Scandal (2012–2018): Season 5, Episode 14 - I See You - full transcript

Olivia continues to spy on Jake while the Gladiators have to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Susan and Mellie feel the pressure as their campaigns heat up, and Abby begins to question Cyrus' motives.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Laughter ]
Mmm. It's delicious. Olivia, I love it.
I'm so glad.
It's their signature cake --
20 layers of crepes, each one lined
with just the perfect amount of pastry cream.
Dad, what do you think?
[ Chuckles ]
I think I've never heard you describe a dessert before.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Have you chosen a venue yet?
Jake wants to get married
at my parents' place on the Vineyard,
even though it is the site of a famous shipwreck.
Ah, she's insanely superstitious.
Do you see this crack on my screen? Yes.
That is there because this klutz crashed into me
when I was standing in line at the Shake Shack.
[ Laughs ]
Jake wants me to toss it, but because it's how we met,
I insist on keeping it.
Ah, superstitious and sentimental.
I could not believe it when I saw him a few days later
at that café in Georgetown.
I didn't let him get away that time.
[ Laughter ]
I'm sure that you already know this,
but Jake, he just thinks the world of you.
How did you describe her again?
Uh, the sister I never had.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Cellphone chimes ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Everything okay?
Uh, work emergency. I have to go.
You have it? Is the feed up?
They've just entered the building.
I see you, Vanessa Moss.
Hide your wallet, update your spam filter,
and unplug your phone, for that stampede you hear
thundering over the hill is the voracious and unyielding
herd of candidates and their fundraisers,
all just looking to pick your pockets clean
of every hard-earned dollar you got.
The most offensive of this year's crop
of snake-oil salesman -- Governor Francisco Vargas,
the two-faced democrat who had the nerve
to come before you, lovers of liberty,
on this very stage and swear to yours truly
not to enter the presidential race.
Governor Vargas? No chance in hell.
I don't know. It's not impossible.
Damn near.
They said the same thing about Grant when he first ran,
and Vargas is polling better with women
than Grant was at this stage.
You're thinking about working for Vargas.
You're jumping ship.
No. I could never leave Cyrus.
It's okay to be looking out for yourself.
You're gonna be out of a job in a year.
I mean, if Cyrus were to run Vargas' campaign,
then I'd jump ship.
Cyrus running Vargas?
Who put that idea in your head?
I'm leaving now.
Okay. I have five minutes.
-I've got four. -Where's the coffee?
You were supposed to bring the coffee. I don't do that anymore.
-What do you mean, "anymore"? -I'm running OPA.
I don't have time to bring the coffee anymore.
You think the press secretary has time to bring the coffee?
-What do you need? -A favor.
I need you to look into Cyrus for me.
I need to know what he's been up to,
where he's been going, who's he's been calling.
-I can't. -Why not?
Because, as I said, I'm running OPA.
Yeah. Does Olivia know you're saying that?
Of course not.
Olivia's been holed up in her apartment
watching a video feed of Jake and his new girlfriend.
She has no idea what anyone's been saying or doing.
She's not stalking.
She's focusing on something she thinks is important.
On something that's not her real, actual job.
Keep pretend-running OPA, Quinn.
I'll find someone else to help me.
Next time don't forget the coffee.
[ Chuckles ]
If Javi makes this...
I know. They go to finals.
Stop putting added pressure on him.
[ Keys clacking ]
-Yes! -[ Grunts ]
-Yes! -[ Grunts ]
Who's that? That your ex?
Yeah. That's Kim.
Is that Kim's boyfriend?
Maybe? Did you know about him?
Yeah, of course.
It's just the first time I've seen the guy.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
What would you think about changing
our environmental platform?
Please tell me you're not taking that meeting.
I'm not.
Mellie, I told you not to meet with him.
I know you think he's the devil and all, but --
I don't think he's the devil.
I know he's the devil, as do you.
Maybe, he's changed.
Well, screw me sideways.
[ Laughing ] Hollis.
