Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 13 - Spiderweb - full transcript

Amanda is framed for espionage and treason while three important defectors are brought into the country.

Station 2 is ready for delivery.

They were ready five minutes
ago and five minutes before that.

- Try to relax, Billy.
- I'll relax when we've made delivery.

I don't want any slip-ups
now. We're too close.

Spiderweb is the agency's
biggest operation in 10 years.

Got change for the phone?

You call Hobson one more
time, he'll hang up on you.

Let's just try to keep
our eyes on the doors.

It's almost 10:45. Folescu
should be walking in at any minute.

Oh, good evening, Mr. Topping.

- How are you? This is Amanda.
- Hello.

- It's a pleasure.
- Amanda.

What's she doing here?
You tell her about Spiderweb?

Of course not. It's
gotta be a coincidence.

Who's the stiff?

I would hardly call
Bryce Topping a stiff.

Who the hell is Bryce Topping?

You'd know if you ever read
the society pages. He's a regular.

Old money, brilliant law career,
and obviously pretty kinky.

- What?
- Well, come on, Lee.

A suburban housewife?

It's wonderful that you could get
a table without even a reservation.


Excuse me.

Thank you very much.

- Bryce... Oh, thank you.
- The wine list.

Thank you.

Listen, maybe coffee
wasn't such a good idea.

It's... Oh, gosh, it's
getting awfully late.

It's not that late. We
have a lot to talk about.

Well, we could talk in the car on
the way home. Would you mind?

Whatever you say. See how
easy I am to get along with?

Yes. Thank you.

- Folescu.
- Check.




MAN: When the head
of one of our units...

and two top agents can't
handle a simple defection...

there is something very
wrong with this outfit.

Spiderweb has been your operation
right from the start, Mr. Melrose.

Sounded great.

Three Communist defectors from
three separate Communist countries.

We pool their information and
we end up light-years ahead.

Of course, it wasn't gonna be easy.
How many years have we devoted to it?

- Two years.
- Two years.


Two years representing
thousands of man-hours...

thousands of U.S.
taxpayer dollars.

And what happens last night?

- It all gets flushed.
- Sir...

Why am I always running
out of these things?

I'm sorry, sir, but there was a half a
bottle of this on your desk this morning.

Margaret, I don't use a
half a bottle in two hours.

Yes, sir.

Sir, we are as concerned as you
are with what went down last night.

But Spiderweb is
still a viable operation.

Milos Durak is coming in, then
General Kuragin, and their information...

LARNER: We don't have them yet.

What we have is
one dead Romanian.

And I wanna know why.

Now, do you have any
answers, Mr. Melrose?

Nothing that you or I
would be happy about.

As I see it, there
are two possibilities.

One, Folescu was spotted by some of
his own people and they eliminated him.

But I can't buy that.

Do you agree with Mr. Melrose?

The assassin was working
as a busboy at the restaurant.

That does not indicate a
spur-of-the-moment action.

They knew where Folescu was
coming in. The hit was planned.

They used a cold gun.
There were no prints, nothing.

A woman ran interference
when the shooting started.

Then she made a
fast disappearing act.

Possibility number two?

A major security breach.

Well, Spiderweb has
been confined to your unit.

I know that. It's been a classified
project since you gave it the go-ahead.

Oh. Well, then you know what you
have to do, don't you, Mr. Melrose?

If you have plans tonight,
cancel them. Gonna

check every personnel
file in this unit.

- Including yours?
- Everyone that had access to Spiderweb.

I just don't get it. This has been an
eyes-only mission from the beginning.

- There hasn't been much access.
- It's our leak, so we have to find him.

- Hello, sir, Francine.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hello, Lee. Lee?

- What?
- About last night, I'm really sorry.

I couldn't get out of
the way. I kept trying to.

Every time I tried, I'd
get more in the way.

Then the man got
shot and the other man

started to spray bullets
all over the place.

