Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 16 - Life of the Party - full transcript

Amanda and Francine go undercover as maids to try and track down evidence against the mob.



- Uh, no, thank you.
- Ma'am?

No, thank you. Lee, you
ought to try those. They're good.

Oh, I'm sure they are.
I'm just not very hungry.


- Hi.
- Don't I know you?

No, I don't think so.

Well, I'm Betsy Jordan.

Buy me a drink?

Uh, sorry, I'm really not very
thirsty. Maybe some other time, huh?

I'll be here all night.

Look me up if things get dull.


- Sorry.
- Amanda.

I'm sorry.

Not hungry, not thirsty, not
interested in Betsy Jordan.

You must not be feeling well.

I'm really very sorry. I know
I'm not being very fun tonight.

Oh, that's all right, Lee.
We never have much fun.

Well, I mean, no, we're
not really supposed to.

I didn't mean it
the way it sounded.

I know that I'm your cover and
that you are on to something.

- Yes, something big.
- Right.

See the gentleman there
glad-handing everyone?

- Yeah?
- That's Harrison Slater.

- The attorney?
- Mouthpiece is more like it.

Earlier this evening, he put some
papers in a wall safe in the library.

I'll pick them up before
we leave the party.

What papers?

Statements made by a client
of his named Johnny Salinas.

Lifetime mobster,
very well connected.

But it looks like he may be
doing something worthwhile.

He's decided to reminisce...

about his boss and the
gang in those papers.

It seems like he's ready to
turn state's evidence and sing.


Ooh, don't look now, but your
mouthpiece is headed in this direction.

I need to see to him alone.

I'll take a powder
to the powder room.

LEE: Harrison.


Oh, excuse me, could you tell
me where the powder room is?

Two doors down, ma'am.

Thank you.


You go on without me.
I've got a ride home tonight.

Hey, Sally.


What's the matter? Somebody try to
get fresh with you in the pantry tonight?

Oh, my.

- What?
- Vic...

take a look at what Sally
found cluttering up the safe.

That's it, Malcolm.
That's the last time.

Sal, what you snagged
tonight is real hot.

Yeah, this is too hot, Malcolm.

- You realize who these are talking
about? MALCOLM: I know who.

I think we should take a pass.

You crazy? You have any idea
what this is worth? A fortune.

- Quitting? You tired of making money?
- I almost got caught tonight.

Just pay me off. You'll
never see me again.

Just as simple as that, huh?

I'll talk, Malcolm.

Either you pay up or
I'll talk all day, all night...

to some DA about the Burling
brothers and Private Party.


SALLY: I know enough to
blow you both out of the water.

MALCOLM: You're right.

And you got us.

You're a smart girl, Sal.

You're free to go.

We got her. It's a
dead end. Back in.

Hey, hey, hey, come on.

Pick her up.

Now you can quit.

BILLY: I don't get it.

Me either.

Slater tells me the papers are in the
safe. I go to check and they're gone.

That means we have
to start all over again.

Re-establish contact
with Salinas, everything.

Yeah, this little theft jeopardizes
our entire organized-crime operation.

We have to find out
who lifted those papers.

Amanda, come in.


- This about last night?
- Yeah.

- Sorry to have to drag you down here.
- That's all right, sir.

You were at the party last night,
maybe you had seen something.

- Anything unusual.
- No, sir.

Lee, what about Judge Moreland?
He gave the party. Did you talk to him?

Yeah, he's stumped too. He
gave strict orders to the help...

that the library was
out of bounds for guests.

Slater and I were the only
ones allowed in the room.

Well, it was all right for the
maid to be in there, wasn't it?

- What maid? AMANDA: The maid.

Um... Remember when I
went to the powder room?

I took a wrong turn and went down the
wrong hall and opened the wrong door.

It was the library door and
there was the maid in there.

Might be our thief, Scarecrow.

Francine, do me a favor.
Call Judge Moreland...

- find out what catering service he used.
- Got it.

Lee, you don't think the
maid took the papers?

I don't know.

All I know is Johnny Salinas
wrote down a lot of damaging stuff...

about his mob friends and
gave it to his lawyer to give to me.

Now, his lawyer doesn't
have it and I don't have it.

But somebody does.

- Mr. Columbus?
- Yeah, yeah.

But hey, hey, call me Frankie.

Hey, Paulie, you clean that
knife real good, you hear?

Take care of your tools, Daddy always
said, and they'll take good care of you.

