Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 22 - Murder Between Friends - full transcript

Amanda takes a new job with a security firm- and is quickly accused of murder just as a foreign King visits Washington.

DOTTY: Okay, you need
eggs, milk, butter, bread...

Whoa, slow down. Ah-ah. Be
careful, don't run in the house.

- You gonna mix everything into goop again?
- You liked that goop.

- It looked funny.
- What?

Ha, ha. You're too
young to be a food critic.

Mom, can we get
a Wizard Whopper?

- A what?
- It's the neatest. It's magic.

You can't whop
wizards without one.

- A Wizard Whopper is pretty expensive.
- But everyone else has one.

You don't wanna be like
everybody else, do you?

- Oh. Heh.

- I'll think about it, okay?
- Yeah.

- Outside and be careful.
JAMIE: Mom gave me this...

- We have a Wizard Whopper coupon?
- Mother.

- What?
- You know what? It really is frustrating.

I mean, I work and I work. I
don't know where the money goes.

Let me tell you something. You've
been with IFF quite some time.

You ought to ask them
for a raise. You deserve it.

You know what? I have an appointment
with Mr. Melrose this morning.

I think I will ask
him for a raise.

- I think you're right.
- Of course, I'm right. I'm your mother.


Synchronize your watch.
We have to be dead-on.

Twelve straight up.


Thirty seconds to
neutralize the hallway.

Once we hit the bullpen, we've
got four seconds to get Billy.

If he's still alive.




- We only have 20 seconds.
- Guns?

Where's the target?

Five degrees right of the
computer terminal. We go in five.

What do I do? Nothing.


Okay. We'll do it again tomorrow.
Next time, try to come through the door.

I thought it was a nice touch.
You said you wanted realism.

We knocked out five seconds.

All right, we're gonna do it until
we knock five more off. Excuse me.

- Let me help you up.
- Oh, thank you very much.

- I'm Byron Jordan.
- Amanda King.

- A little noisy around here.
- Yes, a little.

- Amanda, were you killed?
- Uh, no, sir.

Good for you. Now
listen up, children.

Today is Thursday.

On Tuesday, President Nabuti of the
East African Republic of Ubondwa...

will arrive for the
emergency summit meeting.

Now, we have reason to believe that
an attempt on his life will be made...

by factions of the communist
rebels in his country.

- Scarecrow.
- President Nabuti refuses to cancel...

or postpone the summit meeting
in the face of these threats.

He will not cater
to terrorist tactics.

So for safety reasons, he will be
staying at the special diplomatic mansion.

Byron Jordan of Jordan Securities
will be installing the security system.

He is to have our
full cooperation.

You get your specific assignments from
Francine Desmond in the briefing session.

Now, we only have six days.

That means that from now on,
everybody works double shifts.

That's all. Carry on.

- Sir, excuse me...
- I'm sorry to have brought you down here.

We needed an unexpected
element in our exercise. You were it.

That's all right. I
understand. I really came

down to talk to you
about something else.

- This isn't such a good time.
- It's all the time I have, so go ahead.

Yes, sir. Well, I'm only
asking for what's fair.

And it's for my family
I need a raise, sir.

So do I, but the government
cut our funds by 15 percent.

- Yes, sir.
- I'd double your salary...

if it were up to me. You
made a fine decoy. Good job.

Well, thank you, sir, but I...

You know, I can't even afford to
buy the boys a Wizard Whopper.

- A Wizard what?
- Wizard Whopper.

- Like a Hula... Never mind.
- All right.

You know, things have a
way of working themselves out.

- Heh.
- Yeah.

- It was very nice to meet you.
- The pleasure's mine.

Please, excuse
me, and I'll just...

- I'll see you later.
- Goodbye, Amanda.


I wish there was
something I could do.

Hopefully, things will
change. Just takes a little time.

MAN: Four, three, two, one, now!


Hit the front in five. Go!

Colby, go!

Thirty seconds
in. Mark positions.