- I was really very upset and so was Bryce.
- Oh, yes, good old Bryce Topping.

- Oh, do you know Bryce?
- No, name only. Sounds like an actor.

No, no, he's an attorney.

At any rate, I could hardly sleep all
night thinking about what happened.

- I know it was probably agency business.
- Yeah.

And so may I ask
what it was about?

- No, you may not.
- Right.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm here doing expense reports...

- for Mr. Melrose.
- Oh, terrific. Heh.

Well, it may not be all that exciting
to you, but to me, it's pretty interesting.

I guess it's the code words that
make it seem sort of like a game.

There's somebody in this
agency that sits around...

and thinks up those
code words all day.

Sandstorm, Spiderweb.


Yeah, Spiderweb.
That's really a weird one.

See, nothing's itemized
on these reports. It

just says "classified"
and a dollar amount.

I'd ask you what it is,
but since it's classified...

- No, it's classified.
- Scarecrow.

LEE: Yeah, I'm coming.
- Heh.

- Saved by the bell.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Heh.


I'm glad you weren't
hurt last night.

I'm glad you're okay too.

- Thanks.
- Bye.


RINA: Would've been nice if
you could've taken out the agents...

instead of a lot of glassware.

If I'd taken the agents out, I'd
have taken you out, too, Rina.

I think it went pretty well.

Folescu's only the first.

Let's save our self-congratulations
until after the job is done.

We have to eliminate all three
defectors in order to nullify Spiderweb.

Shouldn't be too difficult,
considering our information source.

You have to admit, it's kind of nice
having a pipeline into the agency.

This is the biggest thing
we've ever attempted.

To assassinate all three defectors
right here on American soil...

in full view of the agents
that promised them protection.

There's a nice secondary benefit to that.
We prove that our intelligence is superior.

The next arrival
will be Milos Durak.

How will he be coming
into the country?

Oh. We'll be given the date, time,
place, and anything else we need.



How about personnel
with computer access?

Very little. Those who have it are
clean enough to serve dinner on.

Yeah, mine all qualify
for merit badges too.

Well, keep digging.

How's it going, Billy?

Well, so far we've come up
empty, but we're gonna stay on it.

Don't bother. Margaret?

Here is your security
leak, right here.

I didn't think you'd mind if
I put my own team on this.

- You found the leak?
- I did.

Amanda King.

- Amanda?
- Oh, you've gotta be kidding. Sir.

No, I'm not kidding,
Miss Desmond.

Wait, wait, wait, hold it. Are you saying
that Amanda King is a double agent?

That's impossible.
She's not an agent at all.

She isn't even a trainee, in
the strict sense of the word.

She just helps us out.

And because she just helps us out, she
was never given an all-out security check.

They would have never found anything.
Her life has gotta be one big yawn.

Look, sir, you don't know
Amanda King. We do.

She simply doesn't qualify. I don't
care what you've got in that folder.

She didn't even apply
for a job with the agency.

Sure, her working with us
came about from an accident.

Accidents can be arranged.


Oh. You don't think that that's a
very real possibility, Miss Desmond.

Well, sir, actually...

I think that that would make Amanda
King much smarter than I think she is.

Okay, maybe she can tell you how
to starch your socks with egg whites...

but I really don't see her
dealing with classified information.

Besides, she doesn't
know about Spiderweb.

Never mentioned it? Never
asked any questions about it?

AMANDA: Yeah, she did.

She mentioned it in
passing this afternoon.

From your report...

she was a patron at the restaurant
last night when Folescu bought it.

And before you say coincidence,
she was with Bryce Topping...

who happens to be legal
counsel for about five senators...

three cabinet members and a
very prominent defense contractor.

That is nice cover.

Not to mention a rich
source of information.

And there is the matter
of where she was...

from November 1982
to mid-January 1983.

You see, there's a big blank
in her record during that period.

Might have been
recruited during that period?

