Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 17 - Put a Ring on It - full transcript

When Michael gets himself in a bad situation, the Gladiators launch into damage control and put pressure on Cyrus to move up the wedding. Meanwhile, David takes the first step in executing his plan to take down B613.

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[ gasps ]
[ gasps ]
[ beeping ]
[ gasps ]
[ beeping continues ]
[ beeping stops ]
[ cellphone chiming ]
[ both gasp ]
[ clears throat ]
It's 4:00 a.M.
You don't go in at 4:00 a.M. Unless something big happened.
Did someone drop a nuke on us?
Separation of church and state, leo.
Did aliens land? Is the white house on fire?
[ cellphone rings ]
Wait. I'm sorry.
Say that again.
Are you kidding me?! [ glass shatters ]
Hey, party people.
Last call. He was still in the bar.
You were still in the bar?
Forgive me for needing to escape your prison of a house
Every once in a while to blow off a little steam.
I am paying you a fortune.
And believe me, it is the hardest money i have ever earned.
You have one job -- one job --
To fake your way through this fake engagement!
Cyrus. What is satan's problem this time?
What, does he want to watch? 'cause that costs extra!
Hey! No. You have a heart condition. Sit.
He is in breach of contract.
I want that whore out of my house.
The contract says i can have a life as long as i'm discreet.
Yes, it does. But tonight,
You went out, ordered a few vodka shots,
Met a cute guy -- tall, blond, green eyes.
Someone saw me?
[ scoffs ] it's more than that.
Way more.
Man: Looks like this d.C. O-m-g couple
Is on the o-u-ts.
Man #2: Photos on instagram early this morning
Revealed that michael ambruso, the former sex worker
Engaged to white house chief of staff cyrus beene --
Woman: Michael was out getting to know
One of d.C.'s more hands-on gay bars,
Called gentleman john's.
Man #3: Since the news broke early this morning,
It's been radio silence from the chief of staff's office.
You have to shut this down.
Get it out of the headlines once and for all.
You have to get married --
Not next month, not next year, now -- this week.
It sounds like a shotgun wedding.
It is, and you're the pregnant bride.
You've pushed this wedding, what, five times?
No, four.
[ scoffs ] y-you know the job, liv.
There hasn't been a good time.
Of course not. It's impossible to find time
To do something you don't want to do.
Funny how that works. [ sighs ]
Every day that goes by
Gives the media another 24 hours to beat the drum.
We have to change the conversation,
To remind everyone that this is a love story,
A fairytale romance.
So, we need to go big --
Something over the top, something splashy.
Cyrus, i'm sorry.
I don't want this any more than you do, but --
I can't ask the president to do that.
We need the white house.
There is no bigger stage. There is no bigger moment.
We have bills to pass,
And we need the tea partiers to pass them. [ sighs ]
He has yet to publicly express his views on same-sex marriage,
And he can't rock the boat
With mellie's senate campaign on the horizon.
I can't pile on and bother the president
With my hooker troubles, liv.
I just can't. I won't.
A white house wedding?
A gay republican white house wedding?
Hosted by the first lady --
More importantly, the republican candidate
For senator of virginia.
[ k.C. & the sunshine band's "boogie shoes" plays ]
[ camera shutters clicking, cellphone rings ]
Olivia, what's up?
You covering the first lady today, peter?
Unfortunately. Why?
How'd you like to make some news?
Hosting an historic white house wedding
Would be the perfect platform
For a candidate who's looking to transition
From a social figurehead
To someone who's engaging at the forefront
Of one of our most divisive issues of our time.
What can i get for you?
You know those reporters outside,
Talking endlessly about michael's wild, sinful night in your bar?
Yeah. What about 'em?
They got the story all wrong.
It was an innocent bachelor party.
¶ just to boogie with you ¶
It was an innocent bachelor party.
Now go tell the reporters outside.
A leader taking a bold step
Towards the right side of history.
Thank you all for coming.
Mrs. Grant, are you comfortable with the idea
That cyrus beene, your husband's openly gay chief of staff,
Is getting married for a third time?
Olivia: Breaking with her husband's beliefs --
Decisively, unapologetically, publicly.
