Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 18 - Honor Thy Father - full transcript

David tries to recruit former B613 agents to strengthen his case. Meanwhile, a congressman asks Olivia to help his father escape his looming death penalty.

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Previously on "scandal"... This next lady says her husband worked
For a super-secret spy agency operating outside the command
Of the united states government.
Called b613.
You need to shut this down, rosen -- now.
I'm not gonna shut it down. What?
You gave me those files. You said, "go get the bad guys."
I'm going to get the bad guys.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Jake: What's this?
David: An immunity agreement.
You agree to testify against command,
And the government will never prosecute you.
You think i'm gonna testify against command
And help bring down b613?
I also have huck and quinn, even charlie,
But i need you.
You are the big fish.
You worked for rowan. You stood in his shoes.
You know where the bodies are buried.
Be a witness, and we can make our case now.
We won't need any other agents. I can't.
This is my death warrant, you understand?
I sign this, i die. We're all gonna die, rosen.
No. I'm out.
I'm done.
White hats, jake. We are the good guys.
We get justice no matter what.
Goodbye, rosen.
If you don't testify, i can't protect you, jake.
Is that a threat?
We are taking down command, and you were once command, too.
I don't need protection from you, rosen.
You need protection from me.
Drop this case or i'll drop it for you.
Hey. Change of plans.
[ bill withers' "grandma's hands" plays ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
¶ grandma's hands clapped in church on sunday morning ¶
¶ grandma's hands played a tambourine so well ¶
¶ grandma's hands used to issue out a warning ¶
¶ she'd say, "billy, don't you run so fast ¶
¶ might fall on a piece of glass ¶
¶ might be snakes there in that grass" ¶
Long time, no see.
Max butler.
Retired b613.
Worked with jake ballard in syria in the late '90s.
Max and jake killed six lebanese agents together,
Butchered them in a bath house in damascus.
Good gig -- damascus.
Sure, the weather's dry, but the girls... Charlie.
Sorry. Women.
We need max.
¶ grandma's hands used to lift her face and tell her ¶
Hello, margot.
Margot ross worked closely with jake
During several missions in southeast asia after 9/11.
We need her, and we need simon.
¶ "put yourself in jesus' hands" ¶
¶ grandma's hands ¶
Who the hell are you?
I'm quinn. Can we talk?
Jake worked under simon in europe from 2003-2007.
They're credited with 37 assassinations
From hamburg to grenada. Yeah, but some of those were bombings.
So? So, that's cheating.
Murder is murder. Back me up here, big guy.
No, bombings are cheating. Listen, here's the plan --
We pull in these three agents, gain their trust.
What's your offer?
We offer them full immunity from prosecution.
Immunity from every mission? Domestic and international?
All of it.
Put them in a safe house
Until i can convene a secret grand jury,
And we have ourselves an airtight case.
That's how we bring in jake ballard.
He's on the hook.
So, we offer him immunity, get him to testify.
Once he's in, other agents will step forward,
And that's how we take down b613 for good.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Russell: You shout... In your sleep.
About a red door and a ring in other languages.
You have to go.
French, russian, farsi, mandarin,
And i want to say... Swahili?
Listen, russell --
My name's not really russell.
I mean, it is, but it's franklin --
Franklin russell.
You gave me a fake name.
You have a problem with that, alex? [ laughs ]
Are we sticking with alex, or can i start calling you olivia?
Um, well, you don't need
To call me anything because this is it.
Well, here's the thing, alex --
I don't think it is.
[ cellphone rings ]
I'll be right there.
It's not too late.
Congressman, i'd like to believe that's true. However --
But you don't, and you think my father's guilty.
This isn't about what i believe.
I don't know what you think i could do at this point.
If you'd heard him...
You can't imagine.
I was in my room when he found her,
Found jamie...
Hanging from a rod in her closet.
15 years old.
The screams, the sobbing.
I thought it was a neighbor's kid
Or some kind of animal.
The look on his face.
The sounds coming from him as he cut her down
And tried over and over
To beat the life back into her lungs.
When the police found jamie's diary
And told him why she killed herself --
Because that piece of crap broke her heart.
Her math teacher.
She was 14 when things started between them --
He was 29. Can you imagine?
My father had every reason in the world to do him harm,
But he didn't. I know it.
