Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 5 - Charity Begins at Home - full transcript

When Amanda is made the refreshment manager for a charity do she is in the perfect position to help Lee get close to international criminals.

Great. Just great.

An Appalachian-style
meet in our own backyard...

and we can't get
anywhere near it.

The Perrine Invitational Automobile
Exhibition is just that: invitational.

We're not on the list.

I mean, there's a chance that
it's purely a social gathering.

All right, there's not
much of a chance.

Ask yourself why Perrine's having a
classic car exhibition on a polo field.

- Because he owns the Equidome.
- That is absolutely right.

He controls the entire facility.

When a man like Jerry Perrine
gets together with men like these...

- this country's in
trouble. LEE: Yeah.

The last time, it was that
wheat sale to the East Bloc.

That ended up costing the Agricultural
Department approximately $200 million.

These men control billions of
dollars' worth of cash and credit.

That kind of leverage, you're
talking potential disaster.

We still haven't found a
way to get into the Equidome.

- We're working on it.
- The impossible takes a little longer.

Longer is what we do not have,
Billy. That meet starts tomorrow.

- Hello, Amanda. AMANDA: Hello.

- Hello, Lee.
- Hello.

I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I
just brought you my expense voucher.

Why don't we just bring a guy in as a
telephone lineman? Something like that.

He didn't get where
he is by ignoring details.

Was there something
else, Amanda?

Oh, well, no, sir. I just wanted to mention
that I'll be very busy this weekend.

But if anything vital comes up,
you know you can always, uh...

- We'd be in touch.
- Yes, sir.

If you have a minute, you might
like to take a look at this program.

For a very worthy cause.

I'm actually refreshments
director this year...

but I still feel a responsibility
for getting program sponsors.

A full page is $400.

- Amanda, what are you talking about?
- Oh, the, uh, Unified Charity Funds Drive.


Oh, no, no, no. No
personal contributions.

That's not until next week.
This is for businesses like IFF.

See, some companies take a full page
and then some take a half page and...

- Well, you know, that's only
$200. LEE: Wait, Amanda.


Look, we don't want advertising.

We really don't need
customers, you know.

Oh, no. Well, I'm...
Of course you don't.

But wouldn't it be good for your cover
if you took an ad like a real business?

I mean, now, think about it.

A quarter page in a
program like this at only $100.

She's right. That's
not such a bad idea.

A hundred dollars?

Well, sir, there is a section in the
back that lists contributing sponsors.

You get no advertising,
but you are listed.

And I think maybe the price
would be right for you, sir.

It's only $25 and it's tax deductible.
And remember, it is for a very good cause.

- Just our name, right?
- Yes, sir. Just the name.

Okay. Put us down
as a supporter.

Thank you, sir. I'm
happy to take your order.

- All right. Is that it?
- Sorry, I...

Can we get back to
the business at hand?

Yes, I'll just be going now.

Thank you very much, and, uh...

have a nice day.

Cheer up.

We'll cover all the
entrances to the Equidome...

take a lot of pictures
and hope for a break.

Oh, and make sure all of
our men know these faces.

Bruno Sarkisian
and Bart Taggart.

LEE: Ted Masterson
and Jerry Perrine himself.

What could they be cooking up?

DOTTY: Amanda. Amanda.

Yeah, Mother.

- It's that woman.
- Mrs. Coleman?

Hello. Yes?

Uh, yes. No, no,
no. No trouble at all.

Yes, sure. Yes, Mrs. Coleman.

All right. Bye-bye.

Don't tell me.

Amanda, would you mind
picking up a few things for me?

I am so busy with the ambassadors and the
senators and Nancy calling day and night.

Mother, it's just the flowers.

The flowers? The flowers
are her department.

You've already done
all the decorating.

Amanda, that woman is
taking advantage of you.

Mother, it's all
right. It's for charity.

This happens every year.

You do all the work and then a
woman like that gets all the credit.

Now, there's an axiom for that exactly and
it's, "The, uh, quality of charity is..."

The quality of charity is
to be nice to Mrs. Coleman.

That is absolutely not it.

I don't care. I
still have to do it.


Pick anything up on the truck?

Too much back noise, but we're
running a check on the license.

We gotta get inside, Billy.

He's got that place
buttoned and wired.

We've worked to put
him away and he knows it.

There's always a way. It takes
some thought and ingenuity.

