Scandal (2012–2018): Season 6, Episode 5 - They All Bow Down - full transcript

Jake and Vanessa's messy relationship poses a threat to the campaign, forcing Olivia to take action. Meanwhile, a game-changing revelation about the conspiracy surrounding Francisco Vargas's assassination is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I have some information.

I-I'm not sure
who to talk to, but...

It was Cyrus Beene.
He killed Frankie Vargas.

I've gone from being
his bitch to yours.

Put the tie on.

Your Republican
presidential nominee,

Senator Mellie Grant!

And the Vice President,
Jake Ballard!


It was like
a religious revival in there.

Grant and Ballard,
whipping people into a frenzy.

Not since Christ
stood among the lepers

has there been such excitement.

Look at you.

Vice President
Jacob Hamilton Ballard.

That is very hot.
I can't lie.


This is amazing.

Isn't this amazing?

I feel like Jackie O
or something.

I mean,
not that I'm Jackie, but...

God, this is amazing.

Don't you think?


Okay, I don't know
if you're playing it cool,

but now is not the time
to play it cool.

This is history.

You are making history.

This is the beginning
of greatness.



Talk to me.


Should I be more excited
about four months on the road,

staying in janky hotels
in janky cities,

or four months of being
on Olivia's leash,

shilling lies
to the American people?

All so I can spend eight more
years as a figurehead,

a... Liv puppet,
taking more orders from Liv.

But you love Liv.
She's your sister.

You don't know her
like I know her!

I'm sorry.

I wish you would talk to me,

tell me what this is all about
with you two.

Well, I don't know why
we're even talking about Olivia,

why you're even thinking
about her on a night like this.

You don't understand.
Liv... runs this.

Liv has the power.


Look at me.

Look at me.

Olivia was not
on that stage tonight.

Olivia is not
on that TV right now.

Olivia is not on the ballot
in all 50 states.

America is not
electing Olivia Pope.

They are electing
Mellie Grant and Jake Ballard.

This is not a life sentence.

This is an opportunity.

If she wanted
to keep you as a puppet,

she's made a mistake.

Once you get elected,
you will be

the Vice President
of the United States of America.

And Olivia Pope will be, what?
A footnote in your biography.

A minor player
in our history book.

She's handing you the keys
to this beautiful country,

and she doesn't even see it.

You will be on the front line.
You will be the player.

No one's gonna run you.

Jake, 14 vice presidents
have gone on to be president.

Once you have the Oval,
you have the power.

And once you have the power...

they all bow down.

He tweeted,
"Jake Ballard to the rescue.

Looks like I'll be
♪VotingForMellie after all."

Don't stop, Lovers.

Keep tweeting us your thoughts.

Let us know which
V.P. hopeful you'd prefer...

NSA boy-toy Jacob Ballard

or former Grant toadie
Cyrus Beene.

Ballard has the big shiny
security creds,

but let's not rule out Beene.

He is, after all...

a murderer, dragged to prison
just days ago for orchestrating

the demise of President-Elect
Francisco Vargas.

Beene's arrest creates
a power vacuum

into which Mellie Grant
appears all too eager to step.

Will our nation's electors cast
their vote for her

when they meet in December?

Or will embittered Democrats
seek to block her path?

Join me tonight when I ask
Jake and Vanessa Ballard

these questions and more

on "The Liberty Report."

How was that?

I think we do another.
Maybe this time...

Perfect... or excellent.

Either one would have been
the correct answer.

Okay, so, you remember
the talking points I sent over?

For every question Sally asks,
no matter what, you pivot.

Make it about... About me and Vanessa
and her Democrat dynasty pedigree.

That makes her sound
like some breed of dog.

Vanessa's last name
is synonymous

with the Democratic party
going back generations.

If she's telling America
to unite and support

the Republican ticket...
And her husband...

That will send a signal to
the Democrats to get on board.

Plus, you're glamorous,
attractive, in love...

The perfect couple.
That's political money.

That's a political lie.

People like to see
you two together.

It makes them happy.

We're this close.

If you say so.