- Front hall.
- Back kitchen.

Exterior porch.

You should be in the
upstairs hallway, Isley!

- Took too long coming up the outside wall.
- Then you're dead.

Now, from these positions, you're
10 seconds from the target zone.

The target will be in the
diplomatic reception area.

And 40 seconds in, so will you.

The communist rebels are
paying us a lot of money...

to hold President Nabuti
hostage until their terms are met.

- And if they're not met? TUCKER:
We terminate him on live TV.

- What about the security system?
TUCKER: I'll take care of that.

My connections are
the best you can get.

But remember this:
Timing will be everything.

Well, almost everything.

Hit your starting
positions. We go again.

JORDAN: You shouldn't act so surprised.
- It was pretty much a surprise.

I'd barely gotten home when
you called and offered me a job...

- and you don't even know me.
- Oh, I know you.

Fast learner, hard worker,
bright, can think on your feet.

See, I checked up on you.

I thought agency personnel
files were restricted.

They are, but I did one better.

I got your co-workers to chat about
you, and that tells me more than any form.

This job has been open for a
while. No one has measured up.

And I know the agency is very selective.
You'll make a great executive assistant.

This is really very flattering, but I don't
know anything about security systems.

I do. Any questions, ask me.

You'll learn fast. Besides,
you're nice to be around.

- I like that.
- Thank you.

I think the agency needs
people pretty badly right now.

So do I. This summit
meeting is very important.

I handle all the top
government security contracts.

You'd still be working in conjunction
with the agency on most projects.

You'll have to give
me a little time to think.

I would be leaving
some pretty good friends.

No pressure.

What are these?

The keys to your
office, if you take the job.

- My own office?
- Mm-hm.

Take a peek on the way out, if you
like. Your window overlooks the Potomac.

Oh. Heh.

Well, you know, there
really is only one thing...

that we haven't discussed
we probably should.



I guess it's gonna include
one Wizard Whopper, right?

How about double what
you're making at the agency?

- Double?
- For a start.

Do you have those
cost projection sheets?

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to barge in.

No, glad you did.

This is Amanda King and
she's thinking of joining us.

This is my partner, Glen Tucker.

- How do you so?
- My pleasure.

You couldn't have a nicer boss than
Jordan. Unless, of course, it was me.


Nabuti's motorcade will come down
Constitution Avenue and turn right here.

This position is Alpha. Beta
and Gamma, here and here.

Omega is in position
right here at the mansion.

Rehearse the timing of these movements
until they become second nature.

We have to be prepared
for every emergency.

These are the possible
ambush sections.

The best places to mount
a coordinated attack.

And right here at the mansion.

- How's the security system coming along?
- Right on schedule.

Jordan's doing a bang-up job.

This is a dispatch from
the Ubondwa government...

confirming the fact that the communist
rebels have hired a mercenary hit squad.

- Three, maybe four members.
- Right under our nose...

- waiting for the right moment to move.
- Well, that's a moment we won't give them.

Call all available manpower.

- Good timing, Amanda.
- Hello, sir.

All right, people,
let's get cracking.

I hope you don't have any PTA or
Goofy Golf tonight. It could be a late one.

Amanda, could you
handle these files?

- I'll need printouts on...
- Sorry, I can't.

- What do you mean, can't? You all right?
- Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

But I just stopped
by to say goodbye.

Not really goodbye,
because I'll still be around.

What are you talking about?

Well, Byron Jordan offered me a job as his
executive assistant at double my salary.

- Oh, nice touch.
- Jordan's a good man.

think I'm gonna take it.

I need the money.

I guess this means...

I'll be resigning
from the agency.


DOTTY: Amanda, I am so excited
for you. A good, steady, full-time job.

This may be the beginning
of a whole new life for you.

What are you running
around like this for?

It's only 8:15. You don't
have to be at work until 10.

Well, I wanna stop
by the agency...

- What agency are you talking about?
- Oh, you know, Mother, IFF.