What do you think happened
When your father went to confront him?
Last night, around 9:00,
I grabbed the gun i keep hidden behind my bedside table,
A box of bullets from the drawer there.
Drove to the home of dan hoffman and rang the bell.
When that bastard came to the door,
I pointed the gun at his chest and shot him twice.
Maybe three times.
Should have been more.
Should have emptied the entire gun in that son of a bitch.
But i didn't.
Went home. End of story.
Tanner: That chilling confession by george reed was recorded
In the selbyville, delaware, police station
15 years ago, almost to the day.
President grant rejected pleas from george reed's son,
Congressman nicholas reed,
To pressure the governor of delaware
To issue a stay in the execution,
Which is set for next month.
Sure, the president sympathizes with congressman reed.
He also sympathizes with the victim in this case
And the right of the state of delaware
To handle their own justice system independently.
Next question.
Tanner: Congressman reed has fought tirelessly
Over the last 15 years to reverse his father's conviction.
But tonight, that long struggle
To spare his father from execution
Has clearly come to an end.
I have no idea why he confessed,
Why he still, to this day, stands by that confession.
Maybe he wishes he killed the guy.
I just -- i-i don't know.
Again, congressman, i'm sorry,
But i don't know what i can help with.
Just, please, olivia, meet with him.
I promise you'll see.
I'm not just a son with a serious case of denial.
My father is innocent. He did not shoot dan hoffman.
You're my last hope for proving that.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
So, i just have a few more questions, and then we're done.
You own your own... You make soap?
Yeah, i got a little soap company.
It's not wal-mart or anything, but it does okay.
And the books are clean.
[ chuckles ]
Soap books are clean.
[ laughs ] i just thought of that.
Get it?
Okay. What else do you want to ask me?
Do you agree with her politics?
I love her politics.
I'm also crazy about her husband's.
He used to be a republican, but that's not her fault.
[ chuckles ]
What else?
Uh, when was the last time you went to church?
You are down south, honey. You are in church right now.
[ chuckles ]
I think that's everything i need.
Harmony, it has been a pleasure chatting with you.
I know mellie appreciates you taking the time.
How is she?
I haven't talked to that girl in a long time.
Folks always ask, "why are you still so loyal to her?"
You know, after everything, and i understand that. I do.
But you know why?
'cause she's family.
And i always got her back.
You tell her that for me, okay? You tell her i got her back.
And that her little sister says hey.
[ chuckles ]
You should never have gone to see her without telling me.
Everyone has to be vetted, including your sister.
She was already through. We had her vetted before.
You weren't the candidate before.
You were the wife.
And as long as you weren't related to osama bin laden,
No one gives a crap what your family does.
But even the dumbest american can tell you about billy carter,
Roger clinton, every single bush,
Every single kennedy.
Fine. I get it.
Mellie, she smiles. She's polite.
But right under the surface, she is 50 shades of angry.
I saw it.
It would take a top journalist
Less than two days to open her right up.
Add in fame --
If oprah showed up, it would take 15 minutes.
The damage she could do.
Your sister --
Half. Half sister.
All you have to do is look at her to know that.
She looks exactly like her trashy trailer-park mother.
Harmony and i --
My family, there is an "us" and a "them."
She is a "them."
You want to make a run for senator?
You want to make a run for the oval?
You need to welcome her into the fold with open arms.
Make her an "us."
[ sighs ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ buzzer ]
[ sighs ]
Who are you?
My name is olivia pope.
And for the next five minutes, i'm your attorney.
Don't need an attorney. Well, you've got one.
It's the only way we can speak confidentially. About...?
About whether you really committed the crime
You're about to be killed for.
Your son says you didn't.
He says you feel guilty because of what happened
To your daughter and that you're punishing --
And punishing myself by being here.
Look, every three years or so,
He sends one of you lawyer types my way,
Tells you i'm innocent, feeds you some sob story
About me wanting to pay penance for all the guilt i feel.
It's garbage.
I understand how hard this is for him.
He lost his whole family.
But he needs to move on,
Live his life, stop worrying about mine.
Convince him of that, ms. Pope,
You'll earn every penny he's paying you.
If you don't let me help you, you're going to die for this.
Let me tell you something.
