Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 15 - The Testimony of Diego Muñoz - full transcript

David Rosen is caught off guard when a surprise visitor reveals insider information about B613 that could take down the White House and destroy Pope and Associates.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ camera shutters clicking ]

How's that?
Abby: Perfect.

No teeth?
No teeth.

after this announcement,

You'll kiss the rings

Of the leaders
of the senate rules committee,

Do a roundtable

Of soft-ball interviews
with the press,

And then, come thursday,

Congress will confirm you
as vice president

With an overwhelming

Are you excited?

More nervous.

Oh, that's only natural.

Susan. How's my girl?

She is great, cy.
Aren't you, susan?

Susan: Sure.
don't badger her.

I'm not. I'm not.
She's not.

Cyrus: Of course not.

So, you've been working
with abby.

And what are we telling
the press today?

Uh, we're starting

By thanking the president
for nominating me

And then greeting
the reporters.

And then we are -- i am pivoting

To my relatability
to the american people

And my academic

Followed by
a real-world anecdote

About my daughter, casey.

I think that's all i have.

[ chuckling ]
i think that's all you need.

I could go on and on,

But i'll simply end with this --

She is just what
this country needs.

And so without further ado,
i'd like to introduce you

To the next vice president
of the united states --

Senator susan ross.

[ applause ]

Go ahead.

Thank you, mr. President,
for that wonderful introduction.

Now, as president grant said,

I don't have a long history
in government,

But what i do have

Is an abiding passion
to solve problems

And a fresh outlook
on what americans want

From their government today.

As the only single mother
in congress,

I have a unique perspective on
what it's really like out there

For millions
of hard-working families.

And as a tenured academic,

I have the tools
to analyze those challenges...

Nice work, red.
...And put real solutions
in place.

We might actually
get through this.

As my daughter, casey,
once told me...

[ inhales sharply ]

[ camera shutters clicking ]

[ exhales sharply ]

A little odd, isn't it,

That i'm gonna tell you a cute,
little story about my daughter

When really -- i-i mean
she's a great kid, my casey.

But we are talking about

The entire government
of the united states of america,

And this is...Real.

And i'm s-standing here
talking to you.

And i just...

[ coughs, clears throat ]

[ snorts, laughs ]

[ laughs nervously ]

[ laughs, wheezes ]

[ clears throat ]

Uh, well, uh, anyhoo.

So, that happened.
[ chuckles nervously ]

[ camera shutter clicking ]

[ camera shutter clicking ]

[ cellphone chiming ] - nowa jakosc napisow.
Napisy zostaly specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

Olivia: What?
I know you're still
getting back on your feet...

My feet?
Cyrus, i'm not --

I was kidnapped and held hostage
by a team of mercenaries.

And now you're back.

You did that whole thing
with the dad and the shotgun.

I'm not coming back.

There is no back.
I'm not...

The dad was different.
I'm not back.

This is different, too.
It's for america...

Her rent was due a week ago.

Woman: And she can't pay it
because she is missing.

Those are the rules.
She doesn't pay, she's out.

Rules don't apply
when someone is missing.
I have to go.

You just want to take
her apartment,

Give it to some kid
for twice what she's paying.

i'm just doing my job.

City says i can serve the papers
and change the locks.

So you need to move.
That's not true.

The law says
the notice to quit

Gives the renter
five business days to pay up.

Which means that apartment

Belongs to lois
for five more days,

Which means you can't change
the locks for five more days.


So, you just go away
for five more days.

[ elevator bell dings,
doors open ]

[ doors close ]
are you the nice lady

That looks in from time to time
on lois?


We're gonna be okay now.
Don't worry.

[ silenced gunshot ]
[ olivia gasps ]

And i'm beginning
to get worried

That something's
happened to her.

she really likes you.

Are you all right,

I've been sick.

Just got over the flu,
but i'm fine, really.

On the mend.

I wouldn't bother you.

But lois always said,

"if ever you're in trouble,

You go talk to the black lady
across the hall."
[ chuckles softly ]

It's lois who's in trouble,
i think.

You and lois
are good friends?

Lo calls me every morning

To tell me what she had
for breakfast.

