Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 3 - Inside the Bubble - full transcript

An old friend returns for help after her daughter goes missing, Cyrus has an awkward run in during a business breakfast, and Jake uses his connections to get some answers. Meanwhile, Mellie...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Goodbye, sweetie.
- Come on.

Have a great day.

They'll be in high school before we know it.

I need to time my drop-offs better.

Yeah, I'm just saying things change.

People change.

Relationships change.

- Dale.
- Liz.

Ever just a parent?

Gun lobbyist badge ever come off?

I have it covered.

Well, you told me that you
had David Rosen covered.

And now, in three hours,
Attorney General David Rosen...

is going to be in court defending
gun-control legislation,

which was pushed through by a Republican
president elected with our money.

So, no, in times like these,

I sleep with my gun lobbyist badge.

I'm meeting with Judge Sparks in an hour.

He will be properly incentivized.

And what if he balks?

I have backup plans.

I have backup plans for my backup plans.

I have this covered.



What are you doing here?

You think I'm stalking you.

Are you?

Just waiting for some "B" school friends.

You're in business school?

G.W. Just six credits shy of my MBA.

Oh, you assume that because I'm a whore,

I don't have a brain,

that my friends are whores without brains,

that all we brainless
whores just spend our days

waiting until nightfall so we can
go whore around brainlessly.

Listen. My friends just walked in.

And they don't exactly know
what I do to pay tuition, so...

Of course. Of course.
Enjoy your breakfast, Michael.

Hey, mom. It's me... your son.

I'm standing here in Yosemite National Park

with my buddy, Kurt.

- Say hi, Kurt.
- Hi, Kurt.


Anyhoo, it's day five of our trip here.

And despite a tiny, little mishap

we're referring to as the snake incident,

- we're just...
- Dude!

She totally pushed him.

I don't know. Maybe he slipped.

I can't watch this anymore.


Me neither.

And we're also told both witnesses...

You think she pushed him?

Park Services and...


Well, did she?


But the press is calling her
the killer cliff bride, so...

So they're married.

Newlyweds. On their honeymoon.

Anything I can do for you?

Answer your phone.

Because the gun lobby believes

this point in time to be
akin to the apocalypse,

they're attempting every desperate,

Hail-Mary legal play they can think of,

hoping to strike down the bill
you pushed through congress

as unconstitutional before
it can begin to be enacted.

So, they appealed in the fourth circuit...

The most conservative.

What's your read on the judges?

Judge Karlan... no way.

On the other hand, Judge
Marcus, deeply in the bag.

Which leaves Sparks.

Which leaves
Sparks, who's harder to read.

He's come down on every
side of this issue in the past.

Sounds like our swing vote.

I'm counting on you, Rosen.

I know that smile.

What? What smile?

You're inside the bubble.

Feels good, doesn't it?


What's wrong?

I was in the neighborhood.
I can't just stop by?

Are you in trouble? Are you being followed?

Somebody forced you to come here?

Dad, no.

I really did just stop by, for real.

You just... stopped by to see me?

Yes. See?

I brought you a coffee.

Well, then, come in, and
I'll make us some breakfast.

Come on.


I just... stopped by.

That's all.

Just hello.


Well, re-entry is always hard.

You emerged from deep cover.

I mean, it wasn't covert ops.

You weren't a spy.

But I know the feeling.

I know it very well.

You come back, you re-enter to find

that the world kept spinning without you.

You go to the places you used to go,

you see the people you used to see,

and it feels like something is missing.

But really, everything is missing.

Somehow, everything is different.

Everything is...


Everything is colder.

Except for me.

Because I was cold in the first place.


So you won't come in, but
at least I'm familiar.

I'm just adjusting.

It's an adjustment.

You have Jake.

He knows what this is like.

Yeah, I have Jake.

Bring him over. For dinner. Tomorrow night.


N... n... This used to be your home.

You used to love to come here.

You're having a tough time.

Come to dinner,

and I'll learn to like Jake
because you like Jake.