Possibly. That would help to
explain the $10,000 deposit...

to her bank account
in February of '83.

Sir, that is all circumstantial.

As you know, we run periodic
spot checks on all personnel.

Would it interest you to know that
we've made a check on Mrs. King...

- during the past two weeks?
BILLY: Oh, hold it, Mitch.

I can't believe anything
of an incriminating nature...

You call it incriminating if she
visited the Czech Embassy?

A visit which lasted
for 42 minutes.

Mrs. King was seen leaving the
embassy carrying a large manila envelope.

Contents unknown.

We have our double agent.
We have her dead bang.

And you are going to prove it.

LEE: This is the biggest waste of
time and money I have ever seen.

Amanda's working for the Russians is like
my Aunt Sally working for the Russians.

Mitch didn't seem too
amused by the possibility.

Come on, you gotta admit,
it's a great cover, right?

Suburban housewife, divorced mother
who just happens to bump into you...

then hooks up with the agency.

- Don't tell me you're buying this.
- I didn't say I was.

You know weirder
things have happened.

Well, nothing's as weird as suspecting
Amanda of being a double agent. I mean...

How about Mark Griffin?
You remember him?

A field man who got killed by a double
agent who happened to be his fiancée.

Okay, okay, the book
is full of bizarre cases...

but I do not believe this
one and I never will believe it.

Here we are right in the middle
of Spiderweb and we pull this duty.

Let me bottom-line this for you.
Larner ordered us... Not suggested.

Ordered us to put
Amanda under surveillance.

Why don't we stop
complaining and start surveilling?

Okay, then you tell me straight.

You really believe
that Amanda is a spy?


It's unlikely.

But I'm still dying to
hear that explanation...

of why she visited the
Czechoslovakian Embassy.

AMANDA: No, sweetheart, you're
in Germany. You have to go south.

Down, sweetheart.
Down, down, down.

- Sharp right.
- How's that?

- Right there. Perfect.
- All right.

Okay, now, what's
the name of this city?

- Prague.
- Prague, that's right. Good boy.

PHILLIP: All this
stuff sure helps, Mom.

Sweetheart, actually the man at
the Czechoslovakian Embassy...

was actually very excited that
someone was interested in his country.

Wish that man would come tell
us how to pronounce these names.

I mean, look at this things.

- Brno and P-p-p... Plzen, Znojmo.
- Plzen.

Don't the Czechs
believe in vowels?

This is Mrs. Ewert's work, I know
it. She's playing favorites again.

- What do you mean?
- Just think about it.

All the wonderful European
countries that Philip could have gotten.

- Mother. Shh, shh, shh.
- Romantic places like Italy and France.

Mother, I'm sure the
assignment of these countries...

was done in a very democratic
fashion. I bet they were.

Philip, how did you
get Czechoslovakia?

See, Mrs. Ewert was pointing
around in Eastern Europe...

and when she pointed to
Czechoslovakia, I raised my hand.

Oh, you see? He took
one of the hard ones.

Well, actually, I was raising my
hand if I could go to the bathroom...

- but Mrs. Ewert kind of misunderstood.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Oh, sweetheart, you're
gonna do just fine. Yes, you are.

Thanks. Czechoslovakia's fun.

But next time, I'm gonna do
what Ronnie Smith did and wait.

He's probably got his
entire project done by now.

- How?
- He got some country named Liechtenstein.

And it's the size of a pin.

He can carry his entire
map to school in his wallet.

- Hey, Mom!
- Oh, my gosh, Jamie.

Sweetheart, we're not deaf.

Yeah, what is it?

Are you gonna get done
with Philip's yucky map?

- Hey.
- Hey.

I've got my project to do
and you said you'd help.

Philip's map is due Monday and you've
got two weeks before your project is due.

And besides that, guess what is
on my agenda for this afternoon.

- The electronics shop?
- Yes, indeed. Okay.

- My fellows, stay here and be good?
- Okay.

