Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 6 - Get Out of Jail, Free - full transcript

An outrageous plan is presented to Fitz and Olivia, but it could solve their problems.

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Welcome back, lovers of liberty.
It's impeachment week here at "the liberty report,"
And, boy, do we have a treat for you.
Starting today, 18 senators will sit in judgment
Of president fitzgerald grant iii.
First on the hot seat --
Mellie grant, a senator herself
And the object of much speculation.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,
And nothing but the truth, so help you god?
I do.
Gibson: It's basic timeline stuff --
Who knew what, when they knew it.
Just remember, senator,
If there's anything in there that makes you uncomfortable,
You can always say, "i don't recall."
-I'm not gonna do that. -Nor will she have to.
These are very simple questions.
I'm just saying -- i know what you're saying, and i appreciate it,
But "i don't recall" -- it's political suicide.
I might as well just say "i'm guilty."
As long as we are sticking to this list of questions, though.
We are.
Then we shouldn't have a problem.
So, ms. Grant, the day ms. Pope went on national television
And admitted to having an illicit relationship
With your husband --
Am i to understand
From conversations you've had with the press
That that was the first you'd heard of the affair?
I wish i could say i had a feeling,
But the truth is that i didn't.
Moskowitz: So before ms. Pope made that announcement,
You had no idea.
No idea at all.
[ spectators murmuring ]
Damn it.
What's the matter?
[ cellphone rings ]
You shouldn't be calling.
-It's an ambush. -What?
Mellie. They're about to sandbag her.
Who is it?
Liv. She says it's a trap.
Jeannine locke.
It can't be.
Moskowitz: Ms. Grant, i'd like to draw your attention
To an affidavit we obtained this morning from jeannine locke.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No!
Jeannine locke, you may recall, is the woman
Your husband claimed to have had an affair with two years ago.
If you would be so kind
As to read from the highlighted text there.
This is bad. This is very, very bad.
If i could request a recess
To speak with my client, senator.
You could, counselor, but we're not going to give it.
The highlighted text, ms. Grant. What did ms. Locke say?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
"i was about to go on tv
And say i'd never slept with the president
When the first lady approached me."
Keep reading.
"mrs. Grant said
That she knew i wasn't the woman sleeping with her husband,
But if i lied and said that i was,
She would pay me $2 million.
She said my life would be ruined regardless of what i said,
So i might as well profit from it,
So that's what i did."
In other words, you lied to us.
You knew about your husband's affair with olivia
Long before ms. Pope confessed to it on national television,
And because it was so politically dangerous,
You helped ms. Pope and your husband cover it up.
Yes or no, ms. Grant?
I don't recall.
I'm sorry?
I don't recall.
We see you, grant family,
Bonded by sin to olivia pope and her criminal minions.
The scales have finally fallen from our eyes,
And for that, dear members of the senate judiciary committee,
We as lovers of liberty, salute you.
Senator grant all but admitted
To not only having prior knowledge
Of her husband's affair with olivia pope --
...Allegedly paying former white house staffer jeannine locke
To lie about having an affair with the president.
Why didn't anyone warn me
About the jeannine locke situation?
We're changing strategy -- full 180.
You no longer testify, mr. President,
Or cooperate in any way with the investigation.
We invoke executive privilege? Yes.
We say congress can't force you,
Call them out on the investigation,
Say it's no more justified than a salem witch hunt.
That might save me from having to testify,
But what about olivia?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ door closes ]
-We think we have a way out. -Is that why you called?
We can't discuss this. -It's not about jeannine.
We shouldn't even be saying her name. If you just listen --
I can't listen! We can't even discuss --
For the -- [ sighs ]
We didn't call you here to talk about the investigation.
We called you here to discuss a wedding.
Our wedding.
It's the only way out of this,
The only way to keep you from having to testify.
You two are getting married.
The day of reckoning is upon us.
Tell me you are here with good news.
I've set up all your bank accounts,
Passport i.D., all ready to go.
That's a good start. You've done well, elise.
We just have one more piece of business.
Your escape plan. Mm.
You need to get in right there.
The laundry hamper.
Or you can wait 10 years while i dig you a tunnel.
I'm talking to you, mr. President.
