Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 7 - Our Man in Tegernsee - full transcript

As a group of pro Nazis churn out counterfeit American money Amanda is arrested and Lee calls on an old friend.

Oh, hello.

What did you say? - Hello.


Did you have a nice trip?

Did I have a nice trip?

It all started with me
being rousted out of bed...

- in the middle of the night by Billy.
- Sorry.

- Did I mention I'd taken a long weekend?
- You didn't.

I'd taken a long weekend,
which had just started.

Gillian's got a terrific
lodge up in the Poconos.

Gillian has a lodge
in the Poconos.

Yeah, so I was
rousted out of bed.

There were all those
questions down in the office...

which I had no answers to.

It must have been just awful.

The flight over the
Atlantic was very nice.

Nine hours and 45
minutes, but very nice.

You're angry with me.

Now, why should I be angry? Hmm?

Why should I even be surprised?

You were sent here to do agency business.
All you had to do is deliver an envelope.

That's all. And you get yourself
arrested for passing counterfeit money?

I didn't know it
was counterfeit.

You know I would
never do a thing like that.

The German government
is very, very unhappy.

- The American government is very unhappy.
- I am very unhappy.

Counterfeiting louses
up everybody's economy.

- I know you're disappointed.
- Oh.

- I'm a little disappointed myself.
- Mm-hm.

Doris Semple was supposed to pick
me up at Dulles International Airport.

My mother and Philip and Jamie
are probably worried sick about me.

I'm in jail in Germany.

I've never been in jail before.

And I don't even speak German.

The only word I
know is edelweiss.

Okay, okay.

I learned that from The Sound
of Music. I saw it seven times.

Yeah, take it easy,
huh? Just take it easy.

What's gonna happen to me?

Well, for the moment, you are
to be released in my custody.

- I am?
- But you can't leave Germany.

I can't leave Germany?

It's good to be out.

I spent the night in jail.

I can't believe it.

- They even took my fingerprints.
- Ah.

I really should call my
mother. She'll be worried.

Now, how long should I
tell her that I'll be here?

They really can't keep
me indefinitely, can they?

Amanda, this thing goes way beyond
that 20 you slipped the shopkeeper.

I did not slip the shopkeeper
a 20. I tried to buy a present.

Frau King?

Oh, no.

Frau King, my apologies.

Lieutenant Dieter Volkenauer.

Uh, Lee Stetson.

A friend of Frau King.

Yes, I was told.

Uh, my apologies, but a question
arises on which there's a slight confusion.

- Yes?
- Who is Hymie?


Well, I'm sorry, I don't
think I know a Hymie.

Forgive me, but in your formal
statement, the name was mentioned.

You said quite clearly, uh...

"the miniature train was
purchased for a Phillip and a Hymie."

No, no, no, that's
Jamie. Not Hymie, Jamie.

They're my two boys.

Your sons, of course.

I shall make a note of that.

You see, a simple clarification
was all that was required.

Now, should any other questions
arise, you will be available?

Since you have her passport, that's a
rather academic question, don't you think?

Of course I'll be available.

Thank you, Frau King.

I hope you enjoy
your stay in München.

- Thank you.
- How can she miss?

It's ringing.

- Oh, no.
- Ahem.

I hope she hasn't been too worried.
Hope she didn't call the police.

Hello, Mother!
Mother, is that you?

Yes, it's Amanda.


Yes, Mother. I'm sorry
I haven't called before.

This is the first chance I've had
and I know you must be worried sick...

No, I hadn't really thought
about the time difference.

I just knew that you and the
boys must be worried and so I...


Uh, well, no, Mother,
I'm not enjoying myself.

They won't let me leave Germany.

Well, no, Mother.
Actually, it's just...

It's the silliest, most ridiculous...
It's such a funny thing. Um...

I've been arrested.

I said, I've been arrested.


Will you call her back later?

Mother, maybe I better
call you back later.

I know that's what it
sounded like I said.

Uh, I'll call you later, Mother.
Give my love to the boys.


Yes, Mother. Goodbye.

