Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 13 - No More Blood - full transcript

As the bidding for Olivia Pope continues, the gladiators fight to save her but The White House fears that they may lose her for good.

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Fereshteh: Take off the hood.
Smile for the camera. [ camera shutter clicks ]
This is taking too long.
It's an ambush.
She asked the buyer if the men are in place.
As soon as they verify my identity,
They're going to kill you.
Stay out of this.
Do you speak farsi?
No, and neither do you.
What did you just say to her? I told her you brought backup,
So she better think twice before putting a bullet in your head.
What's going on now?
She asked the buyer if he wants to abort.
Let me talk to your boss.
[ gun cocks ] don't take another step.
So, here's what's gonna happen --
I'm gonna get in my car and drive this way.
You're gonna get in your car and drive that way.
Everyone lives. No one is happy.
I'm sorry we couldn't make a deal, gentlemen.
Perhaps we'll have better luck next time.
Before they figure out we're alone out here.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Charlotte: It's a classified meeting. I'm sorry.
Can you tell me at least who's in there?
[ muffled cheering ]
[ clapping ]
[ indistinct conversations ]
Was that about olivia?
Did something new happen? Something good?
The iran sale didn't go down? She's safe?
[ sighs ]
I do not know what you are talking about, red.
Does the cia have a plan to get her back?
If i knew what you were talking about,
I might think you were speaking of classified matters,
And it would require your immediate arrest by the nsa,
So, red, i...Do not know...
What you are talking about.
Is she alive? Please.
Huck: Olivia pope is dead.
They bought a person in an auction
To control the president. Olivia pope is dead.
They will take her apart bit by bit, piece by piece... An arm or a leg.
...Until she is no longer recognizable.
Olivia pope is dead.
Hey, i was calling you. Why didn't you answer?
Did you have a different stirring interpretation
Of the "your boss is dead" monologue
That you wanted to perform?
'cause i already caught the broadway version
That huck did, and let me tell you.
He nailed it.
Olivia's okay.
The white house doesn't know exactly what happened,
But the iranians dropped out, the sale fell through,
Liv's okay.
[ inhales deeply ]
[ sobs ]
[ sobbing ]
Andrew: An amnesty agreement?
I'm gonna walk. Mellie: [ chuckles ]
You got to love washington.
It's confidential, of course,
And your freedom is contingent upon olivia pope's safe return.
Otherwise, all bets are off,
And i promise you it won't be pretty.
I'll have to take my chances then, i guess.
This next chapter is going to be especially hard for you.
Is that right?
You've always been the other guy and the what's-his-name,
The also-ran --
Good, fine, but never great.
We both know the reason they call it a race,
The reason there is a winner.
It's because someone wins.
And it is never you.
It haunts you.
[ sighs ]
It's what this whole kidnapping nonsense --
You want power, respect.
You want to be a winner.
But it's over.
This is it.
This is as high as you fly, andrew.
Go any higher, and you get shot down.
For you, that's worse than prison.
Oh, i'll be just fine, mel.
'cause anytime i like,
I can whisper in a reporter's ear...
...Tell them how rough you like it,
What filthy names get you off,
And how loudly you moan.
I may never be president of the united states,
But i'll make damn sure you'll never be, either.
You tell the president
I got my fingers crossed he gets his girlfriend back,
Since my life depends on it.
Lowry: ...Which would work in coordination
With the special ops go team
We've assembled at ramstein air force base.
And that's our best plan for extraction?
Given all the factors that remain unknown and in flux,
Yes, it is the best plan
For attempting to rescue olivia pope.
If that is our best plan for extraction,
Then that is what we do.
How soon can we have our teams ready to go?
I have actually prepared a second presentation,
Mr. President, if you don't mind.
By all means.
During her tenure in the white house,
Olivia pope had top-level security clearance,
Which gave her access to highly classified information,
Much of it red zone, some of it highly dangerous,
Information that, in the wrong hands,
Would be catastrophic
To our nation's security and international relationships.
Catastrophic? I don't scare easily, director.
I'm going to need specifics.
