Scandal (2012–2018): Season 7, Episode 4 - Lost Girls - full transcript

While Liv is busy running the free world, the team at QPA works with an unexpected client to solve an important case. At the White House, Mellie prepares for the upcoming nuclear summit with President Rashad and Prime Minister Nazari.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
President Grant. It's an honor.

- Mr. Pryce.
- What are you doing here?

I, uh, actually was
hoping for your help

on some Institute business,

but if this is a bad time...

No. No. Not at all.

Uh... Actually just leaving.



Uh, nice to meet you, Mr. President.

FITZ: You, too.

That was exciting.

What are you doing here?

What is this?

An Institute project Marcus
and I are putting together.

I was hoping you could lend us a hand.

Lend you... Are you crazy?

It's a missing-girls case.

I don't care what kind of case it is.

Hundreds of teenage girls
no one's looking for

because of the color of their skin.

The president of Bashran is in town.

- We're organizing a summit.
- It's right up your alley.


- Olivia.

Was. Was up my alley.

This isn't... You're not
supposed to be here.

We're not...

Why are you here?

100 days is over.

I kept my head down, but
now I have work to do.

Come on.

If we don't help them, who will?

Give this to Quinn Perkins.

- I don't want Quinn Perkins!
- If she can get some traction,

I'll have Mellie make a statement.

- Otherwise...
- I want you.

- Well, you can't have me.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have work to do, too.


It's a momentous day
at the White House

with President Grant set to
preside over a nuclear summit

between President Rashad of Bashran

and Prime Minister Nazari
of Dakal this week.

RASHAD: If my past experience
with this man is any indication,

he'll want to know what's next...

how any of this actually
gets implemented.

Well, that's why today's negotiation

is simply a starting point.

If we are to convince
Prime Minister Nazari

to get behind this treaty and sign...

I don't think it's a question
of "if," Madam President.

Nazari will sign.

You and I will make sure of it.

I like the way you think.


If only the people of my country
all shared in that opinion.

I know you're getting some pushback.

Certainly no surprise there.

I want you to know if there's
anything more I can do,

anything else that you need...

I appreciate that.

Of course.

So, is there?

Anything else you need?



Come in.

Madam President, President
Rashad, good morning.

We were just finishing up some
last-minute talking points.

We're all on the same page, I take it?

- I believe so.
- Wonderful.

Looking forward to the
talks, Madam President.

As am I, President Rashad.

Thank you.

Did you know Fitz was in town?

He called this morning asking
when he could see the kids.

Has it been on the books for awhile?

MELLIE: No, it was very last minute.

I told him he could
do whatever he wants,

as long as he doesn't
upstage our summit.

My first official treaty-signing pens.

We are making history today, Liv.

You and me.

I can feel it.

HANNAH: "An employee of
the Executive Branch"

may accept a gift only
if it is unsolicited..."

Which it was.

"And if the gift is
valued at $20 or less..."

How much is the painting worth?

A bit more than that.

What could that man have
possibly been thinking?

I mean...


Oh. Nothing.


Well, it's just that
the barista at Hot Pot

tries to give me free
biscotti every morning

because he wants to...

He thinks that I'll...

- For biscotti?!
- Right.

That's why I always pay full price

so that I don't send
him the wrong message.

In this case, paying full price
is not going to be an option.

Then you're gonna
have to give it back.

I mean, unless you do
want to send a message.


You can go.


219 missing black girls

ignored by the press, cops, everyone,

and that's just this past year.

- This is criminal.
- Fitz agrees.

He asked us to make some noise.

We do our jobs right,

everyone and their uncle will
know who these girls are

and be out there looking for them.

- How much does it pay?
- Charlie!

What? We got a wedding to pay for.

You got the Save The Date, right?

First thing we need is a face.

What about 219 faces?

219 missing girls is just an idea.

People can ignore an idea.

What we need is an
individual, a poster girl,

someone who can get the
public's attention.

Question is... who?

I coordinated with Bashrani Security.

Everyone they flagged as a
potential threat to Rashad

is now in our system.

To be on the safe side, though,

I think it's time we talked
about hiring some agents.

The more eyes and ears
we have in the field...

I need you to look into Fitz.

He's back. No warning.

Shows up on my doorstep saying

he's got some case he
needs my help with.

