Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 14 - A Little Sex, a Little Scandal - full transcript

A blackmailed Senator is the focus of an aggressive lobbyist and Amanda witnesses the resulting murder.


If we don't catch him,
Foreman, it's both our necks.




- I got it.
- Get her. I think she saw me.

That way.

She's gone.

Where did she go now?

Say, you're looking
a little peaked, missy.

Well, witnessing
murder is tough going.

Officer Tuggey?

Detective Tuggey, please. I
worked 15 years for that gold shield.

Fifteen grueling,
backbreaking, miserable years.

If I didn't like the work
so much, I'd have quit.


That was a little joke.

It's your cigar. It's
making me sick.

Funny thing about cigars.
Affects a lot of people that way.

Especially women.

But not my wife. She loves them.

Even takes an occasional
smoke herself once in a while.

You'd be amazed how good
a woman can look in a cigar.

Really turns me on.

It's... It's just up there
around this curve.

- Well, I guess they must have moved it.
- Uh-huh.

Well, you see, the hatchback, the
maroon hatchback was right here.

And then the blue car was
right there. It blocked it off.

You can see the skid marks.

Missy, skid marks a
murder does not make.

- I'm looking for a word here, missy.
- A word?

And that word is "evidence".

And I don't see any.

- Well, I... COP: Tuggey.

They got that report you wanted.

Tuggey here.

the information on that Virginia plate.


Negatory. Doesn't exist.


That was the DMV about that
license plate number you got.

- Yes?
- It don't exist.

- It doesn't exist?
- No.

Look, Detective Tuggey...

I know what I saw here.

I don't know what you think you
saw, but there ain't nothing here now.

Champagne, I think.


All right, now where is it?

That's right.


Two points.



- Randy, ba...
- Hello.

- Hi.
- I have to talk to you.

- It's really very important.
- Uh...

Yeah. Uh...

So important, you
have to talk tonight...?

Lee, I witnessed a murder today.

- A what?
- I saw someone murdered today.

The PTA at Philip and Jamie's
school is having a parent-teacher night.

- Someone was murdered at their school?
- Nobody was murdered at school, no.

I was on the way from
the nursery to school

bringing flowers for
parent-teacher night.

- Yeah...
- A maroon hatchback passed me and then...

- It's all here in the police report, Lee.
- Okay.

I made out a police report
and nobody believes me.

- Here, hold this.
- Sure.

- Okay. Maroon hatchback.
- Right.

- They were chasing you?
- Yes, they were chasing me.

It is possible that this guy who was shot
and killed was only grazed or something.

Lee, even if he was only grazed,
he was still shot. And listen.

I saw him slump over
the steering wheel.


Okay. I will look into
this tomorrow, okay?

But to tell you the
truth, Amanda...

no car, no body, no license
plate, there's really no case.

- You need a word.
- A word?

"Evidence," and
I don't have any.

Like when a tree falls in the forest.
Does it make a sound if nobody hears it?

Only I heard it and
nobody believes me.

That's really not the analogy I would've
used, but yeah, I think you're right.

I'm sorry. I thank you
very much and I really...

- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.
- Hold it. You didn't intrude.

- Well, I...
- I'm just...

- Well, I'm waiting for...
- Randy, baby.

- Yes.
- Oh, well...

is Randy a person that
you'd like to impress?

Yeah, possibly.

Well, then you should probably take
the price tag off this bottle of champagne.

It was a bargain.

- Oh, good catch.
- Anytime.

Oh, hello, Randy. You'll
like the wine. It's very good.

Randy. Come in, come in.

What is this, a rotation system?
Am I the evening edition?

- No... No, she was just...
- Yeah, I know. Let me guess.

- You're just friends.
- Yes, yes.

Oh, you look gorgeous
tonight. You really do.

And you're on thin ice.

PHILIP: Cutting out articles is
the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Is not. We cut it out, give it to Mom.
She doesn't have to take the whole paper.

Boys, boys. I want this to be a
very special night for your mother.

Now, stop arguing.

AMANDA: Hello?
- Mom.

Oh, darling, hi.

Come on, let's go.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, babies.

- Oh, oh, oh.
- Boys, come on. Don't do that.

- It's okay. Thank you.
- Did you have a hard day?

Murder, Mother.

- Ooh. What smells so good?
- Oh, I am cooking a beautiful roast.

I'm gonna go outside and get the
flowers and the bushes out of the car.

- The flowers are...
- Don't worry. I don't mind.

Okay, this is very, very
nice. What's going on?

