Scandal (2012–2018): Season 4, Episode 10 - Run - full transcript

Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage in an unknown location.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ panting ]
[ camera shutter clicking ]
[ knock on door ]
You're just in time.
You look happy.
Are you coming in?
I found two bottles of du bellay
At this tiny, little wine shop in adams morgan. Two.
Liv, i need to talk to you about your father.
I don't want to talk about my father.
I also got you beer --
Something imported that the guy said would impress you.
But it's beer, so...
Liv, i had him.
I had your father, and i lost him.
Okay. There's gettysburger warming in the oven.
I also went to that pizza place
That names the pies after first ladies.
I got us a dolley madison,
So unzip your pants now because we are eating.
Liv. I don't want to talk about my father.
I'm done talking about my father.
I'm obsessed with all these albums.
This collection, it's amazing.
I almost had him. Let it go.
This one. This is one of my favorites.
Dance with me.
Shut up and dance.
[ stevie wonder's "don't you worry 'bout a thing" plays ]
¶ watch yourself ¶
¶ everybody's got a thing ¶
Man, do i love you.
I want vermont with fitz.
Oh. Okay.
I also want the sun with you.
I'm not choosing.
I'm not choosing jake. I'm not choosing fitz.
I choose me.
I'm choosing olivia.
And right now, olivia [laughing] is dancing.
I'm dancing, jake. I'm free.
Now, you can dance with me
Or you can get off my dance floor.
I'm fine dancing alone.
¶ mama, mama, mama, mama ¶
I've never had sex on top of the piano.
[ chuckles ]
Mm, slippery.
I'll get a blanket.
Don't move.
Where would i go?
Maybe i'll grab a pillow for a cushion.
I'm thinking maybe we should do it against the piano.
Because if we both climb on that thing
And it comes crashing down...
Well, one -- very loud.
And two -- painful...
[ gasps ]
But, hey, i'm willing to go for it,
But we are very athletic,
So i'm telling you -- we could break a piano.
Or am i being an optimist?
¶ a chance to check out the new ¶
[ panting ]
[ horns honking ]
[ engine turns over ]
[ tires screech ]
Huck, someone took liv. Someone took her.
Because i was here when it happened.
Okay, she was here one minute, and the next...
She's not on an island with another man, quinn.
Put huck back on the phone now.
Hey, i have a license plate. Gh89i1.
Run it. Listen for chatter.
Check the traffic cams. I'll be there in five.
No, it wasn't rowan. Not his style.
No, there's no sign of surveillance equipment.
I just checked.
Huck, whoever took her, they were pros.
They knew what they were doing. This was surgical.
They had her out of here in under 25 seconds.
¶ mama, mama, mama, mama ¶
I've never had sex on top of the piano.
I'll get a blanket.
Don't move.
Where would i go?
Maybe i'll grab a pillow for a cushion.
I'm thinking maybe we should do it against the piano.
Because if we both climb on that thing
And it comes crashing down...
Well, one -- very loud.
And two -- painful and hard to explain to the paramedics.
[ gasps ]
[ in slow-motion ] but, hey, i'm willing to go for it.
But we are very athletic,
So i'm telling you -- we could break a piano.
Or am i being an optimist?
[ loud bang, muffled groan ]
[ muffled groan ]
He's in the stairwell.
You two got to move.
I need those surveillance cameras down in 30 seconds.
Here we go.
[ muffled scream ]
He's hitting the street. Get ready.
In five, four, three, two...
[ engine turns over ]
Whoo! Look at him run!
Run, forrest, run!
No, she's not in that car, you fool!
She's over here! She's right over here!
I tried to tell him.
[ muffled shout ]
I1. Gh89i1. Gh8--
He's coming.
The door.
[ muffled shouting ]
[ muffled shouting ]
Someone took her. I have a license plate.
Not his style.
No, there's no sign of surveillance equipment.
I just checked. This was surgical.
They had her out of here in under 25 seconds.
[ muffled ] jake!
[ wheezing ]
[ elevator bell dings ]
Ooh! I'm sorry.
I'm real sorry about all this, lois.
It's done? You go now?
It's all over?
It's all over now.
No! No!
Olivia, it's all over. We're gonna be okay now.
[ muffled screaming ]
Don't worry. It's all over.
He said so.
[ silenced gunshot ]
[ gasps, coughing ]
[ muffled screaming ]
Excuse me. Make way, please.
[ siren wails ]
[ brakes squeak ]
Took you long enough.
Wanted to be sure we weren't being followed.
[ door closes, engine revs ]
Where's the boss?
He took off ahead.
[ muffled gasping ]
This is usually the part where you beg for your life,
You offer us money or power or secrets to save your ass.