We have done our homework, sir.
Let me paint the picture.
If olivia pope goes to the saudis,
They'll have our illegal black sites in amman.
Southeast asia, they'll learn about
Our anti-terror surveillance programs.
We have four countries -- four --
Who will discover
The deaths of their leaders were not due to natural causes.
And i am sure that england and germany
Would be extremely interested to find out
We spy on our own allies.
Make your point.
My point, sir... Is that that's the good news.
What is truly terrifying is what they will want for her return.
Russia will ask you to close our bases in turkey,
Neutering us in that region,
Pakistan will ask for drone technology
To wipe india off the map once and for all,
And isis will want
The immediate release of hundreds of terrorists
Hell-bent on killing innocent americans.
None of which will come to light if ms. Pope is extracted safely.
In our estimation, there's a 30% chance of that.
Even with our best s.E.A.L.S on the ground?
Even with our best s.E.A.L.S on the ground.
[ sighs ]
Let me know when we have a bead on her location.
I'm sorry?
We extract her.
Mr. President!
We stick with the plan.
[ indistinct whispering ]
[ door closes ]
[ sighs ]
Fitz: I think it's clear --
They've miscalculated
Our special forces and all their extraction training.
I suppose lowry's job is to be efficient,
But that is sometimes
The least creative and most destructive option.
If there's even the possibility of losing intelligence,
We should be reaching out to our allies,
Doing damage control before any leaks happen,
Being proactive instead of reactive.
But i don't think we'll need it.
Our s.E.A.L.S are the best guys in the world.
They're bringing her home. There's just no question.
We should consider working a separate deal with mi6
Because at this point -- oh, for the love of god.
You moron. You child. When are you going to learn?
The finest minds of our government
Have told you what needs to happen,
And still! [ breathing heavily ]
I built you from the ground up,
From the ground up!
You are all that i have to show for my life!
I made you a warrior! I made you a king!
I made you leader of men!
And this is what you do?
This is what you leave me with?!
No! No! No!
I'm done. I quit.
I quit!
And you can take your flowers and daisies
And your "love conquers all" and your hope,
And you can choke on it,
Because i don't work here anymore!
[ door slams ]
Don't you agree?
Excellent points all, sir.
Elizabeth! Ah, have a seat.
It's so wonderful to see you, mrs. Grant. Aww.
Thank you.
You need to do something about andrew.
[ scoffs ] excuse me?
He needs to be shut down, shut up, rendered mute,
I don't know -- he just needs to stop talking.
Take care of it.
Well, i'm not sure what i can do.
He doesn't exactly think i'm on his side.
He knows cyrus got to me.
I don't have any way to convince him that --
I slept with that filthy dirtbag to save your life,
To save your child's life after that huck animal
Grated your back like a piece of cheese.
Remember that? I do.
[ sighs ] so, now it is time to pay the piper,
Even the scale, show some solidarity, sister.
Oh, you have to try the cucumber sandwiches.
Oh! They are delicious.
[ giggles ] thank you.
[ sighs ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Uh, if liv's alive, then we have to get on the dark net.
That auction is gonna be back on.
And when it is, we have to win it.
[ keyboard clacking ]
Everything they did to you, they did to me.
They trained me, too. I was in the hole, too.
I -- the slaughtered bodies i left in my wake...
It feels good.
That's the problem -- warm blood on your hands feels good.
The music of a scream.
For me, it was bones.
If you snap a bone just right, there's a...
A clean, crisp sound that gets me right here.
And if you lick their tears when it happens...
They warped me, too.
They added a beast inside me, too,
And he is -- he's a really good guy.
He's so much fun. You'd like him.
But i do not let him out.
Not when i fight, not when i kill, not when i hurt,
Because he's not allowed out to play.
He's not invited. He's behind lock and key.
You have to keep your guy in, huck.
You have to lock him in all the time.
Otherwise, one day,
He will be strong enough to lock you in,
And you'll never get out.
Liv locks him in.
She locks him in for me.
You got to learn to do it on your own.
Auction's back on.
You coming in?
