Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 6 - Brunettes Are In - full transcript

After a critical mission is fouled by a mugging, Amanda begins to consider leaving the Agency and Lee tries to protect her from an unknown threat.

Oh, the South.

Hi. Oh, I love it.

Upstairs, right
on the back patio.

Careful, careful.


Amanda, oh, I'm so
glad you could make it.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, well, this is
really something.

Yeah, Mr. Sinclair has
pulled some strings.

- I wanna show you something.
- Sure.

What we'd like you to do is help with
some of the practical demonstrations.

All right.

- And lookit here.
- Oh, puppies!

- Hi, come on, sweetie.
- Hello, puppy. Hello, puppy.

- Come here, puppy.
- These rascals are our goal for this year.

Last year, we raised enough
money to train five guide dogs.

- And this year, we hope to double that.
- Oh, my gosh.

- I had no idea they were that expensive.
- Yes, they are.

But maybe someday they'll help a little
boy or a little girl to see through them.

Oh, aren't they terrific?

Oh, and over
here is Mr. Sinclair.

He's the organizer and
the sponsor for our group.

He's been blind
since he was a boy.

But he's wonderful with the
children. That's why we're here.

- Yeah.
- Come on over. I'll let you meet him.


Ha, ha, one of them got out.

Kathy, could you get him?

Mr. Sinclair, this is Mrs. King.
She's one of our new volunteers.

How do you do? You're
doing wonderful work here.

Oh, thank you. We're here
for the children, Mrs. King.

Yes. Well, I'm so
glad that I can help out.

Well, their smiles
will thank you.

Might as well take them both.

- I get the brunette, you get the blond.
- Hey, no problem.

- I've got something to show you.
- Sure.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Sinclair.
- Nice to meet you.

Amanda, I really
appreciate your helping out.

- I know how busy you are.
- Oh, I'm happy to help.

- Then I guess I'll see you Wednesday.
- Right.

- Say hi to your mother and kids.
- I will.

- Okay. Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

We're gonna lose her.

Get the blond. I'm not
facing Pierce empty-handed.

Well, her car's not
going anywhere.

Piece of cake.

Sounds like you could use a
hand. I'm good around cars.

Oh, thank you. It won't start.
I don't know what's wrong.

Let's take a look.

Oh, you know, I don't
know anything about cars.

Well, it might be
something real simple.

Oh, well, I just got it tuned.
I don't understand this.

Isn't that like every car?

- So...
- Ooh.

I've got a tool chest in
the side door of my van.

- Could you get it for me?
- Sure. Thank you.

- You know, this is very nice of you.
- No problem.


I hate cars.

- Got good spirit.
- They like them that way.

Button it up, baby.


Fifteen seconds, man.
Hey, we're getting better.

Okay, come on, fellas.

What's going on? What are
you doing with our laundry?

- Taking it to work.
- Our dirty laundry?

Yes, Mother. Did
you get everything?

- Including Jamie's stinko shirt.
- Oh, come on.

- Cut it out.
- Go check your lunches, huh? Go on, run.

- I'm waiting.
- For what?

For you to tell me why
you're taking laundry to work.

I don't know.

Amanda, this film company
you work for is very strange.

I'm sorry. All I know is they told
me to bring my laundry to work.

Our machines work just fine.

- All you have to...
- I know.

- You're gonna do a commercial.
- What?

With secret cameras.
That's why they won't tell you.

To catch you in the
act with your detergent.

No, no, no.

You'll be on TV?

- I'm not.
- Just don't say you like the product...

if you really don't.
They try to trick you.

If we're rich, can
I have a bike?

- I don't think we'll be rich.
- Jungle gym!

- Please! AMANDA:
See what you started?

- Got everything? Lunch, books?
- Yeah!

- Yeah.
- All right. Be very careful.

Don't walk through vacant lots.

Stay on the sidewalks.

- Bye-bye. Study hard.
- Bye-bye.

Be good boys. PHILIP: Okay.

It's just a simple
courier assignment.

A simple mid-level courier
assignment. Amanda is not ready for that.

All she has to do is
exactly what she's told.

