Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 23 - Vigilante Mothers - full transcript

One of the components of a dangerous form of nerve gas is stolen and Lee goes undercover in Amanda's neighbourhood to watch over a scientist as Amanda gets involved in anti-pollution.

Sergeant Jenkins.

Hold it, Miss Waterston.
No further. Trip that beam...

we'll have a couple dozen security
boys down here with their guns drawn.

Thanks. Can you help me, please?

My security card is stuck
in one of the lab doors and...


JENKINS: These things
are always getting stuck.

I can't seem to get a good hold
on it. I think I need some pliers.

I have to get back to my lab.

Hey, go ahead. I'll drop
it by in a few minutes.

- We have to hurry.
- Of course.

I'll meet you at my
place in an hour.

I'm afraid not.


LEE: The voucher looks to
be in order. AMANDA: Good.

- I'll see if I can get Billy to sign it.
- Thank you. I have plans for the money.

You know, maybe I should start,
uh, claiming some gas mileage.

- I could buy some extra clothes.
- With your tastes?

At 20 cents a mile, you'd have to
drive coast to coast to buy a blouse.

Ha, ha. We have a new fund for
our Community Action Committee.

Oh, Community Action?

Yeah. A group of us have gotten together
to fight pollution and toxic waste dumping.

It's the mothers in our neighborhood,
so we call ourselves M.S.E.

- It's Mothers for a Safe Environment.
- That sounds good.

Yeah, I think it is good. They've
elected me their spokesperson.

- Congratulations. Ha, ha.
- Thanks a lot.

Uh, Frank, is Billy busy?

Scarecrow, Francine,
my office, now!

Crazed might be a better word.

Yeah. I'll get him
to sign. Don't worry.

- Okay. Thanks a lot. I'll wait for you.
- Good.


You roared?

Can it, Francine.

Hey, Billy. What's up?

This morning at the chemical
ordnance facility near Portland...

a full canister of
C-12 was stolen.

C-12? What is that?
Poison? Explosive?

C-12 is one half of CX-12.

Nerve gas. Here.

"Odorless. Colorless.

CX-12 attacks the
central nervous system...

entering the bloodstream
through the victim's skin.

Blurred vision,
numbness, paralysis.

Death in less than 10 seconds."

We ran into this nasty
stuff about six months ago...

on a covert
antiterrorist operation.

We were lucky enough
to get it and bring it here.

Only half was in Oregon?

For safety, the compound has to be
broken down into two component parts...

and then stored
separately while chemists...

look for a way to destroy
the stuff once and for all.

If we can just find the neutralizing
agent, this can never be a weapon again.

Where's the other half?

Here. Bethesda.

The crystals themselves
are dangerous, but together...

So we can expect a run at
the Bethesda laboratories?

Yes. And whoever hit that lab in
Oregon knew exactly what they wanted...

and just where to find it.

- Which means inside help.
- You got it.

And whoever did it is playing for keeps,
because they killed their accomplice.

There are only five people who have
hands-on access to X-12 crystals here.

I'm assigning an agent to
each and every one of them.

I want day and night
blanket surveillance.

Francine, I want you
to take Dr. Ann Mallory...

the head chemist
at the facility.

And, Scarecrow, you take
Leonard Fletcher, Mallory's assistant.

Leonard Fletcher. Huh.

Says here he lives on
Braden Avenue in Arlington.


That's about a block away
from where Amanda lives.

Which gives me a great idea.

Hold on a second.

Amanda, would you
come here for a minute?

- Hello, sir. Yes, sir?
- Good morning, Amanda.

Amanda, is that house at the
end of your street still up for rent?

You mean the Cooperman house?

I think so. Why?

I know someone who
wants to rent it for a while.

- Who? LEE: Me.

I wanna get closer to
someone who lives there.

- What?
- We could go to dinner.

You don't have to
move down the street.

Closer to Dr. Leonard Fletcher.

- Oh, this is, uh... LEE: Yeah.

Oh. This is agency
business. Oh, yeah. Right.

Dr. Fletcher? I know him.

Yeah. I'm going
to need your help.

But I just can't, uh, go
barging into his life...

so we're gonna have to find a way to
legitimately and unobtrusively meet him.

It's absolutely no problem. I know
where he'll be at 4:00 this afternoon.


AMANDA: Okay, I think we can start
now. I'd like to welcome you all today.

