Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 19 - Buckle Up - full transcript

A battle between Abby and Olivia threatens to keep Mellie and Susan from meeting Florida's governor.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
O, say can you see, Lovers of Liberty.

By dawn's early light,
a political cat fight.

With nary an end in sight.

As the audience here in L.A.

as well as the rest of
the country could see,

Senator Grant was the
clear winner of the debate.

You witnessed a desperate
woman up there, lashing out,

knowing all the momentum
is now with Susan.

Three debates in,

and with billionaire Hollis Doyle

polling a distant third,
Mellie Grant and Susan Ross

continue to battle for the
soul of the Republican party.

We'll take this new momentum

through the rest of the states...

And leave Mellie Grant in the dust...

all the way to the convention.

Till Susan Ross is on that
stage at the convention.

Two women who began
as friends and allies

now going at each other tooth and nail.

Because the people are with Mellie.

Because we have the best candidate

and we know how to win.

Do you think you'll be able to secure

Governor Baker's endorsement
over Vice President Ross?

Are you concerned about Senator
Grant's lead in Florida?

Tomorrow, they're heading to
the Sunshine State, Florida,

where it's winner take all.

99 precious delegates at stake...

Snag those and you've suddenly
got a commanding lead.

As for the loser,
well, now, you know me,

Lovers of Liberty, I'd
just as soon be shot

in the face with a cannon on my birthday

than be tagged as some kind of a...


I will admit that it's hard to watch

two smart, talented women tear
each other apart like this,

and equally hard to look away.

Who will emerge the victor?

Too close to call.

All I can say is may the best woman win.

You get a chance to pick
up that dry cleaning?

Uh, bottom row. All the way to the left.

Found it.

How late do you think you'll be?

Wish I knew.

Uh, I made some chicken earlier.

I'll... I'll leave it
in the fridge for you.

Oh, no you will not.

I'm taking it with me
back to the office.

No way I'm gonna pass that up.

You sleep tight tonight, okay?

Okay? Okay?

If I'm gonna be later than midnight,
I'll call.

Sounds good.

You need to stop calling me.

And I will, as soon as
you start helping me.

That's not gonna happen.

Look, I told you.
I don't want any part in this.

How can you not want to
get even with the bastard?

- He's cheating on you.
- You don't know that.

All you have are a few grainy pictures.

They don't mean anything.

He had something to do with
that shooting in Harrisburg,

the one where a bunch of innocent people

lost their lives.

Get me what I asked you for.

It's the right thing to do.

Do not contact me again.

Rise and shine, everybody.
We've got a big day ahead.

You're exhausted, I know,

but you'll get a day off
when you're president.

Come on, Susan. Get out of bed.

I saw a pack of cards in the gift shop.

Want to play some gin
rummy on the plane today?

We could have a tournament.

- God. Card games?
- That's the best you could do?

I'm not a shrink.

If you want to make her happy,

maybe you shouldn't
lock her, every night,

in a hotel room with a man she hates.

For the sake of the campaign,
we need to keep up appearances.

What about my sake?
I'm operating on no sleep here.

Maybe if you'd get her to
let me sleep on the sofa,

I'd be more helpful.

Dogs aren't allowed on the furniture.

What's on the docket today?

Louise Baker...
Two-term governor of Florida.

Don't let the resort wear fool you.

Governor Baker has the state
of Florida on lock-down.

There isn't a single judge,
mayor, state senator,

most importantly,
delegate in the entire state

that doesn't owe her a favor.

If Baker says "Vote Susan"...

They all fall in line.

It's a bake-off.

Mellie, Susan Ross, and Hollis Doyle

are all invited to the dinner.

So the governor wants a contest.

The minute that dinner's over,

she's going to hand one of
you the state of Florida.

I hate that bitch.

You don't have to like her,
you just have to win.

And to win, you have to bow down,

because in this situation...

Baker's got all the power.

You need to get down on your knees

and kiss that big ass
cocktail ring of hers.

Ask her advice, beg her council, and...

Let her hold court.

Listen. Don't sell, don't push.

Drink with her.
She likes a good gin and tonic.

Well, hold on. Susan can't drink gin.


You told me it makes you mean.

Being cheated on makes me mean.