I guess maybe I should've
called from the hotel room.


- Well, she wasn't worried.
- Good. Good.

I would have been, wouldn't you?

Amanda, do you want her to worry
or not? You can't have it both ways.

No, no. Of course I
don't want her to worry.

It's just... You
know, it's awful.

I can't even tell her what's the
matter, why I can't come home and...

That is going to be
a bit of a problem.

It seems that there's been a
lot of counterfeit American 20s...

showing up all over Munich.

Well, they can't think that I am
some part of some kind of a ring.

- Uh...
- I mean, Lee, come on now,

I told them exactly
what happened.

I was on my way
to the airport...

and I decided to do a
little last-minute shopping.

So I stopped into a
little antique store...

and bought a tiny little
bisque figurine for Mother.

Now, that was before I
went to the train shop.

And that was where the man
changed my marks for dollars.

I don't know why
he won't admit it.

Come on, you can't
expect a man to admit...

- he's been passing counterfeit money.
- Oh, gosh.

He doesn't wanna get
stuck with the bills or the rap.

Gosh, I...

You know, I was so excited about
coming to Europe as a courier.

All I had to do was just deliver
an envelope for Mr. Melrose...

and I get this
nice, free trip and...

- Well, I did that and that was no problem.
- Yeah.

The problem came afterwards.

Well, I guess there
are a lot of couriers.


- So this probably happens a lot.
- Never in recorded history.

- Never?
- Never.

I gotta figure this thing out, otherwise
you will not get out of Germany.

Which means I will not get out of
Germany. You are my responsibility.

I'm sorry. I hate to be
anyone's responsibility.

You know, I remember what
they said back at the station.

If there's a lot of counterfeit
floating around Munich...

and an ongoing investigation...

I'll bet Harry knows something
about it. He doesn't miss a hell of a lot.

- Who's Harry?
- Harry Hollinger.

Our man in Tegernsee.

It's a resort area about
45 minutes outside of town.

You think he might
know something?

If anybody does, he will. Ha.
He's one of our top operatives.

He's quick, sure, thorough, a real pro.
I've spent a couple of years with him.

Amanda, I think I'm seeing a little
bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

We'll spend the night in Tegernsee
with Harry. We'll get a few answers. Hmm?

Would you care for
another drink, Mr. Hollinger?

Now, that takes
some careful thought.


- Lee?
- Harry.

- No, it can't be.
- Yes, it is.

Hey, hey. LEE: Ha, ha!

- Oh, it is good to see you. Ha, ha.
- Good? It's incredible.

But what are you doing in Tegernsee?
Aren't you still stationed out of D.C.?

Got it. You're the bearer of
glad tidings. I'm being recalled.

No, no, it's just a visit.

- You visiting too?
- Oh, sort of.

Oh, this is Amanda
King. Uh, an associate.

Hello, Mr. Hollinger.

Oh, Harry, Amanda.

Even to non-associates.

I see old Billy's taste has taken
a decided turn for the better.

How long you two staying?

The longer the better.

My schloss is your schloss.

- Uh...
- Oh, well, that's very nice of you.

Nice? I'd kill for company.

The right company.

Do you know how long it's
been since I've seen this joker?

- Port Said.
- Hey, this definitely calls for a drink.

No, no, it's a bit early, huh?

Hey, would you lose all respect
for me if I said it's 5:00 somewhere?

What are you talking about, man? I
never had any respect for you anyway.

Pear schnapps, it
settles everything.

Uh, not the problem
I brought with me.

Um, we need help. Is there
somewhere we can talk?

- Sure, gotcha. Right out front.
- Okay.

I'll settle up here and
I'll be right with you.

He's really a
relaxed kind of guy.

Yes, well, he seems very nice.

Yeah, he's the best.

I mean, he's obviously
not working on a case.

I mean, Harry...

Harry can party with the best of them,
but not when he's working on a case.


Well, the mountains are
really beautiful, aren't they?

- Peaceful.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, they're called Alps.
- Oh, I know. Alps.

- The Bavarian Alps.
- Bavarian Alps.