We meet for lunch,
we power-walk in the park,

We take turns
cooking dinner.

We go way back.

I know lois
like i know me,

And i haven't heard
a word from her in three weeks.

I went to the police,

And they said,
"maybe she went on vacation."

Lo and i go on vacation
in august.

I told the police that.

Then they said maybe she needed
some time alone.


This is her wallet.

It was right there
on the kitchen counter.

Now, what kind of time alone
could she afford

Without her wallet?

Something happened.
Something's not right.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Say something.

[ exhales sharply ]
liv, you're...Here.

That's really good.
Good for you. Right, huck?

It's good, yeah.

It's good to leave the house,
have a routine.

Lois moore.
Routine's great, yeah.

You okay?
Lois moore.

Who's --
[ sighs ]
the neighbor lady.

They shot her,
the kidnappers,

When they were done
using her apartment.

Her friend rose
is looking for her.

The "where's the black lady?"

Lois is dead.
They dumped her somewhere.

Uh, you want us
to find the body.

The kidnappers took us out of
the building in an ambulance.

An ambulance?
How did they --

They shot lois,

Duct taped me,
put me in a body bag,

And then put lois' dead body
in the bag on top of me

To act as a decoy.

[ liquid pours ]
they rolled that body bag

Right through the front lobby
of my apartment building,

And no one even blinked.

Anyway, the ambulance
was the last place i saw lois.

If i were you, i'd start there.


She came in.
That's something.

Well, thank you for alerting me
to this situation.

Can't wait
to check it out tonight.

You owe me 20 bucks,
don't you?

He thinks
the moon is a hologram

Being projected by the fbi

To hypnotize americans
into submission.

Told you, certifiable.
I am killing it today.

This is my least favorite hour
of the month.

You say that every month.

Then why do i keep doing it?

Opening the floodgates,

Giving voice --
nay, valuable office hours --

To the crackpots
and the crazies?

You're the dutiful servant
of the american people,

And the american people
need their pulse taken.

The american people

The air force
is chemically neutering us

When it snows, holly.

This next lady doesn't.

What's her jam?

Tiny aliens running
the department of the treasury?

She says her husband worked for
a super-secret spy agency

outside the command

Of the united states

That old song?
Called b613.

Want to bet another $20
she chews her hair?

What did you say?

Uh, b613.

Why? What's wrong?

Uh, nothing. Send her in.

How do you know about this, uh,
what did you call it?

B613. Right.

My husband,
he told me everything.

And you husband is?

Diego munoz.

You know, i don't want
to be, uh, disrespectful.

But is it possible maybe
that your husband is suffering

From some sort of
mental illness?

Because to be perfectly honest,
mrs. Munoz, this sounds --

Crazy, right?

What are these?

Files from b613.

B613 files.


Yes. Okay.

It's all in there,
things you won't believe --

Assassinations, extortion,

They're even color-coded.

That must have taken someone
a lot of work.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

[ laughs, snorts ]

"the laugh heard
'round the world"

Is what
they're calling it.

And, oh,
what a laugh it is.

Susan ross' senate confirmation
hearings are fast approaching.

We felt we could use
some help.

No experience is one thing.
We've had that before.

But this?

What you need
is a new nominee.

That's a nonstarter.

She's a blathering troll,

Cackling like an imbecile.

That's the only way
to describe it.

My answer is "no."


We will give you
a very big pile of money.

Why didn't you say so?

It was one laugh.

Howard dean had
just one scream.

Dukakis only rode
in one tank.

Mark sanford only hiked
one trail.

I get it.

How do we fix it?

My job is simple --

To take away
the questions,

The obstacles
in your path to greatness.

From here on out,

There is no truth,
there is no belief.

There are only polls
and votes.

What leo's trying to say is,

We have to get
the american people
to trust you again.

We manage that,
we have a shot

At getting you past the scrutiny
of the senate rules committee.

We manage that,

And we work on convincing
both houses of congress

To vote you in
as vice president.

Three hurdles.
That sounds doable.

If you do everything i say
and keep a straight face,

It just might be.

Got it.
No more laughing.

How do we begin?

With more laughing.

