Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 12 - Gladiators Don't Run - full transcript

Olivia officially goes up for bidding.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ ringing ]
Olivia: You've reached olivia pope.
I'm not in. Please leave a message.
[ beep ]
Woman: The mailbox you are trying to reach is full.
[ beeping ] man: Democratic senate leaders continue to voice displeasure
With president grant's decision
To send american troops to west angola.
Day five has brought the heaviest casualties
Since the start of the conflict.
[ lock disengages ]
[ door closes ]
Abby. Hey. Hi.
How's it going?
Shut up. Where's liv? Out.
Out where? Just out.
Oh, i'm sorry.
Do you remember me? Abby whelan?
A gladiator since -- oh, i don't know --
Long before you ever were.
Olivia pope isn't answering her phone,
And her sofa has a wine stain on it.
The two of you need to cut the crap and tell me where she is now.
You're not a gladiator anymore.
[ exhales softly ]
[ scoffs ]
We can't trust the white house.
Abby is the white house.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
She could be anywhere by now.
You will get her back.
[ knock on door ]
Good morning, powerful people. I come bearing vengeance.
Executive order 13686 --
Termination of your entire secret service staff.
Executive order 13687.
Your friends, the navy s.E.A.L.S,
Will now be protecting the white house, the first family,
And even that weasel vice president.
Speaking of whom, i thought you'd like to read
The vice president's letter of resignation
And declination of federal office
Before i take it over to him for his signature.
"declination of federal office" --
Such an elegant way of saying he quits.
Or that you're making him quit.
He's lucky this is all that's happening to him.
If i had my way, he would no longer be walking and talking.
Fitz, you signed the executive orders.
You are doing everything you can to get olivia back.
That's all that matters.
She's right. You are doing everything.
Gather my intelligence team in the sit room now.
And let's get jake ballard here.
I want in.
S-sir? The auction for olivia.
If we were doing absolutely everything we could
To get her back, we'd be bidding.
They want to play dirty, i want in.
We can win this.
Who has more money than the united states of america?
China, saudi arabia. The united arab emirates.
I want in.
Sit room -- 10 minutes.
[ indistinct conversations ]
What do you have? No more than you.
I've called everyone in on this.
The man on the phone -- the man i talked to -- who is he?
Mercenary -- he's been doing this kind of thing
A long time, and he's good at it.
Not much of a conscience.
Then we better do everything we can to get her back fast.
She wanted to lure him into the open,
Create a trail to be followed.
The auction -- it was her idea.
Then we better win.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Gus: You made a plan, we signed on to it, and this was not it.
Philly was the plan.
The warehouse in philly was the plan you made,
Not this, not her.
Ian: Do you have a point?
I'm just saying i don't know if this is a good idea.
I don't mean to question you, sir,
But maybe you're not thinking straight.
I mean, first you change locations, right?
Then you send for us, me and the guys get here,
And then we find her just walking around,
La-di-da, queen of america?
I got 17 stitches in my head from her.
That bitch killed otto.
That bitch -- or, as i like to call her, olivia --
Is going to be working with us.
She's the hostage. You don't work with the hostage.
Now, i think that --
What do you think, gus?
[ cellphone ringing ]
I'm sorry, sir.
Just calling to check in on my project.
She's not your project anymore.
She's mine now.
[ chuckles ] now, wait a minute.
We had a deal.
I have to return her unharmed.
That's how this works out. If something happens to her...
The president has to get her back.
Well, that deal's over.
Now i'm making a deal with the highest bidder.
Wait. Please, wait.
[ receiver clicks ] wait!
[ grunts ]
[ keyboard keys clacking ]
Here we go.
Dark net's up and running.
The auction for ms. Pope
Is being conducted on what we call the dark net.
Which is?
The part of the internet that no one can reach.
There's no way to access the site.
Unless you've been given a ghost address,
The address connects you to a floating database.
It generates a new password every 8 seconds.
What's junior nerdball saying?
Basically, you got to get invited to the dance.
We weren't,
But some of our old friends from the shining path were.
So we're in business with murderers.
I admit it's not ideal, but these guys
Have terrorist street cred and peruvian drug money.
