Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 3, Episode 10 - Flight to Freedom - full transcript

An old reporter friend of Lee's, recently blinded, insists her dead husband is alive and has evidence against corrupt officials in Santa Maria.

Reports coming out
of Santarilla this week...

continue to paint
a grim picture...

of conditions inside this
Central American country.

The homeless count
in the thousands.

Their peaceful country has been
transformed into a battle ground.

Many of them are in headlong flight
toward nearby borders to escape.

Rebel guerrilla units have attacked more
than a dozen government strongholds...

intensifying the struggle.

Rebel hit-and-run tactics are making
travel between the Santarilla capital...

and the coastal port
cities a deadly business.

But, somehow, life goes on.

In the news profession, we accept
the dangers of covering a story like this.

But we're never really prepared
for the loss when it happens.

Yesterday in Santarilla,
we lost two of the best...

Bart Stoller and
Colleen Donnely.

They were on a photo
assignment for Trans-World Press...

suddenly caught with several
other news teams in a freakish attack.

Another still photographer got these
terrifying pictures as they ran for cover.

A stray mortar round landed
virtually on top of them...

in the town of San Miguel
yesterday afternoon.

They were left behind by the
others, who barely escaped.

Bart and Colleen were engaged to be
married when they returned to the U.S.

Although we don't have
positive word of their fate...

it looks like that marriage
will never take place.

They will be missed.


- you see what mom is doing?
- I tried to tell her.

Amanda? AMANDA: Yes, Mother.

If I didn't know better, I'd say you were
under the sink trying to unclog the drain.

- Mother, I can do this.
- That's not the point.

The point is that we decided to use
professionals to do the home repairs.

Yeah. But, Mother, the
plumber is just too expensive.

- I think I can do this myself.
- Oh, Amanda...

You're very
enthusiastic, Amanda.

You watch all those PBS specials
and buy those home-repair kits.

Mother, it's just
a clogged drain.

That's what you said
about the chimney.

Don't talk about the chimney.

There we go. Look at that.

- All finished.
- Oh, that's good.

- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.

Hey, fellas, you wanna
clean these tools up for me?

- I'm gonna be late for work.
- Sure.

- There you go.
- Okay.

I don't believe it.

Well, ha, ha, who knows?

Maybe she's learning.

Maybe not.

What is it, Francine?

I'm just trying to
name that scowl.

Now, my guess is this is either the
bureaucratic blues, or a hangover.

You were right the first time.
It's another efficiency study.

I mean, look at this stuff.

Flow charts, a
stopwatch, colored pens.

You're lucky they didn't
send dance steps for the floor.

Hey, come on, Billy, it's another
manpower review. That's all.

The world gets crazier every day, they
want us to do more work with less people.

Whoa, whoa, people,
take a number.

Uh, Billy, you got a moment?

You're first, Stetson,
providing it just can't wait.

I have a fist full
of emergencies.

Another time and
motion study, huh?

I do not know how you
do it, Billy, crisis after crisis.

Just a moment, please.


It's a Ms. Connely.

- Tell her I'm dealing with it right now.
- How is she?

- Is she going to get her sight back?
- They think so.

She's out of the hospital.

Her paper is paying for her
stay at the convalescent home.

Indulge her, she's
had a rough time of it.

Billy, I have been, but I don't think
indulging her is the right thing to do now.

There's been something new.

Thanks. Wait, Amanda,
could you stay for a minute?


She, uh, thinks
Bart is still alive.

That's impossible. He was
killed two weeks ago in Santarilla.

Who are we talking about?

Uh, Colleen Donnely and Bart
Stoller, a couple of war correspondents.

I've run into Colleen
all over the world.

- Well, Bart is her... Was her fiancé.
- They help us out from time to time.

They got caught in a
firefight down in Santarilla.

- It's a miracle she got back alive.
- She's already accepted his death.

- So, what's this, an emotional relapse?
- That's my guess.

You know her,
she's so insistent.

She wants to go charging
off, following every lead.

I guess, Billy, I'm
asking for your advice.

A loss like that is always hard
to face, but she's got to do it.

- Let her down easy.
- I'm not very good at that kind of thing.

- Amanda?
- Yes, I'll be happy to help you.

Oh, thanks.

You'll like Colleen, nothing
keeps her down for long.

I mean, until now.

It's a miracle she
made it out alive.

They'd given her up
for dead, both of them.

Yep, Colleen is a real pistol.