Drink whatever you want.
Just, please, whatever you do...

You cannot show up late.

Yeah, Baker hates that.

She's a real stickler about time.

Okay. Okay. Drink gin,
suck up, be on time.

I get it.

Mellie, let me be very clear.
You blow this dinner...

And let Mellie win the
governor's endorsement...

and let Susan win the
governor's endorsement,

then Susan wins Florida

and you suspend your campaign
come Wednesday morning.

As in permanently suspend,
as in we're over. It's done.

- Got it.
- Do you?


Okay, then. Call the plane.

Tell them we're on our way.

Let's get wheels up to Florida.

As soon as we land in
Miami, we're moving.

We have to get Mellie to four
different campaign offices

for meet-and-greet thank-yous.

Then she has dinner with Governor Baker

and the local late night show...

Five separate wardrobe changes.

It's a packed schedule,
so no room for error.

She can take the stairs.

Mr. President, over here!

Care to comment on the...

Beautiful day for a flight,
Captain McKinney.

Yes, sir.


I have to make a quick phone call.

You go ahead and get on the plane,
Mr. President.

So that's it?

We're definitely locked and loaded?

No other planes can land or take off?

Yes, ma'am. That is correct.

The Vice President's plane

has already left for Florida, correct?

Why are we just sitting here?

I don't know.

We were supposed to
leave 15 minutes ago.

Captain Randall, we're
on a tight schedule

once we land in Florida.

I understand, ma'am,

but we can't leave until
Air Force One departs.

It's protocol.

Yes, I know how it works.
What's the hold up?

Captain McKinney's reporting
a mechanical issue.

What kind of issue?

It's an internal problem.

Exactly how long do you
think it's going to be

before the president's plane takes off?

I don't know. I'm not a mechanic.

Probably gonna be a while.

You and Mellie will just have
to go to Florida tomorrow.


So Mellie misses tonight's
dinner with Governor Baker.

How convenient for Susan.

Abby, just let the
senator's plane leave.

We can be out of here in 10 minutes.

I'd love to, but the rules say I can't.

Rules say you only need to
halt other airplane traffic

when Air Force One is in transit,

and as you can see,
Air Force One is not in transit.

True. It's not in transit now,

but it might be in transit any minute.

Abby you cannot do this.

I can do anything I need

to guarantee the safety
of the president.

And if that means you have
to sit there for a week

until I tell you to move,
that is what will happen.

So, latest polls show

you're neck and neck with
Senator Davis on experience.

Got a little edge over
him on likability,

but that's still within
the margin of error.

Overall, the problem I'm
seeing is that the voters

would be happy with either of you.

I think we need a wedge issue,
something like equal pay,

something to drive a wedge between Davis

and his coalition...

The problem is you share the same views

on most of those issues.

What Edison Davis doesn't have is kids.

We can use that. There's
your wedge issue.

So, what, we pull the kids out of school

and put them on the trail?


My daughter, Anna, has cancer, Cyrus.

She's five.
I don't talk about it with anyone.

No, no. Just hear me out.

The situation with Anna's
cancer and your secret visits...

It's gonna come out.

Eventually some enterprising reporter...

Let's find another way.

Why? It's the truth.

It's also manipulative,

and it's distasteful,
and it crosses a line.

Oh, right. Well, you're
the expert on that.

I'm late for the rally.

Find another wedge issue, gentlemen.

Oh, okay, There's a United
flight leaving from Ontario,

connects through Denver to Miami...

Oh, but it still doesn't
get Mellie to the dinner

- until 10:15 tonight.
- 10:15?!

Can't we just get the governor
to hold off making a decision?

Have a breakfast meeting with her.

She's already said publicly

that she's making her decision tonight.

She won't push.

Susan's gonna be all over Baker,

charming her with some hokey story

about how she used to go gator hunting

in the Everglades with her
paw paw every Christmas.


How did you do that?

Seriously, what's the play?

It's not like we can shove
Air Force One off the runway.

No, but we can shame them off.

Rumors are swirling at this hour,

as Mellie Grant's plane remains grounded

behind the out-of-commission
Air Force One.

A source close to Senator Grant

speaking on condition of anonymity

claims the mechanical issues
plaguing Air Force One

are bogus...