After careful consideration and prayer over these last years...
I am -- not just for cyrus,
Who deserves his happiness, but for all americans.
Never once considering asking the president's permission,
Because this is something you feel in your heart,
In your gut.
Do you plan on attending the wedding?
That politics should never stand in the way
Of fundamental rights for an oppressed population
Of law-abiding americans.
That yours is the party of lincoln.
That love is love.
[ chuckling ] attend? Of course i will.
I have the pleasure of hosting the event
Here at the white house.
To be celebrated, never relegated or regulated.
¶ my, my, my, my, my boogie shoes ¶
That's all. Thank you so much.
[ reporters shouting ]
¶ just to boogie with you, yeah ¶
[ reporters shouting ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I'm sorry, leo, dinner's gonna have to wait.
The press wants a head on a stick,
And i don't want it to be mine.
Cyrus and his rent boy making things difficult?
We set up a war room, but it's a mess.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
You're doing great out there.
I'll see you at home.
I don't know. Don't i need a tie?
This is the style. Trust me.
If my name was crockett or tubbs.
It's purple, janet.
Purple brings out your eyes.
You want people to notice your eyes.
It'll draw them in,
Make them listen to what you have to say.
"i am cyrus beene,
And i would make a great comptroller."
[ both laugh ]
[ laughing ] what would i do without you?
Oh, wear the wrong clothes?
No. No, i mean it.
I can't do this without you -- any of it.
I need you, janet. Oh...
I need you.
And...You know what?
Why don't we get married?
But [stammering] cyrus, w-we just started dating.
Y-y-you just met me...
I know. It's fast. I know. But --
[ laughing ] we've only been dating a few months.
But when you know, you know, and i know,
From the moment i laid eyes on you...
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god!
You better not be joking.
What? I am catholic.
I have been saving myself.
And i can't just get divorced like those girls from holyoke.
I mean it.
I love you.
You're the love...
Of my life, my soul mate.
Marry me, janet.
P-- say yes. Please s-say yes.
Yes, yes, yes!
We're getting married!
Aah! Oh, my god!
[ both laugh ]
Aah! Okay. Okay.
...Are getting married.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I hear we're running a quickie wedding service
Out of the white house now.
I know you must be angry, sir.
I'm not angry. Okay.
So, what should i say about your reaction
In the briefing today?
You should say that my views remain unchanged.
Whose idea was this? The first lady just announced it.
Mellie did not think of this. Elizabeth north?
Olivia pope.
You're angry, aren't you? Still not angry.
So in the briefing, i should say...?
That my views remain unchanged.
But are you pleased? Concerned? Excited?
[ reporters shouting ]
The president's views remain unchanged.
So the first lady's views on marriage equality have evolved,
But the president's haven't?
The president's views on the subject
Remain crystal-clear.
Then why is everybody in this room
Asking you the same questions over and over?
There have only been 17 weddings
In the entire history of the white house --
Two in the rose garden -- yours will be the third.
Do i have to be here for this?
I do have a country to run. I am doing this for you.
Are you? Are you, ma'am? How generous. How selfless.
I cannot tell the difference between you and mother teresa.
Where are we with the guest list?
Just waiting to hear back from michael's parents
Before doing the seating arrangements.
My parents? You invited my parents?
Of course we did. They're your parents.
My -- my parents and i, we haven't spoken since --
I mean, t-they won't come.
They will not be on board with this.
We need them for optics. It's important.
Maybe you can give them a call.
Sure. [ sighs ]
Is there any way we could do this without my parents, cyrus? Please?
For god's sake, stop whining.
Hey. Looks like we're about 20 minutes out.
Janet and the girls are all set upstairs.
All four of your folks got here just fine. Ah.
Looks like this thing's actually gonna happen.
You ready, comptroller beene?
Yeah. I am. [ laughs ]
Glad to hear it.
We still on for racquetball next week?
I told you, i o-- only played racquetball a couple of times.
I don't play it anymore.
And i told you, it's a hard sport to give up.
20 minutes from now, i'm gonna be a happily married man.
And happily married men don't play.
