Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 3 - Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington - full transcript

Mellie and Fitz confess their true feelings. Olivia is caught in the White House as a hostage with a bomber.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Do you teach people how to kill?

Is your father command?!

I can't talk.

- Just a minute.
- I have to go.

Liv, we need to talk about
Jake and how he got there.

I have to go.


- Where are you?
- What do you want?

To talk. We need to talk.

No, we don't.


I'm fine. I just need some time.



Oh, here she is now.

Oh. Mary Nesbitt.

Thank you so much for
agreeing to help me.

Help you with what, exactly?

Mary wants to retain Pope and Associates

to manage a private family matter.

I- I wish I had time to
go into it right now,

but I'm actually running
off to a meeting on the Hill.

But we'll speak soon, I promise.

- Okay- -
New client.

- 25k retainer.
- Enough to pay the rent.

Have you heard from
Huck? I texted. I called.

Huck is taking a personal day.

- Personal day?
- A personal day.

We... get personal days?

What, do we get vacation now, too?

The poll numbers are good.

Okay, not good. Decent.

No, not decent. Bad.

They're bad, but not a disaster.

Fitz having an affair
isn't new information

for the American people.

Mellie, you made sure of that.

- Thank you, actually.
- He can feed himself.

- He will get dirty.
- What the American people are interested in,

what they're excited about
is the two of you together.

Babies get dirty, don't they? So what?

They wanna see how you're
getting through this.

How you're weathering the storm.

You wanna change his clothes?

Your strength as a couple.

They wanna see how much
you love one another.

Marta knows he can feed
himself. Where is Marta?

- Why are you even- - Because
Cyrus scheduled a thousand

"Isn't she a good mother?"
photo ops for me and Teddy,

and I would like it if
when he screamed "Mama"

when the cameras flashed,
he didn't mean Marta.

Yes, I have scheduled
some great photo ops.

There's Mellie and Teddy, Fitz
and Mellie, Teddy and Fitz.

I'm thinking of flying
in Jerry and Karen.

You're stunting his development.

Don't tell me what to do with the son

you could barely get it up to conceive.

I wouldn't have such trouble
getting it up if you-

O- o-or Jerry and
Karen can meet you

when you arrive at Camp David.

- Camp David?
- Excuse me?

Camp david... where...

you are going to talk and
share and bond and heal

to show the American
people how committed you are

as a family... to baby Teddy.

I am not going to be trapped
at Camp David with that man.

- You think I wanna be there with you?
- You're going.

- No, we are
not. - Mellie-

She's right. I'm not getting
stuck out there with her.

- I'm not going.
- You are going!

Everybody is going,

and it will be beautiful

from the moment the cameras film you

walking across the White
House lawn to "Marine one"

all through your weekend
of love at Camp David.

You'll hold hands. You'll smile.

You will be photographed
from every single angle,

and the optics will be spectacular.

You will show the American people

that your love real and special!

You will make the magic happen!

Are you happy now? He's filthy.

Shut... up.

You shut up.

This is interesting.

So I'm entering the
check into the books-

The new client check?

Don't tell me it bounced.

The check bounced?

No, no, no. Listen.

Does the name Chris Lawrence ring a bell?

- No. Why?
- He's Mary's son.

He was killed in a
FBI raid 15 months ago.

What'd they want him for?

The apartment was home base
to an alleged terror cell.

Also, the check is for 27,870 bucks.

- That's specific.
- I thought so, too,

so I hacked into
her bank account-

Because I can-and realized
that's the exact amount she had

in her checking account two days ago.

She cleaned out her bank account?

Where did she say she was going?

- To a meeting.
- On the hill.

If you stood in this spot 40 years ago,

you'd be soaking wet,

swimming in the deep
end of an indoor pool

built for F.D.R.

and used daily and nightly
by President Kennedy.

If you'll follow me this way,

we'll head towards the North Portico.


Intruder! Band box!

Headed towards the
oval! All agents respond!

Hurry! Hurry! Go, go, go, go!

- Sir!
- Move out of the way!

I need to talk to the President
about Operation Remington!

Intruder contained! Evacuate the complex.

I need to talk to the President!

Please, ma'am, if
you'd just calm down-

So you could have prevented
this. You could have-


Ms. Pope?

What are you doing here?

The entire Capitol and
White House complexes

have been evacuated.

The threat level has
been raised to elevated.


all air traffic in and out
of Washington has been halted,

as Homeland Security continues

to examine the scope of the threat.

One intruder? All this for one person?