Is Huck here with Vanessa yet?
I need to prep her.

Not yet. Look, Liv,
what are we doing?


If someone paid Tom to lie...
And it looks like they did...

Quinn, we already
discussed this.

That money in
Tom Larsen's account

could have come from anywhere,

for any number of reasons.

I'm just saying,
if someone is framing Cyrus...

Cyrus is in jail for murder,
and he's not our client.

Our client is Mellie.

And right now,

Mellie needs Jake and Vanessa
to do this interview

So call Huck,
find out where Vanessa is,

and don't ever
bring this up with me again.

Well, tell me again.

Jake and Vanessa are going
to knock this out of the park.

It's Sally.

I've talked to Sally.

Maybe I should be there.

No, you need to be there...

Head down, working,
all business, presidential.

This is politics.

You're above politics now, okay?


Tell me again.

Jake and Vanessa are going to
knock this out of the park. Liv!

Hold on. What?

Huck found Vanessa.

The flu?

It's bad, Sally.

Vanessa can't even
get herself out of bed.

Poor thing.
So sudden.

You know how it is
with these kinds of things.

I do not... I receive
my flu shot every September.

We're good to postpone, then?
Just a couple of days.

Olivia, I truly hope this is not
another one of your stunts,

that your cancelation
really is due to sickness

and not because something
much more insidious

is going down
in the Ballard household.

Because if there is,
I will uncover it.

Sally, trust me,
besides a nasty 24-hour bug,

there is nothing else going on
in the Ballard household.

Secret Service got here
before any cops could.

They blocked off
both ends of the road.

I haven't seen any press,

but that's just a matter of time.
Is she okay?

Is she okay?
You tell me.

Car ran like crap anyway!

Ma'am! Ma'am.

You need to sit down.


You're here.
Oh, don't say it.

I would have been able
to keep my hands on the wheel,

but I was a little preoccupied.

Isn't that right, Kenny?

It's Kevin.
Lady, you are nuts.


But I ain't sorry.
I ain't sorry, Olivia.

- Where is she?
- Down here.

How the hell did
the Secret Service lose her?

She ditched them by leaving
the bar through a back door.


Jake, she's just been
in an accident.

She hasn't had a chance
to comprehend what she did.

She's still drunk.

What the hell were you thinking?

Ooh, look who it is.

Got here as soon
as you felt like it?

You got to be kidding me.

You have got to be kidding me.

Sir, I'm very sorry,
but we had...

Get out of here, all of you.

Big man,
calling all the shots now.

I really need you to sit still.

Who was this guy she was with?

Kevin Wiseman, 23, bartender
at the Book Hill Lounge.

Makes a mean mojito.
Licks a mea...

Vanessa, you might want
to stop talking now.

All right, I'll find the guy,
make sure he doesn't...

Way ahead of you, Chief.
Already took care of him.

Paid him off.
He's no longer a problem.

What about the cameras
down at the bar?

Just about...

Done. Wiped clean.

Nobody's ever gonna know
Vanessa and her pal

left the place together.

her car has been incinerated.

The police don't know a thing.
Everything's under control.

Listen to her, baby.
You always do anyway.

Why stop now?

Let me ask you
something, Vanessa.

Oh, here we go.

Did you wake up this morning

knowing you were
gonna try to ruin our lives?

Like you give a damn
what I wake up thinking about.

You have no idea, do you?

- What you did today...
- It's not like I killed anyone!

You're disgusting.

- I'm disgusting?!
- I said okay.

Nasty and spiteful
and exhausting,

but most of all, disgusting.

Screw you!

Okay! That's enough!
You, sit here!

Be still and shut up!

You, in the other room
right now.

I don't think so.
I have a day job.

I have actual,
meaningful work to do.

She is your problem now.

Admiral Ballard,
given your roots,

I expected
a little more from you.

I don't know why we do that.

See you.

Okay, tell me, boss.

What did I do to screw up
the campaign today,

and what do I need to do
to be better tomorrow?

You didn't. I didn't say
you screwed up anything.