[ cheers and applause ]

Are you aware
that your laugh

Is now the number-one selling
ringtone on itunes?

Oh, my gosh.

It is?
Yes, it is.

[ gasps ]
that's crazy!

You didn't know this?
[ laughing ] i didn't.

Well, that's not the laugh
that's number one.

This is the laugh
that's number one.

And i just...

[ coughs, clears throat ]

[ snorts, laughs ]

[ laughter ]
[ laughs nervously ]

[ laughs, wheezes ]

[ cheers and applause ]
do it once for us
like that.


I can't -- i don't think
i can re-create it.

Don't make me beg,

[ laughs ]
you can re-create it.

Come on, now.

America wants to hear
that laugh.

[ cheers and applause ]
i can't.

It's your thing now.

And now we get serious --
a full half-hour,

gloves-off interview

With none other than
alicia thomas.

She's tough.
Not that tough.

She is brutal, and
she loves to play
the "gotcha" game.

So we are going to drill
and drill and drill some more

Till you speak
the language of your people.

My people?

The core.

They have tea parties
in the core, susan.

intolerant tea parties.

Your voice needs to speak
the core's language.

You need to believe
what the core believes.

You need to be one
with the core conservative base.

Okay. Let's start with
gay marriage.

That's easy. I mean,
who doesn't love a gay wedding?

You, susan. You.

I believe
it's up to the states

To individually decide
for themselves.

The federal government
should stay out of it.

Well, let's talk about
something a little lighter.

What's the last book
you read?

"foucault's pendulum."

What? No!

How about something
a little more relatable?

Okay, but you said
the last book.

For the love of --
stop telling the truth!

Mostly the bible.
I do love the bible.

Flash polls have us trending
in the right direction.

So it's working?

[ remote control clicks ]
he's good at his job.

I didn't say he wasn't.
You date him?

Really, red?

That turns you on?

? she bad ?

? the essence of beauty ?

In our dealings
with president rou-ha-nee --

That's what i said --

It sounds like you're saying


When it's rouhani.



Can we just --
i need a break.

I think
that's a good idea.

The committee's not
gonna give you a break.

I need to use
the lady's room.

Not gonna give you
a pee break, either.

Let's get through
the middle east,

Then we can all
go tinkle.
Leo, outside.

You are frazzling her.

She is fully frazzled.

Better now than
in front of the committee.

We are not
going to lose this.

Is this about you
or about her?

Oh, no. Please don't break out
the freshman psychology.

You lost an election
with sally.

[ scoffs ]
that had to hurt.

I'm doing the job
you hired me for.

Can we get back to work?

Because she needs to understand
international oil markets

Before she has to pee again.

Do you promise
to take it easy?

Do you promise
not to micromanage me?

This is fun.

I know.

? she's a bad mama jama ?

All right,
break time's over.

What is the difference
in our ratio

Of oil production
versus consumption?

? whoo-hoo ?
[ camera shutter clicking ]

It was like a movie.

I'm sitting there,
and some nice woman comes in

And says the single
most terrifying sentence

I have ever heard --

"i have b613 files."

"i have b613 files."

"i see dead people."

"we're gonna need
a bigger boat."

I floated up out of my body like
i had an out-of-body experience.

Or maybe i just died
for a minute.

She's handing me
b613 files,

My b613 files
with my little color-coded tabs.

Where the hell
did she get them?

Rowan? Charlie?
No. Get this.

She said her husband
gave her the files.

Well, do we believe her?
Is she playing you?

She gave me a name,
some guy.


Diego munoz.

Who the hell
is diego munoz?
You don't know?

No, but i'll tell you
who he's gonna be --
he's gonna be a dead man.

don't speak about murder

In front of the attorney general
of the united states.

These files could bury
all of us.

I'm out this door
if you talk about murder.

Fine. Fine.

Let's just find the guy
that i'm not going to kill.

What do we know about him?
He's married. What else?

W-what does
this diego munoz do

That he has access
to b613 files?

He could be in government,
high-level security clearance.

He could be a lawyer
like his wife.

He's me.
I'm diego munoz.


Y-your real name
is diego munoz.

Why did you give her
those files?