An invention designed

to keep the senator away from Florida...

What the hell is going on?

We are actually having
mechanical difficulties, right?

That's why I've been sitting on
a tarmac for an hour and a half?

Abby. Say something.

Mechanical difficulties are real.

Can you prove that?
We can't publish technical documents

without compromising
the president's safety.

Abby. This is unethical.

This isn't just
unethical. It's criminal.

It's a criminal act.
You can't just lie to the FAA.

We take off now, we're all but
admitting that we broke the law.

There would be an
investigation, hearings,

Susan would take a huge hit.

You may not like what I've done,
but it's done.

Now please, go back into your office

and do your job and let me do mine.

- Hey, hey, hey.
- You want to write a story?

Write one about a desperate campaign

spreading lies about their opponents,

because that's what this is.

Janice Quinby, who can't go home
to be with her ailing father.

Tom Dessantis, who's missing
the birth of his first grandson.

Stacey Brewster, who's going to Haiti

to build schools and just
missed her connection.

But here's the thing.
It's not going to work.

The people of Florida
are going to see this

for what it is, and
they'll take their anger

into the voting booth on Tuesday
when they vote for Susan Ross.

These are just a few of
the thousands of passengers

stranded on the Burbank terminal

because their flights have
been postponed or cancelled

due to the White House's dirty tricks.

If anyone should take their anger

into the voting booth, it's them.


May I come in?


You just missed Susan.
I can call her if you like.

Oh, no, no. That's all right.

I'm not here to talk to her.

Can I level with you?

Uh, sure. Level away.

I like Susan.

I think she's smart.

I think she's personable,

but I don't really think
she's cut out to be president.

Too idealistic.

There's nothing wrong with optimism.

Now Mellie Grant, on the other hand,
she's a back-room brawler.

She'll get things done
no matter what the cost.

She's like me.

So if I had to endorse
somebody right now,

it would have to be Senator Grant.

I'm confused.

You want me to pass that
message on to Susan?

'Cause I really don't want to
give her that kind of news.

Tamarac Sugar.
I believe you're familiar with them?

They're currently under investigation

by my office, so, yes.

I'd like you to drop your investigation.

And why would I do that?

Because there's still
time before the primary,

which means there's still
time for me to change my mind

and endorse someone
other than Senator Grant.

Say, Susan, for instance.

Do you realize what you're suggesting,

Because maybe you don't.

Maybe we want to call this a mistake?

Maybe we don't.

This is the one.

We are entering hour
four of the stand-off,

with no clear end in sight.

Reporters on both planes are speculating

that perhaps some jealousy...

This has gone on long enough.

You think a few stranded
passengers griping to the media

is gonna force the president
of the United States

to take off?

Because that is not working.

Not yet.

Not yet?

Try never.

It is never gonna happen.


- Why are you doing this?
- Quinn, don't.

What? Look, I'm not judging.

I am asking. Nobody in
this room can judge.

I mean, who amongst us hasn't
gone over the edge and...

killed somebody once?

Or even twice.

Why am I dong what?

This. This contest of wills with Abby.

This... This refusal to blink first.

It's not working.

So why? Why are we even here?

Why, if you're just gonna sabotage

all the hard work we've
done building Mellie up.

Why are we here when we could be...

She wants to know why are you here

when you could be saving Jake?

I shouldn't need to
explain myself to you two.

You two are supposed to be gladiators.

You should get it, you should know.

You two should be over a cliff with me,

and instead I'm sitting
here having you beg me

to explain your job to you.

I told you, don't.

What's the alternative, Huck?

What, we sit on this tarmac
for the rest of our lives?

Who was that?

Wh-Where is she?

You okay?

We have to do something.

This could tank my entire campaign.

The more this drags on,
the more I look like

some ball-busting shrew
who feels entitled

to duke it out on the
tarmac using planes.

Planes, Marcus.

How ridiculous and out of
touch and unlikable is that?

It's not...

appealing to the average voter,
I'll grant you that.

This needs to end.

Okay. Then end it.


Abby and Liv are locked
in a death match.

Abby doesn't control Air Force One.

The president won't talk to me.

Do you really think he's gonna snub

the mother of his children
on national television?

Reportedly damaged Air
Force One is holding up...

