Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 4 - The Legend of Das Geisterschloss - full transcript

When an old friend of Lee's goes missing in Austria he and Amanda go chasing ghosts.

Oh, more tea? Oh, no.

I have no more time
to sit this morning.

I must be off. You see,
I'm sketching this today.

Das Geisterschloss?

Oh, yeah. Magnificent, isn't it?

I can't wait to have a go at it.

Visit everything in Salzburg...

but this place, you
must never go to.

Why on earth not?

I mean, warum nicht?

Please listen, madam.

This schloss...Castle.
- -this is a bad place.

It is unheilig.


There is much evil there.

Well, I don't know much
about phantoms and ghosts...

but I do know something
about 15th-century architecture.

And this castle of
yours is a treasure.

And I have a nice new pad
and I am going to slip up there...

and do some sketching
and I'll be back by tea time.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, I do appreciate your
concern, my dear. I really do.

But that's just a story.

Ah, you'll see.

I'll even make you a sketch.

Here, you! Here, you!

Stop, all of you!
Hey, where are you...?

And it's awesome, right?

Yeah. It's schloss.

- Das un schloss, yes?
- Mm-hm.

Oh, my gosh. That's
my very first castle.

Obviously, you see
them all the time...

but back home in the
States, in Arlington...

Guten tag, Frau King.

Oh! Yes, hello.

- Goodbye.
- Yes.

I told him to take
your bags to the hotel.

Oh, thank you very much.

Oh, this is beautiful.
Would you just look at that.

Well, this is like
a fantasy land.

Sometimes I think I'm living in one too.
Did you clear everything with your family?

Well, I followed the instructions
Mr. Melrose gave me.

I told my mother that I had
gotten that new job with IFF...

which is true, because
IFF is the agency's cover.

And then I told her that IFF
was sending me to Salzburg.

Which is also absolutely
true. So far no lying.

Right. So everything is fine.

Well, no, not exactly.

I told her that I was going on a
location scout for a documentary.

What's wrong with
that? Perfect cover.

But it's not the truth, Lee.

And I don't wanna lie
to my mother anymore.

Okay, Amanda. Look, you
see that little church over there?

- Yes?
- It's a great location, isn't it? Huh?

The statue here,
isn't that terrific?

- Yes.
- Well, so there.

- We've scouted locations, okay?
- Okay. Ha.

Why did you send for me?

I didn't send for you.

Emily Farnsworth did.

Mrs. Farnsworth?


You don't mean that nice Englishwoman
I showed around Washington last year.

Two days ago, I got a coded message
from her to meet her here in Salzburg.

Excuse me, did you
say a coded message?

Emily is a British agent.

One of the best field
operatives MI6 has got.

- Mrs. Farnsworth is a spy?
- Mm-hm.


Well, I wonder why you didn't
tell me that last summer when I...

Because on a need-to-know
basis, I didn't need to know.

Right. And now you need to know.

- Yes.
- So why don't we...?

Why don't we find a place
a little less crowded, huh?


I arrived yesterday
for our meeting.

At Emily's hotel, the clerk
said she had called them...

asked them to pack up her things
and hold them, she was going to Vienna.

- Would she do that?
- Not without a message to me.

- She sent for me, remember?
- Right.

British intelligence has lost contact
too. She's been missing for two days.

I don't know. I think she got too
close to something on her own.

- She was always a little too gutsy.
- Wait, too close to what?

For the past months, an electronic
listening post somewhere...

has been picking up classified information
from embassies all over Europe...

and transmitting it to the other side of
the Iron Curtain. We've been hit hard.

- We have?
- England, France, Germany. Everybody.

Uncovering that listening post and
plugging those leaks is top priority.

Emily must have found something.

But why did she send for me?

Well, the message at the hotel was to
be passed to her niece from America...

Amanda King.

Her niece?

Emily Farnsworth
is smart, very smart.

That message was to tell us...

something you two did in Washington
is important to whatever she found.

- What we did in Washington?
- Yeah.

Gosh, you know,
we did an awful lot.

We'll go over whatever you did together
step by step until we figure it out.

How much time do we have?

Top-secret NATO-deployment sessions
begin day after tomorrow in Brussels.

The airwaves will be loaded with
information transmitted between embassies.

If that information
is intercepted...

five years of military strategy
goes right down the drain.