Help is on the way.

Uh... Harry...

uh, we've run into a
little trouble in Munich.

That is, Amanda
ran into some trouble.

- Yes, you see, I...
- Early or not, you gotta try this stuff.

Farmer I know makes
it just outside of town.

Um, Mr. Hollinger, I
don't think you understand.

You see, I've been arrested for
passing counterfeit American money.

Federal rap.


Now, this is 100 percent pure.

- No added coloring. No preservatives.
- Harry.

I told Amanda you're the best
man in Germany to help her.

It took us at least 45 minutes to drive
out here and a half an hour to find you...

and, uh, you're drunk.

Now, that is not only
judgmental, it's premature.

I am not drunk.

I am drinking.

Man, what happened to you?


Nothing has happened.

Nothing will happen.

This is Tegernsee.

Nothing ever
happens in Tegernsee.

You fool.

Months of planning and
you jeopardize it for what?

- For what?
- Herr Portillo...

For nothing.

For your own personal,
infantile amusement.

To impress some beer garden waitress with
your pockets full of American money, huh?

Your father was a good Nazi.

He believed in the movement. He
worked for it. He followed orders.

I'm sorry.

I know I shouldn't have done it.

I was wrong.

You were worse than
wrong. You were stupid.

In my home in Paraguay...

the men who can bring the neo-Nazi
movement back into full power wait for us.

Depend on us.

- I didn't think that... PORTILLO:
How much money did you take?

How much money did
you spend in Munich?

Not much. Uh, I
can't say exactly.

He can't say exactly.


Each bundle is 1000 dollars.

- How many did you take?
- Not much, I swear.

- A few hundred dollars, maybe.
- A liar too, huh?

- No.
- A few hundred dollars...

is not enough to alert the
Munich police department.

We agreed we'd sell the
money, not pass it ourselves.

And certainly not in Munich,
so close to Tegernsee.

They could never trace it here.

No? But they have. Uh-huh.

An American woman was
arrested in Munich and released.

She's here in Tegernsee now
with an American intelligence agent.

Your mindless behavior has
led them virtually to our door!

Herr Portillo, please, let
me try to redeem myself.

I'll take care of them.

You can't take care of yourself.

You know what you are, Mueller?

You're a liability.

Breakfast, Harry.

- Amanda, you didn't have to do that.
- Oh, I don't mind.

- We could've had breakfast at the hotel.
- Oh, it's okay.

- Amanda.
- Mm-hm?

- I'll get you out of this, I promise.
- I know you will.

Good morning. I hope you found
everything you needed last night.

I guess I wasn't too great
a host. I seem to have...

Passed out.

I'm a real disappointment
to you, aren't I, Lee?

It ever occur to you it's none of your
damn business how much I drink?

I'll get the coffee.

Yeah. Ahem.

They stick me out here
a year and a half ago.

Some kind of punishment duty.

I guess I got a little sloppy on
that Iraqi operation, I don't know.

But Tegernsee?

For a man with my
experience? My training?

My low boredom threshold?

I'd feel sorry for you, Harry, but,
uh, I don't wanna crowd the field.

- Still not pulling your punches.
- Uh-uh. Not for a friend.

- Here.
- Look, I would like to help you guys...

but I don't know what's
going on here. I'm out of it.

Do you remember any of
what I told you last night?

Amanda was busted for passing
a phony American 20. What else?

Well, the, uh, plates
go back for quite a while.

Uh, they list Henry Morgenthau,
Jr. As the Secretary of the Treasury.

That means they go back to,
what, about the mid-'30s, early '40s.

You didn't tell me that.

- What does it mean?
- I think Harry knows what it means.

Counterfeit plates dating
back to the Third Reich.

- Hitler?
- Right.

Counterfeit plates were
designed by Hitler's regime...

as a means of destroying
the economies of the enemy.

If a set of those plates has surfaced
now, and if we get our hands on them...

You and me working together?

- What do you mean, "if"?
- I don't know what would stop us.

Right. I mean, where were
you, for God's sake? Huh?