She never does
exactly what she's told.

She has good common sense.

Billy, she will be out there without
any backup. She'll be totally alone.

And safe within her own element.

This courier must simply
act like a housewife.

- Just act like housewife?
- That's right.

I can do that. I
do that every day.

Just a simple, average,
ordinary housewife.

But, Amanda, this is not what
you're used to. You'll be alone.

See, we can't afford to arouse suspicions
by having our backup agents spotted.

Is this dangerous?

It's just a simple drop.
- Yes, sir.

Sir, just exactly what is
it that you want me to do?

Go to a Laundromat, wash your clothes.
At some point, a man will give you a sock.

- One sock?
- One sock.

Dirty or clean?

- It doesn't matter.
- It does.

If it's clean, it'll look
suspicious if I wash it.

Now, don't wash the sock.

- It has a microdot in it.
- Oh.

Just put it with your laundry,
then bring it back here.

Right. Just go the Laundromat,
wash my clothes, get the sock.

Another day on the job. Heh.

Who is this other
woman? This brunette?

Her name is Amanda King
and we know where she works.

A documentary film company.


Then why are you here?

Follow her.

Bring her into the family.

- Kurtz is already on it.
- Good.


- Oh, hi, Sarah.
- What are you doing here?

- Your machines are on the blink, too, huh?
- Yeah, well, I guess they are.

- You expecting someone?
- No, I was just hoping...

- the parking meter hadn't run out.
- The parking meter.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

- Any problems?
- Just wait.

Billy, we got a problem here. Our
drop man just activated a backup plan.

What's going down?

He's in a jam. He had
to switch the contents

of the drop Amanda
will be receiving.

- A different microdot?
- That's right. Tripod has been blown.

Tripod. That's our three
agents in Leningrad, right?

Yes. The new microdot contains
the plans to get our guys out of Russia.

The KGB must be after them.

We only have 48 hours to get our
guys out of there or they'll be killed.

And that means they
could be on to our drop man.

And Amanda's "simple little
assignment" could now get her killed.

- Your boys are growing so fast.
- Yes.

I guess Freddie is gonna
be puny like his father.

Oh, gee, I sure hope not.

Oh, my gosh.

Gosh, how clumsy of
me. Thank you so much.

It's not safe.

- Then I should fold my laundry at home.
- Good idea.


Aren't you gonna fold those?

No, I think I'll just fold
my laundry at home.

It's not safe here.

- Hey! Hey, you!
- No! No! No!

No! No!

- Get out of...!
- Hey, forget it, buddy. He's gone.

Just trying to help.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.

Thank you very much.

- All right.
- No problem.

I'll take it from here, thank
you. Thank you very much.


- You're all right?
- Yes.

- What happened?
- I don't know. He was outside waiting.

At least he didn't
get the laundry.

Oh, my gosh, he got the sock.

- What?
- In my purse.

- My God. Why?
- Your man inside said it wasn't safe.

I thought they would
search the laundry for

the sock, but they'd
never search my purse.

Lee, who would put
a sock in a purse?

Well, that sock happens to
represent the lives of three people.

That's a vital code
that we have to have.

In 48 hours, three undercover
agents will be caught and killed.

- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

I'm the one who is sorry.

- God.
- Here.

- Now, come on.
- I got my own car.


He got my keys.

This is it?

A purse?

We sell women...

not luggage.

Yes, sir, Mr. Pierce.

There were a lot of
people around at the time.

If Kurtz and Dagget hadn't
showed up when they did...

some good Samaritan
would've pounced on me.

Now it just seems
like a purse snatching.

You don't understand.

I need...

this woman.

The buyer has seen her picture.

What about her?

This luscious creature...

is only a blonde.

She will draw a decent dollar.

But Mrs. King is a brunette.

And brunettes are in.

Our client is looking for a cultured
woman to add to his collection.

Someone who
can train the others.

Now, I am not a flesh peddler.

I deal in class.

What's the big deal about this Mrs.
King? There's plenty of brunettes.

Suburban housewives appeal
to the buyer's sense of humor.

Mrs. King is worth
more than five blonds.