You mean, Mrs. Farnsworth was
looking for the listening post then, right?


I'm afraid she got caught.

I'd give anything to know
where she is right now.

McCARRAN: I know you're lying.

I have told you for
the past two days that

I'm a British subject
touring the Continent.

- A tourist?
- Yes.

I see.

A tourist who just
happens, in the last month...

to have visited every city in Europe
where we have a listening post.

Who happens to come to Geisterschloss,
where we have our headquarters.

Who happens to receive NATO briefings
from the American embassy in Bonn.

Now, that wasn't a wild
guess, Mrs. Farnsworth.

We've built up quite a dossier
on you in the last two days.

Would you like to
hear how I know?


Deployment talks are
scheduled in Brussels on the 18th.

At these sessions, each
individual missile site...

is to be considered...

There's much more
if you care to listen.

Go to hell, Dr. McCarran.

No, it's you that's likely
to be making that trip, love.

Well, why don't you do
it and get it over with?

All in good time.

We're running a
multimillion-dollar operation here...

and nothing is
going to upset it.

I intend for it to go
on for a very long time.

Oh, yes, your booming business of
selling the security of the free world...

and the security of
your own country.

You should know what a lifetime of
service to Her Majesty's government brings.

A pathetic pension.
Well, not for me.

No, I'll take mine
now, thank you.

I'll take as much as I
can as fast as I can...

and grow old happily
spending my fortune.

Take care, doctor.

A great many questions are
asked if an agent disappears.

Questions from someone like
that niece of yours, Amanda King.

She is only a tourist.

Very clever of you to
slip her that message...

when we had you
telephone your hotel.

But I don't think you
did her any favors.

If she's a tourist and
simply part of your cover...

then she will unfortunately
lose her poor auntie.

Never see her again.

But if she's an agent...

and we will find out, she's
being followed even now.

If she's an agent...

- What else did you see with Emily?
- The White House.

Everybody sees that. I don't
think there's a connection...

The Washington Monument.

You've tour-bussed
us through the Capitol.

We had lunch in Lafayette
Park. Tuna fish and carrot sticks.

- No, no.
- I've got it. I showed her the Watergate.

They solved that one. - Right.

It's okay, just give me
a minute to think, huh?

- Ha, it is wonderful, isn't it?
- Oh, yes.

That puppet show's
been performed

continuously in Salzburg
for over 300 years.

Oh, well, my boys would love it.

Yes, I am certain they would.

I came here to this
country when I was a boy.

Never got it out of my blood. I
holiday here every year from London.

Bit of an Austriophile.

Well, I guess I can
certainly see why.

- You've been here before?
- No, this is my first time.

Oh, what pleasure awaits
you. I am Dr. Edwin Hanover.

Oh, how do you do,
doctor? I'm Amanda King.

Do you know, you can share that
puppet show with those boys of yours.

They sell postcards
of the puppets.

- Postcards?
- Yes. You have them in America.

Oh, yes, postcards. Yes, sir. Thank
you, doctor, thank you so much.

- Lee.
- Amanda, what...?

I figured out what Mrs.
Farnsworth was trying to tell me.

I mean, tell you.

Tell you through me.

Scares me to admit it, but I
think I followed that. What?

Now, listen. I don't think
it's so much where we went...

as what we did
when we got there.

You see, Mrs. Farnsworth is an
artist. She sketched everything she saw.

- She did?
- Yes, of course.

The Washington Monument...

- the bridge, Capitol, Watergate.
- I remember the tour.

This could be something.

There should be a sketch
pad with her things in the hotel.

- Let's go through her bags.
- No.

- Why?
- Oh, that wouldn't be polite.

It's all right. You're
her niece, aren't you?

Oh, Amanda, I
can't figure them out.

I've been poring over these sketches. It's
just pictures of attractions in Salzburg.

Well, maybe it's something in the
paper or with the pencil or something.

- I wish you'd stop reading spy novels...
- It could be. It's possible.

No, no, no.

Look, if there's anything here,
it's within the sketches themselves.

Emily used to say when you've looked
and looked and can't find anything...

- that's the time to look again.
- You know her pretty well.

I worked with Emily on my
first assignment in this business.

Your first assignment
was with a British agent?

Mm-hm. Ever hear of
interagency cooperation?