You work very hard and you help your
grandmother clean up when you're finished.

- Okay.
- And I'll see you all later, okay?

You're gonna need this, and I
don't need it where I'm going.

- Bye. Have fun today.
- Come on, Grandma!

- Oh, yippee, I'm left with all the fun.
- Grandma, let's get it started.

FRANCINE: I don't know how
much more of this I can stand.


LEE: Yeah, I'm with you.

Larner is right about one thing.

It's a very serious leak at the agency
that's jeopardizing people's lives.

And where are we? Ha.

We're visiting supermarkets,
drug stores and dry cleaners.

Oh, yes, but look at the
importance of our work.

I mean, just think about
how proud we'll feel...

when we report back on what
laundry detergent Amanda King uses.

I can't for the life of me understand
why Amanda had to visit three markets.

Produce at one, cans and boxes at
another, and bakery items at yet another.

FRANCINE: Doesn't surprise me.

It's what I've suspected of her all
along. The woman is a coupon clipper.

She's bargain shopping
at a furious rate.

What are we doing now? Buying
model airplanes or something.

Uh-oh. Here we go.

Well, we're off
and running again.

Why don't we split up? You stay here. I'll
check what she bought, keep up the tail.

- Then I'll take a cab back to the agency.
- Yeah, why not?

- Bye.

When the agent leaves, we
should talk to the store owner also.

This just might be
something we can use.

- It's tonight, you're sure?
- Positive.

The report was
confirmed this afternoon.

- What have you got?
- The theater lets out at 11.

We have their defensive
positions mapped out...

- and in our possession.
- Excellent.

Meet you at Rina's in an hour.

We'll go over our plans for welcoming
Milos Durak to the United States.

- Oh.
- Oh.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
- No, no, no.

Well, I was just going over your
receipts and there's this one here...

that I just don't
quite understand.

- What?
- Well, this is a receipt for tennis shoes.

And tennis shoes
sound so recreational.

I just wondered if maybe
one of your personal receipts...

had gotten mixed up with your
business receipts by mistake and...

Uh... No.

- No, no mistake.
- Mm-mm.

BILLY: Scarecrow.

We have to talk about tonight.
Amanda, would you excuse us?

Oh, yes, of course.
Certainly, sir.

- I'll just get right out of your wa...
- Wait. Oh, oh, oh.

- Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse my...
- No, it's okay.

- It's quite all right.
- Excuse me, sir. I just...

She didn't see
those plans, did she?

I don't think she had
time to see anything.

All right, now, Francine will be at
the primary observation point here.

I'll be here, down
at the corner.

Dawson will be across
the street on the rooftop.

I'll be driving Stagecoach 1.

- Weaver, Stagecoach
2. BILLY: Check.


Yes, Margaret, come in.

Mr. Melrose, I thought I'd check on
the report of yesterday's surveillance.

You know, of Mrs. King?

Yeah, that'll be typed
up by the end of the day.

Well, Mr. Larner was pretty
firm about wanting to see it now.

He's sort of on the warpath.

I wanna see the King file.

It's not quite ready yet, sir.

Stetson, Desmond, I
want that King file right now.

I wanna know every breath
that Amanda King takes.

LARNER: Who's that?

Is that the King woman?
What's she doing here?

What she usually
does here. She works.

All right.

I'm gonna say this one more
time and I hope it finally sinks in.

Amanda King is under surveillance
because she is under suspicion.

If you professionals could stop behaving
like her pals for just a few minutes...

you might be able
to do your jobs.

- I wanna know what she's working on. Go.
- Yes, sir.

Excuse me, Mr. Larner, but I
think you're way out of line on this.

You want our surveillance
report on Amanda? Here it is.

She went to three separate supermarkets,
one drug store, one dry cleaners...

and her last suspicious act
was to stop at a hobby shop.

- And what did she buy there?
- What?


Uh... Some resistors, capacitors,
and several small circuit boards.