Come to dinner.

I'll ask him.

I have to go.

See you tomorrow.

Abby. Why are you calling me?

Because I just heard from Catherine.

Catherine Winslow?

She thought I still worked at the firm.

She's looking for you.

I haven't spoken to her since...

Is she all right?

Caitlin didn't come home last night.

I'll take care of it.

Look... I don't know if it's necessary

to go, like, full-on Olivia
Pope with this thing, but...

You said Catherine was looking for me.

I said I'd take care of it.

So why don't we stay
out of each other's jobs?

How do you know this lady again?

We went to law school together.

She must be some crazy high-end lawyer.

Her husband is.

Catherine never even took the bar.



Thank you for coming.

This place.

- Crazy, isn't it?
- I know.

I-I never thought... I mean, you know,

when I met Jeremy, I had no idea.

I remember.

What about you? You look amazing.

She always has, by the way.

There was a time

where a night on the
town with Olivia Pope...

Tell me about Caitlin.

When was the last time you saw her?

Uh, last night after dinner.

We had some silly fight about college.

She is 17, and she is headstrong.

And somehow, every time she
pulls this, I'm surprised.

So, she's gone missing before?

Once or twice. Never for this long.

Jeremy's out of the country on business.

I don't want to worry him.

And if I even think about
going to the police,

it will be all over the papers.

I'm sure she's fine. I just...

We want to know she's safe.
Don't worry. We'll find her.

About tonight, something's come up.

Well, you can make it up to me.

We'll see about that.

I do have a proposition for you.

Answer's yes.

- Dinner?
- Yes.

- Tomorrow night?
- Yes.

With my father.


Just a casual dinner.

With command.

And me. With my father and me.

He's my dad, Jake.

Y-you are not my girlfriend.

I know that.

If you were my girlfriend, I
would come and meet your dad,

even your dad who threw me
in a hole and tortured me.

But you... are not my girlfriend,

so no.


Call me later if you want
me to do that thing to you.

Come on, Charlie.

Use your head.


Let's go back to that tape again

as we bring in Jeff Asperton
of the U.S. Parks Department

to help us understand what
it is we're seeing here.

Jeff, let me start by asking you

whether there's any indication...

Have you heard about this case?

They're calling the wife
the killer cliff bride.

- Her name is Gretchen.
- I haven't.

They're already convicting her.

You know, saying she pushed him.

One of my aides is setting
up a printer in here.

I hope you don't mind.

I want to look at some articles,

and I'd rather not have to run
back and forth to the office.

No problem.

Did you want to go to the cemetery?

I have an hour off before my next meeting.

You go ahead without me today.

I'm gonna stay here.


♪ Express yourself ♪

Caitlin Winslow...

Straight A's, debate captain,

junior class president, first clarinet

in her high school's
nationally ranked orchestra.

And this is just annoying.

Not the profile of your typical runaway.

Mom, Catherine, we know.

Was the side chick before
becoming the main chick.

And Jeremy's law firm...

Winslow, Hertz and Granger
are international heavyweights.

Client list includes a handful
of foreign governments,

four of the top six financial
institutions in the world,

and two former presidents.

In other words, he's making it rain.

Has Caitlin tried to reach out to her dad?

No e-mails, and her phone's
been off since yesterday,

so I can't access her call history.

But I was able to hack into her voice-mail.

Two new messages... One from Catherine,

another one from a kid named Darren.

She's my girlfriend.

Or was my girlfriend...
We're taking a break.

- Is she okay?
- You haven't heard from her?

It's been a week.

Come on.

Who else would Caitlin have reached out to?

Well, her Instagram is flooded

with selfies of her and another girl.

Name's Faith. Last post was four days ago.




Besties since third grade. We
talked yesterday morning.

Totally had to tell her

that the Robinson twins
snapchatted me their abs.

Major lady wood.

But you haven't seen or
heard from her since?

Caitlin's super busy.

Sometimes she has to do her own thing.