How much?
Enough to get in on the bidding.
Wait. So, the u.S.A. Is in bed with some terrorists,
Who they're using to bid on liv for them
Because the president can't be seen
Negotiating with terrorists.
Liv's gonna die.
They're gonna hack up her body and burn the pieces.
Huck. No one's dying.
If we want this handled, we have to handle it ourselves
Without the white house.
Good. What's the plan?
Pool our money, bid on her ourselves.
Pool what money?
Who has money? All i have is student loans.
It doesn't matter how many times you reinvent your identity.
Sallie mae will find you. I have money.
I've got a swiss bank account.
Should have a little over $2 million in it.
Against a bunch of foreign governments and drug cartels?
I have money. 2 million bucks is pocket change.
You're reaching. You're desperate.
I have money!
Huck, we need like millions and millions of dollars.
I have $2,000,400,087.38.
The algorithm --
The one b613 used to siphon money
From the federal budget in order to fund their program.
We scanned the entire federal budget
And rerouted tiny amounts of funding to a black-box account.
When we shut down b613,
The money had to be transferred somewhere.
I figured it was back pay for my time in the hole.
This is not a rehearsal.
We go live in 30 seconds, people.
How much do you think she'll go for?
How much do you think you'll go for?
$500 million?
$500 million? I'm a little insulted.
Oh, you think you're worth more?
I think our great nation is worth more.
I think enemies to democracy are greedy.
Plus, everyone loves a sale.
I'll go for not a dollar under a billion,
Maybe $1.5 billion.
I like her.
20 seconds.
I tell you what --
This auction, when it gets to the last few bidders,
How about i let you choose who gets you?
I'm not saying you'll be treated like a princess.
We're not selling you to the boston philharmonic,
But at least you'll be able to steer clear
Of the...More sadistic apples in the bunch, hmm?
Does that sound like a good idea?
Auction's live in...
Together: 5...4...3...2...1...
That sounds like a very good id--
[ gunshot ] [ screams ]
[ dinging ] i'm in charge now!
What's that noise?!
Those are bids.
The auction's gone live. It's started.
[ dinging continues ]
[ exhales deeply ]
Okay, then.
[sighs] let's make some money.
[ dinging continues ]
The white house is in. Their friends at shining path
Just placed the first bid. How we doing? Good. Slow but steady.
I can't find the auction site. He's going to find it.
I can't find the auction site.
Take your time, huck. Liv doesn't have time.
[ dinging ]
You said that this wasn't gonna be a big deal. Shut up.
You said this was just a hack. This is better.
Look at this. This is beautiful. This is art.
Mike...We're in the middle of nowhere
With a hostage the whole world is looking for.
That was bad when ian was in charge,
But now we're following gus?
Yeah, we are.
Gus is a psycho. Ian's brains are on the carpet.
Exactly! I want my brains in my head. Don't you?
[ dinging continues ]
Hi. Can i just...
You got a little something.
[ chuckles ]
It's funnier if you're on this side of it.
Let me.
How's our auction going?
Uh, it's heating up. 53 bidders and counting.
53? And counting.
We're vetting more. They all want in.
Well, look at you --
This season's "it" girl.
Everybody loves liv.
Such a popular princess.
[ dinging continues ]
That's better.
I can be nice to you, you know?
Much nicer to you than ian.
He didn't like the ladies.
Be careful.
I'm in shock.
Put anything that close to my mouth, i might bite it off.
[ dinging continues ]
Pete: We just hit $300 million.
There's no more bubbly, bitch.
We can do better than $300 million.
That's chump change.
Whoo! Yeah, there we go.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Resigning the vice presidency for health reasons.
Is that the best you can come up with?
You're a creative guy with a gift for lying.
Figured you could fill in the blanks on your way out of town
And off the national political stage forever.
Let's talk this through.
I know we can work something out.
[ laughing ] no.
We really can't. It's this or prison.
Giving you a gift here, andrew.
You don't have to thank me for it,
But you have to accept it.
I'm not resigning.
You're not...
Prison it is.
You know, going to war for your sidepiece
Doesn't just make you an unpopular president,
It makes you a criminal... Of the highest order.