[ sighs ]
People are getting sick out there.
People are dying out there, ronnie,
And i cannot --
I will not die because i couldn't control myself.
[ breathes deeply ]
I don't play racquetball anymore.
Find someone else. Just --
And once all this is over,
Why don't you stay the hell away from me and my wife from now on?
All right, champ. You got it.
I'll go get the rest of the guys.
[ sighs ]
Ethan: You need to see this.
...Perched on his leg like he's santa claus.
Only he's not santa claus, is he?
He's michael ambruso,
The spray-tanned former gigolo
Who we're told is the love of cyrus beene's life --
Just like we're told that this photo
Was taken at mr. Ambruso's bachelor party,
And that his behavior is as innocent as the behavior
Of any young man who chooses to spend his last hours
Of singledom in the embrace of a stripper.
[ laughs ]
Well, i have it on good authority
That this story is nothing but a lie,
And that the white house is so terrified of the truth coming out,
They're running a secret war room
To help their good friend cyrus beene save face...
Which is why i'm offering a reward.
To anyone with incontrovertible evidence
That the marriage of cyrus beene and michael ambruso
Is not only immoral but fraudulent...
There is a word for you, sally.
...An attempt by a corrupt administration
To shield its chief of staff... Olivia: Cyrus.
...From the political and criminal fallout... Cyrus!
...Of his depraved and illegal behavior.
The moral bankruptcy of the grant administration
Is once again writing checks to the american people...
Breathe. Right now!
...And asking us to cash them. [ breathes deeply ]
They are trying to hide behind frills and wedding bouquets.
We must arm ourselves, america --
Not with guns but with the truth.
Say something. Don't just stare.
I'm still processing the fact that you did this.
You're still -- excuse me?
Casting your lot with olivia pope,
Backing this terrible idea, without checking with me,
Your campaign manager? What in the hell was that?
We are not partners. We are not friends.
You work for me. You fix for me.
You don't accuse me. You do not judge me.
You most certainly do not lecture me.
You are not me.
You wish you were me, but you can't be me.
Remind yourself of that.
Do you understand?
I wasn't implying --
I have a position. You have a job.
You fix. That's your job.
You fix or you leave.
Do you have a problem with that?
No, i -- because if you do...
I do not.
Are you sure?
I am quite sure, mrs. Grant.
Why don't i start by helping michael's parents
Get here for the wedding?
Why don't you do that?
I'm on it. Thank you, mrs. Grant.
No one's going to take this seriously.
She's a grown woman who thinks angels are real.
Don't underestimate her.
Sally langston has an audience of 3.8 million devoted fans.
And she's offering cash money.
She's not gonna find anything.
Michael, i need you to think back
On anything you may have said or done over the past few months
That could be construed as inappropriate.
Sally langston is a dog who won't stop digging
Until she's sure there aren't any bones buried in your backyard.
Like i said, i'm clean.
Huck, look into michael.
See if he's been sleeping with anyone
Since he and cyrus moved in together.
You think he's lying?
I think if he's lying, we need to be prepared.
I want to know where sally langston's getting her intel.
It's too accurate. She knows about the marriage.
She knows about white house meetings.
Someone's leaking to her -- somebody inside the white house.
Who in the white house would give info to sally?
Somebody who doesn't know they're giving info to sally.
Leave without me.
Abby: You played me!
What are you talking about?
I mentioned our war room in passing,
And you told sally langston.
You're working for her!
What did you expect me to do?
[ laughs ]
[ gasps ] unbelievable!
Just admit that wedding is a sham!
Church and state, leo! Church and state!
I did church and state!
You're the one who told me things
You should not have told me.
You're like the politicians
Who claim they believe in the separation of church and state
But still voted to put the words "one nation under god"
In the pledge of allegiance in the 1950s.
You don't really believe. You just say you do.
You broke the barrier. You talked. Not me.
Don't you dare call me a hypocritical secularist.
Well, if the school prayer fits.
Leo! You talked!
You poked the hole in the condom, not me.
I kept it all wrapped up.
I talked. Fine.
But you didn't have to use the information.
Really? [ keys thud ]
Would you not have used the information?