Even though we're known as the
Mothers for a Safe Environment...

it's awfully nice to see some of the
fathers from our neighborhood here as well.

Now, an update on
our progress so far.

I'm pleased to report that our
door-to-door petition drive...

has already resulted
in over 200 signatures.

And in addition, 41 letters have
been sent to the state legislature so far.

And this Sunday,
there will be an editorial

in the newspaper,
written by Jean Kears...

COURTNEY: It's not enough!

WOMAN 1: No, she's right.
WOMAN 2: You're right.

When will we realize that
petitions and letters are futile?

We need positive action
and we need it now! Right?

WOMAN 3: Right. We do need it.

Mrs. Courtney.
Excuse me. Mrs... Yes?

Mrs. Courtney, no one here is
against orderly, legal demonstrations.

But there's no need to
develop a mob mentality.


Jean, you know as well as I do
that angry people get listened to.

AMANDA: Excuse me,
ladies. Excuse me, everybody.

Listen, if we can save
our discussions until later...

I think it'll
probably benefit us.

Um, we do have a
guest speaker today.

Now, he's someone
from our neighborhood...

who works as a chemist at one of
our government targeted complexes...

Bethesda Ordnance Laboratory.

- Terrific.

Now, listen, let's hear
from the other side...

and we'll try to get a better
understanding of the problem.

So please, please, uh, let me
introduce to you Dr. Leonard Fletcher.

Dr. Fletcher.


Boo, boo. Hiss, boo.

Now, I assumed that I would not be
the most popular speaker for this group.

You're absolutely right.

Certainly there are problems...


LEE: Ahem. Excuse me.
- Hello, Lee.

LEE: Hi.

- Uh, Jean, this is Lee Sampson.
- Sampson.

- Sampson. Uh, Lee, this is Jean...
- Kearsley.

- Kearsley. I'm so sorry.
- Ha, ha.


Jean's actually responsible for
founding Mothers for a Safe Environment.

- A very worthy cause.
JEAN: Thank you.

I feel it's the most
important issue we face now.

So I'm glad you've joined us.

Thank you. Thank you.
Uh, tell me something, uh...

what do you think
of our speaker?

JEAN: Leonard? LEE: Yeah.

Actually, I felt sorry for him. I
thought they were pretty rough on him.

I've known him for eight
years in this neighborhood.

Well, I'd like to meet him.

Oh, sure. I'll introduce you.

- Excuse us, Jean.
- Okay.

LEE: Jean.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

Mrs. Courtney, uh, Lee
Sampson. Lee, Mrs. Courtney.

LEE: How do you do?
- Hello. Very nice to meet you.

And, uh, Dr. Fletcher.

Dr. Fletcher. I was
impressed with your speech.

That's a welcome compliment
compared to most people's reaction inside.

But, uh, I knew what
I was getting into.

Well, I thought your arguments
were very persuasive, really.

Don't tell me that I've made a
convert of a member of this group.

Well, not quite, but, uh, your
work does sound fascinating.

I'd love to see your operation.

Well, that could
certainly be arranged.

Uh, I'll tell you what,
how would you two

and a few others, uh,
like a tour of our lab?

I could set it up tomorrow through,
uh, Dr. Mallory, my supervisor.

- I'd love to. Mrs. King?
- It would be interesting.

LEE: Yes.
- We'll do it.

LEE: Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thanks
for being with us today.

Goodbye, Dr. Fletcher.

MALLORY: We are now
entering the high-security area...

of biological testing and
experimental chemical analysis.

I am afraid though that we
won't be able to go any further.

Ah. I assume we can't go in...

because the substances
they're working on are dangerous.

Although not technically classified as
toxic, they are potentially dangerous.

What exactly are
they working on?

I'm afraid that's classified.

I was impressed
with the guards...

but how do you treat security
regarding the employees?

What if somebody
wanted to steal something?

Everyone is thoroughly
searched each night before leaving.

How about accidental

Lab clothes are changed
several times a day.

See there.

The lab clothes are then sent to a
local cleaner for special treatment.

See? Like clockwork.

Twice a day, six days a week.

And we do the cleaning
for the X-12 group.

So all Leonard has to do...

is slip the crystals
into the pocket...

and send it to us.

It's simple and perfect.

Not quite perfect.
There is one problem.


Oh, never mind.

He's my concern.

And I have a solution.

A little nippy out.

I like warm weather, don't you?