Yeah, I was pretty
brash as a rookie.

I couldn't wait to rush
in and get the gun out.

Emily pulled me through
some tight spots, though.

She taught me patience, control.

Patience and control.

She's my friend. In a business
that doesn't have many.

She's a friend.

Don't you worry. We'll find
her and she'll be all right.


Amanda, this is a
sketch of this café, right?

- Oh, yeah, absolutely.
- Look at the waitress in this picture.


That's her.

You think so?

- Do you speak English?
- Yes, a little.

Good, good. We're
looking for someone.

- May we ask you some questions?
- Yeah.

We're interested in locating an
Englishwoman who was here recently.

She's of medium height,
medium weight, brown hair.

Her name's Farnsworth.

I know of no such woman.

Of course you do. She
sketched this café. You're in it.

She must've spoken to you.

You must be wrong.

I don't think such
woman was here.


Perhaps this will
help... No woman.

Look, Marianna...
No, Marianna...

Damn it.

If there was ever anyone
hiding something, it's that woman.

- You pressured her.
- Pressured?

It's called questioning.


- Come on, let's go.
- It will blow away.

Oh, Hello, Dr. Hanover.

I'm telling you,
Marianna knows...

Imagine bumping into you again.

- Amanda.
- Lee.

This is Dr. Hanover.
Dr. Hanover, this is Lee Stetson.

- Yes. How do you do?
- How do you do?

- Amanda, we really do have to be going.
- I know.

Aren't these drawings
lovely? Yours, Amanda?

- May I call you Amanda?
- Oh, yes, please do.

No, actually those drawings
were done by a friend of mine.

- Actually, they were done by my aunt.
- Yeah.

- We're very friendly.
- Ah.

My aunt and I.

At any rate, she
seems to have disap...

- Disappointed us by leaving town.
- Disappointed us by leaving...

Yes, she just seems to
have dashed off to Vienna.

Ah, Vienna, the
Europe of last century.

Such elegance and romance.
Yes, one would dash off to Vienna.

Perhaps you two will be
following your aunt there.

For a young couple,
it is a city of dreams.

Oh, no, sir, we're not a couple.
We're together, but we're not a couple.

I mean, we're friends.

We're just a couple of friends.

- Uh, Dr. Hanover, do you mind?
- Oh, yeah.

Well, I guess we're off?
Where are we off to again?

- Uh, Sightseeing.
- We're going sightseeing...

because these places that my
aunt has drawn look so lovely.

- We just want to see them for ourselves.
- Yes, and well worth the effort.

The Residenzplatz,
the Lake Castle.

Well, you should
have a lovely day.

And then there's the Mirabell Castle
and garden. They're just near here.

Oh, allow me to walk with you.

- Boy.
- It is a beautiful place.

One of the most beautiful
in the world, I think.

Exquisite, isn't it? - Mm, yes.

The Mirabell Castle and garden
was originally laid out in 1606.

Then it was rebuilt in 1721 and
again rebuilt after a fire in 1818.

Your aunt has done
it more than justice.

I must say goodbye now,
or rather auf wiedersehen.

Auf wiedersehen. Goodbye.

What a lovely man.

What's the matter?

Nothing, nothing.

- Here, let me see the sketch.
- Sure.

I don't know, Amanda.

What is she trying
to tell us, huh?

- That's funny.
- What's funny?

- I don't know.
- You're making my day.

Look, there's something
wrong with this one statue.

- There's something wrong with the legs.
- What?

Ah, I got it.

- Got what? What?
- You know how Mrs. Farnsworth...

taught you that after you've
looked you have to look again?

Yes, yes. Amanda, look, if
you're going someplace with this...

please get to the point.

Every month Phillip and
Jamie get a boys' magazine.

In each issue there is a picture
that has things hidden in it.

- So?
- So that's what Mrs. Farnsworth is doing.

She's hidden something in every
sketch. And in this one, I think it's a...

- Jackhammer.
- Jackhammer.

Maybe it's not a jackhammer.
It could be a lawn mower.

It's not a lawn mower,
but it's definitely something.

- Yeah, come on.
- No, no.

Wait. I've got it.

- Come on.
- I've got it.

- It's the letter T.
- Great. It's the letter T.


Uh, are there any more
sketches? Come on.