Don't promise him anything.
I have to go.
[ Chuckles ] It is so good to see you again.
[ Laughs ]
[ Keys clacking ]
Remember this guy we tried to kill?
I think he's back and after my family.
Nope. Not ringing any bells.
Look again. I know we worked on him.
Well, it was a short-ass list, the ones that got away.
Let's see.
Well, he's got both his arms, so cross off the Chechen.
You know who it could be?
It could Six-Toes.
Six-Toes. I forgot about Six-Toes.
Cried like a baby.
"I'm not gonna be able to walk anymore."
Hens can walk with three toes.
Anyway, that would be my guess.
Hard to tell with those boots he's wearing.
I'll check around, see if he's resurfaced,
in which case you should get to him first
because if he finds you, he's not gonna get even
by just snipping off a few of yours toes.
Divorce suits a woman well.
I can see it in your hips there.
You're leaner and meaner.
the men will come running, I promise you that.
[ Both laugh ]
That's very kind of you. [ Laughs ]
[ Clears throat ] So, here's the thing.
I got money...
republican money,
the kind of money that wins elections.
And just like it is with dating, I want to spend it on the gal
who I think's gonna put out for me.
You gonna put out for me, Mellie Grant,
or are we just gonna rub jeans together
and leave here frustrated?
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ]
Well, look, I know you've been lobbying
for cutbacks at the EPA.
And while I probably shouldn't be offering you this --
[ Laughs ] "Cutbacks"?
Sweetheart, I'm looking to raze that building to the ground.
I'm an oil man, darling.
You promise me you'll consider pulling the plug
on that there travesty,
I'll write a check right now for half a billion dollars.
You know I can't promise you that.
Well, I guess I'll have to go talk
to that other little cupcake,
see how far up her skirt she's willing to let me go.
Look --
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
The man's being courted as we speak.
The man's a disease.
I'm not letting him infect Susan.
Sir, I understand the two of you have a history,
but we need him on our side.
So he can pander to his special interests?
This is our chance to cut Mellie off at the knees.
Her campaign's financial picture is just plain sad.
She needs Hollis Doyle's money more than anyone,
which is exactly why we need to keep her from getting it.
It can't hurt to cripple the competition.
Abby: Unless it backfires.
It's Hollis Doyle. It comes with strings attached.
Worth the risk, if you ask me.
Set up a meeting.
[ Sighs ]
-You were right. -What?
Cyrus Beene is cheating on the President.
I don't mean literally.
Well, of course you don't mean literally.
That wouldn't make any sense.
Anyway, Cyrus and Frankie Vargas
have been in contact a lot -- phone calls, dinner.
Well, after the shooting, Vargas came to the White House,
so a certain amount of --
27 phone calls mobile to mobile.
And Cyrus was in Harrisburg two weeks ago.
It seems like Cyrus is in bed with two different men.
What the hell does that mean?
I'm in bed with two different women -- literally.
And we're done here.
Do you know what it took for me to get that information?
I need your help, Abby.
[ Sighs ]
Who are they?
One is horrible, wicked, cruel, possibly an actual witch.
The other is a wonderful person.
This sounds like a real dilemma.
Okay, yes, but one, you know, satisfies me.
You need help.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Bad news -- Hollis is meeting with Susan.
That's fine. He'll be her problem now.
But it's so much money.
There's always more money.
Where? Kickstarter? Well-meaning relatives?
Is this when the money's finally gonna start rolling in, Liv?
No need to panic, Mellie. It's early days.
A presidential campaign is a marathon.
Maybe if you sat down with Hollis.
Thanks for nothing.
[ Click ]
[ Knock on door ]
Show's over.
This is pathetic, low.
No, it's just sad.
You have some truly detestable qualities about you,
but I never thought jealousy was one of them.
I'm not jealous.
Then explain this to me, all of this,
why you're holed up like
a conspiracy kook spying on the head of the NSA.
I want to know why you chose her,
how she fits into whatever you and my father are planning.
