Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 17 - Odds on a Dead Pigeon - full transcript

An Amanda look-a-like assassin is sent after Lee by an enemy from 7 years ago.


CREDLE: I still can't
believe this is happening.

Well, I really can't
believe it either.

- I mean, I always thought you and Lee...
- No, no. Lee and I...



Look, why don't you
just give me the key...

and I'll go on up and then
you can follow behind me?




When I ran into you today,
I never thought we'd...

Well, I didn't either.

There's nothing
between you and Lee?

No, there isn't anything
between Lee and me.

Well, you only seem to work with him,
at least in the field, and I assumed...

No, there's isn't anything
between me and anybody else.

Well, until now.

Funny, isn't it?

- The way things happen.
- Yes.

Oh, I don't like these much.

They can come in handy.

I remember the first time
I saw you at the agency.

I was just in from Madrid.

I remember you looked so lost.

Well, I guess I was pretty lost.

- But not anymore.
- No, not anymore.

I almost said something to
you, but you were with Lee.

You were always with Lee.

And I said to myself, "Credle,
this is a hands-off situation."

I guess it really is funny
how things turn out.

BILLY: I don't understand it.
It just doesn't make any sense.

Credle had an
apartment on G Street.

Why's he checking into a
Washington hotel at 3 in the afternoon?

- Come on. What do you think he's doing?
- Unless I read the man completely wrong...

it's out of character.

Credle was married. He
wasn't a player, was he, Lee?

Not really. At least no more
so than the average guy.

But then again,
neither was Treloggen.

I'm getting a pattern
that I really don't like.


There's an element of nervousness
creeping through this bullpen.

Two agents buy it in two weeks.

The same m.o.

- So, what's the connection?
- I don't know, but there's gotta be one.

Look, both men were
found in a hotel room...

beds turned down and
shot with their own weapons.

Now, robbery wasn't the motive.

- Credle had over 200 bucks in his wallet.
- Right.

The connection's there.
We just have to find it.

- Did they see each other socially?
- Not that I know of.

Okay, well, that brings
us right back here.

FRANCINE: They weren't
working in the same case.

Treloggen just got back from
Laos four days before he was killed.

- He was catching up on some paperwork.
- You know, Billy...

I hate to say this, but this just
might be a random run at the agency.

Yeah. It just might be.

Somebody just might be out there
trying to knock us off one by one.

Okay, this unit is on
alert as of right now.

That means, in particular,
everyone cans their social life...

until we find out
what's going on.

Terrific. Bob Luigi had tickets
for the Kennedy Center tonight.

- He invited me a week ago.
- Francine.

- I'll clean my closets.
- Good.

In the meantime, get on those computers.
I want you to run Credle and Treloggen.

See if there's any connection we haven't
thought of, say, in the last six months.

- Got it.
- I'll go back to that hotel.

Ask questions of my own.

Did you see the description they
have on the woman with Credle?

Average. Now, what is that
supposed to mean, average?

- It means no one was paying attention.
- Yeah.

- Discretion is the better part
of hotel-keeping. LEE: Mm-hm.

LEE: Well, I'm gonna find her.

I wanna see just what kind of woman can
set up two of the best agents that we had.


AMANDA: Enough
grosser-than-gross jokes.

That's enough grosser-than-gross
jokes. Do you understand?

- Listen. Mrs. King?
BOY 1: Ah-ah-ah!

Yes, Gilbert. Everybody,
hush just a minute.

Gilbert has a
question. Yes, Gilbert?

If we're roughing it, why
do we take toothbrushes?

BOY 2: Yeah! AMANDA:
Wait just a minute now.

You have to take
your toothbrushes...

because Junior Trailblazers will
have to learn how to live off the land.

You will be eating
roots, nuts, berries.

You're gonna need your toothbrush,
because it's difficult to eat...

if you have only your
gums and no teeth to chew...

- Did you bring your toothbrush?
- Yes.

Did everybody else
bring their toothbrushes?


- Who does this belong to?
- Oh, fellas.

I told you she'd find it.

AMANDA: Fellas.
- How did I get MP duty?

Well, ha, unless somebody
has a very long extension cord...

this is not gonna
do very well in a tent.

Okay. I thought we agreed that
we would only bring the essentials.


- Bears. DOTTY: Bears?


There really is nothing to be afraid
of, okay? We're all gonna be together.

- What if I get lost?
- You won't get lost.

We're on the buddy
system. Who's your partner?

- Who's your buddy?
- I am.