I had my reasons.

This is just --
this is worse.

She's on the inside.
She's connected to us.

If she keeps at this,

Somebody, a journalist,
someone from justice

Is gonna pick it up
and start digging around.

I'll take care of it.

You got us into this!

I'm not saying that

It's just, you know,
factually true.

You're taking it critically,
aren't you?

I'll take care of it.

They were just leaving.

[ sighs ]

I found the ambulance,

Tracked it to an impound lot
outside of wilmington.

Maybe lois' body is still there.
Come on. Let's go.

You're not gonna ask me
what that was about?

You'll tell me
when you're ready.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Leo: Okay. Scenario --

Putin's in trouble,
the russian economy's tanking.

The little bald devil realizes
he needs another war

And, quick, he invades belarus.

What do you do?

I support
whatever the president does.

In this scenario,
the president is dead.


Half the senate committee
wants to nail you to the wall.

They are not
gonna ask you questions

About being
the vice president, susan,

Because any idiot
can answer those.

They want to know
what you're going to do

If you are the president.

Well, if belarus
were in nato --
it's not.

I-i know that.
Then why you bringing
that up?

I'm just trying to think
through your question.

Okay, don't think.
Thinking's for losers.

Come on.

Uh, belarus
is a sovereign country,

So first,
i'd get the u.N. On board.

The u.N.
[ imitates buzzer ] wrong!

Half the senators hate the u.N.
Try again.
[ sighs ]

Try again, try again,
try again!

Can we please do this tomorrow,

It has been a long day, leo.
The senator's exhausted.

Yeah? Being president's
an exhausting job.

Now, putin is sitting on a tank
in minsk's town square

Getting a back rub.

What you gonna do, susan?

I'll give you a hint --

It involves the mightiest
military in the world.

Okay, uh, let's see.

According to article 1,
section 8 of the constitution,

The power to declare war
is really in the hands
of congress, so --

[ yawns exaggeratedly ]

Now half the senators --

The ones who don't hate you for
being a u.N.-Loving commie --

Are actually asleep
in the senate chambers.

I -- what do you want me
to say?

How should i know?!
You're the one who's president!

Oh, no, no. No.

Putin's done
with the back rub, susan.

Now he's a getting a tattoo that
says "kiss my ass, america."

What do you do, susan?
You're the president.

What do you do?
I don't --

Leo, let's start again
in the morning.
What do you do, susan?

What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?

What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?

I quit!

That's what i do.
I quit.

You can't quit.
Save it.

This isn't about good governance
or the will of the people

Or solving problems
that need to be solved.

This is just...Theater!

It's play acting!

Tell the president
i'm very sorry,

But he needs to find
someone else for the job.

[ door opens, slams ]

[ camera shutter clicking ]

[ metal scraping ]

[ door hinges creak ]

Quinn: What if there was
no body to find?

You and i both know

The best way to handle dead lois
is disappear her,

And that's probably what
the kidnappers did.

That's what we'd do.

[ chuckles ]
burn her.

Dissolve her.

Send her to the bottom
of a lake.

In pieces.

[ chuckles ]

You want to get some dinner,
check the morgues together?

Uh, no. I can't.

Can you do it without me?
I have someplace to be.


I just have something
i need to do.

I said, "okay."
no problem.

[ engine turns over ]

[ camera shutter clicking ]

You don't just tell anyone
about b613.

It doesn't work that way.

I didn't tell just anyone.

I told the attorney general
of the united states.

How did you even find out?

It's b613, kim.
That's the point.

They have eyes and ears

But it was good.
It is going to be okay.

David rosen is on our side,

He was just as concerned
as me.

You need to drop this.
You need to drop this right now.

It isn't safe.

You are not safe.

Think about javi.

You don't think
that the attorney general

Will do everything
in his power

To protect the family of the man
who testifies against b613,

Who -- who tells the world
about everything that they did?

You told him i'd testify?

Not yet.

[ sighs ]

But you should
in return for full immunity.

I am sorry if i overstepped,
but i am on your side.

I believe you now.

Isn't that what you wanted

All those times that you kept
coming to the house?