You were actually
really good today

with the meet-and-greets,
very likable.

I was impressed.

Well, you say, "Dance, monkey,"

the monkey dances.

So, what's up
for tomorrow, boss?

Jake, can we...

Can you just stop?
Stop what?

This smiling pod-person thing
you've been doing.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm just doing my job, boss.

Stop calling me "boss."

Yes, ma'am.

Okay, let's get this over with,

because I am late for
getting away from you.

What do you want from me?

What do I want from you?

I want you to stop acting

like me turning you
into a world leader

makes me a villain.

Olivia, I'm fine.
I'm on board.

I'm not acting
like you're a villain.

I'm just not
paying attention to you.

You don't matter to me anymore.

It's you.

You feel like a villain.

You joined the family business,
went Team Pope,

became Daddy's Little Girl
all the way,

and now it seems cold and dark
in all your gooey places.

Too bad for you.

You want to win
your precious White House?

That's the price...


I have to win, Jake.

And we're done here.

No, I don't want to win.

I have to win.

There has to be a reason.
There has to be a point.

There has to be
some higher purpose.

This is my shot, Jake,
to run a clean election,

to do this right,
to make a president honestly.

This is my chance
at redemption for Defiance.

So I have to win.

There has to be a reason,

or else why
did I do this to you?

Why did I do this to myself?

I have to win.



So, Olivia's back
on your good side?

You're family again?

Can we do this later?

No, it's just, you hated her,

but now you are
on the phone with her every day.

And when we're on the trail,

you two are like peas in a pod
with your inside jokes.

So I just wanted
to know what changed.

For God's...
Nothing's changed, Vanessa.

She's in charge
of the damn campaign.

You said, "Get along
until after the election."

I'm getting along. This
is not getting along.


Are you sleeping with her?

What? Are you serious?

Are you taking yourself
seriously right now?

Listen to how you sound.


But you can understand
why I would think...

No! No, I can't!

You don't talk to me,
but you talk to her.

You tell her...

It's like she knows you.
She knows everything about you.

We're family.
Yeah, exactly.

But I'm your wife, Jake.
I am your family now.

We are a team.
I want to know you.

I want to know
everything about you.

Nessa, baby, that's sweet,
and I really appreciate it,

but I have a ton of
policy briefs

to get through tonight, so...

What were you good at
in school? Hmm?

Did you like growing up in Ohio?

It's late. What kind of a
name is Ballard, anyway?

How did you meet Eli?

What was the Navy like?

Will you just stop... Did you ever
have to shoot down any enemy planes?

You ever have to kill anyone?

Could you at least tell me that?

I don't want to talk to you!

Look, just... Here.

I-I just don't understand
how you can tell

everything to Olivia
but nothing to me.


I mean, what is it exactly
with you

and this sister
that you never had?

Go to bed.
I want to know.

I want to know what it is
between the two of you,

because if you are
sleeping with her

after calling me crazy...

We're not doing this!
We're not doing this!

The woman is a famous mistress!

So we are doing this.

I'm not...

I'm not gonna move
until you talk to me.


You stay.

I'll go.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I thought you could use this.

I don't drink coffee.

Just leave it.

That accident could've been
a lot worse.

You could've killed someone
or yourself.

If that tree hadn't been there,

who knows where
you would've ended up.

What can I say?
I'm a lucky girl.

Do you...

If you need the help,

there are places we can
send you, nice places.

Places no one else
will ever have to know about.

I bet you
would like that, wouldn't you?

Me going away.

Then you and Jake could
finally stop sneaking around.

Huh? If I was gone.
How convenient.

Vanessa, I don't know
what you think

is going on with your husband...
Oh, come on. I want to hear it.

The great big speech
you must've given hundreds,

thousands of times to all
the other wives and girlfriends

of the men you've snatched away.

Oh, come on.

I want to hear
how you justify all the vile,

vulgar things that you do.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I bet it's good.
Worth its weight in gold.

But I'm not sure how tight
it can actually still be,

what with all the miles you
must've put on that thing by now.

I'm gonna keep telling myself
that you're still drunk.