This is where you negotiate,
You bargain, you tell us about your swiss bank accounts,
Your cayman island numbers.
This is your chance, girlie.
After this, we get on a plane.
You never see the united states of america again.
Do you understand?
Yes, i understand.
Then why aren't you saying anything?
Do you have a death wish or something?
I only negotiate with people with the power to say yes or no,
And you don't have that. You're not in charge.
No one in this ambulance is in charge.
The guy back in the apartment who had his hand over my mouth,
He was in charge. He never said a word,
But you all looked at him every time you spoke.
You were checking for approval.
He is in charge, he says yes or no,
So me begging and bargaining here with you
Is a waste of my breath.
And you can't kill me unless he says you can,
So, no, i don't have a death wish.
It's just that he's not here to be afraid of.
There are many, many things scarier than death.
[ gasping ]
[ birds chirping ]
[ gasping ]
Ian: It's locked.
I already tried it.
[ scoffs ] you can't see anything.
[ muezzin calling ]
You heard it, too? I thought i hallucinated it.
You st-- a-after a while, you start to hallucinate here,
But i didn't, did i?
You heard it, too.
What -- what did i hear?
The islamic call to prayer.
Yes, i heard it.
Do you have any idea where we are?
What country we're in?
We're gonna die. They're going to kill us.
We're not gonna die.
There's no getting out. We can't escape.
They'll kill us for trying.
What's your name? Hey! What's your name?
Ian. Ian mccloud.
How'd you get here, ian? What happened to you?
I'm a journalist, a writer.
I was writing a story in egypt. I was finished!
I was going home!
And these guys just took me,
Stabbed me in the neck with a syringe, then i woke up here.
There was somebody else here then, too -- bradley.
He'd been kidnapped, too, but his people paid.
His people paid, and they let him go.
What are they asking for? What's your ransom?
$2 million.
Are you rich, ian? Do you have $2 million?
No. Why?
Because this doesn't make any sense.
We're americans.
They see americans, they see money.
They're american, some of them.
No, they're not kidnapping us
Because who kidnaps an american in america
And then takes them to -- where are we? Sudan?
Qatar, somalia.
You kidnap me, you want to disappear me,
You take me to iowa or mexico,
But halfway around the world?
You only do that if --
Someone wants me here for some reason,
Which means either i'm in danger, or...
[ breathing heavily ]
I have to get out of here. I-i have to at least see...
[ breathing heavily ]
Where's the bathroom?
What are you holding me for? What's my ransom?
Ian, you been putting ideas in her head?
You think i should tell her, ian?
Ian doesn't want me to tell you.
Five minutes and then i'm coming in.
Doesn't mean you have to rush, though, love.
It's good.
Well, it's not good, but you should eat it.
There won't be more until tomorrow.
Sometimes they forget or they just leave,
Like they left to get you
And i didn't get food for three days.
How long have you been here, ian?
I don't know.
Days. Weeks. Time gets --
Have you seen outside that big, red door?
Do you know what's out there?
Are we right in the city? I don't know.
Is there a big fence? I don't know.
Have you heard any, i don't know, dogs or hyenas
Or wolves or anything dangerous out there?
I-i can't help you.
Ian, you have to.
We can't stay here.
We can't stay here and let them decide what happens to us.
They are monsters.
If we can get outside that big, red door --
I can't help you. They --
I have been here a long time.
I know how this place works. I have seen things.
I don't want to go through that again.
I can't help you. There's no way out.
The red door is the way out.
If i can just get out there,
I can get into the city and get help.
No! No! You are gonna kill us both!
Ian, shut up.
I will not talk to you!
Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
I will not talk --
Shh! Ian, shh! They hear you.
Shh! [ sobs ]
[ voice breaking ] i lied.
About bradley.
The other prisoner who was here when i got here.
I said that his people paid his ransom
And they let him go home, but i lied.
His people paid, but i don't think he went home.
They dragged him out of here,
And he was screaming for a long time.
And otto said,
"if he won't shut up, just shoot him,"
And there was a gunshot.
And -- and...
Anyway, i lied about bradley.
He didn't go home. We're not going home.
I'm sorry, but we are not going home.
[ crying ]
Do you have someone you care about,
Someone you love?
My -- my...
My daughter. Kira.
She's 6. She's gonna be 7 in may.
So you're gonna get out of here and live for kira.
Because you have to be there to see when she turns 7.
I know everything looks really bad right now
And you don't know me, but...
I'm gonna tell you something,
And i need you to believe me.
I'm going to save us, okay?
Say it.
You're going to save us.
Yes. I'm going to save us.
I'm olivia pope.
[ chuckles ]
[ laughs ]
[ laughing ] and it's funny because it's useless.
[ sniffles ]
It's not bad.