And you think that's strange?

A man who hasn't gone
for three minutes,

let alone three months,
without wanting to see you.

We had an understanding.

He stays in Vermont,

keeps his nose out of
Mellie's business...

out of my business.

If he comes here, it's coordinated

with the White House. No surprises.

What's the case?

It doesn't matter. It's not the point.

Maybe it is the point.

Maybe this is a case that's

actually worthy of your attention.

May I ask what you're afraid of?

I don't know.

You don't know.

It doesn't feel right.

Claudia Lopez... 17 year
old from Fort Myers.

Vanished during her lunch
break at the Gettysburger

where she was employee of the month.

She dropped out of high school

after being held back
for spotty attendance.

So, what? We're saying
she's irresponsible?

- Employee of the month.
- It doesn't matter.

Whoever we pick has to
be squeaky clean. Next.

Hannah Martel... 16 year
old from Galveston.

Went missing while at the
mall with her friends.

Lost her private-school scholarship

after smoking a cigarette at a dance.

QUINN: Lost her scholarship?

I was caught smoking in the
school dance and got detention.

Okay, next.


Quanesha Turner...

honor-roll student at
Bishop High in Cincinnati.

- Disappeared...
- No good.

What, are you kidding? She's
the perfect poster child.

People hear "Quanesha"
and stop listening.

We need a name that sounds white.

Ugh. Anyone else grossed
out by all this?

We're all grossed out by this,
but this is what it's gonna take

to get the American
people to pay attention.

Ou-Our girl is in here somewhere.

She has to be.

A case? That's how you're
gonna save my daughter?

It's a noble cause.

Getting Liv involved is
a chance to remind her

who she is, what she cares about.

So, Olivia will help
you find these girls,

and as a result, she'll what?

Trade in her B613 horns for a halo?

Has she agreed to work on it?

She put her old team on it.

- So, no?
- What would you have me do?

Ask her politely to dismantle B613?

If Liv shutters B613, it has
to be her idea, not mine.

We are luring her into a cage.

Let's be very clear about that.

We are not doing anything.

Whatever I do is because
I want to do it.

If we're gonna be clear
about something,

let's be clear about that.

You know what? Never mind.

You forget, I was in a cage, too.

They'll say I was lured by fossils.

No. It was the girl who dangled
those fossils in front of me.

She was the cheese in my trap.

What's your point?

My point is this case is not the bait.

You are.

You are her weakness.

It is why I have always hated you

with the passion of 1,000 suns

and why I think you're her
only chance at salvation.

The case is fine. The case
will get her attention,

but if you want to fix her,

she can't fall in love with a cause.

She has to fall in love... with you.

You are the cheese, Mr. President.


Remember that.


Zoe Adams... 15 year
old from Baltimore.

Rangerette. Last seen at dance
practice with her troupe.


Straight-A student.

Hey, Marcus, reach out
to your press contacts.

Get Zoe's story out there.

Huck, Charlie, verify her background.

Get those school records.

Do we have the Baltimore
PD case files?

I wouldn't expect them
to be too helpful.

I'll get David on it.


Vice President Beene!

This is an unexpected treat.
Just a sec.


Mr. Glackland.

Did you get my present?


W-W-Would you mind, uh...

Oh, oh! Right! Yeah.

Hey, come in. Come in.

Look, you-your... your
gift was very generous.

The painting is incredible,
but I can't accept it.

Of course you can. I gave it to you.

Mr. Glackland...

Call me Fenton.

Or Fentsie... That's what
they called me at MIT.


you're aware that there
are laws that forbid me

as vice president to
accept gifts of any value,

much less the gift of a
$100-million Cézanne.

Oh, right.

Well, that's too bad.

I really wanted you to have it.

I'll, uh, I'll give you
my office address,

and you can ship it back there.

See, that's the other thing.

I'm... I'm sure it needs
to be transported

by a special mover and insured,

and I can't pay for that
out of my office budget.

That's taxpayer money.

Of course. I'll, um...

I'll have my assistant
make arrangements, then.

Sorry if I, uh, put you
in an awkward position.

It's okay. I... it was a nice thought.

It was, wasn't it?

Especially after you
were a real jerk to me.

I do want to apologize.

Ah, forget about it.
Maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm not... cut out for politics.