Once you've stood on an old dollhouse
In your little girl's closet
And tried to lift her lifeless body up with one hand
And loosen the noose around her neck with the other,
You're not alive anymore, anyway.
I'm taking your case.
I'll fire you. You can't.
I work for your son.
Look. I believe you're innocent.
I believe you didn't kill dan hoffman.
I believe you don't deserve to die.
And i'm gonna make sure
You walk out of here a free man.
[ buzzer ]
You know what this safe house reminds me of?
Ugh. The worst.
Brussels? [ scoffs ]
Try belfast for three years, then see how you feel.
I'm gonna need your phones now. Got it.
That was liv. She took the george reed case.
We have a client. I guess that means i've got first watch.
Who's up for charades?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Mellie's sister is in town.
Wait, harmony's in town.
You need to keep her away from the press.
You will keep her away from the press,
But she will bring ruin anyway!
We're on the edge of a great storm here.
There's a strange wind.
It's too warm.
You know it's coming. It's scary.
But when that storm clears, when harmony leaves,
The sky will be bright, and the world will be right,
And we will find little flowers
Growing under the wreckage
Because fitz will no longer support
Mellie's preposterous run for the presidency.
Team fitzmel or mellitz or whatever the hell it is
Will be over,
Because if there is one thing fitz hates --
And i'm using the word "hates" here --
It's the messy, petty, bitchy craziness that overtakes mellie
When her dirty laundry of a family
Is exposed to the open air.
They will be done.
[ groans ]
Ma'am, your sister is here.
[ sighs ]
Show her right in, rachel.
Well, mellie, you got what you wanted.
Here i am.
[ chuckles ] harmony! It's so good to see you!
Welcome to the white house.
Thank you.
Hello again, harmony.
Oh, hey, liz. [ laughs ]
[ singsong voice ] harmony.
[ singsong voice ] cyrus.
You look...Festive.
[ both chuckle ]
How's it going with that prostitute of yours
You got mixed up with?
We got married.
Thanks for asking.
[ chuckles ]
Uh, there'll be plenty of time later for gabbing.
Why don't we start off by showing you around?
Do you need to borrow some flats?
You got a problem with my clothes?
No. Of course not. I just, um...
It's a lot of walking, that's all.
Well, i walk all the time in these.
All right, so, we will get started with the east wing.
This is home, not just to the first lady's office,
But to the office of the white house social secretary
And the correspondence department.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Oh, my god.
She makes soaps now.
Cyrus must be loving this.
He's like a storm chaser in a van hurling down the highway,
Face pressed up against the windshield,
Grinning wildly,
Waiting for everything to go to hell,
Wanting to be there when it does.
I've been in that van.
Anything new to report on congressman reed?
Not yet.
You're gonna make us look bad, aren't you?
I hope so.
George reed -- delaware inmate 789766,
On death row since 1999.
George became a single dad to two kids,
Nick and jamie, when his wife died in a car crash.
For a few years, it seemed like they'd be okay
Until jamie hanged herself at 15.
15. Diary revealed she was sleeping with her math teacher,
Daniel hoffman.
A real class act,
That mr. "please, kids, call me dan" hoffman.
Only statuary raped jamie for six months
Before breaking her heart under the bleachers.
When jamie's diary was discovered,
George reed went to the hoffman house
And shot daniel hoffman twice in the chest.
I pointed the gun at his chest and shot him twice,
Maybe three times.
Do you want to know what i would have done if that was my kid? Both: No.
Did the police look into other suspects, other leads?
There was no investigation because there was nothing
To investigate -- the case was closed.
Well, now it's open. What about other girls?
Teachers like dan hoffman,
There's a good chance jamie wasn't the first victim.
I was 16.
It was awful. He was awful.
As far as i'm concerned, george reed is a hero.
You've seen the after-school special.
A teenage girl falls for the teacher who makes her feel pretty.
I was 15. He was a predator.
What else do you need to know?
That never happened.
Are you sure?
That would be a hard thing to forget.
You'd have to work hard to forget something like that.
Something that never happened.
Dan hoffman slept with at least three other students.
Huck: Probably more.
Employment records show
He moved through four high schools
In two states in over six years.
The creep. Congressman, bigger picture -- there could have been
A lot of other angry fathers out there who wanted revenge.
Or angry mothers.
Or wives.