He wants her.
Not just her purse.

All of her.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.

Yes, well, thank you
very much for telling me.

All right, thank you. Goodbye.

I have the numbers. Gonna
cancel all your credit cards.

I can't believe this
happened in broad daylight.

We're just lucky you're
all right. What's the matter?

Mother, that was the charity committee.
Gail didn't get home, night before last.

- What happened?
- They don't know.

- Her car is still parked on the street.
- Amanda, that's awful.

Oh, it makes you so mad when things
like that happen in your own neighborhood.

Now, we're not gonna just
stand here and allow it to happen.

I'm gonna call our councilman.

- What's his name?
- Councilman Hogan.

- I've got his number.
- Hi.

Hi, fellas. JAMIE: Mom?

Think you're gonna
do that commercial?

I don't think so, sweetheart.
It didn't work out so well.

- I wanted to see you on TV.
- Yeah, well.

- Can we go in the backyard, play football?
- Sure you can.

- Just don't talk to strangers.
- In the backyard?

There shouldn't be
strangers in the backyard.

- If there are, tell me.
- You won't believe this.

- What?
- I got a recording.

- I believe it. DOTTY:
Makes me mad.

- Mom, is Billy Bartlett okay?
- Yeah, Billy's okay.

- Jamie, Billy can't catch.
- At least he's not a stranger.

That's right. Go on.

- You're leaving?
- I'm gonna go to the charity...

fill in for Gail and try
to find what happened.

- All right, but be careful.
- I will.

- You watch out for the little boys.
- I will.


That lovely perfume
must be Mrs. King.

Hello, Mr. Sinclair. Is
there any word on Gail?

No. The police are doing
all they can. Try not to worry.

Well, I just thought I'd come
by and see if I could help out.

Well, I'm sure Mrs. Taylor
would really appreciate that.

If there's anything you
need, you just look for me.

- Or any of these people can help you.
- I will.

And Mrs. King, the
children thank you.

Forward. Come on.

- Where would you like me to put these?
- What are you doing here?

Amanda, I need you. We may
have gotten a break on this case.

One of our sources
seems to think...

the guy who attacked you the other
day was a purse snatcher, not an agent.

I didn't get a good
look at him. You did.

I really need you to come
down and look at some pictures.

Well, all right.

Good. Come on.


- How about this one?
- Mm-mm.

I think this is him.

You're absolutely sure?

I'm not absolutely
sure, but I'm pretty sure.

Okay. Let's run a
computer ID on him.

Oh, he's using a
new name. Rollo.

What else?

Petty criminal. Likes money,
doesn't care much how he gets it.

Yeah, into a little bit
of everything, huh?

Looks that way. If the money is
right, he'll do just about anything.

Excuse me. Don't suppose
there's an address on that.

- Is there?
- No.

Get an APB out on the
description, try to track him down.

- Okay.
- How much time left on Tripod?

Thirty-four hours.

- Get a move on it.
- All right.

Lee, what if the microdot
fell out of the sock?

That'd be great. Would
be in the street somewhere.

Or it could be in my laundry.
I haven't put it away yet.

- Your mother and kids?
- At the movies.

Let's go.

Thank you. LEE: Mm-hm.


- This is dumb.
- What?

The microdot isn't
in your laundry.

Oh, we don't know
that until we look.

Gut instinct.

You do what I do, after a number
of years, you develop this intuition.

Yes, like mothers' intuition
or women's intuition.

Maybe intuition isn't
quite the right word.

Oh, yes. That's a good word.

What I'm trying to say is, Amanda, I
have more experience than you, right?

Well, you have more
experience in certain areas.

- I have more in other areas.
- I'm talking about being an agent.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

I'm talking about years of
training, honing my instincts.


You're not picking up
on what I'm saying to you.

What are you saying to me?

You should have never
taken that assignment.

Mr. Melrose asked me to do it.

Yes, but if you were listening
closely to me, I was asking you not to.

- You were?
- Yes.

And that is the difference
between a pro and non-pro.

Being able to pick up
on the subtle nuances.