Gilbert? You and Gilbert just
stay together and you won't get lost.

- Okay.
- What if they both get lost?

- Gilbert's got a lousy sense of direction.
- He does not.

- Do not.
- Does too. Both of you do.

AMANDA: Okay, hold it.
Hold it for just a minute, please.

If they should both happen
to get lost, which they won't...

- you all know what to do,
don't you? DOTTY: I don't.

- You don't? DOTTY: I don't.

I mean, all I know is that moss
grows on the north side of a rock.

And in the middle of an
enormous national park...

- what does that tell you?
- Okay.

I'm gonna let the fellas tell you.
What do you do if you get lost?

BOYS: Hug a tree!

I didn't hear you.

BOYS: Hug a tree!

Okay, all right, all
right. That's right.

DOTTY: Hug a tree.
- That's right. You hug a tree.

Most people,
when they're lost...

they wander around and
they get even more lost.

If you hug a tree,
you'll stay in one place...

- And a bear will come and eat you!
- Help!

- Help!
- A bear... No.

A bear will not eat you.

Now, look. If you hug a
tree, you will stay in one place.

You'll have a much better
chance of being found.

Okay, now, I've got some
very important slides here...

that I want you
to identify for me...

because these are plants that
you'll be seeing this weekend.

- What is this?
- It's an oak.

- A pin oak.
- Pretty good.

This is a very important one.

What is that?

Poison ivy. Now, you
guys stay out of that stuff.

AMANDA: Right, stay
out of the poison ivy.

Okay, now here is one that
you should all be able to identify.

KAREN: Happy family.

GORDON: Identify them.

KAREN: Oh, Gordon, do we
really have to go over this again?

Now, look, I paid you
$100,000 for Treloggen...

and another 100,000 for Credle.

Now, I'm willing to go
$250,000 for Stetson.

Now, for that kind of
money, just indulge me.

Amanda King, her
younger son, Jamie.

- I don't like that.
- What?

Amanda King doesn't
smoke. You reek of the stuff.

KAREN: Oh, spoken like
a man with no bad habits.

It's the little things
that can give you away.

Oh, Gordon, don't tell
me how to do my job.

You hired me because I am
the best that your money...

or anybody else's money can buy.

Arrogance is not your
most attractive quality.

Arrogance is something
I've earned the right to have.

You learned about me when
you were serving a jail term.

I've never even seen
the inside of a prison.

Gordon, I do what
I do very, very well.

- Yes, well, you have to be perfect.
- I am perfect. Look at me.

I have no complaints with the
surgery. I mean, the face is...

Is her face. Listen to
my voice. It's her voice.

The same speech pattern.

I have practiced
Amanda King for months.

Even duplicated her wardrobe. Her
own mother couldn't tell the difference.

Her mother isn't the
one you have to fool.

Now, there's something
that... It's just still not quite right.

I don't know whether it's
the walk or the way you stand.

But let's watch it again.

- Hey.
- Gordon.

Let's don't watch it
again, please, Gordon.

Look, I took care of
Treloggen. I took care of Credle.

What makes you think I
can't handle Lee Stetson?

He is much closer to
Amanda King than they were.

He's not as close as you
thought, is he, Gordon?

You thought they were
lovers. They only work together.

- Yes, but where?
- I don't know where, Gordon.

The one thing I couldn't
ask is where the agency is.

I'm supposed to work
there, remember?

I'm sorry. I'm a little edgy.

I wanna get this damn thing
over just as badly as you do.

Yeah, not quite, Karen.

You haven't spent the last seven
years of your life planning it. I have.

Six of them in a prison cell he
put me in after he killed my brother.

Know how many people
I've hired to get rid of him?

Do you know how many
times they've failed?

Well, you should
have come to me first.

Listen. This weekend, Mrs. King
and her mother and her two boys...

will be going on a camping
trip with the Junior Trailblazers.

Soon as they're
gone, I'll move in.

And if Stetson doesn't
contact you before they're back?

Then I'll think of something else,
Gordon. Lee Stetson is a dead pigeon.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

AMANDA: Okay, you
sure we got everything?

- Who packed the first
aid kit? DOTTY: I did.

Think I'm gonna be bruised
and contused, as usual.

Come on, Mother, you know
you're looking forward to it.

PHILIP: You're gonna
have a neat time.

- Where's my whistle?
BOYS: Around your neck.

- What are you gonna be whistling for?
- Everything.

Like what?


BOYS: Dinner!