Today begins a new chapter.
Our founding fathers called it impeachment.
I call it judgment day,
The day when our sins sprout legs
And chase us to our graves.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, mr. President.
The laundry truck left two hours ago.
[ bell dings ]
It tolls for thee.
Cyrus: If you're married, you can claim spousal privilege.
If you can claim spousal privilege, you don't have to testify.
He's not -- you're not even divorced!
Terms have been accepted.
Papers have been drawn.
Mellie is as eager to sign as i am.
Have you stopped to consider how insane this idea is?
A shotgun wedding on the heels of a quickie divorce?
You may as well turn the oval office
Into a drive-through wedding chapel.
We're talking about survival. We can fix the optics later.
I married a whore.
You landed michael and me
On the cover of out and proud magazine twice in one year.
Jeannine locke won't take us down.
Trust me.
You go before that committee,
And jeannine locke is the tip of the iceberg.
They sandbagged mellie.
You don't think they'll do the same to you?
With defiance?
Or remington? Or -- enough, cy.
We'll find another way.
Oh, my --
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Any time an inmate needs medical care,
We call the emergency contact.
In this case, he didn't have one.
Okay, so why call me?
You're one of only two visitors mr. Pope has had
Since he was incarcerated.
You were actually our second call.
Do you an...Elise martin?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You looking for this?
Yes. It's my favorite.
Why have you been visiting rowan in prison?
I didn't --
Don't lie to me.
He's, um...
Rowan's why i'm here --
In the u.S., in d.C.
You're running lazarus one?
No, i was hired by the people running lazarus one,
And they're taking out their enemies.
You're here to free him.
I'm here to kill him.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You want me to make it quick?
Not particularly.
Who are you working for? Who's looking to replace him?
I don't know.
Does it really matter?
The world will be a better place without rowan in it.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Good morning.
And what a beautiful morning it is in our nation's capital.
Today, freedom shall ring loud and clear
As olivia pope's band of lawbreakers
Must explain their involvement in the jeannine locke cover-up.
This should be good.
Olivia: No one lies. No one perjures themselves.
No one goes to jail. Those are the rules.
Is that clear? Crystal.
I got a subpoena.
Who's he? He's the new guy.
It's marcus.
I'm waist-deep in this. So where are we?
Well, we're trying to avoid perjury.
Or worse.
Who came up with the plan to frame jeannine locke?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Listen to the questions very carefully.
Do you know who came up with the plan?
I think it was -- don't think.
Don't guess. Don't speculate.
Answer the question.
Do you know?
I don't know.
Mr. Muñoz?
Uh, i don't know.
Ms. Perkins?
No idea.
If they aren't satisfied with your answers, which they won't be,
They'll start asking you questions about specific evidence
In order to force you into perjuring yourselves.
What else do they have that links us to jeannine locke?
The video.
I think that governor grant has the election in the bag.
Most importantly, he is freakin' hot.
If they ask about the video --
Then they know we leaked it.
-Did you leak it? -Of course we leaked it.
You, personally, leaked the video?
Well, not personally.
That's the question.
Did you leak a video of ms. Locke?
Did you?
No, i did not.
Ms. Perkins, mr. Muñoz?
I did not.
What she said.
Okay, ms. Whelan,
If it wasn't you or mr. Muñoz or ms. Perkins,
Who did leak the video of ms. Locke?
And let me remind you that you are under oath.
[ sighs ]
It was harrison.
And he's dead. That's great.
Okay, maybe not great,
But you can't send a dead guy to jail, right?
It's the truth. I-it was actually him.
Yeah, we wouldn't be committing perjury.
That's disgusting.
Liv, is it?
Together: Harrison wright.
You're saying the person who's responsible
For leaking the video that was used to frame ms. Locke
Just happens to no longer be with us?
[ spectators murmuring ]
[ gavel bangs ]
We're all going to hell.
It might not have been pretty, but it got the job done.
Now it's up to me.
Figured out what you're gonna say?
You testify in two days.
I'm still weighing my options.
[ telephone rings ]
Pope and associates.
Who's calling?
It's a nurse for you.
Olivia pope.
One moment, please.
[ monitor beeping ] olivia.