Listen to me.
You're going to sign that freaking letter --
I get charged with treason, if i go to prison, so does he.
Maybe you, too.
Mike: This auction site,
The bidders list is like hell's social register --
Villains, despots, terrorists,
Rogue nations, enemies of the state.
You're not on here, you're just not evil enough.
[ beeping ]
It's nowhere.
I can't find the auction site because it's nowhere.
And that's bad? Good? Bad?
It's nowhere, but it's there,
But only if you know exactly where to look,
Like a...Private club.
Unless you are a known quantity,
They don't want you in the auction.
And they've built in enough security
That you'll never get in.
It's a very private party, and we can't get in.
Not without an invitation.
So, we need an all-star.
An all-star? A big dog.
An all-star international terrorist.
An all-star immediately gets us an invitation.
Good work.
Yeah, great work, jake.
Do we know any all-star international terrorists?
Just one.
[ door opens ]
[ door closes ]
This should be good.
You have 10 minutes. After that, we were never here.
Are we understood?
[ snarls, chuckles ]
[ aretha franklin's "think" plays ] are we understood?
You heard the boy. The clock is ticking.
¶ you better think ¶ ¶ think ¶
¶ think about what you're trying to do to me ¶ so, it's some kind of secret computer thing.
¶ think ¶ kind of, yes.
¶ let your mind go, let yourself be free ¶ and you think some of my old friends are gonna know about it.
¶ let's go back, let's go back ¶ and it's going to save olivia.
¶ let's go way on way back when ¶ if i'm gonna give you something...
¶ i didn't even know you ¶ ...I need to get something in return...
¶ that's how you couldn't have been too much more than 10 ¶ ...And that's how this is gonna work.
¶ i ain't no psychiatrist, i ain't no doctor with degrees ¶ let me out of here. No.
¶ it don't take too much high iqs ¶ move me to medium security.
¶ to see what you're doing to me ¶ let me think. No.
¶ you better think ¶ i already spent 20 years locked up.
¶ think about what you're trying to do to me ¶ my husband hasn't been locked up a day...
¶ yeah, think ¶ ...And he killed the president's son.
¶ let your mind go, let yourself be free ¶ i'm negotiating in good faith here, but this idiot --
¶ oh, freedom ¶ is the attorney general of the united states...
¶ freedom ¶ ...While you are an enemy of the state.
¶ yeah, freedom ¶ david, easy. Maya, be reasonable.
¶ yeah, freedom ¶ what do you want you don't have?
¶ yeah, freedom, ooh, freedom ¶ i want a library filled with books.
¶ freedom, freedom ¶ i want cellmates to talk to, to argue with.
¶ ooh, freedom ¶ i want access to a yard -- fenced...
¶ yeah, think about, ah, me, think about it ¶ ...But with grass, with sunlight i can feel on my face. I want --
¶ there ain't nothing you could ask i could answer you ¶ no. No. No. No!
¶ but i was gonna change, but i'm not ¶ well, then...No deal.
¶ if you keep doing things i don't ¶
¶ you better think ¶ ¶ think ¶
¶ think about what you're trying to do to me ¶ what about a tv?
¶ oh, think ¶ i'm listening.
¶ let your mind go ¶ you can do that, right?
¶ let yourself be free ¶ what are tvs made of -- metal, wires, glass?
¶ people walking around every day ¶ we may as well give her a set of knives.
¶ playing games, taking scores ¶ not if she can't touch it.
¶ trying to make other people lose their minds ¶ flat-screen -- hang it up on the wall outside of the cell.
¶ well, be careful, you're gonna lose yours ¶ you give her a remote. She watches through the bars.
¶ oh, think ¶ that work for everybody?
¶ think about what you're trying to do to me ¶
¶ ooh, ooh ¶ cable?
¶ think ¶ basic.
¶ let your mind go, let yourself be free ¶
As long as i can watch my daughter on those news channels...
¶ you need me, and i need you ¶ ...I'm good. Great. Settled.
Now let's make sure you have something to watch.
¶ without each other, there ain't nothing we can do ¶ we're gonna need names
And a way to affiliate ourselves with you.