IFF is an agency? Makes
sense. Why shouldn't they be?

After all, if they are a film company, they
should have a talent agency on the side.

AMANDA: Right.
- Listen, Amanda.

I never like the idea
of you working for IFF.

They should've moved you up,
given you something challenging to do.

You're gonna find this
new job much more exciting.

- Oh, I hope not.
- Hey, Mom.

- Since you got this new job and all...
- We're gonna be rich.

Can we add on
another room for me?

- Who says it's your room?
- Hold it. We're not gonna be rich.

DOTTY: Amanda, you never know.

One of these days, you might
open your own security company.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

DOTTY: You know anything about security?
- Finish that for me.

- Have a good day.
- Have bacon and orange juice.

Your grandmother said you should
have a hearty breakfast before you start...

AMANDA: Have a good day, now!

Okay, break a leg or arm
or whatever they say. Oh.

- Got everything?
- It all checks out.

Good. We're scheduled
to depart at 1100.

- Amanda, hi.

What happened?
Jordan fire you already?

No, I came to give Mr. Melrose my
agency termination papers and my ID.

- Oh. Everything working out?
- Great.

Good, good. It's great to see
you. Say hi to Jordan for me.

Yeah. What is this,
another practice maneuver?

No, this is the
real thing, Amanda.

We have word the hit squad
may be training in Sky Valley.

Lee, that is on a
need-to-know basis.

Look, I'm gonna go check
the supplies of Squad B, okay?

Amanda, don't be a stranger.

Yeah, well, I'm glad everything's
working out with Jordan.

Lee, you know, I mean, I
took this job because I had to.

I know, I know.

All right, people,
let's get a move on.

- You take care of yourself, huh?
- You take care of yourself.


JORDAN: I'm impressed, Amanda.
- Well, it really wasn't so much.

Seriously. Having the
bedroom lights strobe

when you press the
panic button, great idea.

I think President Nabuti
is gonna appreciate it.

I'm gonna include it in our
overall security package.

I'm glad you liked it.

There's a couple of other
things I'd like to discuss with you...

but I'd like to
do it over dinner.

- Sure. When?
- How about tonight?

- Great. All right.
- Okay, fine.

JORDAN: I'll send a limo.
- Good.

- What time?
- How about 8?

Good. I'll see you later.

- Take care. Drive carefully.
- I will.

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

Ed, on the second floor, I want you to
check on the vibration system, okay?

This is Sky Valley, huh?


- Did you see that?
- Yeah, call Billy. Here.

LEE: Bravo Three to Bravo Six, over.
- We read you, Bravo Three.

There's something
straight ahead. See it?

I know.

Pin him down in a crossfire and
shoot to warn at my command.

Let her rip.

Whoever you are, come out
with your hands above your head.

LEE: Augie, what the
hell are you doing here?

Lee, baby, am I glad to see you.

Nice outfits.

FRANCINE: Speaking of outfits...
- Thank you, ma'am.

- You know this person?
- Yeah, he's one of my snitches.

I prefer information broker.

- Name's Augie Swann.
- Get out of here.

- What are you doing here?
- The word was out on the street...

there were some dudes training out
here and they needed some supplies.

- What kind of supplies?
- Camping.

LEE: Why, you...
- Hey, I just bought that hat.

Oh, you like this hat, huh?

That's not just an
ordinary hat, my friend.

That happens to be a
Hoss Cartwright original.

Oh, is it? Well, you better
be hungry, my friend...

because you're gonna be eating this
if you don't give me a straight answer.

- Come on. What are you doing here?
- Sounds serious, huh?

- You...
- Okay.

Okay, now, don't get
all bent out of shape.

They were looking for some flamethrowers
and I happen to have some cheap.

- Flamethrowers? AUGIE:
Yeah, you need some?

Hey, listen, they're great for
cooking outdoors with. Fast too.

FRANCINE: Yeah, if
you like the charred look.

- This is important.

Now, you tell me straight.