Olivia, i-i need your help. I've been attacked.
My life is in danger and --
[ receiver clicks, dial tone ]
Who was that?
No one.
Mr. Rosen.
Madam vice president. Did we have an appointment?
Is this a bad time?
It is, isn't it? A bad time?
I can tell by the look on your face.
It's just that something's come up,
Kind of spur-of-the-moment.
Hold my calls. There.
It is no longer a bad time.
What can i do for you?
[ laughs loudly ]
[ laughing ] s-sorry.
I'm sorry. Anyway, so, why i'm here.
Obviously, i can rely on your discretion.
You can.
Of course i can.
You're the attorney general of the united states.
You're probably the most discrete person in the country.
One of them.
All right, then.
Deep breath. Here it goes.
I would like your opinion on whether there are
Any legal obstacles to resignation.
To your resignation?
As in, quit your job?
It sounds funny that way, but...Yes.
I want to quit my job
As vice president of the united states.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Will you sit down?
I'm in the president's bedroom. It's weird.
Don't you feel weird?
Eleanor roosevelt had sex in here.
Abby. No, i mean, jackie o., lady bird, pat nixon.
I mean, can you imagine being first lady,
Sleeping in this room, living life here, part of history?
No privacy, no sense of personal space, no --
If i marry fitz, i won't have to testify.
What? Wait. Is that an option?
Cyrus tried to handle me into it.
But yeah, it's an option, i guess.
Well, that's good, right?
[ sighs ]
If i go before that committee and testify,
I'm going to lie.
Okay, it's the senate judiciary committee, liv.
You wouldn't do that. Abby.
Liv. You can't do that.
I know you mean it,
But i'm telling you as a lawyer, you can't.
You can't perjure yourself.
This isn't traffic court. It's the u.S. Government.
I'm going to lie. I'm going to perjure myself
Because otherwise, fitz will be impeached.
And i love him too much to let that happen.
So i need a way out.
So marry him.
[ sighs ] that's your way out.
You love him. You wouldn't have to testify.
We're not ready to get married.
It'd just be a last-minute "get out of jail free" card.
I don't want that for us.
And pretending that i do is just another lie.
If you take the stand, you could end up going to jail.
And if i get married?
What in the hell do you think this is?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
These senators aren't going home without bagging a trophy.
We need to do something.
She only told us not to lie.
She didn't tell us we couldn't do other things.
I didn't say kill. You really need to let that go.
[ cellphone rings ] [ sighs ]
Who is it?
It's just charlie.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Thank you for coming.
I am not lifting a finger for you.
You just want to get out of here,
And i'm not going to help you do it.
Are we done?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ aretha franklin's "ain't no way" plays ]
♪ ain't no way ♪
♪ for me to love you ♪ [ chuckles ]
What is all this?
This is my do-over.
Your what? I get it, liv.
Why you weren't so crazy about the whole marriage idea.
In the oval, listening to cyrus rattle on
About subpoenas and privilege and optics.
It was all so... Impersonal.
As if the two of us getting married
Was just some kind of transaction.
It felt wrong.
And so...
I want another shot.
You and i deserve another shot.
A do-over.
To make this feel right.
♪ i know that a woman's duty ♪
Olivia pope.
Fitz, please get up.
♪ is to help and love a man ♪
Please get up.
♪ and that's the way ♪
♪ it was planned ♪ i'm sorry.
What do you mean? Olivia!
♪ ooh, ooh ♪
I thought this was what you wanted.
This is not what i wanted.
Well, what do you want?
Not this.
Not some fake storybook romance,
Some teenage girl's fantasy.
And do you think this is what i want?
Do you have any idea --
I should be downstairs in the sit room
Discussing any number of pressing concerns
With my generals,
Like the war on terror or those bombings in bolivia.
Instead, i'm asking charlotte
To scour every presidential library in the country
For rare and unique engagement rings.
This one belonged to betsy ross.
You know how embarrassing that was?
How awkward i felt
Asking my valets to scatter rose petals everywhere?
Telling them to light all these damn candles?
Can you honestly stand there and tell me
That you think that i actually wanted to do this?
Nobody wants to do this!
No man ever wants to do this.
Of course no man ever wants to do this.