¶ oh, yeah ¶ not with me, with marie wallace.
¶ think about what you're trying to do to me ¶ my name is marie wallace -- to them, anyway.
¶ think about it right now ¶ [ camera shutter clicking ]
He's not going to resign? No.
How is that possible? He's dug in.
Well, we need to hit him, then. That's the problem, sir.
If we try to move on him in any way, try to arrest him,
Prosecute him, anything,
He's gonna tell the american people
You went to war because of olivia.
[ sighs ]
I didn't go to war because of olivia.
I went to war because of the assassination attempt
On the vice president of the united states.
That's what i told the american people.
That's what america believes.
If we can show that he faked that assassination attempt,
Which he did,
That he misled this country into war, which he did,
He'll have nothing on us.
We just need to prove it.
[ door opens ] [ sighs ]
Lizzie bear!
[ clears throat ]
You seem a little jumpy there, kiddo.
I've got to tell you -- this doesn't look good.
Looks like you're skipping town here.
I'm -- i'm not.
I'm just...Doing a little housekeeping.
'cause you and i both know
You can't attempt to overthrow the american government,
Then just skedaddle when it all blows up in your face.
Besides, at this point, you'd have to leave the country,
Which would be tough, since i've already put you
On a dozen watch lists, and even then...
There is no place on earth you could possibly run
Where i wouldn't hunt you down and drag you back here.
What do you want, cyrus?
You're gonna testify against your boyfriend, andrew nichols.
In return, you won't have to spend
The rest of your life in a federal prison.
You will, however, be my bitch until the end of time.
Have a seat, lizzie.
Let's dish.
[ dinging ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
Mike: Are you seeing this?
It's gonna happen. It's happening right...
[ dinging continues ]
Whoo! $500 million!
You were right.
We just started, and we're already at $500 mil.
You'll go for over $1 billion.
And now we split it three ways instead of four.
[ dinging continues ]
Guy you're meeting with -- name's gustavo pineda.
Pineda. Great.
Guatemala's largest drug trafficker.
She says he can get us access to the auction.
She also says this shouldn't take you too long.
Jake: Here we go, everybody.
Got eyes on someone -- 6-foot, beard.
Looks like he sticks knives in strangers' ribs for fun.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
All right, we're going in.
He's only expecting one of you, and no offense, white boy,
But i think that pit bull sitting next to you
Fits in with this crew a little better.
Is this a drug deal?
Are leveraging drugs to buy into this auction?
Do you know how illegal that is? And if she's lying...
I need to concentrate here. ...We lose liv, and we all go to jail.
David, outside. Nope, i'm done!
I want to help liv, but it's my ass -- [ door closes ]
Okay, i don't know how long little lawman
Will be out of earshot,
So i'm gonna say this fast --
We got a change in plans.
Change in plans?
That guy i said was gustavo?
That's just some idiot who thought he could steal gustavo's money.
He's in there with three of his friends.
Probably got a guard at the door keeping watch.
They think they're buying a kilo of coke from you today.
You said gustavo was gonna get us into liv's auction.
He will.
But he wants those men dead as payment,
And you only get when you give, baby.
I don't know you all that well, but i know you know that.
And this will get liv back?
I'm going in with you.
No. I got this.
[ indistinct conversations ]
[ sighs ] i've been calling you.
Not now.
Just hold fast, and we'll come out of this.
Elizabeth! Come on. We're waiting.
[ sighs ]
Why are you here?
Are they trying to get elizabeth to testify against me?
It's over, honey. You lost.
People keep telling me that.
There's a lot of negativity
Coming out of the west wing these days.
But i still got you, babe.
Because if they come after me,
I will tell the world about us --
Every filthy thing that we did.
The first lady and the traitor.
[ scoffs ]
How's that for your husband's legacy?
[ chuckles lightly ]
The irony is...
He chose you because he thought you would be loyal.
Probably the same reason he chose you.
How are we out there?
We're good. We're calmer.
Anyone learns about our little field trip
Or has the faintest inkling
How in the hell you earned 50 channels and a flat-screen tv,
And i'll snap my fingers and make your life a living hell.
You got that? Sure do.