I was right behind you.

- No, you weren't.
- I was covering your ass.

The point is,
Harry, we lost him.

I told you we should've
started moving faster.

We moved plenty fast.
He just moved faster.

Amanda? AMANDA: Yeah?

You can come out
now, it's all clear.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Why did they shoot at us?

That's a good question.
Why did they shoot at us?

Well, maybe I'm being overly modest,
but I don't think I'm a candidate...

- for assassination.
- One of us?

Listen. You're welcome to
stay as long as you want...

but it's a good idea to get
Amanda back to Munich.

- I don't wanna see the lady get hurt.
- Right.

And what is the lady
doing in Tegernsee?

You can imagine my surprise when I called
your hotel and was told you had left.

Well, you told us that we, um...

You didn't say that we
couldn't leave Munich.

You just said that we couldn't
leave Germany, and here we are...

still in Germany.

Come on, we left word at the
hotel where we could be reached.

We just came up here to have
a little breakfast with, uh, Harry.

With devastating
effect, it would appear.

You are a most unusual
tourist, Mrs. King.

Most unusual.

I mean, one is accustomed to
dealing with stolen travelers' checks...

traffic accidents,
that sort of thing.

But with you, we have counterfeit
money, attempted assassination.

- I take it you're with the Munich police.
- Lieutenant Volkenauer.

I don't mean to sound inhospitable,
but you're out of your jurisdiction.

Wherever Frau King chooses
to go, that is my jurisdiction.

Did you see the look in
his eye? He thinks I'm guilty.

Amanda, he's a cop. It's
his job to think you're guilty.

Now, that might've been phrased a
little better. It wasn't very reassuring.

Ah, civilians.


Look, Amanda, about
Volkenauer, there is...

Lee, look. Look.

What? AMANDA: You
see that funny boat?

It's not a sailboat, and it's not
one of those little electric boats.

It's a weird boat.

And look on the deck,
you can see little tiny divers.

Harry, if the Third Reich did
make these counterfeit plates...

where have they
been all this time?


Could they have been in a lake?

Well, a lot of their loot was
disposed of that way, yeah.

How about that lake?

You mean those divers
could be looking for Nazi loot?

Harry, that's a fully
rigged workboat.


We better get out there
and talk to those divers.

We saw you from
the terrace up there.

It's quite an outfit you've got.

Been here long?

Five, six weeks,
perhaps. We have permit.

That's what schnapps'll
do for you. I never noticed it.

What are you looking for?

No, no, I just mean are you looking
for anything special or, you know...?

- Nein, we just look.
- Oh.

We're not interested
in competing with you.

We're interested in something
that may have already been found.

Nothing is found. Not by us.

I see, well, we were told that this,
uh, lake is an old Nazi dumping ground.

You know, old war treasures.

Der Alte?

Old Gunther.

Let's go.


What about this Old Gunther?

He's something of the local
historian. About 80 years old.

Kind of a legend around here.

Well, why don't we
pay him a visit, huh?

Now, he should be
around here somewhere.

What makes you think
that he's gonna talk to us?

- I'm not sure he will.
- Oh, look, he'll probably welcome company.

Herr Gunther.

Herr Gunther.

You're right, Amanda. The old guy
is obviously starved for company.

Well, look, he wasn't expecting us, Harry.
Maybe if you just tell him who we are.

Herr Gunther.

Too many people. Who else has he talked
to besides the two kids in the workboat?

I don't think we're
gonna get anywhere.

Harry, does he know
how important this is?

If he won't talk to us, I'm not
gonna be able to go home.

Please, sir.

I have two little boys.

And they're never gonna understand
why I can't leave Germany...

because of something Hitler did.

I don't even
understand it myself.

Amanda, he doesn't
speak English.


- Speak.
- You do?

- He does.
- Herr Gunther...

we spoke to two young
men who said you told them...

that the lake was used as a
hiding place for war treasures.

- Is that true?
- Ja.

I see this.

You saw it? You actually
witnessed the dumping?

Ja. Unter Offizier
Mueller put in lake, leave.