All this ass kissing and trying
not to say what you mean,

though... now that I think about it,

you're not too great at
either of those yourself.

I-I-I guess you're right. [CHUCKLES]

Yeah, I should...

let you get back to whatever
you've got... going in there.

You want to try it?

No, I couldn't possibly.

Sure, you can. Come on. Try it.

I-I have a lot on my plate today.

Cyrus, you're making me pay

to take back the Cézanne
that I gave you.

The least you can do is try
out my embarrassing glasses.

- Oh! My God!
- Oh!

Fenton, that was like a legion!

That was awesome!

Are you okay?

- Uh...
- You okay?


Who am I?

Admit it... you were enjoying it.

I'll never admit it.

At this age, my pride
is all I have left.

Tell you the truth, I'm
surprised to hear you say that.

Oh, don't flatter me, Fentsie.
I'm immune.

Oh, I'm not flattering you.

I'm surprised to hear you say that

because it seems like all
your dirty laundry's aired.

I mean, your ex-hubby

has custody of your
kid for God's sake.

You must've been a... bad, bad boy.


What time is it?

I-I should be going.

Oh, ho-hold up! Don't get defensive.

I-I meant that in a good way.

How's that?

Well, you're... you're
not some pretty person

who got voted in 'cause of your
kindly wife and your 2.5 kids

and a bunch of swing voters
thought you had a nice smile.

You're a real human,

warts and all.

You're a career politician

and you're there on your own merit.


you're who got me thinking maybe
I should give politics a go.


Come on. I do have a nice smile.

Well, you have...

You have much more than that, Cyrus.

What do you say that...

we, um...

do this on the regular?

You... teach me about politics,

and me...

getting under your skin.

I think we could, um...

learn a lot from each other.

Thank you for a lovely evening.

But I-I-I really should get going.



The former Press Secretary
is here to see you,

and I have Curtis Pryce on line two.

Former Press... send him in.

And tell Mr. Pryce I'm unavailable.

In fact, whenever Mr. Pryce
calls, I'm unavailable.


What are you doing here?

It's nice to see you, too.

I thought I'd pop in to see Mellie,

but Rachel said I had to
get a hall pass from you.

What do you need?

I just wanted to see how she's doing.

- How is she doing?
- She's busy.

Sure, but there's no way you can
squeeze me in between meetings?

- Mnh-mnh.
- 30 seconds. Come on.

Unlike the major nuclear summit

President Grant's
currently dealing with,

this isn't a negotiation.

We picked a girl, by the way.

Our TV-friendly, missing black girl.

Zoe Adams... 15, Baltimore native.

I think she's gonna make a
great face for the cause.

- Glad to hear it.
- Right.

Well, maybe if you have a minute,

you could stop by the office,
get your hands dirty.

This is my office.

My hands are plenty dirty.

Fair enough.

How's Vermont?

Cold. White.

No, I mean how's Fitz in Vermont?





He misses you.

So, this newfound passion for

finding missing black
girls is just... what?

An excuse to see me?

If it means that we're able to

bring even one of these girls
home, then... who cares?




CHARLIE: Look, uh, I'm all
about pro bono. Love pro bono.

Can't get enough pro bono
as long as we get paid.

Wh... Stop.

What is she doing here?

I invited her.

What? When?


I can hear you.

How's it going with Zoe?

We tried drawing
attention to her story

with a couple press releases,
but no one's reached out.

That's because you don't need a story.

You need a storyteller.

A missing girl can't speak.

A mother can.

Nora Adams is attractive.
She goes to church.

She put herself through school

after her husband died
serving his country.

She set up web pages,

opened a dozen social-media
accounts to help look for Zoe,

staged a week-long vigil
outside city hall,

wrote to the governor,

even reached out to
former President Grant.

People can't identify
with a missing girl,

but they will identify
with a determined mother.

You want results, put her out there.

Let her tell Zoe's story.

Do that, I'll make sure she
gets all the press she needs.

Thank you.



I didn't expect to see you here.

I had a few minutes.
Thought I'd pitch in.

- What?
- Just...

You in this office
feels like old times.


We should get a drink

before I head back to Rutland.

Or we could keep meeting
outside elevators.


Let's see how the summit turns out.

- I have to...
- Sure.

Yeah. Okay.

Good luck today.

Thank you.