Oh. Things that could be made into
a nice little transmitter and receiver.


I can bring it right
back to you, Amanda.

But I just need five
more minutes to finish it.

I really don't think Mr. Larner
cares if it's fully completed.

Well, I just hate for him to
see it before it's done, but...

It's all right.

- I'm sure he's not judging you on this.
- Thank you, Margaret.

You've got little shreds of
circumstantial evidence...

and you wanna throw
Amanda into irons?

Well, let me toss out one more
little shred of circumstantial evidence.

Our Romanian defector ends up in the
morgue and 24 hours later, this happens.

What is it, Lee?

It's a bank deposit confirmation
slip to Amanda's savings account.


Dated today.

All right, now, I want Amanda
King out of this agency now.

We are going to bring
Mr. Durak safely in here...

and then we're
gonna deal with her.

Margaret, you come with me.

I know he's being
difficult, but it's just

that his stomach is
giving him so much trouble.

Who wants to tell her?

I will.

- Amanda, you can go now.
- Oh, no, that's all right.

Think I'll just stay
around and wait for

your expense account
papers and finish them.

- No, I think you should leave now.
- No?

- Oh, all right.
- Okay.

- Listen, what are you doing tonight?
- Tonight? I'm not doing anything.

- Why, do you need me?
- No, just stay home, okay?

Sure. Is anything wrong?

Not here, not now.

- Oh, well, okay.
- Okay.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Position one, come in.

Position one, come in.

Position one, over.

Curtain's down in two
minutes. Stay alert.

- Position two?
- Here. All set.

Is Weaver all right?

He's ready.

I have visual contact.


Good job, Teddy.
Package has been mailed.

Okay, just take it easy and let
them think everything's under control.

Weaver should make good
time on the side streets.

Francine, disengage and
meet us back at home base.

Sit back and relax,
Mr. Durak. You're safe now.

Oh, come on, lady. Not now.

BILLY: Weaver and Durak
never even had a chance, Mitch.

- Sure you won't join me?
- Why not?

It's a bad idea for you. Your
ulcer's gonna give you a hell for that.

Ah... Heh.


Maybe you're right. You know
how long I've had this thing?

To the month and day. You sprouted
it as soon as you got bumped upstairs.

Heh. You're right.



Billy, Billy, how can this
be happening in your unit?

Your unit has
always been the best.

I don't know.

I'm stumped on this one.

We know it's a high-security
leak, but I can't hang a name on it.

You know, you're not
gonna believe this...

but for a while,
just a little while...

right after the first incident,
I thought it was you.

I can believe that.

You were my top candidate
for about, maybe, half hour.


- Trouble is we know each other too well.
- Yeah.

Kuragin, he's due in when?

Sometime in the
next 24 to 48 hours.

Oh, we cannot
afford to lose this one.

I don't intend to lose
it. We'll find that leak.

Your money's still
on Amanda King?

Well, she's the only one
with smudge marks on her.

You yourself admitted that she
had a chance to see the Durak plan.

Come on, Billy. You've
been in this business

too long to let
friendship get in the way.

I'm not letting
friendship get in the way.


So maybe it is Amanda.

I don't know anymore.


Now, this is how
we're gonna play this.

LEE: You want me to do what?

I want you to search Amanda King's
home. Fine-comb it from cellar to attic.

Are you serious?

- Dead serious, Scarecrow.
- Come on, Billy.

I'm an intelligence
agent, not a cat burglar.

Mitch Larner thinks Amanda King has a
communications unit set up in her home.

That's ridiculous.

They picked up a transmission in
Virginia within a four-block radius.

- Of Amanda's neighborhood?
- You got it.

First time that house is empty, I
want you to get in and check it out.

All right.

I knew he was gonna love that.


DOTTY: Amanda, have you seen this?
- Mm-hm? What, Mother?

This is the most bizarre
shopping list I've ever seen.

Philip told me that before he
went to school this morning.