- You'll see.
- Huh? Oh...

Philip, did you hit the baseball
through Mrs. Lombardo's window again?

- No.
- No?

The flowers and bushes
in the car are all wrecked.

They're all turned over.
The road was too curvy.

- I'll help you clean later.
- Thanks.

- Why don't you just sit there and relax?
- Thank you.

- Read the paper.
- Oh, no, later. It's too depressing.

Well, don't read the front page.

That's where all the depressing
stuff is. Just read that page.


- Oh, my gosh. BOYS: Yes!

AMANDA: You nominated
me for Mother of the Year?

- We had to write an essay about you.
- Had to be five pages long, typed.

- I typed it. You're one of the finalists.
- You're gonna win, Mom.

- Oh, my gosh.
- You're the best.

Oh. Oh.


I want you to know that
this is really an honor.


Can you believe that?

RITA: That's her, all right.

Amanda King.

Lucky break for us.

What was lucky was catching
Gelles trying to steal his trick book.

What I'd like to know is
how the hell he knew about it.


Shawna, you look exquisite.

- Thank you, Rita.
- No, thank you.

Your evening with Senator
Hoffmeir really paid off.

Now, when are you
seeing him again?

He does seem to like me.

Well, with the right woman, all
powerful men are just like little boys.

Now, you remember...

they play our game.

Who do you think tipped
Gelles to our operation?

No one.

Gelles was Hoffmeir's aide. He
probably stumbled on us himself.

You did dispose of
the body and the car?

He sleeps with the
fishes, as they say.

Well, let's hope
it's a deep sleep.

And I think we should handle
Amanda King in the same manner.

She's the only witness who can
connect us to the Gelles murder.

Now, we have a good thing going
here. I really don't want it messed up.

So make it look
like an accident.

Love to.

Good night, senator.

Good night. Oh, Arlene, did
you ever get hold of Chris Gelles?

No, sir. And I've called
everywhere. No one's seen him.

- All right. Thank you.
- Good night.



You don't seem
very happy to see me.

It's not that.

Then what is it?

You shouldn't have come here.

Don't worry.
Everyone's gone home.

Did you know that Rita's goons
were taking those pictures of us...

- the last time we were together?
- No.

And I am supposed
to believe that.

You can believe what you want.

what you came for.

Now Rita will know how all the other
senators plan to vote on the Brockton bill.

She can decide how
to approach them.

Would you like to
go back to the hotel?

You tell Rita she gets
nothing more from me.

- Are you sure you wanna do that?
- Positive.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got some work to do.



Listen up.

You two familiar
with Chris Gelles?

Gelles? Yeah, he's a congressional
aide to Senator Hoffmeir.

Hoffmeir sits on several committees,
including the Senate Defense Subcommittee.

Gelles parked his car at
the bottom of the Potomac.

I wouldn't pay parking
garage prices either.

He had a bullet in
his head at the time.

The police just dredged the car
and Gelles' body up this morning.

He had a torn page from a notebook
on him. It's in some sort of code.

- What kind of car was it?
- Maroon hatchback.

I should've known.


DOTTY: Is the war over?!

Um... Not yet, Mother! Looks
like it's gonna be a long siege!

- Mom, can we sleep in the tents tonight?
- Sure.

- Great. Sneak attack.
- Yeah.

Hey, there will be no loud sneak
attacks while people are sleeping.

Sneak attacks are quiet, Mother.


I'll get it.


Okay, okay, I need two strong
soldiers to help pull weeds.

No, no, no. Turn
around, turn around.

March. Left, left and right...

- Hello. WOMAN: Hello.

I'm Mrs. Woodrow with the
Mother of the Year Committee.

We're running a spot
check on your house today.

Spot check?

- You are Amanda King?
- Oh, yes, I'm Amanda King.

Oh, good.

We wanna see how you run your
house. You know, sort of a surprise visit.

Kind of like a sneak attack.

- Ha.
- Are you doing your laundry?

No, this is the Sudan, 1885.

Of course it is.

Well, you see, Philip and Jamie are
studying the Battle of Khartoum in school.

And so we've sort of
recreated the Sudan in 1885.

Oh, yeah, well, they say an orderly
house begins with a clean kitchen.


The kitchen is the
supply line to Khartoum.

- This is your kitchen?
- Yes.


I'll get it.

LEE: You the lady that
called about the ants?

- Ants?

- Yeah.
- Ants?

- Lee, I'm being judged.
- For what?

- Did I you say ants?
LEE: Yes, ma'am.