So why did you do it?
Because i love you.
Because you are what i want.
But obviously, you don't feel the same.
♪ stop tryin' to be someone you're not ♪
Some fantasy, right?
♪ ooh ♪
We're not ready.
You're not ready.
And you know what i think?
You never will be.
That's not fair.
♪ and if you need me ♪
Then answer the question, olivia.
♪ like you say, say-ay you do ♪
♪ oh, then, please, please ♪ what is it that you want?
♪ please, don't you know that i need you? ♪
That's what i thought.
♪ oh, it ain't no way ♪
♪ ooh, ooh ♪
♪ i tell you that it ain't no way ♪
♪ it ain't no way, it ain't no way, baby ♪
[ cellphone rings ]
Hey. Hey.
Where are you? At home.
Are you okay? You sound --
I can be a married person, right?
You think i'd be okay being married?
That i could do it?
Because i think i might have to get married.
To him? Are you calling to --
[ chuckles ]
Liv, i have to go.
I need to know what to do. You're who i talk to.
Mm-hmm. About whether or not to marry him.
I know. I'm sorry. I just --
I'm gonna hang up the phone now, liv.
[ knock on door ]
We just got word from moskowitz's office.
You're their first witness up friday morning.
You could've called to tell me that.
I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Quinn: I saw abby earlier. So, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Are you gonna testify tomorrow?
I don't know.
Are you going to get married?
I don't know.
Do you want to get married?
If you don't have a solution, i'd like to be alone.
I might.
Have a solution.
You're going around my back, working my team?
You left me no choice. You were avoiding my calls.
You look fine.
I am fine.
So why are you still in the infirmary?
My heart. It's behaving erratically.
[ monitor beeping ]
Looks fine to me.
[ monitor beeping quickly ]
[ beeping slows ]
I've been faking arrhythmias for the last 12 hours.
So you can see visitors?
So i don't return to my cell so i am not killed.
I think it's time
The doctors learn about your little parlor trick.
Olivia, if i go back to my cell, i will not come out alive.
You killed a guard.
You're worried the other guards will retaliate.
The threat is far greater than that.
Whoever's behind this will try again and again,
As many times as necessary.
They will kill me. You have to get me out of here.
Goodbye, dad.
I'm not asking for --
I'm offering you something in return,
Something of equal value to you.
The committee --
I can make it so it all goes away.
The hearings, the impeachment -- all of it.
Those b613 files,
The ones you thought were all destroyed
Are all right here.
I know everything
About every last member of that committee.
Get me out of this prison,
And i'll get you out of this mess.
[ sighs ]
I can sign fitz's signature in my sleep.
I can do it perfectly.
I've been doing it since he was governor.
Thank you for coming. I have a proposition.
You mentioned that.
A way out.
A way out of what, exactly?
This mess that we're in.
I'm already out, liv. I am out.
I am down. I am down here.
You see me.
Did you see what happened yesterday?
Those flesh-eating cannibals. I am out of the hearings.
I am out of the committee.
I am probably out of the senate, which means i am out of a job.
I am out of a career. I am out of my house.
I am out of my marriage, thanks to you.
I am out!
It can get worse.
It cannot get worse.
Not for me.
If i testify before that committee,
It will get worse.
You're threatening me?
I'm not threatening you.
I'm telling you the truth.
What does that committee really have?
Not west angola, not defiance, not 100 other things.
They have a statement from jeannine locke.
That's it.
I know it was bad for you yesterday,
But you can survive that story because if i don't testify,
That story dies and these hearings end
And jeannine locke becomes the answer
To a trivia question no one ever gets right.
But if i testify, everything changes.
If i testify, they will ask me about everything
And i will have to answer and we will all go down.
I despise you.
There's a prisoner in virginia.
If you can secure his release,
And i know that you can, and i know how you can do that,
He will make these proceedings go away --
No violence, no one gets hurt.
All of this will just disappear.
You will be out of this maze and back into your life.
You know what i can do, mellie. You know what i'm capable of.
I'm telling you -- this is our way out.
Your way out.
[ sighs ]
Who is he?
It doesn't matter.
Who is he?
His name is --
I know his name. Damascus bainbridge.
