Scandal (2012–2018): Season 7, Episode 9 - Good People - full transcript

The events that occurred between Quinn's kidnapping and the gunshot that rocked Olivia to her core are revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Whose baby is that?!

Rest in peace, Quinn.

- Your bones, as promised.
- I didn't have a choice.

Perkins' life... or my freedom.

I have Quinn.

He's weak, old, grasping for power.

Bess Wallace wore this hairpin.

You killed a teenage girl!

I want my bones!!

Can I help you?

Just trying to make up my mind.

Let me know if I can give you
a recommendation.

I'll take this one.

II can't let you take that one.

Look at the price.

And we get nothing
but returns and complaints.

That one there is your man.


Holds just about anything.
Strong. Lasts.

You've made yourself a sale, sir.

Well, all right.

Off on a big vacation, I hope.

I'm going on a big adventure.


Something borrowed.



I need help!

I need...


If you can hear me!

Please! Hello?!


This was...

Are you out of your freaking mind?

I am 700 months pregnant,
it is my wedding day,

and you chained me to a wall?!

My team is coming.

They're the best trackers
alive. You know that.

They'll find you, and when they do...

I've constructed quite the bunker.

That door?

Solid titanium.

Walls? Soundproof.

And your friends?

She ran, Liv.

She left her ring behind.

They think you had cold feet. Ran off.

Liv sent you?

To what? Shut me up?

Is that it?

Are you here to kill me? Are you...

Are you going to kill me?!

Did she send you here to kill me?!

Are you?! Are you here to kill me?

If you don't shut the hell up
and listen, yes!!

Calm down.

You're B613, for God's sakes.

We never killed pregnant women.

In B613. Mothers and children first.

That's the rule.

Olivia did not send me.

You're currency for my freedom.

I will trade you to Olivia,
and this will all be over.

You will be out of here tonight.

There's the bathroom.

I'll be back in a few hours.

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Wish me luck.


There's an Oscared filet
as the special tonight.

Doesn't that sound good?

Quinn Perkins is missing.

I don't have time for you.

So what?

What is it that's so urgent that I...

I have Quinn Perkins.


I have Quinn.

She's mine.

Where is she?

There are people. We've been worried.

Tell me where she is
and then tell me why you...

That reckoning that I said is coming?

That reckoning is here.

Quinn Perkins...

the one person that can take you down.

The one person that knows about
your new assassination hobby.

The one person
that you would never kill.

Your reckoning.

I have Quinn Perkins,
the key to my freedom.


I want my bones back.

I win, you lose.

- You think this is a game?
- Mnhmnh.

Even trade.

You give me my freedom. Return my bones.

I give you Quinn Perkins.

Or what?

You'll kill her?

You took my dinosaur, Olivia.

That's war.

My plan is to kill Quinn Perkins

unless I get back what you stole.

You're her friend.

You're her child's godmother.

I'm giving you a chance
to save them both.

You're pathetic.

You won't hurt a hair on Quinn's head.

You won't do anything
until I say "do something."

You don't make the decisions.
You don't think.

You don't make moves.
I am in charge here.

You will hear from me

when I decide you will hear from me.

Until then, you don't touch Quinn.

You stay put.

And you wait

to be told what to do.

I'm not bluffing.

Don't ever waste my time
like this again.

Three days.

If I don't get my bones back,
if I don't get my freedom,

I will kill that girl!

Must've been a short trip.

Yes. It was.

Quite a variety.


They all look the same to me.

- I...
- Anything you like?

Color? Style?

Well, what about this one?

It's a popular choice.


Is this serious?

It is.

I mean, why would anything
cost that much

if you can't drive it,
shoot it, or... or live in it?

What is wrong with people?

Snooty D.C. types drive down
here in their electric cars

with their tiny hairless dogs,
and they buy this one

because it's the most expensive

to make their socalled friends jealous.


I'm in over my head here.

Just tell me what to get.

Okay. All right.

Who's the mama?

We talking wife? Girlfriend?

Second wife?

My daughter.

Well, congratulations, Grandpa.

Okay, you said you'd be back last night.

I'm starving.

I need to eat on a schedule, you know.

And... And look at me.
II cannot stay like this.

This is my wedding gown!
And now there's a tear in it!

I need a fresh pair of underwear.

II need food. I need clothes.
I need pillows.

I need my green pregnancy pill

and my bouncy ball to sit on
because I have hemorrhoids!

I need home.

So let's go.

Okay, unlock me or whatever
so we can go.

She said no.

Didn't she?

I bought a crib.

A... A crib?

A crib? You bought a freaking crib?

Olivia has asked for time.


There is no time!

Olivia is doing what she always does.

She's handling you.

She's planning, she's figuring this out.

She won't trade.