You got them, we get them.

Usually in the kitchen. Vacuuming
helps. Do you have a vacuum?

- I have a vacuum.
- Good.

What I don't have
is ants. I don't have...

Mrs. Woodrow, why don't
you go and check the upstairs?

There's no war up there. It's
perfectly safe. There's no ants up there.

There are no ants in the
kitchen either. I don't...

- What is this?
- Khartoum.


Why didn't you call?

- Your phone is off the hook.
- My...

Philip and Jamie must have
knocked it off while playing.

Look, you know that my
mother and Philip and Jamie...

- are right there in the backyard.
- Who's the other lady?

That other lady is
here judging me...

for the Arlington Mother
of the Year contest.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's the
wrong disguise, isn't it?


Forget it.

What do you want?

You were right. You
did see a murder.

Police dredged up a body and a
car from the bottom of the Potomac.

A congressional aide for a senator.
We get an automatic call on those things.

We don't have much to go on.

Think you could help if
you looked a mug shot?

Identify the killer?

Well, I could try.

But look, I didn't get a good look at all
at the other man in the passenger seat.

All right. Just do the best you
can. I have to visit that senator.

Go to the agency.
Billy will get you started.

Right. Okay. Wait a minute.

Come on.

You didn't have any
ants. I won't charge you.

Well, probably just had the
wrong address or something.

- That's all right. I understand.
- All right.

- Goodbye. Have a nice day.
- Good bye. You have a nice day too.

You have an active
household, Mrs. King.

Oh, that's... Heh.

Why don't we dust her off now?

Because it's Grand
Central Station in there.

So we wait.

- You reporters should learn some manners.
- Senator, Gelles called me.

Had some high-pressure stuff to
discuss. Now he's dead. You tell me.

I don't know anything
more than you.

Now, Gelles was my aide for
five years. It's personal with me.

- You just look for a story.
- Don't duck the issue with grief.

I don't buy the tears.

Arlene, Mr. Sacks
was just leaving.

I'm not gonna stop digging
on this. Gelles was a good man.

Angling for a story, Sacks?

Just doing my job, Rita.

When a man like
Chris Gelles is killed...

it tends to make a
columnist at least curious.

A lot of things make
me curious, Rita.

I know you're a great lobbyist, but
how did you get that farm bill killed?

You never should've been
able to get those swing votes.

You know, you should
never underestimate a woman.

Well, then maybe we
should trade secrets.

I never kiss and tell.

There's always a first time.

- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.

- Hi.
- Hi.

This whole thing with
Chris Gelles is just terrible.

- I think he was aware of my indiscretions.
- What are you saying?

Well, if he made my indiscretions
public, that wouldn't be very good for you.

True. It would also ruin you.

For God's sake, senator,
I'm a lobbyist, not a murderer.

Look at the crime rate in this city. It's
reaching into the best neighborhoods.

Chris Gelles was a tragic
victim of terrible circumstances.

I'm just as upset
about it as you are.

Speaking of crime...

what do you call blackmail?

I call it insurance.

Now, can I still count on your vote for
the defense bill on the floor tomorrow?

I told Shawna that I wasn't gonna be
a part of this anymore and I meant it.

- Sounds like a threat.
- No.

It's just reality.

No, senator.

That's not reality.

Reality is the provocative pictures of
you and Shawna that we both know about.

That's reality.

Now, there are always
compromises to be made.

That's what
politics is all about.

In this particular
case, I get my votes...

and you get to continue working
for this wonderful country of ours.

Unless, of course, you're
willing to give up your career.

No. I didn't think so.


Hello. I haven't seen you
around here. I'm Rita Holden.

Lee Stetson.

RITA: I hope we run into each
other again. I like what I see.

Well, thank you.

Mr. Stetson. How may I help you?

All right, mothers,
find your places.


Thank you.

Now, this is all very simple,
really. And a lot of fun.

We want to see how all of you
go about making your specialties.

Hopefully it'll be
something edible.


You may all begin.

Isn't this exciting?

Excuse me.

We're looking for Amanda King.

What on earth for?

There she is.

- Mrs. King.
- Officer Tuggey.

I'd like to ask you a few
questions about that murder.

- Murder?
- Oh.

- Uh... - Uh... No.

- Sorry.
- Sorry?


- Hello?
- Rita.

She's talking to the cops
at this mother bake-off thing.

How did you let it get that far?

She's not swapping recipes
with them. Take her out now.

Now what?

We cook her goose.