- Uh, yeah. There's a giant pretzel stand.
- Yeah, I know exactly where that is.


The horses.

Here is the pretzel stand. And
do you see what she's done?

- Look. See all the pretzels on the stand?
- Yeah.

There's only one in this
picture. It looks like an O.


- We're being followed.
- We are?


Keep it casual. Standing
over there with a green jacket.

I saw him this
morning at the gardens.

Now here.

You mean he's
been with us all day?

- Two days.
- Two days?

I spotted him yesterday
at the puppet show.

Well, they're all tourist
attractions, are you really sure?


I'm gonna make sure. Come on.

I think I found
another letter. It's an S.

All right, hold it.

Sprechen sie English?

Then turn around.

- You're making a grave mistake.
- You're the one making the mistake.

Don't make another one.

If you would allow.

I believe this is
the way you do it.

Amanda, I want you to meet
Colonel Gerhard Metzger...

Austrian intelligence.

You and Mr. Stetson are showing
a great interest in Emily Farnsworth.

I had to determine the
nature of that interest.

She asked you to meet
her here two days ago?

Yes. And like you, I was
told she had left for Vienna.

What I really don't understand, Frau
King, is why she wanted you here.

I don't know. I...

I think maybe it's because she hoped
that I would remember her sketching...

and then we would
find the clues...

- that she left in them.
- Clues?

Oh, yes. You see, in each
sketch, we found a letter.

See this sketch of the gardens?

That's a T.

O at the pretzel stand.

- Yeah.
- Fountain with the horses.

See that little tiny S? - Wait.

You didn't tell me you
found another letter.

I tried, but you didn't hear me.

See, she's spelling
something out.

Doesn't mean anything now...

but when we get all the letters,
I think it might tell us something.

Yeah, that's an S.

- Right there in the horse's mane.
- Yeah.

- How many of these sketches are there?
- There's this next one of the café...

then there's this house.

That's Mozart's house.

Mm-hm. And I think that's an H.

Then there's this castle in the
lake. Do you know where that is?

Yes, that's outside of town.

Very isolated spot.

I can't find
anything in this one.

It's all just straight
up and down lines.

If Frau Farnsworth drew it, it
must have some significance.

- I think we ought to have a look at it.
- I'll meet you there.

I will ask questions of the local police.
Might have information on the owner.

Something of value.

Shall we say half an hour?

Half an hour, you
got it. Let's go.

You think Colonel
Metzger is already there?

- Yeah, probably.
- I don't why he didn't wait for us.

We're not that late. Maybe
only 10 minutes, 15 at the most.

He knows we're new here.

- I wasn't lost.
- I didn't say you were lost.

Well, that man in town, he gave
me lousy directions, you know that.

Okay, now go to the left.

- To the left. No, no, my left. My left.
- Now... I am.

- Just give...
- More to the right.

- Will you give me...?
- Little more to the... I'm sorry.

How am I doing?

Straight shot.

That did it.

All right.

Easy. Watch your step.

- Now, just stay right here.
- Right.

I'm gonna take a look around.

Come on. Just like Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


Well... at least
we're all right.

We got away, huh?

Yeah, and that's all we've got.

Those two goons turned
us into a high-diving act.

And I don't know who they
are or why they were waiting.

No, we got our clues. We got a T,
an H, an O, and an S. We got "thos."

- "Thos"?
- Yeah.

No... That doesn't
mean anything.

Well, maybe if we
rearrange the letters...

then we would have...


Or we would have "shot."

Take it easy, will you?
It also spells "host."

No, it's... It's gotta be
some kind of German word.

Trouble is, time is running out.

You mean for Mrs. Farnsworth?

For everybody.

Brussels talks take place
in less than 24 hours...

and we don't have a hell
of a lot to go on, you know?

The one thing we haven't done
is go over the sketch at the café.

Yeah, that café.

I'd like to get some straight
answers from Marianna.

Hey, Amanda, that waitress.

In all the sketches,
there's only one person.

She's trying to tell us that
that waitress is important.

Yeah, come on.

Come on.

Damn it, it's closed.

We can come back
first thing in the morning.

Count on it.

I've got a lot of questions
to ask. Like where is Emily?

McCARRAN: You should be
more careful, Colonel Metzger...

when roaming around castles.

You could hurt yourself.

We know that your alleged niece and
her companion are American agents.