[ sighs ]
[ breathing heavily ]
If we lose -- if we lose liv for good,
I know what she is to you, i know how important she is,
I know you need her, but i need you.
You may be liv's...
Puppy, but...
I'm kind of yours.
It won't happen again.
I need you to say it --
If liv gets sold, if we lose her,
You won't kill anyone.
If we lose liv, i won't kill anyone.
No more blood.
No more blood.
I promise.
Elizabeth: Hello?
Help you with something?
Can i speak to you?
Is that possible --
You and i can speak and... You won't do anything to me?
We can speak.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
I'm out of the loop. I'm out in the cold again.
They're shutting me out. They won't tell me a thing.
Wait. Have you talked to them?
No, because the white house doesn't totally trust me,
Which is sadly becoming my legacy
Here at the justice department.
I bet they received intelligence
That narrowed down her location.
That's what the cheering was about.
Now they'll be able to extract her safely.
I'm sure that's the plan.
Or... Or what?
You know what? Never mind.
Or what? It's my anxiety talking.
You know i always work myself up,
Go to the worst-case scenario. Or what, david?!
Someone extremely dangerous
Has the president on a leash.
Olivia pope is that leash. So?
So, at what point is it easier to just cut him loose?
You mean...? Burn the leash, remove the threat,
Neutralize the asset.
T-the president would never allow that.
You know what? You're right.
Even the thought is just --
I mean, he would never e-- never even go there.
Forget i said it. You're right.
Of course i'm right.
Of course i'm right.
What do you want?
Andrew nichols.
What about him?
He signed an amnesty deal this morning.
He's gonna get away with everything. I've got work to do.
I've accepted responsibility for my part in all this.
I don't sleep ever.
And yet this this man -- the man responsible for all of it --
Is about to skate!
So you came here to discuss justice?
You're looking for justice.
I need power.
This will give me power.
Look, i'm not asking you to do anything you don't...
Do already.
I can even pay you if that's necessary, if you will just...
Kill him? Is that it?
You want me to kill him?
Just do whatever it is you do.
You have free rein, full creative control.
Just make him pay.
I don't do that anymore.
[ scoffs ]
What did she want? Nothing.
There it is -- look.
Auction's up.
North korea with the opening bid.
Hang on, liv. We're coming.
What i am about to say
Will never be spoken about again outside this room.
She is precious to him, you understand?
She is his beating heart held in the hands of his enemies.
With her, they can bend him, they can break him,
They can make the president of the united states
Dance like a monkey at a county fair.
And as long as his heart is out there,
Beating in the hands of china, north korea, drug lords, russia,
God knows who else, we are screwed.
We stop it.
We stop that beating heart.
And that, my friend,
Is what your president would want us to do.
It is what he would demand that we do.
If his heart were not out there,
If it were in here, he would do it himself.
So, we do what he cannot do.
We may need to neutralize the asset.
I agree.
I'll get the ball rolling.
[ indistinct conversations ]
What else could it be?
It could be that you're working with the cia
Behind the president's back.
It could be that you're scheming to kill my best friend,
Remove the threat. You're way out of line here, red.
Just tell me i'm wrong. You don't have near the security clearance
To take part in this discussion.
Well, i know someone who does, and he's right down the hall,
And i'm guessing he's not gonna be the least bit happy when he finds out --
Take one step towards...
The oval, and i'll have you arrested.
Arrested? Arrested.
An enemy of the state.
You think you can intimidate me
When olivia's life is on the line?
You think i want this?
Olivia is the godmother of my baby and my friend.
And, believe me, i will avoid at all costs
Any harm coming her way.
But the fate of our nation
Is more important than the life and liberty of one individual.
You believe that, don't you?
Of course i do.
So do i. So does he, in all cases but one.
If olivia is sold in that auction, she will have to die.
Time? Uh, 37 minutes remaining.
We're not even in the top five.
We only dive in when we absolutely have to.
[ beep ] lzt? I thought they were out.
Mike: [ claps ] the los zetas are going for it.
They are going for it. Gus: Yeah!
Pete: No, baby, no! It's chechnya!