Nobody come to take out.

Besides the two young men,
who else have you told about this?


When Mueller die
six months ago...

maybe his boy come to me.

Talk, talk, ask question.

I tell him what I see...

there is box in lake.

He don't come back.

Werner Mueller. You know him?

No, but if he's local, I
can get a line on him.

- Hmm.
- You can go home now.

If we can find Mr. Mueller, I
think so. Thank you very much.

I got it.

- That was quick.
- Yeah.

I phoned the bartender
at Bachmair Hotel.

He knows everyone.
Of course, I know him.

He said Mueller lives
just outside of town.

Did he tell you anything else?
- Yeah.

He used to be the local milkman.
Quit his job a few months back...

six months back, but
he's not hurting for cash.

He bought a new car,
had his house painted.

I'd say we've got our guy.

- A milkman?
- Well, what's wrong with that?

His father is a noncom
in the Wehrmacht.

He dumps the plates and
whatever else in the lake.

Six months ago, he makes a
deathbed confession to his son...

but neglects to say where in the lake.
Now, Old Gunther supplies that information.

- I'd say it all tracks.
- But a milkman?

- Why do you keep saying that?
- It just doesn't seem right.

It doesn't seem like a milkman would
know anything about counterfeiting.

Wouldn't you have to have
special paper and special ink?

I thought you said she was a civilian.
- Uh, yeah, she is.

Slow down. Mueller's house
should be right at the end of the street.

He's dead.

His arm, that's what I
was going for. His arm.

At least we got the right guy.

Yeah, but our only lead.

I guess you were right.
Hell, I know you were right.

I've been spending too
much time in that bottle.

Is he...? HARRY: Yeah.

Deadeye Dick here took
real good care of him.

Harry, will you stop
beating your chest about it?

But I was only
trying to wing him.

I should've been able
to do that blindfolded.

I know.

The agency knew what they were
doing when they sent me out here.

I've lost it. AMANDA: Harry.

- If I ever had it.
- Harry.

You saved Lee's life.

I also didn't hit
what I was aiming at.

Now, he was our only lead.

- Where do we go from here?
- Probably to the nearest slammer.

Back to jail?

Unless I can come up
with a decent explanation...

which, even for me,
is gonna be tough.


I know how this
must look, sir...

but there is a perfectly
reasonable explanation.

Tell him, Lee.

Look, Lee, I know you're upset
but you had to tell them who we are.

You can't have the
police think we're tourists...

who just go around
and shoot people.

I know it's important to main...

Excuse me. Maintain... Excuse
me. Maintain your cover...

- but under these circumstances...
- Billy will understand.

Oh, it made the agency
look like a bunch of yo-yos.

I have no authority to act in an
official capacity in Germany, all right?

Volkenauer could've thrown
the book at me. He may still.

We could wind up in
an international incident.

- An international incident?
- Yes.

Oh, my gosh,
and it's all my fault.

- If only I had looked at that money...
- Amanda.

- Hmm?
- Who reads money, huh?

Someone gives you a handful of cash,
you check if the denominations are right...

not who the Secretary of the
Treasury is or serial numbers.

It's not your fault.

Cheer up. We might get
thrown out of the country.

- That'll get you home.
- No, I don't wanna go home.

I mean, I don't wanna go home
that way. Not if Lee's disgraced.

It's just... It's just not fair.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

- Who ever promised you fair?
- Nobody.

I just keep expecting
it somehow.

Well, I guess we're pretty
much dead in the water.

- Not yet.
- With Mueller out of the picture?

What about known associates?

Counterfeiting isn't a
one-man operation, is it?

Now, I don't think the lieutenant's gonna
like it very much if we do anything else.

He's furious already.

But that's American money they're
cranking out. I want those plates.

Known associates.
You know, you're right.

Mueller was a local boy, a milkman.
He didn't have any big city contacts.

His contacts were probably here
in Tegernsee or here in Bad Tölz.

Yeah, but how are we
gonna find out who they are?

The old-fashioned
way. We ask questions.