This is very thorough.

The conditions listed
in that document,

Prime Minister Nazari,

are an attempt to level
the playing field...

a sign of good faith that shows that

even before we begin negotiations,

both Bashran and Dakal
stand to gain equally

as a result of signing this treaty.

A lovely notion.

Too bad it is complete bunk.

Is this how you want to start?
With insults?

That document is the insult.

What sort of fool do you take me for?

I would tell you, but
there are women present.

President Rashad.

I know you, son.

You are a child, and you are greedy,

so I know that no matter
what it says on this paper,

we are not starting from
a level playing field.

What did you offer him to get
him to come to the table?

This summit is happening because
President Rashad requested it.

Because it is time there was peace.

This summit is happening

because the United States
will never be happy

until they are the only
ones with the big bombs.

No, you two made some sort of
bargain at that State Dinner.

You are conspiring.

You know, I miss your
husband, Madam President.


He at least would do me the courtesy

to look me in the eye when
he tried to screw me.


You will apologize.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe there was no bargain.

Maybe the lady's charms were enough.


I suggest we take a break

in the interest of clearer
heads and lower tempers.

I want a list of proposed
sanctions against Dakal

on my desk in an hour.

We need to show Nazari in full detail

what's going to happen if he
continues being uncooperative.

So, we're resorting to
threats, then, already?

If we want to get this done, we
don't have much of a choice.

You saw that man in there.
The nerve.

What I saw, Madam President,

was a man who is frustrated
and skeptical and suspicious.

Nazari doesn't trust or
believe anything you say.

Why would he?

You invited President Rashad here.

You threw him a great,
big, fancy State Dinner.

You've been lauding his achievements,

his generosity in the
press ever since.

You've been working with
him behind closed doors,

- just the two of you.
- What exactly is your point?

That it's obvious
what's happening here.

And not just to me.

Oh, don't be ridiculous, Olivia.

Then tell me I'm wrong.

There's nothing to tell.


All of these girls just... gone.

It's like no one even cares. [SIGHS]

This is an uphill battle.

The media, local police, the
public... you're right.

They don't care.

They haven't been listening.

But we can make them care.

Make them listen.

You can make them.

Let us fight for your daughter...

for each of these girls.

- Fight?
- Yes.



I've been fighting this whole time.

It's about time you showed up.

The police insisted she
had just run away.

They said that it
happens all the time...

that she would turn up eventually.

That was three months ago.

I keep calling them.

They don't know my daughter.

Her dance recital was last week.

She missed it.

She would never miss it unless...

My daughter's out there somewhere.

She needs help, and
nobody seems to care.

I just want my baby girl back!

Thank you, Ms. Adams,

for sharing your story with us today.

I can't imagine how difficult
all this must be for you.

If anyone has any information

that might help locate Zoe Adams,

you're encouraged to call the number.

It's free and completely anonymous.

Thank you, Curtis.

It's an unfortunate truth that
girls of color, like Zoe,

go missing every day in this country.

Girls who aren't just
slipping through the cracks.

They're being ignored
and forgotten outright.

Yeah, I'd call that more than

an unfortunate truth, Mr. President.

I'd call that a national crisis.

I couldn't agree more.

But something occurs to me.

If it's a national crisis now,

it was a national crisis when
you were still president.

If time is of the essence
in cases like these,

why didn't your Justice
Department do something

to shine the light on
these missing girls?

I wasn't aware of the problem.

- You're claiming ignorance.
- I am.

As I'm sure many of your viewers
would've before our talk tonight

because girls like Zoe

aren't just being ignored
by the justice system.

They're being ignored by the press.

So, you're saying the media's to blame

- for these girls going missing?
- No, Curtis.

I'm saying the media's to blame
for them staying missing.

And for the fact that the only reason

Zoe's picture is on
TV tonight is because

a rich white guy is sitting
next to her mother right now.

Curtis, I didn't come
here to spar with you.

I came here in hopes that

your viewers could help
us find Zoe Adams.

- That's why I'm here.
- Fair enough,

but what happens when you leave
this studio here tonight...

when you go back to Vermont, and...

Who says I'm going back?

My library's in Vermont, but
my foundation, my real work,

it's in the cities...
Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago,

right here in D.C.

That's why I'm back and why
I'm strongly considering

moving my foundation here permanently.