Not many tourists carry pistols,
are trained in hand-to-hand combat...

and keep company with
known intelligence officers.


Damned awkward.

You and this gentleman have
complicated our simple business.

Well, I wish we could
bloody well shut you down.

Frankly, I'm rather surprised
you've even found us.

McCarran rigged this place
with stealth equipment...

making our electronic operation
impossible to detect with radar.

Not bad, McCarran.

Perfect place for your
eavesdropping operation.

I had run across the
Geisterschloss years ago.

It was ideal.
Elevated, deserted.

And with that delicious
legend to keep the locals at bay.

And long-range
microwave technique.

It's taken me years of dogged
research to perfect it, you know.

You'll be found by others
just as we found you.

By the way, Mrs. Farnsworth,
how did you manage to pinpoint us?

Just a bit of dogged
research on my part.

And now you find
yourself captive, huh?


We have a British and
an Austrian agent here.

Two Americans in town.

You suppose the French,
Germans, Italians can be far behind?

It's time to cut our
losses, move on.

What are you saying?

McCARRAN: Don't be coy,
doctor. You're a clever man.

Work it out.

We can't take them with us.

And we certainly
can't let them go.

Now, look here, McCarran, I didn't
get into this to become a murderer.

- You see to it.
- No.

You're not gonna walk
away washing your hands.

You entered into our partnership freely.
This is going to be a joint decision.

Now, what do we do with them?

They must be killed.

sorry, I didn't hear you.

Kill them.

Both of them.

The Americans too, if necessary.

Kill them all.

All right, when the hell does
this place open anyhow?

I don't know. I...

- Ah, there it is. There it is.
- What?

It's a letter G, all right.

Look, there's only one word I know of
spelled with five letters that we've got.

"Ghost." What does it mean?

I'll bet anything that
Marianna knows.

Come on.

Locked? LEE: Yeah.




Anybody here?

Amanda, she's been shot.

Oh, God.



Don't worry, we'll...
We'll get help for you.

Your friend.

Mrs. Farnsworth.

I tell her don't go.

Ghost castle.


Amanda, there's...
There's nothing we can do.



You all right?

Why did they kill her?

Because she knew
what happened to Emily.

Damn it, if we don't find her...

Come on.

- Shouldn't we call the police?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Look, I'll take care of it.

- You all right?
- Mm-hm.

Hold it.

There's someone who can
tell us where this castle is.

I thought you didn't trust him.

I don't.

Hello, Dr. Hanover.

Ah, Amanda, Mr. Stetson,
how nice to see you.

Amanda, a piece
of real edelweiss.

Oh, right. Thank you, sir.

Dr. Hanover, you...

- You seem to know this area well.
- A fair statement.

Where is the ghost castle?

Ghost castle, you say?

Well, most castles in this area have
some such tale associated with them.

Local folks are fond
of legends and the like.

Do you know a specific
castle near Salzburg...

that the people call
Das Geisterschloss?

No. I'm sorry.

Why don't you just hop in your car
and drive up to the Hohensalzburg?

Must be an army of
old boys up there...

rattling chains and
walking through walls.

- Yeah. Uh, Dr. Hanover is right, Amanda.
- Sure.

- We'll try that.
- That's the idea.

I must run, I'm afraid. Good
luck with your ghost hunt.

Come on.

- He's lying.
- He sure was.

- Obvious, wasn't it?
- Noticed the nervous hand movement...

avoidance of eye contact,
higher-pitched voice?

No, I just noticed this is the first time
he didn't know everything about Salzburg.

Yeah. There was that too. Come
on, come on. We'll follow him.

- I'm in, I'm in, I'm. I'm in.
- Get in.


- No.
- You don't know what I'll say.

I know what you'll say.
I don't wanna hear it.

I don't know what's going on up there
and I don't have time to worry about you.

Mrs. Farnsworth sent for me.

- Stay in the car.
- Lee...

I'm the one who remembered the
sketches and figured out the clues.

Stay in the car, please.

She's my friend too and
I could be able to help.

Lee, I don't know what's
happened to Mrs. Farnsworth...

but I do know what
happened to Marianna.

And if I wait in the car, the same
thing could happen to me too.

All right, but promise me...

you will take off at
the first sign of trouble.

- And you listen to everything that I say.
- I always do.