Catherine, I need you to
put together a press rel...

Mellie Grant's campaign
plane on the tarmac.

What's happening?

Moments ago, we saw Senator Grant

step off the aircraft.

It appears she is making
her way onto the runway.

What the hell is she doing?

But from this vantage point,

it looks like she may be heading...

Air Force One.

She's just standing there now,

looking at her ex-husband's plane.


Was that...
I-I believe the senator just waved

- at her ex-husband's plane.
- What is she doing?

She's waiting for me.

- Sir, I'm sorry.
- I don't know what's going on.

Tell the captain I'm
getting off the plane.

No, sir. You can't go out there.

The press, the cameras,

- the optics would be awful.
- Abby.

Do you really want the
entire world to see you

get reprimanded by your
ex-wife on national television?

You could bring about world peace,
put a man on Mars,

but that footage will
still be the only thing

that people remember about you.

You really want me to leave
her standing out there alone?

That's right, folks.

Senator Grant has planted herself

in front of Air Force One,
and she's not budging.

- That's badass.
- Who let her go?

Don't look at me. As of now,
efforts to get Air Force One's attention

have gone completely unacknowledged.

You go out there and bring her back.

- No.
- What did you say?

- I said no.
- It's too late, anyway.

Now the door to Air Force
One seems to be opening.

Yes, someone is coming out
of the president's plane.



Wonderful to see you.

You want to talk?

I think it's a very good idea.

That crafty broad.
I really underestimated her.

Not crafty... corrupt.

My office sent over the
file on Tamarac Sugar,

Governor Baker has pocketed

tens of thousands of
dollars in kickbacks.

It's big. I can't drop
the investigation.

You have to.

We're talking 99 delegates
on a silver platter, Rosen.

We'll take Florida.

Look, I want Susan to
be my next president,

but my job, my duty,

is to protect the integrity
of the justice department.

I took an oath.

We get it. You're a special snowflake.

Just suck it up and
take one for the team.

No. No. David's right.

He shouldn't sacrifice his principles

so that I can get one
measly endorsement.

Susan, this is a big endorsement.

I will go to this dinner,

because it will look bad if I don't,

but if the governor
want's to play dirty,

then I don't want her support.

I hate you, Snowflake.

Bold move.

Thank you.

Certainly gives the press
something to run with.

I didn't do it for the photo op.

Of course not. Why would you?

You sure as hell don't
need any help from me.


You're doing great. I saw you on Kimmel.

I heard about Cardinal Suarez.

That couldn't have been easy.

You're up in the polls.

Really giving us a run for our
money these days, aren't you?

It makes you wonder
why I ever even wanted

your endorsement in the first place.

Congrats, Mellie. I'm proud of you.

Think how proud I could make you

if I could just get to Florida.

Florida. Right.

Move your plane, Fitz.

I can't do that.

Because your chief of staff
has put her foot down?

Look, honey.

I'm all about women's
empowerment these days.

I have joined the cause.
I'm running for the cause.

I am the cause,

but when there is a certain
redhead going around,

calling all the shots,

telling the president
of the United States

what he can and cannot do, well,
you can see why I'm concerned.

Abby is doing her job.

Abby's causing problems.

We have a problem.

The two of us?

Isn't that new?

Not us.


Your chief of staff is
causing problems with mine.

Let me tell you, one
of them is about to go

full Tonya Harding on the other,

and when that happens,
I think we know who leaves who

in a blubbering mess on the floor.

She will kill her, Fitz.



Mellie, the press is 20 yards away.


So don't be inappropriate.

What? I'm...

You're telling me you really don't know?

I don't know.



Oh, my God.



I-I thought that was Liz North

She'd been talking about
doing that all day.


That was Liv.

You mean she sent one of her people.

I mean she did it with her bare hands.

You should've told me.

You should've asked.


Props to Liv.

Something like that.

This whole thing between her and Abby.


She's a different person.

At least now I know why.

You're worried about Liv.

She's missing now.

There but not there, you know?

Is she sleeping?

Doesn't look like it.

Is she getting any exercise?

She used to run when she
needed to decompress.

She gave up running.

I was trying to get her to swim again,
but she won't.

I make her take walks with me, though.