Love it. What's up?

- Chocolate?
- No, thanks. I'm allergic.

That's too bad.

I'd kill for chocolate.

That's good to know.

Why am I here, Castille?

I need a half a pound
of plastique explosive.

Plastique? That's
pretty volatile stuff.

A half pound would almost
take out an entire house.

Maybe a quarter pound would do.

We're not talking
hamburgers here, Castille.

What do you need it for?

I need to blow up a car.

- With someone in it.
- There's not supposed to be any killing.

His name is Lee Stetson.
You know him as Lee Sampson.

He's a government agent.

No, no. This is just getting
a little too crazy for me.

Bombs, agents.

You think I like this
any more than you do?


Maybe this will make the
craziness a little more palatable.

Take it.

Maybe it'll ease some of
those gambling debts of yours.


Now fill me in on what's
happening with the X-12 crystals.

We're working at neutralizing
them day and night.

If you and I don't work
fast, it'll be too late.

Oh. We'll just have
to work fast, won't we?



PHILIP: I think we need
to build a tiny little village.

AMANDA: That's a good idea.

JAMIE: Yeah, a village.

And when the volcano
erupts the lava flows down...

- And burns up.
- Good idea.

That's terrible.

But it has to be realistic
for Jamie to get an A.

Well, sweetheart, there's
realistic and there's gory.

And gory sells.

Yeah, Mom. Just
trust me on this.

Sweetheart, we're not gonna build a
village that's gonna be burned up by lava.

- Marvelous. Really.
- It's good, isn't it, Mother?

- Yes. Fantastic.
- Thanks, Grandma.

- Reminds me of when I was in Hawaii.
- Ha, ha.

Okay, fellas. Why don't you put your stuff
up and take those dishes into the kitchen.

Here. I'll get it.

- Okay. Thanks, Grandma.
- Okay.

- How about a cup of tea before bed?
- Oh, I'd like one. Thank you.

Come on, fellas. Hurry
up. Upstairs. Get in bed.

PHILIP: Good night, Mom, Grandma.
- Good night. Sweet dreams.

- Amanda.
- Mm-hm?

DOTTY: Tell me
about our new neighbor.

- What neighbor?
- Oh, that nice-looking man...

that rented Mrs. Cooperman's house. I
saw him this morning when I was jogging.

- He was picking up his newspaper.
- Oh, you mean, uh, Mr. Sampson?

Oh, yes. That's a
good strong name.

- He's not married.
- Oh, he's not?

- I checked.
- Mm.

I didn't get a very good look at
him but he has a very strong profile.

- Good.
- And very good posture.

- Good posture's very important. Mm-hm.
- Very.

- Amanda.
- Mm?

Why don't you, uh,
invite him over for dinner.

I mean, you know, uh, just kind of
welcome him to the neighborhood.

He's probably very busy, Mother.

- He has to eat, doesn't he?
- Mm.

He's probably the kind who grabs
a sandwich and runs out the door.

All the more reason why
he'd like a home-cooked meal.


Next time you see
him, ask him for dinner.

I will.

- You know what I think?
- Mm-mm.

There should be a little village
there. Make it a little more realistic.

You're right. There
probably should be.

Just an idea.

What did you get on Dr. Mallory?

Ah, yes, the good Dr. Mallory.
Well, I followed her almost all day.

She left the house
at 6:07 this morning.

- Mm, I bet you loved that.
- Oh, yes.

Then she went to the lab.

After that, at 12:14, she had
a tongue sandwich for lunch.

- Ugh.
- At which point...

I followed her back to
the lab and here I am.

- Uh-huh. That sounds very exciting.
- Mm-hm.

She didn't do anything
suspicious at all?

Uh, does adding ketchup
to a tongue sandwich count?

- No.
- I guess not.

She's still our prime suspect.

With disgusting eating
habits. What have you got?

A rundown on known weapons
suppliers in the CX-12 league.

Herschel Demetrios.

Robert Castille. Morgan Lapin.

I'd say Castille's our best bet.

The Oregon job fits his m.o.

He's bold, daring, preys on women.
Smooth operator and very ruthless.

Heh. Sounds like
my date last night.


- Go on.
- Well, whoever hit the Oregon lab...

had inside help, or he couldn't
have penetrated security.

It's probably the
woman who was killed.

We know he's gonna have to hit the
Bethesda lab, so the same thing applies.