Man, he really messed you up.
The way my father raised me has allowed me --
Not your father -- Fitz.
You walked away from him over and over, time after time,
because you knew in your gut, you knew if you said yes,
he'd own you, he'd consume you,
he'd be no different than your father,
but over time, Fitz manipulated you.
He made you feel like -- like you owed him.
It's what he does best.
You knew that more than anyone, and you still fell for it.
Man, that has got to turn your world upside down,
to go from being the smartest person in the room
to the biggest fool...
to realize you're just another textbook example
of daddy issues, played out on a national stage.
But I am in love, Olivia.
I am marrying a woman I love.
She's smart, she's beautiful,
and best of all, she's capable of loving me back.
Your girlfriends aren't girlfriends.
They're marks.
Nothing you do is real.
I must be plotting something
because Vanessa likes Hugh Grant movies,
she reads Vogue and takes multivitamins.
But, Liv, that is precisely what I want.
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, one more thing before I go --
Did you enjoy it, hmm?
Watching us?
Did you pretend that you were her?
Did you get off when she got off?
[ Door closes ]
Oh, you're here.
Why would I not be here? This is my office, Red.
I thought you'd be in the meeting on Hollis Doyle.
I thought you'd be in the meeting on Hollis Doyle.
Nope. I'm on something else -- Frankie Vargas.
Right -- The Harrisburg Hero, The Capitol Tackle.
I thought his 15 minutes were up.
He announced he's running for president today, didn't he?
He did.
[ Chuckles ] Good luck to him on that.
Should we release a statement?
-On Vargas? -On Vargas.
I don't think that's necessary, Red.
We're out of the election game.
Are you?
Out of the election game.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about you working with Frankie Vargas.
You've been talking to him on the phone.
He's the governor of a major state.
What other governor have you spoken with 27 times
on your mobile phone in the last two weeks?
What other governor became a national hero
by tackling a madman?
And how do you know who I've been talking to?
You've been to Harrisburg recently.
My niece lives in Harrisburg.
You're lying.
How dare you?!
Do you realize how outrageous this is,
coming in here and accusing me of lying,
of working with Frankie Vargas to run for President?
He's a democrat. He wants free college.
You've lost your mind, Red, and I will have your job.
You've insulted me.
You've violated me, tracking my calls, my travel.
You messed up!
I talked with him on the phone about coming to the White House.
I tried to align our education platforms.
I met him for dinner once.
That's it.
I've never seen the man other than that.
You're lying.
I'm telling the president.
[ Scoffs ]
He wanted some advice, okay? I gave him some advice.
I tried to offer him some help. That was it.
It was a few conversations.
-You're lying. -Damn it!
No. Yes.
Okay. He -- He wanted more.
He wanted me to run his campaign.
He asked me to run his campaign.
I didn't go to him. He asked me.
And it never went any further than that, I promise you.
I never violated my oath to the president.
-You're lying. -No, no.
Please. Please.
Abby. Abby!
I'm sorry!
I've made a terrible mistake here.
You're right. You're right.
But I will make it right.
I promise you, Abby.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's over.
It is over, okay?
Please do not tell the president.
Everything we've been through.
Do not give up on me. I beg you.
This job is everything to me. I lost it once.
I can't lose it again. Please.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Hey, Robin.
What are you doing here?
Looking for Huck. He around?
[ Sighs ] Do you see anyone around,
anyone except me?
Liv's not around. Huck's not around.
It's just me who's around, Charlie.
Geez. What's with the 'tude?
Uh, Huck was here for a minute, and then he took off.
What do you need?
He wanted me to look into this dude.
He had some theory that he was a fellow
we tortured back in the day.
Don't know what his name was on the way in.
It was Six-Toes on the way out. [ Clicks tongue ]
Intel came back saying
he's a car salesman in Frederick,
but that could just be his cover. Who's he?
-Lover. -No one.
Look, have you talked to Huck?
Where'd you get this? Why?
Huck saw this guy hanging out with his son and ex-wife.