You gotta excuse
me, I've been working.

I don't have to,
but, hey, I love it.

Some guys tinker with cars...

some guys, they collect stamps.

Me, I butcher meat.


you're the Burlings, huh?

- I'm Malcolm and that's my brother, Vic.
- Sit down.

Paulie here tells me you guys
run a maid service or something.

Private Party, sir.

- We're a cleaning and catering service.
- Yeah, that's it.

So, what can I do for a
couple of party boys like you?

Last night, some papers of
yours came into our possession.

You understand, they mean
absolutely nothing to us...

but they may to you.

I doubt it. Paulie, am I
interested in some party papers?


In 1983, you
grossed $3,719,000...

from prostitution in Virginia,
Washington and Maryland.

In 1978, you ordered a hit...

on two associates, a
Mr. George Delgado...

- and a Mr. Ronald...
- Okay, okay.

You got my interest.

So, what are we
talking about here?

I figure the signature here
alone is worth at least...

Ten thousand.

Or 25. Cash.


Guess who the bigmouth is.

Whoever it is, the scum
won't know what hit him.

You guys been in
my office, what...

five minutes?

And you made 25 grand.


That's smooth.

Come on, tell an old man...

where did you find the papers?

It's okay, Vic. Tell
him how we work.

What we do is we
arrange parties...

for prominent people
in Washington society.

This is what we really do. I
think you'll appreciate this.

Over the years, certain of our
employees have been taught...

to borrow things for a night.

Interesting papers,
reports, files...

- that sort of thing.
- Which you can copy and then sell, right?

MALCOLM: The next
day we return the original...

Then no one knows they've
been taken. Ha-ha-ha.

Well, that's good.

Hey, Paulie, why didn't you
think of something like that?

Well, you boys must be making
a fortune selling your little secrets.

- We do all right.
COLUMBUS: I'll bet.

You know...

a lucrative
business like this...

you boys should think
about getting some protection.

No, thanks. We're small and
unnoticed. It's better that way.

But thanks anyway.

Suit yourself.

- Been a pleasure doing business with you.
- Pleasure.

Paulie, see the boys out.

And make sure they take home
some of those veal chops I just cut.

- The best veal you ever tasted.
- Thanks a lot.

Thank you.

If someone is helping themselves to
classified information from homes...

it could explain the leaks
that have hurt us in the past.

That is very true.

You realize Amanda's running into
that maid is the biggest lead we have?

Lucky for us she's the type who could
mistake the library for the bathroom.

I hope you're as amused with
your next assignment, Francine...

because I want you to
sign up with Private Party.

LEE: What?

Francine as a maid?


Oh, I love it.


Lee, I'm a trained, a
highly trained, agent.

I can adopt any cover
and make it work.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Well, how about a little test?

Suppose you had to clean
Billy's office. What would you do?

Well, I'd... I'd clean.
I'd just clean it up.

She's got a handle on this.

What would you use for the job?

I would use...

cleaning things.


Oh, boy, she's gonna
need a lot of help on this.

JAMIE: Can we go
out and play now?

Well, I don't know. Did
you finish your rooms?

Mine's great, but I'm
not so sure about Jamie's.

Hey, what's wrong with my room?

It happens to be I found a half
of a sandwich in your toy chest.

- It was a hundred years old.
- Oh, sweetheart.

JAMIE: It's okay, Mom.

It's just peanut
butter. It just dried up.

Tell Mom about the spider family
you found in your closet shelf.

- Yeah.
- Oh, Philip.

- Okay, I tell you what.

- Go to the park and play basketball.
- Thanks!

Look, you can go to the park for one hour.
Be very careful. Come home in an hour.

- Okay.
- Look at your watch. Now, go on. Go on.

Be careful, Philip.

And don't slam
the... [DOOR SLAMS]


This is the last of
the rugs from upstairs.

Well, just drop it,
Mother. Just drop it.

Now, I'll take it outside and
give it a good shaking out.


I am so sore.

I wonder who invented
spring cleaning.

Oh, probably somebody
who liked to feel...

that their house was just
shipshape from top to bottom.

You sound just like
your grandmother.

I remember when she first explained
to me the rituals of spring cleaning.

I mean, I really rather enjoyed it.
She made it sound so intriguing.

After all these years, I
now realize what it really is.

- A lot of hard work.
- A lot of hard... Yes, you're right.

Okay, I'm gonna go
upstairs, finish the linen closet.