There's also a woman with
a bomb at the Capitol.

We have to make sure it's
not a coordinated attack.

I need to get to the sit room.

- I can't allow that, sir.
- Good luck stopping me.

I'm afraid that under these
current threat protocols,

I'd be forced to tackle you, sir.

Tackle me?

There goes our romantic getaway.

I didn't wanna have to do this.

I know. Just listen to my voice, Mary.

- Listen to me.
- No!

No! You- no,
you listen to me.

Both of you are gonna listen to me!

Do you know how hard it's been
to get anyone to listen to me?!

I wrote letters.
I- I-I made phone calls

to everyone I could think of.

I- I posted on message
boards and web sites,

and I made fliers and
I tried to get on TV,

and I asked and asked, but
no one would listen to me!

And now there'll be TV
cameras and newspaper articles,

and someone somehow is
gonna give me an answer,

because my son was killed,
and I wanna know why!

I voted for you!

Do you have any idea how
many times I begged you

to look into Chris' murder?

No. Everyone just cares too much

about senators fooling
around with their interns

and those two boys who blew up Boston,

and no one cares about Chris!

But you care now, don't ya?

Now that it's your life on the line.

I made an inquiry on your behalf, ma'am.

The FBI shot Chris because he was guilty.

That is not true, and no
one is listening to me!

I'm here.


I'm here. I'm listening.

Tell me what happened to your son.

Chris Lawrence, 25, gunned down
in an FBI raid of an apartment

in the south side of Chicago
a year and a half ago.

- Big local news story.
- Was he guilty?

Investigation was sealed
under the Patriot Act.

FBI file is classified.

Whatever happened, they've
kept a tight lid on it.

Backing up, friends say

his dad died when he was 16.

He turned to religion,
joined a local mosque,

and dug deep into Islam.

They killed him-the FBI, and
they say he was a terrorist,

but they won't say why they thought that.

They won't say what he did.

It's all classified. They
won't tell me anything!

They won't tell me the
truth, and I... okay.

I- I-I read something
about you once, Ms. Pope-

A profile in a sunday
"Post" or... I don't know.

It said the secret to your success

was that you always trust your gut.

That's why I came to see you today.

Because my gut says
that Chris was innocent.

My gut says the government
murdered an innocent man.

And I think if you
start looking into this,

yours will tell you the same thing.

You take one more step,

and I blow us all to kingdom come.

This is Commander Randolph Boles, FBI.

Who am I talking to?

Olivia Pope.

Is anyone inside hurt, Olivia?

No. Everyone is safe.
There are nine of us here-

Congressman Struthers, six of his staff,

myself, and Mary Nesbitt.

Mary is asking that I
be the one you talk with.

What does Mary want, Olivia?

She wants her son's file declassified.

Okay. Let me see what I can do.

Tell them what'll
happen if I don't get it.


Mary says she has every intention

of using the bomb if
she doesn't get the file.

Hang up now.

Understood. Just explain to her

- that these things take
time- - I said hang up!

Sir, we've determined that
the White House intruder

was a lone wolf,

unrelated to the woman in the capitol.

Here's our report.

We are transferring him to FBI custody,

and I will keep
you apprised as to-

No. Let him go.

Let him go?

Sir, the man tried to
enter the Oval Office.

- Let him go.
- Yes, sir.

What is it?

We have a Remington problem.

- Liv, are
you- - I'm fine.

Harrison, go to the FBI
mobile command center.

Be my eyes and ears. Abby,
work your contacts at Justice.

Find out why they've refused
to give Mary any details

on her son's death.

Quinn, see if you can save us all time

by hacking into the FBI to get the file.

Shouldn't Huck be the one to do that...

Can you give it a shot, quinn?


This is Olivia.

How you doing up there?

We're fine.

Where are you with the
Chris Lawrence file?

Headquarters is close
to declassifying it,

but you need to tell Mary

that if she wants to read what's inside,

she's gonna have to turn herself in.

He said they'll give you the
file if you turn yourself in.

You tell him

he'll be scraping nine bodies
out of the carpeting first.

She says no deal.

I'm afraid that's the best we can offer.

What is it?

He wants you to release everyone.

No, that's not at all what I said.

Does he think I'm an idiot?

I'm sure he doesn't.

But there's s no fie

unless you make some sort
of show of good faith, Mary.

That's how this works.

What do you think?

I count six hostages. They seem unharmed.

Unclear at this time how
many more might be inside.

All clear.

Mr. President.

What's the latest?

She just let six hostages go.

