Scandal (2012–2018): Season 7, Episode 12 - Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself - full transcript

Annalise Keating seeks Olivia's help in fast-tracking a judicial reform class action to the United States Supreme Court.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Who can tell me
the biggest mistake
people make in a crisis?
A failure to plan.
Crisis management
isn't about planning.
It's about action.
Snap decisions in the moment.
An ineffective
communication strategy.
Student #3:
Telling the truth.
[ Laughter ]
People think
we lie for a living.
But in fact,
the truth is often
our greatest weapon.
Anyone else?
Woman: Not knowing
they're in a crisis.
Very good.
Annalise Keating.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Ms. Pope.
Ms. Keating.
That was a very informed answer
Spoken from experience?
I'm a defense attorney.
I taught at Middleton Law School
for years.
Professor Keating...?
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
I'm happy
that my own business
never caught
your attention.
[ Laughs ]
I'm representing
a class-action case
that has the potential
to reform
our entire justice system.
I have
about 100 plaintiffs --
all mostly poor,
people of color --
who have been incarcerated
due to underfunded
public defenders.
The case was just shot down
by Pennsylvania courts.
I wish you a lot of luck.
constitutional rights
are being violated
every single day
in every courtroom
across the country.
Luck is for cereal
with marshmallows.
[ Laughs ]
I need your help.
I'm not sure how I can.
I'm not
a practicing lawyer.
I don't need another lawyer.
I need this case
to be fast-tracked
to the United States
Supreme Court.
I don't know
if you've heard,
but I've been
out of the White House
for a few months now.
The news said
you left on good terms.
I did.
But I'm sort of enjoying
my break from politics.
Who's talking politics?
I'm talking justice.
Ending the new Jim Crow.
Here, read this case file.
I --
Just look it over.
You can say no then.
Ms. Pope.
Our country's in crisis.
Together we can fix it.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Abby: I've rescheduled
Party-boy Banker for tomorrow,
so today we just have
Senator Embarrassing X-Ray
and the oil lobbyist
with the little
money-laundering sitch.
Huck: I'm also converting
all the machines
to a stronger
encryption protocol.
So that'll take us offline
for a few hours.
You just have
to tell me when.
We were thinking
maybe Friday night.
Did you hear anything
we just said?
Uh, today is X-Ray Senator
and money laundry
oil lobbyist.
is Party Boy Banker.
Abby: Also, Charlie reached out
to a couple of PI's
for extra help with all
the tails we're running.
We'll want to sit down
with them.
So, maybe next week,
Sooner would be better.
Charlie can run point on that,
I'll check.
I'm sorry.
Was there something else?
You're Googling Liv again,
aren't you?
She's teaching college.
you know what they say.
Those who can't do...
[ Laughs ] You're bad.
Liv's worse.
Good riddance.
[ Inhales deeply,
exhales ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Annalise Keating.
The Annalise Keating
showed up in your classroom.
So you've heard of her?
it's Annalise Keating.
Annalise Keating
the top defense attorney
and badass professor
from Middleton University
in Philly?
Of course.
I applied to law school there
because of her.
She's a beast.
Google says
she's a criminal.
She's been accused
of some things.
But haven't we all.
She wants my help on a case.
Class-action suit.
Defendants are incarcerated
due to over--
public defenders.
Yeah, I read about this.
I brought the idea to Fitz,
but we got sidetracked
with another project.
You taking it on?
[ Laughs ]
Are you serious?
Black men going to prison
because their
constitutional rights
have been violated?
Yeah, I'm serious.
I'm not in the game anymore.
You're a school teacher.
Watch yourself.
I just don't think
I can do it.
Then don't do it.
Do nothing.
Waste your life.
I got to go.
Marcus, why do you --
Why do I return your calls?
Show up for drinks?
Come over
to watch the game?
After everything
that happened,
why are you here?
[ Exhales ]
We're black,
which means
I'll always be here for you,
and I'll always
root for you.
That's how we do.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Knock on door ]
It's a good case.
Your brief is strong,
the injustices are clear.
It's evident these prisoners'
constitutional rights
are being violated.
Some of their stories
are quite moving.
I sense a "but" coming.
But there is one problem.
Annalise Keating
can't be the face of this.
I did a little research.
Murdered husband,
stint in jail...