I respect that about her.

Faith and Caitlin are best friends,

and they never checked in on each other.

No E-mail, Facebook...

Faith didn't even leave a
voice-mail for her bestie.

She's covering for her.

- Huck.
- Already on it.

I got something.

Uber charge to Faith's Amex.

Taft Hotel. Same night
that Caitlin disappeared.

We may have just found our girl.

♪ Express yourself, express yourself ♪

You owe me $1.75 for that candy bar.

Three months ago, You
drove to Yuma, Arizona,

took the same route
Harrison Wright and Adnan Salif

supposedly took before they died.

Oh, I wish I'd known they were going.

Could have gone together.

Road trip!

I'm pretty sure You did
go together, Charlie.

Only I'm thinking that they
were riding in the trunk

And that Rowan was the
one who had them killed

and that you can tell me why.

Oh, come on, chief.

I'm a pro.

You can cut me till the cows come home.

I'm not gonna spill anything.

Tell you what...

I'll save you some time
and a dry-cleaning bill

And just tell you what it's
gonna take to get me to talk.

I only want one thing.

So it seems we're all here today

to ask this court a simple question...

Who do we listen to?

Do we listen to the framers...

The Founding Fathers who wrote the laws

that best fit the needs of our
budding and insecure nation?

Or do we listen to our
leaders in the present day,

who we elected to best reflect

the needs of modern American society,

who voted to protect the
spirit of our Founding Fathers

while protecting our
citizens from gun violence

to the best of their ability?

I respectfully urge the court

to uphold the will of the people,

And I thank you for your time.

Well, thank you, Mr. Rosen.

These are obviously serious, difficult,

and often emotional issues,

And I appreciate the intelligence and skill

with which you brief them in your papers.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Unfortunately, the law before us today,

The Elliot Gun Control Act,

does not share your clarity of vision.

I see no way to square this
law with the rights protected

under the second
amendment of our constitution.

God, look at you, Liv.

Running your own firm.

And Abby, kicking ass, taking
names in the white house.

She happy there?


I haven't spoken with her much lately.

You two were inseparable in
law school. What happened?

Different paths.


How about you? Are you dating?

No. No, I'm not.

You're probably so busy, you
don't have the time, right?

This could be it.

Talk to me, Quinn.

She's here at the Taft... room 522,

under the best friend's name.

Taft Hotel.

Oh, thank God.

Is she okay?

She just ordered room service,

So I'd say she's probably fine.

Stand by.

Should I have Quinn bring her home?

No. I will go there myself.

You sure? I could go with you.

Yes. Absolutely. You've done enough.

You can head home, Quinn.



No freakin' way.

I'm not going in there.

Just do it for me, Perkins.

I don't work for you anymore.

Who took you in when you had no place to go?

I wouldn't ask if this wasn't important.

He just wants to talk. Nothing more.

I'll be right out here if you need me.

You got three hours, Charlie.

Unh-unh, chief. You
promised the whole night.

- Fine. The whole night.
- Wait. The whole night?

You'll be fine.

Damn it, Jake!

Hey, Robin.

You look good. Stronger. Tougher.


That was a compliment. You could say thanks.


You're not speaking?

You giving me the silent treatment?

Cat got your tongue?

Should I get your tongue?

You could have anything you
wanted brought to you here,

anything in exchange for information.

And you asked for one night
alone in a cage with me?

- I demanded.
- You demanded.

What did you think it would accomplish?

What did you think was going to happen?

Oh, my God.

Did you think I'd want you back?

Don't flatter yourself, Robin.

You did, didn't you? You
thought I'd want you back.

I am less than interested

in whatever it is you have to offer.

You're used merchandise,
Robin. Damaged goods.

- No. You want me.
- Shut up.

You thought I would be dragged in here

and I'd lay eyes on you
and I'd gasp, "Charlie."

And I'd rip off all my clothes

and crawl on my knees over to
you and beg you to take me,

that I'd be some kind of
sad Charlie porn fantasy.