It's gonna take a
lot more than that.

Perrine's been under scrutiny by a dozen
federal agencies for the past few years.

He's an expert on seclusion.

Oh, yeah? Well, we're supposed
to be experts too, aren't we?

We know that he's invited the wealthiest
speculators in the country to this show.

This could be the biggest deal so
far and we can't get past that gate.

That's right, Scarecrow.
We can't get past that gate.

Nobody we know
can get past that gate.

You don't have to play
cat-and-mouse with me.

Just lay out the deal and
tell me what the figures are.

Well, this is no deal
for gun-jumpers, Ted.

So I'm ambitious.

Look, I gotta get something for
myself before you own everything.

Plus, you've got enough.

I'm not sure there is enough.

It's a beauty, isn't it?

What I'm going to sell
to the highest bidder.

The world rights may go
up to a hundred million.

That's serious money.

No, that's substantial money.

Serious money is what
can be made on the deal.

- Then why are you selling?
- Well, I don't want to, but I have to.

I can't make a move without a
flock of agents trailing after me.

I would like to have kept Ghana and
some local markets, like California...

- but that wouldn't be prudent.
- It's commodities, right?

You're crowding me, Ted.

I get the feeling you're
under some pressure.

The word's around the Bulgarians never
paid for the microchips you sold them.

Eight or 9 million.

The commies don't
understand our billing system.

Look, when are we gonna
know what the deal is exactly?

Tomorrow, 2 p.m.

Relax, Ted.

Stop to smell the flowers.

We got a station wagon.
I'll run a make on the license.

Never mind. We know who it is.




DOTTY: What did poor Mrs. Coleman say
after you picked up the flowers for her?

I'm sure "thank you" was
not mentioned anywhere.

Not exactly, but she
was very, very busy.

- I'm not going to say another word.
- Good.

How does the Equidome look?

Wonderful. The antique cars
are lined up all over the polo field.

The tables are set up,
the decorations are up.

Poor man.

- Who?
- Jerry Perrine.

Everything material
and he's all alone.

I understand he lost
his wife over a year ago.

Mother, he lost her to a French
baron and he seems pretty happy.

That is a front, Amanda.

A wealthy man like that is not
going to announce his loneliness.

I mean, he's too proud.

Successful men do not like to
admit that they have failed in love.

You have a lot to
learn about older men.

Well, I am going to go upstairs
and have my own kind of luxury now.

- Bubble bath?
- That's right.

- Apricot cinnamon. I am dying to try it.
- Mm.


Apricot cinnamon?

DOTTY: Amanda, don't run
any hot water until I'm finished.

I won't, Mother.

- How long have you been out here?
- Just through the dishes.

- I wanna talk to you.
- Oh, I knew it.

Something vital did come up at the agency.
And the weekends are my busiest time.

- Amanda, it's nothing like that.
- It's all right. I can handle it.

You just tell me what to do.

Get me into the auto show
at the Equidome tomorrow.

I can't do that.

No, no. You see, Sunday is the day
that the general public will be admitted...

but Saturday, it's by
special invitation only.

I know that. That's why
I need help getting in.

But I have nothing to do with the
guest list. I'm the refreshments director.

The guest list
won't work anyway.

They screened that
weeks ago, okay?

We've tried to
crack it. We can't.

Wait a second. You said you
were refreshments director?

- Mm-hm.
- Does that mean you hire the help?

Well, yeah. I guess
so, but not really.

- You guess so, but not really?
- Mm-hm.

Would you mind
translating that for me?

The waiters and the bartenders are people
that Unified Charity's used every year.

Year after year, you know,
they always use the same people.

All except for Mr. Sunderson. Uh,
he retired a couple of months ago.

Good, good. I'll
replace Mr. Sunderson.

I've already replaced him.

Well, you can replace him again.

I'll pay the guy whatever
he was going to get.

Plus a bonus, out
of my own pocket.

But, Amanda, I
have to get in there.

National security.

Yeah. Look, three of the most dangerous
and powerful men in this country...

are meeting with Perrine there tomorrow
and Perrine's the worst of the lot.

- What?
- We have to find out what they're up to...

and we can't from
the outside, looking in.

Dangerous men are
gonna be at our fundraiser?

Yeah. Billy and I and a half a dozen
agents have been parked by the stable...

waiting for a break, which we
got when we saw you walk inside.

