Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 2 - We're Off to See the Wizard - full transcript

An old tragedy for Lee resurfaces as he starts seeing a dead woman and several other women of his acquaintance are murdered.

Now we both have
an early plane to catch.

Am I boring you?

You're not going to outwit
the mighty Serdeych...

by talking about him all night.

Sleep might help you think.


I'm this close.

Another month I'll have him.

Of course you will.

That's why they call
you the Wizard of Oz.

You, uh, don't want me to stay?


Paul, I told you...

Pamela Densmore, the sixth
agent to be murdered this year.

She was a good friend. We were
supposed to have dinner tonight.

All of them professional
hits. Same MO.

Why these women? Hmm? They worked
all over the world. What's the connection?

Well, there does seem to be one
thing that links all of them together.

- You.
- Me?

Well, yeah, I knew
them, I worked with them.

- Sure, I dated them, but...
- Lee, there's more.

Interpol is investigating a couple of
similar murders right now in Europe.

Women, young, professional.

Anne Marie Johnson
and Stacy Smith.

Oh, my God.

Hello, everybody.
Hello, sir. Good morning.

- You're busy?
- The meeting's in the conference room.

- Francine.
- Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

- Thank you, Francine.
- Sure.

Billy, there's got to be
some other connection.

Four out of six of the agents had
worked the Oz Network. The others...

Oz? Has anyone
talked to Paul Barnes?

He's flying in
from London today.

Supposedly for his annual
review, but there's talk of trouble.

They say he's tired, burned out.

They may even take
Oz away from him.

You know, it was 10 years
ago I worked with Paul.

I read the file.

Another female agent was
killed then. Code name Dorothy.


She was the first close
friend I ever lost that way.

Maybe Francine should
handle this for you.

No. No.

If this has anything to do
with me, I want to know what.

And why.

We don't have much else to go on
except that the common denominator...

seems to be Lee Stetson.
But we don't know why.

And most of you have
worked with him or dated him.

So we want you to report
any unusual activity...

strange phone calls, contacts.

Tell me or file a report with
Lee upstairs in the new Q-room.

And please be careful.

That's it.

Hello. FRANCINE: Hi.

What's going on?

Well, we know how hard
this must be for you, and...

- Yeah, so we have a plan.
- Right.

- Go ahead, Francine.
- What?

You know all the women who didn't make
the meeting? You have to contact them.

So Amanda suggested that
we can just all get on the phone.

And we'll, uh, call them.

And if we're all calling we can get
the whole thing done in half an hour.

- And you won't have to worry anymore.
- A half an hour won't quite cut it.

Billy wants me to contact
all my non-agency friends too.

Oh, all right.
Okay, so that's fine.

Here's what we'll do. You
give us your black book.

We'll divide it up
and just start dialing.


- Books.
- I have four of them.

Ha, ha. I should have
known. That's okay.

I'm gonna go clear up my desk.
We'll just jump on it this afternoon.

See you later Francine.

- Thanks a lot, Francine.
- Sure.

Now, look. Just don't worry,
because it's gonna be all right.

- Can I help you?
- What is it?

I don't know. I just
saw someone I knew.

An old friend.


Come on, Amanda, let
me walk you to your car.

You enter the smoky bar.

A man offers you a light.

You shake your head.

Repeat your recognition phrase:

Hello, mother.
Oh, language tape.

Russian. I always wanted
to learn a second language.

- Well, that's wonderful.
- Yeah.

- Why Russian?
- Oh. Caviar.

What did you, uh, just say?

The pregnant sow
has lost her piglets.

Ah, that's very interesting.
Where are you going to use that?

- On a farm.
- Hmm.

Russian farm.


Your attention, please.

Baggage for passengers
who arrive on flight 5 7...

- Cigarette?
- No, thank you.

- They're not good for your health.
- I lost my health years ago.

- Could I give you a ride?
- Yeah.