I'm a real girl, Charlie.

An actual human being.

Being alone in a room with you?

Being summoned here

like I'm some ultimate
prize for information?

It doesn't make me want you.

It makes me feel sorry for you.

Stronger. Tougher. More seasoned.

Yeah. I guess that's true.

Thank you.

I could have anything I
wanted, and I wanted you.

You can laugh at it and make fun of me,

But the truth is, Robin,
nobody else wants you.


You wanted to see me?

We are going to Yosemite tomorrow morning.

I need you to arrange that,

and I need you to let the press know.

That we're going to Yosemite.

- Yes.
- Why?

Because I need to talk to Jeff.

- Jeff?
- Asperton.

He's running the investigation
on behalf of the Park Service.

I need to see what he has...

The position of the body,
its distance from the cliff.

You're talking about the killer cliff bride.

Yes, except I don't think
Miss Kovac is a killer.

I think she's telling the truth.

I think her husband slipped,
and she was trying to save him.

That's why her arms are outstretched.

She wasn't pushing him.

She was grabbing him to
stop him from falling.

And I think I can prove that,

But I need to talk to Jeff first.

- Jeff Allerton.
- Asperton.


Mrs. Grant...

A trip to Yosemite?


When your husband needs

to keep the spotlight on gun control...

It's distracting.


Okay, never mind.

We'll just fly Jeff here instead.

Thanks, Abby.


We have to talk about the First Lady.

Stay out of it.

You don't even... she's
called a meeting, Cyrus.

Sir, there's a Michael on the line for you.

Michael who?

There are park rangers
flying in. It's insane.

Red, you are not in the bubble.

Stay the hell out Of
Mellie's business. Ethan...

He said you'd know him from
breakfast and the other night.

Get out, both of you. Right now.

- Well, what should I...
- Out!

- But y...
- I said out!

And shut my door.


You are stalking me.

I had to apologize for being
short with you this morning.

You weren't.

I'm the one who needs to apologize

for underestimating you and
your... various achievements.

All right, then. Apology accepted.

I hope I didn't blow your
cover with your friends.

Are you kidding?

Do you have any idea what one run-in

with the president's chief of staff

does for your street cred?

Well, then. You're welcome.

Can I ask you a question?

I suppose.

Are you single?



It's surprising, that's all.

Successful, powerful, sweet guy like you...


Is that a bad thing?

In my line of work, it's a liability.

Oh, in that case, I might have
chosen a better line of work.

They're more similar than you'd think.

Funny, too.

Well, I got to run. Goodbye, Cyrus Beene.

Goodbye, Michael.

Mr. President?

We're losing gun control. I know.


What do you want, Gabby?

- Abby.
- What?

I-I can come back.

What do you want?

The First Lady... She's
become a bit obsessed

with this "Killer cliff bride" story

everyone's been talking
about, which is fine.

I'm obsessed with it, too. We all are.

It's just... she's starting to make demands

which are a little bit...

Give her what she wants.

I'm sorry?

Whatever she's asking for, give it to her.

- But, sir, if I might...
- Give her what she wants!

Yes, sir.

We're really gonna lose?

Looks that way.

I'm sorry, sir.

The argument was more
hostile than I expected.

I need this all to mean something.

That seal, this
office... It has to mean something.

I've lost too much. I've given up too much.

I'm not even a person anymore.

I am a statue, a monument.

If I don't get to be some
soccer dad in Vermont,

Then I need this all to have a point.

I need some jerk

to not be able to buy an
AK-47 and shoot up a school!

That is not too much to ask!

I'm sure you did your best.

But these gun people...

Our best isn't enough anymore.

Thank you, Rosen. I appreciate the effort.

That'll be all.



- Huck? What are you...
- Sex tape.

Uh, my recovery program tracked a pathway

to the deleted file on Caitlin's laptop.

It's a video of people...
doing things. Here.

- I don't have to watch this, Huck.
- Oh, yes, you do.