[ scoffs ]

This group, this b613,

Think about
what they did to you,

What they did to us,

What they have done to god knows
how many other families.

I can't do it.

It's too dangerous.

Listen to me, diego.

I am going forward with this
whether you're with me or not.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Kim's not budging.

She's going forward
whether i'm involved or not.

And you explained to her
how completely insane that is.

She thinks that the government
will protect her.

No, they won't.
They can't.
We are so royally...

you have to testify.


You have to testify.

Say the government never did
anything to you,

That you're a soldier
with ptsd who went awol,

That you told your wife
some crazy story

To try to get your kid back.

She'll know that i'm lying.

She'll never
speak to me again.

At least you'll both
be alive.

[ grunts ]

Are you kidding me?

[ muffled ]
we have to do this now?

we have to do this now.

[ groans ]

[ normal voice ]
now. Of course.

I tried to do this before,
you may recall,

And you refused
to talk to me.

So, of course now,

Even though
we could have done this

At any point
in the entire evening.

No, it has to be now

i want to sleep now.

You were out of line
with susan ross.

No. No, susan ross
needs to toughen up, abby.

I'm doing her a favor.
I'm doing you a favor.

I'm doing the united states
a favor.

Oh, so you were
helping america

When you browbeat her
out of the room?

If she can't handle me
asking her fake questions,

How's she gonna handle
the actual job?

You were a bully.

A bully?
You know who's a bully?

Joseph stalin, mao,
saddam hussein.

Those are the bullies
american presidents
have to deal with.

Harry truman had to decide
whether to drop an atomic bomb.

Kennedy spent 13 days
in october

Deciding whether to go
to nuclear war.

That's the gig
she's applying for!

Maybe she's not the right person
for the job.

Or maybe you're not.

You're fired.


Oh, come on.


I would have won this.
Susan ross.

I would have gotten her
over the finish line.

And the fact
that you can't trust that...

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Rose: She got that new hip
last year.
I'm sorry?

Lois -- she got that new hip
last year.

Okay, listen.

We haven't found
any leads yet,

But my team is working
as hard as they can.

No, i'm saying
this might help.

I was there
for the surgery.

And when they showed us
the new titanium joint,

It had a serial number
on it.

Couldn't they use that
to track her down somehow?

I've got the paperwork
right here.

And another thing
i was thinking.

Lois likes to go
to the movies.

She went to the movie
over on brighton

Every wednesday
for half-price matinee.

Try asking there.

And on saturdays
when i go to book club,

She watches the rowers
on the potomac.


I know what we're
dealing with here, miss pope.

I know she didn't
just get lost.

I know she's gone.

I can feel it.

But i still need to know
what happened.

You have a key
to her apartment.

You're her
power of attorney.

The two of you
had a routine,

An entire life together.

But you were just...

Well, maybe a bit more
than that.

[ chuckles ]

But you didn't live

We met at 16.

When her parents realized
how we felt about each other,

They picked up
and moved her out of state.

I couldn't blame them.
That was 60 years ago.

It was hard enough being black,
let alone black and gay.

I can only imagine.

But i never stopped
loving her,

Even when she got married

And had a whole nother life
without me.

When john died,
she wrote me a letter.

I was on a plane
an hour later.

But no.

No, i never moved in.

She kept that damn place
way too hot.

[ chuckles ]

[ sighs ]

I'm going to do my very best
to bring her back to you.

But, rose,
if somehow i can't,

I don't want you
to be waiting forever.

I waited over 40 years
for my lois, miss pope.

Believe me --
i can wait a bit longer.

[ electric toothbrush whirring ]

I'm eating a salad.

I brought you a salad.

But it has bacon on it,
so you can't be mad.

What are you doing here?
It's the middle of the day.

Susan ross quit.

I am not working
for the white house.

Susan ross quit,
and i fired leo,

Which i think means
i also broke up with him.

The senate committee hearing's
in three hours,

And if we don't bring
susan ross back on board --

I am not working
for the white house.

If we don't get susan ross
back on board,

If she doesn't show up

For the senate
committee meeting,

Her career is over, liv.

Do you know what a waste
that would be?

Susan's smart and good.