Your husband changes jobs so often,
You're packing your bags every year or two.
How do you not know? Or at least suspect?
Track down dan hoffman's ex-wife.
I want to know where she was
The night of her husband's murder.
And i want to interview her myself.
[ doorbell rings ]
Lisa hoffman?
No. I'm her sister.
I'm sorry, but lisa passed away a couple of weeks ago.
All right, i got all the essentials for you guys -- pizza pockets,
Ice cream, cinnamon rolls, toilet paper, a deck of cards,
If anyone wants to play killer.
Get it?
[ gasping ]
Holy crap!
[ gunshots ]
It's one dinner, fitz. Please.
She's your sister, not mine. You have dinner with the woman.
She doesn't bite.
Sir, the secretary of congress will be here
Any minute. Mellie, are we done?
Fitz. Fine.
[ groans ]
Everything okay, sir?
Harmony's got her rattled.
As far as setbacks go, if she doesn't toughen up,
She'll never make it through a campaign,
Whether i'm standing by her side or not.
Sir, secretary thompson is here to see you.
Send her in.
Madam secretary.
Good to see you. Thanks for coming by.
You're sure this was ballard?
In the middle of a fight, your adrenaline's flowing.
You want me to fight you right now, see if you remember my face?
Something tells me you will. Stand down, charlie.
This didn't go as planned,
So we find some other agents who worked with jake.
Oh, yeah, because once the other agents hear about these guys,
They'll just jump at the chance, right, max?
We got this, rosen. You can go.
Well, if you're sure.
We got to kill jake.
No way.
Why not?
Because mr. Peabody out there said so?
Or because if jake dies, your boss will be sad?
Trust me, robin.
If we don't take ballard out pronto,
Somebody's gonna be rolling us up next.
It's two against one, charlie, and i seriously doubt
You can kill jake without our help.
Plus we have no idea where he is, right, huck?
Jake isn't jake anymore, quinn.
What are you talking about?
There's an explanation for this.
There has to be. Jake is jake.
Th-this is not jake. It is.
We were trained the same way.
We pushed him too far. He's in survival mode.
He's got to that place where you don't think,
Where it's just your five senses,
Where all you do is react,
Where killing is as easy as buttoning your shirt.
I'm sorry. Charlie's right.
He has to be stopped. There you go, buddy.
Now you're talking.
Your turn. In or out?
You heard him, robin. Ballard's gone mad dog.
We find him and put a bullet in his head.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Quinn: Hi, liv.
Quinn, where are you?
Drugstore. Tampon run.
Lisa hoffman is dead.
What happened?
Pancreatic cancer.
Her sister deborah is packing up her house
As we speak.
Lisa hoffman wasn't a career criminal,
Which means if she murdered her husband 15 years ago,
She might have left some evidence.
And that evidence is probably somewhere in her house.
Okay, we're on it.
So, that's it?
You hit a couple keys, you track down jake,
And we kill him -- jake,
The guy who did everything he could to rescue olivia.
Maybe you won't be able to find him.
Maybe he'll disappear, never come back,
And -- and we won't have to kill him.
I can still use the cell towers to triangulate his position.
We'll have him as soon as his cell signal
Connects with the three towers.
Oh, finally. She's leaving.
Let's go.
Olivia: We're looking for anything that can clear george reed
And implicate lisa hoffman in the murder of her husband --
E-mails, letters, diaries,
Bank statements, wills, life-insurance policies.
Nothing here, either.
[ sighs ]
Let's try the basement.
I think i got something.
Oh, yeah. What is it?
Same make and caliber as the murder weapon.
Huck: Lisa could have used it to shoot her husband.
At the very least, reasonable doubt.
George reed isn't in the clear yet.
Not until we have a ballistics report
That can definitively tie that gun to the murder.
We can't bag it and send it off for independent testing.
Because we'll never be able to prove chain of custody.
But if we throw the cops an anonymous tip,
We're letting them prove chain of custody.
Don't touch that gun.
[ siren chirps ]
Liv really believes this guy is innocent.
She's testing her gut again.
I hope it's working this time.
[ beeps ]
What was that? The tracking software.
A tower on canal just picked up jake's cell signal.
We got him.
See, that's how i got into soapmaking --
'cause daddy always said it was important
To use all parts of the animal.