Can you tell me with absolute honesty
You would never use any information you learned from me?
Think about that.
You hypocritical secularist!
Church and state!
[ door slams ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
What do you think you're doing?
I told you i don't want you in here.
You need to stay on your side of my house!
I know you can hear me, you repulsive...
We won! [ laughs ]
Did you see the news?
[ chuckles ] i wish you'd been there.
Election night, governor grant --
We took california by storm, janet.
We won.
Look, i-i know i-i-i've been absent
These past couple of months.
[ sighs ]
Fitz's campaign has been hell for me.
But it's over now. We won!
We should be celebrating.
Celebrating. Right.
Cheers, baby.
What has gotten into you?
My mother was a model, cyrus.
I was just so happy that a man looked at me
When you proposed.
I didn't even know.
And i definitely never knew it could be different.
I never knew it should be different.
But now it's different. Now i know.
And i thought that getting drunk
Would make this conversation easier.
I thought it would make me brave.
But now i'm just -- i'm just drunk and scared,
So i w-want...
A divorce, cyrus.
You don't believe in divorce.
When i proposed, you said you don't believe --
I'm lonely here, cy -- with you.
It has been 16 years, and i barely know you.
Being with you is a lonely experience.
No, no! You can't!
[ breathing heavily ]
Look, don't do this to me, janet. Don't.
Don't leave me -- not right now,
Not when it's about to be my turn.
[ laughing ] your turn?
I'm making a run for congress --
With fitz's connections, and with you...
I can make this happen.
We won comptroller together.
We can win this one, too --
With you by my side.
I can be congressman -- if i have a wife!
At the very least,
Let's stop pretending with one another.
How about i will admit that i'm not having an affair
If you'll admit you aren't gay?
Goodbye, cyrus.
[ breathing heavily ]
James: Cyrus.
Cyrus? Are you okay?
Because if this is happening too fast, just tell me.
Michael: There was a laundry mix-up.
A couple of my shirts ended up in your closet.
Don't worry, i'll stick to my side of your house.
Turns out, michael has a second phone.
It only gets calls from one number --
A guy called phillip reed.
I had an amazing time last night, michael.
I've been thinking about you
Pinning me up against the wall and shoving --
So michael lied. It's worse than that.
Turns out that -- sally langston
Has got some guy named phillip reed booked on her next show.
I think he's gonna say he's --
Having an affair with michael.
How did you know? I pulled michael's cell records,
Did a search for most-called numbers,
Came up with phillip, triangulated cellphone towers
To track him to the vicinity of his office server,
And then i hacked into their e-mail system. How'd you find out?
I listened to all of
Leo's voice-mails when he was in the bathroom.
Well, that's another way to go.
Let's go.
Man: This sunday, sally langston's exclusive interview
Blows the lid off cyrus beene's sham wedding.
Let freedom ring.
The liberty report -- sunday at 8:00.
So, apparently, michael's been seeing this guy
On and off for seven months.
So he lied. He lied.
That's what he does best.
Then we need to cancel the wedding.
Abby: Oh, we can't cancel the wedding.
The optics of that alone...
Everything's already booked.
It'd be a public-relations nightmare.
It already is a public-relations nightmare.
This guy is set to appear on sally's show on sunday.
I agree. Call it off. I'm sorry, cyrus.
No one is calling anything off. No one is quitting --
Not until i've tried everything -- everything!
Is that clear?
Okay, then.
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ] "okay, then."
[ scoffs ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ sighs ]
He's the one who wanted this -- vermont, the inn,
The little milk pails full of flowers on the tables.
All james -- not cyrus, james.
And now the president of the united states
Is gonna be looking on as i get stood up at the altar.
Cyrus, talk to him.
Did olivia tell you to come here?
She says you're worried i'm going to ruin your career.
"cripple your journalistic integrity,"
I believe were the words she used.
I didn't tell her that, but she's right.
I want to be cyrus beene's husband,
And i want to be a journalist,
But i don't want to be "cyrus beene's husband,
The journalist."
I want to be married to you,
But i don't want anyone to think that i'm your lapdog.
