Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - YOLO - full transcript

As the team gets closer to the truth, loyalties are tested and relationships are pushed to the limit. Meanwhile, Cyrus has to deal with his own crisis and he realizes that he may have gone too far.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Normally, I'd start
with the drill or a scalpel...

Peeling off the skin
can be beautiful...

or removing fingers, toes.

I like the feeling of a toe
being separated from a foot.

But with you,
because we're friends,

because we're family,
I won't do any of that.

Consider it the friends
and family discount.

I'm disappointed in you, Quinn.

You've been a bad girl.

And I need to know exactly
what you've been up to.

But, before we start,

(whispers) I just wanna say...

I'm sorry.

(Normal voice) I'm so sorry
because I'm gonna enjoy this.

I'm gonna love it
and I don't want to, but...

(Muffled crying)
You're so fresh, so new,

y-y... soft,
and I've never done this

with someone in the family,
someone I love, and that's...

(Continues crying)

I'm sorry.
I just need to...


I won't kill you.

(Voice breaks) I promise!

I'm gonna start
with your teeth.

(Muffled) Mnh-mnh.

It's, uh, very effective,

the pain of having your teeth
ripped from your gums

one by one with a pair
of pliers.

- It's, well, it's... it's special.
- Mnh-mnh! Mnh-mnh

(crying) Oh, Huck, Huck,
Huck, please, don't, don't.

Please, don't.

I didn't do anything.
I didn't.

I'll be good!

I'll be good, I'll be good,
I'll be good, I'll be... aah!

- Aah. (Panting)
- Shh. Shh. Shh.

Don't try to talk.
Not now, okay?

We're gonna rip a little,
and then we're gonna talk.

That's how it works.

- Rip a little, talk a little.
- Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

You can scream now if you want.

Screaming's okay with me.

(Cell phone ringing)





(Ring) Hello?

(Whispering) She's alive.


My mother.

She's not dead.

She's alive and she's here.

- She's here in my apartment,
and I don't... - Olivia...

She's alive and she's here.
What do I do?

- She's not dead.
How do I... - Olivia!

Stop talking right now.

Hang up your cell phone
and take out the battery.

Get your mother and get
out of your apartment

as fast as you can.

Go to the safe house
and wait for me there, okay?

Right now, just hang up
the phone and go.

- Why?
- Just hang up the phone and go!


If she's alive,
command is coming for her.

Hang up the phone and go!

- (Whimpering)
- (Whispers) I need to run.

(Tarp rustles) So...

It looks like you're gonna need

to wait here
for me for a while.

- Can you do that?
- Uh-huh.

Oh, it's a shame,

because I was really
looking forward

to getting started.

But Liv needs me.

(Breathing heavily)

(Sighs) You know what?

What the hell?

- I think we have time for
at least one. - Unh-unh.

(Whispers) Let's live a little.

What's that stupid thing
the kids are saying?


Y.O.L.O., Quinn.


(Projector and camera shutter

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

Sign these,

you're on the ballot
in every state. Presto.

Sign these, and you resign
the vice presidency.

I will define you as a Maverick

before the white house
can utter the word "traitor."

In two weeks, you will be

the Phoenix
rising from the ashes

of the Grant presidency.

Hold on.

There's something I need
from you first...

Your pledge of allegiance.

- To the flag?
- To me.

Christian conservatives
got you on the ballot,

they will get you a podium
on the debate stage,

and then,
you will abandon them.

(Laughs) What?
I could never...

You will swing
to the center.

You will
have a change of heart.

You will become pro-choice or...
you won't win.

That is not...

Then I'm afraid I cannot
make you the first female

President of
the United States of America.

I can shift other stances...
gay rights, education...

There's no point to any of this
unless you become pro-choice.

You cannot win women.

And so you will
lose, lose, lose,

unless you drop your
allegiance to Jesus,

and pledge it to politics.

Otherwise, there's zero point.

Do you have any idea what
you are asking me to do?

I am asking you to
abandon your beliefs

for the greater good.

You are asking me to choose
my career over the lives

of innocent... actually, it
only sounds like I'm asking

'cause I'm pretending
like you have a choice.

You cannot win unless
you abandon your beliefs.

So it's a simple yes or no.

Can you do it?


I can do that.

Loud and proud,
I need to hear it.

What is your stance
on abortion?

I'm... I'm...