How are we in here?
We're good. We're getting the job done. Any minute now.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
He's been in there too long.
I'm gonna go in and check on him.
Maya said take them out, not...
Gustavo's gonna want proof.
We're gonna need their heads as bounty.
I'll do it. You go clean up.
What would liv say if she saw you right now?
[ exhales deeply ] are you seeing this?
[ dinging ]
Execute a verification scan of their public key,
Make sure they're legit.
Oh, it's legit. You see the number?
Yeah, i see it.
Olivia: You don't belong here.
Excuse me?
Don't talk to her.
You don't belong here.
The two of you don't belong here,
Not with gus, not trapped in this place with him.
You don't deserve what's going to happen to you.
What are you? 24?
You've got your entire lives ahead of you,
The whole world ahead of you,
And with your skills, those minds,
The potential you have,
The chance you have...
You did not lie in bed at night dreaming of being kidnappers,
Human traffickers, terrorists.
You didn't dream of a life in a super-max prison
Or on the run or doing whatever the hell gus tells you to do,
Which is actually the worst option.
[ dinging continues ]
You dreamed of power.
You dreamed of being successful, of running companies,
Of building something great.
You should be getting wined and dined by venture capitalists,
Not working for some gun-wielding lunatic.
Which one of you do you think he'll shoot first
So he only has to split the money two ways instead of three?
Pete, he needs us both to run the auction.
We're safe.
Look at ian.
Gus won't even move him.
You think it'll be different for the two of you?
You think you're safe? You're not safe, pete.
No, gus needs us.
Until this auction is over.
Then he doesn't need either one of you.
He will kill you and take it all.
I can protect you.
Look at your screens.
Look at who wants me, what they're willing to pay.
That is how powerful i am.
And i will use that power for you.
All you have to do is tilt the auction,
Throw the game, let the odds play in my favor,
Find a way to fake a sale,
And then hand me over to the united states.
I will make sure that you stay free and alive
And generously compensated for your skills.
[ dinging continues ]
Do we have a deal, gentlemen?
That's not what i dreamed of.
You said i dreamed of companies and power
And building something great.
That is not what i dreamed about when i was in bed at night.
My entire family slept in one room.
My father worked three jobs.
The only time i got breakfast
Was if they were giving it out at school.
Lady, i dreamed of money.
I dreamed of $1 billion.
If the only thing standing in the way of my dream
Is a neanderthal with a low i.Q. And a gun,
Hell, i'm gonna let the odds play in my favor.
I'm gonna make my dreams come true.
Billion-dollar baby.
[ both chuckle ]
[ dinging continues ]
I'm also coordinating with the ramstein air force base,
The pentagon, and usafricon,
Making sure no one briefs the press on casualties
Out of west angola without clearing through us.
Our allies are, um...
Oh, sorry.
The allied command is linked through centcom.
Did i say centcom?
I'm sorry. I-i...
Abby. Yes?
You okay? Fine, yes.
What's going on?
It's olivia.
She's not the best at returning calls,
But this is different.
Something's wrong. I know something happened and i just...
I really don't want to bother you, but, um...
Have you spoken with her recently?
Have a seat.
[ camera shutter clicking ]
You knew olivia was missing.
You knew olivia was missing, and you didn't tell me!
I didn't. David!
Abby. I had a right to know.
In what capacity?
I know about liv's kidnapping because,
As the attorney general of the united states,
I have to write warrants and create legal cover
So we could raid the facility where she was being held
In an attempt to rescue her.
Would it have helped me do my job
To inform you of this information?
You know what i mean!
Her disappearance was described to me
As a matter of national security.
Are you the national security adviser?
Or a member of any team that has anything to do
With briefing the president on national-security issues?
Oh, come on!
Is your security clearance higher than that weird guy
Who camps outside the white house gate and eats newspaper?
You're being an ass.
No. It is not.
So i did not have to tell you
Because you did not have a right to know.
You son of a bitch.
She is my best friend.
She's my best friend, and she is trapped somewhere.
And horrible things are happening to her,
And you are making snide jokes because what?
Because you got your feelings hurt because we broke up? [ scoffs ]
Someone kidnapped my best friend.