In my estimation, that courier
assignment should've been taken...

by somebody with a
mid-level clearance.


All right, let's...

What is...?

You don't really actually
wear this, do you?

Yes, Philip and
Jamie gave it to me.

Oh, Philip and Jamie
gave it to you, did they? Ha.


Well, hot mama.

It seems that three of our best agents
are in a great deal of trouble right now...

because we lost
a vital microdot.

And the only lead that we
have to this vital microdot...

is with some damn purse
snatcher named Rollo.

And here I am, sitting in your
den, going through your laundry...

and feeling very much
like an idiot right now.



So I'm very... I'm
very sorry, Amanda.

I lost my temper again. I seem
to be always saying things that...

Well, sometimes that's
when people are most honest.

Yeah, and the dumbest, so...

Lee, I think we should stop.

- There's no microdot in this laundry.
- I don't mean that.

We should stop working together. I
don't think we should be partners anymore.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We
have never been partners.

- We have been partners.
- I don't work with partners. You know it.

- You're losing your temper again.
- I am not.

I know you think I really
messed up this time.

- You make me crazy.
- You think I'm right for the agency.

- Why are we having this discussion?
- Just remember...

I didn't ask to join the agency.
You got me into it in the first place.

I'm not holding you there, am I?


Why are we talking?

- What are we talking about here?
- My resignation.

I think I should probably
give it to Mr. Melrose.

Do what you think is
best for you, that's all.


I will, then, I guess.

I'll turn in my resignation.

- Well, fine.
- Yeah.

I don't believe this.

Come on. Move
it. Get in. Come on.

- All right, hold it!
- Hey, get out of there.

You guys take care of
the merchandise. I got him.

No, Amanda! It's over.

It's over.

It's over. Everything's
fine. They're gone.

- I've never been so scared in my life.
- I know.

I'm glad Mother and the boys
weren't here. Why did they come?

I don't know, but I'll
find out. Believe me.

Who are they?

I don't know.

Why did you come back?

I didn't like the way our
little disagreement ended.

I drove by, saw the van in the
driveway, your front door was open...

It wasn't a little disagreement.
You said that I should resign.

- No. You said that you were gonna resign.
- You agreed with me.

- Here we go again.
- Then you mean it, don't you?

- No... No, I didn't totally mean it.
- But you mean it a little.

- Maybe a little.
- See, you said it again.

Said what? I don't even
know what I said anymore.

Hurry up, boys. Amanda?

You gotta get him out of here.
- Yeah.

It's dark out here.

- Come on, friend.
- Amanda!

You arrest him, huh? - You bet.


Hi. Well, we have a
windstorm, I guess.

You gotta watch the front door.

- Can be very dangerous.
- I know.

- The lights are out.
- I know it. How was the movie?

- It was very gory.
- Talk about great. It was excellent.

- Can I have a bullwhip?
- Not in this life, dear.

Grab your
flashlights, go upstairs,

get ready for bed.
I'll be up in a minute.

- Okay. Bye, Mom.
- There you go. Go on now.

Be careful.

- That is really something out there.
- Oh, I know.

It's quite a lightning
storm, isn't it?

My gosh.

- Yes.
- What happened?

Well, you could say that the
wind blew in the front door...

and blew out the back
door and blew the room out.

- Oh, Amanda, sweetheart.
- Oh.

- You could've been hurt.
- Well, it was...

Let me fix you a cup of tea
and you can me all about it.

I don't believe it.

Yeah, I know.


So good of you to meet me.

Let's talk.

Rollo's getting caught
has put a crimp in things.

He won't say anything.

You'd better be right, Dagget.

For all your sakes.

The price on the King woman has
gone up even higher than before.

I talked to the
buyer this morning...

told him all about your
little escapade last night.

Mrs. King's spirited
performance appeals to him.

He feels that will make her an
even better leader for his collection.

What do we do about this
guy who keeps showing up?

Get rid of any inconveniences.

No need to be polite.

I want Amanda King.


Well, I find that
pretty hard to believe.

I think you're just
covering for her.

- What, Amanda?
- Mm-hm.

I'm telling you,
she fought back.