That's something.

And I make her eat.

She forgets to eat,
especially when she's working,

which is all the time.


Make sure she runs...

and sleeps...

and eats.

You need to move your plane, Fitz.

You need to move it now,

and not just for me.

Tell the captain to put
the plane in the air.

- Now?
- Yes, now.

No, that's a bad idea.

That was not a request.

Tell the captain to put
the damn plane in the air.

Then, you, sit down, buckle up,

and don't say another word to
me until we land in Washington.


We're seeing Air Force One in the air,

and in just a few moments,

I'm told we will see
Senator Grant's plane...

I am the candidate. This is my campaign.

I made a decision.
We're headed to Florida.

You had no idea how that
stunt would play in the press.

It worked, didn't it?

We'll be in the air in
less than 10 minutes.

It worked?

We'll still be an hour late to dinner,
at best,

so you still aren't going to land

Governor Baker's endorsement.

are you going to spend the entire flight

telling me why my plan won't work,

or do you have any ideas of your own?

It's me. Turn your plane around.

I tell you, Hollis,

I just hate what the
federal government's

doing to the sugar
farmers in the Everglades.

Come on. All that red tape?

Mm. Ain't gonna happen
when I'm president, Louise.

Anybody opens up a rule book,

they're gonna leave with
their ass in a gator trap.

Look at that.

That's a hillbilly hoedown over there

and it's completely your fault, Rosen.

Senator Grant just arrived.

Well, you can tell her that
I appreciate her coming,

but dinner has started

and we don't seat latecomers.

I don't think...

It's not quite that simple.

I think it is quite that simple.

Just go tell her.

- Governor Baker.
- Oh, Mr. President.

Oh, what are you doing here?

I wanted to apologize for
Mellie being late, Louise.

That whole fiasco in California
was completely my fault.

Megan, let's get some seats for our...
our guests,

and make sure that Senator
Grant is right here next to me,

'cause we need to get better acquainted,
don't we?

Thank you, Governor, so much.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

The president's supporting Mellie now?

I'll explain later.

So what are y'all talking about?

Talking about how the
federal government is

just about to put my sugar
farmers out of business.

And by your sugar farmers,
you mean big sugar?

The huge corporations that
are polluting the Everglades?

What's up with Susan?

Long story.

Nobody's polluting anything.

You've been a great governor,

one of the best this
country has ever had.

If it were up to the voters in Florida,

you'd have the job for life.

But everyone's got a blind spot.

This is yours.

I thought you did great
tonight, by the way.

The way you spoke to Governor Baker...

Forthright, honest.

I was proud of you.

I forgot...

the kind of man you really are.

After everything, I-I forgot, and...

it's nice to know that
somewhere in there,

you're still... you.

You hurt me.

I know.

More than anyone's ever hurt me.

I know.

And I am so sorry.

I will do my very best
to never hurt you again.

Hey. You're up.

Yeah, I couldn't sleep.

Hey, what time did you end
up coming home last night?

- I didn't hear you get in.
- Pretty late.

Vargas wanted to revisit his
talking points on free trade.

The whole team came back in.

Was it after midnight,
when you got home?

You know what? I think it was.


Because you didn't call.

You said you'd call if you were
gonna be home past midnight.


I've had a day.

Could we just go to bed?


Are you cheating on me?

I'm sorry?

You heard me, Cyrus.

Where is this coming from?

Answer the question.

Why would you even begin to Th...

I'm not stupid.

Oh, that great big

Stephen Hawking brain of yours...

Cyrus, if you're sleeping
with someone else,

all I ask is that you tell me.

I'm sleeping with someone else.

I don't... I don't know

what else you want me to say, Michael.

I want you to say we'll try to fix this.

That we'll get back on track.

I-I've already started
looking into counseling.

- Counseling?
- We need help, Cyrus. You need help.

I am making the next president
of the United States!

The only help I need
right now is from someone

who knows and accepts
his role around here.

Role? Cyrus, I...

Someone who doesn't feel the
need to talk all the time,

who isn't so pathetically
needy all the time,

someone who puts a little
effort into getting me off

so I'm able to do my job

and actually focus on
what's important...

This country's future!

You're disgusting.

You don't think what I
do around here helps you?