- Your German's improved.
- I'm working on it.

Why the old codes? Is
that really necessary?

I didn't want to catch the
Soviet Welcome Wagon.

Boris and Dimitri? Don't worry about them.
They're always here, standard watch duty.

Well, maybe. But I can't
afford to be careless.

Things are not well
in Oz, Scarecrow.

We stirred up a few
hornets in Serdeych's nest.

Yeah. We lost
another agent, Paul.

Pamela Densmore.

When? I just left her.

Last night in London.

She knew the risk.

They all did.


You all right?


Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.

Let's get out of here, huh?

Paul, you said you'd stirred up a
few hornets in Serdeych's nest, right?

Could he commit those murders?

You think "Heartless" is
living up to his nickname?

- Yeah.
- It's entered my mind.

But why are you so interested?
Those were my agents.

My network. My family.

- Serdeych is my problem.
- He's everyone's problem.

- Those agents were friends.
- Aren't they all?

Dorothy was special. And
we know Serdeych killed her.

That was 10 years ago,
Scarecrow. Leave it alone.

I'll handle this.

I'm working on a solution.

The Wizard has not
lost all of his magic.

Lee, come, let's
go to your office.

Now, different relationships
require different covers.


Here. Now, "IFF"
by the name means...

International Fed Film. - Mm-hm.

"M" for military, and "P.I."
for private investigator.

Mm-hm. What about
these little moons?

Uh, they think I'm an astronaut.

Well, we better get started.

Why don't you take all of
the ex-agency employees?

Okay, their addresses are in Data. Now,
just in case any of them are classified...

you can use my clearance
card, but with discretion of course.

- Absolutely.
- Good. That'll get you anything...

- through, uh, a Green 13.
- Mm-hm.

You keep that book, I'll keep this
one. Can you handle those two?


- Okay.
- Bye.


He told you he was a cellist?

Seven, eight and...

Oh, that explains
these little notes here.

Uh, anyway, there's
been some trouble.

Some of Lee's, uh, friends
have been bothered recently.

You mean the phone
calls? The heavy breathing.

That's Lee? I knew I
recognized that whisper.

No, no. We're not talking
about obscene phone calls here.

What are we talking about?

Um... Murder.


Hi, Jane.

No, I'm just about to leave.

I'll meet you at the courts.

Okay, bye-bye.

Hi, is this Cheryl
Bartlett's house?

God, Cheryl.

I only worked with
her a couple of times.

I didn't see anything,
I didn't hear anything.

He was standing right there,
only a few feet from you.

Now, I want you to
go home, all right?

- Can't help if...
- Amanda.

I don't want to argue
with you about this.

Now, you please go home and stay
there until you hear from me. All right?

You almost walked into a murder today,
Amanda King. That could've been you.


When all else fails,
create a diversion.

Something totally unexpected.

For example, shouting, "The Red
Chinese have taken Vladivostok."

Hey, what are you fellas doing?
You're supposed to be upstairs in bed.

Now, move it. Come
on, scoot, scoot.

Go, go, go on. Go on. Go on.

What are you doing here?
There are not any new...?

- No.
- Oh, good.

Look, this morning, outside the
agency, I saw someone, remember?

- Oh.
- You looked at her too.

- No, I didn't see anybody.
- You did.

- I didn't see anybody.
- You had too.

I didn't see anybody.
Lee, I'm sorry.

All right. Here.

This woman.

I'm sorry, I didn't see her.

- Who is she?
- Her name is Dorothy.

She died 10 years ago.

- Amanda.
- Yes, Mother?

Hi, Mother.

- What are you doing out here?
- I'm just out here practicing Russian.

You know, the wart
hog wants more caviar.

It's a very important phrase,
though no one understands why.

Probably the reason why our
two countries just don't get along.

- Ha, ha.
- Not so loud.

We're gonna have the same
problem with the neighbors.

- Right, mother.
- The wart hog wants more caviar.