See you at the station
in about 20 minutes.

Right, 20 minutes,
I'll be there.

- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.


- Mrs. King.
- Mrs. Woodrow.

- Is there something we should know?
- Well, yes, there is.

I'm going to have
to be leaving now.

So if you wouldn't mind...

could you put this in the oven
for me at about, oh, I'd say, 350?

That's not really in the rules.

Well, you know, there are no
rules for mothers, Mrs. Woodrow.

We just sort of make them up as we
go along. We have to think on our feet.

- But, the police...
- They're gone now and I'm going there.

So if you could just put this in the oven
at 350 for, oh, I'd say about 30 minutes...

I would appreciate it.

I don't think you can
tell me what to do.

Oh, Mrs. Woodrow,
that's what mothers do.

They tell you what to do and
then tell you if you've done it right.



- All set.
- Good.

Here she comes.

accelerator is stuck!




- Amanda. AMANDA: Yes?

- Are you okay?
- Yes, I think so.

- Come on.
- Good I wear my seat belt.

- Yeah. What happened?
- I don't know.

- Oh, man.
- Oh, my gosh.

Oh, this is awful.

- Oh, this is just terrible.
- Oh, my...

- Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah.

Oh, my God. What
happened to my store?

- Believe me, it'll be taken ca...
- We would've delivered.

Sir, I'm really sorry.
It wasn't my fault.

The accelerator was
jammed. I couldn't make it stop.

- What about your brakes?
- I had no brakes.

I had no emergency brake,
nothing. I'm really very so...

- Lee, you don't suppose...?
- Yes, I do.

I'll have our boys at
the lab check it out.

Check the car out?

- What about my store?
- Uh...

It'll be taken care of.
Believe me, sir, I'll...


- It's already been taken
care of. AMANDA: Sir...

- Who's gonna fix
it? AMANDA: Sir...

let me just give you one of my checks.
They have my name and address on them.

And I'll give you my
phone number on the check.

LEE: Amanda. AMANDA: Yes?

There you are, sir.

- We'll be in touch with you later.
- Really. Later on today, okay?

- I'm really very sorry.
- Thank you.

Listen, Amanda. Amanda.

Since you couldn't find
Gelles' killer in our books...

you could make a
composite of him.

Oh, I was just going to
do that for Officer Tuggey.

I will talk to Tuggey. This
is an agency matter now.

Now, I will drive you
back to the agency.

And I'll send some of our boys
back here for your car. Come on.

AMANDA: The nose
was a little bit smaller.

Mm-hm. And his eyes
were closer together, I think.

And then his mouth...

well, the lips were
a little thinner.

You know, it was sort
of a mean little mouth.

Whoever this guy is,
he's trying to kill Amanda...

because she saw
Chris Gelles' murder.

I'm worried about her, Billy.

I just wish Cryptology
could decipher the code...

on that paper the police
found on Gelles' body.

Francine's with Bartlett.
He's our best cryptanalyst.

Unfortunately, that paper was
badly smudged by the water.

It's a wonder we
get anything at all.


Come in, Amanda.

Sir, here he is.

LEE: Oh, isn't he a charmer?

Too bad you didn't
get a look at the other.

Make sure these are distributed
to all of our people and the police.

- You got it.
- Ooh.

- What's the matter? You all right?
- Oh, yeah.

He just kind of
gives me the willies.

You're safe here. We have our best
men staked out around your house.

I know and I appreciate it.

What did your meeting with
Senator Hoffmeir turn up?

Nothing very tangible.

I'll tell you one thing.
The guy is sweating.

- What do you mean?
- Danced around my questions about Gelles.

I don't know. I think the guy's
under pressure from someone.

There were two perfect candidates
there. Rita Holden and Leon Sacks.

Both of them make their livings
by putting screws to people.

Well, they may be worth checking
into. I'll get Francine to track them down.

At least we've got a
composite of one killer.

- Good work, Amanda.
- Thank you, sir.


- Yeah?
- Never mind.

Amanda, if you have
something to add, say it.

You never know
what it might spark.

- I was just gonna ask how my car is doing.
- Your car?

- My station wagon.
- Oh, yeah, right. Your car.

Billy, remember where
that little flower shop...

on Woodrow Wilson Boulevard
and 17th Street used to be?

Used to be? I bought flowers
there last week. They moved?

Well, not actually moved.
More like rearranged.


The whole store?!

RITA: You were supposed to get rid
of the car where no one would find it.

I thought the bottom of
the river was pretty good.