He gets extra points on
his geography project...

if we have an authentic
Czechoslovakian dinner.

Did he tell you what an authentic
Czechoslovakian dinner consists of?

- He did not.
- He didn't. Well, let me read it to you.

For starters, we have a choice
of tlacenka or liptovsky syr.

Then, as a main course,
there's kapr no cerno...

or if you prefer,
pecena husa se zelim.

- Ah! Oh.
- What's for dessert?


- Very good if properly prepared.
- How can I properly prepare it...

when I can't even pronounce
it, let alone identify it?

Amanda, I am not going to cook, nor will
I eat, anything that I cannot identify.

- Where's your sense of adventure?
- No sense of adventure...

- when it comes to my stomach.
- Your stomach. Go to the market?

Oh, I just can't wait.

I don't believe this.

AMANDA: He is an attorney
and he practices in D.C.

DOTTY: That's what I hear.

I mean, you never can tell.
Something could always happen or not.

I mean, you know me. Sometimes
I care and sometimes I don't.

And sometimes it's, you know,
one way or the other and that's all.


We spend most of
our time at the market.

I mean, I'm glad the
kids have appetites.

- You never had one when you were a child.
- They're boys.

- Did you bring any money?
- No, I didn't bring my bag.

- I only brought this crazy shopping list.
- Oh, Mother, I left my checkbook at home.

Okay, look, you go in
and start the shopping.

And I'll run home and
get my checkbook, okay?

- Hurry.
- I will, I'll be right back.

- All right.
- Mother, shop a little slowly.

- Go, go.
- Okay, okay.

- Don't! Don't, it's me.

- It's me. It's me.
- Oh, Lee.

- You okay?
- Hello.

- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.

I heard the door and I
thought it was your mother.

Yes, I know. Well, it didn't scare
me at all. What are you doing here?

- Czechoslovakia?
- Oh, yes, do you like that?

- That's Philip's project.
- Czechoslovakia.

It's Czechoslovakia. It's
Prague. It's very good, isn't it?

That's why you went
to the Czech Embassy?

Oh, yes, and they were very,
very helpful and very nice.

- It was for a school project.
- Sure, it's Philip's school project.


I'll bet all the
electronic parts that you

bought were for
something just as innocent.


I'm trying to build a radio
transmitter, but I can't do it.

- Radio transmitter.
- Yeah.

Well, it's for Jamie's
science project.

And I just don't think it's gonna be
as good as Philip's geography project.

- Ha-ha-ha.
- I mean, it's really...

- I told them it was something like that.
- I do the best I can.

- Amanda, you're in trouble.
- I'm what?

You're in trouble at the agency.

That's why I was
searching your house.

- Searching my house?
- Yeah.

What for?

- Why were you searching my house?
- Amanda, sit down, please.

All right. Now, where were you between
November of '82 and mid-January of '83?

Are you Perry Mason? Am I supposed
to crack under the pressure or something?

- Amanda, please. Where were you?
- I was here.

- You were here.
- I was here. Right here.

- You were here.
- I was right here.

All right.

All right. What about the $10,000
deposit in your bank account...

in February of '83?

- Remember where you got that money?
- I remember where I got that money.

Yeah, where?

There was an electrical
fire in the kitchen.

You know that. The insurance
company paid me $10,000.

Now, look, you
said I was in trouble.

- Just one more thing.
- Yes.

What were you and that polo
player doing at the Chez Tayir?

- And where the hell did you meet him?
- If you're talking about Bryce Topping...

Yes, Bryce Topping.

Lee, Bryce has a little
boy in Jamie's class.

I met him at the PTA. He asked
me to go to the movies. I said yes.

When we came out, a guy handed
me a flyer advertising Chez Tayir.

Bryce had been before. He
said, "Have a cup of coffee?"

- Flyers.
- Yes, flyers, flyers. You know, flyers.

Flyers, that's it.