It's a sex tape of Caitlin
and her boyfriend. I get it.

Keep watching.

I don't want to see a couple of teenagers...

It's Catherine and her daughter's boyfriend.

There's more.

I grabbed this voice-mail

from Catherine's cell provider's server.

They didn't argue about
college the night she ran away.

Stop calling me!

You can't stop me from telling dad

that you slept with my boyfriend,

you gross pedo.

Say goodbye to the
mansion and the handbags

And house in Nantucket.

I let Catherine go. I sent her to the hotel.

Call the Taft.

Room 522, please.

Why not?

The police.

That's her.

That's Caitlin.

That's her.

Olivia. Oh, my God.

Two shots to the chest.

By the time the police
arrived, she was D.O.A.

Excuse me.

Would you mind giving us some privacy?

Just a few minutes.


What the hell did you do?

- What!? Olivia!?
- Don't!

Drop the act.

I know about you and the boyfriend.

You taped it.

How did you even...

- How sick are you?
- Liv, I just...

Caitlin found out about it, didn't she?

- Yes.
- And then you...

Look at me.

Did you hire me to find
Caitlin so you could kill her?

- No!
- Or have her killed?

No, Liv. I swear!

Those detectives outside that door?

They're going to find out
about you and the boyfriend.

That's motive.

And if my people can find that video...

You can destroy it. You have to.

She's a child.

I had nothing to do with her death.

If Jeremy finds out...

Olivia, please, do not give up on me.

Not now.

I can't make this go away for you.

I won't.

Is it her?

Is it?

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.



You ever get lonely, Robin?

I'm freakin' lonely.

Being a superspy is freakin' lonely.

I never used to care.

It used to be fun. It used to be so good.

It used to be better.

Torture is a single man's game, right?

Hacking up a corpse...
that's something you do solo.

But these days...

Maybe it's the political climate.

This president's all
liberal and above board,

There's less work.

Or maybe it's I'm getting
older. Maybe it was you.

Being with you.

But I wake up now, and I'm...

I'm frickin' lonely, Robin.


Like there's a space in there.

Hollow space.

Crap I used to make fun of people for.

Crap I used to shoot guys for.

And I don't know what to...

You ever feel like that?


I have people.

I don't get lonely because I have people.


I have Liv.

And Huck.

Abby and Jake.


I'm not like you.

I'm sorry you miss me,
but I'm not like you.

Time's up.

You get what you needed?


You okay?

I'm fine.


If you ever do get lonely, I'm always here.


Now you're gonna tell me everything.


I saw the news. Caitlin's dead.

What happened? How's Catherine?

- She's fine.
- Are there any leads?

Have you been to the crime
scene, talked to the coroner,

gotten Huck to download
the Cloud or whatever?

- Abby, I...
- We need to start with the obvious suspects.

Boyfriends, maybe enemies of the family...

Abby. I can't discuss the case with you.

I'm not even on it anymore.

What? Why not?

I'm not gonna go into that with you.

But Catherine was my client, so ethically...

Ethically? You... rigger of elections?

I can't discuss the case.

With me.

With anyone.

With me.

She was our friend, Liv.

Catherine was our friend.

I know that, but you're not...

I'm not what? A gladiator anymore?

Running around, doing your bidding

like some mindless soldier
in the Olivia Pope army?

It's okay.

I'll call my friend Catherine

and ask her how she's doing myself...

If that's not too unethical for you.

- Hi.
- Hey, what's up?

- Are you going to let me in?
- I'm working.

- Can you take a break?
- Is this a booty call?

No. It's not a...

Can you open the door?

I'm working, Liv.

- You're working.
- Yes.

You don't have a job, Jake.
You don't work anywhere.

You don't fake sell fake paper
or fake work at the Pentagon

or run a top-secret spy organization.

You don't have a job, Jake.

- So...
- So...

Is there a woman in there?

Don't answer that.

I wasn't going to.

I don't have to.