Listen to that sentence, david!
Someone kidnapped my best friend!
No. Someone kidnapped my only friend.
She is my only friend. I don't have friends.
I have liv.
And something bad has happened to her,
And i didn't even get a chance to be her gladiator
Because no one even bothered to let me know
That she was missing, that she was in trouble,
That she needed me!
All the times -- all the times she saves me.
All the times. I would save her, david.
I would go over a cliff for her.
But i didn't know because i don't work there anymore.
I'm not one of them anymore.
So when something happens,
You have to tell me that my only friend's been kidnapped!
[ exhales deeply ]
[ exhales slowly ]
She's not your only friend.
[ coughs ]
Oh, that bites.
[ chuckles ]
[ chuckles ]
What's the word on olivia?
Cy says the cia's confident
They'll have her home within 24 hours.
That's good.
We sleep better when she's lying between us.
I'm not sure how to respond to that.
The truth shall set you free.
Everybody but me, that is.
We're gonna have to let andrew walk.
If we don't, he's gonna tell the entire world
That i was stupid enough to spread my legs for him.
The man is a traitor to this country.
He faked an assassination attempt.
He had liv kidnapped. I'll be ruined.
America can forgive a man a hundred infidelities,
But they will never forgive a woman even one.
I will be ruined, finished, done.
Let me ask you something.
What do you want, really want,
More than anything in the world?
Alive again.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
What do you want... That you can actually have?
What do you want that feels possible?
Home safe.
[ sighs ]
Fitz, ask me.
Ask me what i want that feels possible.
What do you want?
I want to be the president of the united states.
I want to run the world.
[ sighs ]
[ sighs ]
Andrew walks.
Okay, then.
I don't think i've ever been in here.
It was harrison's office.
Before that, it was stephen's office.
I always think it feels like it's...
Full of ghosts or something.
Huck still working on the password gustavo gave him?
I know what you're going to say,
So you don't have to tell me.
Huck did something unspeakably violent.
Lots of blood, probably some butchering, severed limbs.
He likes [inhales deeply] severed limbs.
Looks like a horror film, right?
That's normal. He's fine.
He's not fine, quinn. Of course not.
Liv's gone. He's not fine.
He's going to be fine.
I've seen this kind of thing before.
No, you've never seen anything like this.
I've never seen anything like it, and i've seen a lot.
He goes to dark places. I know that.
I have the dental bills to prove it.
But he pulls himself back.
At some point, before it's too late,
Huck always pulls himself back.
And what if he doesn't?
Quinn, i can't just let him loose to --
He is going to be fine.
I'm in. Gustavo's password worked.
Are we bidding? Not yet.
They're gonna scan me for marie wallace's digital footprint.
She needs a browser history.
What now? Now i make the perfect fake i.D.
Now i build marie wallace's bitstream,
Her cash, the metadata.
Now i hack.
Then we're in, and bidding begins.
We're officially bidding in the auction
For olivia pope as marie wallace.
Quinn: Where's the bidding at?
[ computer beep ] $1.1 billion.
One of the mexican drug cartels just dropped out.
So, we're down to eight bidders.
Thank you, los zetas. Thank you for dropping out.
Gracias. Wait, something's wrong.
The numbers aren't going up.
That could be a good thing.
That's not a good thing. It could be.
[ beeping ] it's not!
Was that someone else dropping out?
That was everything dropping out. It's gone.
What do you mean? It's just gone.
What do you mean it's gone?
The auction -- it's gone. It's been suspended.
Why would they suspend the auction?
What happens to olivia?
[ sighs ]
Mr. President.
Mr. President.
Shh! Stop. Stop it!
We drank a little too much last night.
Just once, can't you let him sleep in?
You know how much pressure he's been un--
Fitz, wake up right now.
Sir, you're needed in the situation room, mr. President.
What is it? What's happened?
Gus: Wake up, olivia! [ gasps ]
You've been sold. It's time to go.
The auction's not over for another 12 hours.
Oh, i know. That's what's so great.
These buyers came to me directly, offering cash.
Cold, hard, roll-around-in-bed-on-it cash.