What the hell is going on? How did he get to you?
Damascus bainbridge --
That is his name.
That is not his name. Don't.
Don't do this, olivia.
His name is eli pope.
His name is eli pope.
He's my father.
I don't understand.
He came to me. Damascus bainbridge.
He said he was a donor,
But he wanted information on those jurors.
He killed those 17 federal jurors.
Did you know that?
This is your father? Who is he?
What does he do?
My father ran a secret intelligence agency
Within the united states government.
What kind of intelligence agency kills jurors?
It was not a normal intelligence agency.
Fitz never told you that this man came to me?
Then why did you think he threw me out?
I didn't know.
Your father is a murderer.
He slaughtered innocent people,
And you want me to release him from jail.
Just like that.
Without even knowing what i was doing.
So that you and fitz can live happily upstairs together
For another couple of years?
How sick is that? How sick are you?
But i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?
Your daddy wasn't my way out. He was yours.
Probably like he's always been your whole life --
Mowing people down
To clear a path for his golden child.
[ chuckles ]
Who else has he done this to?
Who else has he hurt? Do you even know?
[ scoffs ]
He killed your son.
My father killed your son.
[ hyperventilating ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Let me see the ring.
Who did you say it belonged to?
Betsy ross.
No wedding dress, no flowers, and no vows.
And i'm keeping my name.
'cause i'm only marrying you for your money.
[ chuckles ]
[ cellphone rings ] [ sighs ] what?
I'm gonna do it.
Okay. Well, good for you.
I didn't want you to hear on tv or something.
Jake, i need you to be --
Stop it. Don't...
You need me for anything.
Don't you ask me for anything.
That's his job.
I'm coming with you.
What's the plan?
Union station, 3:00 tomorrow.
3:00 tomorrow.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Our assets will be divided 50/50,
Aside from the house in santa barbara.
I figured you'd still wanted that,
And i'm not gonna fight you for it.
How generous of you.
And about the children,
I'd like to ask you one more time
If teddy can split his time between us.
And i'd like to tell you one last time
There is no world in which that is happening.
I get teddy. It's a nonstarter.
Karen, however --
Karen will stay with me in the winter and spring.
You'll have her fall and summer.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You're not gonna go back on any of this, are you?
Just because there aren't any lawyers present?
I am a lawyer. You are a lawyer.
I think we're covered.
What about jerry?
What about him?
I want to be able to visit his grave on saturdays.
You're able to visit his grave whenever you want.
I want to be able to visit on saturdays
Without having to see you there, as well.
You can visit on sundays.
I also want control of jerry's foundation.
You've had nothing to do with that foundation.
Well, i'm gonna need to find some way
To keep myself occupied, aren't i,
Now that my days as a senator are about to be over.
[ sighs ]
For the love of --
Do you really give two craps about any of this, fitz?
I get the foundation and saturdays
And you get to marry your mistress.
Doesn't get any better for you than that.
Just sign the damn papers.
[ sighs ]
[ liquid pours ]
[ sighs ]
Did you think of something else, mellie?
Something else you want?
Some family heirloom,
Some final point of negotiation you still want to work out?
What is it that you want now?
There's nothing.
Because there's nothing left for you to take.
What did you say?
Goodbye, mellie.
What did you say?
We're not going to do this.
What did you say?
I said there was nothing left for you to take.
[ door slams ]
What have i taken from you, fitz?
Everything there is. Everything i had.
You name it.
How do you do that?
How do you talk yourself
Into believing anything you want to believe?
Convince yourself that you are completely blameless
In every situation?
What kind of messed-up cognitive processes
Go on in that tiny little head of yours
To make all that happen?
You think it's scientific?
Did you get it from your daddy,
Something passed on from one grant to the next?
I wish i could do that. I wish i were wired that way.
We're done here.
No. I want to hear it.
I want to hear how you think this is my fault.
Tell me, fitz.
Tell me about all the damage i've caused.
Oh, that's right, baby. Take another sip.
We're just getting started.
The damage you have caused is irreparable.
Is it?
This ridiculous investigation, these laborious proceedings,
This fabricated marriage i'm about to enter
With the only woman i've ever loved --
All of this is on you, mellie.