And I'm gonna keep telling
myself that my husband's whore

is not seriously
in my face right now!


Keep talking.

Keep talking!

Give me one more reason
to lay you out!

Right here, Vanessa!

Because I am not about to let
some miserable, petty mess

who can't seem
to handle her liquor...

You are not going
to come for me.

I am not here for it!
Not today!


Everything okay?

I don't know. Is it?

I want him back.

I'm sorry. This is not me.
This is not who I am.

I just want my husband back.

We were good.

Jake and I, it was good.

We were working. We had plans.
He was becoming his own man.

And then, he just quit...

On me, on us...
Because of you, Olivia.

Everything was always
because of you.


You're not the only one.

You know?

He's seeing someone else,
the scumbag.

He's cheating on the both of us.

Jake is not cheating on you,
Vanessa, with anyone.

Oh, please.

I was on the trail with him,
day and night.

He has Secret Service
watching his every move.

I know he is not
cheating on you.

And I know that some slut was
texting him on election night...

Consolation for his big loss.

He's been staying out all hours
of the night with her

ever since.

I wanted to think it was you,

but the two of you were
in the same room that night.

I was watching you.
You weren't texting him.

No, he ran off
to meet someone else.

Vargas had just been shot.
Maybe he had to run off to work.

This wasn't work.

And Jake got that text
before Vargas was shot anyway.

Jake left right after we lost.

This is it!
Turn up the TV... loud!

Wow. Um... amazing.

Well, that's it, folks.

After one of the greatest
setbacks in political history,

Frankie Vargas,
the comeback king,

has done the unthinkable

and become the 45th President

of the United States of America.

Well, looks like family
let you down tonight.

Little sister couldn't deliver.

Now we're back to square one.

Where are you going?


Liquor cabinet's back that way.

Obviously, there has been

voter tampering in San Benito.

Right after we lost.

You were drinking.
You can't...

I remember because
it was when the redhead

took my champagne away.

Vanessa, where's Jake?


Your husband, Jake.
Where is he?

He left.

He left? He can't leave.
We haven't even conceded yet.

Where'd he go?

No idea.

After we lost,
before Vargas was shot.

And Jake was long gone,
I remember.

He can't leave.
Where'd he go?

No idea.

What are you doing here?

Hello, son.

I've been paying attention
to you, without me.

Watching you have your freedom.
Well... "freedom."

In the hands of my daughter,
you're not really free,

tethered to that lovely leash
she likes to hold.

Still, that leash
might have been worth it

had tonight ended differently,

had you become
Vice President Jake Ballard,

had you ascended
to the right hand of power.

But she failed.

You failed.

You failed.

You should've killed me
when you had the chance,

because whatever this is,

whatever you're
trying to do here,

I will come after you.

No, you won't, son.

You won't.

Why did you come here tonight?

I came here for you.

The world is about
to turn upside down.

When it's righted again,
you will be Vice President,

provided you play your part.

What is that?

It's time for you
to take what's yours, son.

It's time to come home.

Is she okay?

Should be, for now.

The interview?


Jake, I wish you had told me

that you and Vanessa
were having problems.

Would that have made
a difference?


If there's ever
something going on,

something that could end up
biting us in the ass,

it's better for me
to know about it ahead of time.


Is there?


Something else going on?

Anything you've been up to
recently I should know about?

Nothing I can think of.

What about with you?

Anything you've been up to
that I need to know about?

Since we're
sharing secrets and all.

I'm not the one running
for Vice President, Jake.

Of course not.
That would be beneath you.

You have a good evening, Liv.

You, too.

What are you working on?

I thought you went to bed.

Can't sleep.



All you do is work.

Little break won't hurt.


You need to get some sleep.

I will see you...
tomorrow, okay?

Are you ever gonna stop
punishing me?

I messed up the other day, okay?

I'm sorry.

And, yes, you're right
about the drinking.

I need to stop, but I don't
have a problem, Jake.

It's just...

Well, we went through
that horrible election,

my dad died, and you were
leaving all the time.

I was alone...