I was wrongfully accused,
just like
many of my plaintiffs.
Your tenure at Middleton
was nullified.
You were almost disbarred
for alcoholism.
I'm sober now.
Ms. Keating.
You'd be the national press'
featured entrée
for almost a month
of news cycles.
Arson charges for dinner,
murder for dessert.
Even if I was able to spin
this rather colorful
history of yours,
you'd still
have to pull off a miracle
to get the Supreme Court
to come anywhere near this case.
So you're saying
I'm a hot mess.
I thought you were able
to move mountains.
That's why I came here
looking for you.
Your reputation was
supposed to speak for itself.
Have a safe trip
back to Philadelphia.
[ Knock on door ]
If we're gonna
work together,
then there is one thing
you need to understand.
This is my town,
my game, my rules.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
This isn't
a good idea.
I know.
He doesn't want
to see you.
I know.
I had nothing
to do with this.
We never talked.
I know.
How can I help you,
Class-action suit.
100 plaintiffs.
Constitutional rights
are being violated.
I'm familiar.
Why do you need our help?
It's a big case.
A huge fight.
I can't do it alone.
Olivia Pope
asking for help.
That's a first.
I did not come here
for forgiveness.
I know you don't like me.
But I also know
that you want
to change the world,
that it sickens you
that there are people
in this country
who are literally punished
because of disadvantages
they were born into.
That is why you started
this institute --
to give them hope
that their
American nightmare
can become
an American dream.
That's what you've done.
That's why I'm here.
So, yes, Olivia Pope
is asking you, Fitz,
for help.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
You got here early.
I'm not early.
[ Laughs ]
Meeting doesn't start
till 9:00.
That's right.
Which makes you early.
I'm not early.
I'm ready.
Good morning.
Marcus: Good morning.
Miss Pope,
it is such an honor.
This is my associate
Michaela Pratt.
I cannot even begin to express
how much this means to me.
[ Hushed voice ]
Except you just did.
It's nice to meet you,
this is Marcus Walker.
Welcome to D.C.,
Ms. Keating.
Thanks for having me.
Morning, everyone.
Mr. President.
Morning, sir.
You must be Annalise.
Yes. Hello, Mr. President.
Call me Fitz.
No, thank you, sir,
Mr. President.
Hi, there. I'm --
[ Mumbling ] 44.
44 --
44th President. 44.
That's me.
Olivia: Mr. President,
before we get started,
we wanted to thank you
for agreeing to help.
This is issue is --
An important one.
I know.
Fortunately, President Grant
thinks so, too.
President Grant?
That'd be the other
President Grant.
She agreed
to meet with us?
She has.
[ Gushes ]
That's fantastic.
If we can get the White House
behind our case,
then the Supreme Court
will add us to their docket,
no question.
Let's get to work.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Welcome. Come in.
It's so nice to see
all of you.
Fitz, Marcus.
Madam President.
Ms. Keating,
it's a pleasure to meet you.
Is this your first time
in the White House?
It is.
Thank you for meeting with us.
Thank you for coming.
I'm anxious to hear about
this case of yours.
Mellie: All of these people
are innocent?
Annalise: Who knows.
They were never
given a fair defense
because they couldn't
afford one.
If we're able to get
the Supreme Court
to hear their case,
if we're able to win it,
we can change the system,
and we can do it now.
You and I are in agreement,
Ms. Keating.
The system
does need to change.
[ Inhales deeply ]
But it's not gonna
happen this way.
Madam President,
it's a solid case,
if only the White House
put pressure on the justices
to hear it.
Don't get me wrong.
I like the case.
I just don't like
the court.
You put this case before
the current roster of judges,
you won't win.
David: There are rumblings
that at least a couple of
the more conservative judges
may be considering
maybe Kensington.
This time next year,
you could be facing
a whole new ball game.
Next year?
Fitz: We don't even know
whether these judges
are gonna retire.
You're gonna delay
justice for these people
based on a rumor?
Based on certainty.
The certainty that
if we move forward
with this now,
we will be shut down.
And all the work
that you have done
will be for naught.
All the work
I've done?
Let me tell you about
the work that I've done --
Madam President,
may I speak to you privately?
Olivia, let's not --
No. It's okay.
Please, uh, everyone,
give us the room.
Ms. Keating, thank you.