Might have been
more difficult for them if

you'd parked it in front
of the police station.

Come on, at least you got
your precious book back.

With a missing page.

There you go, sweetie.

Someone is going to find that
trick book page very interesting.

Hey, you little brat.

I really don't have
time for you to grow up.

Little boys with squirt guns
do not pose a threat to us.

Reporters with access
to the front page do.

And jumpy senators do.

And eyewitness housewives do.

The King woman just got lucky.

Well, you see to it
that her luck runs out.

The police could be at my front door
now. I'm not exactly unknown in this town.

What about Sacks?

He's getting way too close.

I don't want him collecting
any more information on us.

File his last story
in the obituary page.

Mr. Melrose
sounded pretty angry.

Especially when I told him I volunteered
the agency to pay the damages.

He'll never buy flowers
at that place again.

- Oh! Am I glad I caught you.
- Caught me? You almost tackled me.

Yeah, wishful thinking.

Lab sent your car over to
Elmo's Body Shop to be repaired.

- It'll be ready this afternoon.
- Oh, good. Thank you very much.

- It was definitely tampered with.
- I knew it.

What about that
coded piece of paper?

- Bartlett finally decoded it.
- Yeah? Well, what did it say?

Well, it listed some very
prominent names in the D.C. area.

And then afterwards, it said things
like "loves to talk," "Little Bo Peep"...

- and "just plain frisky".
- It sounds like a code within a code.

You could say that.

- Amanda, it's a trick book.
- Magic?

Anyways, the prominent
names I was talking about...

many of them are elected officials in
our government, if you catch my drift.


So, what we've got is Chris Gelles,
who was an aide to Senator Hoffmeir...

he rips off someone's
client book...

And then he ends
up getting killed for it.

LEE: Right. Have you
contacted Rita Holden?

- No, not yet.
- What about Leon Sacks?

Well, there's really no love
lost between Leon and I.

During the Bielak
investigation, we butted heads.

However, I have a source at the
paper that told me he'd be home today.

I just happen to have
his address here for you.

- Great. Thanks a lot.
- Okay.

- Lee, what about my car? Mm-hm.
- Your car.

You go with me to Sacks' apartment,
then I'll take you to Elmo's Body Shop.

LEE: Here we are.

Mr. Sacks.

Oh, I just love it when
folks drop in unannounced.

We just want a few
minutes of your time...

- if you don't mind.
- Yeah, you and 10,000 other people.

What do you know
about Senator Hoffmeir?

Why should I tell you anything?

Well, how about
this for a reason?

Answer these questions here or
come with me and answer later.

Either way, you tell
me what I wanna know.

Look, I knew Chris Gelles
probably better than both of you.

I was supposed to meet him...

Supposed to meet him where?

You agency types really
crumble my cookies.

Think you can barge in,
ask all the questions you like.

Sorry, pal. I got a story to do. Read it
in the paper along with everyone else.

We're talking about
national security.

You're not the only one
concerned with national security, pal.

Wanna know about Hoffmeir? Check
out his voting record in the last year.


He's still alive. Call an
ambulance, then call Billy.

LEE: Hold it!

All right, you can come
out of this dead or alive.

It's your choice.

I just called the hospital.
Sacks is in stable condition.

It'll be a while before he's
conscious and able to tell us anything.

- Nice outfit.
- Oh, thank you.

If you keep clothes long enough,
they actually come back in style.

- Style?
- Ha. Gotcha.

- I'm gonna remember this.
- Come on, I'm just kidding.

- Mm.
- Ah...

At least it is safe enough for
Amanda to go out on the streets again.

- You think the streets are ready for that?
- Francine, please.

Was Amanda's ID positive?

The man I killed was the
one she saw in the car.

I was just on the phone with Research.
His name was Wayne Foreman.

Three years ago, he ran a
call girl ring out of Kansas City.

What about his partner, Kincaid?

- Just hired muscle, but not talking.
- Was that the other man...

- Amanda saw in the car?
- It looks that way.

FRANCINE: So, Hoffmeir
was into call girls, right?

Gelles finds out, sets up a
lunch with Sacks to tell him.

And then Foreman kills Gelles
before he can spill the beans.

BILLY: Sex scandals have been a
part of politics in this government...

since George Washington.

Oh, yeah. Those politicians
really know how to throw a party.

Hey, Billy.

Look at this.

Just before Sacks was shot, he suggested
that I check into Hoffmeir's voting record.

Look. He changed his
vote on several key bills...

voting for when he
lobbied against on the floor.