No hesitation!
Full allegiance.

- Listen to me, damn it. - Politics
over God. What is your stance?

- I'm pro-choice. I...
- And why did you change?

- After consulting my pastor...
- No!

After searching my conscience,

I decided... I now believe
that these decisions

should be between a woman
and her doctor,

that I have no right
to stand in the way of that...

choice...of that relationship.

Better! It's good, even.

Exciting times,
President Langston.

Exciting times.

(Door closes)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)


You're not going to sleep?

I can't sleep right now.

Why not, honey?

Daniel Douglas.

You mean your article?

I'm still wired
from the interview.

That Daniel Douglas...
(Scoffs) got him to go deep.


(Typing stops) Is there
something you wanna ask me?

Is there something you
wanna tell me?

Don't stay up too late, okay?

I won't.

(Typing resumes)

(Michael Jackson's "Ben"

♪ Ben, the two of us

♪ need look no more

(paper rustles)

(Maya) Livvie!

♪ We both found
what we were... ♪


Hey, I'm leaving.

I'll call you and daddy
from Heathrow when I land, okay?

It's only for a couple of days.

Just until
my boss gets settled.

(Shoe thuds) And...

I left casseroles
in the freezer.

♪ In me

♪ you've got a friend...

I love you, Olivia.

- That woman's Liv's mother?
- (Jake) Yes.

- That woman's Liv's mother who
died in a plane crash? - Yes.

(Whispers) Liv's mother
who's been dead for 22 years?

Stop it.
You're not helping.

- Helping? Helping?
- Help... right.

Okay, we're done.
We've had it.

Ever since you two
went spy-bro on us,

you've been keeping us
out of the loop,

and we're sick of it.

You can't show up
with dead mama Pope,

and expect us to fall in line.

What the hell's going on?
What did you two do?

It's not us.
We didn't do this.

We don't know any more
than you do at this point.

Then where has she been
all this time?

Where've you
been all this time?

- Abby...
- No, I want some answers.

Look at Liv.
Look at her.

She's a mess,

because for 22 years,
she thought her mother was dead,

and she's not.

- Where were you?
- (Huck) This is not the time.

I found out the truth
of what my husband

does for a living.

I married a man and found
out he was a monster.

I stole some files.

I was going to a reporter
in London.

I was gonna blow the whistle
on the whole thing,

take Livvie and run.
But Eli caught me,

and then he locked
me up in a prison.

For 22 years?

Yes, for 22 years.

Under a fake name.

Omar... something.

- Omar Dresden.
- Omar Dresden.

He kept me there.

Couple of days ago,
he pulled me out,

took me to some warehouse,
said he was moving me

out of the country,
but I escaped. I escaped.

- You escaped? - Yes.
- From Olivia's father? - Yes.

No one escapes command.
(Shouting over each other)

Jake! Huck! Huck!
What are you doing?

- No! - (Maya) Let me go!
- What's happening?

You have a tracking chip
in you somewhere.

- They're tracking you!
- Got it!

- This is gonna hurt, Maya.
- Do it!

We have to get it out and move!

We gotta move!

(Yelps) Aah!


(Man) All clear.
They're gone.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

I want operatives
at every airport terminal,

train station, bus depot,
and Metro stop

on the east coast.

Scan the highway cams.

If they used the interstates,
I want their license plates

tagged the second
that they hit the asphalt.

Also, tap into the city's
red light camera network.

Upload our qr6 facial
recognition software.

(Jake) Glare gel?

Messes with traffic cams.

Find their cells!

- (Jake) Burners. - (Rowan) They'll
be using burner phones.

Makes it harder
but watch for clusters.

Hunt them down.

(Abby) What about Venezuela?

(Jake) Nah. B613 pretty much
runs Venezuela.

They use the anti-American
jargon to attract the haters...

(Huck) And then they kill them.

We need a full dictatorship.

Yeah, free societies
are too tough to control.

They're not
as bribe-friendly.

(Harrison) What about Iran?
North Korea?

Hong Kong.

We're putting her on
the first flight to Hong Kong

as soon as the passport
is secured.

- Harrison, where are we on that?
- Got the pics.

Meeting my friend in an hour.

(Abby) Where's Quinn?

Quinn's doing what she
needs to do.

I should, uh, go check on her.

No, I want you here tonight.