All those sheets and towels.

And then I'm going to sit
back and count the days...

- until we have to do this all over again.
- Okay.




Lee, bless you.

- Come on. Come on.
- Amanda, what...?

- Hey.
- Hello.


I was just finishing
up my spring cleaning.

- You finished cleaning your whole house?
- Yeah, the whole house.

Top to bottom, inside
out. Clean as a whistle.

Oh, well, you probably
won't wanna do the job...

- I came to offer you.
- Why not?

You're probably all worn out.

I'm not tired. It was just a
little cleaning, a little mopping...

little dusting, little
going through things,

but I'm not tired. I
can do it. What is it?

I want you to become a maid.

WOMAN: I'm impressed, Mrs. King.

Obvious enthusiasm,
wonderful school records.

You have all the skills we need.

Well, thank you.

is just one more thing.

Why are you seeking a job
as a maid with Private Party?

Well, quite frankly, I
can use the money.

Refreshingly honest, Mrs. King.

Thank you very much.

- Take a seat with the others please.
- Yes, thank you, Mrs. Flannigan.

Francine Desmond.

I didn't get a chance to
finish all the questions.

Oh, that's quite all right.

Now, let's see
what we have here.

Address, yes, right.

Blue eyes.

Um, Miss Desmond...

under height, you have 5'8"
or 5'9" and then "D.O.H."?

What is D.O.H.?

Depending on heels.


"Weight, 110-ish"?

Could you keep your
voice down just a bit?

FLANNIGAN: And you haven't
filled out your age, Miss Desmond.

No, I didn't think it was really
important. I mean, I am over 21.

I'm quite sure you are.


FLANNIGAN: Miss Desmond,
this is a job questionnaire.

And there are certain vital
statistics that are required.

Now... your age, please?

Uh, twenty... [INTERCOM BUZZES]

MALCOLM: Mrs. Flannigan,
could you step in for a minute?

Yes. Yes, of course, sir.
Excuse me, Miss Desmond.


you can use the time to
finish the questionnaire.

Honestly. All these questions
just to become a maid.

Francine, you've gotta get this
job no matter how old you are.

I know, Billy made
that very clear.

It's really gonna be fun.

I'm sort of excited we're
working together for the first time.

Nifty, isn't it?

Excuse me, ladies, I'd like
you all to meet our owners.

This is Mr. Vic and
Mr. Malcolm Burling.

My brother and I wanted to take
this opportunity to thank you...

for your interest
in Private Party.

Now, you'll all be given a short trial
run before final selections are made.

Mrs. Flannigan will get in touch
with you concerning the specifics.

Thank you, all of you, for
coming, and drive carefully.

Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

Fill in your age, Francine?

Anybody look good?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Mrs. Amanda King.

Divorcee, mother of
two, wants the job badly.

She even said she
needed the money.

Oh, that sounds promising.

Good, keep an eye on her. We
need somebody to replace Sally.

- Where are you putting her tomorrow?
- General Olivers' garden party.

Thank you.


I just overheard two other maids talking
about how you can earn extra money...

- when you work at these parties.
- Let's see what we can find out.


Oh, Lord, this is not
work, this is torture.

Francine, housewives and mothers
do this kind of thing every day.

A lot of people sleep
on a bed of nails too.

- It's not my business.
- Should've worn comfortable shoes.

I don't have anything
else to go with this outfit.

- Should've worn something more sensible.
- I'm not into the Che Guevara look.

- Serve the food, see what we can find out.
- Okay, good.

- Oh, no.
- What? Did you spot something?

- See the man over there,
the cute one? AMANDA: Yes.

FRANCINE: He's Scott
Shayne. I used to go out with him.

- He's gonna see me, recognize me.
- Francine, does he know what you do?

- No. I told him I was a model.
- Since then you became a maid.

Look, try to avoid him. If
you can't, just be professional.

Now, let's see what
we can find out.

- God, what a great story.
- Hors d'oeuvres, at last.

Caviar looks great.

Those olives and cream cheese?

- Yes, sir.
- Mm.

- Mm.
- Mm.

He's still crazy about me.

Oh, I'm sure I
have a slipped disk.

What's the routine
for the employees?

Well, sir, first we all report
to the Private Party offices.

We change our clothes there...

then they take us to the job in
a van and then bring us back.

Nice controlled atmosphere.

Any hunches, Francine?

Well, the thefts are clearly
at the employee level.