You remember that, mel?
Or was he not hunting much when he was married
To your mama? Oh, i don't recall.
What are they made from?
Mostly deer fat, sometimes a little duck.
Of course, if i don't have anything else on hand,
I'll just use plain old bacon.
[ both chuckle ]
See here,
Fitz, whoever trimmed this, they did a real good job.
There's probably a bunch of fat that's just being wasted.
I should have talked to that fancy chef of yours
Back there and had him save me a bucket.
[ both chuckle ] well, i hate to change the subject, but --
Fitz and i are talking about my soaps. I know that,
But we've been discussing your soaps all night. I just --
You just don't like to talk about something
That doesn't have anything to do with you.
[ both chuckle ]
See, this is what my sister does, fitz.
For the love of...
It's "mr. President," harmony.
I have been sitting here listening to you call
The leader of the free world by his nickname
When it is not "fitz" to you.
It is "mr. President."
So, just show a little respect.
You want to tell me about respect?
Oh, that is rich, mellie.
What the hell do you know about respect?
I know that the president of the united states
Has better things to worry about than these ridiculous soaps
That you are making out of dead animals. Okay, see, this is what you used to do to me when i was little.
All right. You're trying to make me feel small.
You're trying to take things away from me. What about what you took away from me?
See, first, it was my family, and now it is my soaps. They are not your family.
How could they be when you're trying to turn them against me?
You know what? You think you're better than me.
I am better than you. Really?
Why, mellie?
Why? 'cause you live in this great big house?
'cause you're on the cover of magazines?
Because i don't embarrass myself everywhere that i go.
Because i have a semblance of class.
Okay, i could give a rat's ass about --
Because i wasn't raised
By that home-wrecking whore you call a mother!
Okay, that's enough. Okay, you know what? That is it.
Lord knows daddy never would have strayed
If your frigid mama hadn't run him out of the house.
You know, i bet there's a whole lot of people
Would be real interested in that story.
I wonder who i should ring first.
You know, i always loved me that katie couric.
All right, i said that's enough!
You better watch how you speak to me.
Dirt i got on you, sis...
[ chuckles ]
It could come in real handy one day.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Do you see jake? Charlie: Nope.
I'm right where you sent me, huck. I don't see anything.
You sure this gizmo of yours works?
Huck: It works, but the triangulation
Is only accurate to a couple of square blocks.
When he moves, i can get a new data point
And i can narrow the search. Hold on.
How sad were you when radioshack went under?
Did you cry? Be honest.
What if he's done moving?
He'll move.
Come on. Come on.
Do you know where he is?
Oh, my god, that's liv's building.
Okay, can you access her security system?
Got it. That's the camera outside her front door.
Is he already inside her apartment?
Call her now.
Sorry, charlie, got to go.
It's ringing.
Voicemail. Damn it!
We have to get over there now.
You're not gonna like it.
It's daddy's hooch. A gift from harmony.
Some gift.
Gets the job done, though.
It's the only reliable thing about my father.
You need to apologize to harmony.
She can hurt you, and she probably will.
You need to make it right with her.
[ sighs ]
So i'm supposed to what -- go in there and pretend
I didn't just call her a classless hussy and mean it?
You want to do my job?
Every day, you have to decide
Between something terrible that you hate
And something horrible that you hate.
Either way, people are gonna hate you.
You need to accept that. Otherwise, you shouldn't run.
No one's ever hated you.
Even when they disagree with you,
They love fitzgerald grant -- that face, that voice.
You got that thing that makes people love you.
And i don't. I never have.
We both know there's nothing
That i could say or do at this point
That would change the way she feels about me
Or the way i feel about her.
You just have to make her feel welcome.
That was your job.
I am the candidate now.
You were supposed to be me in there,
Not the sullen, beleaguered leader of the free world,
But the chipper first lady,
Quick with a distracting anecdote
To dissolve the tension and flatter the visitor and...
[ sighs ]
Just go.
Go, and let me enjoy my hooch.
[ sighs ]
[ elevator bell dings ]
What are you doing here?
Who's that?
Is the ballistics report back?
Uh, no.
Then i'll talk to you in the morning.
He's here somewhere. He must be.
[ door opens ]
I'm right here.
I don't want you to worry about liv.
I'm keeping my eye on her. She's safe.