You're our only hope, Amanda.

I'm your only hope.

- This whole operation depends on you.
- Whole operation depends on me.

I guess I ought
to mention this...

This could get dangerous.

Well, if they should find out
who I am, which they won't...

and if they should find out that you
got me in there, which they won't...

Things could get
awfully difficult.

Which they won't.


Does that mean you'll do it?

Yes, I'll do it.



Carling London. Please,
tell Mr. Perrine I've arrived.

Oh, yes, Mr. London. Paddock
area, first turn on your left, sir.

to The Unified Charities Exhibit...

here at Jerry
Perrine's Equidome.

There's lots to see and
we welcome you all today.

- There is a short film about
the restorations. AMANDA: Lee.

It's very important that the glasses
are clean and that we don't run short.

If you find that we're
running low, tell me...

and I'll have some brought
down from the restaurant, all right?

Um, I ordered about 400 pounds of
ice. I thought that would be enough.

But if you find that
you're running low... Lee?

ANNOUNCER: there are bars
and refreshments available...

not only in the center of the Equidome,
but also on the mezzanine level.

Is it one of the men
you were expecting?

No. It's someone
I didn't expect.

Carling London. If London's involved,
it's even bigger than we thought.

Much bigger.



You are a little late in
setting up the bar, aren't you?

- Hello, Mrs. Coleman.
- Yes, I was beginning to worry.

Do we have enough ice
for all the bars, Amanda?

Four hundred
pounds, Mrs. Coleman.

Yes. Well, that should do it.

I keep remembering, uh,
last summer, the concert.

Warm martinis.

Not that it was your fault, Amanda.
Really, I should have handled it myself...

instead of entertaining
the prominent sponsors.

Oh, I see that you have found a
replacement for Mr. Sunderson.

I'm sure you'll do
very well, Carlos.


Yes, ma'am.

- Uh, would you like a drink?
- Oh, no. No, no. Not while I'm working.

I don't see any cocktail
napkins, Amanda.

Oh, we were just going to
put them out, Mrs. Coleman.

One doesn't leave this sort
of thing to the last moment.

Uh... What?

Did you check under
there for black olives?

- I don't have the mark off my list yet.
- They're here.

- You sure?
- Yes, and so am I.

Oh, damn it. Oh, this is
not gonna work, Amanda.

I cannot stand here
and pour drinks all day...

and wait for them to wander over here
and drop everything in my lap. Can I?

I know. It is awkward, isn't it?


You have a real talent
for understatement.

Lee, I understand who Perrine is,
but who are all these other men?

The money men you hear about.

You know, commodities
brokers, investment bankers.

And you think that they're meeting
here because it's closed to the public?

Yeah. Look, this is the first time they
can get together without surveillance...

from a dozen different government
agencies. World-class swindlers.


Yes, sir. What can I do for you?

A Bahamian dream, if
you know how to make it.

- How do you want it?
- Just short of lethal.

Ah. Well, you wait for this one.
You won't remember the last one.

One Bahamian dream.

ANNOUNCER: A reminder: While
on the floor of the Equidome today...

please, don't smoke.


Guess I should have
expected you here, Carling.

Well, you might have. It doesn't
require too much imagination.

MASTERSON: Great car.

Perrine thinks so.

Well, I've seen better.

You interested in
going in partners today?

Now, why on earth
would I do that?

Because I'm close with
Perrine. Might give you an edge.

You're not close with Perrine. I don't
even know why he asked you here.

Same reason he invited
you. He wants the coin.

All of your coin, as you put it,
is tied up in Bulgarian credits.

- Where do you get your information?
- From the Bulgarians.

But we have a different
relationship. They pay me.

You're almost broke, Masterson.
Perrine knows it. So do I.

Only he wouldn't say anything. He's
always been more charitable than I.

All right. I've got
a few problems.

But it could hurt a lot if you
say anything and you know that.


I know that very well.

Then you won't?

By the end of this afternoon,
everybody here is going to know.

You really think I would allow you to
talk one of the others into a partnership?

That would be very bad
business, now, wouldn't it?

ANNOUNCER: Prices and starting
prices are available in the brochures...

which are available to you
at the entrance to the hall.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the cars are very beautiful...

but we ask you
not to touch them.

They are indeed very
delicate and very old.