(Breathing heavily)

(Projector and camera shutter clicks)

Safe's been cracked.

Someone went through our files.

Everything we had up
on the board? Gone.

They didn't take anything here.

You think Liv's dad did this?
Who else could have?

You know, any normal person

- would've had a full-on nervous
breakdown by now. - She's handling it.

- You don't handle your own mother.
- Nice digs.

I thought you'd have done
a little better

for yourself by now.

Straight life.
You know how it is.

Can't say that I do.

- Full I.D. Work-up?
- The works.

- When do you need it by?
- Yesterday.

For you, I will do my best.


I'm Abby.

Oh. (Chuckles)
I almost forgot.

Adnan Salif says hello.

Adnan Salif's back?
Back here?

Keep your phone on, H.

I'll be in touch
in a few hours.

(Footsteps retreat)

(Door opens)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

Where are we on Daniel Douglas?

We are holding.

- Did you get the photos?
- Holding.

- Did he make a move or not?
- Holding.

- Cyrus! - Don't you have things to do?
Vaccines to tout?

Fat kids to encourage?

I haven't slept
because I am worrying

about the future of
my husband's presidency.

- My future.
- I... am... holding.

It's time to stop holding.
Play the cards already.

(Maya) Liv.

Just cleaning up a little.

What you got there?

I, uh...

Got you some breakfast.

That's so sweet of you.

Here, join me.

I have arrangements to make.

Make 'em later.

Come on.

You've been up all night
and you haven't eaten a thing.

Sit, have breakfast
with your mother.

Uh, I'll be outside
if you need me.

Thanks, Huck.

(Door closes)

I'm good.


Tell me about you.

Uh, I-I don't, uh...

There's not much to tell.

I work.

I have a life.

I'm... (Chuckles)

There's not much to tell.

It's funny.

You sit in a cell long enough, you
start to tell yourself stories.

All my stories were about you.

What you must've been up to,
the friends you're making,

the boys you're falling
in love with.

In my mind, you're married
to a fella named Ray.

A dentist...

Because dentists come home
for dinner.

This was my thinking.

And it was you and Ray
and your son named Sam.

And you'd sit around
your dinner table every night,

and you'd just laugh.

There was lots of laughter.

Love and laughter
and happiness.

So now...

To see who you really are,

what you've really become...

Are you saying
I'm not happy?

There just doesn't seem
to be a lot of laughter in your life.

You're successful.

I mean, look at these
people who work for you.

The access you have,
the guns, the fake passports.

I don't know.

Guess I was hoping you'd
have more of me in you

and less of your father.

But Eli raised you
in his image.

Didn't he?

I'm not anything like him.

(Huck) Liv seems smaller, slower.
It's not like Liv.

- How long are we gonna do this?
- Do what?


It doesn't matter
if we get Maya

to Hong Kong or Moscow
or wherever.

We both know she'll never be
out of B613's reach.

Not as long as command's
still alive.

He's hard to get to.

Lots of agents. I'm guessing
lots of artillery, too.

- We'd need a...
- Help.

Plenty of it.

I think I know
where we can find it.

Liv's mother is alive?

For the moment.

But Rowan's on the hunt for her.

We need to get her to safety,

to get Liv to safety.

We need to take out Rowan.

He's her father.

- I can't terminate him without...
- You need her permission?

He's not just her father.

You don't need
to educate me, Jake.

I should've known.

What is your problem?


Remington is my problem.

Just for being
in the wrong place,

at the wrong time,
doing my duty,

serving my country,
I get sucked into the wake

of your political destiny

and end up enslaved to B613...

(Whispers) To Rowan...

(Normal voice)
For the past 22 years.

you shake a few hands

you say a few words,
you become governor,

and then President.

You didn't have my back
on that mission...

(Whispers) And you still don't
have it, because for you

there's only two people
who matter in this world...

Olivia and yourself.

The rest of us?
We're just on our own.

You don't think I wanna get rid
of rowan? Of B613? Of course I do.

Get off your ass
and give me the assets I need.

- Now is not the time.
They're on guard. - Okay, flyboy.

- I get it. I'll take care
of this myself. - Hey!

You wanna be a hero?
You wanna save the day?

You wanna help me
dismantle B613?

Stick around.
We'll figure out a plan.

You don't want that.
You don't wanna be the hero.

You wanna be her hero.

Word to the wise?