I'm so sorry we couldn't
be more accommodating.
Madam President,
thank you for your time.
[ Door closes ]
Why did you agree
to take this meeting
if you knew
you were going to say no?
[ Scoffs ]
First of all,
I agreed to this meeting
as a favor to Fitz.
And secondly,
I didn't say no.
I said not now.
This is not the time
to punish me.
You really think
I'm that small?
I think you're putting
the brakes on
you should want.
And there has to be
a reason.
I want this case to move forward
in a year
when it actually has a chance
of succeeding.
The only reason
you want this case
to happen now
is because
you need a win.
You need a win
while there's still
a chance for you
to scrape back some influence
in this town.
Beyond the occasional
teaching gig, that is.
Madam President, I don't --
Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong.
It wouldn't be the first time
you stood in this room
and lied to my face.
We're going
to the Supreme Court
with or without you.
You do that,
you will find yourself
an adversary
of the White House.
Wouldn't be the first time
for that, either.
[ Door closes ]
Ooh, that was fast.
Did the radiologist say yes
to the payoff,
or are we going to have
to turn the screws a little?
I couldn't tell you.
Sounds juicy, though.
Sure is quiet
around here.
Everyone call in sick,
We're running down cases.
So can I help you, Jake?
Admiral? Command?
What am I supposed to call you
these days anyway?
There's a case
making its way
towards the Supreme Court,
President Grant would prefer
that it stall out
before it gets there.
You're coming to us
when you have B613?
I thought you'd take
a personal interest
in this case.
What's the case?
It's a criminal-justice reform
championed by none other
than Olivia Pope.
Yeah, well,
that's going to be a big no.
I have no interest
in anything having to do
with Olivia Pope.
Your RSS feed begs to differ.
How many articles about Olivia
have you read this month?
20? 30?
[ Chuckles ]
You're spying
on my Internet history?
You and about 300 million
of your fellow citizens.
Look, here's the deal.
If Liv's able to score a win
with this case,
it'll clear a path
for her
right back
into the halls of power.
Are you really
gonna tell me
you're willing to stand by
and let that happen?
The President
refused to help?
President Grant
has made her decision.
Nothing we do now
will change that.
She made that
crystal clear.
That's it?
That's what I get
by having Olivia Pope
on my team --
You were supposed to
convince her.
What happened
when we left the room?
It doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
What'd you talk about?
What do you think
we talked about?
We talked about you.
You think the President
doesn't get a full briefing
on every person
who sets foot in her office,
especially when that person's
got a past like yours?
she'd made up her mind
before you even
opened your mouth.
That woman is impossible!
Fitz: She's passionate
about the case.
And I'm not passionate
about the case?
It's not my fault
Mellie has chosen
to be petty.
It's not Annalise's fault
Maybe I could go back
and try to change
Mellie's mind.
Or maybe
we don't need Mellie.
Cut out the middle man.
Put pressure on
the Supreme Court ourselves.
The Fourteenth Amendment
guarantees equal protection
under the law.
Which is simply impossible
if public defenders
are unable to meet
the same standards
as their privately paid
The Supreme Court must act
to correct that injustice...
You need a majority
to win a case
in The Supreme Court.
But to have it heard
only takes four judges.
Stupid "rule of four."
Justice Gutierrez
has already expressed
his support for Team Liv.
She only needs three more.
Kensington and Marsh
are super
into states' rights.
There's no way
they'd entertain this case.
Which leaves these six.
We get four of them
on our side,
and Annalise Keating
is done.
Woman: Of course
Justice Ribas believes
in the right to counsel,
but the Constitution
doesn't say anything
about the right
to good counsel.
She's a strict
You don't say.
Public defenders
are overworked and underpaid,
resulting in an inordinate
amount of plea deals.
Innocent people
are willfully going to jail
simply because
they're poor.
There's no doubt
the system is broken.
But should
the federal government
get involved
in a state program?
Absolutely not.
Which is why we'll rule
to send the case back
to the Pennsylvania
circuit court.
Justice Bass:
I'm sorry, Mr. Walker,
but I have
a more pressing matter
to attend to.
Your Honor,
what could be more pressing
than 90% of defendants
being unable to afford
competent counsel?
Excuse me.
♪ In my house ♪
Hold tight.
Justice Bass?