That everything I do...

I mean, the sheer amount
of energy it takes

to watch our daughter...
To raise our daughter.

Not your daughter, James' daughter.

His name's Tom, right?

The guy you're screwing.

Who you been talking to?

Still think I'm the clueless one, Cyrus?

I think you're a washed-up rent boy

who needs to be very careful
about what he's doing here.

If you keep pulling on this thread,

if you keep going down this path...

then I will be forced to put you out.

So you better ask yourself, Michael,

where does that leave you?

Don't... mess this up.

It's all on there.

Voicemails, e-mails, texts,
all of Cyrus' communications

from the week of the shooting
are on that thumb drive.

You're doing the right thing.

I know it may not feel like it.

No, it feels good.

Feels like the bastard's finally
getting what he deserves.

Turn on the TV.

What is it?

Baker is giving a press conference.

Susan Ross is the real deal.

She has a clear vision for this country

and the ability to achieve.

- Oh, my God.
- Mark my words...

- I don't believe it. This is unbeliev...
- Get Susan Ross into that Oval Office,

- This is unbelievable, right?
- we will be a better, safer,

- more prosperous country.
- You better believe it, Susan,

because now Florida's in the bag.

- I ca... I just... I-I...
- because unlike the other candidates,

Susan Ross doesn't just talk,

- she listens...
- I'm gonna win Florida.

She cares. I am going to win Florida!

She's not a politician,

she's a person, and a smart one at that.

Susan Ross has my support.

I plan to vote for her
in today's primary,

and I plan to vote for her in November,

and I implore you to join me.

Let's elect a president we can trust,

a president we can depend on.

Let's elect Susan Ross,
president of the United States.

Now for some breaking news.

Earlier this morning,
photos were released

of presidential candidate
Francisco Vargas'

five-year-old daughter,
Anna, who is reportedly

in a Pennsylvania
hospital battling cancer.

Now, Vargas, who is currently serving

as governor of the Keystone State

became the focus of media
attention last month

- when he tackled a shooter...
- What's the source on that?

At the Pennsylvania
State Capitol building.

The announcement

of his presidential
candidacy soon followed.

Stop lying!

Cyrus just called BNC.

They said that picture came
from your e-mail address.



Frankie, you got to believe me.

- Get out.
- No, come on, man.

- You know I wouldn't do anything...
- You're done.


Been to the hospital in
the last several months.

At this time...

It's me. It worked.

Listen, now that it's settled,
I can carve out more time.

We can do counseling if
that's what you want.

Whatever it takes.

We can talk about it when I get home,

but, Michael, thank you.

If you're just gonna
stand there and breathe...

You shouldn't be at work.

- Huck.
- You're not ready.

The first one... the kill...
It stays with you.

And I was trained to kill, to cope.

You weren't.

You don't look like you're sleeping.


That's the worst part.

I am not having nightmares.

It happens.

You never actually kill them.

They're always there.

Can you just stop?

You should be at home.

You should be grieving,

trying to find a way
to forgive yourself.

For God's sake, Huck,
I don't need to forgive myself.

I am not grieving over Andrew's death.

I am satisfied.

That night, after,

I slept better than I have in a year.

It felt good,
crushing his face with that chair,

feeling his blood on me,

the surprised look on his smug face.

I felt free.

I feel whole.

I don't regret a thing.

I'm glad he's dead,

and the only thing that makes it sweeter

is knowing that I am
the one who killed him.

I feel good.

I feel great.


Why are you staring at me?

I'm waiting for the rest of it.

My father...

told me that if I... try to save Jake...

or go anywhere near him ever again,

he will slit...

Jake's throat.

But I think one kill was enough for me,

I mean, I'm... I'm not him.

I am better than this.

I am better than him.

Campaign commitments.

You have me scheduled through October.


Don't you think this
schedule's a little ambitious,

given the fact that I
have to run the country?

Are you saying you want it changed?

I'm asking you what you think.

I don't know.

You don't know what you think?

No. What do I think, Mr. President?


We're here.

- Abby...
- I'm just saying that you seem to think

you know better than
me at all times, sir.

You clearly think your
judgement supercedes mine,

so why should I use my
brain for ridiculous things

like thinking when you're
gonna do it for me anyway.