I remember one time in a
cantina down in San Salvador...

where a bunch of drunk
reporters bet her that she couldn't...

Well, let me just say that she goes a
long way before she'll admit she's wrong.

Just like you, ahem.

- Oh.
- Oh.

Big guy we saw
yesterday, he's back.

- Glad we checked him out.
- You owe me 10.

He had that look. I
knew he'd be back.

That's $10 well spent.
Our first good break.

This was taken in Angola with
Stoller last year at the U.S. Embassy.

Research pays off.

Should I stick with
pretty boy or Colleen?

Follow the big guy. Find out
who he is and what he's up to.

I just graduated to these.

I can't take the light yet.

It's so damn frustrating not to be
out there looking for Bart myself.

Colleen, you saw Bart
take a mortar round full on.

Lee, the last thing Bart saw
was me being hit, and I'm alive.

- What does that tell you?
- She's got a point.

- Colleen, please. I've checked...
- No, don't, "Colleen, please" me.

My stringer in Santarilla said the word
down there is La Gaviota got him out.

It makes sense. He's here
in Washington right now.

What's La Gaviota?

La Gaviota is an underground
railroad for refugees...

actually it's an over-the-water railroad,
started by some yachtsmen in D.C.

They're patriotic,
but terribly misguided.

They fly this so the refugees
know which boats to swim to.

My stringer made contact.

Assuming that La Gaviota did get Bart
out, why the hell hasn't he called you?

He thinks I'm dead.

I think they're hiding him...

so he can be a surprise witness
at the Senate hearings this week.

It's for his safety.

You know Harcourt will do
anything to keep him away.

- Who's Harcourt?
- The U.S. Ambassador to Santarilla.

Bart can prove that Harcourt has taken
millions under the table in Santarilla.

He has video tapes of him getting
kickbacks for construction contracts.

There's a Senate
sub-committee probe...

but I think they've come up dry.
- Bart can prove it.

I've gotta get to
the hearings, Lee.

He's alive and you know it too.

And you know that if Harcourt
finds him first, he'll kill him.

Stop being practical,
Lee, this is Bart.

I've seen you chase plenty
of geese with less to go on.

All right. All right. I'll
check on La Gaviota.

Amanda, take her
to those hearings.

Keep her out of trouble.

Thanks, Lee.

Just gonna have
to be patient, Bart.

Twenty-four hours.

J.J., don't you understand,
Colleen thinks I'm dead.

I just wanna get
her out of that hell.

Harcourt thinks you're
dead too. It's better

for all of us if he
keeps thinking that.

- He's not gonna find us here.
- One more day.

One more day and
you can finish Harcourt.

Look, we're all at risk here,
everybody who's helping you.

- Take that into consideration.
- I am. I am.

Can't you do something?

Get your people to
ask some questions.

Another day of this, I'm
gonna go out of my mind.

All right, I'll try. I'll try.

Ambassador Harcourt,
you weren't asked to testify.

- Why did you demand to be heard?
- I value the truth.

What about rumors Senator Rattigan
has a surprise witness for tomorrow?

You fellas know more
about rumors than I do.

What do you know about rumors
of widespread political corruption...

in Santarilla including kickbacks
and bribes to U.S. officials?

Not one bit of evidence has been brought
forth to substantiate those allegations.

There will be.

The world is gonna know men like
you have nearly destroyed Santarilla.

I was in Santarilla.

Millions of dollars went straight into
the pockets of Sanchez and this man.

The Swiss bank account?

The 10,000 acre cattle ranch?
Explain those, ambassador.

You are not gonna get away
with this anymore, Harcourt.

Colleen, come on, let's
just get you inside, huh?

I'm sorry. LEE: Here.

I just sort of disconnected.
- I know. I know.

Fellas, come on, give
us some room, huh?

- Your asthma still bothering you?
- Yeah.

Look, we tried asking
questions about your fiancée...

I guess we'll have to go to Trans-World
next but it's risky. They'll ask questions.

That came in with
the fish and chips.

It's two weeks old.

You can spare the
effort, she's dead.

This must have come out while we
were still sailing. We couldn't know...

I'm sorry, Bart.

There you go.

Are you all right?

Tomorrow is the last day of the
hearings. I can't believe he wasn't here.

- He'll be here tomorrow, I know it.
- We'll come back.

We're gonna find him, Colleen, but
you can't let the whole world in on it.

- I wanna do something.
- I know you wanna do something.

- Let's just take you home.
- All right. Step down.