I don't see anybody running the operation
other than the owners, the Burlings.

I do, however, have my money...

on that drill sergeant Mrs.
Flannigan being in on it.

Police report.

Just found Johnny Salinas'
body in the trunk of his car.

Looks like whoever took
those papers found a buyer.

There goes six months' work.

All right.

Now we're gonna nail those
guys who sold that information.

What's next for you two?

Uh, party tomorrow night,
Senator Wrightwood's house.

Yes, sir. But first we go over and
clean up during the day, right, Francine?

Silly me.

After all these years, I thought the
vacuum was a labor-saving device.

It's hard work, Francine.

I'll tell you what, if you want me
to, I'll do the downstairs vacuuming.

Oh, bless you.

You know what Mrs. Flannigan
wants me to do later on?

- No.
- Clean the kitchen.

No problem.

Oh, no problem. That's
easy for you to say.

Amanda, I am an expert
at hand-to-hand combat...

small arms weaponry...

wealthy men between 30 and 40,
but definitely not a kitchen person.

Look, Francine,
you gotta do it, okay?

- Now, you know how to cook, don't you?
- I know how to hire a cook.

Just go down in the kitchen, do
the best you can and then fake it.

Okay, fine.

- So at least we're done up here.
- Almost.

- Oh. Wait a minute... No...
- Guest bathroom.

- Yes, Francine.
- But... But I don't...

Francine, you just take
a few of these crystals...

you pour them in...

they foam and bubble,
then take the brush...

The part I've been
waiting for. The brush.

Where I get down on my knees.

- You don't have to.
- Bye.


Amanda, now, you seem like an
enterprising young woman to me.

- How would you like an easy $10?
- Francine.


It's just a toilet.

- What are you gonna be doing?
- Master suite.

- Oh, the master...
- Francine...

Mrs. Flannigan gave very specific
orders that I was to do the master suite.

You will do the guest bathroom.

AMANDA: Hello.

- You wanted to see me?
MALCOLM: Have a seat, please.

Mrs. King, you were assigned
to Senator Wrightwood's party...

- isn't that correct?
- Yes.

So you were on the
cleaning crew there today?

- Uh, yes.
- Perhaps we should get right to the point.

The senator's wife phoned
a few moments ago...

and reported that a pair
of diamond earrings...

was missing from her bedroom.

You did clean in
there, didn't you?

Well, yes, I cleaned the bedroom,
but I don't know anything...

Would you mind emptying
your purse for us, Mrs. King?


No, not at all.


I really have no idea
how those got in there.

Mrs. King, we, as well as you,
have a reputation to think of.

- Yes. MALCOLM: Hear me out.

We can arrange for Mrs. Flannigan to
return the earrings in tomorrow's cleanup.

They'll be found
under the bed...

and Mrs. Wrightwood will
assume it was all a mistake.

Mrs. King... we will
ask a favor in return.

One for which you'll
be paid very well.

At tonight's party, we want you
to slip into the senator's office...

and bring us some papers.

LEE: That's great.

No, this may be the break
that we're waiting for, Amanda.

I will meet you an hour before
the party, give you papers...

we'll dummy up to look
good to the Burlings.

Then we'll follow you
over to their offices tonight.

Don't worry, Amanda, you'll be in
our sight the whole time, believe me.

Amanda and Francine
just entered the building.

BILLY: Wait a few
minutes and then move in.


AMANDA: Mr. Burling?

Mr. Burling, I've
got the papers.

Mr. Burling?

Mr. Burling?

AMANDA: I'm still shaking.

What a terrible way for
Malcolm Burling to die.

Yeah, his hands tied behind his
back and a piano wire around his neck.

Obvious suicide.

Any chance it could be a family
thing? Brothers get together...

and Vic decides he wants it all.

No. I seriously doubt that.

Oh, let's stop wasting
our time here, okay?

Malcolm Burling
was assassinated.

You two know the
m.o. as well as I do.

There's only one
person that kills that way.

I'm a sad man today, Vic.

I hardly got to know
your brother and now...

Mr. Columbus.

Paulie, fix the wreath.
Make it look real nice.

I wanna talk to this young man.

Thank you for remembering
Malcolm. It was nice of you to come.

Oh, Victor, believe me,
I wish I could do more.

I can pay my respects, I
can leave flowers as a token...

but I can't do what I'd like to.

What's that, Mr. Columbus?

I can't turn back the clock, make
things right with Malcolm again.