We just have to keep tabs on
everyone who has access to the lab.


- Uh, where are you going?
- Hmm?

- Where are you going?
- Haven't you heard?

There's a big meeting at
Amanda's community center.

Oh. Didn't hear about that.

Hi. I was, uh, thinking
of buying one of these.

It's a good family car.

I'm telling you, picketing that
factory today was a total waste of time.

And they think they can disregard
us. Who are we? Little people.

Well, we'll show them
what women can do.

Isn't going very well, huh?

Oh, no. What do you expect?
The picketing today was pathetic.

The company went about
their business as usual.

poison! No more poison!

No more poison! No more poison!

Where are we going?

I've got some photos in the car. I
want you to look at them, all right?

But I don't wanna do it here. I don't
want anything to look suspicious.

LEE: Here, Amanda,
take a look at these photos.

Those men are known
couriers and weapons brokers.

If you've seen any of them
before, it could be a lead.

AMANDA: Mm-mm.


- Oh, wait a minute.
- What?

- I just saw this man.
- You did?

Just before I came in the meeting.
He was hanging around this car.

Amanda, get ready to
get out and get out fast.

Thank you very
much for all your help.

LEE: All right, Billy. I'll be
over there as fast as I can.

Right. I'll talk to you later.

- Billy's sending a car for us.
- Good.

He's also alerting the
teams about Castille.

I'm gonna have to
help coordinate that.

Right. I don't
understand though.

If Castille wanted to steal
the rest of the X-12 crystals...

what was he doing hanging
around the community center?

Maybe he's using one of your
neighbors as access to the lab.

- Dr. Fletcher?
- Wouldn't surprise me.

Look, his files read he's a
man living beyond his means...

with a compulsion
to play the ponies.

- Bribery.
- Exactly.

Only, there's something
about it that doesn't quite track.

Castille always uses
women in his operations.

Why would he change
a successful plan?

- Dr. Mallory?
- No. She's too squeaky clean.

Something in my gut tells me
she's a little too high profile...

for Castille to
get involved with.

No, there's got to be some other less
direct connection that we've overlooked.

We're gonna really
need your help on this.


You want me to
spy on my neighbors.

I just want you to let me know if you
see anything strange or out of character.

- Okay?
- Right. Sure.

Good. Come on.

- Do you have to leave so soon?
- Mm.

Big day tomorrow.
For both of us.

I'll be glad when
this is all over.

Then we'll have more
time together. Ha, ha.

- Have you got the mothers all ready?
- Mm-hm. They're up in arms.

You should've seen them. All
the shouting and name-calling.

It's really turning
into quite a mob.

- The angrier, the better.
- Mm-hm.

Fletcher will need that
diversion to get the crystals.

Just remember, timing will
be the most important element.

- Yes, yes. You should relax.
- Oh, I will.

Once we get our
hands on that nerve gas.

Robert, when are we
gonna give it back?

We'll let them stew for a few days
and then we'll call a news conference.

Look, what do I have
to do to convince you?

The best way to prove
how dangerous that stuff is...

is to show them how
easy it is to steal it.

I know.

I know. I'm just worried
that something will go wrong.

Well, it won't.

Not if you and your
friends do your job.

Love me?

All the way.


LEE: I don't believe this.


This was my idea.

It's gotta be over
here somewhere.

- Where...? Aah!
- Hi.

Ah. Amanda.

You scared the hell out of me.

Oh, I'm sorry. Now you
know what it feels like.


- Just what are you doing in my shrubs?
- What are you doing in your shrubs?

What am...? I'm looking for a
spigot to turn these sprinklers off.

- Did you turn them on?
- No.

They're probably on an
automatic timer. Over here.

Automatic timer?

Living in an apartment,
you wouldn't know about this.

See? Just check this.
See, your timer's off.

- Have to have that fixed in the morning.
- Ah.

- I guess I wouldn't know about it.
- Huh? No. See? Nothing to it.

What did you find out?

- Well, Mother's asleep.
- What?

- But I had an idea.
- Mm-hm.

What about Mrs. Courtney?

- Mrs. Courtney?
- Yeah. I know. I know.

But listen, she is the one
of the leaders of the group.

They're gonna protest at
one of the chemical plants.

- Do you know which one?
- No. There's gonna be a vote.

It's gonna be a secret and we're gonna
go from the meeting to the chemical plant.