Because we aren't in a relationship.

Because you are in love with another man.

You come here to have sex.
Great sex, but just sex. Right?

Why are you picking a
fight with me today? Now?

You don't have a woman in there.

We both know you don't
have a woman in there,

So I don't understand why you j...

Forget it.

I invited you to dinner at my father's.

You said no.

So guess what... I'm done.

Afternoon, judge.

Mr. Rosen, I hope this is a coincidence.

Just, you know, taking in
the sights, buying a ween.

Because I'm sure you know

how inappropriate it would be to discuss...

How about we skip the ethics debate?

What did the NRA offer you?

More money than you've ever seen?

Like I told Elizabeth North,
I'll be ruling this case

the same way I've ruled My
entire career on the bench.

By the law and with my conscience.

There is no amount of money

that would ever make me
change the way I do my job.

Then it's a good thing that I'm
not here to offer you money.

I have something better.

1992. Rock Creek Parkway.

You slammed your Mercedes
Coupe into a Dodge Caravan,

killing a woman and her 7year-old daughter.

Why'd you flee the scene?

Anything to do with your $75 bar bill

at Stetsons earlier that night?

How the hell did you get that information?

- There are no records...
- There are records.

Receipts, paint samples,
eyewitness accounts,

testimonials from the junkyard
that demolished your Mercedes.

And it all goes to the Times

If you don't vote down this
challenge to the gun law.

So, before you go ahead and
do what you say is your job,

ask yourself how much it's really worth.

See you in court.

Here he is.


- There he is!
- Thank you.

Opposition to the president's
gun-control legislation

was dealt a crippling blow today

as the fourth circuit court ruled two to one

to uphold the bill.

This decision should strike fear

into the hearts of the American public

and anyone else who
believes in our constitution.

This isn't a victory for me.

It's a victory for the American people.

You really came through, Rosen.

Oh, thank you, sir. I
just did what I had to do.

Well, keep doing it.

Mr. President? The First Lady's uh, meeting?

It's beginning.

I'll be there when I can, Gabby.

To David.

Hear, hear.

Beautiful. Hear, hear.

The police are interviewing
Darren right now.

I'm sure he's telling them everything,

So I'm gonna be an official suspect soon,

if I'm not already.

If you're not gonna tell
me the truth, Catherine,

there's nothing more I can do.

The truth is, I was bored out of my mind,

and I slept with a 17-year-old.

I screwed a kid, and it was wrong and dirty.

And you know what? It felt frickin' great.

And then Caitlin found out,
and I ruined everything...

My marriage, my family.

I feel sick.

I am disgusting.

But I am not a murderer.

We need to start looking
for other possible suspects.

On it.

- What's going on?
- Caitlin was at her best friend's house

before she went to the hotel.

Did she meet up with anyone
before that? Go anywhere else?

Hello? Olivia.

- What?
- Did you two seriously not notice

that I have been gone for the last 24 hours?

You know, I spent three whole months

keeping tabs on this office.

I went to see you every
day at the computer store.

I constantly checked in with
Abby at the White House.

I found you halfway across the world.

I'm the one who made
sure this place didn't die!

And I go M.I.A. for a whole day
and nobody even bats an eye?

That is unacceptable.

That is how Harrison died.

Because we weren't vigilant.
We didn't pay attention.

We didn't notice when things went bad.

So when one of us goes missing for 24 hours,

The other ones freakin' look for them!

Oh, oh. Jeff!

Thank you so much for coming!

My pleasure, Madame First Lady.

Allow me to introduce you to my colleagues.

We've got our good friend
Dick Clemons here from interior.

And that's Bill Hine over there, runs NASA.

Surgeon General Patterson, hello.

Doug Lafferty from the
Department of Agriculture.

John Brinkley here is with the FBI.

He brought along his associate. Hello.

Oh, and this is Abby Whelan,
our press secretary,

Whom I think you've
spoken to over the phone.


So, this video.

We've all seen it. We've
all formed our opinions.