They hand them
out, hoping you'll bite.

If you do, you show up at the murder scene
and that is more ammunition against you.

Man, they are smart.

- Who are they?
- The people that are trying to set you up.

There's been a major
security breach at the agency.

Oh, Lee.

- Oh, you don't think that it was me.
- No, I never thought that.

Then why did you break in my
house and why were you searching it?

I never believed it for a moment,
Amanda. I was ordered to search your house.


- By Mr. Melrose? Oh.
- Yes.

But he was ordered too.

Look, let's not get bogged
down in hurt feelings.

It's all right. My
feelings are not hurt.

- The breach is real. The setup is real.
- Okay.

Now, what we have to do is find the
people who want you to take the fall.

Lee, why would anybody
wanna set me up?

I don't know, but
whoever they are...

that's our double agent.

What was the mood among them?

What do you think?

You wouldn't believe the strategy
meetings. They've devised a new one.

They want it believed that Melrose and
his people have been taken off Spiderweb...

but they're still
the primary team.

And the King woman?

Their only candidate
for double agent.

The coded radio transmission from
her neighborhood was a great help...

in solidifying
suspicion against her.

But even that and the adjustments
I've made in her records...

won't hold up
under a deep probe.

She could disappear. It would seem
as if she were trying to avoid capture.

She could disappear. Or
commit suicide. I don't much care.

The point is, as soon as we eliminate
Kuragin, we eliminate Amanda King.

AMANDA: Do you think they'll
believe me? BILLY: I believe you.

Thank you so much, sir.


I understand the visit
to the Czech Embassy,

- Electronics equipment was for the boys.
- Right.

I even believe the
insurance claim...

and when she showed up at the
restaurant where Folescu was killed.

Thank you so much, Francine.

We do, however, have a couple of biggies
hanging out there without an explanation.

Yes. What about
that $50,000 deposit?

- $50,000 deposit, sir?
- It's the classic setup move.

Excuse me, but I have
to ask you a question.

Are you telling me that there was
$50,000 deposited in my bank account?

All you need is the cash,
computer clearance...

and two or three uninterrupted
moments at the console.

True. Give me a minute, I could
book you on a flight to Moscow.

That's my guess. Someone is
dirtying up Amanda's records.

But why would anybody
wanna try to dirty up my records?

Because you're perfect, Amanda.

The textbook tells us, in situations
like this, it's always someone obscure.

Someone obscure.

Yes, Amanda. And that's you.

Dealing with
unimportant information.

Always there, but not
really doing very much.

Pleasant, unassuming,
easy to overlook.

- Loyal, faithful.
- Like your dog...

if you had one.

- She didn't mean it that way.
- Don't worry.

What I meant was that she's one of those
little people that one hardly ever notices.

You know, like
waiters or servants.

If you're through making her
into a piece of office furniture...

may we please get back
to the business at hand?

- Or a secretary.
- Yeah, Billy's right.

General Kuragin's
ready to come in.

I say we go with the
plan, better or worse.

Executive assistant
to the director.

- Amanda, what are you saying?
- Margaret Brock is your double agent.

Heh. If possible, that's more
absurd than suspecting you.

Excuse me, Francine, but think
about it. Think about access.

Now, what does a secretary do?

Do you think Mr. Larner
types and files...

and transmits all those
secret documents by himself?

Oh, no. Oh, no. Margaret
does it for him, doesn't she?

Well, Larner's private office
is the only other place...

other than our unit, that's
even aware of Spiderweb.

So it's possible, isn't it?

- Yes. Yes, it is possible.
- So now what?

Now we do the same thing
that's been done to Amanda.

We arrange a setup.

Well, if you really want to.

- Let's go.
- We do it.

There you are. I'd almost given up
on you, you were in there so long.

- Spiderweb, Margaret.
- I understand, sir.

- There's a stack of phone calls for you.
- I'll get them later.

Type this right away for me,
will you, please? Eyes only.