You know anything about the guys
who were training here? Anything at all?

The word is that they're
not very nice people.

- Thanks for the insight.
- Hey, anytime I can help my country.

AMANDA: It's been a
very nice evening, Byron.

Well, the evening
is still young.

Would you like some
more coffee and dessert?

Oh, no, no, I couldn't,
really. Thank you, though.

Never mind.

No, go ahead. Say it.

Well, I was just gonna say you
invited me over to talk about business.

We talked about everything but business.
Not that I haven't had a good time.

I've had a wonderful time, but I
just thought that maybe we should...

- Talk about business.
- Yeah.

Okay. What would
you like to know?

Well, there are a lot of security
companies in Washington...

but yours is the
most successful one.

And I... Well, why is that?

Good question.

Well, let's see.

First of all, I install backup security
systems for all existing security systems.

What makes mine
really different is that I'm

the only one that
knows the access codes.

And they're stored
right up here in my head.

The other people put theirs on
computers and you could tap into those.

But this one,
you can't tap into.

- Right.
- It's too confusing.

How do you like
working for me so far?

Oh, well, I like it very much, but
I've only been doing it for a day.

Well, it only gets
better from here on out.

Look, Amanda, I like you.

I like you a lot. I've liked you from
the first moment I laid eyes on you.

But I'm not a pushy kind of guy.

Now, I hired you for the position because
you're the best person for that position.

And if anything else happens
between us, it's just icing on the cake.

I just like it to go
with the flow, okay?

- Thank you.
- Good.

You don't mind my
limo dropping you off?

Oh, no, I understand.
You have to work.

Thank you.

- It was a terrific evening.
- Thank you. I really enjoyed myself.

- Thank you.
- Good night.

Good night.

- Glen, what are you doing here?
- Oh, I needed to talk to you.

Couldn't wait till tomorrow?
You wanna drink?

TUCKER: No, to both questions.

Amanda King. She's a
very attractive woman.

Yes, she is.

Doesn't eat very much.

Glen, it's late, I've got work
to do. What's so important?

I don't suppose you'd
give me the access code...

to Nabuti's safe house
if I asked, would you?

No way. That's a
breach of security.

Just because you bankroll my
company doesn't give you the right...


Yeah, I didn't think so.

Blow the safe.

The agency will think the
access code's been stolen.

And we can put in a whole
new security system from scratch.

Okay, kids, time to go. No
pitching in the house. Let's go.

AMANDA: Okay, be
sure you got everything.

When you get ground
balls, what are you gonna do?

- We're going to... AMANDA:
Get down on one knee and...

- Scoop them up.
AMANDA: Thataway.

- Have a good time.
- Wish me luck.

- You didn't wear your jacket.
JAMIE: Didn't wear his jacket!

AMANDA: I know, I know,
Jamie. Philip, come here.

- Okay, come on. Put
this on. PHILIP: Okay.

AMANDA: Bye-bye. Have fun.

- Goodbye, Mother. DOTTY:
Goodbye, sweetheart.

AMANDA: Bye-bye. Have fun, now.





AMANDA: Hello.
- Amanda King?

- Yes.
- I'm Detective Barr.

You're under arrest for
the murder of Byron Jordan.

You have the right to remain
silent. If you give up the right...

anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to
speak with an attorney...

Well, make yourself at home.

You guys carry on
like nothing's happened.

Well, we don't have too much
time. Nabuti is arriving in two days.

You know, Jordan really liked
that friend of yours, Amanda.

- Yeah.
- Always did have a soft spot for women.

- This one got him.
- Now, you just hold on.

Amanda King did
not kill Byron Jordan.

The case is too
thin. It won't wash.

I thought her prints were
all over the murder weapon.

Yeah, they were, but I know
Amanda. She couldn't kill anybody.

Yeah, well, we'll let the
police decide, I guess.



I'm sorry. This whole thing's
got me a little bit rattled.

Yeah. But I'd say we
have bigger problems.