Does that make sense? Of course it does.
I'm never gonna ask you to do that --
Compromise your principles, influence your work.
I love you too much for that.
Do you promise?
I promise.
[ chuckles ]
You know, you're pretty hot when you get all sincere.
So for the love of god...
[ sighs ]
...Won't you come inside and marry me?
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ gasps ]
[ breathing heavily ]
Fitz: Don't you love vermont?
Where's the rest of your suit?
Would you believe senator martinez
Spilled a cape codder on it?
They're bringing me a new one.
I never saw cyrus as much of a rose-petal guy.
On his wedding day, he's a rose-petal guy.
Open the door.
I just want to know what i did wrong, why you left.
This is cyrus' day. Don't do this.
Why you resigned.
I wouldn't have come if i thought you were going --
Even if you didn't want to be with me,
I don't understand why you would leave the white house.
You are the white house!
I don't want to be there.
I can't be there and see you every day.
I asked.
It's a ring --
Very old, rare, one of a kind.
It even has a name -- doux bebe.
It was my great-grandmother's.
Her father bought it for her at auction in paris.
She wore it at her debutante ball.
And i was supposed to give it to my wife, but i didn't.
It just...
Never felt right.
So i kept it.
And now i know why --
Because i was supposed to give it to you.
I don't want a ring from you.
Don't think of it as a ring.
Don't think of it as...
You don't have to love me.
[ scoffs, sniffles ]
You don't have to come back to me.
But if you could wear this,
If i could know that you were wearing this,
Then even if you hate me, i'll know...
We'll be okay.
I'll know you're out there.
[ breathes deeply ]
[ sniffles ]
[ fitz sighs ]
Doux bebe? That's its name?
[ both chuckle ]
You can call it whatever you want.
In english, doux bebe means "sweet baby," so...
You want me to call a ring "sweet baby"? [ chuckles ]
I just want you to be happy.
[ exhales sharply ]
[ sniffles ]
I could never hate you.
[ crying ]
[ sniffles, sighs ]
I should...
[ sighs ]
[ breathing heavily ]
[ gasps ]
[ ring jingling ]
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
I need to ask you for something for cyrus.
Don't say that till you've seen it.
Sally langston -- we're gonna need a bargaining chip.
You went around my back to mellie.
I did.
Nice move.
Mrs. Vice president. Thank you for seeing me.
No need to be so formal, ms. Pope.
It's just plain, old "sally" now.
I'd like to talk to you about sunday's guest. Phillip reed,
The piece of fluff who proves
That cyrus beene's living arrangement
Is as bogus and empty as the man himself?
You're not on camera, sally.
Hyperion is calling about a book deal in five minutes.
You should use this time wisely, ms. Pope.
You know what i do, so what do you want?
Because this -- this can't be it.
You were almost the president of this country,
And now you're signing up with the weekly gasbags?
It doesn't make sense. I take offense to that,
Especially coming from a woman
Who's nothing but a shill for defilers and fornicators.
During the election,
Polls had you ahead of fitz on domestic issues.
Family values -- you demolished him.
In fact, the only area
He polled ahead of you was foreign policy.
Was it sexism? Probably.
But that's nothing a couple years
As secretary of state can't fix.
[ scoffs ] secretary of state?
That man doesn't want me on this planet,
Much less in his cabinet. He signed off on it.
Sally, think about it --
Going toe-to-toe with iran,
Playing hardball with putin
On a horseback ride through siberia.
It's not too late.
You can still be the first
Elected female president of the united states.
But the longer you spend in the world of talking heads,
The less the american voter will take you seriously.
You seem to think that this is all some sort of act,
A way station on the road back to calvary.
But this is calvary. I've arrived.
I have what i want --
Television show that reaches
Nearly 4 million viewers a week,
A bully pulpit on the airwaves,
A place where my voice is finally being heard.
Believe it or not,
There are other ways to move this country
In the right direction that do not involve
The three square miles around the washington mall.
Right there --
That is the real seat of power.
I'm exactly where i need to be,
Doing exactly what i want to do.
Now, if you'll excuse me, i do have to take that call.
[ door opens ]
Struck out with sally?