Good. I'll pass that
on to Francine...

see if she can't dig a little
deeper into Mrs. Courtney's past.

She may be able to find something
to connect her with Bethesda lab.

- Meanwhile...
- I'll just go to the meeting...

- and get a message to you.
- Good.


Well, uh... Oh, uh...

Thanks for helping
me with the sprinklers.

Oh, no problem.

You wouldn't know
about a thing like that.

You gotta have a
little mechanical ability.




Damn it!

- What's the matter?
- I thought I...


I guess I just
locked myself out.

Look under the flower pot.

- Flower pot?
- Probably a key under the flower pot.

It's probably not a good
idea, but we do it around here.

Ah. Ha, ha.

- It's a good idea.
- Yeah.

Thanks. Good night.

Good night.


- Good morning, Mrs. Dukane.
- Oh, morning, Amanda.

- Where is everybody?
- They've been here and gone. Left early.

Wanted to be sure to catch the
midnight and day shifts at the plant.

- Which plant?
- Uh, the Bethesda. The ordnance lab.

- Thank you. Goodbye.
- Bye.

Billy, that was Amanda.

She says the women are marching
on the Bethesda Laboratory.

- That's it. Get right over there.
- You got it.

Okay, everybody. Here we go.

And remember, this is
for our children's future.

- Right!
- ALL: Yay!

Okay, let's all link arms and
show our solidarity. Let's go!

COURTNEY: Here we go!

Get me Crawford in security.

- We may have a problem coming up.
- ALL [CHANTING]: No more pollution!

GUARD: Great. Here they come.

No more pollution!

No more pollution! No more
pollution! No more pollution!

No more pollution! No more pollution!


Crawford says not to use force.

Just don't let them in.
Be polite and no force.




Let them hear it
up in the office!

Crawford says to ask
them politely to leave.

Under no circumstances, I
repeat, under no circumstances...

are we to use force.


GUARD: Come on, ladies.
Come on, please! Now, watch it!


What's all that?

I don't know. Looks like
some kind of demonstration.

Let them hear us!

Move it! Come on!



- You in charge here?
- Yes, sir.

Seal off all the gates. Nothing
goes in or out. You understand?

- Yes, sir.
- Got it.


Excuse me. I need to get a
message to somebody in the lab.

No, sorry, lady. No crazy
housewives get through here.

Listen, this is very important.

- You're with them, aren't you?
- Yes, she is. All the way.

- Do you have some official ID?
- No.

I thought not.

Look, lady, why don't you
go home and bake a cake.

- What a dumb, insensitive thing to say.
- That's a terrible thing to say.

Why don't you
ask if she has kids.

Why don't you ask her if she's
worried about their living or dying.

I can't believe it.
Are you married?

I bet you are. I bet you have kids too.
If you do, you should be on this side.

We're fighting for your lives, for
your kids' lives, as well as ours.

Don't you understand
that? We're not your enemy.

- Where's Dr. Mallory?
- In chemical storage.

Thank you.

Secure the laboratory and
account for all personnel.

Doctor, what happened?

We've had a security breach.

The C-12 crystals are gone.

What? All of it?

Enough to make Washington
a major disaster area.

I don't understand
how it happened.

There were no unauthorized
personnel in there.

No alarm went off.

All right. Who is authorized?

On this shift, only myself
and Leonard Fletcher.

- Where is he?
- He went to check out. One level down.

Go and find Fletcher and
bring him right back here.


- Melrose here.
- Sir, it's Amanda.

- Amanda, where are you?
- Uh, sir, I followed Jean...

from the protest... Amanda?


Jean is waiting for you.

The two of you can discuss laundry,
or whatever it is housewives chat about.

Short day, Leonard?

FLETCHER: You might say.

Why don't you just hand
over the crystals now, huh?

What crystals?

Dr. Mallory, what's he
talking about? I've got no...

- You know what this is?
- Why, no.

You know what this is?

He has an unstable
compound of HCL.

I see.

Hydrochloric acid.

Very good. You get
an A in chemistry.

Somewhat of a
standoff, isn't it?

Mm. Somewhat.

You're a little over
your head, aren't you?

There's gonna be a lot of money.
The crystals are gone. I don't have them.

Let me walk out of here and
maybe we can make a deal.


Guess again.


Now, you put it down.

Put it down, Leonard.
Don't make me do it.

Nothing personal.

I'll keep that in mind.