That's good.

Well, that's Colleen Donnely
for you, act first and think later.

She'll stay put, maybe we can
have some luck and find La Gaviota.

I know a salty old dog
who hangs around the river.

If anybody would know
that boat, he would.

You're a who's who of
all the boats on this river.

- Do you have any ideas?
- Only one.

There's your La
Gaviota, the Sea Chance.


My Spanish is a bit rusty, but I know
enough to know a gaviota is a seagull.

- Right.
- Drop anchor here, huh?

- You're drifting a little.
- No, I'm not.

There's an outfit
down in Florida...

designs a 76-foot
ketch called a Seagull.

That's a Seagull...
only one in D.C.

All right, thanks, Irv.
We'll see you again.

- Yeah, okay. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

Take good care of that girl.
- Heh.

Let's call Francine and have her
run that boat through the Coast Guard.

Yeah, right.

- Lee?
- What?

That car was at the
convalescent home.

I know. It followed us here.

Gives some weight to
Colleen's theory, don't you think?


If Stoller did make it out, Harcourt
would have to be watching Colleen.

Let's see what this
guy has in mind.

Okay, pal. What's the problem?

No problem.

Hit me in the
nose, huh, Charlie?

You all right?

No, I'm not all right. Ow!

Records ID'd the owners of the Sea
Chance as David and Diane Cummings.

Squeaky clean on paper...

so we sent Francine and
Carl Thomas to check them out.

And we ran into a brick wall.

Name, Social Security Number
and their lawyer's number.

That's all they gave me.

Sounds like
obstruction of justice.

Well, we suggested
that, they wouldn't budge.

Totally suspicious.

If they've been down in
Santarilla, I can understand.

Down there, you
learn to trust no one.

You think they had something
to do with Bart Stoller?

- They're in it up to their necks.
- We got an update on Santarilla...

from the regional chief
there. The deeper they dig...

the more truth it seems
that Colleen's story has.

If Bart is still alive and does
have hard evidence on Harcourt...

he's gonna need more
protection than good intentions.

That's why I want you to check
out the Cummings up close.

Use the Mata Hari II as a cover.

- Amanda can crew for you.
- Oh, good.

Now, wait a second, you know,
the Mata Hari is a very big boat.

Sailing your Sunfish at
summer camp hardly qualifies...

No, I helped sail a 55-foot ketch
across the Chesapeake once.

It was great.

How big is the Mata Hari II?

- It's a 50-foot ketch.
- Oh, it's smaller.

Stop by Property and take care
of the paperwork, Scarecrow.

I want you two in
place by this afternoon.

Oh, terrific. Thank
you very much, sir.

- Yeah, thank you.
- Yeah.

Well, what do you think?

- Pretty.
- Yeah.

You know, there's only one way to
handle this. Can I have my lifejacket?

- Yeah. What?
- I'll have to be the captain...

and you'll have to be the crew.

Okay, captain. Let's shove off.

There's a slip open right
next to the Sea Chance.

You just sail right
over and tie up.

- Wanna take her?
- Thank you.

I'm gonna head into the wind, when
the jib starts to luff, just drop it...

- and drop the main sail.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that, Amanda.

Don't get your feet
caught in the jib sheet.

Aye, aye, Captain King.

Here we go.

Rope her.

There you go.

We ought to do this more often.

Oh, yeah.

We just got a wire from Angola.

Pretty boy's name is Stetson. He
was down there on a temporary visa.

Attached to the embassy
as an agricultural advisor.

Working with
amateurs is one thing.

With feds involved, it's
a whole new ball game.

Now, what was so important we couldn't
have discussed it on the telephone?

I can hardly afford to
be seen with you two.

This is where we lost the trail.

If they're gonna surface, it's
gonna be somewhere around here.

We think there's a
government agent involved.

Then we proceed
with the utmost caution.

Watch, wait, be
discreet, we'll find him.

We have to.

We'll get Stoller.

If he doesn't have the tapes
on him, and he probably won't...

I'll need time with him, alone.

The Triton Club?

It's closed for the winter.

If we have to take this a step
further, that will be a perfect place.

Lightning strikes twice, huh?

They're back.

There's pretty boy now and
the same lady he was with.

Don't let it happen
a third time.

Find Stoller, and do it quietly.

Hey, Lee... LEE: Hmm?

- What?
- Check out the Sea Chance.

Yeah, I know.

What do you say we go trolling
and see what we can catch?