I couldn't convince her to pull the interview.
[ sighs ]
Well, i'm not ready to leave this place yet.
The wood paneling is oppressive, but --
There is another option.
We can tell the press michael cheated on you,
Make you a jilted lover with a broken heart --
Play the victim card and play it hard.
It's not my favorite idea, cy.
I don't think he's a bad person.
I do. I think he's ruined my life.
I think he gets what he deserves.
It'll take him years to recover.
The press will destroy him.
So...This dinner with his parents --
Leak the location. Seat us near a window.
Make sure there are pics and press.
It'll make me even more sympathetic
When my heart is broken.
Oh, liv, this is good. This is very, very good.
But to be clear,
You'll be throwing michael to the wolves to save yourself.
I'm not ready to leave this place yet.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I can't believe you're here.
When they told me you were coming,
I-i couldn't believe it,
But...You look great, both of you.
How are you? H-how's everything?
How's -- how's work?
Your father retired three years ago.
Wow. I di-- i didn't know.
Dad coached high-school football. Mm.
For how long, dad, 35 years?
11 state championships. He sent two of his kids pro.
That's very impressive, mr. Ambruso.
You -- do they have to do that?
They'll be wrapping up soon.
It's for cyrus' job.
Yeah, i know what it's for.
Everybody knows what it's for --
Everybody back home, the whole country.
You two think you're getting away with something,
But we know what this is. Okay, vincent --
Now, we agreed to come here, mr. Beene,
But [scoffs] they're not paying us enough
To have our picture taken with you two
Like we're okay with this.
They're not paying you? Who -- someone's paying you?
Who's paying you?
That woman -- pretty, godless.
Elizabeth something. Elizabeth north.
Why else do you think we're here?
You think we approve of this -- of you, of what you are?
You think we spent all that money sending you to those camps
To fix you, only to have you end up like this?
Oh, you make me sick to my stomach, both of you.
Put the food in your mouth.
Isn't this something, michael?
A lady from the white house is paying us more
Than your father ever earned in an entire year.
[ chuckles ] now smile for the camera, baby.
If we want the money, we have to stay,
And we have to smile.
Um, i'm out of shampoo. Can i...Borrow yours?
Here. Here.
Don't help me!
[ door slams ]
Cyrus beene, you are not bringing a tie to st. Barts.
I do not travel without a tie.
What if there's some dignitary who's also on vacation
And we're suddenly invited to an event at the last minute?
I can't represent the president of the united states
In a pair of flip-flops and a tommy bahama t-shirt.
You're not going to st. Barts to represent the white house.
You are going there to enjoy your honeymoon -- our honeymoon.
No tie, cy. [ cellphone chimes ]
[ groans ] thank you.
Ugh, you're turning off that phone
As soon as we get in the car.
[ exhales sharply ] cy? What's wrong?
I just got an e-mail from britta kagen.
The post wants to run a story
On the president's lack of immigration reform.
So, what does britta expect you to do about it?
She's already tried to shut it down herself, but [sighs]
Oh, cyrus, you promised -- no work.
Maybe you can shut it down.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but...
[ sighs ]
For months, the president
Has been working backroom deals
In order to present an immigration bill to congress
That won't peter out due to partisan politics.
He wants to craft legislation that can actually pass
So that he can actually make a difference.
But if this story runs,
If one of the most respected newspapers
In the country calls him out on this... [ sighs ]
...He'll be forced to push through
Some half-assed bill just to save face.
He'll lose his political clout on the hill,
And all that back-scratching and horse trading
Will go straight out the window.
Immigration will be dead.
[ sighs ]
And w-who knows what else will be killed in its path?
I-i-i want us
To have an amazing time on our honeymoon.
I really do.
But if this story comes out...
Then our honeymoon will be over before it began.
[ both sigh ]
I'm sorry, honey. No.
It's fine.
I -- i-i'll -- i'll see what i can do.
Abby: No one is more shocked and disheartened
To learn of mr. Ambruso's infidelity than cyrus beene.
Good. But maybe make cyrus sound a little less like a bitch baby
Who lost his prom date
And more like one of the most powerful men in the country.