I put a plane in the air.

You did my job for me.

You overruled me.

You called my play.

You were making mistakes.
You were off the rails.

When that happens,
I have the right to make...

No, no. You do not.

I run you. You run the country.
That's the job.

I run you so you can run the country.

I make these decisions so
that you don't have to.

So that you can decide
who lives and who dies

when you bomb a village
looking for terrorists.

So that you can go hold
the hands of broken mothers

when a classroom full of first graders

gets gunned down by some
school shooter in Illinois.

So you can take us to the moon
or Mars or wherever is next.

I run you, you run the country...

That is the job, and
you don't question it.

You do not get to cage your monster.


You would never try this with Cyrus,

and you wouldn't try it with me...
not before.

But you're punishing
me, and it's not fair.

I didn't do it. It wasn't me.

What are you talking about?

I'm not responsible for that.

Her body count is on her.

I'm not the one who
made her kill Andrew.

She's a murderer all on her own.

You cannot put that on me.

All I did was make a call...

To burn her, to protect you.

You were doing your job.

The Oval... y-you are my responsibility.

You're... That's my
only... For God's sake.

I am doing my patriotic duty.

I run you, you run the country.

No matter what.

She know that. She knows.

She would've done the same thing.

She would have.


She would have.

Did you see what she did to his head?

Didn't even look like a face anymore.

She must've been so,
so hurt and so mad and so scared.

Come here.

Where you are... I've been there.

I recognize it. I have spent time there.

But now you have to climb out.

You need a line, a rationale,
a story you can tell yourself.

It doesn't matter what it is,
it doesn't even have to be true

so long as you believe it.

So long as it allows
you to forgive yourself.

Find that line.

Find it, grab ahold of it,

and use it to pull yourself
up and out of the darkness.

The saying goes that he who laughs last,
laughs best.

And that's certainly the
case with Hollis Doyle,

who's hooted and hollered his way

to a surprising win in Florida.

Thank you, Florida!

BNC news is finally ready
to call the state of Florida

for Hollis Doyle.

It's clear that Governor Baker's
endorsement of Susan Ross

was not enough to erase the damage done

by the so-called
"turbulence on the tarmac" incident

which seems to have also
hurt Mellie Grant tonight.

I don't understand how this happened.

Baker was in our corner.

Guess it wasn't enough.

I'll go write my press statement.

Hopefully the other campaigns learned

a little something today...
Ignore Hollis at your peril,

or else prepare to
watch from the sidelines

as President Doyle laughs his way

all the way to the White House.

Now, I'm not saying I don't
enjoy a good cat fight

every now and then,

but if you gals don't stop
hissing at each other,

I may just end up running
away with this thing.

A-And what's the fun in winning

if there ain't a little competition?

What I don't get is why
you were so mad at me.

Are you... Abby.

What you did...

I don't mean now. I know why now.

I mean before.

When I got the job in the Oval,
when I got some power,

when I sat in your apartment
after Andrew showed up

and I was afraid of losing everything,

and I was looking for my friend to...

To support and comfort
me, and you seemed...


I didn't seem...

"You're not a monster, little Abby."

You could come and work for me...

"little Abby."

I'm happy for you, Abby.

I am.

But I taught you.

I raised you.

I made that Oval. I
built that president.

I had to walk away from the
White House because of him.

I want it back.

I want my White House back.

I earned it!

I'm rooting for you,
but not if it means I lose.

I'm done losing.

Hey, it's not a total loss.

What do you mean?

Well, she doesn't hate you anymore

and you kept your conscience clean.

You did keep your conscience clean,
right, David?

Oh, my God.

You made a deal with the governor.

That's why she endorsed Susan.

You cannot tell her.

While everyone was watching a couple

of professional alley cats go at it,

a big dog snuck in the back
door and stole all the goodies.


Michael, you son of a bitch.

Where's my child?

You cannot take my damn child!

We both lost today.

We did.

I don't like losing.

So what now?

Don't get too comfortable, Hollis.

A dog at a cat fight can suddenly find

he's become dinner at a lion's den.

We need to do what we
should've done a long time ago.

Take down...

- Hollis Doyle.
- Hollis Doyle.

Let's see how this plays out, shall we?