Look, Vic, I know this ain't the
right time for me to say this to you...

but I told you
this might happen.

This is what I feared the most.

That day in my
office, I warned you.

I warned you someone
was gonna try to muscle in.

Yes. Yes, you did.

Now here you are.

Here you are without a brother.

You're alone now and
still you got no protection.

Is that what you came
to talk to me about?

If you wanna discuss your
security, you bet. I'm ready to listen.

It's the smart thing
to think about, Vic.

Well, we could...

We could talk about an
arrangement, if you like.

That would make me very happy.

So Columbus liked what he heard
of the Burlings' side business...

- and then made them an offer? BILLY:
Which Malcolm refused and paid for.


if it were illegal and profitable,
Frankie Columbus would want a piece.

If Columbus and Private Party
have started doing business together...

and if we could nail both...

Any suggestions how?


Let's go on the
offense, force their hand.

And it all starts with Amanda.

- Amanda?
- Yeah.

We have her go see
Vic and Mrs. Flannigan...

and she tells them that she's anxious
to earn some more extra money.

Next chance comes up, she'd be
happy to pocket something else for them.

And then?

We provide the bait.

- We throw our own party.
- Right.

Complete with juicy,
stealable information.

All three of us will be there. That
way there's no danger for Amanda.

I love it. Our own party.

What exactly is IFF?

No, thank you.

It's a documentary film company.

We have a piece coming up on the
vampire bat which is absolutely riveting.

Well, I wouldn't
wanna miss that.

Just check your
public television listings.

It's called Nightsucker:
Dracula of the Dark.

Do you know our host
today, the minister of defense?

Uh... Vaguely. I met him
a few years ago in Africa.

In fact, there he
is by the buffet.

MAN: Oh, excuse me for a moment.

WOMAN: Mr. Ngamo, hi.

I'm Linda Seward. I'm a graduate
student at Georgetown in African studies.


Very nice indeed.

But here in America, I must
speak English, is it not true?

Excuse me.

Please, so very nice to meet
you. Your accent is excellent.

Thank you.

The next time we do this...

make sure I play somebody
that speaks English.

- Yeah.
- How are you making out?

Well, everything's
going according to plan.

I just planted a list of confidential arms
bids inside the office a few minutes ago.

Columbus and Vic will think
they'll make a million selling them.

Yeah, not that
it'll get that far.

All we have to do is catch them in
the act of accepting those papers...

and they are all
out of business.

- Have you spoken with her yet?
- No, I was just on my way.

Uh-oh. Hold on to your
dashiki, here you go again.


I still don't think it was a
good idea for you to be here.

Mr. Columbus likes to have
his interests looked after.

AMANDA: You're welcome.

- Oh, hello.
- When the time is right for you...

it's inside the office
cabinet, top drawer.

Right. Lee, there's something
a little strange going on.

- What?
- If you'll take a look over there...

you'll see a man with the beard.

- Yeah?
- It's Vic Burling.

- He wouldn't normally be here?
- No.

As far as I know, the
owner never comes.

Thanks. Signal me
when you've picked up.

Yes, sir.

Listen, Paulie,
we need more ice.

Ice. It's in the kitchen.


- How are you doing?
- Fine. How are you doing?

Listen, I need to talk to you.
Would you follow me, please?

Hey, you won't need
the gun, Mister...?

- Stetson.
- Stetson.

The night my brother was killed, I saw
you and two men charge into our offices.

Now, are you police?

No, but close enough.

All right, I need your help.

Frankie Columbus had my brother
killed and now he's my partner.

Wondering how long it will be
before you end up like Malcolm?


All right, I can
offer you protection.

But you're way beyond
amnesty from prosecution.

I'll take my chances with the
courts. I just wanna stay alive...

and I wanna help
you bury Columbus.


Billy, this is Vic Burling. He's
very wisely decided to join our side.

Mr. Burling.

Since we're all
on introductions...

maybe you all wanna meet me.

Give it up.

Shooting your mouth off
real good, huh, Burling?

- Paulie, I didn't...
PAULIE: Shut up.

There are a lot of people around
here. You're taking a big chance.

Then we ought to leave.

Now you listen good.

I'm gonna get real nervous
one of you guys tries something.

You so much as breathe
wrong, I'm gonna start shooting.


Let's go. Come on.

Francine, hurry. Lee
and Billy are in trouble.

Where do you think you're
going? You go out of this tent...

you'll never work
another job with me again.