Right. I've probably got a better
handle on Tegernsee, so I'll stay here.

Okay, we'll take the other
side of the lake in Bad Tölz.

- Meet back here in an hour.
- You got it.

We're gonna do it,
pal. Just like old times.

Did you see that? Did
you see how excited he is?

I know you were a little disappointed
with him when we first got here.

But you see the way he is
now? Just like you described him.

He's on top of it, he's
together, he's the best.

- Almost the best.
- Yeah. Amanda. Come on.

We have to kill him.

The minute he showed
up, he was gonna be trouble.

And he's about that far
from blowing this whole setup.

We have to kill him?

It's interesting that a problem
uniquely yours should become ours.

What I'm saying is...

You're saying you can't
live up to our agreement.

I have lived up to it. I even
took care of Mueller for you.

For me or for yourself?

You know, Harry, in many
ways, you remind me of Mueller.

You're very much the
greedy, irresponsible child.

Are you gonna stand around
here insulting me, Portillo...

or do you wanna know
the trouble we're in?

Now, Scarecrow is the best
operative I've ever worked with.

He is tough and he is smart.

And this tap dance I've been
doing is wearing real thin.

- Then dispose of him.
- I need your help.

But help was what you
offered me, for a percentage.

You insinuated
into this enterprise...

with the assurance that any
authorities would be handled.

I have deflected
every investigation...

that looked like it
was coming near you.

Except the one that could
blow this whole setup.

I'd say you disappoint me,
Harry, but that would imply respect.

I'm sure you won't be hurt...

if I don't lose sleep over what
some neo-Nazi thinks of me.

- Our orders were...
- Fascist garbage in my book, pal.

But you value my opinion
about as much as I value yours.

What counts is...

that we are in a hell of a lot of trouble
if Scarecrow is not taken out now.

What about the woman?

I'll take care of her.

Believe it or not,
Portillo, I have a plan.

I bet there's a telephone
here somewhere.

- There probably is.
- Well, we have a few minutes.

- For what?
- I'd like to call my mother.

The connection last night was terrible. I
don't think she understood a word I said.

Count yourself lucky
and forget about it.

Lee, I cannot
just forget about it.

I want my mother to
know that I was arrested.

Now, I know you may not agree with
me, but it could've happened to anybody.

And I don't want her to think I'm just
over here having a high-heel good time.

- What's wrong with that?
- It's not the truth.

The tru...? Amanda, the truth, sometimes
it's highly overrated, you know that?

Now, you know
you don't mean that.

- Right, you want her to worry?
- No, of course not.

- Are the kids all right?
- Yes, they're fine.

- Well...
- Well?

- So?
- So what?

So what? Look.

You're a good mother, you love your
family, you're a responsible person...

- Oh, Lee.
- What?

- Well, that's really very sweet.
- Yeah, in certain areas.

And that was very underhanded.
- Lee.

Pal, things are really
starting to turn around.

I have got a terrific lead.

Yeah, so do I.

There's a man named Karl
Portillo. He's from Paraguay.

Werner Mueller has been seen
entering his chalet in Tegernsee...

frequently in the past few months.
I don't think he was delivering milk.

Yeah, you're right. It
could be worth looking into.

Could be?

Harry, there's a large neo-Nazi
movement in Paraguay.

The plates are of
Nazi origin, right?

I think the two... The two
go together perfectly well.

Well, I said it could be worth looking
into, but what I've got is really hot.

Mueller has a cousin
who runs a sawmill...

on the outskirts of
Munich, place called Solln.

Now, my information,
which is very inside...

says that he and this cousin have been
joined at the hip for the last six months.

And they have been
spending a lot of money.

So you wanna hit the sawmill?

You've got it. If we have a
conversation with Mueller's cousin...

I guarantee you we can wrap
up this whole counterfeit ring.

Ah, you may be right.

- I know I'm right. I'm on a roll.
- Look, I'm gonna go check in with Billy.

Why do that now? Wait
till we get it all wrapped up.

- Well, you know Billy.
- Yeah.