- Thank you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Where did Dr. Hanover go?
LEE: Where we're going. Inside.

This is what you get when
you don't wait in the car.

I didn't say anything.

- Okay, you just... Just stay close to me.
- All right.

- Amanda...
- Close... but not that close.

We've been expecting you.

They don't build
them like they used to.

Oh, Mrs. Farnsworth.

Well, thank goodness
you're all right.

Not quite, but still alive.

Amanda, Mr. Stetson, I'd
like to say you're welcome...

but, well, you understand.
This saddens me very much.

When Heinemann told me
that you and Mr. Stetson...

- were coming up, I was very upset.
- Let's get on with it.

The briefing's almost over,
still those tapes to pack.

Then you have information
on the missile deployment talks.

Invaluable information.

But I'm afraid this will have
to be our swan song here.

You have shown us that it's time for
us to move on and set up elsewhere.

We may be able to
pack up completely.

Those NATO tapes
will be worth a fortune.

This is very regrettable, but it is
necessary. You do understand, I hope.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I understand.

Your scientific skills, your government
don't mean a thing to you, do they?

It all comes down to pure greed.

I prefer to look upon it
as entrepreneurial spirit.

McCARRAN: Nearly 50
years of service, brilliant work.

Had he not met me, do you
know what he would've received?

A few ridiculous letters
tacked after his name.

I'm afraid we're going
to have to eliminate you.

Or to put it better...

let gravity do it, and
the ravages of time.

Oh, my gosh.

We're not going to die
like Marianna, I gather.

No bullets for us.

She got in the
way. She had to die.

As you all must.

McCARRAN: It's ready.
- This device...

contains a little high explosive
that will go off in a few minutes...

sending tons of this old castle's
rock and granite down on top of you.

I doubt if your bodies
will ever be discovered.

- Oh.
- The tapes, doctor.

- We still have packing to do.
- Right.

I have nothing else to
say, I suppose, but farewell.

Amanda, untie them. Quickly.

I'm fine.

Oh, thank you, dear.

It's 90 seconds.

Here, take it.

- Oh!
- Well done, Amanda.

Now, let's put it over there.
Easy, easy. All right. Come here.

Here. Easy.

All right.

We can't get out this way.

You'd need dynamite
to open this huge thing.

Well done again, Amanda.

Do you think you can pull it off,
Lee? I'd say it was worth a try.

- If we open it up, it may blow.
- We don't have much choice, do we?

We have to take some
of the charge out of it.

Everybody get back behind the
chest over there. You too, Amanda.

Already here.

I need a screwdriver.
A screwdriver.

Emily, you still wearing
those wire rims?

Right here.

It's dynamite all right.


get rid of these.

Problem solved, doctor.

Let's get out of here!

careful with these boxes.

When you've finished loading,
take the autobahn back to Salzburg.

Let's move quickly. It won't
be long before they're missed.

All right, Emily. You and Metzger
take out Hanover and McCarran.

My pleasure.

Soon as this starts,
you head for the car.


I'm gonna take out
the two heavyweights.

Give me a little head start.

- Yeah.
- Right-o.

Get on with it, McCarran.

My, my, my, I hope
I'm not intruding.

Good catch, Amanda.
Danke sch...I mean, thank you.

Well, I play ball
with my boys a lot.

Good show, Scarecrow.

Well, what can I say?
I had a good teacher.

Oh, nothing at all.

And a very able assistant.

Well, it's nothing any good niece
wouldn't do for her favorite aunt.

Emily, you never
cease to amaze me.

A case like this comes along
and you shine like you always have.

Remember what I've
always told you, Lee.

You don't have to run
rings around the enemy...

as long as you can
think rings around him.

Well, you certainly did that.

And you remembered my sketching.


Oh, no bitte.

Better not.

I think a toast is in order.

To Colonel Metzger
and our Austrian friends...

- and the ghost castle of Salzburg.
- Das Geisterschloss.

And us.

Oh, I almost forgot.

- A little memento of your trip.
- Oh...


- Emily. Ha, ha.
- Look.

- Look.
- That is... That's an A.

- That's an A in the tree.
- No, no, no.

- Isn't that an L?
- That's a G.

- An L. It's an L.
- There's a G.

That's not an L.

No, no. No, that's
an N. Is it King?