What does she want for the rest?

We need to discuss that, sir.

There's something you need
to know about Chris Lawrence.

It was a mistake. We
shouldn't have released them.

They were scared, Mary, and
they weren't a part of this.

It was the right thing to do.

Why aren't they giving us the file?

I'm a member of congress,
and it can take me days,

if not weeks, to get
a file that I ask for.

You're making way more
progress than I usually do,

that's for sure.

I had to buy an industrial
glue gun, you know?

I'm sorry?

All I had was a little
one, you know, for crafting.

For a project like this,
I need a stronger glue.

I just used my regular
sewing machine, though.

I just took a standard jumper pattern,

and I added more pockets. It was simple.

I could've made it back
when I was a kid in home ec.

The glue gun I had to order special.

How did you get the explosives?

That was a recipe I got off the internet.

Make sure
they get back-


Commander Boles, the
president just joined us.

We have a half a dozen
snipers in place, sir.

If we get a clean shot,
we'd like to take it-

on your order, sir.

Say we
shoot her-

what are the chances that bomb goes off?

This type of bomb, if her
hand's off the detonator,

we like our odds, sir.

Do it.

That's a go, commander.
Prep your team to go in.

They're gearing up for something, Liv.

Does it look like they're
bringing in the file?

Unless the file looks
like a sniper rifle, no.

I hear movement.

I- I don't like this.

Mary, stay calm.

Sierra 3 here.

I've got eyes on a target
in the northeast window.

Sierra 3's got a target.

- Permission to engage.
- Who's the target?

POTUS wants a visual I.D.

They're trying something.
They're testing me.

Harrison, talk to me. What's going on?

POTUS wants an ID before
any shots are fired.

- You! Get outta here.
- It's the president.

- He's running point on this, Liv.
- What?!

Commander Boles, what the
hell is going on out there?

They wanna come in?

Then they get what's coming to them.

Mary, let go of the detonator!

Commander, if you shoot, make a move,

we all die.

Stay calm.

- Everything will be fine.
- Goodbye, Olivia.

Mary! Move!

- What?
- Get away from the window now!

What the hell are you doing?!

Stand down. Nobody shoot.

Give me a line into that room, now.

You are not speaking with Olivia.

She could have been killed, Cyrus.

Which was stupid and careless,

and we will all now do our
level best to not blow her up,

but you cannot call Olivia,

because there is no way
in hell I am allowing

the two of you to share a headline

for the third week running.

Not a move.

And I mean no one lifts
so much as a finger

without a go ahead from me.

Understood, Mr. President.

What - what
was that?

They had a shot
- a clean shot.

What the hell was that?!

Why didn't you let them take the shot?

They try to shoot Mary in the
head and hit her in the chest,

we end up dead, congressman.

They were trying to rush this thing.

I was buying us some time.

- Commander Boles.
- Ms. Pope.

We're still waiting on
that classified file.

The rules have changed.

If you want the file,

you're gonna have to
let the congressman go.

- I can't do that.
- You can't, or you won't?

Because from where I'm sitting,

you're running this show,

no matter what the broad
in the suicide vest thinks.

And if it wasn't for you,
this would've been over by now.

And what the hell was
that stunt you pulled?

Put me through to the
president, Commander.

The President?

The President isn't gonna
talk to you, Ms. Pope.

You know why?

Because the President doesn't
negotiate with terrorists,

and that's what you
are - a terrorist.

You better think about that

when you start asking
the government for favors.

I need to make one more call.

We pump knockout gas
in through the vents.

And she detonates as soon
as she starts to feel woozy,

or get woozy and detonates accidentally.

We could jam their phones.

- You have a call, sir.
- Not now.

Sir... you have a call.

Excuse me a moment.

- Olivia?
- No, Mr. President.

- Jake?
- She wants to know

what's in the classified
file on Chris Lawrence.

I know she does.

And you know Liv.

She's not gonna stop
until she gets the truth.

Well, that's a problem, Jake,

Because whatever you or I might
feel for Olivia personally,

the United States will
not negotiate with someone

who walks into the Capitol
Building wearing a bomb,

no matter who's representing her.

So I'm sorry,

but you'll have to tell her
you couldn't save the day.

I don't get many visitors out this way.

Shocking, I know. Drink?

Business hours.

Long commute to the city,
but the views are underrated.

I wanted to deliver this personally.

I think you'll find
it a generous increase.

I got last month's
lying around here, too,

If you wanna take that with you.