As long as nothing happens to me.
You wouldn't.
Are you sure about that, huck?
You want to take that chance?
[ door closes ]
[ sly & the family stone's "que sera, sera" plays ]
Told you.
We have to kill him. Now. Fast.
We don't have a choice.
We go near him and we fail, he kills liv.
I told you.
Are we sure he's not bluffing?
The jake i know --
You don't know jake.
You don't know me or charlie.
You don't know us until we're making you scream.
I told you. Charlie...
You don't threaten the existence of command,
And jake was command.
What if we tell olivia? Tell her all of it.
Rowan's her father.
She has some influence with the president.
Maybe there's some way she could --
No, we're done. It's over.
We have no more witnesses. The agents we needed are dead.
There's no way of protecting liv.
It's over. We lose.
This is the end. No.
No, we are the white hats. We are the good guys.
We don't quit. We get justice.
¶ the future's not ours to see ¶
Huck's right. There is no justice on this one.
The good guys lose, and white hats burn.
We are done.
¶ que sera, que sera ¶
[ clears throat ]
¶ when i grew up and fell in love ¶
¶ i asked my lover, what lies ahead? ¶
It's been an honor, truly.
Do me a favor.
Stay alive.
¶ will there be rainbows day after day? ¶
So, this is it?
After everything we've been through,
The sacrifices we've made, justice --
It all goes just out the window?
For what? David...
It's over.
You're like the president, declaring war to save her.
You're making the wrong decision.
She will not like this.
That's not how she's built.
How come nobody knows that but me?
She's family, rosen.
Our best witnesses are dead,
And any other agents are underground.
But jake is still out there, so be safe.
¶ whatever will be, will be ¶
I was, uh, told you wanted to see me.
I heard you were leaving and wanted to say goodbye.
Well, now you have, so...
Bye, mr. President.
I know you think that mellie's been unkind to you,
And she has.
She's been very unkind.
But you need to know that it's not because
She's ashamed of you or embarrassed.
In fact, if anything, she's jealous.
[ scoffs ] jealous?
Of me?
The day your dad left to be with your mother,
It opened a hole in mellie's heart
That she has never been able to fill.
And everything you know about her --
Her ambition, her drive --
It's all been an attempt to fill that void.
You have what she wants
More than anything else in the world.
And the way she treats you, the pain she inflicts --
It's just a way to hide her own.
¶ "will i be handsome? ¶
¶ will i be rich?" ¶
¶ i tell them tenderly ¶
¶ que sera, sera ¶
[ vocalizing ]
¶ que sera, sera ¶
See you. Bye.
[ smooches ]
¶ whoa, whoa, whoa ¶
¶ que sera ¶
You okay?
I'm fine.
What did you do?
What i had to.
You're gonna win this race, mel.
And i'm gonna be right by your side when you do.
We got the ballistics report back.
And the gun we found at lisa hoffman's house matches
The weapon that shot her husband 15 years ago.
Dad, this is great news. We're gonna get you out of here.
My people found the gun in a file box
In lisa hoffman's basement.
If she hid it there after shooting her husband,
It had been sitting in that basement for 15 years.
So, what's your point?
I don't know delaware as well as you do, congressman,
But i do know that selbyville is less than 10 miles
From the atlantic ocean.
It gets hot there in the summers, humid.
There was no air-conditioning in lisa hoffman's basement,
And there's no rust on this gun.
Those ballistics shouldn't have been a perfect match,
But they were, which means the gun
Wasn't sitting in that basement for 15 years.
Someone kept it.
Someone took care of it.
And someone planted it
In lisa hoffman's house for my people to find.
I don't -- i don't know what you think.
I think lisa died two weeks ago of natural causes,
A normal life.
So it wouldn't affect her any to be framed
For the murder of her husband after her death.
I think you've been waiting
For something like that to happen.
And i don't think you want to see your father die
For something that you did.
Look, i --
Shut up. Not another word.
I can't do this any longer.
Shut the hell up, nicky.
I can't do this any longer.
You need to shut up.
I'm still your father.
You need to do as you're told. You need to respect me.
You got that?
I don't give a rat's ass about your title.
You're my son.
You're all i got.
And you need to respect me.
And you need to shut the hell up.
[ buzzer ]
He told me he'd kill himself if i ever tried to confess.