It's not good, but...
Not bad.
Ian: The journalism stuff, it pays the bills.
I've been working on a novel for years,
But if i sold it, i could have my daughter with me full-time,
Settle down, get married.
You're divorced?
She died. She was a journalist, too.
Car bomb, afghanistan.
I'm sorry.
What about you?
Never married.
That's it? That's all i get?
[ laughter ]
We need more whiskey!
I have this recurring dream that some army special forces team
Breaks in here and blows their brains out.
That would be nice.
[ chuckles ]
Olivia, what about you?
I'm methodically checking your back
To see if someone may have inserted
A tracking device under your skin that you don't know about,
And you are hoping they did.
They'll find us if there's a tracking device.
And you think there might be one because...
My mother had one.
My father put one in my mother, and she didn't know.
And your father is...
Ike turner?
[ chuckles ]
Very funny.
I hope he isn't the one who put the tracking device in me.
If he did, he won't come find me.
We parted ways.
I can't believe i'm about to string these words together
To form this ridiculous question,
But who do you hope put a tracking device in you
Other than your father?
Right. And that is all i get.
[ sighs ]
Well, i hate to break it to you,
But whoever they are,
They failed you because there is nothing there.
[ sighs ]
Sorry. I just -- i got my hopes up.
I can't believe i got my hopes up.
[ chuckles, sniffles ]
Someone will find us. It's going to happen.
Yeah, sure.
If i'm missing...
If i'm missing,
The president of the united states is looking for me.
He's looking for me everywhere,
And he will not stop
Until he finds me.
Someone will find us.
[ rooster crows ]
Five minutes and then i'm coming in.
Five minutes.
Five minutes.
Five minutes, then i'm coming in.
Five minutes.
Five minutes and then i'm coming in, girlie.
Five minutes.
Five minutes, then i'm coming in.
Five minutes and then i'm coming in.
You know the drill, honey pie. Five minutes.
Five minutes and then i'm coming in.
Five minutes.
Five minutes, girlie.
Five minutes and then --
You're coming in. I know.
[ door slams ]
[ lock clicks ]
[ grunts ]
[ breathing heavily ]
Oh, come on.
[ gasps ]
[ gasps ]
[ both grunting ]
Stupid bitch.
[ groans ]
[ screaming ]
Now you've done it.
What did you do? Liv, what did you do?
What are you doing?
What does it look like i'm doing?
Not the plan!
Do it.
Quiet, olivia.
Shut up!
Do it!
[ grunts ]
You shoot her, you know what happens to you?
You mess with his payday, you know how mad he'll be!
You can't do it! No!
Put that gun down!
[ breathing heavily ]
And, you, "do it!"?
You're taunting him because what?
Huh? The man in charge isn't here
Because you know we can't kill you?
And does that make you feel important?
Are you enjoying this?!
She doesn't just get to get away with this!
I'm sick of that bitch! I'm sick of you!
Gus -- no! I want mine!
I want mine!
He's right.
You're gonna have to be punished for trying to escape.
You can't do anything to me.
[ chuckles ]
No. Yes.
No! Olivia!
Oh, i can't kill you, but like otto here says,
There are things much scarier, much worse than death.
Like, say, his death!
No, no.
Yes, yes!
No! No, please! Please!
Stop! Don't!
Wait! No!
Liv! Liv!
[ screams ]
Liv! Liv!
Please don't kill me!
No! Please! I can get the money!
I promise! I swear! No! Please!
Please don't kill me!
[ gunshots, thud ]
[ door opens ]
[ keys jingling ]
[ grunts softly ]
[ sobs ]
Look at me, olivia.
And really hear me.
There is no way out of here.
[ footsteps depart ]
[ muezzin calling ]
[ helicopter blades whirring ]
[ crash ]
[ gasps ]
[ machine gunfire ]
[ man screams ]
Sir, in here.
Liv. Liv.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt? We have to move right now.
It's okay. It's okay. I've got you.
I've got you.
Don't let go.
I won't.
[ gasps ]
[ birds chirping ]
¶ sunny ¶
¶ yesterday my life was filled with rain ¶
¶ sunny ¶ [ door opens, closes ]
You better get in here and join me
Because i plan on using all of the hot water!
You are beautiful.
¶ i love you ¶
¶ sunny ¶
¶ thank you for the sunshine you gave ¶
[ gasps ]
¶ sunny ¶
¶ thank you for the love you brought my way ¶
They want me to throw out the first pitch.
I hate throwing out the first pitch.
Throwing out the first pitch at a nationals game
Is a completely different animal
Than throwing out the first pitch
For the vermont lake monsters.
You throw a strike,
It's because you're a couple feet short of the mound.