- Look all you want, but...
AMANDA: Excuse me a moment.

- Uh, Lee, where are you going?
- Gonna do some eavesdropping.

- What about the bar?
- I'll be right back.

A grasshopper, please.

I'm not the...

- Grasshoppers.
- Yes.


TAGGART: Jerry. What's for sale?

You'll find out at 2:00.

With everyone else.

Oh, come on, Jerry.
We go back a long time.

I'm not asking for an edge.


PERRINE: Of course you are.

TAGGART: All right, I am.

Is it commodities?

tell you this much.

It's a formula that's gonna change
the futures market for all time.

Are you serious?

Am I ever not serious when
we're talking about money?

I suppose you wouldn't care to
give me a preview of this formula.

For old times' sake.

Nice try, Taggart. Two o'clock.

- Well, if you happen to have it on you...
- I don't.

The formula is in
a nice, safe place...

and it's gonna stay
there until a deal's made.

You there.

- Yes, sir?
- What are you doing?

Uh, I'm trying to deliver these
two, uh, bourbon and water, tall...

but I can't seem to find the
people who ordered them.

Probably looking
for them at the bar.

Yes, but I said that I
would deliver them.

Go back to the bar, Carlos.

Uh, yes, sir. I will. Thank you.


Yes, Mr. Perrine.

I don't remember
seeing that man before.

Check him out. If security's been
breached, I wanna know about it. Now.

Yes, sir.

Delicious and cold martini. And
don't forget your cherry. There you are.

- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.

- Amanda.
- Yes?

- What is this?
- I don't know. No one would drink it.

Did you find out anything?

Yeah. Perrine's got
a formula up for sale.

What kind of a formula?

I'll know that at 2:00. That's
when it goes up on the sales block.

He didn't have it on him. Where
do you suppose he stashed it?

- I don't know. He has offices here.
- Too obvious.

Um, well, it's a big place.

Kitchens, restaurant, stables.

No, Billy's staked out by
the stables across the street.

Perrine hasn't left
the complex. So?

- In his car.
- What?

He has a red Excalibur that he's
going to enter in the competition.

- I don't think it's left the paddock yet.
- His car is the place anyone would look.

- Perfect hiding place.
- No.

- It doesn't make sense.
- Of course it makes sense.

The first place that anyone will look is
the last place that anyone will ever look.

I will wait till 2:00, okay?

- I can do it.
- You're not gonna do it.

- Mai tai, please.
- Uh, a mai tai. Yes, ma'am. I...

Uh, a mai tai, that is. Yes.

ANNOUNCER: I'll call your attention
to it. It's tan. It's in Space 32.

Look, if we can get
Taggart in on this...

we can give Perrine a
block bid for the formula...

on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.

It's not exactly the kind of
thing you can shop around.

- And London?
- He talks like he already owns it.

Don't worry about London.

When he finds out we put in
a package bid, he'll back off.

He may even walk
away from this deal.

You think so?

Bet on it.

ANNOUNCER: For obvious reasons, please
do not light up while in the building.

Thank you.

ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
we're very happy to have you here today.

Later this afternoon,
there will be a draw...

Lee, you are not
listening to me.

There is a dead body.

I was listening, but there's nothing I
can do about it right now, Amanda.

Could we at least move
the car out of the sun?

- And alert the killer?
- Killer? Right, there's gotta be a killer.

If there's a murder, there has
to be a killer around somewhere.

Perrine mentioned the meeting
was at 2:00 and I think that is it.

I've gotta get there,
find out what it's about.

Now, everything is here.

This book will tell you
how to mix anything.

When in doubt,
just make it stronger.

- Where are you going?
- Perrine's office. Just cover me.



Oh, I so hope you're
having a lovely time.

AMANDA: There you are.

- My dear Amanda.
- Hi, Mrs. Coleman.

I simply had to tell you what wonderful
reports I'm getting about Carlos.


Oh, yes. He's
very good, isn't he?


Oh, uh, Mrs. Coleman, he had
to excuse himself for a moment.

Oh, what a shame.

I was looking forward to
something cool and thirst-quenching.

Well, maybe, um, I could
make something for you.

What do you suggest?

Oh, I don't know.
How about, um...?

How about a Bohemian fling?

Sounds wonderful.

Mix this right up.

It's one of my favorites too.

Help yourselves, gentlemen.

You know how to do that.