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Three down. One to go.
So it all rests on --
Justice Mark Spivey.
Of course.
He's always the swing vote.
A wild card.
There's no telling
what he'll do.
And he never reveals
how he's ruling beforehand.
Just got off the phone
with Spivey's law clerk,
and he agrees with you,
With a little more media push,
he can be swayed.
Good. Let's set up a sit-down
for me and Noah Baker.
Annalise: I don't think
that's a good idea.
No, you're right.
It should be a woman.
Maybe Francesca Hunter?
No, I mean I don't think
it's a good idea
for you
to do the interview.
I should do it.
It's my case.
Put me on camera.
If I do that,
they will tear you apart.
Bring up all your past sins.
Fine. Bring it on.
I'm tired of hiding
in the shadows.
Truth is our greatest weapon.
You said so yourself.
can be unpredictable.
At this point,
what's most important
is staying on message
and selling this
to Justice Spivey.
Just like you sold it
to President Grant?
Are you questioning
my tactics?
Should I be?
How about you both
do the interview?
Excuse me?
Annalise, you can convey
the passion behind the case.
Tug at Spivey's heartstrings.
And if the interview
begins to take a turn
towards personal issues,
then Ms. Pope,
you can steer it back
to what's most important --
this case.
That's exactly
what I was gonna say.
[ Hushed voice ]
Thank God.
If we do this right,
this interview
could be the push
that Spivey needs
to hear the case.
I'll set it up.
I'll call
Spivey's people
to make sure
he's watching.
Please tell me you know
a good hairdresser.
[ Chuckles ]
You're telling me
Spivey is clean?
No weird porn searches?
Not even
a creepy library book?
Guy's so clean
it's freaky.
If we can't
hamstring Spivey,
we could be in trouble.
Liv's killing it
in the media.
The public wants reform.
Olivia thinks
she can get away
with ramming it down
the Supreme Court's throat.
I mean, why not, right?
She's gotten away
with everything else.
That's Liv, though.
Nothing ever sticks to her.
There's got to be
dirt on Spivey somewhere.
Maybe he's just
a man of principle.
Or he's smart.
Quinn: Charlie's right.
He is smart.
Smart enough
to store his dirty laundry
on a separate server.
Find it.
Thank you.
[ Hushed voice ]
They haven't found anything
on Justice Spivey?
They're still looking.
[ Exhales ]
They're good.
We'll get
something we can use
to nudge him over
to our side of the fence.
Our side of the fence.
Yes, ma'am.
What about her?
She will find a way.
Even if we get Spivey
on our side,
Olivia will find a way
to turn the tide against us.
It's what she does.
She wins.
Not without the White House
in her corner.
Pay attention.
We are in her corner.
I let her resign.
I let her
keep her dignity.
Everyone still thinks
that Olivia Pope
is Olivia Pope.
Competent, trusted,
right hand of the King.
Because I let her stay
Olivia Pope.
I didn't crush her.
And this is my reward.
[ Laughs ]
No good deed...
You had to help her.
If the public
knew the true circumstances
Olivia Pope's dismissal,
it wouldn't have simply
hurt her.
It would have
hurt us, too.
A flesh wound.
We would have found a way
to deal with it
one way or the other.
At the end of the day,
we would've been fine.
[ Inhales deeply ]
[ Exhales ]
We will be fine.
if you're suggesting
that we leak
that information now --
Us? The White House?
Leak Liv's firing?
That would be beneath us.
But you are working
with her old team, yes?
I am.
Is it beneath them?
Yes, Madam President.
So she shows up at his house
at 2:00 a.m.
with the other girl
in the back seat?
Yes, girl.
Then, they started fighting.
It was all some straight up
ratchet mess.
That's how your family
do though.
[ Laughs ]
that's just one cousin.
They are not
all like that.
Everybody got
one hood cousin.
Or aunt.
Or uncle
who used to be a pimp.
And then found Jesus.
Oh, I got two of those.
[ Laughter ]
Can you turn that up?
Sources are saying that
former Chief of Staff
Olivia Pope's interest
in the criminal-justice
class-action suit
is based on a personal vendetta
against President Grant
due to Ms. Pope's being ousted
from the White House.
Audrey Campo:
I can neither confirm
nor deny rumors
that Olivia Pope was fired
from the White House.