- What do you think she'd do?
- Faint, sort of a suburban swoon.

Hardly. She was great.

- Even took one out with a lamp.
- A lamp? I would never use a lamp.

Oh, I know. We've
gotta watch our nails.

I've decked guys
with a lot less.

- First dates are rough.
- They always come back for more.

Is this a great town or what?

I will bet that Rollo will
be out by Saturday night.

You know, I am gonna really
enjoy doing a number on him.

Yeah? You're gonna
have to wait in line.

You've already
had run-ins with him.

I never have. It should be me.
That way, he won't what's coming.

- Oh, Francine...
- Hey, look.

We don't have much
time here. We need results.

I'm a woman, Rollo is a
man. Therefore, I can...

You can back me up quite nicely. If
you will remember Singapore in '81.

Oh, I do remember Singapore.

You walked in right in the middle of
my interrogation and broke the mood.

It took another 24 hours
to break the subject.

He was not going to crack
the way you were doing it.

We'll never know, will we?

- I'm not the one who's keeping track.
- You're not.

But somebody better be keeping track,
because you remember Panama in '82.

- I cracked that sucker in no time.
- You did. You were great.

But that was a diplomatic
courier. Whole different ball game.

Rollo is a scuzzball.

He wouldn't understand a subtle
threat or a delicate approach.

You have no idea what kind
of approach I am going to use.

Just because I'm a woman does not
mean I will always be subtle and delicate.

Okay, you are right.
You are absolutely right.

- Oh.
- Tell you what. We'll flip for it.

What we need here is
an executive decision.

I wanna know who you guys
are and where the hell I am.

Shut your face, bozo.

You better tell her what
she wants to know, Rollo.

I am telling you, I
do not know anything.

All right, scuzzball.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Why were you after Amanda King?

This is your second attack.


Okay, I'll tell you.

I wanted to rob her. That's it.

I just wanted to rob her.

All right. Where did
you put her purse?

How would I know? I
deal with a lot of purses.

I'm not buying it, Rollo.

She's not buying it, Rollo.
- Look...

just give me five minutes alone
with him. All I need is five minutes.

See, I don't know. I...

I covered you last time. I don't
think I can go to bat for you again.

Who the hell are you guys any...?
- Three minutes.

All I need is three
minutes, Lee, please.

All right, maybe. Maybe.

Only this time, I don't
wanna have to watch.

I mean, it was brutal.

Hey, I got my rights.

I want a lawyer.

Yeah. And I wanna be
6'8" with a jump shot.

Now, you just sit right
where you are, okay?

Don't you go anywhere.

Could be possible. Snatch
her purse, get the address.

Come back later,
rip the house off.

- It's possible.
- Do you buy it?


Well, children, we only have 12 hours
to get that microdot. Any suggestions?

I think we let him go.

Take him down the back way.

I have $50 and that's it.

Ooh. You don't gotta kill me, man.
- What?

I'm not the one who's
shooting at you, you jerk.

Who is, then, if not you?

Take a guess.

What did you think your buddies
would do when they found you snitching?

Yeah, yeah, you could be
right on that one. All right, listen.

You protect me, I'll tell you what you
want. Just promise me protection right now.

Yeah. All right,
we'll protect you.

Why were you after Amanda King?

We weren't gonna hurt her or anything.
We don't ever damage the merchandise.

Merchandise? That's the
same thing you said in the house.

Nothing personal.
It's just business, man.

You were never after Amanda's
purse. You weren't gonna rob her.

She's nothing but
merchandise to you?

What were you going to
use her for, huh? What?

- We... We were gonna sell her.
- You what?

You were gonna sell Amanda?

- Down.
- Yeah, get down.

Now, where are these
women you were gonna sell?

Okay, okay, okay.

They're on a yacht. Don't ask
me where, because I don't know.

Every night, they change the
dock and change the name.

Don't ask me. I don't know.

All right, come on.

- No... Oh, down.
- Come on.


Looks like we have a
little change in plans.

What the hell...?
You guys cheated.

That's right, Sherlock.

They weren't after the microdot.
They were after Amanda.