I guess London can't make it.

I guess not.


Just wonderful.

Makes life bearable.

I've always said:

"Just give me the luxuries and
you can keep the necessities."


AMANDA: Well, there you are.

- You have your little secrets, Amanda.
- Secrets?

Like where did a lady like you
learn to make such a delightful drink?

Oh, well, it's very easy, actually.
You know, you just follow the recipe.

Recipe book, you see?

I'd like to try one of those.

- You don't want another martini?
- No, no.

No. No.

Another Bohemian fling
coming right up. Yes, sir.

This is really my specialty now.

PERRINE: You've got over 30
components in this candy bar.

Now, you can substitute any of those
components and still have a candy bar.

All except one: the chocolate.

Without chocolate, you
don't have a candy bar.

Without chocolate, you
don't have a lot of things.

- The cocoa bean?
PERRINE: Exactly.

The cocoa bean
grows along the equator.

Mostly in Ghana
and the Ivory Coast.

I'm selling a way to
peek into the future...

to make a killing
on the cocoa market.

And any other agricultural
market you choose.



There you are.

Excuse me. This was
supposed to be a mai tai.

Yes, well, that...

Well, that doesn't look like
anything very much, does it?

I'll correct that right away.

PERRINE: This candy
bar's got lots of almonds.

The world's biggest exporter
of almonds is California.

You buy up almond
futures, you use my formula...


And the crop harvests
out way under the forecast.

- With all those cheap
futures. LEE: Get out of here.

Well, how does it work, Jerry?

A catalyst that neutralizes the
nitrogen in the soil, controls growth...

- then leaches out in a year.
- Get out of here.


How many copies of
this formula are there?

Just one.

Let go.

I'm under too much
scrutiny to use it.

And I don't want evidence that
I ever had it in my possession.

Hope you're not carrying this
formula around in your pocket.


No, not likely.

The floor on the bidding's 50
million and it closes after the judging.



Um, excuse me for just
a minute, Mrs. Coleman.

- That's all right, dear.
- Yes, ma'am.



Mr. Melrose, sir.

Sir. Oh, sir.

- Shh.
- Sorry.

You didn't have to call me,
Amanda. I was looking for you.


Yes, sir, I know. But, you know,
on the complicated, uh, operations...

sometimes, well, I get a
little confused, sir. Sorry.

Sir, it's, uh... It's Lee.

He went to a meeting
at Mr. Perrine's office.

And, uh, well, he's been
gone an awfully long time.

And I'm just afraid that even
though I'm covering the bar...

sooner or later,
someone is gonna notice...

that the real bartender has
been gone for a long time.

It could be a long meeting.
Scarecrow might be on to something.

Yes, sir. Or someone might be on to him.
Sir, I don't think you have all the facts.

You see, Carling London is
in the trunk of Mr. Perrine's car.

He's dead, sir.

- Dead?
- Yes, sir. He's dead.

I think someone should
do something. Don't you?

Yes, but, uh, we could blow
everything if we move too soon.

Sir, if there's been a killing, that means
there's a killer out there somewhere...

and Lee is out there, so...

Well, you see what I mean, sir.

Well, let's give him
some more time.

Cover the bar so that his
absence won't look too obvious.

Of course. Uh, yes, sir.

You do understand what I'm
saying, don't you, Mr. Melrose?

I understand you nearly
all the time, Amanda.

It bothers me a little,
but I do understand.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.


MAN [OVER RADIO]: Weatherby.

Weatherby, are you there?

Come in.

Weatherby here.

- You got things buttoned up in there?
- You betcha.

We got Mr. Carlos
Perez on ice...

- you might say.
- Well, good. Keep him there.

GUARD: Roger.

AMANDA: Ooh. Come out.

Come on.

- That's the way.
- Oh, thank God you came.

Let's get this closed.


And don't try to talk.

This is the standard
treatment for hypothermia.

I'm so brittle, I feel like
something could break off.


That's a good sign. You still
have your sense of humor.

Give me your hand.

- Amanda.
- Yes.

Amanda, don't worry
about me. Get his gun.

- Get his gun?
- Yeah, grab the gun.

Put your little hand back in.

- Here's the gun.
- No.

Never mind.

All right, now get
him undressed.

- Get him undressed?
- Yes.

I wanna slip into something
a little less conspicuous.


I'll do everything
except the pants.