She doesn't need one.

Must be nice,

letting other people
fight your battles.

(Door closes)

(Breathing heavily)


(Glass clinks)

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)

We're on.

It's happening tomorrow.

What is?

Oh! Ohh. You mean...

Leo is setting a press
conference for the morning.

Now the backlash will be
swift and furious.

But once people get over

the idea of this
being a betrayal,

they'll see it for what it is...
the sign of a true leader

willing to buck political tides

and give the country
what it needs...

Its first female President.

With me
as your first gentleman.

I like the sound of that.

Everything we've worked for

and everything we've sacrificed
has led us to this moment.

So I thank you
for your patience

and your discipline.

For we both know,

the good lord rewards those
who walk his righteous path.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicking)


Wh... what are you doing here?

I was on my way
to meet Daniel Douglas.

Thought I'd say hi.

You're meeting with Daniel
Douglas again?

Yeah, I'm telling you,
the man's fascinating.


You didn't get everything
you needed last night?

Are you kidding me?

We barely scratched
the surface.

(Sniffs) Well...

Glad you boys are having fun.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Danny's coming to our
place tonight, too,

so we could finish up
somewhere nice and quiet.

You still have that
donor dinner tonight, right?

I still have that
donor dinner tonight.

That's too bad.

Could've been a threesome.

(Door opens and closes)

What's happening?

Oh, Daniel Douglas, hey.

How's that article of
ours coming along?

Sally and I are really
looking forward to reading.

Afternoon, Carol.

The article looks good.
Great, in fact.

Yeah? You get everything you needed?
And then some.

Yeah, that's good.

Hey, look...
I don't suppose

there's any chance
of my getting a quick look

at it before it goes to print?

I would really appreciate it.

Oh, there's a strict policy
that doesn't really allow

for that sort of thing,
Daniel. I'm... I'm sorry.

(Lowered voice)
I am not gay, James.

What happened the other night,

I've never done anything
like that before in my life.

- You understand me?
- Daniel...

- You cannot write about it!
- I...

You people think we're all gay!


We think gay people are gay.

I am a man...

A Christian, and I will not
accept accusations

of anything otherwise.

I love my wife.
I am attracted to my wife.

We are steady,
and I am faithful.

Yes, we all have
our moments of weakness.

We all have
our crosses to bear.

And mine is staying true
to the good word of the lord

in the face of this...
this sickness.

this despicable temptation.

But, James...

I am a man.

I am not gay.

Please do not embarrass
me and my family.

Yeah, just a few minutes.

You're gonna meet me
at the gate, right?

I got everything. Yeah.
All of it.

(Turns up volume)
♪ turn you away

(receiver thuds)


♪ A word they say
♪ a word they say


(Door closes)

The reporter.

The one you were meeting
in London.

You talked to him on the phone
that morning, didn't you?

Before you said
good-bye to me.

I don't know. That was over
20 years ago. Why?

I can track him down.

He can corroborate your story,
call into question whatever

fake charges dad's been
keeping you locked up under.

You can stop running.

And what happens
when your father

finds out what we're up to?

How long before this poor guy
ends up in a ditch?

- We'll protect him.
- How?

- We have ways.
- So does your father.

I'm offering you
a life above ground.

And I'm telling you,
it's not worth it.

Not if it means putting
someone else at risk.

Enough is enough, Liv.

Your father refuses to lose.

As long as he's alive,
I run. I have to.

And that's okay.

Because now,
I've been able to see you.

(Jake) Rowan and his
team are in there.

(Projector and camera
shutter clicks)

Money goes into your account
the minute he's dead.


(Man) No sign of them.
They're gone.

It's a trap.

That was freakin' awesome.

Boom! (Laughing)

If you think I enjoy killing,
you don't know me very well.

Condone at times,
accept as a necessary evil,

but I get no enjoyment
out of ending a life.

It's time to activate
your asset... the girl.

I need someone on the inside.

Yeah, I've been
calling her, boss.

But none of them
have been dumb enough

- to keep their phone...
- Track her down.

She's not an asset
if you can't find her.


(Glass clinks)



They knew you
were coming? How?

I used someone I thought
I could trust.

Oh, you can't trust anyone
who's gone through wonderland.

Yeah, well, I trust you.

Well, you shouldn't.

(Sighs) Tell Liv I had to go.

Watch her.