Short-hop it, you're on the blooper reel
Of every two-bit local sports show in the country.
You're the mayor. Everyone loves you.
What's your day?
Budget meeting. Need to get a pothole fixed on earl.
But the county fair pretty much bled us dry.
What about you? What are you gonna do today?
[ gasps ]
[ laughs ]
I love you.
Do you see how lucky i am, tom?
You are lucky, sir.
You're not supposed to be here.
You're not supposed to be here.
I belong here. I'm protecting him.
Protecting him?
From you.
You asked me to come, remember?
[ birds chirping ]
[ horse whinnies ]
You have to stop calling me. Liv.
You can't just show up anymore. Liv.
I'm with fitz. I chose vermont and this life with fitz.
I'm happy here.
That's the thing, liv.
You didn't. You didn't choose fitz.
You didn't choose this life.
Abby --
What? He resigned from office just like that,
And poof, you're here?
Where's mellie? Where's karen?
Where's teddy? Where are his kids?
Where's the press
That i'm betting would be swarming you on a daily basis
If the president of the united states
Went all wallis simpson on america?
And what? Now you make jam for a living?
Do you know how to use a dutch oven?
Do you know how to turn on a regular oven?
And what about huck?
You leave huck and get a dog, and huck's, what,
In a pound somewhere?
None of this makes any sense.
For once i'm not trying to make sense.
I'm not trying to be logical.
I'm being happy.
Where's jake?
I...Don't know.
So, he rescues you and now...
Are you judging me? Do you love him?
And by "him," i mean either him -- jake or fitz?
Goodbye, abby.
Doesn't matter who you love. Look at me.
Jake and fitz can't help you.
There is no man to rescue you.
Do you hear me? No one. No one is going to help you.
You are the only gladiator in the place.
You are all you've got. You have to rescue yourself!
But -- abby.
You dropped something.
That's not mine.
Yes, it is.
[ water running ]
[ wind whistling ]
Tom: Look at me, olivia, and really hear me.
There is no way out of here.
Otto: Breakfast!
Better start eating or i'm gonna stop cooking.
Where's the other guy?
Why? You like him more than me?
Five minutes. I know.
[ muffled sobbing ]
[ sobbing continues ]
[ knock on door ]
I bricked it over myself.
[ grunts ]
You dropped something.
[ grunts ]
[ grunts ]
[ keys jingling ]
[ gasping ]
Abby: Gladiators don't run.
[ echoing ] gladiators don't run.
Olivia: Are we gladiators or are we bitches?
They fight. Or are we bitches?
Cyrus: I'm not a little bitch, baby!
They fight. Show me! Prove it to me!
Right now! Show me who you are! Show me!
Rowan: How many times have i told you, you have to be...
Show me who you are! ...Bitch, baby!
Prove it to me!
What?! What? What?!
Abby: [ echoing ] they fight.
Twice as good.
[ gasping ]
Now, why can't i ever find a feisty gal like you
In the real world?
Heart, hips, head.
If you were gonna shoot me, you would have done it already.
Heart, hips, head.
You've hesitated, love,
Which means you're not sure you got the heart
To pull the trigger.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
That's a man's tool you got there.
[ gasps ]
[ high-pitched ringing ]
[ breathing heavily ]
[ gasping ]
[ muezzin calling ]
[ click ]
[ gasps ]
Ian: I told you there was no way out of here.
I knew you had fight in you.
Clever girl. Well done.
I have been here a long time. I know how this place works.
There is no way out.
What the hell is going on?
All of this...
I had questions.
I needed to extract information.
But i was told you had to be returned
In your original packaging, shall we say,
So i needed just the right set of extreme circumstances,
Didn't i, to pop your cork.
The secret to you --
You always have to save everyone.
Ian, shh.
If i'm missing...
I'm going to save us.
If i'm missing,
The president of the united states is looking for me.
He's looking for me everywhere,
And he will not stop until he finds me.
He loves you. He's never gonna stop looking for you.
That's what you said, right?
I've got the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Thank you for that, olivia. It's helpful.
Knowledge is power.
[ chuckles ] it's funny because it is true.
Now, let's go. We have a lot of work to do.
This is just the beginning.
Olivia: Olivia. Olivia is dancing.
Olivia is dancing. I'm dancing, jake.
I'm free. I'm free.
How did we get like this? I'm free.
When did we stop being people?
Cyrus: Were we ever people?
Abby: You are the only gladiator in the place.
Gladiator in the place. I'm free.
Were we ever people?
Rowan: You are on your own. Your own.
I'm free.
Tom: The face that launched a thousand ships.
Your own.
Abby: You are the only gladiator in the place.
The face that launched a thousand ships.
You are on your own.
[ camera shutter clicks ]