If she wouldn't trade last
night, she'll never trade.

She wants to win!

I'm already dead.

And... And... And you're
never going to be free.

You'll die as much a prisoner as me.

It's over for us!

Do you get that?!

You played this all wrong!

Why buy a crib?!

You just killed my baby!


And a change of clothes.

Before I'll be a slave,
she'll be buried in her grave.

57 hours and counting.

Hi. Hey!

This is a surprise!

- Marv Heward.
- Montell.

Montell Damascus.

It used to be you'd show off
how cheap you paid for a thing.

Now these people are proud and bragging

only if they've handed over
a big wad of hardearned cash

to some corporation.

Yeah. And those corporations?

- They don't hire American men.
- Mnhmnh.

They just got factories
full of kids making the stuff

in some warlord,
noEnglishspeaking country.

Yeah. Where they've never even heard

- of the Pledge of Allegiance.
- Yeah.

They're out there giving
our money to the Communists.

It's unAmerican.

When I got out of the service,
I thought I had it made.

Goodpaying job.

Factory closes.

Do I complain? No.

I get a job driving a truck.

A year ago, they tell me they're
gonna lay off half the fleet.

They don't even grow food
in this country anymore.

I did not know that.

- You served?
- Army. Two tours.

2nd Battalion.

- Right.
- Yeah.

Did a tour in Nam.

3rd Division.

You see much action?

Well, when we weren't
taking fire from VC,

we were fixing mopeds

and delivering village girls' babies.

- Never a dull moment, was there?
- No.

Can't say I miss it.

Sure, but it beats looking for work.

I have an employee discount.


Next time you need something,
just come on down.

Discount's on me.

- Marv...
- No.

- I couldn't.
- No. I mean it.

In fact, any time.

Any... Any time you need
to buy something,

just ask for Marv, and
we'll give you that discount.

I'm not...

- That's charity!
- No.

What? No. It's... It's not charity.

You're still paying for it.

It's just now it's...

it's 40% off.

- 40%?
- Yeah.

Couldn't you get in hot water
for that kinda thing?

No, no.

See, you give me the cash,

and... and I put it on my debit card.

Discount's yours,
purchase receipt's in my name.

Nobody will know that Montell Damascus

set foot in the store.


My daughter could use a whole
load of stuff for the baby.

All right.

- Deal.
- All right.

You're a great father.

I hope you know that.

She's lucky to have you.

You're a good person.

We're all good people...

when someone gives us a chance to be.




You wanted to get out
of marrying me that bad?



Kick, kick, kick, kick,
kick, kick, kick, kick, kick.

There you are.

Just keep kicking, okay?

- She sent you to case the joint?
- This game needs to end.

I couldn't agree more.

there's still time on the clock.

22 hours to be precise.

So make your empty threat or...

She didn't send me.

I came on my own to warn you

you're not gonna win this thing.

In fact, you've already lost.

You forgot who you're dealing with.
What she's capable of.

She's my daughter. I know
exactly what she's capable of.

You don't. Not anymore.

She's gonna ride this train
to the end of the line,

and if you don't get out of the way,

you, and that innocent woman,

and that innocent woman's child?

- You'll all be crushed.
- So what should I do, then?

Tuck my tail between my legs
and ask for a job, like you?

Mnhmnh. Let her do her worst.

I'll be ready for her.

Maybe not as ready as you think.

Not as ready as I...


I have a right to defend myself.
I have a right to fight back!

I am left defenseless!
That girl is left defenseless!

Was I going to kill her? Maybe!

Will I ever save her now?

We will never know!

This is not a game!

Too far!

Too! Far!

Are you gonna do something?


Stop it.

You're embarrassing me!

- Go away!
- You know how this goes.

You've already been down here
for over 48 hours.

And you still have not made
a single attempt to leave.

Do you see the chain? I can't leave.

- I'm out of options.
- Why didn't you tell anyone?

When you thought that Liv was
the one who blew up that plane,

you didn't tell anyone.

Because I wasn't sure
it was Liv who actually did it.

Okay. But then you confronted her.

And that made you sure, right?

You were sure that it was Liv,

but you still didn't tell anyone.

Not me. Not Abby.

Not even your fiancé.

What does that have to do with anything?

The Quinn I know would be
tearing down the walls

trying to get out of here.

Instead you're chilling
on a filthy mattress,

singing lullabies wildly out of key.

I have a great voice.

You have a child to think about.

What would you know
about raising a child?!

Where's your kid?!


Huck, come back.

I didn't tell Charlie about Olivia.

I didn't tell anyone about Olivia.

If I had told someone,
it would've made it true.

It would've made it real.

That Olivia isn't Olivia anymore.

Olivia has become some monster.

Capable of...

And I don't want
to think that about her.

Liv still has a chance
to do the right thing.