Caviar, yes, mother.

- I'll be very quiet.
- Good.


Billy, got anything new
on Pamela's murder?

Yeah, the ballistics
report says the same gun...

that killed Pamela
Densmore killed all the others.

I think Serdeych
pulled the trigger.

- Why?
- Because the Wizard is closing in...

and Serdeych is doing everything
he can to destroy the Oz Network.

- Which he tried to do 10 years ago.
- How do you figure that?

Because I think Serdeych was
a member of the Oz Network.

Aren't you forgetting that Paul Barnes
cleared everyone in that operation?

No. No, I'm not.

Keep an eye on him.

I don't know what you want.

- I can't get any more specific.
- You'll have to try.

I don't think pressure's
going to work here, Billy.

When you promised
to deliver Serdeych...

maybe you were little
too eager, even unrealistic.

Have you ever been
in the field, Pfaff?

Ever worked a string of agents for
a year, with a knot in your stomach...

the size of a grapefruit every time there
was a phone call or a knock on the door?

Because if you had, you'd
know that it takes time.

And patience is something
in short supply around here.

And if that voice
analyzer's telling you...

that I'm a little
stressed out, it's right.

Because every day I waste my
time jawing with soft hands like you...

I lose a day on Serdeych.

And, believe me, he
doesn't need much.

I promised you an hour
and gave you 70 minutes.

You owe me 10.

He's stretched tight.

Real tight.

Verify, or security
will respond.

Clearance. Oz file begin.

- Is everything copacetic, Mrs. King?
- Oh, yes, Mr. Hutchinson.

- Just super.
- Good. Good.

- I wanna talk, Paul.
- Later, Scarecrow.

I've had all the talking
I can do for a day.


Now, I ran a location check on those
murders over the past six months.

Cross-referenced it
with your travel itinerary.

There's a perfect
correlation here.

You seemed to be in the right
place at the right time, every time.

- Meaning?
- Meaning that's a big coincidence, Paul.

What the hell is going on here?

I'll tell you what's going on, Scarecrow.
I've been fighting for my life...

ever since I got to this place, with
suits who wouldn't mind shutting down...

the most effective network this
agency's ever known. I don't need guys...

who ought to know better
taking cheap shots of their own.

- You call that correlation a cheap shot?
- Wanna talk correlation?

Those women who were
murdered were your women.

Explain that! Come on, come on!

Hold it. Back off.

What is going on?


Just a little
misunderstanding. That's all.

We can't afford "little misunderstandings"
around here, Scarecrow.

You take the rest of the
day off and clear your head.

That's an order.

- Uh, Lee?
- Why are you here?

- I was just doing some, uh, routine...
- You free?

- Yes.
- I need to talk.


I just don't want to
believe it, Amanda.

Paul Barnes has always walked on water
for me. He baptized me in this business.

He gave me my code
name. He saved my life.

And now, I just think I'm
going nuts or something.

Lee, there's gotta be a
perfectly logical explanation.

- What's the matter?
- Look, on that bus. It's Dorothy!

She was here, damn it.

She was right here.

Dasvidaniya, Mrs. King.

Amanda, how long have
we known each other?

Oh, I don't know.
About two years or so.

- Twenty-five months.
- And two weeks.


In all that time, have you ever known
me to see things that aren't there...

people that aren't there?

Well, yeah. Now, there was that
time that you kept seeing that flasher...

on the Senate Park bike
path. I never saw him.

You were gonna go
out there with binoculars.

- Well, it was much safer that way.
- No, I don't mean flashers.

- I mean...
- I know you mean Dorothy.

Yes. She was on
that bus, Amanda.

Not an illusion, not a fantasy.

It's just not possible.

- Dead is dead.
- And you're sure she was killed?

Amanda, I held her
body in my arms.

I tried to breathe life back into her
until they finally had to pull me off.

It was the first time.