It's for the Kuragin
file. His route in.

Now, are you sure you
wanna meet the general alone?

- No backup, just the two of you?
- I think it's the best way.

Oh, Margaret, you better be
prepared to work late tonight.

Going to be a lot of mopping up to
do after we get the general safely in.

Of course, sir.

You sure you feel comfortable
using Mrs. King on this?

She'll do fine.

If what you've told me is
true, it's asking a lot of her.

It was her idea. By using her, there
is no further exposure of our plans.

- Well, be careful today.
- Yeah.

We'll keep our heads down.

- Come on.
- Okay.

Mr. Larner, he just arrived.
Billy's starting the meet.

[OVER RADIO] Larner,
the area is very calm.

I have only one
person. It's a gardener.

Only vehicle on the
roadway is the gardener's van.

They're moving to Billy's car.


Gardener's our busboy from the restaurant.
It's the van, Billy. Get ready to hit it.



Come on.

That's it. That's it.

Billy's got the other two.

Yeah. I hope Amanda
was successful.

Come on, get up.

MAN: Excuse me.


My name is Amanda King. I
think they probably informed you...

that I was supposed to meet you
here and take you to the agency.

Oh, it's all right.
Don't be nervous.

My car is just down the street.

Hello, Margaret. Would you tell
Mr. Larner we're here, please?

Of course. Mr. Stetson
is here with Mrs. King.

- Scarecrow, everything all right?
- As planned.

General Kuragin
is downstairs, sir.

LEE: Deveraux and Peterman
have begun debriefing.

Well, then that leaves only
one more thing to take care of.

Margaret Brock, I hereby place
you under arrest for espionage.

Mr. Larner, I...

- I really don't understand what...
- Scarecrow.

It's over, Margaret.

It's not over.

It's just over for me.

Excuse me, Margaret, but I
really must ask you one question.

- How could you...?
- Do me a favor, Mrs. King.

Spare me the "How could
you, Margaret?" speech.

I did it for a
cause I believe in.

Get her out of my sight.

Come on.


I'm really very sorry, sir.

So am I, Amanda. So am I.


Now, the day after Christmas in
1978, oh, I remember that very well.

Jamie fell off the little
wooden rocking horse

that his father gave
him for Christmas...

- and he chipped his little front tooth.
- Uh-huh.

Now, when his real tooth grew in,
he never even had to wear braces.

- No braces.
- No.

Wait. Ho.

- Teeth.
- Teeth are very important.


- You're tired?
- Yes.

- Would you like coffee?
- I would.

- I'll pour one for you.
- Good.

Come on.

Did we get any...? Did you get any
good information from the general?

- Even more than expected.
- Oh, hello, sir.

- Would you like a coffee?
- Not for me.

- Thank you, Amanda.
- Yeah.

- What about Margaret Brock?
- Her trial is set for next month.

She and her friends are
assured of life in prison.


Well, sir, Lee was just helping
me to reconstruct my file.

Yeah, it's slow going,
but we're almost finished.

- Then we can close the book on Spiderweb.
- Amen.

Well, there is just one
more tiny little thing.

Really? What's that?

Well, sir, you know the $50,000 that
was deposited into my bank account?

- Mm.
- That was American money, was it?

- Um...
- Well, it was in dollars, yes.

It's a part of a general operating fund
that the Russians set up for Margaret.

Oh, so that was actually Russian money.
They just made it into American dollars...

before they deposited it
into my bank account. Heh.

If that money belonged
to our government,

well, gee, you know,
I'd give it right back.

- Scarecrow?
- I mean, you know...

we certainly wouldn't wanna give
the Russians all that money, would we?

Well, it's evidence.

- It must be evidence.
- Right.

- Carry on.
- Oh, yes, sir. Thank you very much, sir.

- Amanda.
- Yes?

Could you finish typing
in the file update for me?

Sure. Where are you going?

I have to make a
quick call to Legal.