But I will say
that President Grant
will not be working
with Ms. Pope
on any recent
or future endeavors.
Annalise: You said
you left on good terms,
that I was the problem
with this case.
But really, it's you.
You lied to me.
Can you give us a minute?
Is it true?
I didn't lie.
My resignation
was complicated.
Sounds like more spin
to me.
You came to me
asking for my help --
Because I thought you had
a bite behind that bark.
But instead I found
a siddity phony
who judged me from the minute
she laid eyes on me.
I never judged you.
you judged me immediately.
Just like a white man
in a boardroom
looking down on me
because my hips are too wide
and my hue too dark.
Oh, so we're going there.
You think we soul sisters
just 'cause you rented out
a hair salon for a few hours
on the black side of town?
I've dealt with plenty
of bougie-ass black women
just like you.
Spent most of your life
in boarding school,
Ivy League Universities,
with a horse
between your legs
and a silver spoon
in your mouth.
You're not the only one
who knows how to Google.
You called me a hot mess,
But it sounds to me
that despite
all of your failed attempts
to stand above me
on your little pedestal,
we're the same.
So keep it real,
Olivia Pope.
Why'd you leave
the White House?
You know, your skin tone
and measurements
aren't the reason
people don't like you.
It's you,
Annalise Keating.
You are a bully
who insults people
and then wonders
why they won't help you.
But hey, you're just
trying to keep it real?
How's that
working out for you?
Can't be that great
if you had to haul
your broke ass on the Megabus
to beg for my help.
You may think you know who I am
and what I'm about,
but don't get it twisted.
We are not the same.
So allow me
to reintroduce myself.
My name is Olivia Pope.
And I don't have
to explain myself to anyone.
Especially you.
you can come back.
We're done.
Don't worry about
your wash and press.
I'll be sure to put that
on my siddity-ass,
no limit, platinum card.
I'll pay
for my own damn hair.
Man: Still no comment
from Olivia Pope
on the allegations
that she was fired
from the White House.
Insiders in Washington
are left speculating
about what could've happened
behind the closed doors
of the Oval,
how Pope became a pariah,
and why she lied about it
in her resignation
The White House....
Can you believe this?
The White House
is playing dirty.
It wasn't the White House.
...With more questions
than answers...
This was you?
Well, Quinn technically.
Me by proxy.
Oh. Okay.
So that's a yes.
It wasn't personal.
She needed to be stopped
for the greater good
of our nation.
She's trying to reform
our justice system,
which as Attorney General
of the United Sta--
Mellie wants
the same reform.
Just on a safer timeline.
Sure, but maybe playing it safe
is the problem.
I respect
President Grant's reasoning,
but a "safe timeline"
is not sending someone away
for 20 years
on a simple
possession charge.
But there was a narrative
that is now
being called into question.
It's okay to miss her.
...With the White House,
or a calculated move...
I don't miss her.
I just don't trust her.
Olivia: What is it
that you think
you're gonna
get out of this?
Right now, at the moment,
I'd be happy
just to find my keys.
Oh, would you look
at that.
[ Keys jingle ]
Now, move, please.
You're on the wrong side
of this fight, Quinn.
[ Scoffs ]
I'm on the only side
that matters --
my client's.
Your client?
The White House?
That's who you're working with
to deny the rights
of 90 wrongfully imprisoned
people, right?
I'm not the media, Liv.
You're not going to spin me.
You're not here
because you care
about those people.
You got kicked out of the game
and you want back in.
Don't pretend you
have anything on your
mind other than you.
[ Laughs ] Quinn...
Is that funny?
It's not funny.
It's ironic.
You're not here
for your client.
You're here for me.
You're here for revenge.
And so what if I am?
I'd say I'm more than
a little bit due,
wouldn't you?
You said your QPA
would be about justice.
Don't let go of that.
Don't compromise yourself
just because you hate me.
You're really gonna
want to walk away
before I do something
I regret.
You already have.
You took the case.
I guarantee
one way or the other,
you will come to regret it.
You need anything?
Do you need anything
for your interview tomorrow?
You're not gonna
win this thing.
I'll do what I can
with the interview.
But I can only spin
so much.
It won't be enough.
She has problems.
Big problems
that she needs to return
to Philadelphia with
as soon as humanly possible.