- Sure. What are we gonna use for bait?
- You and me.

Just a couple of fun-loving
old salts sailing up the Potomac.

Sounds a little flimsy.

We'll build on it.

Ahoy. AMANDA: Hello.

Hello. AMANDA: Beautiful boat.

Thanks. That's a nice
ketch you came in on.

Thank you.

- You from D.C.?
- Annapolis, actually.

Nice sail down from there.

We try to make it two or three
times a year, we live onboard.

- How about you?
- We're weekending.

It's back to solid
ground tomorrow.

Oh, gee, that's too bad.
We have the rest of the week.

- You're lucky.
- Yeah. Have a nice time.

- Thank you. Maybe we'll see you again.
- Nice to meet you.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.


This is just perfect.

We get settled in here,
look suitably yachty...

when they're gone
tomorrow, we take a peek.

You want to spend
the night onboard?

How else are we gonna keep
an eye on what's going on?

That's great. I just hadn't planned on
spending the night onboard, that's all.

- Don't worry about it. We'll improvise.
- How?

If you have to ask the question
you won't understand the answer.

You know, I figured on the off
chance that we might get stuck...

I wanted to make it as
pleasant as it could possibly be.

Well, you did, thank you.

- Yeah. BILLY: Scarecrow,
haven't heard from you.

- Any activity on the Sea Chance?
- Yeah, Billy.

It's getting late. What
about the Cummings?

We put them to bed about 10:30.

All right, let me know
if you spot Stoller.

Yeah. Yeah, will do.

- I'll check back with you.
- Okay, bye.

- I didn't realize how late it was.
- We better get some sleep.


- You gonna be comfortable there?
- I'll be fine.

All right.

I'll probably be up most
of the night, so I'll take...

- the first watch.
- Yeah.

Look, you just tell me
when it's my turn, okay?

Good night. LEE: Good night.

Shouldn't it be dark in here?

I like to sleep with a light.

You like to sleep
with a light on?

Yeah, I like to
sleep with a light on.

It's a long story, Amanda.

Goes back to...

when I spent a
week in Istanbul...

in the catacombs.

It's wet, dark, rats.

- Rats.
- Yeah, big...

- Big rats?
- Big rats, yeah.

- I don't wanna give you the details.
- I don't wanna hear this.

- Good night.
- Good night.


- Amanda.
- I can't sleep with the lights on.

I'm not gonna get
any sleep all night.

I'll blow it out as soon
as you go to sleep.

Lee. Lee.

Come on, wake up, they're
leaving. Lee? Wake up.

Why didn't you wake me up?

All right, see what you can
find on deck. Keep an eye out.

Nobody below. If Bart was
ever here, they've moved him.

- Amanda.
- Yeah?

It's a goldmine down there,
they got cots, medical supplies...

weapons, dried
foods, everything.

- And look at this.
- Yeah.

Senator Rattigan, he's holding
the hearings on Santarilla.

And a safe harbor pennant, and look at
this, Bart Stoller was definitely onboard.

Which is precisely where
you two shouldn't be.

Now, stand up very slowly.

Come on.

What the hell do you
think you're doing here?

We're looking for Bart Stoller.

- That better be a search warrant.
- We're U.S. Government agents.

- I already talked to you guys.
- We don't know anyone named Bart Stoller.

- This is his vest.
- Wrong. It's mine.

I bought it at a garage sale.

If you're through with your
game of 20 questions...

Look, we're trying to help
you. We're trying to help Bart.

He needs protection.
Professional protection.

Right, the government's
gonna take care of Bart?

Look, Harcourt's
so dirty, he stinks.

I know you mean well, but
you're way out of your league here.

Harcourt is gonna hire some heavy
hitters to stop Bart from testifying.

Yeah? We'll take our chances.

You've got 10 seconds
to get off of my property.

- How's he doing?
- A little restless, sir.

His asthma's been acting
up, but overall he's okay.

We had some visitors
today, official ones.

It may be necessary to move
our friend to another hideout.

Yes, sir.

Sir, wouldn't it be better if we
got some help from those people?

Too risky.

Our enemies may have some
connections in very high places.

We're safer going it alone.

So let's stay especially
sharp today, shall we?

Yes, sir.

Amanda, you stay here
and keep an eye on things.

- Can't they be picked up officially now?
- Barely.

I'm gonna go back and light a fire
under Billy, get him to cut some red tape.

Yeah, cut some red tape
and maybe we can find Bart.