Go, chechnya, go. Go.
Bam! There! Right there. [ beep ]
I'm all about the chech!
Whoo! Well, they ponied up, but my money
Is still on isis at the end of the day.
[ beep ] oh, see? See? They outbid everybody.
Those are some evil mamajamas! Yeah!
We have to move now. Bully isis out of this thing.
[ beep ] done.
All right. Wait a second. [ beep ]
New bidder. High roller. Who's marie wallace?
My name is marie wallace -- to them, anyway.
We're officially bidding in the auction for olivia pope
As marie wallace.
Woman: To her contacts overseas, she was known as -- marie wallace.
Gus: Marie wallace?
Major terrorist-for-hire back in the '90s.
Seriously scary.
Damn, i heard she was dead,
But maybe this is her big comeback.
She's bidding $1.75 billion. [ beep ]
Oh, oh, isis is out. Isis is out! [ sighs ] [ laughs ]
And the chechens just topped marie wallace!
Mike: $1.8 billion!
Whoo! Wait, dude. Wait a second. That's --
That's $600 million apiece, tax free for one gig!
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! [ chuckles ]
Do it. Two billion?
Do it.
Marie wallace just outbid the chechens.
Two...Billion...Dollars! Game over!
The auction's ending in 20 seconds.
Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Look at that. Look at that.
What? Some russians...
Some -- some damn beautiful russians just matched it.
No! Yeah!
I love america!
We got two bids for $2 billion, and the auction's...
I-i can't watch. I literally can't watch.
[ beeping ] mike: Done. ...Done.
It's a tie. Jake: It's a tie.
Yes. We tied?
Yes. This isn't a high-school soccer match.
There are no ties.
Uh, it's between us and a group out of st. Petersburg.
$2 billion. What are they gonna do?
What do we do?
I don't know.
I'm not the expert. She is.
I'm guessing they reach out to both sides,
Try to bleed more cash out of us.
We're okay. Liv knows marie wallace is a beacon.
She'll swing it in our favor. She will.
She's coming home.
What do you think we should do, olivia?
If marie wallace is trying to stage a comeback,
She can't afford to lose.
Take her bid and then demand more at the drop.
She'll pay it.
You know what? That makes a lot of sense.
There it is.
That's what i was looking for.
You still think there's a way out of here, don't you?
Now, i don't know who marie wallace is to you,
But i know that's where you want to go.
Tell the russians they just won.
[ laughter ] hey, dude, we're billionaires.
[ cheering ]
Wait. What happened? Huck.
We lost.
[ cheering continues ]
Did you, uh...?
We lost.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
They're going to kill her.
The russians?
They won't kill her. She's no good to them dead.
Not the russians. The cia.
We are going to kill her.
Cyrus beene is going to kill her
So they can't use her as a bargaining chip.
So if anyone has anything in their back pocket,
A plan "b", a hail mary, do it, and do it now.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Mr. President?
Abby, i thought you'd gone home for the day.
I left, but i came back. This isn't a good time.
I-i need just a minute. I don't have a minute.
I think you need to hear this, mr. President.
It's important.
Go on.
[ clears throat ]
Cyrus: Red, need you in the bullpen.
Unemployment numbers are out. They're good.
Get them on the nightlies.
That'll be all, red. Thank you.
Hey, what's in the bag, huck?
You promised. No more blood.
Don't worry. No more blood.
[ groaning ]
Call 911.
Tell them the vice president has collapsed.
I don't kill people anymore.
You and me...
We're good now.
What's the latest on liv?
The cia is just trying to pinpoint her location, sir.
All systems are go for olivia's extraction --
Probably around dawn.
I'm monitoring it personally. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you.
Let's get liv home safe.
Absolutely, mr. President.
David, i -- david: I heard.
What do you need?
Do you have any contacts at interpol?
Jake: What about these russians that bought her?
Your old terrorist buddy yushkin -- he might know something.
Ivan's a true believer. He would consider this beneath him.
We are out of options.
So, if olivia miraculously survives
This missile that's going to be dropped on her head,
She will be sold like chattel
To some rape gang in vladivostok.