She's still capable
of doing what's right.

But you can't wait.

He's gonna kill you.

Rowan bought me a crib.

- He's not going to...
- The crib is for the baby.

Your baby, Quinn. Not you.


You sell handguns, right?

Well, yeah.

Can I use your discount to get one?

You want to get a gun?

Of course.

Baby coming. Safety and all.

There've been breakins
in the neighborhood.

I want my family safe.

Wouldn't you? Don't you?

- You have guns?
- Of course.

So can we do the thing
where you buy the gun

and I get the discount?

See... that would mean that
the gun would be in my name.

- I'd have to register it to me.
- Yes.

And then in three months,
we turn in the paperwork

that says you're selling the gun to me,

and we transfer the registration.

Easy. It's taken care of.

It's handled.


It's just...

getting a gun like that is kinda...

It doesn't feel okay.

It's fighting the corporate system.

Same as ever.

And isn't it our right to have our guns?

I mean, taking away
our right to arm ourselves

is just what those snooty
D.C. folk are waiting for.

They take our guns,
they take our freedom.

I don't want to be out there

with nothing to protect my family.

I'm a man, Marv!

Don't you want me to be
just as much of a man

as... as you are?


is there some difference between us?

I mean, is that something
we should talk about?

No. No, no, no.

You're... You're... You're right.

And... And I just wanna say,
II would never...

Your blood runs red, white,
and blue... same as mine.

I mean, Oprah says that...

Montell, II don't see color.

We're brothers from another mother.

Yes, Marv.

We are brothers.

Come on, let's get you that gun.

Maybe get something larger, too.

Some real firepower to keep you safe.

You think?


A man's gotta be fully armed.

God bless America.

God bless America, Marv.

Like I said. I'm ready.

You want to serve Command?

Tell her come get her girl.

Tell her I am the darker
brother, I am at the table,

I, too, am America,

and she had better recognize
and respect!

Command ain't nothing but a title.

Father is who I am.

Yeah. It's me.

Tell Ms. Pope she's gonna want
to see me right away.

She had better recognize and respect!

Command ain't nothing but a title.

You summoned me?

Perkins' life or my freedom.

You don't summon me.

You do not push me or rush me.

This is serious business.
You have no idea...

Choose one, Olivia.

Perkins' life or my freedom.

You're not going to kill me.

I don't have to.

You won't be able to live with
that girl's blood on your hands

or the blood of the baby
she has inside of her.

No, I mean, you're not going to kill me.

And you should.

You should kill me.

It's your only way out of this.

It's what you would tell
anyone else to do.

Eliminate the problem.
Sever the head of the snake.

I am the snake.

I am the problem.

A bullet in my head is
your only chance at freedom.


Now all you have to do
is pull the trigger.

Pull it.

Pull it!

If you're not willing to kill me,

then you have no cards left to play.

I win. You lose.

You have a soul left, Olivia.

You will not let that girl die.

Geez. Take it easy, Robin.

Do you really need to do this?

I'm sorry, Charlie,
but we're out of options.

This isn't one of your better plans.

I don't need your judgment right now.

What are you gonna do?
Strangle him with that thing?

Pointless. You're still gonna have
these chains to contend with.

You're the leader. Think like a leader.


Be nice.

Fine. Let's all be nice.

Let's all be nice and watch her die.

What if this is all a test?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about Rowan testing us

to see if we're foolish enough
to try to escape.

He could just be wanting
another reason to kill us.

I will kill her.

- You think I'm bluffing.
- You guys hear that?


- She's fighting with Rowan.
- Okay.

- She could be here to save you.
- I don't know.

What do you think?

I think if we have any chance

of getting out of here ourselves,

- we're gonna need to move. Now.
- I walk out that door,

and you can spend the next 20
minutes waiting to die.

You're bluffing.

I think you're the one who's bluffing.

Your judgment is clouded.

Your soft, chewy center is out.

If I am who you hope I am,

then killing Quinn and her baby
destroys me for sure.

If I'm already done,
killing her gets you nothing.

You are bluffing.

Your bluff is showing. I can see it.

Try me.

If Quinn has to die for the
Republic, then she has to die.

60 seconds. Starting now.

Your move.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

Little to the left, Robin.

- Yes!
- Nice.

- Way to go!
- Good job.

All right, there's gotta
be something in here I can use.

I know Rowan wouldn't be
dumb enough to leave me a saw

or a gun or a blowtorch,

but if I could just
MacGyver something...


There's nothing.









Please, no.

I'm sorry.

- I can't let her win.
- Wait.

Wait. Just wait until my baby is born.

It won't be long now. I promise.



Want to see the body?

I've earned my freedom.

Call off your men.

- Olivia...
- Wait a few days.