Sooner the better. We
don't have much time.


- Be careful.
- Yeah, I will.

I was there as the House
Subcommittee on Foreign Affairs...

began its final days of
hearings this morning...

rocked by the rumor
that Senator Rattigan...

chairman of the committee,
will present a surprise witness.

Two protestors launched a verbal
attack against Ambassador Harcourt...

U.S. diplomatic
representative to Santarilla.

Ms. Donnely and Mrs.
King escaped arrest...

when an unidentified federal
employee intervened in their behalf.

Although Ambassador Harcourt
refused to press charges...

he did recommend that security
for the hearings be increased...

in order to avoid the
reoccurrence of today's incident.

Something's up.

Let's go. Come on.

I saw the newspaper last
week. It said you were dead.

Then I was watching the news.

I never believed for a
second you were dead.

- Where are they hiding you?
- Colleen, I can't tell you.

- It's for your own protection.
- I have to see you.

Honey, after the hearings.
As soon as I'm done.

Just hang in there, okay?

Just hang in there. We'll
be together soon, I promise.

- All you have to do is...
- I've got to have more to go on.

What more do you need
to go on? We got the boat.

We got the note from
Rattigan, we got Bart's vest.

They've all but admitted
it. What do you need?

All right. I can make three
calls. I can do three things.

First, I can call the Immigration
Office, that's five weeks minimum.

Second, I can call the U.S.
Attorney's Office. That's six months.

I know. Three is to the Coast Guard
and have them steam over there...

and write them up a bunch of tickets.
Come on, we don't have that much time.

Sometimes you've got to throw
away logic and play your hunches.

Melrose, here.

- He's standing right here, Amanda.
- What?


Hi, we got a problem.

The Cummings are headed
toward a fishing boat in D-Basin.

There are two
guys following them.

I think one of them is one of
the guys who was following us.

That's that boat. It's
where they're holding Bart.

I'll be there in five minutes.

- You talk to the senator?
- Yeah, we're going to move him.

Good idea. We can't
take any chances.

All right.

Get below.

Let's see what
else is down there.

Stay away from me.

Find those damn tapes.

Tear this place apart.

Go get help.

Now, move it.

Pick him up.

Move it.

In the shed.

All right, inside.

I looked everywhere. The
video tapes aren't down there.

Untie the boat. We're gonna
go up to the Triton Club.

I'll contact Harcourt on the
radio and have him meet us there.

Okay, I locked Bart up in the
cabin, he won't go anywhere.

Please help us.

- Help.
- All right, all right, I'm here.

- What the hell happened?
- Two guys took Bart.

- What? Here. Sit down.
- I wish to God we'd listened to you.

Now, what about the woman I
was with, Amanda? Is she here?

- Tall, brunette?
- Yeah.

I think she's still on the boat.
- Great.

Wait a minute. What is this?

Scarecrow, Triton Club.

Triton Club.

Yeah, I know where that is.

You take this card, call this
number, talk to a Mr. Melrose.

Tell him we've got a code
seven TAC emergency.

And get on it quick.

- You sure you're okay?
- I'm all right. All right.

Okay, Bart.

Let's not waste any time.

I know you're not a
man of a lot of illusions.

I wanna know where those tapes
are or we'll go to work on you right now.

Not a chance.

Of course.

That's the dame that
was with that agent.

Take her upstairs
and tie her up.

Uh, you had the tapes,
so let's start from there.

Oh. This won't take long. I've
seen them down in Santarilla.

It never takes long.



All right.



What are you doing here? I
told you to watch the Cummings...

- from the shore, not stowaway.
- Well, I didn't mean to.

Bart's downstairs
and I think he's hurt.

- Thank you. Yeah.
- All right, come on.

- Ready?
- Yeah.


Come on.

Stoller, I wish you'd make
things easy on yourself.

Don't move.

Just lie down on the floor,
turn over on your stomach...

and spread your hands
out. Put them up, please.

Put them up.

No. No.

Not again!

Hey, what are you...?


What's the matter with you?

All right, now, Bart,
you've got five minutes.

You gotta get to
the Capitol Building...

- before Rattigan bangs that gavel.
- Stetson, never changes. Work, work, work.

- Uh, Amanda.
- Yeah.

I've gotta sail the Mata
Hari back to its own slip.

- Need a hand?
- I think I might.

Love to.

What are you gonna
whip up in the galley?


You didn't tell me
you couldn't cook..