Vermont can wait.

Reuniting girls like Zoe
with their families can't.


Has anyone ever told you

you have the most bracing
taste in alcohol?

[CHUCKLES] A powerful leader
needs a powerful drink.

Second one goes down easier.

I think I'll need at least one more

if I am to keep myself from

clobbering that disgusting,
old bastard with a chair.

Which would not advance our cause.

For him to speak to you like that...

I appreciate your outrage,

but I don't need you
to stand up for me.

And if we're gonna get
anywhere with Nazari at all,

he cannot see us as a united front.

I'm here to facilitate these talks,

so I need to seem impartial.

- Are you?


I need to seem as though I am.


- Mmm.

Oh, okay. Maybe that's enough.

I think I can stand a little more.

Perhaps you're right.

Until tomorrow, Madam President.



Help me.



You should've told me you
wanted some new art, Cyrus.

I could've gotten you something.
This is the White House.

You can't just buy a cheap print
online and call it a day.

You're the vice...

Oh, my God.

What on Earth?

- This is real?!
- It's a gift.

From Fenton.


Yes, he...

He... wants you!

[GASPS] Cyrus, he wants you bad!

Here, gimme. I want
to hear everything.

Oh, this is exciting!

You two!


It has a ring!

Power couple!

Madam President.

You've uttered many, many
objectionable things to me,

but that is by far the worst.

What? I'm j-just saying
maybe it's time for...

For throwing in the towel?

What are you talking about?

That man is beneath me.

He gave you a Cézanne!


And maybe you shouldn't be
so quick to dismiss him

based on...

based on what exactly?

Did you see my ex-husband?
Did you catch his face?

I can't go from that... to that.

I have standards.

Of course you do.

I will not lower them.

I know you won't.


I'm sorry. Forget I said anything.


He's making me feel
all twitchy inside.

President Rashad.



I can't.

I shouldn't.

I'm President.

But it's intoxicating.

Everyone always doing what I say.

I start to think...

I can do whatever I want.

Whomever I want.

But that is exactly
what they all thought.

All those old, dead guys

with their mistresses
and their child brides.

The pigs.

And now...

it's happening to me.

It's a nightmare.

I n-never thought about it like that.

Well, now you know.

You're not the only one
with issues around here.


At least Glackland has good taste.

And not just in his choice of art.





I see you've opened a nail salon.

Ethyl methacrylate...

if I don't treat Annie's
bones, they'll degrade.


To what do I owe the pleasure?

I had a meeting at State.

Thought I'd pop by, see if
you're behaving yourself.


Annie, huh?

I caught myself talking to her.
Decided she needed a name.


I've been thinking about
you a lot lately.

How you used to come home
at night when I was a kid,

regale Mom and me with stories

of the day you'd spent at the museum.

Mm. It's called "lying."

Yeah, you were good at it.

- You figured it out.
- Did I?

I'm sure there were times you
could've left or come clean,

but you didn't. You stuck it out.

That tells me you thought
it was worth it.


You're asking...

if it's possible to be Command

and share your life with someone.

I'm not asking anything.

No, the path that you
are on is a lonely one.

It doesn't have to be.

Sharing your life
with Fitzgerald Grant

- may sound appealing...
- Who said anything about Fitz?

He was on television last
night talking about staying.

I know you, Olivia.

You want to share your life with him,

and you want me to say
that it's possible.

Well, it is not.

Not if you insist on being Command.

Your B613 isn't my B613.

I've been saying that
from the beginning.

-Oh, please.
- Just because you were miserable...

Damn it!

Olivia! Look at you!

You're asking me for boy advice!

Your own father.

That's how alone you are.

The people's whose advice
you normally seek,

you can't go to them.

Not anymore. They can't
know the secret.

They can't know that by night,

you oversee the most
bloody band of murderers

this world has ever known.

I can. I've borne that secret.

I understand.

I mean, that's why you're here!

Because despite your contempt
for me, I'm all you have.

Just me.

Dear... old... dad.

And when I'm gone...

then what?

You'll be talking to
dinosaurs just like I am.

If that's not reason
enough to shutter B613...

then I don't know what is.


You don't have to like me, Olivia,

but you're a fool if you
don't learn from me!



The fact Grant was able to
get theses two countries

to even agree to a summit is
in itself a huge achievement.