And I think it's no surprise
that most Americans feel

it is the wife who
deserves the blame in this,

that she willfully shoved her husband

and caused the fall that led to his death.

What they don't know,
however, and what we do,

is that that is not only untrue,
but physically impossible.



As you can see on the diagram here

that the boys from NASA
were so kind to draw up for us,

a person who's been pushed
lands at a greater distance

than a person who's slipped.

Now, Mr. Kovac landed here at point "A."

If he'd been pushed,

he would have landed here, at point "B,"

A distance that we calculated

based on the age, weight, height,

and physical fitness of Mrs. Kovac.

Thank you, Bill. Excellent work.

Now, how did we determine

Mrs. Kovac's strength and overall fitness?

Well, I refer you to page three
in your information packets,

where the surgeon general
has brilliantly estimated

Gretchen's body composition
and muscular endurance.

Oh, hi, honey!


Margaret. John.

Was there a cabinet meeting
no one told me about?


Sir, this is the First Lady's meeting,

The one she wanted, remember?

Please, Fitz, have a seat.

Um, ma'am?

I was just about to explain
how John from the FBI

will be an invaluable resource
to Jeff's ongoing investigation.


Oh, yes. Jeff.

Pardon me if I'm speaking
out of turn, Mr. President,

But, um, well, you're right.

Mrs. Kovac didn't kill her husband.

Two eyewitnesses came forward this morning.

They were there

on the trail at the time
of Mr. Kovac's death.

And, well, they confirmed
that... that he fell.

So... you... you're right.


that's wonderful news.

I...I have a... a soil report here

that Doug from Agriculture was
kind enough to put together.

Um, you can take... you can take it with you

if... if you think it might be helpful.

You know what? Awful timing.

But, um, a meeting where
the First Lady's expected

just came up.

So I'm afraid we're gonna have
to cut this presentation short.



Right, Abby. The meeting. Thank you.


Wait. Are you stalking me now?

Should I be worried?

Let me buy you a drink.

No, that's not necessary.

Oh, no. I insist.

What'll it be?

You're not here for a drink, Cyrus.

You're thirsty, But you're
not here for a drink.

You're here because you want

what you've been fantasizing about

ever since you left the other night.

I can give you what you want...

just the way you want it.

I don't pay for sex.

You wouldn't be paying for sex.

You'd be paying for privacy, for discretion.

It's not that complicated, Cyrus.

You either go home alone

and try your own hand
at quenching that thirst

or go upstairs with me

and replace that dry lump in your throat

with something much more satisfying.

You wanted to see me, Mr. President?

You drink?

Um... Yes?

Come in.

76-year-old Scotch.

You know Scotch?

I do.

This is the second-best Scotch in the world.

I've had the first. It's incredible.

You should try it.

I will make a call tomorrow
to Her Majesty the Queen.

You're a surprise.

I've underestimated you, I think, Gabby.

You joined us during a challenging time,

and I want to commend you
on the job you're doing,

particularly the sensitivity you've shown

towards the First Lady.

I yelled at you.

I owe you an apology for that.

You do owe me an apology,
but not for yelling at me.

You owe me an apology

for not bothering to learn
my name, Mr. President.

I'm Abby. Abby Whelan.

I'm Scottish, by the way.

Nice to meet you, Abby Whelan.

Have a seat.


you've spoken to Olivia?

Since she came back, you've talked to her?


How is she?


How is she? Liv.

How's she doing?

She's good, sir.

Really good.

You know Olivia.

♪ Mother, mother ♪

♪ There's too many of you crying ♪

♪ brother, brother, brother ♪

- Jake.
- ♪ There's far too many of you dying ♪

I'm in.

For dinner. I'm in.

Thank you.

♪ You know we've got to find a way ♪

Are you sure?

You're okay seeing my father?

- It'll be good to see him again.
- ♪ To bring some lovin' here today, yeah ♪

♪ Father, father ♪

♪ We don't need to escalate ♪

♪ You see, war is not the answer ♪

- Huck.
- ♪ For only love can conquer hate ♪

I'll look for you.