Oh, i don't think so.
Who went to those senators and voted to impeach?
Who got up on that stand and lied through her teeth?
Who kicked me out of this place like i was yesterday's trash?
You mean when you went around my back
And sent those jurors to their deaths?
Don't you dare try to pin that on me again.
You did that.
What i have been forced to do!
Oh, let's talk about messed-up cognitive processes
And convincing yourself to be completely blame-free, mellie.
Enlighten me!
What i have been forced to endure --
You have blood on your hands.
In an effort to protect you!
Every imaginable scenario, they all end with you, fitz!
Don't you get it?
You are the common denominator here.
You are the root cause of everything.
I would still have my dignity if it wasn't for you.
I would still have my career if it wasn't for you.
Those jurors would still be alive if it wasn't for you.
I would have gotten to see jerry attend his senior prom
If it wasn't for you.
I wouldn't have had to bury my baby if it wasn't for you!
[ scoffs ]
I wouldn't have even had kids. I wouldn't have married you.
I wouldn't have forced myself to stomach
You and your disgusting father lying on top of me.
I would have had something, been something, done something.
I wouldn't have wasted 20 years propping you up,
Making you feel okay about your pathetic mediocrity,
Petting you and applauding you.
My life would have meant something
If it wasn't for you!
Goodbye, fitz.
Can you sense the anticipation?
Only four more hours to go
Before we hear from the woman at the center of it all --
Olivia pope.
She'll be testifying, and i, for one, cannot wait.
So are you ready, susan ross,
To take your place
As the second female president of the united states?
Because as you all know, my friends,
I was the first.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I've consulted with some leading constitutional authorities,
Madam vice president.
There are no legal impediments to your stepping down.
You send the president a letter of resignation,
And you're out of here.
[ sighs ] thank you.
Now can i ask you a question, madam vice president?
Why would you send that letter?
It's --
You don't have anything to drink, do you?
I have water.
What about a wine cooler? Have you ever had a wine cooler?
I have sisters, so, yes, i have.
We need some wine coolers.
It's disgusting.
It's not how i remember it. It's very sweet.
The president's behavior is disgusting.
I'll just say that.
And i don't mean to sound like little susan mcpreachy.
I mean, look at me right now. I'm not perfect.
None of us are.
But the president of the united states
Is held to a higher standard, and he should be.
You're appalled with the president.
Yeah. I am, too.
But i think the real reason you want to step down
Is because you realize
That you might have his job soon,
And that scares the hell out of you.
That's ridiculous.
For me to get that terrible job,
He'd have to be prosecuted, impeached --
And you can't prosecute a man for sleeping around.
We'd have no presidents.
They say when you have an affair,
There's two other people in bed with you.
Have you ever heard that?
I have. It's metaphorical.
It refers to the other two people you're cheating on.
It's not like they're actually having a...
Anyway, with the president, it's different.
When he has an affair,
There's 300 million people in bed with him --
The american public.
There's also 100 senators and 435 members of congress.
And they have to make sure
The only thing he broke was his vows,
Make sure there's no quid pro quo,
That there's favoritism,
That every cent the white house may have paid olivia pope
Was for the professional services she rendered
And not her services in bed.
So you're wrong.
The one man, the only man in this country
Whom you can prosecute for sleeping around
Is fitzgerald grant.
I don't want to be president.
I know.
I would make a terrible president.
Which is precisely why you shouldn't quit.
The people in this town who worry me sick,
Who make me fear for the survival of this democracy,
Are the ones who think they'd be great presidents.
They are so loaded up on megadoses of hubris
That they don't recognize
That it's the most humbling job in the world.
But you do.
I don't know if you'd be a great president,
But i know you wouldn't be any worse than what we have now.
At least, unlike the man who's currently occupying that job...
...You wouldn't snag everyone around you in your zipper.
[ gil scott-heron's "the revolution will not be televised" plays ]
♪ you will not be able to plug in, turn on, and cop out ♪
I have the marriage licenses, all the paperwork.
We've contacted justice abrams.
Fitz: She knows about it?
Alex: Ms. Pope, i'm alex radstone,
From the united states secret service.
This is agent tyler and agent lathrop,
Who i will work with coordinating your detail.