I could tell he was upset.
Uh, am I missing something here?
What's the problem? Dead battery?
Not sure exactly.
Some light came on, and then the car just died.
These cars nowadays can drive themselves,
but they can't seem to fix themselves.
[ Chuckles ]
You know anything about computers?
Yee. Not really. I'm old school.
Yeah. Me too.
Next time, I'm going full diesel.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, my -- my phone's missing, too.
I must have left it someplace.
I can bring you to a gas station if you want.
Thanks, man. My name's Sean.
Hey. Harold.
All right.
Mr. President!
Hollis. Thanks for coming.
Oh, it's not every day
I get invited to the big house, now, is it?
At least, not anymore.
Ohh! [ Sighs ]
Susan, Hollis was just in your home state last week.
Oversaw a completion of 17 new rigs we got out there.
Isn't Virginia just lovely?
It'd be a little lovelier if the EPA
wasn't crawling up my tooter every damn minute
with their so-called regulations.
You might not know this about me, Hollis,
but my father was a coal miner, as was his father and his
and, oh, his father, too.
How 'bout that.
Love me a country girl.
Country girl wants something, she goes for it,
works hard for it,
not like those out-of-touch, rich folks born
with silver spoon in their mouth,
never worked for nothing in their lives.
Right, Fitz?
Oh, come on, now.
I'm talking 'bout myself, Mr. President.
Anyway, I am all for the environment,
but I'm also for the economy, too, you know?
I do know, Suzy.
Offshore oil drilling, natural gas
development off the Atlantic --
it comes with nearly 300,000 jobs
and up to $24 billion to our nation's economy alone.
Don't forget about $51 billion in government revenue.
Provided there are no accidents.
Mr. President.
Deepwater Horizon, Exxon Valdez.
Tell me what those did for our economy again?
Let's not get be distracted by a few minor --
You don't have to do this, Susan.
You don't have to say the things you think he wants to hear,
the things I know you don't honestly believe.
-Now, wait a minute. -What do you want, Hollis?
Let's just cut the chitchat and get right to the point.
I think we might be getting ahead of ourselves.
Because we don't need you
or your money to win an election.
I know I didn't.
You must be talking about your second term, right?
'Cause I'm sure you remember how you won your first.
You know what? We're done here.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Your ex-husband was downright rude to me.
San Antonio rude!
So I'm gonna give you another chance to bend my ear.
How's that sound?
Sounds great.
Now, let's dig into the issue of them freeloading illegals.
I can't even...
Cyrus is working for a democrat? Cyrus Beene?
He says it's over, that he was just considering
the job with Vargas, not working for him.
And you believe him?
Well, I want to believe him, but come on.
It's Cyrus. If he's breathing, he's lying.
The thing is... I have him, Liv.
So, that's a good thing to you now?
I can see it.
It's right there in front of me, like this shining path.
I know exactly what to do, what steps to take,
how to make it happen,
like -- like I was built for it.
I have him. I have Cyrus.
I just know --
How to take that information
and use it against him, bury him.
Crush him, destroy him,
slit his throat and bathe in his blood.
You want his job.
You want to be the White House chief of staff.
Hell yeah. I want to run that mother.
And you don't think you should wait your turn?
Cyrus has been a great friend to me.
He's also one of the worst human beings on the planet.
That doesn't answer my question.
It does.
A good person would wait their turn.
But a Cyrus wouldn't. A true monster would never wait.
A monster cuts in line. A monster takes.
And you and I both know that this town is run by monsters.
They have the power.
The biggest dogs with the sharpest teeth own the room.
So, how long should I wait?
How long do you think it'll be before a big dog
will rip my throat out and take my spot in line?
But how do the big dogs sleep at night?
I mean, what if I do this and I can't sleep at night?
[ Chuckles ]
You're a good person.
You're just standing too close to the Oval.
You can feel the power, and you want it.
Everyone does.
But don't --
Don't let that place corrupt you.