(Footsteps descend)




(Door opens)

Oh, Quinn.

(Door closes)

I told you to wait for me.



Aah! Please, Huck.


Shh. I'm sorry.

I know how hard
this is for you.

And if it was just me
you'd betrayed...

But you betrayed Liv.

(Screaming) Shh, shh, shh.

Shh, shh.

You remember
how this goes, right?

Rip a little,
talk a little? Okay?

(Screaming) Shh, shh, shh.

(Crying) Shh, shh, shh.

I tell you what.

Let's go on the count
of three, okay?

One... two...


8:53 Hong Kong time.

A client.

(Speaking cantonese)


The safe house
is up and running.

It's nothing fancy
but it should do the trick.

(Door closes) Passport, birth
certificate, driver's license.

It's all there.
There's only one problem.

Huck just sent over a blast
from homeland security.

- You're kidding me.
- What is it?

(Maya) Liv?

They put your name
on the FBI's most wanted list.

Fake name, fake charges.

- Which means...
- You're stuck here.

Fish in a barrel.

- There's no way you'll make it
through airport security. - Damn it.

Our client hasn't done
anything wrong.

And if you look into it,
I promise you,

you're gonna find that
whatever's in her file

is just a bunch of trumped up
crap from 22 years ago.

What's the big deal
with taking one little name

off the no-fly list?


Normal boyfriends do favors
for their girlfriends.

You know, normal girlfriends

don't dabble in
aiding and abetting.

Bad time?

Sorry, Sally.
Busy day.

Aren't they all?

This won't take long.
I do hate to be a bother.

I just wanted to do you

the courtesy of dropping
this off in person.

What the hell is this?

This is me following

your wise counsel,
Mr. President.

I'm running against you
as an independent.

Sally, you can't...

The days of you telling me
what I can and cannot do

have come to an end.

What do you want?

I'm sure we can work
something out.

(Scoffs) Are you so blind?

Are you so self-involved
to notice

the immeasurable destruction

you've wrought to the country?

To the party?

To your family?

You can't win, Sally.

You may take me down
with you, but you can't win.

You recently advised me,

if I saw a window of
opportunity, climb through it.

Well, your recklessness
and your womanizing

cracked that window,

and the collapse
of Josie Marcus

opened it wide.

So what do you say now?

Does that wise counsel
of yours shift

in the political winds?

Do not do this.

We get through this together,

you're on a clear path
for the next election.

This... is political
suicide for both of us.

I'm done waiting for someone
to open the door for me,

to tell me it's my turn.

You're making the biggest
mistake of your life,

crossing me.

And I'll spend the rest
of my life

working tirelessly
to remind you of that.

You will regret
this day forever.

See you on the battlefield.





- You're out of breath.
- I ran up the stairs.

(Typing stops) So what happened?
Where's Daniel?

Sally needed him home,

so we just rushed
through the rest.

You know, quick and dirty.

(Cell phone ringing,
typing resumes)

(Ring) You gonna get that?

You had him our house!

(Ring) With our daughter
sleeping in the next room.

- What?
- I know, James.

I know!

You know what?

That you had sex with that man.

You had sex with him.

You had sex with him.
You had sex with him.

You had sex with him.

I'm confused.

I thought you wanted me
to have sex with him?


Or was that now how you
saw it going down?

Did you expect me
to stop him? Be outraged?

You know,
I think maybe next time,

we should make a game plan
about what type of rent boy

I'm supposed to play,

because this whole production
you're putting on right now

is actually quite confusing
for your leading man.

Now, obviously,

this is about
the vice President.

Some backroom political crap.
But what I cannot figure out

is why you wouldn't just
hire a hooker.

Why you would pimp out
your own husband!

- James...
- I want answers, Cyrus.

You don't get answers.
You lost that right

the minute that you took off
your pants.

Oh, yeah. I did do that.
And then I took off his.

Gotta admit,
that was a pleasant surprise.

- Shut up! You're disgusting.
- Me?

You used me like a cheap whore.

And then you made me think

- that you were doing me a favor while
you did it. - Because I trusted you...

You're the devil.
That you'd honor our marriage.

- The devil is in front of me right now.
- But instead, you got naked.

Do you not get what
you've done here?

You have ruined us, Cy!

You have ruined everything!

Not to mention the fact,

that you are a gay man,
going out of his way

to shame another gay man
for being in the closet.