You said that sex and
politics go together.


I think call girls were used
as pressure to get votes.

But Foreman wasn't the type of guy who
had access to senators and congressmen.

Now, hold it, hold it. Wait a
minute. Suppose, just suppose...

that Foreman wasn't the only connection
between senators and congressmen.

- There'd still be somebody out there.
- Yeah.

Somebody who's willing
to kill again if necessary.

Which means Amanda is not safe.

- Mrs. King.
- Oh, Mrs. Woodrow.

Yes, we're just about ready to begin,
if you'd like to take your seat up front.

Well, do you think we could
you wait just a few more minutes?

Punctuality is part
of our program.

I know, but you see, Mother
and two boys aren't here yet.

I know that they'll be here
in just a few more minutes.

In five years, we've
always started on time.

Do you think we could
wait just five more minutes?

- I could wait possibly three.
- Four?

Well, courtesy usually demands
that one knocks before entering.

I don't have time
to be polite, senator.

- Well, I don't have time for you.
- Oh, I think you do.

I believe this pertains to you.

It was taken from a page
torn out of a trick book.

Let's see if you're familiar
with these, shall we?

"He dresses up.
He wants to talk.

He prefers blonds."

Mr. Stetson, I...

Everybody likes a
fling now and then.

Now, my constituents may
not like how I have my fun...

but they like how I do my
job and that's what I do.

And if you're not very careful, I
can see to it that certain key people...

might not like the
way you do your job.

I've been in this game a lot
longer than you have, son.

Yeah, well, a sex scandal
is one thing, senator.

But now the game is murder.


I haven't killed anyone.

I've done a little research on
your voting records on certain bills.

Seems you've radically changed
your view in the last months.

- No law against that.
- Someone is pressuring you. Who is it?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- They killed Gelles. He knew too much.

Leon Sacks was shot and critically
wounded for the same reason.

- Sacks?
- Yeah, that's right.

If you're the last one left, Hoffmeir,
you could be the next target.

- I want protection.
- I want a name.

Rita Holden.

Oh, my God, Amanda.

Hey, where's my protection?


Would everyone
please take their seat?

Welcome, one and all, to
the Mother of the Year Awards.

Oh, and we have some
finalists here today.

WOODROW: It is our wish...

that in honoring the five finalists
and later the Mother of the Year...

we honor all mothers for their selfless
sacrifice and devotion to their families.

A mother's little
jobs are endless.

And her little victories,
many times, go by...

- Fire! There's a fire!
Everybody, out! WOMAN 1: What?

WOMAN 2: There's a fire!

Oh! Oh! Oh, don't
panic. Everybody.

Walk to the nearest exit.

Fire! Everybody out!

Thank... Shall we
take a walk, Mrs. King?

WOMAN 3: Fire!

Get out of the way!

This way.

WOODROW: Watch out for the
children. Just go in single file...

You drive.



Floor it!


Don't make me do it, Rita!


You wouldn't actually
shoot a lady, would you?


But I would shoot you.

You all right?


There we go.


Now the... Oh, no. Why me?


You were supposed to defrost.


Randy, you... Baby.

Uh... Amanda, what
are you doing here?

Oh, I'm sorry. I guess it
isn't a very good time, is it?

- Uh...
- I'm sorry, I... No, no, uh...

The time is fine.
It's... What's that?

Oh, it's a...

It's just a little cake I whipped up
for the Mother of the Year contest.

I thought I would give it to you as
sort of my way of saying thank you...

for being the only
one who believed me.


Amanda, you are a lifesaver. Ha.

Uh... Uh...

By the way, I just wanted to tell you
that it'll be in the papers tomorrow...

but Senator Hoffmeir resigned.


Well, I guess he kind
of brought it on himself.

- Didn't he?
- Yeah. Heh-heh.

What did happen to that
Mother of the Year thing?

Oh, well, they put it
off a couple of days...

and Mother and
the boys got there...

- in plenty of time to see me lose.
- Oh.

I guess my lifestyle was just a little too
hectic for the Mother of the Year judges.

Gee, that's too bad.

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, c'est la vie, you know.

Well, um...

Hope you and Randy
have a nice evening.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

- Thank you. Uh-huh.
- Good time.

- Hi, Randy.
- Well... that's it.

Uh... Randy. Oh,
oh. Randy, she... Oh.

Oh, gosh, I'm really sorry. And
you have your candles and your...

Well, she
misunderstood. I mean...

Yeah, I guess so.

- You want some cake?
- Ha-ha.