First time I'd ever seen
somebody killed like that.

Look, you were 24 years old.

It wasn't your fault. Now, you've
gotta stop taking all the blame.

But somebody has to,
somebody has to answer for her.

A person shouldn't just die and her
only epitaph be a footnote in an old file.

I know, "agent lost, betrayed."

- Yeah. That's what it says.
- I know.

Terminal betrayal...

Wait, I never told
you I was 24 then.

- Oh.
- You read that file.

I used Francine's card. Come
on, I know I don't have clearance...

but I was so worried about you.
Look, you won't talk to anybody...

and you just act like you're some
kind of a Superman, and you're not.

You're just a man, but you're
really a pretty special man.

- Hey, I'm sorry.
- No, don't be.

It's important to
me that you care.

So why did Paul Barnes give
you the code name Scarecrow?

You'll have to ask the Wizard.

Ten years ago, Paul
Barnes was the Wizard.

Equal parts hocus pocus,
black magic, and pure bull.

He formed the Oz Network as a
special task force to handle any crisis.

When he picked me for it, it was like being
drafted by the Yankees, it was the best.

The other team members were
codenamed Dorothy and Tin Man.

They had a line on
a Soviet operation

stealing anti-tank
missiles from Fort Meade.

The missiles were hidden in
boxes of greenhouse roses...

and flown out of
Silver Springs Airport.

Tin Man went undercover
with the Russians.

He was with them when we
brought the hammer down.


And Dorothy died there with
all those roses on the ground.

That's why the smell
of them makes me sick.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

I swore to her then I'd find the one
who sold us out and make him pay.

Is it possible that it could
have been the Wizard?

It's a good question.

He never quite pulled out of it. We
all assume that's why he drifted off.

It's not the same Wizard I knew.

- So you never found out who it was.
- No.

It's a good chess move though,
killing Tin Man and Dorothy...

nearly shutting down
the Oz Network for good.

It's a kind of play I'd
expect from Serdeych.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.


I'm really glad I told
you, you know that?

I'm getting a clearer
picture in my head.

You know, maybe that's
where Dorothy really is.

Maybe you ought
to talk to someone.

- I thought that's what I was doing.
- No. I mean, talk to someone.

- I don't mean just anyone. Talk to some...
- Yeah, you mean a shrink.

You don't have to
call him a shrink.

Don't you have a
doctor at the agency...

somebody who understands
the way an agent's mind works...

when he's under pressure?
Maybe he could tell you something...

you'd never find
out by yourself.


It just might.

I call it, "trying to keep
the cork in the bottle."

It's the best I can hope for.

Pressure is bound to
build up in you guys...

and I try to let it off a little
at a time before you blow.

Do we always blow?

No, it's a delicate thing
and I try to watch for signs...

read the tea leaves, try
to stick you behind a desk.

You ever miss?

You know, let it go on
too long, and then what?

Kaboom. Ha, ha.

That's the technical term.

- Did you want the couch?
- No.


Are there signs, signals?

Ha. Signals?

You guys are all spooks. I almost have
to use a divining rod like a water witch.

- You want some ice-cream?
- No.

It's delicious.

Man. This is the weirdest
butterfly I've ever seen.

Butterfly? Interesting.

What about my pledge
to avenge Dorothy?

Is that ticking away in me?

Sure. Vengeance is very
corrosive just like, uh, guilt, envy...


Yeah, let's talk about
envy for a second.

Of a younger agent, say,
who still has what you've lost.

You mix it up with some guilt,
maybe an old betrayal or two.

The death of an agent who trusted
you, the death maybe you caused.

Hmm. Nasty. You sure?

Doc, will you quit with the
tutti-frutti? Tell me, what does he do?

- We speaking hypothetical?
- Yes.


A man with that much weight on
his mind is liable to do anything at all.

- What triggers it?
- A hang nail, a button off his shirt.

One day the cork
pops out of the bottle.