That woman --
I think the only one with
big problems here is you.
[ Scoffs ]
Fitz, I'm in no mood.
Neither am I.
You know
how important this is.
You know how long it's taken
for us to get here.
And I am very sorry,
but Annalise Keating --
Oh, for the love --
This is not about
Annalise Keating.
This is about Olivia Pope.
Where the hell is she?
You saw the news.
It's over.
I don't accept that.
You don't accept that.
A couple of reporters
going on TV
saying mean things
about you?
How unique.
How different.
Rare air
you're breathing right now.
Olivia Pope
versus the White House?
That's new.
You forced to work with someone
you can't stand,
someone you disagree with,
someone who calls you
on your crap?
Done it before, Liv,
sailed through it before,
and you never folded.
Not once.
So why now
are you sitting there,
acting like --
Because I'm not
that person anymore.
I'm no longer
the woman you...
Things are different now,
Why did you
take this case?
[ Scoffs ]
Answer the question.
Because it matters.
I took this case
because it matters.
Because you want
to change the world.
Because I want
to change the world.
There you are.
You're still you.
They just don't see it.
You just don't see it.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
What is that?
Just a little something that
might make you feel better.
Abby: What?
Charlie found dirt
on Spivey.
Oh, this is good.
There's a reason this guy
kept his secrets buried deep.
The White House
will control Spivey
with that information.
Liv is never gonna know
what hit her.
She is done.
[ Exhales sharply ]
I don't know. It's just --
I'm all for playing dirty.
But we're gladiators,
When we play dirty,
it's for a good reason.
This is a good reason.
Of course it is.
[ Door closes ]
I think you'll be happy
with what we found
on Justice Spivey.
Pretty much
speaks for itself.
This is good stuff,
I knew
you'd come through.
You never told me --
why's the President
so against a case like this
to the Supreme Court?
You thought
this was about the case?
No, I...
We got the chance
to finally check
Olivia Pope.
It's what we all wanted,
isn't it?
Of course.
You have a good day,
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Whispering ]
You sure this is a good idea?
[ Whispering ]
Not really.
Ms. Pope and Ms. Keating,
thank you for joining us.
Now, before we get
into this case,
there's a new story
we can't ignore
and we'd very much like
to get your response to,
Ms. Pope.
Were you fired
by President Grant?
Yes. I was.
Why were you fired?
Difficult challenges
mean difficult decisions,
having to choose between
the bad or the worse.
Stakes are high.
Inevitably someone gets hurt.
That time it was me.
Do you regret
how you handled anything,
specifically while you were
in the White House?
I regret
that my relationship
with President Grant
dissolved to the point
of my dismissal,
that ties were severed
between the people
I am closest with.
People I have served.
People I have mentored.
People I still love.
But I am a fighter.
So I don't
regret the fight.
I can't.
It's who I am.
It's what I do.
And luckily,
I am not alone.
Next to me is one of
the most courageous fighters
I have ever met.
I am just as proud
to be in the service
of her fight
to get this case heard
by the highest court
of the land
as anything
I have ever done.
And while I understand
the interest in me,
I have lost very little
to the men and women --
many of them innocent --
stuck in prison
for decades
because of
an inadequate defense
by our legal system.
So I respectfully
ask the public,
including you,
to shift focus
to what matters --
the fight to reform
our criminal-justice system.
And the woman
who is leading that charge,
fighting that fight
for all of us.
Annalise Keating.
All right then.
Now is the time.
We can't wait
another political season,
another month,
another day.
There are people
rotting in prison
because of a judicial system
that's messed up.
All we're asking
is for an hour
of the court's time
to hear our case,
make a decision.
Help us do that.
Carol: I think what
Ms. Pope and Ms. Keating
said about the current state
of our justice system
was exactly right, Mike.
It is a travesty --
plain and simple.
And if the Supreme Court
doesn't hear this case,
it'd be a damn shame.
Damn right.
Justice Spivey agrees.
Oh, no thank you.
Oh, I-I...
I didn't mean to --
It's fine.
Don't let me stop you.
[ Chuckles ]
Popcorn and wine
it's kind of my thing.
Looks like a Megabus special
if you ask me.
More like a siddity snack.
[ Both laugh ]
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Phone rings ]
Any update on Spivey?
Yeah, he saw the interview.