Take it, leave it, burn it,

should that be your heart's desire,

but we had a deal,

and your antics at the
White House this morning-

not part of it.

Hmm? The deal?

I'll tell you what. Screw the deal.

I'm tired of turning on the TV

to hear about who our
president's bangin',

which girl's apartment
he's stumbling out of,

'cause the way I see it,

I'm the only honorable
person in this deal.

And I deserve to talk to the man.

You wanna sit down with the president?

Let me work on that, because
if that's the only way

to keep Remington under wraps,
believe me, it will happen.

Until then, relax. Enjoy the view.

You're rusty, soldier.

Saw you tailing me this morning.

Shut up.

Thanks for trying.

You need to get out of there, Liv.

I'll be fine. How are you feeling?

Are you serious? Oh, I'm a little sore.

You're in a room with a bomb.

Just get out of there, okay?

I'll do my best.

Who was that?

A friend. Someone who tried to help.

Tried but failed.

Don't give up hope. My team is out there.

They're working on getting us that file.

Baby Huck's choking.

It's the FBI, not the DMV.

- Give me some time.
- She doesn't have time.

She's in a room with a
crazy lady and a bomb.

Did you try setting a...

virus worm to the
firewall or I.P. Thingy?

Do you even know what you're saying?

Huck's not answering. I'll try him again.

You know, on a normal day,

I'd be worried you weren't
answering your phone,

But today is not a normal day.

Today is the day we need
to hack into the FBI,

and I'm not ashamed to say

I have no idea how to hack into the FBI,

so call me back. We need you.

All right, Huck, what
have you been up to?

If you're here to help your boss,

don't bother. She
clearly has a death wish.

Can you get me access to
the FBI file on the raid?

- Nope.
- Even if it saves Olivia's life?

Olivia creates more
problems than she solves.

She probably had Huck
rig up that bomb vest

and strap it to that poor mom.

She's an adrenaline
junkie. She needs help.

Which is a backhanded and guarded way

of saying you care about
her And you're worried.

I care, too, so pony up the file.

I'm not endangering this cushy gig,

sticking out my neck
for someone so reckless.

It's called enabling.

Oh, come on. This isn't even about her.

Let me know the funeral arrangements.

Should be good people watching.

Commander Boles, I just
need a second to talk to you.

What's going on with
the son's file? Boles!

You told Mary Nesbitt she could see it

if she released some of the hostages.

Then you went back on
your word. Not cool.

You're gonna get a very bad rep
in the hostage-taking community.

Harrison, right? Agent Laura Kenney.

Look, I'm sure your
heart's in the right place,

but your team's on the
wrong side of this one.

Surprise, surprise.

Another Fed toeing the company line.

Look, I feel bad for the lady. I do.

She's been through a lot,

but if she were to
get ahold of that file,

see the truth, it's
gonna hurt even worse.

"We will take our pride
of place under the sun

while the infidels wilt in darkness."

"They will drown in
the blood of their poor

who they use as pawns in their crusade

to plunder and pillage
our blessed lands."

It's a recruitment
video- one of many.

I'm sorry, but Chris
Lawrence was a terrorist.

And now so is his mother.

They say they have three
more just like the one I saw.

He was a recruiter, Liv.

No doubt about it.

An hour. That's it.

You tell them they have one more hour

to get me this file, or I press
this trigger and we all die.

We're gonna get you that file.

But you need to prepare yourself
for what might be inside it.

Prepare myself?

To learn that Chris was
murdered in cold blood?

I already know that.

- Abby, you still at Justice?
- Ah, struck out.

David won't give up the file.

- I need you to go back.
- Okay. What do you got?

You can't look up one FBI agent for me?

- What's in it for me?
- Oh, you're pathetic.

- You really want dinner that badly?
- Well, now I don't.

What's her name?

Laura Kenney.


"Nope," What?

Nope, Laura Kenney is not
the name of an FBI agent

Now or ever.

So if she's not FBI, what is she?

We don't know, but she's the
one who showed up suddenly

with a terrorist recruitment video.

- I see.
- She drove off in a car

with state department
plates- not FBI, state-

so whatever this is, it doesn't match up

with the official story.

She wants to talk to you.

How's life in the fast lane?

- I need a favor. - Call her
old-fashioned, but my boss,

the attorney general,
like, totally hates it

when I aid and abet terrorists.

The FBI raids a suspected
terrorist's apartment,

kills a man, and the
investigation is sealed,

no questions asked.
When questions are asked,

an FBI impersonator shows up

offering the supposedly sealed evidence

and then disappears into thin air.