I agree.

Someone wanted
Jordan out of the game.

My guess is he was hit
professionally. Then they blew the safe.

They set up Amanda when
they saw her dining with him.

So they were after
the security information.


If it was the mercenaries...

they could know how to bypass the
access code and get into the mansion.

Well, we could stop them.

We could install a whole
new security system.

- Are you equipped to handle that?
- Sure.

It'll take an entire
day, though.

But I know everything
that Jordan did.

He wanted it that way
so I could back him up.

I just never thought
it would come to this.

Let's get the installation in gear before
we have ourselves another murder.

- Consider it done.
- Let's see.

I kissed him hard,
then strangled him.

I didn't like his attitude.

How was it for you,
honey? Get him in bed?

AMANDA: Oh, no.
Dining room table.

That's kinky.

I didn't do it.

Ha, ha. Steak knife, right?

Not bad. I can teach
you a few things.

We got time. Ha, ha, ha.

GUARD: You got a visitor.

AMANDA: Oh, Lee, thank
you. Thank you so much.


Is this the one you
keep on the side?

Oh, Wilma, this is
Lee. Lee, this is Wilma.

- How are you?
- Pretty damn good.

- Wilma, let's take a walk.
- How far you wanna go?

Come on.

See you.

- A hunk.
- Ha.


- Well.
- Look, you know I didn't do it.

I know that.

Your fingerprints were
all over the weapon.

Yeah, I know.

- What were you doing there?
- Having dinner.

- Just dinner?
- Just dinner.

And we discussed
a little business.

- Business? At his house?
- Business. Right.

- With candles?
- Yeah, with ca...

- Look, he told me that he liked me.
- And you told the police that.

Yes. It's the truth.

Amanda, you just
handed them the motive.

It was a crime of passion. He
pressured you. You resisted it.

I didn't resist it. He didn't
pressure me. I didn't have to resist.

Look, he's a very nice man.

Amanda, the police
do not know from nice.

What am I gonna do?

You'll be released in my custody.
We have to get you a good lawyer.

Can I leave with you now?

Sure. Unless you wanna stay
here and say goodbye to Wilma.

I don't think so.


AMANDA: Mother.
- Amanda, where have you been?

- You should have left a note.
- I'm sorry. I didn't have time.

I was worried. Now, did
you have a dinner date?

- Uh, no.
- I know that look.

You can't keep things from
your mother. What's wrong?

Mother, I really don't
know how to tell you this.

- Well, just say it.
- Okay.

- I was in jail.
- Oh, heh, heh, how awful.

Can you imagine?

Your first job assignment and
it's a security system in a prison.

Mother, I wasn't working.

I was arrested.

Arrested? What on earth for?

- Murder.
- Oh, that's ridiculous.

Mother, they found my
fingerprints on the murder weapon.

- How?
- I was at his house.

- Who's house?
- My boss.

Your boss was murdered
your first day on the job?

- Yes, Mother. I feel terrible about it.
- I know you do.

But what about
your fingerprints?

They were on a steak knife.

You mean the police think that
you stabbed him with a steak knife?

Yes. They think I was trying
to fight off his advances.

- Well, did you?
- No.

- You didn't?
- Because he didn't make any advances.

He was a very nice man.

- Then why would somebody stab him?
- I don't know.

Oh, Amanda, they
could blame you.

Mother, they do blame
me. That's why I was in jail.

- Did you tell them that you didn't do it?
- Of course, I told them I didn't do it.

They don't believe me.

No, that's right. The
police don't believe you.

Oh, my poor darling.
What are we going to do?

I don't know.

The first thing I better
do is get the wash in.

- It's gonna rain.
- Right.

- Aah!
- Hi.

I wish you wouldn't
startle me like that.

- I know. Just second nature, I guess.
- Yeah, I know.

- How are you doing?
- I'm okay.

Uh, Amanda, listen, about the lawyer,
you need a good criminal attorney.