Then figure out a way
to bring her back to us.

I can't just... have her
in some ditch somewhere.

She's Quinn. Huck will never
stop looking for her, and...

we need to bury her.

You got what you wanted.

Now let me out.

There's gotta be
something in here I can use.

There's nothing.

You are bluffing.

Your bluff is showing. I can see it.

Try me.

If Quinn has to die for the
Republic, then she has to die.

She's not going to kill you.

She gave you your name.
She gave you OPA.

She even gave you Bess Truman's
hairpin, for crying out loud.

She would never let you rot
in this basement.

Um, are you listening to this?

60 seconds. Starting now.

She's gonna kill Quinn?

But what about all the stuff at OPA?

- And the hairpin?
- That was before.

Before Quinn became a liability.

- How long does she have?
- Time check.

- You don't want to know.
- My God.

This whole time, I've been
waiting for her to save me,

but she already has.

Sorry, Mrs. Truman.

Come on.



Want to see the body?

I've earned my freedom.

Call off your men.

- Olivia...
- Wait a few days.

Then figure out a way
to bring her back to us.

I can't just... have her
in some ditch somewhere.

She's Quinn. Huck will never
stop looking for her, and...

we need to bury her.

You got what you wanted.

Now let me out.

Would you settle for a glass of wine?

I sure could use one.

I could use some water.

You won't need the chain.

Olivia is a bitch.

It was impressive.

Okay, yeah, it was.
But still... come on.

I am not going to call my child a bitch.


She is, though.

- What is it?
- Ooh!


It's nothing. It's... fine.

Braxton Hicks. Comes and goes.

- Here. Stand up.
- I'm fine.

Stand. Up.

Here we go.

Deep breaths. Like this.

These aren't Braxton Hicks.

What do you mean?

I mean, my water just broke.

These are...

I'm in labor. This is labor.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay. Okay.

All right. Come on.

All right. It's all right.

No. I think...

Just... Just... Just...
Just relax. Relax.

Sitting is the opposite
of what we should be doing.

We need to get to a hospital.
We need to get Charlie.

It'll be fine.

Just be calm.

What are you doing?

We need to leave!

You'll be fine!

Women have had babies
since the beginning of time

without a hospital.

We'll just do this
the oldfashioned way.


Mnhmnh. No, no, no. No.

Listen. I know... I know you're afraid.

I know you're afraid.

It's... It's okay. It's okay.


Please don't.

Please. I need a hospital.

I need Charlie.


It's okay, Robin.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Everything's gonna be just fine.


There's been some misunderstanding.

- Montell...
- I told you. It's an emergency.

You said you delivered babies before!

That was in Vietnam!

Quinn. Open your eyes.

This wouldn't be so hard

if you hadn't knocked her unconscious.

She needs to be awake!

She needs to push!

There you are. There she is.

No yelling.

Tell them no yelling
in front of the baby.

She's awake. Tell her what to do.

- What's her name?
- Christy.


- I'm gonna need you to push.
- Need you to push.


- It's okay.
- You can do it.

The head is out.

I just need to pass the shoulders.

Breathe. Push.

You'll be okay.

- Come over here.
- Help me.

You're doing great.

Robin, look at me. Look at me.

You're doing so good.

She's gonna be here soon,
and she's gonna be so beautiful.

I've got you. We've got you.

Is that her?!

Is that her?

I did it. I did it.

It's a girl.

Give her to me.

You did good, Robin. Sleep now.

You can see her when you wake up.

My baby.

Shh, shh, shh, shh. She's right here.

- Is she okay?
- She is perfect.


Hi, little thing.


There was someone else here. A man.

A dear friend of mine

willing to make a discreet house call.

A doctor? That's good.

So she... She's really
all good? Healthy?

According to my friend

and every checklist
on the Internet, yes.

And you were exquisite.


You dressed her and...

diapered her.

And all this stuff is for us?

This was Liv's room.

You understand you...
you can't go home just yet?

I know.

Liv thinks I'm dead, and
if she finds out I'm not...

You're safe here.

Until we can figure out how to proceed.


Thank you.

Now, the little lady must be hungry,

and that's my cue to leave.

I have to tidy up in the basement.

A little girl in the house.

What a blessing. What a joy.

You're a good person.

We're all good people

when someone gives us a chance to be.


Rowan, there are enough clothes up there

to get her through kindergarten.

How long are you planning on keeping...

My God.

I'm sorry.


I called you good!

You are not a good person.

- You are a twisted...
- Shut up!

Callous, crazy old man

with a bloated corpse in his basement.

His name is Marvin Heward!

He was a United States Marine.
He served in Vietnam.


was a good person.


was my only friend.

And I killed him.

For you and that baby.

Mothers and children first.

That's the rule.

So don't preach to me.


Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx