Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 8 - Rasputin - full transcript

In the midst of Fitz negotiating a historic peace deal, Olivia must rely on her instincts when a guest of the The White House discloses powerful intel.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Tell me it's not true, Liv.

Check, check.

Woman: After years of false
starts and failed diplomacy,

the impossible now seems probably.

A disarmament deal

between the United States
and the Republic of Bandar...

- It's never gonna happen.
- It will.

- Won't.
- Will.

- Won't.
- Will.

Trust but verify. We verified.

An historic accord which
would end decades of sanctions

against the middle east nation

in exchange for regulations
on its nuclear program.

But I don't trust them.

I don't either, which is why we verified.

I'm surprised that you trust them, Red.

Negotiators who have been
working here all week

are said to have just a few
final details to iron out.

If true, Presidents Grant and Razani

would sign their names to
the biggest push for peace

since the toppling of the Berlin Wall.

The Bandaris have assured
me a thousand times

Olivia Pope is not a problem.

She slithered into the
bed of a married man.

She's unclean. She's a whore.

You don't receive a whore.

You married one.

Very different situation.

They won't receive her.
It's never going to happen.

It just did.

Male interpreter: I'm always happy
for a chance to see Ms. Pope.

You say Olivia's helped
you a lot over the years?

The minister is exaggerating.

Once or twice, maybe
three times at the most.

Female interpreter:

She's helped both my family and my country,

but given how argumentative my family is,

I think she'd rather just help my country.

That is not true.

Female interpreter:

Okay, maybe a little true.

That sounds exactly like
how we do things over here.

The president gets all the credit

while we do all the work.

Kill me now.

Do not translate that.

There's nothing better than
watching the game live.

I agree. Were you at Wimbledon this year?

Female interpreter:


The ladies room is down
the hall and to the left.

Don't worry. I can translate for two.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to
make it to Wimbledon this year,

but I need your help.

Excuse me?


My niece was getting married,

um, but my wife said

that I couldn't ask her to reschedule.

I would like to defect. Can you help me?

I'm sure your niece was
very happy you were there.

Would you like to meet the
chef before dessert comes out?

He grew up in the same province you did.


I know he was very proud to serve you.

They're talking about his
family's olive farm in Gorlan.

I know. You have 30 seconds. Go.

- I wish to defect to the United States.
- On what grounds?

Human rights violations my
country is responsible for.

Have you been personally persecuted?

No, but... then I'm sorry,

but there's nothing the
United States can do.

Hey. I've got information.

About a nuclear facility your
country knows nothing about.

I can give you the location,
but only if you offer me asylum.

Okay, what kind of information
does he say he has?

A location of a facility
we don't know about.

It felt like he was telling the truth.

We used to get this all
the time from the Soviets.

Some guy touches down

in the land of blue jeans and miniskirts

and immediately starts trying
to feed us a bunch of nonsense

so he doesn't have to go home.

He didn't look smitten. He looked scared.

We're hours away from an accord.

Mr. President, an historic,

doves flying, angels singing,
reset button of an accord.

We're on the verge of
restoring Bandar as an ally

in a region where we have none.

The deal's done. Let's not blow this up.

No one's saying that we blow it up,

just that we find out who Navid is

- and what he might know.
- What do we know about him now?

That he looks scared.

I don't want the White
House anywhere near this.

Exactly, sir. It's crazy.

That's why my people should do it.

Check him out, find out if he has

any intelligence ties or ulterior motives.

We handle it quickly and discreetly.

We sign the accord tomorrow afternoon.

If there's anything to
find, find it before then.

Sir, there is something... Else

that we should probably discuss.

What's that?

- Rowan.
- What about him?

I'd like to get into this,
see how he managed to escape.

Maybe run it through the
C.I.A., Homeland Security.

I told you that wouldn't be necessary.

It's being handled.

Handled by whom, may I ask?

Anything else, Cy?

Are you okay?

Why wouldn't I be okay?

Because of what just happened in the Oval.

I'm okay, Red.

We're living in a new world, Red.

A world where Olivia Pope is
judge, jury, and executioner.

She has his world, our world
hoisted on her shoulders.

That is a fact. There's no changing it.

So, if the president is happy, I'm happy.

I serve at his pleasure. I'm okay.

- What's your game plan?
- David Rosen.

If you go to the Attorney
General for help yet again,

the president is gonna find out

that you're doing exactly what
he just told you not to do.

Which is why I'm not going
to the Attorney General, Red.

The Attorney General is coming to me.

You see?

I'm okay.

It's not a good time.

Mellie: We need to talk.

- About?
- Our deal.

We didn't have a deal.

Do you really think I let my
son's murderer out of jail

for nothing?

I am not insane. We had a deal.

I help you, you help me. We work together.

I never agreed to that.

I don't care what you think you agreed to.

That was the deal.

And if you go back on the deal,

I'm gonna tell Fitz what we did.

What you did.

Helen of Troy.


My people are right upstairs.

How is he?



You're wondering why I'm here.

Why are you here?

Believe it or not, I came to see your face.

I don't believe you.

I'm being hunted, Olivia.

I know.

By Jake.

Ballard? He's... The least of my concerns.

I warned you.

You are convinced that I am the devil,

the man with his finger on the button.

Maybe I was, but not anymore.

You thought that getting rid of me

would cause lilies to sprout

while mankind locked arms
in a collective embrace

and sang joyously to
never-ending world peace.

You were wrong.

I am out,

and now there's just... some
other devil in my stead,

someone else with their
finger on the button.

Someone far more dangerous than I.

My sons...

Have turned against me.

That's not my concern.

- Not yet, but you should be afraid.
- Why?

Because I am afraid.

What are you talking about?

As long as I am alive,

I will do my best to make
sure that you are protected,

but in the event of my death...

I have already given you
everything you need to survive.

Dad... you should know,

I hope you know...

I did my best for you.


I take tremendous pride
in who you have become.

Have you heard of something
called Lazarus one?

Lazarus one?

My father said some of his people,

his sons have turned against
him and initiated a plan.

They're trying to kill him.

Never heard of it.

But I wish them luck.

Marcus: Let's do this. Navid Turani.

Official translator for
the government of Bandar.

Grew up in a rural village
in the Bandari Mountains.


And won a scholarship to
a school in the cap...

- Faster.
- Quinn.

Wha... he's going slow.
You're going too slow.

Olivia: He's fine. Don't worry.
You'll get your sandbox back.

As I was saying,

Navid was awarded a full
academic scholarship.

There was a time in Bandar
before Razani took power

where a kid from a poor
village could learn English,

read the classics, and
make something of himself.

Bandar still has the highest
literacy rate in the region.

No thanks to Razani.

Navid translated for bandari dignitaries

at the middle east peace summit,

state visits to London, Paris, Moscow.

Does he always work for the same person?

Not always, but he's usually paired

with Minister of Energy Farshad Khansari.

That's who he was translating
for when he reached out to me.

Then he's probably been privy

to some highly classified conversations.

He's been at every U.N. weapons inspection

since the program started in 2003.

And now he wants out. Any
chance this guy's a spy?

No hits on qr-18.

No mentions of him in any of the chatter.

Looks like he's just a
guy who wants to get out.

So, let's see what this guy has to say.

If we want to talk to him, we
have to get him alone first.

Which won't be easy.

If he's not working, he's under
lock and key at their embassy.


I got this.

Fitz: President Razani, the
United States has no issue

with a peaceful scientific nuclear program.

However, we must ensure
that under no circumstances

will Bandar ever seek, develop,
or acquire nuclear weapons.


Should've warned me

not to take the pill you
gave me on an empty stomach.

You'll be fine. I've
spoken with the president.

He's agreed to offer you asylum,
assuming your Intel checks out.

Get me somewhere safe,

I'll tell you all I know, promise.

I'm sorry, but it's not
gonna work that way.

You talk then you get asylum.

I can't.

This regime, Razani,

it's not like it once was in Bandar.

He will kill anyone he
even suspects opposes him.

I've already said too much.

I promise that if you're telling the truth,

you will never have to
go back there ever again.

The framework calls for
Bandar to allow inspections

at all nuclear facilities, but...

But there's a secret facility.

And Razani toured the
facility three months ago.

Where is it?

It's five miles south of Yabreen.

It's in the desert.

All right, if this checks
out, you'll have your asylum.

I'm a little lost.

We need 12 hours to verify
the translator's Intel.

I got that.

And it can't look like I'm stalling

or stepping away from
the negotiating table.

I got that, too.

So... What you need from me is... ?


I need you to stall.

See, that right there,
that's where I get lost.

I've got zero, zippo, nada
to do with these negotiations

other than cheering them
on from the sideline...

If you were to let it slip

that you had reservations
about the treaty...

But I don't. I assure you, Mr. President...

But if you did.

I certainly wouldn't voice them publicly.

But if you did voice them publicly,

that might slow things down,

give us time to verify the Intel.

You want me to put my foot in my mouth?

Yes, Susan. I do.

Oh, why didn't you say so?

Eyes forward, ignore questions.

- Straight to the building.
- Uh-huh.

Woman: Madam Vice President,

are you pleased with the
terms of the nuclear treaty?

I've read it thoroughly.

I think it's a good and fair treaty.

But I'd like it a whole lot better

if those 12 million girls in Bandar

were allowed to go to school,

allowed to learn to read and write

and voice their own
opinions on this treaty.

I think that would make it better.

But what do I know?

I'm just a woman.

A woman a heartbeat away
from the presidency.

Man: Sources confirm
that Susan Ross' remarks

have caused President Razani
to step away from negotiations,

putting the U.S.-Bandari nuclear
treaty on ice.

I need you to create a task force.

Task force?

Yes, a task force, a committee,

a panel on parole loopholes.

Federal sentencing issues.

Those aren't the same thing.

Whatever flaw in our
criminal justice system

that allowed for Eli Pope to
walk out of a federal prison.

I'm sorry, Eli Pope?
Rowan is out of prison?

You didn't know.

Does it look like I knew?

- How?
- No clue.

Task force, committee, panel,
the reason you're standing here.

We shouldn't be setting up a task force

to close loopholes so other
sociopathic terrorists

don't get released on technicalities.

I mean, we should,

but first we should do
everything in our power

to find Rowan and return
him to a cement box.

The FBI should be on this.

If you think so.

In fact, we need to bring in all
of the intelligence agencies,

marshal every resource at our disposal.

If that's the path the justice
department wants to take.

I'll get on it right now.

Whatever you think is best, Rosen.

You can go right in, captain Ballard.

The president wanted to see me.

The president is busy with
the Bandari negotiations.


So, you just thought you'd
exercise executive privilege

and have me summoned to the oval office?

I needed to ask you something.

You understand how much I do
not care about what you need?

I do, but this isn't for me.

He contacted you?

Came to my office.

What did he say?

Someone's trying to kill him,

and I think he's actually
the innocent one this time.


Jake, I looked into my father's eyes,

and I saw something I
have never seen before.

What's that?



Have you ever... lied to someone's face

when your back was
completely against the wall

to get what you wanted?

Have you ever looked someone in the eye

and made them think you loved them?

Really truly loved them

so you could take whatever
it is you needed from them?

I believe him.

My gut says he's telling the truth.

Of course it does.

Otherwise you'd be a fool with daddy issues

who just got played by a mass murderer.

What if he is innocent

and someone really is trying to kill him?

Honestly, Liv,

I just hope I get to him before they do.

What did you think?

That I'd come here and spoon you?

Give you a shoulder to cry on,

listen to you talk about

all the dark places Rowan
built inside of you?

That train has left the station,

and you do not get to ride this anymore.

If you want someone to talk to,

tell your boyfriend

that you just let his
son's killer out of prison.

See how that works out.

Jake, I am going to tell him.

You are?

That I'd like to see.

I was supposed to choose you.


When you told me Fitz loved me

and that I should go to him,

what you really meant was

that you wanted me to say
I didn't love him and...

I was supposed to choose you.

No, you were supposed
to be too good for me.

It never crossed my mind that
I would be too good for you.

The things, the crimes,

the violence I have forgiven you for,

and you won't even consider that maybe I...


This is a surprise.

Mr. President.

Jake was just here to...
fill us in on my father.

Any news? Did you find him?

No, sir. Not yet.

But don't worry. I'm gonna keep looking.


I'm not saying anything.

You're looking at me.

- I'm going to tell him.
- Of course you are. You have to tell him.

- I just said that.
- Before it's too late.

Which is what I told you.

If he finds out from anyone else

that it was you who got
your father out of prison...


Cyrus is working with David
behind the president's back.

Yeah. He used some Jedi mind trick

to convince David to call
in the FBI to hunt your dad.

I did some digging,

and it's only a matter of time, Liv, so...

I have to tell him.


I'm going to tell him.

I'm going to tell him everything.

I can't lie to him.

It's... Pressing on me.

It's like a weight.


Once I tell him, that's it.

He will not forgive this.

When I tell him... it's over.

It's done. We're done.

I'm not ready to be done.

- Quinn.
- We have a problem.

That location Navid gave you...

Definitely not a secret
weapons facility, Liv.

His Intel is bogus.

You lied to us.


That location five miles south of Yabreen,

it isn't some secret
nuclear weapons site, Navid.

It's just some old soda
factory. You lied to us!

- This can't be right.
- We checked.

Well, check again. I didn't lie.

I remember them talking about an attack

from the place in this photo.

Your people will never know you came to me.

- Ms. Pope.
- 'Cause I will keep this quiet.

And tomorrow morning, you will
be released from this hospital.

- I cannot go back to my country.
- Your asylum has been denied.

I have stationed a guard outside your room.

- He will make sure that you do not try to leave.

I'm very sorry, Navid.

There's nothing I can do for you.

Huck, it's Jake. Safe house was a dead end.

Rowan wasn't there.

Call me back if you have any other leads.

Security cams have them leaving
the building at 8:47 P.M.

Who's the car registered to?

Some nobody who flew to Athens
last night for a wedding.

My guess is they lifted it
from an airport parking garage

so no one would know it was missing.

Someone activated Lazarus one.

Is that what all of this is really about?

You get the traffic cams?

Yeah. All major intersections
within a five-mile radius.

I'll run it through qr-18,
see where Rowan leads us.

Not we. You.

You said on the phone
you'd help me with this.

- I said I'd get you Intel.
- Huck.

Your guy is out.

My guy?

Your beast. I can see it in your eyes.

This isn't just a job for you.

Oh, please.

I can't be around that Jake.

I've spent too much time putting
my own guy back in his cage.

If I go down this road with you...

It's Rowan, Huck.

You see a cockroach, you step on it!

Not me.

Once I open that door,
there's no closing it again.

I helped you with the Intel, but that's it.

From here on out, you're on your own.

Can I ask what you're thinking about?


You want to watch TV?

I'm fine here.

- Got a minute?
- No.

Got 10?

What the hell am I doing?


You ever have a moment

when you realize your life
is nothing like it was

and nothing like you wanted it to be?

- That moment is right now?
- Yeah.

After we just had sex?

I was chief of staff

to the most powerful man in the world.

I had a seat next to the throne.

Now I'm an overpaid babysitter
for the queen of the nerds.

Give her some time.

I was unpolished when I became

the Attorney General of the United States,

but look at me now.

Where have you been?

Huck: Out.

- Out?
- Out.

Navid's story didn't hold?

Atmospheric data shows
nothing nuclear in that area.

He was lying.

Marcus: I feel sorry for him.

He lied.

- 'Cause he was desperate.
- Doesn't make it right.

He made a mistake. You
never made a mistake?

I went to law school. I regret that.

Point is I wouldn't want to
go back to Bandar, either,

and I might make up some
stuff so I didn't have to.

Now, would I choose a soda factory

as my secret weapons nuclear facility?

I'd like to think I would not.

- They never move.
- What?

You see these delivery
trucks out front here?


They never move.

Week after week after week,
they're in the exact same place.

But over here on this side of the building,

water tankers are moving
in and out all the time.

Wait, so they're bringing
water into the building,

but nothing is going out?

What does that mean?

It means that's not a soda factory.

He wasn't lying.

- What?
- Navid.

- What are you talking about?
- It isn't a soda factory.

They just want us to think that.

Huck hacked the power grid,

and the amount of electricity
they're using in that building,

it's massive.

You could literally buy
the whole world a coke

if you were actually making soda in there.

- What is it, then?
- Huck: They're cooling something.

It might not be nuclear,
but it's something,

and they're trying to keep it a secret.

We think Navid was right.

White House sources indicate
that bandari president Razani

has accepted the vice president's apology

and has already returned
to the negotiation table.

Barring another unforeseen delay,

President Grant's landmark
nuclear arms agreement

with Bandar

is all set to be signed as
early as this afternoon.

Olivia: Stop the signing.

Liv, what?

They're hiding something. Do
not let Fitz sign that deal.

I can't.

You can. You have to. Trust me, Abby.

I need to get Navid before he leaves
this hospital. You can do this.

Do it. Now!


Mr. President, we have a situation.

Liv's gut was right. Navid
is telling the truth.

Why did President Grant
suddenly break off talks?

Nothing is broken. This
deal is very much intact.

Help. Help.

Help! We need help! Somebody!

Why did the president
just walk away from...

This agreement has been
months in the making.

Isn't it worth taking
the time to get it right?



The doctors said you're gonna be all right.

I tried finding a number to call,

a family member, an
emergency contact, but...

Told you, I don't have anyone.

I just got off the phone

with a friend of mine at the White House.

She was able to track down
your old phone records.

I saw all the calls you made to an Amir.


It's okay.

No one else knows. No one else has to know.

Do you know what they do to gay people

in my country, Ms. Pope?

Being born different is a
crime punishable by death.

Coming here was supposed to be my chance

of living a life free of secrets.

No more watching what I
say, watching what I do.

No more scheming.

No more hiding.