This again? I can't.
The needling...

Are you really gonna blame
all of our problems on me?

I am, actually.

Because you're
the only one who cares.

When did you start hating me?

Did I do something
to make you treat me like this,

like I'm some piece of trash
in the middle of the road?

Am I really that horrible,

or is it just that she is
that much better?

Yeah, that's
got to be it, right?

Tell me what she does
that I don't do.

Tell me, and I'll do it. I want to do it.

I drove the car into the tree.

It wasn't an accident.
I did it on purpose.

I just wanted to feel something.

Stop. Calm down.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything.
You don't...

Hey, come here.
Come here.

Come here.

This is not your fault.

Tell me. Tell me...
what you need.

Come on.

I need you.
You have me.


I need to know you.

You know me.

I don't know you at all.

You want answers
to your questions,

about... growing up,
Eli, the Navy.


I want answers.

I deserve answers, don't I?


Start talking, mister.




I can't tell you the answers
to those questions.

What? Why not?

I can't tell you answers
to those questions.

There are things about my past,
things I've done,

things... that would scare you,
things that would prevent you

from ever looking at me
the same way again.

I have done...
things, Vanessa.

If you have to drink yourself
to sleep at night

because you don't think
you know me,

I can't imagine what you'd do
to yourself if you really did.

What are you saying?

I don't talk about my past
because I can't.

And if you can
be okay with that,

if you can find a way
to be okay with that,

then you and I...

we can be unstoppable.

We can be a team.

can do this.

Everything you told me is a lie.

I don't know you...

at all.
And I'll never kn...

What is this?

I can't...
I can't do this!

We know Jake left
the hotel suite

right after BNC called
the election at 11:00 p.m.

Your husband, Jake.
Where is he?

He left.

White House logs have him
in the Situation Room at 1:30.

Nice of the
National Security Director

to show up on a matter
of national security.

I was being briefed by my guys.

He logged in to the NSA
at 2:00 a.m.

His next confirmed location
is the White House again.

He went back there for a
security briefing at 10:00 a.m.

How does the Director of
the National Security Agency

disappear for almost nine hours

in the middle
of one of the biggest

national-security crises
in history?

I ran QR-25
on all available

traffic, metro,
and ATM cams in D.C.

No hits.

Maybe he was at the NSA.

I mean, we didn't
go home that night.

Looks like
the White House briefing

was an emergency meeting.

His office tried calling him
several times to let him know,

and they didn't know
where he was, either.

Great, let's just use
cell towers

to triangulate his location
or whatever.

Good luck. First rule
of acting shady, Robin...

You turn your cellphone off.

Sure, that makes sense if
you're not the head of the NSA

and if the President-Elect
hasn't just been shot.

Jake didn't have
that luxury. Huck?

Way ahead of you.

His personal cellphone
did register with a tower

that morning
in Springfield, Virginia.

No way there are
enough towers out there

to create an accurate

No, but... Gotcha!

Here he is at 9:17 a.m.
on the Springfield Interchange,

heading back toward D.C.

Where is he coming from?

I think I know.

Marriage is a crazy idea.

I don't know why anyone does it.

Marriage is bad for you.

Let's not do that.

60% of married adults
have had an affair.

- 60%!
- Quinn.

Now, there have been studies suggesting a
healthy marriage can boost your immune system,

fend off disease...
That's a good thing.

Like, the same could be said
of eating blueberries,

and unlike men...


What do we know?

We can take a minute
if you want to, catch our...

What do we know?
The big picture, the pieces.

Uh... we know
Frankie was shot and killed

on election night.

Frankie Vargas has been shot.

The President-Elect
has been shot.

We know Tom confessed
to shooting Frankie for Cyrus.

We know Tom didn't shoot Frankie

and that someone paid Tom to
falsely confess and blame Cyrus.

We know Cyrus is innocent.

We know that Jake was in the cabin the
morning that Jennifer was killed.

Did I just go out of turn there?
Was that Huck's turn?

Vanessa says Jake's been out

every night
since election night.

If we can figure out
where he was going,

maybe we can start to try
to put the pieces together.