[ indistinct conversation ]
I'd like to go over a couple of things before your wedding.
You will be assigned a code name.
Please advise me immediately
Of any travel contemplated outside the white house,
Of any duration, for any purpose.
[ indistinct conversation ] as soon as possible,
I would like to meet with your chief of staff.
Have you selected a chief of staff?
Patty: I don't want to give them any opportunity to ask any...
This is an adjustment, i understand.
I like to think of us as --
Well, you've seen the dogs with the cones around their neck?
We are those cones. We're annoying.
You'll want to shake us off at first,
And you will try, but we don't come off.
I want that face on television.
I don't want your face. I don't like your face.
-You have a lawyer face. -Excuse me.
You'll realize this, and you'll get used to it.
Your life is different now.
Some things are more difficult, but on the other hand,
You will never open another car door
Or spend time trying to find your umbrella.
As soon as possible,
Please provide me with the name of your chief of staff.
Also, please provide me
With a list of names of immediate family members
Or any close friends with whom you expect to have regular contact...
...I don't know, the american people,
Who are already completely disgusted with all of this, all of us?
Ms. Pope? What?
Do you have a cellphone? Yes.
You'll have to give that up.
You're being assigned a new secure communications device.
[ cellphone chiming ]
I have to take this.
Of course.
♪ blowing a bugle and leading a charge by john mitchell ♪
Woman: Please hold for senator grant.
♪ "green acres," "the beverly hillbillies" ♪
♪ and hooterville junction ♪
♪ will no longer be so damned relevant ♪
♪ and women will not care ♪
♪ if dick finally got down with jane ♪
♪ on "search for tomorrow" ♪
♪ because black people will be in the street ♪
♪ looking for a brighter day ♪
♪ the revolution will not be televised ♪
I hope you don't mind the aisle, 'cause i'm a window guy.
♪ you will not be able to stay home, brother ♪
[ camera shutter clicking ]
♪ you will not be able to plug in, turn on, and cop out ♪
[ gavel bangs ]
Gibson: The judiciary committee
Would like to call olivia pope to the stand.
♪ the revolution will not be televised ♪
♪ the revolution will not be televised ♪
♪ the revolution will not be brought to you by xerox ♪
♪ in four parts without commercial interruptions ♪
♪ the revolution will not show you pictures of nixon ♪ [ door opens ]
♪ blowing a bugle and leading a charge ♪
♪ by john mitchell, general abrams, and spiro agnew ♪
♪ to eat hog maws confiscated from a harlem sanctuary ♪ gibson: Olivia pope?
♪ the revolution will not be televised ♪
[ camera shutter clicking, spectators murmuring ]
Is ms. Pope in the building?
♪ ...By "the schaefer award theatre" ♪
♪ and will not star natalie woods and steve mcqueen ♪
♪ or bullwinkle and julia ♪
[ camera shutter clicking ]
♪ the revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal ♪
♪ the revolution will not get rid of the nubs ♪
♪ the revolution will not make you look 5 pounds thinner ♪
♪ because the revolution will not be televised, brother ♪
♪ there will be no... ♪
You changed your mind.
I had a realization.
About my father.
[ chuckles ] no, not him.
I had a realization about you.
All these years i've spent hating you,
Wishing he'd never met you,
Thinking you showed up and took him from me.
You just appeared out of nowhere
And ruined everything. Mellie.
But i was wrong.
You are not my enemy.
You are my freedom.
You are my white knight.
You are my challenger, my push to greatness, my savior.
I was lost, but now i'm found.
I was blind, but now i see.
You are gonna make me
President of the united states.
♪ the revolution will not be televised ♪
♪ the revolution will not be brought to you by xerox ♪
Just call a recess? What?!
Just call a recess.
At this time,
We would like to call an unscheduled recess.
News today from the senate judiciary committee hearings
As lead senators republican stanley gibson of missouri
And democrat leslie moskowitz of washington
Have decided to drop their bipartisan investigation
Into the grant administration.
You owe me, olivia.
I gave you what you wanted.
She even threw in an old friend just for me.
♪ will not be televised ♪
Hello, olivia.
♪ the revolution will be live ♪
[ camera shutter clicks ]