And he just keeps going
along, getting older and slower...

- until...
- Kaboom.

- You want a little of this?
- No, sir. Just some water.

- Water.
- Yes, sir.

I'm sorry. I'm so shaky. I
know it isn't very professional.

Hey, it's okay, Amanda.
Only amateurs don't shake.

The good news is he probably wasn't trying
to kill you. It was too close to miss.

You see? It fits. It all fits.

We can't get a ballistics
match on the bullets.

We don't have any
fingerprints. What fits?

The attacks are
getting closer to me.

It's like a spiral.
Don't you see that?

He didn't even know who
Amanda was before he got here.

- Now she's the target.
- Hold it. Hold it.

No accusations unless
you can back them up.

- How about that red mask?
- Assassins often wear masks.

Uh, excuse me.

This was a red hockey mask, just like
the ones the men wore who killed Dorothy.

You're seeing Dorothy.
Maybe you're both hallucinating.

Paul Barnes was in every
city on the day of every murder.

I would call that a 100 percent
correlation, not a hallucination.

Okay, so, what about a motive?

He snapped, how about that?

Barnes is a perfectionist,
or at least he was.

Look at how many of his recent
missions have gone south, huh? Five, six?

No, he's losing it. He's scared.

He's getting revenge on
somebody he fears and envies.

It's me.

How about you, Amanda? You calm enough
to go home? We have a team on the house.

Sir, if you don't
mind my saying so, a

blown-out windshield
is not a hallucination.

I know. I'm just
glad you're all right.

When are we picking him
up? Run him through the ringer.

You're talking
about Paul Barnes.

- We need more than that.
- Do you mind if I get more than that?

Yes, I mind. You don't exactly appear
to be humming with mental health.

You're seeing people,
remember? You need rest.

Take Amanda home and then
get some sleep. That's an order.

Come on.

Bullets ricochet around you...

their hot breath on your face.

You've been there before.

You respond instinctively
with the right phrase:

Do you remember it?

If not, refer to tape number
three before you go to Moscow.

- What's that about...? Sorry.
- Oh, it's okay mother.

- What's that about Moscow?
- Mother, you know what?

I'm gonna have to get little
bells put on your slippers...

so you can't pad up behind me.

- Thank you.
- I want to tell you something.

I think it is a wonderful idea
that you're learning Russian.

With all the poets and
the dancers coming

over here, you could
land yourself an artist.


There's more cocoa on
the stove if you want it.

- Thank you, Mother.
- Darling, if you find out...

why the Russians feed caviar
to their hogs, let me know.

You'll be first to know,
yes, Mother. Good night.

- Love you.
- Sweet dreams.


Find anything interesting?

Come here.

Get over there.

You wanna explain
the red hockey...

Barnes is good.

He's early.

Stetson's still in there.

He anticipated your
move, Serdeych.

He could convince Stetson.


I know Stetson will end it here.

I've aimed him at
Barnes like a gun.

He'll do my work for me.

Barnes nearly had
you more than once.

Why not just kill him yourself?

Because I want Barnes
remembered as a killer...

not as the man who
nearly caught Serdeych.


Whatever you found was planted.

Including my psych profile?

Look, three of my agents
were killed. They all knew you.

Oh, that's good.

That's proper technique
in a situation like this.

You put your adversary on the
defense. I learned that from you, Paul.

Are we adversaries?

I thought we were both after
the same adversary, Serdeych.

Well, maybe I just found him.

Maybe I should just kill him.

This is Lee Stetson.

I'm not home so leave
your name and number.

AMANDA: Lee, it's me.

Um, it's about 11:30. I can't
sleep, but I hope you are.

So I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.

Why do I think you're not
there? I hate these machines.

Lee, it's Paul.

Sorry I had to take you
out, but you were too close.

We're being used, manipulated,
and pretty damn well too.

You know who makes
that his specialty.