I want this statement in the hands of every anchor at the major nets...
This is terrible for us. This was my moment.
Maybe we can't use the wedding to launch your senate campaign,
But your public support of your broken-hearted gay bestie
Will endear you to the northern virginia liberals all the same.
[ sighs ]
I think there's been a change of plans.
There's been a change of plans, people.
We're not throwing michael under the bus.
So, how do we stop sally?
Unless you're here to watch my interview in person,
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
I just need a minute.
Jackie, if it's more than a minute,
Would you please call security?
[ chuckles ]
If you go ahead with this, try to take down cyrus,
I'll tell the world about another sham marriage --
The one between you and daniel douglas.
You would defame a dead man?
Only because you're defaming a live one.
You have no proof.
Actually, i do, sally.
Michael's client list.
There's a name and phone number at the bottom.
I think you'll recognize it.
And there's a number of entries.
Apparently, your husband was a repeat customer.
This happens from time to time --
Last-minute cancelations.
But it was either cancel my guest's appearance
Or have the integrity of my program undone
By someone whose claims,
In the end, could not be verified --
Claims that would be unfair to the white house.
Still, this administration,
Like every political entity in this town,
Knows that i am still watching their every move --
For your sake and for liberty's.
Leo: How'd you shut up sally langston?
Olivia may have shown her michael's client list
From his prostitution days,
And it may have had a certain someone's
Closeted husband on it.
Sally's husband bought sex from michael? No way.
Tell me liv was bluffing. Was she bluffing?
She was bluffing.
Church and state.
Come on!
I'll never tell. [ scoffs ]
I'm one of those people who has been picturing my wedding
Since i was a teenager.
I believed.
Even in my stupid hometown, with my stupid parents
And idiot guys who threw rocks at me every day, i believed.
Even when i was working as a pro,
My worst nights on the streets, i still believed.
I believed that someone was gonna love me,
Care about me, that i wouldn't be alone.
And it is my wedding day, and you hate me.
You would murder me with your bare hands
If you thought you could get away with it,
And i have no one who would even miss me.
I have nothing.
It is the day i have been dreaming of,
And i have nothing.
[ inhales deeply ]
You're wrong, you know.
[ sighs ]
I would never murder you...
Myself. That's a rookie move.
I'd pay a professional to do it.
[ scoffs ]
You're wondering what this is going to look like --
Our life.
And i could lie to you right now.
That's how both my other marriages began -- with lies.
So i could lie to you right now.
I could tell you
There's a chance we will warm to one another,
Maybe fall in love and live happily ever after.
[ stevie wonder's "all in love is fair" plays ]
I could lie, but i won't.
We're not going to fall in love.
And... That is a relief to me,
Because i cannot disappoint you.
I cannot hurt you any more than i already have.
I cannot destroy your image of me
Or break your heart or damage your soul.
You don't believe in me,
So...I have nothing in you to break.
I am on no pedestals.
You see me for what i am --
A filthy monster desperately trying
To hold on to the last shreds of its humanity.
Are a good person.
I know that.
Ella could use a good person in her life.
I'm not promising much,
But i will p-promise this.
¶ but all is fair in love ¶
I...May not do it well...
¶ i had to go away ¶
...But i will do my best to be your someone.
You're not alone...
¶ that all in love is fair ¶
You're not alone.
¶ all of fate's a chance ¶
[ breathes deeply ]
¶ it's either good or bad ¶
¶ i tossed my coin to say ¶
Sign the thing. Come on. [ chuckles ]
[ sighs ]
People are...Waiting.
[ breathes deeply ]
True love -- we know it when we feel it, right?
I know i did. It's undeniable...
Until it is questioned...
Or judged unnatural.
¶ you either win or lose ¶
¶ when all is put away ¶
¶ the losing side i'll play ¶
¶ but all is fair in love ¶
¶ i should have never left your side ¶
¶ a writer takes his pen ¶
¶ to write the words again ¶
¶ that all in love is fair ¶
[ chuckles ]
¶ a writer takes his pen ¶
¶ to write the words again ¶
¶ that all in love is fair ¶