Once you drive that stake through Cyrus's heart,
there will be no turning back.
Once you take the white hat off, it's gone.
You will no longer be you.
And the thing is,
being a big dog isn't as great as it seems.
Be a better person.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Any idea where he went?
I'm tracking his GPS.
Hopefully we get to him before he gets to Sean Barton.
-Sean Barton? -Kim's new boyfriend.
He sells cars in Frederick, home-brews as a hobby.
Huck saw him with Kim and Javi.
I knew he was upset.
I didn't think he was that upset.
You should have told me he was spying on his family.
He was watching his kid play a soccer game.
I didn't think it was a big deal.
I also didn't know he was a government-trained assassin.
[ Alarm chirps ]
Well, I really appreciate you helping me out, Harold.
I'm supposed to meet my girlfriend and her son.
Yeah, no problem.
You two, um...
You two been dating long?
Only a few months. She's great.
And her son's the best.
You got kids?
Not anymore.
Oh. I...
Wow. I'm so sorry, Harold.
Sometimes things just happen.
Hey, man, I think you just passed the gas station.
The name's not Harold.
And yours isn't Sean.
So, you're saying we should actually embrace
those that want to tear this country down?
I'm saying if we keep telling certain people
they don't belong here, then how can we expect them
to not hate us?
I mean, didn't we learn that in preschool,
to treat others like we want to be treated?
That's why early education is so important, by the way.
That's why I want to not only support,
but expand pre-K programs.
You think the voters are gonna go for that?
I'm making it the bedrock of my campaign.
"Embrace America's Tomorrow."
I'm even announcing my candidacy in my old elementary school.
[ Chuckles ]
So they better.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles ]
I'll have my people call yours in the morning.
Let's embrace America's tomorrow together.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughs ]
What now?
I don't know.
We are definitely too late. This guy...
Sean. bleeding out on some tarp right now
while Huck eats a turkey sandwich and hums Army tunes.
I cannot believe you didn't tell me what he was up to.
I didn't know he ate people for a living 'cause, per usual,
I'm the last one to know anything,
despite the fact I've done nothing
but prove myself a valuable member of this team.
He's right.
He's right?
You need to start treating him
like part of the family because he is.
You're serious.
You -- You actually said that with a straight face?
Family? What family, huh?
I see three strangers standing on the side of the road,
fingers crossed,
hoping their coworker didn't murder someone.
Yeah, we're just a regular Brady Bunch.
You know, we used to be a family,
crazy, dysfunctional, worked 23-hour days --
me, you, Harrison, Abby, Huck.
We had that.
But you can't stand here in this moment,
look me in the eye, and say that's what you see.
When was the last time you asked Huck about Kim and Javi?
Do you think it's cool that not too long ago,
Huck begged me to put a gun to his head
and blow his brains out?
I think you know the answer to that.
I really don't.
Family doesn't abandon one another.
You abandoned us for him, for the White House.
And since you've been back,
your head is nowhere in the game.
You spend more of your time spying
on your other ex-boyfriend.
You have a job. You wanted more responsibility.
You have it. I take care of you.
I never claimed to be a babysitter.
When I started, after Harrison asked me
if I wanted to be a gladiator in a suit,
I got to watch a woman I was in awe of...
[ Scoffs ]
...a woman so fierce,
she could breathe fire and would turn
whatever was in front of her to dust.
Get the keys, Marcus. We're leaving.
And still she'd find time to do something thoughtful,
like buy an engagement ring for a coworker
because she knew he'd never do it on his own.
That's family!
The keys, Marcus! The keys!
Why do you hate us? Answer the question, Liv!
What did we do to deserve this treatment?
I'm talking to you, Liv! Liv!
I was kidnapped!
Do you know what that means?
They took everything from me, everything,
my freedom, my dignity!
And I could have just quit.
I could have laid down and died, but I didn't.
I took my life back! I stood up!
And a year after being sold on the auction block,
I was sitting in the Oval
with the president of the United States,
and I was running the country!