I'm sorry about all the blood,

but if I was sent back to my country,

I'm dead anyway.

The location you gave me is
not some old soda factory.

It's something else.

Something else the bandaris
don't want us knowing about.

You were right.

Are you saying...

I should have listened to you.
I should have believed you.

- Susan.
- David.

- How are you?
- Good.

What are you doing in the White House?

No, wait. Let me guess.


- Are you actually gues...
- I don't really have a guess.

I'm meeting with Cyrus Beene.

I saw your statement.

My apology.

I wish it wasn't an apology.

Well, I shouldn't have said what I said.

Oh, I liked what you said.

- You did?
- It was honest.

That's true.

- And it was true.
- True.

You should never apologize for being you.

Thank you.

Which way are you headed?

I'm headed that way, and I should go.

Nice to run into you.

What's this?

The answer to the question. It's all here.

- Question? What question?
- Eli Pope's escape.

Right, right.

Forgot. You were looking into that.

I should say that none
of this is conclusive.

None of the suspects have
been questioned about this.

Is this interesting? You're
making this sound interesting.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Even more interesting.

Well, the suspense is almost intriguing me.

Who's the mastermind?

Olivia Pope.


You sure?

Agents are bringing her
in even as we speak.

Man: Ms. Olivia Pope?


I had no idea that going down
this road would lead to Olivia.

Who could have?

I have a warrant signed

by the Attorney General
of the United States.

Cyrus: Does the president know?

Do you want to break it to him?

You're arresting me? On what grounds?

Might be better coming from a friend.

Aiding the escape of a prisoner.

Please turn around.

Give me the keys.

They told me you let Rowan out.

But that's insane,
right? That's impossible.

You wouldn't do that. I
know you wouldn't do that.

You wouldn't do that to me.

You're not Mellie.

I don't understand how this happened,

and I'm going to find out,
but I know it wasn't you.



Tell me it's not true.


Roberta Flack's "Will you
Still Love me Tomorrow" plays]

Cyrus: I see you got the news.

Believe me, sir,

I was as shocked... as you are.

Liv's pulled her fair share of stunts.

We all have, but this is...

So, here's what I'm
thinking. We talk to Liv.

Let her know that

We're not out to get her because we aren't.

Then if she's willing to
help us find her father,

- put him back in prison...
- No.

I'm sorry?

I want her released.

Find some technicality, whatever it takes.

I want the charges dropped,
and I want her out of there.

W... wh...

What did she say to you?

Help me understand, sir. Please.

She told me there were people
trying to kill her father.

And you believed her?

What the hell's this?

Langley sent it over an hour ago.

That soda factory in Bandar,

the one Liv said to take a second look at,

they're not cooling uranium in there.

They're cooling servers.

Massive tianhe-2 supercomputers
they've been using

to stage cyber attacks
against Western targets.


Her gut was right, Cy.

Her gut was right,

and that translator saved all our asses.

I'm giving him asylum, by the way.

Least we can do.

So, you think that just because
she was right about that...

Who's to say she's not
right about her father?

History and common sense. That's what.

Have her brought home to me
as soon as she's released.

And by home, I mean the residence,

not her apartment.

And you can go now, Cy.

Sir, don't do this.

I said you can go.

For God sakes, Fitz, he killed your son!

I forgave you, didn't I?

Straight to the residence, Cyrus.

No exceptions.

Yes, sir.

In seven minutes, an MQ-1 Predator

is gonna blow that little
soda factory of yours

off the map.

And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

After 2 years, 8 months,
and 17 days of negotiations,

the treaty that supposedly
could never have been signed

has finally been signed.

Today, the White House
announced an historic accord

with the nation of Bandar.

Jake: Mr. President, it
just came through, sir.

Rowan's location.

Let me know when it's done.

Jake: Yes, sir.


Where the hell are you?

I'm not coming.

- We had a meeting.
- I'm not coming.

- I'm gonna tell Fitz, Liv.
- Mellie.

No, I warned you. You cannot do this to me.

I'm gonna tell him what you did.

Mellie, I already told him.

Fitz: I called off Jake.

He's not gonna kill your father.

He's gonna bring him in.

Fitz: Thank you.

Thank you.


How you feeling?

Fitz, what's going on?
These are my clothes.

I had all your clothes and belongings

packed up and brought over.

What are you talking about? Why?


Because you live here now.

This is your home.

I have a home.

I am going to keep you safe, Olivia.

Whatever it takes.

I'm assigning you a secret service detail,

and you will live here in the White House.

This will be your home.

You and I will be together now,

and you will be safe...

And protected.

Command. I have some questions for you.