The day Jenny was killed,

I picked up the signal of a
satellite phone near her cabin.

She's around here somewhere.

She actually bought
a satellite phone,

and she's using it.

We're close enough
that I'm picking up a signal.

- Could've been Jenny's.
- Could've been Jake's.

Track it. From now on,
Jake doesn't take a step

without me knowing about it.

Where are we?

Traced that satellite phone.

- It's Jake's, for sure.
- How do you know?

Over the past week, the signal
can be traced to his house,

to the NSA, and to this motel
off Route 5, room 215.

He's been there 11 times
since the night of the election.

Probably running his operation
out of there.

During Jake's interview
with Sally,

get into that motel room,
see what's there.

Oh, so the interview's a go?
Vanessa's on board?

No. Not yet.

But she will be.

I thought you two should talk.

I appreciate you coming over.

As I already told Olivia,
I'm out.

No interview, no nothing.
I want this to be over.

You want what to be over?

The campaign.

I can't do it anymore,
not with him.

He's draining me.

This is draining me.

You have done this
your entire life.

You are a Washington woman...

Smiling when it's
the last thing you want to do,

standing beside a man
that you know

you were smarter than,
propping him up.

I know... I've been
in your shoes.

Jake is not my father.

He's not some junior Congressman

I dated because I was
supposed to.

Jake is my husband.

He's the man that I want to
spend the rest of my life with.

So, you want Jake?

I want to be happy.

Be happy.



You can't just be happy.

It's not something
you can bottle and drink.


Be practical.

Do you want a divorce?
Will that make you happy?

We just got married.

You want to be First Lady?


Do you want to live
on a sugar plantation in Hawaii?

I'm not sure,
but I don't want to...

Honey, you are asleep
at the damn wheel.

You are suffering
through a marriage with a man

that you do not know
and cannot stand

with no idea what you want
on the back end.

Wake up!

You have a job to do,

and happiness does not exist
until that job gets done.

You want to know what that is?

Your job? It's America.

You are married to a man
who is serving his country.

In this house, you may want
to take a golf club

to his head while he sleeps,

but out there, Jake Ballard
is a public servant,

sacrificing himself
so regular folks

can think they're safe,
pretend they're happy.

You may not like those cards,

but they are the ones
you're holding.

So play them.

And while you are
making your sacrifice

for this great nation...
Being the wife he needs...

You figure out
what it is you want.

And do it quickly, Vanessa.

Then wake up every day knowing

that at least you're sacrificing
for something you want.

Are you happy?

I'm about to be the President
of the United States.

Did you hear what I just said?

I'm not married to anyone.

I no longer prop up people
who are inferior to me.

I smile when I want to smile.

I am free.

So my advice to you
is to suck it up.

Suck it up and run the world.

If I didn't believe
that Mellie Grant and my husband

embodied the values
of my father, of the Moss name,

then I would be
sitting this election out.

But this man, no matter the
letter that precedes his name,

is loyal, committed, honest,

and determined to do
what is best for America.

Hey, Liv, wants pictures
of everything...

Maps, schematics, weapons.

Whatever Jake has got in there,
Liv wants it recorded.

I had a secret lair once.

Sounds cool in theory,
but can be pretty lonely.

Though I did have
a fantastic lamp in it.

Come on, Charlie,
the interview's already started.

This situation is unprecedented.

The country did vote
for Francisco Vargas,

but they will come to understand
that Mellie Grant is

as committed
as Governor Vargas was.

I'm not sure
the Grand Old Party line

will serve as an elixir
to those feverish

at the idea of electing
a Democrat in November

only to see a Republican
enter the Oval in January.

Well, you know
my family well, Sally...

Liberal as the day
is long, Democrats...

Massachusetts Democrats.

Tell me you found something.

There's nothing in here.
It's completely empty.

- What?
- The room was cleaned out.

It's like he knew
we were coming.

I'll call you back.

No luck at the motel?

What are you hiding?

I should be asking you that.

That move, trying to track me?

It was so silly, amateurish.
It reeked of desperation.