How could you?

You wanna know
what I'm writing?

You wanna know my angle?
It's a real page-turner, Cy.

(Crying) I am taking our baby,
and we are leaving you.

(Laptop clicks)

Ask for full custody,

while you're at it.
I'm sure the judge

- won't mind the photos.
- Photos?

I've practically got an album.

All kinds of shots...
You doing him, him doing you.

On the floor,
up against the wall,

on that beautiful leather sofa.

Sally won't like that.

You took photos?

You think I would go through
with all this

and not get proof?!

(Cell phone ringing)


You're not going anywhere.
You never do.


Hello, Mr. President.
What do you need?

You said you'd take care
of the Sally situation.

And I will.

I-I am...
I'm on it.

You're too late, Cy.
You missed the boat.

She's leaving the ticket.
She's announcing tomorrow.

I've had a lot of things
on my plate.

I need you to have done
your damn job,

like you're always boasting
about, boring me senseless,

droning on about how
you do the dirty work,

how you've got my back!

Well, my back's now got
one hell of a Sally-shiv in it,

that you may as well
have handed her.

(Door closes) (Huffs)

You happy now?


Where the hell are we
on Daniel Douglas?

What happened with James?


I'm just going to let you...

Going to give you a moment.


It hurts until it doesn't.

You think what he did
will break you, but...

It won't.

You may not sleep as well at
night, but you will be fine.


But... numb and fine
are the same.

Sally Langston is a weed
in our garden, Cyrus.


See it through.

(Door closes)

(Lock clicks) Picked a bad
day to call in sick, Robin.

Better have a damn good excuse.


Yeah, that works.

I had a friend at the FBI access
your client's security file,

but even that small breach
alerted his bosses.

So actually taking her name
off the list?

Would set off alarms

throughout all
of homeland security.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing...
I mean nothing... I can do.

You couldn't tell me
that over the phone?

I'm your boyfriend.
I wanted to see you.

Normal boyfriends drop by.

I'll call you later.

No go.

He always wins, baby.


We'll find another way.
This is what I do.

It's what I'm good at.

(Door opens)

Liv? You okay?
(Closes door)


(Gate creaks)

I'm trying to figure out
how to even begin to explain

to you what's happening,
and I just...

- I don't...
- Your mother's alive. I know.

- Who...
- Jake.

- Jake.
- He wanted to help you, as do I.

Tell me, what can I do?

I don't know that there's
anything you can do.

I believe I have
a bit of power, Liv.

No. It's...

My father put her
on the no-fly list

under an alias.

The crimes he's made up
for her,

they're crimes against the Republic.

So if you were to talk
to anyone or do anything,

you'd set off alarms
across all three branches.

And if it ever got out
that you helped a criminal

escape the country,
you'd end up in prison,

a traitor. And so would she.
My father would win.

Power works against you.
So I...

I'm not calling you
to ask for help.

You're calling me to say
you don't know what to do.




I just wanted
to hear your voice

and talk about jam.

(Chuckles) And Vermont.

And kids.


I just needed...

I just needed one minute.


But I'm okay...

Now, so...

I'm taking care of your mother.

You can't.

It's done.
I'm taking care of it.

What is it you say?
Consider it handled.

- Fitz...
- I'm not asking you.

I'm telling you.

(Voice breaking) Thank you.

Thank you.

I love you.


Hang up.
I have things to do.


(Presses button)

I need General Sharp
at the Pentagon.

(Breathing heavily)




It's straight vodka.
Drink it.

Swish it around your
mouth a little bit.

It'll keep you
from getting infected

from Huck's little
dental adventure.

Also numb the pain.



(Clears throat)

Are you gonna cry?
Damn it. (Crying)

No, no, there's no...

that's against the rules.


For God sakes.

Seriously, suck it back in.

Now you wanna be a big dog?

Big dogs get bit.
Huck did you a favor.

You still have all
your fingers and toes.

No drill holes anywhere.
A few teeth are nothin'.

So you don't eat steak anymore.

Stop... crying!


Huck was the only person I had,

and he hurt me.

He hurt me.

He hurt me.

(Gasps) And now
I don't have anybody.

He hurt me.


(Whispers) You have me.

You have me.

Mm. Ow.
Oh. Sorry.

(Both moaning)

- Evening, Sally.
- Oh, I know why you're here, Cyrus.