BOYS: Lights out!


BOYS: Fasten your seat belt.

AMANDA: Oh, right.

Amanda, if you happen to see a
bear, would you mind whistling?

JAIME: Seatbelts. Seatbelts.


- Hello. GORDON:
Hi. Anything yet?

Gordon, I told you I would call
you as soon as I heard anything.

What if she told Stetson
she'd be out of town?

Gordon, I'll
handle it, all right?


- What are you doing now?
- I'm having a chat with you, Gordon.

And if Stetson tries to
call, the line will be busy.




- Hello? LEE: Hi, Amanda.

- Did I pick a wrong time? Can you talk?
- Lee?

No, no. Sure, I can talk.
What is it you wanted?

Amanda, we're really kind
of short-handed down here.

I couldn't remember if it was this weekend
or next that you do that camping thing.

Well, it was this weekend,
but I wasn't feeling so well...

so I sent Mother and
the boys on ahead.

Oh, well, if you're
not feeling well, I...

Oh, I'm all right now. I
thought I was catching a cold.

But I guess it was, you know,
just an allergy or something.

Oh, great.

Great, because we could really use
you here. How soon can you come?


Well, I could be there quickly,
except the car's not running.

Well, I guess I
could pick you up.

Oh, Lee, that'd be great.

I tell you what. In case I'm
upstairs and I don't hear you...

why don't I leave the
front door unlocked?

Okay, great. Bye.



doesn't make any sense.

We all keep saying that.
We all know it has to.

I have milked that computer dry.

I have everything there is
on Credle and Treloggen.

- Did you go back six months?
- I went back a year.

I'm telling you, there
is no connection.

For example, when Credle
was in the Seychelles...

Treloggen was in Dallas.

When Credle was at
three weeks in Paris...

Treloggen was bouncing
around the South Pacific islands.

Did you cross-reference?

Until it looked like I was playing
tic-tac-toe with the records.

- I'm telling you, there's
nothing there. LEE: Billy.

Amanda's disappeared.

Her bed's been slept
in, dishes in the sink,

but there is no sign
of her in the house.

Of course, there's no
sign of her at her house.

She's in Shenandoah
National Park.

You were standing right there
when she told us about the trip.

She didn't go. Yeah, I
talked to her on the phone.

She was supposed to
wait for me to pick her up.

The house just doesn't look right. There's
papers scattered all over the place...

a drink on the table, ashtrays
are full of cigarette butts.

Ah. A secret drinker and a
secret smoker. My, my, my.

Will you just can it, please?

I'm telling you, something
has happened to her.

- Whoever rigged that shotgun could have...
- What shotgun?

There was a shotgun rigged to get
me coming in through the front door.

I have the lab
checking it out right now.

Now, I think someone must've
been there telling Amanda what to say.

She usually has me go
through the back door.

Did you ever work with
Credle or Treloggen?

Yeah, I did. Seven years ago.

- Gordon Redding.
- You got it.

You were all on that one.

Until they made a run at me,
I didn't make a connection.

- He's still serving time?
- He should be.

Should've gotten life for
espionage, not 10 to 20.

Good behavior, he's
out in seven. I'll check.


Would somebody mind
telling me what's going on?

Francine, this was
before you signed on.

Gordon Redding and his brother
owned an electronics business.

And business is going pretty well
until Gordon decided to expand.

- Technology transfers?
- Mm-hm.

Classified stuff, all going
to the highest bidder.

And you know who that was.

Okay, so he waited seven years to
kill you for putting him out of business?

Well, there's a little
more to it than that.

The bust went down hard.
Some shots were exchanged...

and I killed his brother.

The thing is, he can take as long as he
wants, hire as much muscle as he needs.

There was a lot of money
involved. We never found it.

He probably had it socked
away in some Swiss bank account.

Out in six.

Been out on the street
for the better part of a year.

An interesting note: He stopped checking
with his parole officer about a month ago.

I think this is where we
keep you under wraps.

- Now, Billy...
- We're going into overdrive around here.

We know Gordon Redding's probably in the
D.C. area, running this little operation.

And we're gonna find him.

Billy, I can take care of myself. It
is Amanda that I'm worried about.

Where the hell is she?

Oh, home.


Yeah, well, Mother, you sound like
we've been gone for a million years.

Come on, let's go.

Why did we have to come home...

because Jamie was stupid enough
to fall into a bunch of poison ivy?

- I didn't fall. I tripped. Then
I fell. PHILIP: You did too.