I knew he was serious, and i know he still is.
He'll die if i turn myself in.
He's gonna die if i don't.
[ scoffs ] i don't know what to do.
I killed that man, olivia.
I did it.
I was angry.
What he did to my sister, i --
But i'm the one who needs to pay for what i did,
Not my father.
For 15 years, i've tried to take responsibility for this,
But he will not let me.
I don't know what to do.
[ silenced gunshots ]
Sanchez: Vic's name is james novak.
[ silenced gunshot ] [ gasps ]
Please. Please.
I've always liked you, david. You seem smart.
Holly: David.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's late.
Maybe you should go home, get some rest.
No, i need coffee.
Holly, can you bring some coffee?
Of course.
Huck, we don't need to find any other b613 agents.
We have another witness.
I saw jake kill james novak
And vanessa chandler and shelby moss.
I can testify.
To bring down b613, we need to bring down command.
Command is rowan, but command is also jake.
You don't give up, do you? No. I don't.
Nick needs to accept responsibility for what he did.
I can get him a good lawyer.
We can put up a good defense.
He was young, impulsive, overcome by emotion.
He's entitled to the trial you never had.
And when he serves his punishment,
I promise you i will be there
To help him restore
His reputation, his career, his life.
I'm good at that.
But what he needs is you now. He needs his dad.
N-nick is doing great. He's --
He's successful. He -- he helps people.
He's -- he made something of himself.
Nick lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment.
He's never been married.
He's never even had a significant relationship.
He is his work, and he's good at it.
But that's what he is -- work.
You did this so he could be free,
But he isn't.
He's been trapped
His whole life in a lie you made him tell.
Let him go.
Today, i resign my seat in congress.
15 years ago, my father, george reed,
Confessed to killing daniel hoffman.
My father confessed to protect me.
He was willing to die for me.
I love him too much to allow that to happen.
I want to thank him...
For trying to shield me then and for now allowing me
To accept responsibility for what i did.
I killed daniel hoffman.
I'm ready to pay for my mistake.
My father has already paid dearly for his.
Thank you.
¶ i've got dreams, dreams to remember ¶
¶ listen to me ¶
¶ i've got dreams ¶
¶ i've got dreams ¶
¶ dreams to remember ¶
Why are you here?
I'm here to protect you.
Protect me? Yes.
Protect me from what? From jake.
You're filing this in the morning?
Yes. You need help?
I can do it. Because, like, i'm your assistant, you know.
I file things.
I know. I'm good at filing, and it makes me look bad
When the attorney general of the united states
Files his own paperwork.
This is big, isn't it?
This is big.
¶ i still want you to stay ¶
¶ i still love you anyway ¶
Should be back in the office by noon tomorrow.
Okay, i'll be in in the morning if you need me.
David: All right, thank you, holly.
Oh, god. Take two steps to your left.
I didn't try to kill charlie.
I didn't kill those three b613 agents.
She did. Holly?
We could all walk away from this.
Okay. I'm listening.
What did you have in mind?
For starters, how about we --
[ silenced gunshots ]
Here. Wipe your face.
Holly was b613?
They're going after ballard.
Correct. They were terminated.
Yes, all three of them. I took care of them myself.
[ gasping ]
[ silenced gunshots ]
¶ i've got dreams ¶
¶ i've got dreams ¶
They sent her. They'll send others.
Maybe they already have.
I know what you've been doing with this investigation.
David: To bring down b613, we need to bring down command.
Command is rowan, but command is also jake.
What do i tell every one of our clients?
Do not lie. Do not lie. Do not lie to me.
I have to tell our clients that.
But i didn't know i had to tell you, to tell quinn.
We didn't think that it was -- think that what? That i could handle it?
I can handle it. I do not need you to protect me.
What i need is for you to be honest with me, to tell me the truth.
Because the things that are about to happen now,
We need to be together.
Does this mean you're in?
I was never out, rosen. But this means war.
You know that, right?
We're the good guys.
But you won't always be able to tell.
That's what it's gonna take.
¶ i've got dreams ¶
He's coming.
¶ dreams to remember ¶
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ knock on door ]
¶ i've got dreams ¶
¶ i've got dreams ¶
¶ dreams to remember ¶
What's wrong?
Hello, olivia.