[ sighs ]
Prescott lake.
In canada? What's up there?
[ sighs ]
Rowan: I'll give it five more minutes here,
Then try out around that tree.
I had good luck there yesterday.
[ chuckles ] [ sighs ] i'm here about olivia.
Did she scratch my records?
She's been taken. Taken?
To force the president into war in west angola.
Now she's being sold on the international auction block
To the highest bidder.
[ laughing ]
It's unbelievable.
I've been gone how long? I mean, has it been a week?
And already you've lost -- no, sorry --
Not "lost."
She's been taken. These are professionals.
Well, that distinguishes them from you, now, doesn't it?
Do you fish?
You know, people who don't fish
Think that fishing is lazy or boring,
But it is the complete opposite.
There are a hundred little decisions to be made,
Variables to be considered.
And you're never quite sure what made the difference.
Did i cast too high, too far to the left?
Did i reel it in too slow or -- or -- or too fast?
Is the lure too shiny or too dull?
Do i stay here, or should i go over there?
And you know it's not luck, but you do not know...
By how much.
People are predictable -- unchanging, monotonous.
They use the same language,
They offer the same excuses, they make the same mistakes.
People are endlessly disappointing
Because you hope they won't be.
I knew that she would need me.
I knew that you'd come here begging for help.
This was all predictable, all disappointing.
This is why i am fishing,
Because i am never disappointed out here,
Because i don't expect anything,
Because anything is possible.
I can be hopeful out here, even in failure,
Because i know if i just go out there, around that tree,
It might be different, something might be different,
Something...I do might make a difference.
She's your daughter.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
I don't have a daughter.
If you got to go, go now.
I don't want a repeat of our last road trip.
He's right. You got the bladder control of a toddler.
Wait. Me? Yeah, when we get back to school,
Have your prostate checked, seriously.
You're the one that made us late. How? No, i didn't.
Just shut up and load the damn car.
Like, who stands up iranian terrorists
'cause they're carsick? Shut up!
"i don't feel good, daddy. Please..."
Hey, i just need to sit shot, all right, and i'm fine.
I said shut your fat mouths
Or i'll blow both of your overeducated brains
All over this freaking wall and do the exchange myself!
Does that sound like a good idea to you?
Yeah, sure thing. Very, very bad idea.
Just load up the car.
[ gasps ]
[ groaning ]
[ panting ]
Oh, did you want to drive, pretty princess?
All you got to do is ask.
Appointment, ma'am?
I'm the white house press secretary.
Which should make it very easy
For you to get an appointment, ma'am.
This is urgent -- i need to speak to the director. [ elevator bell dings ]
[ cellphone rings ]
[ breathing heavily ] [ beep ]
Why can't we move in, extract her now?
How long to scramble a team to this location?
Two hours and change.
Do it. Cyrus.
[ cellphone ringing ] too late. Look.
[ sighs ]
We follow them on the satellite, see where they go.
That asset gets exchanged,
And we're launching missiles from the gulf.
It's the only play, the smart play.
We agreed, that's the smart play.
I know. I know what we agreed.
Up ahead.
Here we go.
We're armed. Target locked. On your order.
Just wait.
I can't let them leave this location.
Just wait till they have her.
Ready to fire? Ready.
[ conversing in russian ]
Looks like the russians are acquiring the asset.
Target locked? Target locked.
Zoom in.
Stand by to fire. Standing by.
Z-zoom in, i said! What?!
On the meet! Zoom in!
Zoom in. All the way.
Subjects are retreating.
Fire! No!
What's the order?
I said fire! No, don't! Don't fire!
Do not fire!
I know that man.
What?! Hold your fire!
Man: [ russian accent ] hand her over.
[ speaks russian ] [ guns cock ]
Mike: Uh, hey!
Hey, you got what you came for. No need for the theatrics, da?
Hi, stephen.
Hi, liv.
These are your guys?
These are my guys.
[ screaming ]
[ grunting ]
It's okay. It's okay. You're safe.
You're safe. You're safe.
[ panting ] you're with me.