Actually good --
white-hat good.

She's smart and she's good
and she's...Weird,

But it's kind of
a good weird.

We just have to show
the committee that,

And to do that,
we need you.

You won't even have to set foot
in the white house. I promise.

And it's not for him.
You're not doing this for him.

You're doing it for me
and for susan ross and for you.

[ container thuds ]

Just because
i don't work at o.P.A.

Doesn't mean we don't talk.

Huck says you carry a gun around
inside your apartment.

Jake and quinn
have barely seen you.

You don't return
my phone calls.

Something terrible
happened to you.

The bad guys
have been winning like crazy.

You could use something good
right now.


I don't want to end up
a soulless monster

Like that leo bergen.

You can't change
my mind.

You want to bow out,
bow out.

But do it
because you truly believe

You're not the right person
for this job,

Not because you're afraid
of failing at it.

Well, who says i'm --
it's okay to be afraid.

fear keeps us safe.

it holds us back.

The president
asked you to serve,

And you said yes.

So before you turn your back
on a job

That only 47 people have had
in the history of this nation,

I need to hear why you said yes
in the first place.

I have a 10-year-old daughter.
Her name is casey.

I want her and every other child
in this country

To grow up in a nation

That will allow them
to fulfill their dreams

Just like i'm doing right now.

Well, that's very inspiring,
senator ross.

But the truth is,
if confirmed,

You will be one horrible tragedy
away from the presidency.

With your lack of experience,
how do i know

That you're prepared
to protect us

Against russia
or the north koreans?


You don't.
[ crowd murmurs ]

You can do this job
and keep your integrity.

Just be honest.
Be yourself.

Because bottom line here --
this country, it needs you.

You don't know.
That's the truth.

It's not like
selecting a combat strategy

Or deciding whether or not
to launch a nuclear weapon

Is something
anyone can practice.

The world is changing every day.

Like anyone else sitting behind
that desk in the oval office,

I'd have to take
all of the information

From the brilliant people
around me,

Process it, and make a smart,
thoughtful decision.

And that's what i've been doing
my entire life --

Making smart decisions.

That's the skill that's
brought me here before you today

To this very moment.

So if being smart and informed
and thoughtful

Is the job requirement here,

All i can say is,
i haven't failed yet.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Man : Yes, senator ross was
remarkably well-spoken today,

But sources tell me susan ross
will not have enough votes

To become our next
vice president.

[ cellphone chimes ]
i've spoken directly

With a number
of senators today.

And from what i'm hearing,

They're just not
gonna confirm her.

Man #2:
Would you say

That many on the hill...
You watching bnc?

Susan killed
at that hearing today.

We still don't have
the votes?

What the hell happened?

Because, i'll be honest,

I wasn't exactly on board

When the announcement
was first made.

I don't think the senate
has a problem with susan.

Then who do they have
a problem --

But i will say
she was quite impressive...

...During the senate
rules committee hearing,

Which is why
they voted her through.

But the senate
is a much bigger obstacle.

The democrats are...

[ sighs ]

So the senate hates me?

Liv believes that's why they're
not going to confirm susan.

It doesn't have
anything to do with susan.

It's you,
and it makes sense.

So, i need to go to capitol hill
and twist some arms.

Sir, that's not the way
we want to go into this.

Olivia -- olivia thinks that you
need to go over to the capitol

And ask for their forgiveness,
beg for it if you have to.

Is that what olivia thinks?

Does olivia know

That the president of
the united states does not beg?

Sir -- sir,
you burned them.

Congress put their trust in you
and your decision making,

And then you burned them
on west angola.

Oh, come on! For god's sake!
That's why they're upset?!

I can't help it
if a few democrats got cold feet

Because we went to war.

It wasn't the war.

It was the way
you went about it.

One minute, you say we're never
going into west angola.

Then three days later,

U.S. Soldiers are dying
on their beaches.

A week after that,
you change your mind again.

All of a sudden,
you're bringing the troops home.

Never mind the democrats.

You made a mockery
of democracy.

You know why i did it.

[ inhales deeply ]

Go to the hill
and beg them to forgive you.

Otherwise, you're going to lose
the democrats and susan ross.