Suit yourself.

- Did they have the meeting?
- Yeah.

Perrine's got a catalyst that controls
plant growth by retarding the nutrients.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What does that mean?

It means whoever buys the
formula can use it to make a killing...

- in the commodities market.
- I still don't know what that means.

See, they take a heavily traded
crop like, uh, cocoa or coffee...

and they buy cheap futures and cut
the harvest in half with the formula.


Some one-crop countries like,
uh, Ghana would never recover...

from a serious crop failure.
Some would be wall-to-wall famine.

Do they know that you know?

All they know is I didn't
belong on that balcony.

And I'd be frozen stiff
by now if it wasn't for you.

Oh, well, you know, I just...

- If you don't mind?
- Oh, no.

I'm sorry. You know,
I'll just step outside.



- Right out here.
- Yeah.

My hands, my hands.

Lee, they've seen you. You can't just
walk around here like you're invisible.

I am invisible in this
getup. Just another guard.

Now, get back to the
bar while I circulate.

No, I...
- Now.
- All right.



- Have you seen Mr. London?
- No, sir.

He's usually near
his car at the judging.

Thank you.

Could still use a little work
on the chrome, George.

GEORGE: Yes, sir.

George, uh, the car's not ready.
I'm pulling it from the competition.

- I don't want anybody near it. Understand?
- Yes, sir.

and gentlemen, a reminder.

There will be a
drawing today at 3:00.

Oh, no Carlos yet. Oh,
well, it's not your fault, dear.

Dependable help has
always been a pain.

You just do the best you can
and start with the Bohemian thing.

Yes, Mrs. Coleman.

Sure, yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen, a reminder.
There will be a drawing today at 3:00.

We hope you're
enjoying yourself.

And a reminder, the 15 th of next month,
another show here at the Equidome...

and we invite you all.

A reminder once again,
there is no smoking while...

Come on, Jerry. I wanna
show you the Bugatti.

- I've seen it.
- Oh, okay. Catch you later.

AMANDA: Oh, sir. Excuse
me, sir. That's my clipboard. Sir.

Sir, excuse me. Sir,
that's my clipboard.

- Sir. LEE: Amanda.

Excuse me. Let
me through, please.


That's my car.


BILLY: All units,
let's take him now.

- Why did you get in the car?
- He took my clipboard.

Oh, Amanda.

I lose that clipboard,
I'm in a lot of trouble.

That guy is in a lot of trouble.

Believe me, he is in a lot of
trouble when I get ahold of him.


Watch out.

- That is my car.
- The poor thing.

Of all the cars in the lot, why
did he have to pick my car?

I know exactly how you feel.


That guy gets one dent
in that car and he'll...

I'll dent him.

Now, this is for the car.




Well, you were due
for a new one anyway.

Do we get our conspiracy charge?


Yeah, your hard
evidence is right here.

Your murderer is over there
and London's body's in the trunk.

He's been there all along, sir.


maybe you can save some parts.


I'm sorry. I know how
much you loved your car.

Oh, Amanda, you
don't love a car.

But you sure do
get attached to one.

I bet when everybody
adds up their receipts,

this is gonna be the
best fundraiser ever.

Well, I'm not surprised. I mean,
the public loves a good scandal.

Oh, can you imagine arresting
a man like Jerry Perrine?

I can't believe it. Federal agents
swarming all over the place.

Oh, Amanda, it must
have been so exciting. Ha!

Mrs. Coleman must
have been beside herself.

Oh, yes, Mother. Mrs. Coleman
was definitely beside herself.

Well, tell me all about it.

Well, there's not really
that much I can tell you.

Amanda, you're not
much for details, are you?

I am going to go upstairs and
watch it all on the 11:00 news.

Wish you could tell me more.

- Me too, Mother. Good night.
- Good night.

I picked it up today.

Oh, it pulls the road right up
and corners like a track racer.

- You got a new car.
- Yeah, yeah. And it's great. Ha, ha.

Anyway, I was out testing it out
and I sort of, uh, wound up over here.

And, uh...

Well, I mean, you were there when I lost
the other one and I thought maybe, uh...

Oh, well, you know, I'm really glad
that you came over and told me about it...

and maybe sometime
I'll get to take a ride in it.

Yeah, yeah. Count on it.

I mean, we will be, uh,
working on another assignment.


I'll count on it.