So the auction's suspended,
And your buyers are oh-so-excited by their purchase.
Who did you sell me to?
You're gonna love this.
You smashed my head open and then you killed my best friend.
Who'd you think i was gonna sell you to?
Sold? I'm afraid so, mr. President.
There was a buyer outside of the auction.
Who? Iran.
How much time do we have?
We believe transfer is imminent. Mr. President --
I want to see the extraction plan.
We don't believe we can extract the asset at this time.
In light of these developments,
We need to consider other options.
There are no other options than extraction.
Olivia pope is a former high-level white house official.
She maintains a top-secret clear--
There are no other options than extraction.
Ms. Pope's vast knowledge of united states intelligence
Poses an ongoing threat to national security.
Standard protocol in this situation
Is to neutralize the asset.
We are not neutralizing the asset!
We get her out of there.
We find a way!
We stick with the extraction plan.
Are we clear?
Yes, sir.
Mr. President -- director!
This meeting is over.
Anyone could have been bidding like we were --
Under an alias, behind a false front.
If you were a major player, a government,
Why wouldn't you hide it?
Of course no one was who they said they were.
She could be anywhere, any country.
North korea -- they'd pay.
Colombians would, too. Doesn't matter.
We haven't even started talking about our allies --
England, france, china.
Friendlies or not, it's still getting the upper hand.
Israel, italy. Even smaller countries could have her.
Even vatican city could have her.
Vatican city?
Do you know how much money vatican city has?
And, yes, immoral or not, they could be in.
It's leverage. It's control.
They'd easily pay to get their hands on her. Doesn't matter who has her.
I'd prefer it to the other option.
Drug cartel, terrorist organization.
Your next up-and-coming al-qaeda,
Your friendly neighborhood despot.
It does not matter who has her!
It doesn't matter who has her, who bought her,
If she went to iran or england or north korea
Or canada or drug lords.
Whoever they are, whichever country they represent,
They bought a person in an auction
To control a president, to control a nation.
She is not a person to them.
She is a tool -- a very expensive, very useful tool.
They want sanctions lifted,
He says no, they send him olivia's finger.
They want the u.S. To drop nuclear warheads on iceland,
And he hesitates.
Perhaps they'll send him a few of her ribs --
Just the bones, just a few. Huck.
They will take her apart bit by bit, piece by piece,
Until she is no longer recognizable as olivia pope,
Until she is no longer recognizable as a person,
Until she is so far from what we want to think of as human,
That the president will be able to let go of her in his mind.
He'll tell himself, "olivia pope is dead."
Stop it.
So he'll stop caring when they send him body parts --
An arm or a leg.
And soon, there'll stop being worthwhile body parts to send.
Shut up. Just stop it. Just shut up.
Hopefully they'll kill her --
Shoot her in the head, slit her throat.
Because if they let her starve to death
Because she's no longer worth feeding --
Shut up, huck!
Shut up, shut up, shut up,
Shut up, you sick bastard!!
Olivia pope is dead.
I have some more executive orders
To go over with you, sir, if you have a moment.
I'm sorry i lost it back there.
Apologize to director lowry for me.
I refuse to do that, sir.
You were in the right.
Besides, if the director of the cia
Can't take being yelled at,
The future of our nation's intelligence
Is in severe jeopardy.
43 coffins are coming off the plane
At dover air base this afternoon.
Did you know mellie meets every plane?
I did not, sir, no.
I think she's trying to save our souls or something.
As if they could be saved.
We have to get olivia back --
Not just because i love her,
Not just because having her out there
Is a threat to national security.
There are soldiers who are never coming home
Because i tried to get her back --
Someone's father, someone's husband.
I have killed so many mothers' sons
Trying to get her back. Man: Present, hua!
The flags placed on the coffins where they lay are there...
Because they had the courage to give their lives,
And i did not have the courage to give liv's. Order, hua!
So, she has to come back...
Because their sacrifice damn well has to mean something.
They cannot have died for nothing.
They cannot have gone to their deaths
For no other reason than i asked them to.
We will get her back.
I promise you, sir -- i will do everything in my power
To make sure we get her back.
Thank you.
[ door opens, closes ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]