If I check in late, he's liable to
call out the troops and blow the deal.

Okay, well, uh, tell him you got a
good lead but fill in the details later.

Yeah, right.

You think we can have this
whole thing wrapped up in one day?

There's not a doubt in my mind.

I don't know why I
have to stay here.

- It's a party. Enjoy.
- No, look, I could wait in the car.

I could go for help if
anything went wrong.

Amanda, we do not know what
we're going to run into at that sawmill.

All right? Now, Harry and I are
trained for whatever happens.

We can take care of ourselves,
but I can't if I worry about you.

- Listen to me. Just for a...
- No. That's exactly my point.

- Just for... AMANDA:
No, you might need help.

For a change, will
you do what I ask you?

That's not very nice to
say, "Just for a change."

I'm good at following
orders when they are clear.

Then follow this one.

Stay here.

We'll come back and
get you when it's all over.

When it's all over?

What if there are a lot of them?

I could wait in the car,
I could be a lookout.

I could honk the horn
if I saw anyone coming.

I will stay here.
Please be careful.

Well, it looks deserted.

The workers are at the festival.

Whoever's in there is
probably who we're after.

- Ready?
- Let's do it.

You're German.

Do you know what
you're doing, huh?

- Our cause is the same.
- No, it is not the same.

And what I have done, I have
done with a great deal of pleasure.

Where the hell were you?

I was fascinated to watch an
American operative in action.

- Oh.
- Just like John Wayne.


This would be
your Señor Portillo.

Not mine.

You are much too
modest, Herr Stetson.

- Impetuous, but modest.
- Hmm.

Your pleasure is
not so great as mine.

- Herr Hollinger was your friend.
- Yeah. He was my friend.

- Where do you have him?
- He never entered the mill.

One of my men was assigned to
your car. He will have him in custody.

- Come on, what happened?
- He has taken your car. He is gone.


- Make a good souvenir for the kids.
- Harry.

Ha. You startled me.

- Where's Lee?
- I told you I'd take care of him.

- You thinking of buying that?
- Uh, no, I didn't bring any money.

Don't let a little thing like
money worry you. I'll buy it for you.

You look surprised, Amanda.
Lee didn't clue you in, did he?

Where is Lee?
What have you done?

If Lee had never been involved, this
thing would've been a whole lot easier.

- Harry, answer my question.
- I set him up with Portillo and his goons.

- Set him up?
- It evens out.

He did the same to me. He had
the mill staked out when I got there.

I don't know how he did it.
He's a half-length ahead of me.

You wouldn't mind being my
insurance policy, would you?

All right, now stay here.
This is his only way out.

That's enough,
Amanda. No more games.

You always did
have a killer right.

You understand, pal.

It was nothing personal.

Wrong again, Harry.

It was very personal.

What's gonna happen to Harry?

They're gonna
throw the book at him.

Gee, that's too bad.

You know, if when Harry
discovered that counterfeiting ring...

he had just told the agency about
it instead of throwing in with them...

he probably would've been a hero and
he could've had any assignment he wanted.

It's funny you could figure
that out and Harry couldn't.

Well, it's logical.

- And you're a very logical person.
- Yes, I am.

How did you figure out that Harry
was one of the counterfeiters?

It was a couple of things.

First of all, his lifestyle.

No matter how good
the rate of exchange is...

he could never
afford that chalet.

Yeah? You said
a couple of things.

Well, the clincher was
that morning at breakfast.

I'd asked him if he remembered
our conversation from the night before.

He remembered counterfeit 20s.

- I never mentioned 20-dollar bills.
- Oh, very clever of you.

- Well, thank you.
- Frau King.

I thought the police
were finished with us.

Uh, one question.

Frau King, I don't wish
to detain you any further...

- but, uh, one question.
- Yes.

What are you doing
for dinner this evening?

- Perhaps a typical Bavarian meal?
- Thank you very much...

but I think I'll be having dinner with
my family tonight in Arlington, Virginia.

Or breakfast, whichever it is.

Anyway, I think I'll
be eating at home.