Now, you get him out of here.

Leonard, I don't understand.

Who cares, Ann?
Who really cares?

- You all right?
- Yeah.

LEE: Billy, we got Fletcher.

But we lost the crystals.

I just got a strange phone call
from Amanda. It was aborted.

She just got out
something about Jean.

Did you cross-reference
Jean through the computer?

Yes. It took a
deep probe to do it.

Only thing we came up with was
that she owned Tri-County Laundry.


Wait a minute.
They service this lab.

That's Castille's connection,
Billy, Jean Kearsley.

Wait a second, Fletcher must
have been the inside man...

slipped the crystals out in
the laundry, under our nose.

- Get over there. We're right behind you.
- I'm already gone.

Amanda? Robert.

Robert, what are you doing?

I thought you might
like some company.

What is going on?

- Try not to move or say anything.
- Mm-hm.

Robert, what are you doing?

- She knows too much.
- About what?

The crystals.

What about the crystals?

Look, we've proven our point.

They're not secure. Now we
call the press and we return them.

Robert, we've won.

Wanna hear a funny story?

You're scaring me.

I used to work in a laundry.

To get through college.

It was my last honest job.

Didn't pay too much.

Tell me about the crystals.

There's a fine art to pressing.

Material has gotta be tight...

corners down...
shove in the steam.

The steam is hot.

Very hot.


I like the heat.

I've never seen you like this.

You saw what you wanted to see.

And I gave you what you wanted.

What I wanted?

A little romance.
A little excitement.

A little tenderness.

Women need love.

And I need money.

It's been a marvelous marriage.

How could I have loved you?

Good question.

- Where are you going?
JEAN: To call the police.

Then Mrs. King will die.

I'm gonna miss you.

Great mouth.

You can't leave her!
You can't leave her!

You should be more concerned
where I'm gonna leave you.


Oh, no.

- Amanda?
- Lee! Aah!


- Amanda.
- Yeah.





He took Jean.

- Where?
- I don't know.

All right. You just
stay with me. Come on.

- Mm?

Jean didn't know
what he was doing.


All right. Now, Amanda, circle around
to the right and distract them, okay?

- You're kidding.
- No. Just go on.

And keep down.

Game's over, Castille.

- Jean, move away from him.
- I can't.

You have to know
how to handle women.

This isn't exactly Rio. Seems to me
we had a similar discussion in Brazil.

That discussion
cost three lives.

Yeah. I was sorry
the way it turned out.

I had intended to kill you.

Funny how things come around.

Let her go. Now.

And then we can be friends?

I think not.

Did you see Amanda?

She had a pressing engagement.

Don't shoot! Don't
shoot! Don't shoot!

CASTILLE: Get rid of the gun.

In the tub.




LEE: Thanks, partner.

This should clean
up his act, huh?

Come on.

AMANDA: You understand
how wrong? JAMIE: Yes, Mom.

- And do you know how upset I am?
- Yes, Mom.

Now, why in the
world did you do this?

- We thought an eruption would be gnarly.
- Gnarly?

- Well, you understand now that it wasn't?
- Yes, Mom.

- What? BOTH: Yes, Mom.

I want you to go upstairs, wash your
hands, wash your face, change your clothes.

You're gonna come back down here
and clean up every inch of this kitchen.

- Move it! DOTTY: Oh.

It just goes to show you that playing
with chemicals can be dangerous.

Well, I guess after they clean the kitchen
they'll have learned a pretty good lesson.

You never know what's
gonna pop up around here.

Uh, Mother, uh...

why don't you go upstairs
and check on them.

Good idea. I'll make sure they don't
do something gnarly to the bathroom.

Yeah. I'll take
Vesuvius outside.

- Hi.
- Hello.

I just wanted to thank you
for letting me borrow them.

- Ah, you're welcome.
- Mm.

Whoa. Heh.

Mothers For a Safe
Environment know about this?

- No, and don't you tell them either.
- Heh.

We did get a municipal
hearing on the toxic waste issue.

We're pretty proud of that.

Good. Good. The
news gets better.

Our lab technicians found a
way to neutralize those crystals.

Oh, that is good news.

DOTTY: Amanda, I'll be right down.
- Okay, Mother.

Well, look, I better get inside
and neutralize my kitchen.

- Ah.
- Wanna toss this for me, please?

Oh, come on. Take
it. It's just a volcano.