[ door closes ]

[ breathing deeply ]

[ cellphone chimes ]

[ sighs ]

We found lois.

We tracked the serial number
on her fake hip.

They dumped her body at patapsco
state park in maryland.

We're heading to the morgue now
to claim her body.

I'll call rose.

I also like the crusader because
he has this really cool shield.

Plus he can go way up in the sky
and then boom!

Mm. What happens
after the boom?

All his enemies are dead.

Oh, i see.

[ cellphone chimes ]

Hey, mom, can i still go
to jay's house tonight?

Sure, but don't stay too late.
You still have homework.

I know. Bye, mom.
Bye, dad.

[ door opens, closes ]

[ utensils clattering ]


This was nice.

Yeah, it was.

I am so proud of you
for agreeing to testify.

It's brave.

You are very brave.

I'm just doing
what's right.

And maybe after the deposition,
you could come by again.

Javi makes spaghetti
on tuesdays.

He uses different sauces.

He's a pretty good cook.

I'd like that.

I'd like that a lot.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Do you still see charlie?


We're not, like,
a thing or anything.

Just if one of us is out late,
had a lot to drink.

Tell him to destroy
the b613 files,

Whatever he has left.

Okay. No. Stop.

[ scoffs ]

I have been patient.

I haven't asked questions

Even though you've been
extra weird and super-huckie.

Look, you're clearly
up to something.

But did i tail you
or hack you?

No. I waited.

I had this theory you would
come to me when you were ready,

But [scoffs]
screw the theory.

What is going on?

Kim gave my b613 files
to david rosen,

And she wants him
to press charges.

You can't let that happen.

I won't.

Huck, seriously,
that would blow back on liv.

You can't!
Quinn, it's done.

Okay, don't worry.

I had a choice.
I made it.

I chose liv.

[ camera shutter clicking ]

Let's get started.

Can you state your name
for the record?

Diego munoz.

Mr. Munoz, can you tell me
your first assignment

For the organization
known as b613?

I, um, don't remember.

You don't remember
your first assignment?


Okay, how about
your second assignment?

Let's start there.
Tell me about that, mr. Munoz.

I, uh, can't...Recall.

You can't recall?
You can talk to him, huck.

How about any assignment,
mr. Munoz?

Why don't you tell me about any
of your assignments for b613?

Maybe you could move
to a different topic.

A different topic?


Where was b613 located,
mr. Munoz?

I don't remember.

You don't know
the location of b613?


Who was in charge of b613?

I don't know.
You don't know?!

I don't think
this is gonna work, mr. Munoz.

Huck, you need to answer
the questions.

Those files are real.

Are they real?
I don't know.

Tell him about the hole,
The hole?

They punished b613 agents
by putting them in a hole.

Tell me about the hole,
mr. Munoz.

Was there a hole,
mr. Munoz?

Tell him about the hole!

I am the attorney general,
mrs. Munoz,

And you're taking me
for a fool.

I could have you disbarred.


There was a hole?

And you were put
in this hole?


Can you describe
this hole?



I didn't think so.

I'm done.

It was too dark to see.

It was black.

It was always black
in the hole.

I know it was small --

4'9" on the east and west walls,

I measured it every day.

It's important to have
a routine in the hole.

If you don't have a routine,
you go crazy.

I measured the walls
every day.

I cleaned, i exercised,
i took walks,

A different country
every day.

You have to use
your imagination.

It's all you have.

I walked through 195 countries
in the hole.

I liked --
i liked being in the mountains.

I liked the snow.

It's important
to have a routine.

I ate lunch
at the same time every day,

Even when i didn't have
any food,

Even though i had no idea
what time it was.

I built things
in the afternoon --

A bookshelf, a desk.

I watched the sunset.

That was important.

I listened to the birds.

I cleaned up files
on my computer after dinner,

Then i slept.

I tried not to dream.

[ voice breaking ]
and every morning
after i woke up,

I wrote a letter
to my wife and son.

[ sobs ]

And i folded the letter up,
and i put it on the bookshelf.

And then i measured
the walls.

It was a new day.

It was dark, always dark.

Just pitch black.

It was empty.