FRANCINE: Is that a promise?

The van. Come on.

MAN: Hey!

So, what have we got here?

Vic, I know.

Who are your two
new friends, huh, Vic?

No badges, nothing, but
they were carrying guns, huh?

Real big, professional
guns, huh, Paulie?

That's right.

So, what are you?

- Punks?
- Drop dead, Columbus.

Hey, call me Frankie.

You hear that? Guy's hanging
from a meat hook, he's giving me lip.

You either got a lot of guts...

or you're real stupid.

Now what, Francine?

Take the van. Find a
phone, get some help.

- Okay, where will you be?
- I'll be in there.

- There may be no time to wait.
- You can't.

I have got no choice.

I'll go with you.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- I'm going with you.

Francine, I might
be able to help.

Lee's done a lot for me...

and if there's a chance that I
can help him then I wanna do it.


You know, just when I think there's
no more surprises about you, you...

All right.

Okay, we go in together.

But you listen to me.

When the going gets
rough, you get going.

- You ready?
- Yes.

All right. Let's go.

But you got some
kind of names, huh?

Melrose, Stetson.

You're some kind of
heat, but you're not cops.

Feds maybe?

Important enough
for you to think twice...

before starting any rough stuff.

Oh, you're scaring an
old man, Mr. Melrose.

We've already seen the
Salinas papers, Columbus.

Right after the
Burlings put them back.

So did a lot of other people.

You might just try giving
that some thought, huh?

Salinas is dead. He
had a real bad accident.

Without Johnny to swear to
that testimony, you got nothing.

Now, I'm not worried.

After 30 years of blood
feuds, territory wars...

and dodging creeps like you...

I don't tend to worry
much about anything.

But I do get curious.


want some answers.

Who wants to talk first?

Francine, except for Lee and
Mr. Melrose, everybody down there thinks...

that I'm a thief who
works for the Burlings.

- What are you getting at?
- I think I could walk out there...

and create a
distraction for you.


- Amanda, look.
- Yes?

We've done a good
job on this so far.

- Yeah.
- I'm not much of a housekeeper...

- Well...
- and you are not an agent, okay?


I don't want you getting
hurt. Understand?


- Talk only to Columbus.
- Which one is Columbus?

Gray hair out there.

- Right.
- I'm gonna cover you. When I signal...

you jump for cover.

I will.

- Good luck.
- Thank you, Francine.

I'm gonna need it.

COLUMBUS: Punks like you,
I've broken tougher guys than you.

- Hey, Mr. Columbus.

- Who the hell are you?
- Uh, Amanda King, sir.

COLUMBUS: What are you doing here?
- Well, sir...

I was supposed to pick up some
papers at the, uh, party tonight.

Right, Mr. Columbus.

Yes, sir, Mr. Columbus.

- How long you been working for me?
- I just started, Mr. Columbus.

Hey, call me Frankie.

Frankie, thank you.

COLUMBUS: I like you.
- Thank you, sir.

Listen... forget
what you see here.

I don't see anything, sir.

COLUMBUS: I like you.
- Thank you, sir.


Drop the gun.


Come on, let's go.

Good work, Scarecrow.

VIC: Nicely done.

Now... don't anybody move.

There it is.

Amanda, terrific.

Well, I guess together we're
a pretty good one-two punch.

Francine, let's get these
turkeys in the van and downtown.

- Great work, Amanda.

She's right. You were...
FRANCINE: Come on.

You were great, Amanda.

- Well, I really didn't do so much.
- No, no. You were absolutely...

That was great. That was great.

Well, it's...

Ha, ha. I mean, look, you went
undercover, you kept your eyes open...

you got Francine, you
followed us here tonight and...

I mean, it took a lot of courage
to walk into this room, Amanda.

Really, it did and, uh...

Well, I just wanna say that...

well, your bravery...

- it saved my life.
- Aw...

- Hi.
- Well, somebody's birthday?

No, just a little something
I picked up for Francine.

- Oh, well, she did a good job.
- Yeah.

Everybody did a good job.

You broke up the Private Party ring
and you arrested Frank Columbus.

What a great morning.

I had the pleasure of personally
arresting Mrs. Flannigan.

- Well.
- Yes.

During the booking, I got to ask
her height, weight and her age.

Oh, it was wonderful.

Francine, this is for you.

A little memento of the case.

Oh, Lee, thank you.

Oh, that's sweet. Thanks.


Very funny.