It didn't change his mind.
He won't hear the case.
[ Exhales ]
I'm sorry.
We have a very conservative
bench right now...
After all of that,
to be so close and still...
I'm sorry.
Mike: They only need
four justices
to get the case heard.
It's the rule of four.
So Bass and Gutierrez --
they'll vote for this
in a heartbeat.
I wanted to be President.
Growing up,
it's all I thought about.
Or at least a senator.
I had this vision of D.C.
as a place full of
attractive young people,
going to fancy galas,
and trying to do good
in the world.
it's like an uglier Philly
with a bunch of narcissistic,
power-hungry cowards.
Hey now --
who you calling ugly?
[ Both laugh ]
I didn't say everyone.
[ Mid-tempo music plays
over radio ]
Strong? [ Chuckles ]
That's why I've been coming here
since I was 16.
You're from here?
This is
the neighborhood.
Good for you
for getting out.
[ Music continues ]
You know, I may live and work
in the other D.C. now.
But everything I've done,
everything I've worked for,
I've done
because of this place --
Because I grew up around
the hardest-working people
in America,
who got the worst treatment,
and I want to do something
to change that.
I'll never stop
working for them.
Just like you'll never stop
fighting for your case
in whatever way you can.
This place has my heart.
Unless it takes my liver.
[ Music continues ]
we had a crap day.
Sorry for making you come
to a place like this.
I'm liking this bar.
[ Phone ringing ]
Cool name.
I...I should get going.
Uh, we're -- we're probably
heading home tomorrow,
and, so, I need to pack.
Thank you for the drink.
[ Music continues ]
[ Knock on door ]
[ Sighs ]
Spivey's decision
wasn't based
on the merits
of the case.
Charlie found it.
I gave it to Jake.
I'm sure he used it.
He must have.
There's no way Spivey saw
that interview last night
without being
affected by it.
If you could find a way
to make
that story disappear,
maybe you'd get
a different result.
To be clear,
I did not do this for you.
You were right.
I did say my QPA
would be about justice.
Now, it still is.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Knock on door ]
Olivia: Justice Spivey?
Ms. Pope.
should I tell you up front
that your visit
is futile,
or would you like me
to pretend for a while?
I don't want you
to pretend.
I do want you
to change your vote.
I can't do that.
Actually, you can now.
Six years ago,
your son killed a woman
in a hit and run.
You paid off
the only witness.
How did you get this?
I got it from the same people
who gave it to the White House
Mere hours
before you made up your mind.
I am guessing
that is not a coincidence.
It was an accident.
He -- he wasn't drinking,
he wasn't texting,
he wasn't...
He was 16.
It was an accident.
You people are using this
to blackmail me?
I'm not trying to blackmail you,
Justice Spivey.
In fact,
I want to tell you something
the White House
forgot to mention.
The witness you paid off
died two years ago.
The payment you made
could still take you down.
But without him around to talk,
it's easy to bury.
I'm good
at that kind of thing.
The best, actually.
I can fix it for you,
make it all go away,
get you out
from under the White House.
I only ask one thing
in return.
That I hear the case,
that I side with you.
That you listen
to your conscience.
Like I said,
I didn't come here
to blackmail you.
I'm done
trying to influence people
with anything
but the truth.
And the truth is,
if your son had stood trial
for his crime,
I know that
you would have wanted him
to have the best representation
The families
of our plaintiffs
want the same thing
for them, too.
Don't they
at least deserve the chance
to have this case heard?
Reports this afternoon
coming out of
the Supreme Court...
The class-action lawsuit
by former White House
Chief of Staff Olivia Pope,
along with Philadelphia
attorney Annalise Keating,
has just been added
to the court's docket.
Justice Spivey
apparently making
an impassioned plea
to his fellow justices,
asking that they not only
consider the case,
but fast-track it as well.
The stunning decision
is not only a victory
for Pope and Keating,
but is also being hailed
as a significant step forward
in the effort
to reform America's
criminal-justice system.
I guess this makes you
exactly what I thought.
What would that be?
A miracle worker.
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ]
So what now?
You go on
to your teaching gig?
I go on
to the Supreme Court?
Is that what
you would like to happen?
Not exactly.
Is this your way of saying
you'll join me?
Is this your way
of asking?
Let's go.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]