- Well, I...
- I have just the guy.

His name is Dewey Lawrence.
He is a hell of a good lawyer.

You have to meet him
at the police station.

Oh, no, not at
the police station.

Amanda, they just wanna ask some
more things. Routine stuff, that's all.

You don't think they're gonna
put me back in jail, do you?

I wouldn't worry
about that, okay?

I'm gonna get you out of this.

- Thanks a lot.
- Yeah.

Guess you better...
- Bye.
- Bye.

TUCKER: All right,
guys, listen up.

Now, Stetson and his people know
that at some point, Nabuti is gonna be hit.

So they're gonna
be waiting for us.

But I've been able to install a whole
new security system at the Nabuti mansion.

- Piece of cake.
- Right.

None of you should
have any problems...

getting past the ground
sensors and then inside.


When you come in the back, there's a
hidden alarm left over from the old system.

It's under the east ground floor
window. I want you to cut that.

No problem.

Now, Walters, I want you spraying
everything with that Uzi of yours.

Can't wait.

Isley, when you come in the back, take the
east wall and go on to the second floor.

Easy money.

All right, if you guys
are loaded up, move it.

I want you to be point
man when we go in.

You got it.

Now, there's one last matter.

Amanda King.

If the cops keep investigating
this case along with the agency...

sooner or later, they're gonna
find out she didn't kill Jordan.

They might start
investigating us.

That would be unfortunate.

But if Amanda King ends up dead,
the cops would probably drop the case.

That's right. I can just see it.

She becomes racked with guilt and
remorse over Byron Jordan's murder...

- and commits suicide.
- Heh.

- All right.
- All right.

Let's go.

- Sweetheart, you all right?
- Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

- You look a little down.
- No, I'm all right.

- Are you thinking about the...?
- Well, yeah.

You know, I'm thinking
about it a little bit. I can't help it.

- Everything is gonna be all right.
- Oh.

Thank you, Mother.
I needed that.

Well, I'll go upstairs
and check the boys.

No, you just stay right here.

I'll check the boys.

Besides, I wanna take a shower.

Riding that bike is
a lot of hard work.

- Good night, precious.
- Good night, Mother.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

- Oh, Amanda, I'm...
- Take the garbage out?

- I'll do it, Mother.
- Thank you.


Good. Check inside. See
if you can find her keys.

- Got them.
- Let's go.


Good night, Mrs. King.

Have a nice sleep.





Come on. Gonna
get you out of here.

Here. Here, lean
up against the wall.

All right, now take
some deep breaths.

Come on, come on.


Is that a little better?

I dropped by to see how
you liked your lawyer.

It's a good thing I did.

You have any idea what happened?

No. I came outside to
take the garbage out.

Somebody grabbed me from behind
and then somebody put a cloth on my face.

I feel like a ton of
bricks fell on my head.

Yeah, I know. I know.

They probably tried
to knock you out with

chloroform. It'll wear
off in a little while.

- Do you have any idea what happened?
- No.

What was I doing in the garage?

Amanda, someone
knocked you out...

they put you in your car and
then they turned the motor on.

- They turned the motor on?
- Yeah.

But why would someone wanna
make it look like you committed suicide?

Unless someone doesn't think that
the murder charges are gonna stick.

Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

If you suddenly committed suicide,
that would point the finger at you.

It'd make it look like I was so guilty,
I couldn't stand it, I had to kill myself.

I think someone's
trying to buy a little time.

Think it has to do with
Byron's security systems?

You can bet on it.

Come on.

BILLY: What did happen
last night with Jordan?

We just had dinner and talked.

About what?

I don't know, really. Not
about anything in particular.

Nabuti is scheduled to arrive at
the mansion in less than an hour.

We know that a paid group of
assassins are gonna try to kill him...

but we still have no
idea when or where.

We have the new security system
installed around the mansion.

- New system?
- Yeah.

Somebody tried to murder Jordan
to get access to the security system.

We thought they might have stolen
it. We installed the new system.