The next time you go
M.I.A., I'll look for you.


♪ To bring some lovin' here today, oh ♪

♪ Picket lines and picket signs ♪

♪ Don't punish me with brutality ♪

♪ Talk to me ♪

♪ So you can see ♪

♪ Oh, what's going on ♪

FBI director Stevens wants you to sit in

on the child trafficking task force meeting.

I'll be there.

Oh, and also, I had the pencils

write up a statement for you
on the death of Judge Sparks.

Judge Sparks?

You didn't hear? Yeah. Suicide, apparently.

Gunshot to the head.


Yeah. Yeah, send me the statement.

- It's ironic, isn't it?
- What?

That Judge Sparks used a gun.

You know, to...

♪ What's going on ♪

♪ What's going on ♪

♪ Yeah, what's going on ♪

♪ What's going on ♪

♪ Tell me what's going on ♪

♪ I'll tell you what's going on ♪

I can't handle the suspense.

What do you all think?

It's good.

- Hmm?
- Really good.


I used, uh, coffee grinds
in the... in the rub.




Jake, you must be happy having meat

after all that seafood on the island.


It's Huck.

I have to take this.


This may not mean much coming from me, Jake.

I just wanted to thank you

for taking care of my
daughter, keeping her safe.

It's comforting to know
that she's in good hands.

Uh, more roast?

Why'd you do it?


Kill Harrison.

Did he figure out that you
murdered the president's kid?

Let me guess.

You delivered the culprit's
head on a silver platter,

and Fitz didn't have a clue.

Now you're back, ruling the underworld

with the president in your pocket.

- Nicely done.
- That's enough.

- You're in my home.
- Shut up.

Just shut your stubborn, old-man mouth up.

You're done giving orders.

You're leaving.

You're done in Washington for good.

You're no longer the head of B613.

I'll give you however long it takes

to pack up this sad, old house.

And then you disappear quietly.

You never contact Olivia again.

You never get another chance to hurt her.

Or you can stay, keep up this
"Father knows best" routine,

try to worm your way back
into her life by roasting pork.

But I don't know.

I personally can't see her
falling for your act anymore

after I show her proof that you killed

her best friend and the president's son.

But listen... I know of this island.

It's beautiful. Remote.

Mosquitoes can be a bit of a nuisance,

but I think you'll manage.

The only unfortunate thing
about your sudden departure

is that I won't be standing
over you when you die.

Make you feel good, Ballard,
putting the screws to me?

Feeling a few inches taller now, hmm?

Makes you feel like a real man.

It's exhilarating, isn't it?

Go ahead. Soak it up. Revel in it.

Because trust me...

I will be the one standing
over you when you die.

I'm so sorry. It's my client.

I have to go. I hate to cut this short.


That's too bad.

I was enjoying finally
getting to know your dad.

Well, we'll, uh... we'll
do this again soon, hmm?

I'm not going anywhere.

What have we got?

I found another video.

You told me to trace Caitlin's movements

before she went to the hotel, so I did.

Where is this?

Winslow, Hertz and Granger.

Her father's law firm.

- Is there...
- No sound.

- What are they struggling over?
- Looks like a folder.

Go back.

Freeze that.

I tried facial recognition,
but there's nothing.

We could be looking at Caitlin's murderer.

And we need to find that folder.

Liv, it's Catherine.

Once again, we're looking
at footage of Catherine Winslow,

wife of prominent political
attorney Jeremy Winslow,

being arrested for the murder
of her daughter Caitlin.

Caitlin was found in the Taft Hotel.

$2,500 plus... gratuity.

Thank you?

It only feels awkward
because it's your first time.

I promise.

Next time, you'll be a pro.

Assuming, of course,
there will be a next time.

You know where to find me.

Well, goodbye, sweetie.

Have a great day.



Hook, line, and sinker.