It was small.

[ inhales deeply ]
you couldn't move.

You couldn't see.

But i had my routine.

This was my routine.

This is how i would describe
the hole.


[ sighs ]

Show some humility,
but do so with sincerity.

You regret.
You're not sorry.

You're taking responsibility.
You're not apologizing.


Mr. President.

I've got this.

Of course you do, sir.

Male reporter:
Congress confirming this morning
the nomination

Of susan margaret ross
of virginia...

Ross' confirmation
was surely aided

By president's grant's visit
to the democratic caucus.

I think senator ross
is exceptionally qualified

To be our next
vice president.

That's why i voted
for her.

The president
directly urging democrats

To support his nominee.

...As the next vice president
of the united states.

She'll serve
this country well.

it's important to myself

And certainly
my fellow members of congress

That we support this president
in the direction...

Rachel, push my 8:00 back
a half-hour.

This is too good to miss.
...In that right direction.

[ camera shutter clicking ]


[ clears throat ]

If you're looking for your
mouth guard case, it's, um...

I put it in the dishwasher.
It was gross, so --


I fired you.

I was right to fire you,
and if you can't handle that,

If you can't handle me
doing my job,

Me having some power --

If dating a woman
who's one of the big dogs

Is too hard for you,
then i'm fine being dumped.

You can get your petty ass
out of my --

[ the five stairsteps'
"ooh child" plays ]

Do it again.


Fire me.

Only this time, put on
those high-heeled boots i saw

In the back of your closet.

[ chuckles ]

? ooh, child ?

You're disgusting.

I know.

? ooh, child,
things will get brighter ?

? ooh, child,
things will get brighter ?

? someday, yeah ?

"that i will
well and faithfully discharge

The duties of this office
of which i am about to enter."

"so help me, god."

"so help me, god."

You did it, mom!
[ laughs ]

Congratulations, susan.

[ laughs ]

You are gonna be
a great vice president.

? ooh, child,
things will be brighter ?

? ooh, child,
things are gonna be easier ?

? ooh, child,
things will be brighter ?

? someday, yeah ?

? we'll get it together,
and we'll get it undone ?

? someday,
things will get brighter ?

? someday, yeah ?

? we'll walk in the rays
of a beautiful sun ?

Where'd they find her?

? when the world
is much brighter ?

Miss pope,
what happened to my lois?

? ooh, child,
things are gonna be easier ?

[ sighs ]

? ooh, child,
things will be brighter ?

They found her on a bench
in georgetown.


Waterfront park --
the one next to the river.

She had her head
tilted up to the sun,
her eyes were closed.

The medical examiner said
it was an aneurysm.

One of the best ways to go.
It happened so fast.

There's not a moment
of pain.

[ voice breaking ]
not one moment?

? someday ?

Not even one.

It's like she just fell asleep
on a warm, beautiful day...

...With the sun
on her face,

Listening to the sound
of the river.

It's just too soon.

? la, la, la-la, la, la-la-la ?

It's still too soon.

[ sniffles ]

You left way too soon.

Lo, why did you have to go
and do that?

Now i'm alone.

I'm all alone, lo.

All alone.

Things ain't never gonna
be the same without you.

? someday ?

Things just never
gonna be the same.

They're never gonna
be the same, lo.

Never gonna be the same.

[ sobbing ]

? ooh, child,
things will get brighter ?

Never gonna be the same.

? ooh, child,
things are gonna get easier ?

? ooh, child,
things will get brighter ?

? right now ?

? ooh, yeah ?

? right now ?

? ooh, baby ?

? right now ?

? you just wait and see
how things are gonna be ?

? right now ?

? if you just wait and see
how things are gonna be ?

? right now ?

? you just wait and, baby, see ?

He said all of this?

Huck actually said
all of this?


You need to shut this down,
rosen -- now.

Of course i need
to shut it down.

I go forward,
and we probably all go down.

I know that.

But here's the thing,

I'm not gonna
shut it down.


I'll do what i can
to protect us and olivia,

But i'm going forward.

You gave me those files.

You said,
"go get the bad guys."

I'm going to get
the bad guys.

we are the bad guys.

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