I'm selfish because I can be.
I'm selfish because, for a week of my life,
I lost that right,
and I never, ever, ever want to feel that way again. Guys.
I don't owe anyone anything! It's my turn!
-Guys. -Mine!
It wasn't him.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
I have the new draft of your WTO statement.
Thanks. I'll give it a read later.
Anything else?
Advance BLS numbers for the month
and a report from the Corps of Engineers
on the Mississippi flood.
Does Cyrus have these?
Let's get him copies.
He's working for Frankie Vargas.
What are you talking about?
Cyrus is working for Frankie Vargas.
He's running Vargas' presidential campaign.
You know this?
I know this, Mr. President.
You can ask me how, and I will lay it out for you,
but trust me -- I know this.
Thank you, Abby.
That's it?
Thank you, Abby.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Your republican White House chief of staff
is working for the democratic governor of Pennsylvania.
No, not working for -- kingmaking.
He's kingmaking Vargas,
creating a president for the other side,
from right here inside the White House,
right down the hall, outside this oval, your oval.
He's a turncoat. You don't let that stand.
That is not how it is done.
And how is it done, Abby?
I announce to the nation that I'm dismissing
my most trusted political advisor
because he's actually working for Frankie Vargas?
How's that gonna look?
And in the middle of all this,
I'm trying to help Susan become president,
but that suddenly seems pointless
because I'm gonna spend the critical months
of the campaign explaining away this mess
and looking for a new chief of staff.
Cyrus has me.
Cyrus wins again.
You think this is easy? This is not easy.
Mr. President, Cyrus doesn't have you.
He needs you.
You've got what he wants -- a graceful exit.
If you expose him as a turncoat,
yeah, it'll be messy for you, but it will destroy him.
He loses his job here,
but better -- He can't work for Vargas.
A man with Vargas's reputation for integrity
can't be associated with that kind of low treachery.
However, if you allow Cyrus to depart amicably,
if you accept his resignation, he's safe.
He can decide to work for Vargas after leaving the White House.
You neutralize him,
you keep the optics in your favor.
You win.
And you don't have to spend a single second
looking for a new chief of staff.
I'm right here, I'm exceedingly qualified,
I will raise my sword, run at the enemy,
and fight the good fight every single day.
I will be the best West Wing general
you've ever wished for and the scariest monster
you never knew you needed.
I'm loyal, I'm tough,
and I'm not afraid to tell you when you're wrong,
and you are wrong right now.
because it is easy, Mr. President.
Fire him. Hire me.
Let me know when it's done.
Yes, Mr. President.
When what is done?
When you fire him.
You want me to fire Cyrus?
You want the job? That's the job.
I'll let you know when it's done, sir.
He's gonna wake up with his hands on the steering wheel
thinking that he fell asleep at the wheel.
He won't remember a thing.
I thought he was Six-Toes.
You what?
I thought he was this guy who wanted revenge
for what I did to him a long time ago.
But he's just Sean.
He loves Javi and Kim.
They've been dating for a while.
He has a -- a ring in his pocket
that he's planning to give to her.
It's -- It's nice.
Sean is good for her.
I needed to come down here and be the hero,
save Javi and Kim.
But he's not Six-Toes.
He's just Sean.
It's time for me to let go of them, let go of my family.
No. It is.
I have to let them go.
Sean's a good guy.
It's time to move on.
It's time.
I would like to officially announce
that I am throwing my hat in the ring
and running for president
of the greatest country on God's green earth,
the United States of America!
[ Cheers and applause ]
You know -- You know why I'm announcing
at my old elementary school?
Hell no.
Because you want to end racism?
You want to end poverty?
Then this is the place to start,
so we all can embrace America's tomorrow!
He stole my platform, my slogan, my tag line,
word for freaking word!
These kids are gonna have to work hard.
No shortcuts.
And if you're some pesky little border-crosser...
sad, little refugee begging for a handout...
you will not be welcome!
No, sir!
This is America's tomorrow, not yours!