But why?

Serdeych wants
you to take me out.

That way he destroys
my credibility...

and the Oz Network too,
while he stays in the clear.

He's scared because
I'm about to nail him.

We've gotta talk.

We can't let it end like this.

Let's meet.

Where this all started,
where we all got deflowered.


Gotta get back to Oz.


Tin Man hasn't got a heart.

- Mom.
- Hmm?

- Mom.
- Mm-hm?

- Mom, you've been dreaming.
- Shh, sweetheart, you're going to wake me.

- Mom, come on.
- Shh, come on, sweetie.

Mom, you've been dreaming.

- Huh?
- You've been dreaming.

What was I dreaming?

Must have been The Wizard of Oz.
You were saying Toto and Tin Man.

- Tin Man hasn't got a heart.
- Yes, he does.

He's heartless. All right, look.

You fellas get your own breakfast, and
wake your grandmother up in 15 minutes.

I gotta read that again. It
must be better than I remember.

"Stetson, Lee. Eleven to five."



Dispatch, uh, this
is Amanda King.

I need to get an urgent
message to Mr. Melrose, please.

I'll need your clearance,
green or above...

authorization, priority number.

This is life and death.

These are the rules,
destination, security.

Uh, right. Sorry.

Francine Desmond here, uh,
leaving a message for Amanda King.

Uh, my security clearance is
Green 13. This is priority one.


Would you please leave a
message for Mr. Melrose...

that Mrs. King is on the way to
Silver Spring Airport. It's urgent.

Lee Stetson is probably
meeting Paul Barnes there.

Time 0 8:46.

Clearance Green 13. Message
sent by Francine Desmond.

How did Amanda
get your clearance?

I, uh, gave her my card to
check addresses in Data.

Well, it seems she's
found some other uses for it.

Yeah, seems so.

Well, I'm glad, because we're
heading in the wrong direction.



You said you wanted to talk.

You gonna show yourself or what?

We can talk like this.

I'm learning a new side to Paul
Barnes. The Wizard is coward.

Yeah, a burnout gone soft in the head
who started killing innocent women...

to prove he's still a man.

I could put a bullet in you now.

But I won't. I want
you to understand.

I don't think you have
that guts to kill me, pal!

That's why you shot
Pamela and Cheryl.

The Tin Man is Serdeych.

He went over to the Russians.

They gave him the name.

What? You are out of your mind.

Tin Man was blown to pieces
the same day you killed Dorothy.

Lee, I didn't fire that shot.

I'm getting tired of this.

I should've
finished it years ago.

You're Serdeych.

It doesn't matter.

You're dead, for Dorothy.

Then why would I wanna bring Dorothy
back to life and make you wanna kill me?

It's Serdeych!

No, no.

You're Serdeych.


Stop, or I'll kill you!

Take off. Now!


You bet it is. Get him
out of here, will you?

- All right.
- I'll drive.

Lee, Serdeych was Tin
Man, the heartless one.

Don't worry about Paul, Amanda.

He's badly bruised. He's
gonna be sore for a few days.

Sore doesn't begin to
describe it, Scarecrow.

- Come on.
- How?

They're called stun loads. They're
hard rubber used for crowd control.

Oh, big chance.

Yeah. I guess I couldn't
quite believe it either.

Call it intuition.

Hey, what was all that
about the Red Chinese?

Oh, agency tapes, ha.


Look, your Russian's
better than mine.

Maybe you better tell Dorothy
we're not in Kansas anymore.

Hi, did you need me?

Yeah, come on in.


- The Serdeych case.
- Oh.

- It's closed.
- I'll file it for you.

Yeah. Did you hear
Paul Barnes is retiring?

- No.
- Yeah, I saw him about an hour ago.

He looked relaxed, happy.

Can you imagine
it? A legend retiring.

Well, you know, even the great
ones have to know when to let go.


Oh, Amanda.

Something for you.