Hmm.

By taking out as many people as he
could, he would have had both with spades.

- Yeah.
- Ah.

Here we go.

And I thought you told me that you were
just going to throw something together.

Well, there was a bake sale to
raise money for Jamie's soccer team...

and I baked a cake and
then I baked an extra one.

- Yeah, that's good.
- There you are.

- Homemade, and I hope you like it.
- Mm.


- It's mother, out the back.
- Oh. Yeah.

Come on, hurry, hurry.

Hey, Mom, we're home.

Amanda, there's a beautiful silver
sports car parked in front of the house.

Wouldn't it be fun if it
belonged to a new neighbor?