There's this yacht.
Wherever this yacht is,

that's where the purse
is and the microdot.

You take scuzzball
here and put him on ice.

Find that yacht. I'm
going after Amanda.

Got it. Come on. Come on.

All right, now, we'll
move relatively slowly.

There's not a lot of
furniture in the room.

I suggest you put your hand on the
shoulder of the person in front of you.

You see, without a
cane or a guide dog...

even walking through a room can
be difficult for someone who's blind.

Ah... there is a piano
right next to you, Ellen.

All right now, we'll stop
here just for moment.

And please... There you are.
Just stop for a moment. Stand still.

The money raised by this
charity will provide services...

which help ease many of
these very same problems.

The use of a guide dog would have made this
demonstration much easier for you all...

but their training is quite
extensive and expensive.

But your money will
be providing someone...

not only with a way of
seeing, but with a friend.

These dogs aren't just a
guide. They become family.

Now, we're almost finished.

Just remember that the blind do face
these problems every moment of every day.

Now, I'll just check
the hallway and be sure

it's not too difficult
for you to navigate.

Just a moment.

Mr. Sinclair, you can see.

Oh, Mrs. King, it's a miracle.

What the hell is that?

All right, let's get
him in the van.

- Get any more information from Rollo?
- Not much.

Losing your touch?

- Can't get blood from a stone, Billy.
- Depends on how hard you squeeze.

What did you get from him?

Well, it's definitely
some sort of a boat.

That had already
been established.

He called it a yacht.

The more I kept questioning,
the more he kept calling it a ship.

- The name of the ship?
- It still might be a yacht.

Yacht, ship. What's its name?

The last time Rollo saw it,
it was called the Moonbeam.

- But the name changes all the time.
- Where was it last docked?

At the 89th Street pier.
But it's not there anymore.

- I already checked.
- Damn.

- Scarecrow or Amanda called in yet?
- No.

- Scarecrow still won't answer his remote.
- Terrific.

Any suggestions?

Chasing a boat that changes its location
and name as often as I change my socks.

We've got something.
How often is that?

- Not funny.
- A little levity...

We've got three lives at stake
here and the clock is ticking.

I'm sorry.


Listen, try to get
something more from Rollo.

A lot of lives depend on it.

Including Lee and
Amanda's. Okay?


You're a fool, Sinclair.

The King woman is worth
much too much to the buyer...

for you to risk the deal
by having her for yourself.

I don't plan on
keeping her long.

Besides, you seem to be
forgetting something, Pierce.

Your only job is to broker the
deal with prospective buyers.

But it is I who run
this little enterprise.

And the last person
who called me a fool...


Just like you're about to.

Oh, don't worry, old friend.

It's a fast-acting poison.

And I'm told the
pain is minimal.

Dispose of Pierce.

And show Amanda in.

He said you were gonna
sell me, but that isn't true, is it?

Oh, it's quite true.

I prefer to look at myself as someone
who provides a delicate service...

for certain lonely,
but very wealthy men.

Oh, well, I...

You have very
delicate skin, Amanda.

I won't be selling
you right away.

First, you and I
will be together.


Take her to her friend,
but blindfold her first.

I don't want her knowing
her way around the ship.

Just in case.

Come on.

You gonna tell me what
you're gonna do with me?

Look, you got it
all wrong, Rollo.

It's what you wanna do with me.

Do you dream, Rollo?

Doesn't everybody? What the
hell has that gotta do with anything?

Whew, is it hot in here?


Oh. Must be me, I
guess. I'm just really hot.

Or could it be you?

- Me?
- Mm-hm.

I'm just sitting here.

You know what?

I like short men.

- I don't know what you have in mind...
- You don't shave every day, do you?

I got a lot of things
going on in my life lately.

That's rough.
That is really good.

You know, that gives you
that kind of an animal look.

That's good. I could
get really used to that.

Lady, I don't know...

I don't know where you're coming
from. I still don't know who you are.

All I know is you just wanted to chew
my nose off and then you try to trick me...

and now you're coming on...

I don't know. I ain't
coming on to you.

I'm talking about
the way you look.