I couldn't figure out why,
and then I found it.

Found what?

So much for making
a president honestly.


That number sound
familiar to you?

It should.

It's a trust in Switzerland
you set up in my name,

and for some reason,
there's a wire transfer from it

that makes it look like I paid
Tom Larsen to frame Cyrus.

I trusted you.

Let you convince me
that Cyrus Beene killed Frankie.

All so what?

So you could frame me
for setting him up?

What's the angle, Dad?
Stop talking.

Is making Mellie president
the end game

or a step towards something bigger?

I'd say you were trying
to help me,

but putting the money
in my name...

Stop talking!

Mellie's going to be president.

It's what you wanted,
and now you have it.

So stop asking questions
you do not want the answers to.


It's time for you to leave.



Do you have any idea
how rarely I get to go out?

Why is there a payment
to Tom Larsen

linked to my daughter's account?

Oh, that?

It's just a little
insurance policy.

Wouldn't want
your daughter's conscience

getting the best of her.

She was close to Cyrus Beene
at one time

and has some
self-destructive tendencies

when it comes to notions
of justice and whatnot, so...

This is just a way
to keep her in check.

Do not trifle with me.

If you think for one moment
I'm gonna stand by

and allow you to threaten her...

Olivia Pope
has served her purpose.

She delivered Mellie Grant.

As far as we see it,
she's expendable.

Some might argue
she's a liability

and should be
dealt with in kind.

Regardless, every breath
she takes from here on out

is a gift from on high.

You would do well
to remember that.

To show some gratitude for that.

If not, I would
take it as my duty

to report that Olivia Pope could
be a problem going forward,

that her father could
be a problem going forward.

That's not what I...

Because I would
miss our meetings.

Every breath, Eli.

Every breath.


Sorry. Did I scare you?

No. I was gonna
call you, actually.

That money, you were right
to think that,

but I didn't pay Tom...


Come on.

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

I didn't pay Tom Larsen.

It was my...

Wait for what?

Your phone, give it to me.

Come on.


Where are we going?

What is wrong with you?!

I didn't pay Tom
to kill Frankie Vargas.

My father did and made it
look like it came from me,

and I don't know why he did it.

All I know is Cyrus
will get the death penalty

while I take the Oval,
and I don't want that.

That's no...

That's not who I am.

But if I try to help Cyrus,
I go down.

I get framed for setting him up.

Where are we?

I have a confession.


Come with me.

Tell me here.

First rule of self-defense...
Never get in the car.

You lost control
of this situation

in the garage...
Soon as you got in.

Now you have no choice,
no phone, and no recourse.

What else do you need
to confess?

Other than killing
Jennifer Fields.

Frankie Vargas?
Did you kill him, too?

You've only got part
of the picture.

Enlighten me.

You're involved.
You blew up the cabin.

You killed Jennifer Fields.
Tell me what you know.

Jennifer had to die,
so I killed her.


Because your father asked me to.


you're back with him?

You're under his control again?

Is that who you were
meeting at the motel?

Come on.

He ordered you to kill Jennifer
and destroy evidence

that could've pointed
to Cyrus' innocence,

- and you...
- Jennifer had to die.


Tell me.
What am I missing?

I tried with Vanessa, I did.

Tried to love her,

be a good person, my own person.

She was good to me.
She offered me another path.

But I couldn't deny who I am,
what I'm trained to do...

To obey,
to accept every mission,

to kill... that's me.

It's who I am.
She taught me that.

So, on election night,

he gave me the mission
to kill Jennifer.

It was the first time I felt
like myself again,

like I knew who I was,
so I went there...

to the cabin.


Please, this isn't...

What are we doing here?


There's no way in hell...

Jake, please...

let me go.

Confession first.

I obeyed your father's order
to the letter.

Jennifer had to die.

That was the mission.

She had to... disappear.

She no longer exists.

On paper, at least.

You asked who I was
meeting with at the motel.

I'll tell you.

Jennifer Fields, Olivia Pope.

Olivia Pope, Jennifer Fields.