But they couldn't have stolen it,
because he had it in his memory.

Did Jordan tell you if anyone
else knew about that access code?

That's the reason that he memorized them,
so no one else would know what they were.

And Tucker knew that.

He set us up.

He would've had to change the access
code to get into the Nabuti mansion.

Since he didn't know Jordan's code,
he put in his own security system.

And we gave him time to do it.

There's an emergency operating
system that could bypass the sensors.

- Where is it?
- It's...

It's sort of had to explain,
but I could show you.

Come on, and stay
close to me. Very close.

AMANDA: Yes, I will.


AUGIE: No, no, no,
you don't understand.

See, this far surpasses
mere capital gains.

I'm talking about gross
national product here.

It's a major growth industry.
You could say that it had legs.

- It's a sure bet, Your Highness.
- President Nabuti.

What is this magic economic
elixir you're talking about?

Have you ever seen women box?

- Box?
- Yeah. You know, fight with gloves on.

I mean, mmh, really hit each other.
Ooh, hoo, hoo, it draws a crowd.

It's perfect for your
country. It's primitive.

- Uh, heh. I don't think you understand...
- Nothing like a national pastime...

to unite your people. See, I
got these brochures right here.

You could start a franchise in every
city. The economic potential is unlimited.


Now, once we get inside, I'll reset
the security sensors to my own code.

That way, the agency people won't be able
to get in without setting off the alarms.

- Good. I like them working for us.
- Yeah. Come on. Let's go.


Come on. Get back. Get
back. Get down. Get down.

TUCKER: Don't try it.
WALTERS: Get down.

TUCKER: Get down. Get in here.
WALTERS: Just try it, man. Come on.

Come on, move it. Now quiet.

We bring you greetings
from your great country.

There will be no negotiations.
You will just have to kill me.

We may get around to that.

First, we're gonna
make you a TV star.

Tucker's activated
the security system.

TV equipment will be
here in half an hour.


- We sealed up tight?
- We are sitting pretty.

Comfort knowing we
got such nice security.

What's going down on there?

We've got a hostage
situation here.

They want TV cameras
to broadcast their terms.

There's a terrorist upstairs,
two downstairs with Nabuti.

A couple of men
keeping watch outside.

We can stall them on the TV
equipment. Can we get that override?

Yes, sir. Okay, there's a
red button and a black button.

I'll push the black,
then the red. You'll have

60 seconds. That'll
deactivate the system.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Red button, go.

- Let's do it.
- Good luck, everyone.


All right, hold the fort.




WALTERS: Quiet, quiet.


TUCKER: Welcome
to the party, Stetson.

Did you lose
something? Drop the gun.


Listen, Tucker.

Why don't we leave
her out of this, okay?

Oh, but I invited her.


Shut up!




I think I ruined the dessert.


LEE: Do you believe this?

I thought he looked
better in the cowboy outfit.


- Hello.
- Hello, Amanda.


I got a message you
wanted to see me, sir.

That's right. How does it
feel to be a free woman again?

Oh, great.

We have some good news.

- Yeah? BILLY: Yes.

President Nabuti's mission
here was very successful.

He is now safely
back in Ubondwa.


Yeah, well, we have
some other good news too.


How would you like
your old job back?

Oh! Heh, heh, heh.

With a raise.

With a raise? My
old job with a raise.

That's really wonderful.
I really appreciate this.

- Thank you, Lee. Thank you, sir.
- You deserve it.

Oh, well, thank you. I
appreciate it. Yes, sir.

Oh, Lee.

Listen, I don't wanna
be too nosy or anything.

How did you manage to get
my old job back with a raise...

- with the expense cuts?
- Well...

- Have you seen this?
- What is it?

A memo cutting my undercover
wardrobe budget in half.

I bought an original Chesley gown
for the Sikkim ambassador gala.

And if I have to pay for that gown
myself... I'm talking to Billy right now.

- Your raise.
- My raise.