Convincing Rashad and Nazari

to ditch their nuclear
capabilities won't be easy,

yet sources inside the White
House remain confident

saying that if anyone can
accomplish this feat,

it's President Mellie Grant.

MELLIE: I believe we have a point
that needs to be cleared up

before we can proceed.

I am all ears.

You were correct.

There was a deal made the
night at the State Dinner.

Of course there was.

This is not news.

An American spy was captured

while doing reconnaissance is Bashran.

Well... now you have my attention.

Madam President, this is unnecessary.

In order to secure his release,

I agreed to host this summit.

You could've asked for anything.

Why this?

Because you and I do
not like each other...

which is unlikely to change,

but I don't believe that
means that my people should

live in fear of annihilation.

Neither should yours.

This treaty stipulates

periodic inspections of
our nuclear facilities.

Will you agree to allow Dakali
inspectors into your facilities?

If you would allow Bashrani
inspectors into yours...

yes, I would agree to these terms.

Well, Madam President...

I believe you can proceed.


What has happened?


What just happened?

Rebels have entered
the Bashran capital.

I need you to keep eyes
on President Rashad.

This was a coup.

Rashad isn't president
of anything anymore.


It's wall to wall Bashran.

Not a single mention
of Grant versus Pryce.

It was impressive, sir.

It would've been top of the
news if not for this coup.

Look, we are not giving up.

We dig back into this case file,

and we find Zoe ourselves
if we have to.

We need Mellie on this.

I'll handle it.

JAKE: They've seized
control of the palace.

State's getting calls
asking us to recognize

the rebel leader as the
new president of Bashran.

How did we not see this coming?

This isn't a handful of drunks

cutting throats in the
middle of the night.

This is a highly organized,
highly coordinated coup.

There should've been chatter.

We should've been able to
take action instead of...

Instead of just following
your ex-boyfriend around?

We need more agents, Liv!

I don't know how many
times I have to say it.

If we had them, I wouldn't
have missed this.

You need to make up your mind, Liv.

Are you Command or are
you someone's girl?

You can't be both.

You are not to recognize him.

I understand that, Secretary,

but Bashran already has a
leader... a president...

and I am going to make sure
that it stays that way.


I want the Joint Chiefs
along with State

and Defense here first
thing in the morning,

and the Director of the CIA, as well.

There's a very real possibility

that we are going to
have to send in troops

to put down this coup in Bashran.

Okay. That is a relief.

[SIGHS] I'm glad we're
on the same page.

You said "possibility."

You can be talked out
of a possibility.

A possibility is not a certainty,

- and for that, I am relieved.
- Olivia...

A U.S. military
intervention in Bashran

would not be wise, Mellie.

It would undermine our
efforts in the Middle East,

antagonize our enemies, not to mention

represent a massive shift
in our foreign policy.

I disagree!

We send in troops,

reinstate Rashad as the
rightful president,

and we'd actually be reinforcing
our efforts in the Middle East.

Until then, we'd have to grant
Rashad sanctuary, of course.



Mellie, you need to
be very careful here.

We can't send him back.

Not now.

Olivia, where is your humanity?

He is no longer a leader.

He has effectively become
irrelevant to the United States.

The rebels will kill him.

Our hands are tied.

Well, we need to untie them.

By going to war?!

I can't let you do that.



He was at the table, Olivia.

You and I, we got him there.

He was at the table with Dakal,

ready to forgo his
nuclear capabilities

and make peace with his enemy.

We... found a solution to a problem

that this country has
been wrestling with

for over 50 years because of him.

If that isn't worth fighting for,

worth going to war for,
then you tell me what is.



I need to think about it.




- What?
- No "Hi"?

What is it? What do you want?

This revolt in Bashran is
dominating the news cycle

just when we were getting traction

in the missing-girl story.

You want me to hit the undo
button on the revolution?

I want you to talk to Mellie,
see if she'll make a statement,

hold an event in the Rose Garden.

You share custody of a child.

You are her ex-husband

and the ex-President
of the United States.

You don't need me to talk to Mellie.

I do when you control her.
I know how this works.

You're the power.

Why are you here?

I told you.

You didn't. You deflected.

One of the many tools in
your political arsenal...

tools I handed you.

So, stop trying to use them
on me and answer my...