I do look pretty rugged, huh?

Oh, it's not that.

It's our bodies.

- Our bodies?
- Mm-hm.

The contours.

- Contours?
- Hm.

We mesh perfectly well.

Um, yeah. Absolu...

Too bad we don't have
a cot or something, huh?

I like it rough.

Now, we got a lot of
things to talk about.

- And then we've got a lot of things to do.
- Yeah.

All right, step up.

All right, step down.

- Lee. Oh!
- Amanda.

It's no use.

Oh, Lee. Are you all right?

All right? I'm chained to
a pipe. Do I look all right?

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay, it's okay.

- Gail?
- Yeah.


Amanda, she's drugged.

If we don't get a move
on it, you're gonna be next.

Lee, they were after me all the time.
They were never after the microdot.

My purse is
upstairs on the desk.

You saw it?

It's on the desk. I bet
the sock is still in it.

Come on, gotta move.

- I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Now, wait.

- Yes? Yes?
- Amanda.

- Amanda, I have got a plan.
- What is it?

Look, I've worked this
pipe loose from the joint.

Just a little bit with some more
weight, I think we can disconnect it.

Grab that towel, wrap it
around the pipe. Go on.

- Yes.
- All right.

Now let's pull down.

- Drop our weight?
- Yes.

All right? Now.

It's going. It's going.

- Look, Amanda.
- Yes?

- What we were talking about before?
- Yeah.

It's a good idea that
you leave the agency.

Oh, no, I don't think so.

Look, if you weren't
working for the

agency, you wouldn't
be in a mess like this.


But I wouldn't have you to
save me either, then, would I?

One more pull.

What's going on in there?


I was unconscious when they brought
me down here. Show me the way.

I know the way. A step up, a step
down, a few steps forward. Follow me.

- All right.
- There's a step up. Don't miss it.

- You found it.
- Yeah.

There's a step
down. Be very careful.

Follow me, now. We're
gonna go up soon.

Okay. There's the sock.

Let's see.

There, here it is.

Now, you put that
someplace where it'll be safe.


Yeah. Good.

- Close to my heart.
- Yeah.

Nice touch.

Now, let's see if I can find some
keys and get these things off.


Oh, that's a lot of keys.

Forget it.

- Come on. Let's find a radio.
- Right.

I wonder where Sinclair is.

Go on, get! Call
Billy, frequency 01.

Use code 1XY2.

Ooh. Okay.

Hello? This is 1XY2.
Come in, please.


This is 1XY2. Please, come in.

BILLY: Melrose here.

Sir, it's Amanda.

I have the microdot, sir.

- Amanda, where are you?
- On a boat.

What's the name of the boat?
- Nightwing.

But I don't know
where we're docked.

Okay, that's enough
information. We're on our way.

Yes, sir.

Francine, the name of
the boat is Nightwing.

Track it through the harbor masters.
Get Kaylin and Mellor to help you.

Okay, right on it.

- Did you get ahold of Billy?
- He's on the way.

Too bad you'll both be
dead and I'll be long gone.

Kind of came in handy.


Sorry. This has never
happened before.

Must be the moisture
in the air or something.

- It's got a clasp. It's jammed.
- We don't have time.

Oh, you can use these.
- No, no, no. Here it is.

There you are. There's your microdot, sir.
Be careful. Be careful, sir. It's so tiny.

It's good to get
those manacles off.

Looks like everything
turned out okay, huh?

I guess.


- Uh, look, Amanda...
- You know, I'm very proud of my job.

And I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

I really don't think it was my
fault that that microdot got stolen.

No. No, you're right.

I know I'm right.

Yeah, you're right. And you
know that part about your...

Yeah, my resignation.

- Yeah, that part.
- Yeah.

Amanda, I think...

You ought to give
it more thought.

I think you're right.

Maybe I didn't know what it
was you were really saying.

That was probably it. I guess
I really didn't understand...

- what you were saying, so...
- Yeah. The only trouble is I already...

I happened to intercept
this this morning.

It says: - I...

"I, Amanda King, hereby resign."

What should we do with it?


how about the circular file?