You're too late.
I'm afraid I've already

stabbed the pig
through its belly.

And I'm sure if I were from
your neck of hickland,

that would some
semblance of sense.


Go ahead.

Take a gander.

(Scoffs) (Pen thuds)

You hoped this would
be your... what?

Bargaining chip?


The end result of some
subversive scheme

to keep me off the ballot
come November?

All of the above.


You and I both know

that you will never
release these pictures.

Destroy your husband,

your marriage,

along with whatever
immoral future

the two of you may
have hoped to have together?

Not to mention,
did you honestly think

that the party was prepared
to bear the cross

of the President's
chief of staff's husband

having relations
with a married man?

I don't think so.

This plan of yours backfired.

You've lost.

Your empty threats,
your attempts at intimidation,

none of it is going
to work this time.

And the saying about the pig
means it's over, Cyrus.

(Door opens and slams)

(Cell phone ringing)

(Ring) (Sighs)






I'm sorry.

I did a...
a horrible thing.

And I'm so s...

I'm so sorry.

And I just want you to know...

I want you to know

I'm not going to use
the photos.

Sally will never see them.
No one will ever see them.

They're burned.
Consider them burned.

Can you forgive me?

Just tell him what you
want, make the trade.

As long as you can really
get what you say you can.

Huck's pretty good
at hiding people.

I can get her.

I know the team's
burner phone signatures.

I can track the coordinates,
triangulate a signal.

Then we just go door to door,

smoke 'em out,
take 'em in, done.

You are seriously
the best girlfriend

I've ever had.

It's a military plane,

will fly you directly
to Hong Kong.

I still have to go through
customs, though, right?

Once I get there?

I have a friend who's helping
us skirt that.

Fancy friend.

You have a phone.

if anything goes wrong,

if my friend isn't
at the airport,

call the number I gave you.
You also have a gun.

I hope you won't need to use it,

but you showed her how
to use it, right?

She was actually more
worried about the cell phone.

Okay, Liv, we can't wait any longer.
She needs to go.


I guess this is good-bye.

I'll keep working until
you're safe, I promise.

Okay, no,
this is not a good-bye.

For a client? Sure.
Throw 'em on a plane

and wish 'em the best.

But she is your mother.

And you've been keeping
her at arm's length

since the moment
you laid eyes on her.

She's leaving. So you go
and you hug her right now.

In case you never get to again.


("Ben" playing)


♪ Ben, the two of us

♪ need look no more

♪ we both found what we were
looking for ♪

(Voice breaks)
I love you, Olivia.

♪ With a friend to call my own

I love you, Olivia.

I know.

♪ And you, my friend, will see

♪ you've got a friend in me

♪ you've got a friend in me ♪

♪ Ben, you're always running
here and there ♪

♪ here and there

(door closes)
(Telephone ringing)

♪ You're not wanted anywhere

♪ anywhere


(Man) Marie?

- Who? - Uh, hi.
I'm looking for Marie... your mom.

Is she there?

My mom's name is Maya.
She's not here.

(Receiver thuds)

♪ To go

♪ you've got a place to go ♪

(Jet engines roaring)

♪ Ben, most people would
turn you away ♪

♪ turn you away

♪ I don't listen to
a word they say ♪

What was her name
on the no-fly list?

- What?
- Her name.

The name my father invented,
the name of the woman

who did all those things.

The name of
the wanted terrorist.


Uh, Marie.
Marie Wallace.

What is it, Liv?

My father was trying to
protect me this whole time.

He didn't want me to know
what she did, who she is.


♪ Like Ben

He's not the monster.

She is.


Then we've got a problem.

One... two... three...

Okay, okay, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

I know what I can do.
I know how to make it right.

Just wait, Huck.
Just wait.

What's our deal, Quinn?

Rip a little, talk a little.
Talk a little.

Every time I give you
something... something good,

I get to keep a tooth.

Do you have something
good to give me now?

Because I was about
to take a bicuspid...

(Groans) and those are
important for dental health

and for eating.

I don't have something
right now.

No, but I have better!

What's better than
giving me something?

Doing something!

I want the tape.

Of me and the security guard.
Every copy.

Before I give you anything,
I get the tape.


What's funny?

My daughter taught you well.

(Cell phone ringing)





(Whispers) Cyrus?

I have committed a sin.