It's okay, liv. It's okay.
Stephen finch.
I'm assuming that was you?
I heard he was working out of st. Petersburg.
I got interpol to track him down.
Thought it was worth a shot.
I didn't know you two were close.
Well, you know,
Once a gladiator, always a gladiator, right?
Gladiators. What is that?
Well done, red.
"well done"?
You almost killed her today.
Yes. And he has no idea.
Not unless you tell him.
The fate of our nation is more important
Than the life and liberty of one individual.
Stephen: $2 billion. You're worth $2 billion.
You're not a person, liv. You're a small country.
Olivia: The russian gang owed you a favor?
Well, working for the oligarchs has its perks.
Listen, i'm...
I'm sorry i didn't call after harrison.
I wanted to. I just --
It's all right.
I was off the grid.
But now you're back.
Or you will be... Soon.
Come back to washington with me.
You can have your old office.
[ chuckles ]
We need your help.
We need you.
I'm happy where i am.
You and georgia?
Normal's overrated.
Thank you.
For what?
You saved me.
I never thought i'd have the chance to return the favor.
Stephen, thank you.
[ engine whirring ]
Reporter: ...Confirming reports that vice president nichols
Has indeed suffered a massive stroke.
Sources at james madison hospital suggesting this stroke
Could be related to injuries
Sustained in the bombing of his motorcade last month.
Reporter #2: While we wait for an update on the vice president's condition,
We can confirm tonight the white house is considering
Ending military operations in west angola.
You brought this on yourself.
[ monitor beeping ]
Lowry: Did they ever mention an employer? No.
Were languages other than english spoken at any point?
English only. No accents.
Ms. Pope, were you ever asked to reveal information
Pertaining to your work at the white house?
Asked to reveal state secrets?
Olivia: If i'm missing, the president of the united states
Is looking for me.
He's looking for me everywhere,
And he will not stop until he finds me.
Ms. Pope?
I think we have enough for now.
[ drill whirs ]
I tried to clean it, but red wine doesn't really come out.
I cleaned the kitchen, too.
You had some very burned gettysburger in your oven.
Done. Four locks, two dead bolts.
Tomorrow, i'll install a trident 3 security system,
But you're good for tonight.
I'll be here, so... No.
I'm tired. I'm fine.
I just want to sleep.
Are you sure?
All right.
Thank you.
[ door opens ]
I was pretty sure
Somebody hacked you into pieces and burned your body.
I'm really glad that's not true.
Me too.
Lock the door behind me.
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
[ footsteps approach ]
Fitz: Liv?
[ sighs ]
I waited until your team was gone.
They told me you were home safe,
But i had to see for myself.
Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
Did they hurt you?
Let's just...Not...
I mean...
I'm asking...
Did they hurt you?
I wasn't raped.
[ sighs ]
Guess what i learned.
There are worse things than rape.
Olivia, don't you dare.
You went to war.
I had no choice. You did.
I had no choice.
I wanted vermont.
Someone i used to know
Danced on this very spot just the other day and said,
"i want vermont." liv...
Let go of me. I went to war for you.
For you!
I have been riding and dying for you!
I fixed an election for you!
Sacrificed everything to keep you in office -- we all did!
Cyrus, james, jerry, harrison, mellie --
Every one of us!
I was your mistress because you needed me -- and i was willing to give it all up for you.
Which is exactly the problem!
I tried to give up my wife for you!
My office!
And you backed out every time!
Of course i did!
If you gave up the presidency,
What did i do all of this for?!
Everything we did -- i did -- all of it,
If you gave up the presidency, it would be a waste!
Everything i've sacrificed to get you here, to keep you here,
So you could be the best, so you could make history,
So you could be the president you were meant to be.
And you were.
You were the president you were meant to be.
And then, when the true test came along,
When i was taken because of you, you go to war?
You sent thousands of innocent soldiers into harm's way,
Some of them to their deaths, for one person.
I had to save you.
You didn't save me!
I'm on my own!
[ ring clatters ]
[ breathes heavily ]
[ sighs ]
[ camera shutter clicks ]