You slimy, slithering, hell-raised son of a whore.
Thank y'all for coming! Thank y'all for coming!
God bless y'all,
and God bless the United States of America!
Hollis Doyle running for President!
This ought to be fun!
For you, maybe, but not for me.
I'm the candidate.
I'm the one that's gonna have to go out and debate that man.
Hollis is a joke. No one will take him seriously.
I assure you he's not gonna be a problem.
Oh, he wouldn't have been if you hadn't felt the need
to start -- and excuse my French --
a pissing match with him over EPA regulations,
an issue that I actually agree with Hollis Doyle on,
I might add!
He could have been kept on a leash.
Instead, he's gonna make a circus of this campaign
and upend our entire Mellie-focused strategy,
a strategy that we worked on very hard, a winning strategy!
You do not yell at me in this office.
Where do I yell at you?
I want to go there.
Take me to the place where I yell at you
because I am not done!
-Why don't we -- -Get out!
[ Door closes ]
I respect you.
I respect your authority in here.
But outside the gates, I'm the candidate.
This is The Susan Ross Show, sir.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Sighs ]
It's because of you.
The reason I can be selfish, the reason I can turn my back.
You held things together when I went to the island with Jake.
You ran this place when I left for the White House,
and I didn't think twice about leaving you alone
because I know, no matter where I am
or what I'm doing, you'll jump in.
You'll do whatever you have to.
You'll take care of everyone.
You'll handle the situation.
[ Sighs ]
After Liv found out her mom was a terrorist
and her dad killed the president's son,
she went to a secluded island with Jake.
Is there anything else you want to know?
Quinn, have you ever killed anyone?
I think that's enough sharing for today.
Another runaway success at the morning briefing, Red.
You made America care about the WTO.
I need your badge.
You told him?
And I suggest you start collecting
all of your personal effects,
transfer any relevant contacts to your personal cell
because White House security will be here in 15 minutes
to sweep your room, wipe your computer,
collect your phone and tablet.
I can't believe you told him.
They wanted to come now, but I bought you 15 minutes.
How kind.
♪ Nessun dorma ♪
I'm sorry, Cyrus.
♪ Nessun dorma ♪
Olivia: I'd like to call a truce.
A truce?
I'd like us to stop with all the crazy.
Liv, I never started. This was you.
It was me, all me.
You're right.
Can you say that again, a little louder this time? Jake.
I'm just saying, it's not every day that -- I miss you.
That's why I've been acting like this,
with the cameras and the stalking and the...
It's because I miss you.
I know how selfish it was to have him and to have you,
to not choose, to be okay with getting
one thing from him and another --
From me.
♪ I confess it ♪
I'm sorry, Jake.
Sorry I'm late.
[ Chuckles ]
Don't think about it.
Mm-hmm. Absolutely.
♪ Oh, prince, then shall ♪
♪ My kisses break the silence ♪
Want to join us for a drink?
♪ That makes you mine ♪
I'd love to, sir.
♪ Oh, prince, then shall my kisses ♪
♪ Break the silence ♪
♪ That make you mine ♪
Jake: I'll get us some drinks. What are you having?
Oh, champagne for me, please.
Liv, how about you?
Do you see this crack on my screen?
Jake: A guy runs into you in a public place.
That is there because this klutz crashed into me
when I was standing in line at the Shake Shack.
It seems random, casual.
He flirts a little and then,
what a surprise, you run into him again.
I could not believe it when I saw him a few days later
at that café in Georgetown.
I didn't let him get away that time.
Another crack?
You know, this thing's gonna stop working pretty soon.
Liv, drink?
I wish I could, but I can't stay.
♪ Vincero ♪
♪ Vincero ♪
♪ Vincero ♪
You sure?
There's a crisis at work.
I'll let you two enjoy your evening.
It was nice to see you both.
Thanks for stopping by, Liv.
♪ Vincero ♪
Quinn, let's step up our surveillance on Jake.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Cheers and applause ]