I need your help with this case.

Quinn is more than capable of...

It's a great cause, and it's
being overshadowed by Bashran.

- Stop lying.
- So, you're passing the buck?

Abandoning the missing girls?

Okay, you need to leave.


Leave! Now!

I'm not going anywhere.

Why are you here?!

Because you are here!

Because I love you!

You are here, right
where you need to be.

You are running the world.

I ran the world, too,

and everything that went wrong

happened when we weren't together.


Without you...

I was better with you.

You were better with me.

You know that. I know you know that.


Tell me you know that.


OLIVIA: Good morning, Madam President.

Well, what did you decide?

- Ma'am?
- About sending troops to Bashran,

helping Rashad get his country back...

what did you decide?

I've prepared two briefs.

You'll need to review them
before we can discuss.

I have feelings for him.

President Rashad.

I do have feelings for him.

He means something to me.

I know I serve my country,

and I am beyond fortunate to do so.

I, alone, sit at the the top
of the world and all...

We sit at the top of the world.
You are never alone.

You may run the playbook, you
may make the tough calls,

but I am the one who has to stand
before the American people

and own those calls.

Good or bad, I am the
one who is responsible

for the conscience of a nation.

I am always alone.


I have feelings for him,

but I am not a teenage
girl writing in her diary.

I understand the job.

I work the office,

and I know we have a chance
here to do what's right,

to add some peace to this world.

Liv... this time...

I want it to be my call.

Just one time.

Like I said, I've prepared
a couple of briefs.

The first one outlines
troop deployment stats.

The Joint Chiefs will
be here in an hour.

You'll need to make decisions
on numbers of military

if you're going to send
troops into Bashran.

Of course...

you have feelings for him,

and of course we will
restore Rashad's presidency

and return peace to Bashran.

It's what you want to do.

You are a woman, a tactical thinker,

a strategist, and the
leader of the free world.

So, yes, this can be your call,

and you will not make the same
think-below-the-waist mistakes

as the 44 men who came before you.

I will not allow it.

That is my call.

You are never alone.

♪ A lonely mother gazing
out of her window ♪

You have me.

♪ Staring at a son that
she just can't touch ♪

What's in the second folder?

♪ If at any time he's in a
jam she'll be by his side ♪

Another chance to do what's right.

To add some peace.

♪ But he doesn't realize
he hurts her so much ♪

♪ But all the praying just
ain't helping at all ♪

♪ Cause he can't seem to keep
his self out of trouble ♪

- No. No. No!
- Mrs. Adams.

Let's go in the back. I-I...

She's alive.

♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

She's with a counselor in Alexandria.

I'll take you to her.

♪ Please stick to the rivers and
the lakes that you're used to ♪

My baby?

She's alive.

♪ I know that you're gonna have
it your way or nothing at all ♪

- [CRYING] She's alive!

♪ But I think you're moving too fast ♪

She's alive!

♪ Little precious has a natural
obsession for temptation ♪

♪ But he just can't see ♪

♪ She gives him loving that
his body can't handle ♪


Is anyone there?

♪ But all he can say is,
"Baby, it's good to me" ♪

- Cyrus?

What's this?

That painting. I'm keeping it.


But it can't be a gift, which
is why I'm buying it from you.


20 bucks. Well..that's a steal.

20 bucks and...

starting tomorrow, I'll
teach you about politics.

Sound good?


♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

♪ Please stick to the rivers and
the lakes that you're used to ♪

♪ I know that... ♪

The Justice Department,

as ordered by the President
and the Attorney General,

are setting up a special
division within the FBI

to focus on missing persons of color.

- Really?
- Really.

I handpicked the chief
investigator to lead it off.

It will be well-funded
and made a top priority.

- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.

We still have a lot of work to do.

Yes, we do, but it's a start.


Excuse me.

What is it?

JAKE: You were wrong... about Fitz.

He did what he was supposed to do.

He stayed in Vermont.

He didn't stick his nose
into your business.

He didn't misbehave.

♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

♪ Please stick to the rivers and
the lakes that you're used to ♪

♪ I know that you're gonna have
it your way or nothing at all ♪

OLIVIA: Looks like Annie isn't the
only one you've been talking to.

♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪

♪ Please stick to the rivers and
the lakes that you're used to ♪