Well, we came home, Philip, because
your brother is very uncomfortable.

And nobody at the camp
would come anywhere near me.

- You're contagious, that's why.
- I am not contagious.

AMANDA: Take this.
- We're all gonna get it, you know.

We're not gonna get it if we
take the proper precaution.

I think forgetting all this camping
business is dandy precaution.

Yeah, well, I don't know
why you don't like it.

I mean, Philip likes it,
Jamie likes it, I like it.

Amanda, let me
tell you something.

If God wanted us to live outside,
he would not have created architects.

GORDON: All right. Okay. You're the
big-time professional. What do we do now?

Look, you don't like
arrogance, I don't like sarcasm.

For what I am paying you, you
should be making more of an effort.

- You'll get your money's worth.
- You missed Stetson.

- I won't miss him the next time.
- Oh, next time. Next time.

You had him. Why didn't you
just stay and finish the job?

Because when I finish the job, I wanna
be sure that I can walk away from it.

Look, Amanda King
whistles, he comes running.

- Oh, if only she hadn't come home...
- Well, she came home.

- So we'll have to get rid of her.
- Oh.

I can't have two of us walking
around in the same house, can I?

That's the only place that I can be
sure I can make contact with Stetson.

Well, but how are you
gonna get rid of her?

I'm not gonna get rid of her.
I'm gonna get rid of Lee Stetson.

- You take care of Mrs. King.
- Oh, no.

Amanda, I have the boys settled
down. I told them not to touch anything.

- Good. Did you check your jewelry?
- It's all there.

I can't believe this actually happened.
You read about things like this.

But to know that somebody was here
in this house makes me feel so violated.

- I know.
- Well, it's all right.

I mean, you gotta remember,
nothing was stolen and nobody's hurt.

They were here. I'm
gonna call the police.

- They're on the way, Mother.
- Oh, that's good. Oh!

Your grandmother's silver.


- Lee? LEE: Amanda.

Thank God, you are
all right. Listen to me.

I want you to move your
mother and the kids to a hotel.

He's after me. I don't
want you in the middle.

- What are you talking about?
- What?

- Our phone conversation.
- What phone conversation?

- This afternoon.
- I didn't talk to you this afternoon.

What do you mean
you didn't talk to me?

You didn't talk to
me, I didn't talk to you.

Wait a second. This is
getting way out of hand.

All right, now, look.

Get everybody to a hotel.
Meet me here tomorrow morning.

We'll go through this
house, see what we find.

- Okay?
- Right. Right.


- Special delivery.
- Oh.

- Thank you. I wasn't expecting it.
- Would you sign this, please?


Thank you.

- Have a nice day.
- Thank you. You too.




LEE: Amanda!

Oh, no.

Amanda. Amanda?

Amanda. It's okay.

- Lee.
- I'm here now.

- Come on.
- No, no, I can...

- No, I got you. No, no.
- Lee...

You just lie back
and relax. That's right.

Yeah, I'll just
rest for a minute.

I don't know. This
just doesn't track.

I know why he wants
to kill me, but why you?

Okay, fella, here we go.



Stetson's car.

All right, so he got
here ahead of us...

Wait a minute.
That's even easier.

We don't have to worry
about getting rid of King's body.

We'll take care
of him right here.

KAREN: You and
your stupid snake.

All right, so we'll
take them both out.

You're never gonna
get a cleaner shot at him.

- No, too many people.
- Damn it, you've got a gun. Shoot him.

Look, you may wanna go back to prison,
but I'm not going with you, all right?

I will tell you
when I will do it.

MEDLOW: Well, first,
we'll run the usual tests.

Don't run the usual tests.
Run every test you can think of.

I really feel fine now.

Until the agency lab runs that vial,
we won't know what gas they used.

It may be toxic and
there may be side effects.

- I feel great.
- We'll keep her for 24 hours.

- No, 24 hours is too long.
- Right.

Mother and the boys are in the
hotel. I can't leave them alone for...

Now, you call me as soon as
your lab boys get an answer.

- Absolutely.
- I feel...

I don't think there's major nerve
damage or anything like that.

- She'll be fine.
- Excuse me there.

- Not only will I be fine, I'm here.
- What...?

I'm right here. You're
talking about me, but I'm here.

I feel terrific and
everything is great.

I don't understand
why you talk about me...

She seems upset. That's natural.

We'll talk later.

Thank you.

- Amanda.
- That's not fair. That's...

- Lee.
- What?

I don't know why you brought me to
a hospital, why you want me to stay.

I don't wanna be in a hospital.

- I shouldn't be in a hospital.
- Amanda, listen.

What's the harm
in running tests?

- I don't want to run...
- For your peace of mind.

I don't need peace of mind.

I have perfect peace
of mind. My mind is...

Okay, then. Okay, for mine. Hm?

- You mean, if...
- Hm.

Come on, you're in here.

- Come on.
- Lee.

That's really very sweet.

And I suppose this is
the wrong place, too, huh?

- It's him.
- Hold on.

GORDON: Well, aren't you gonna follow him?
- No, I don't have to.

It's perfect.

You waited seven years for this?

How would you like a
front-row seat for the kill?

I have got a front-row seat
and he's about to drive off.

Oh, he'll be back.

Mrs. King's in there.

- Where are you going?
- Gonna need a few things.

BILLY: People
don't just disappear.

Well, Gordon Redding did.

We know he's working with a woman from
the Credle and Treloggen assassination.

We know they didn't pitch a tent
beside the Potomac, so where are they?

They're not in any hotel
in D.C., large or small.

- I checked every one of them.
- How about a private rental home?

Checked the rental
agencies. I'm telling you,

I flashed his picture
all over town. Nothing.

That means that the
woman booked them in.

- And we don't have an ID on her at all.
- But we do have a description. Average.

You checked out that hotel
where they found Credle?

- Yeah.
- Is there anything that you can add...

to what we already
know about the woman?

- Great legs.
- Hey, I like the new look.

Makes a real statement.

I'm really not in the mood, okay?
Why don't you take care of this for me.

- Sure. What's in it?
- A coral snake.

- Someone tried to kill Amanda today.
- They what?

She's all right. She's in the hospital. Had
the lab run a test on the gas they used.

Turned out to be
relatively harmless.

- This has been quite a morning.
- Tell me about it.

I'm gonna go pick her up at the
hospital. She's got her family at a hotel.

Anything more on
Redding? Anything at all?

Zip. We know he's here.
We just can't find him.


Well, try not to worry, Billy. I have
a feeling he'll be trying to find me.

WOMAN [ON PA]: Mr. and Mrs. Myers,
please, come to Nurses Station 2 East.

ROSE: Yes. MAN: Down the hall?

ROSE: Yes, she's just...
MAN: And then down that way?

- Right.
- Okay, thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, Rose, can I
have that file, please?

Thank you.

- Do you need some help?
- No.

- No, I'm waiting for the doctor.
- Okay.


WOMAN [ON PA]: lnhalation Therapy
to NICU. ROSE: Nurses Station.

Yes. Yes, she's in Room 412.

WOMAN: Dr. Cryder,
1128. Dr. Cryder, 1128.

Dr. Murphy. Dr. Chuck
Murphy to Recovery.

Father O'Reilly to Emergency.
Father O'Reilly to Emergency.

Dr. Tynan to Obstetrics.

Yes, Mother. Well, just
tell Jamie not to scratch.

All right. I'm sorry and I'll
be home as soon as I can.

I love you, too, Mother.

Fine. Bye-bye.

Hello, Mrs. King.

GORDON: Remarkable.

Why, I knew from watching the
videotape that we were close, very close.

But seeing you in person, I
realize the duplication is perfect.

Karen is Amanda King.

- Is that the woman in the hospital?
- Yes, yes, Karen Brinkman, your twin.

Well, at least on the surface.

I don't understand. I thought
it was Lee you were after.

Oh, I wanted to get
Stetson, Mrs. King.

I even hired two gentlemen.

Very highly recommended.

Then they moved
in to do the job.

You know what they got for
their troubles? They're both dead.

But I had another name, Karen's.

And I had the photographs,
many of which you were in.

And you, well, you certainly
weren't very hard to find.

You know, I think I got the
idea the minute I saw Karen.

I mean, you were the
same height, same coloring.

And she had an
impressive record of kills.

Well, from the videotape, it was
clear that you and Stetson were close.

So we turn Karen into
you, put her in your place.

Stetson drops his
guard and he is dead.

Our phony Amanda even worked
in eliminating Credle and Treloggen.

Lee is dead?

He will be soon.

You know, I never intended
for you to be in the middle of this.

WOMAN [ON PA]: Mrs. Patterson.
Mrs. Patterson, to Nurses Station 3 East.

- It's Lee. Okay to come in?

KAREN: Oh, yeah,
come on in, Lee.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Listen, I just talked to the doctor.
You can leave anytime you want.

Like now?


can I say something?

Listen, I'm sorry.

I know what you've been through. You
got caught in the middle of a crossfire.

Oh, look, come on
now, it wasn't you fault.


Thanks, I, uh...

I guess if I... Well, if I hadn't
busted the Redding operation...

- if I hadn't shot...
- You were just doing your job.

We all have to do our jobs.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- I guess so.
- Yeah.

Something wrong?

I don't know. I was about
to ask you the same thing.

Well, yeah, I really hate hospitals.
I'd really like to go home now.

Yeah, sure.

But I'm afraid you can't
go home. Not just yet.

You'll have to stay at that hotel
until we find Gordon Redding.

- The agency will pick up the tab.
- Oh, well...

- Ready?
- Yeah.


I wish I could tell how long we
have to keep you out of circulation.

- Depends on Redding's next move.
- Yeah.

- And when he makes it.
- Right.

- What will you tell your mother and kids?
- Don't worry. I'll handle it.

- You're getting pretty good at this.
- Well, I've always been pretty good at it.

Yeah. You know what's strange? I
haven't even thought of Redding in years.

Well, obviously he's
been thinking about you.

Yeah, he's had the
time for it. He's had time.

Seven years. We don't even
know where to begin looking for him.

Oh, Lee, that's no problem.
I can take you right to him.

Don't try anything heroic,
because we've got Mrs. King.

What have you done with her?

You'll find out if you do
exactly what I tell you to do.

- How do we know if she's still alive?
- You don't.

Give me your gun. Come on.

Now, you can find out if you
don't cause me any problems...

and you walk around
this car and get in.

- How the hell did you do it?
- What, this little getup?

Oh, plastic surgery, a good
ear, lot of rehearsal time.

I suppose it wouldn't do me
any good to ask who you are.

Oh, I'm another American success
story. No wants, no warrants.

Yeah, I thought we had a line
on all the top guns. I'm impressed.

I'm very excited
that I impress you.

How do you feel about the Nordic
type? I think that might be my next look.

Or do you prefer this
Amanda look? Huh?

The real one, yeah.

You know, I was
really disappointed...

to find that you and she are
only business acquaintances.

Could've been interesting.
You're very attractive.

You find me attractive?

I don't know. I've
never seen you.

That's right.

And if you'd just stayed
on that camping trip...

it wouldn't be
necessary to kill you too.

LEE: Great. I get to be
part of the foundation, huh?

GORDON: I'm over here, Stetson.

Still using somebody else to
do your dirty work, huh, Redding?

- Just like your brother Lloyd?
- Shut up.

I don't wanna hear you
mention my brother's name.

Why not?

Is that what all this is about,
huh? Treloggen, Credle, me?

I got a long memory, Stetson.


And someone to pull
the hammer down for you.

You wanna do it or
you wanna watch?

No, I wanna watch.

And I want you to go real slow.

Let's start with the kneecap.



Help me, Lee, I'm slipping.

LEE: Hold on.


Help me! She tried to kill me!

LEE: Hold on. Just hold on.

Oh, my gosh.

How did you know it was me?

Look, who else do I know whose
last words would be, "Oh, my gosh"?


DOTTY: I hate to give up room
service, but it is nice to be home.

It sure is, Mother.

The police did say it was safe?

- Yes, Mother, it's safe.
- Okay.

Hey, look, I found
one. It's a fingerprint.

That's calamine lotion
from your hand, you bozo.

Oh, my gosh.

I told you. Now they both have it.
Come on, let's get into the bathtub.

Oh, I don't believe this.

How would you like a little hot
chocolate from room service, fellas?

PHILIP: It sounds
great. JAMIE: Yeah.

Don't forget the marshmallows.

LEE: Hi.
- Hi.

- How you feeling?
- Oh, I feel all right now.

I came by to tell you
that looks like Redding

won't be getting out
on parole this time.

Oh, well, good. That makes
me feel a whole lot better.

It was really awfully strange looking at
somebody that looked exactly like me.

I used to think I wanted a
twin when I was in school.

I'd go to school on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.

She would go on Tuesday and Thursday. And,
you know, we'd alternate off like that.

But to really look at somebody
who looks exactly like you...

who could just walk right into
your life and take your place...

Amanda, I don't think
anyone could pull that off.

PHILIP: Hey, Mom, don't
forget the marshmallows!

- You're right. And you know why?
- Why?

Because nobody knows
where I hide the marshmallows.