This is what's happening

In America right now,
in our nation's capital,

under your watchful eye.

If that feels right to you, if
that feels like justice to you,

go enjoy your parentage at the pow.

- If not- - I'll
think about it.

Think fast.

Mr. Rosen, what a surprise. Please, sit.

How are things on 4th Street?
Enjoying the new position?

I need to see the file, Cyrus.

I'm sorry?

The Chris Lawrence file. The
one his mother's demanding.

The one that proves
that the FBI screwed up

and slaughtered an innocent man.

I'm sorry if you were expecting
a little more small talk,

but considering there's a bomb ticking,

I figured I'd cut to the chase.

I think

you misunderstand our deal, Mr. Rosen.

Our deal?

Yes, The one where you gave
me a certain memory card,

and in return I gave you a job.

You think that makes me indebted to you?

I think it means we
have an understanding.

Now I appreciate your enthusiasm, I do.

You're a good attorney, a good man,

and, assuming you're
here on Olivia's behalf,

a good friend.

But this thing...

that's happening
on the hill today-

that's above your
pay grade-way above.

So... unless there's something
else I can do for you,

like receive your thanks for
dragging you out of the gutter

when the only public
office available to you

was substitute teacher,
then I'm gonna have to

cut this meeting short.

You know, so the rest of us
who actually earned our jobs

can go back to the business
of running the country.

Do I have to call security, Mr. Rosen?

Gordon Bates.

Excuse me?

The FBI agent who led the raid.

He was fired from his post a
week after the raid went down,

no explanation.

Then there's... Teresa Gomez.

"Special Agent Gomez served under Bates.

A week after the raid,
she got a promotion."

Ditto, Jeffrey Mullins.
Ditto, Kevin Choi.

In fact, everyone involved in the raid

who wasn't Bates got a huge pay increase,

Even the rookie who was
three weeks out of Quantico.

Where did you get that?

Oh, it turns out
that personnel files-

way more easy to obtain
than classified ones.

So what do you make of this, eh?

Team of agents rewarded
for killing a terrorist,

or a group of people paid
to keep their mouths shut

after one of them screwed the pooch?

I'm guessing the latter.

Just like I'm guessing
that the head of the D.N.C.

would be thrilled to have a copy of this

as we head into the next election.

What's that phrase
again? "October surprise."

Now you
listen to me-

No, you listen to me.

I may not have the cytron card anymore,

but I do have my conscience,

and there's a hell of a
lot of noise I can make

if I don't think you're worthy
of the moral sacrifice I made.

It is not what you think it is.


Then prove it to me.

Show me the file.

Heading into hour ten,

it is eerily quiet in the capitol,

as the FBI continues to
negotiate With Mary Nesbitt,

hoping to convince her to
free the two remaining hostages

being held on the fourth floor
of the U.S. Capitol building.

Did you know they wouldn't even bury him?

'Cause they said he's a terrorist,

no funeral home would even take him.

He's been lying in the
city morgue for months,

- unburied,
unclaimed. - Mary-

Here we go.


I'm standing here with
Cyrus and David Rosen

and the head of counterintelligence.

What I'm about to tell you
is classified information,

and for your own safety,

I need you not to respond
to what I'm about to say.

Can you do that for me?



She's right.

I'm sorry?

Chris Lawrence was not a terrorist.

Chris Lawrence was CIA.

He infiltrated the al-qaeda network

at the highest levels,
brought other C.I.A. operatives

into the organization
as his fake recruits.

Chris Lawrence was an American hero,

perhaps one of the greatest heroes

our nation will ever have,

but you can't tell his mother that.

You can't tell anybody that.

Because if you did,

the 57 men and women that he recruited,

whose very lives depend on
maintaining their identities

as enemies of the
United States-

they'll be tortured until they die.

And a decade's worth of intelligence
gathering will die with them.

Chris Lawrence was killed by the FBI

because they did not
know his true loyalties.

And that... was a terrible mistake.

But it made him a martyr to al-qaeda

and a hero to the United States.

And I am
very sorry-

everyone is
very sorry-

that Chris Lawrence's mother
will never know the truth,

but 57 lives depend on that,

that no one ever knows the truth.

There are 57 other American heroes

whose names their
country will never know.

And it's our job, our duty,

to bring those 57 heroes home alive.

Do you understand?



But thank you for the true story.

Olivia, you cannot tell her the truth.

Don't make me do this to her.

57 of our bravest assets.

Is the truth worth that?

- I have to go
now. - Olivia-

Thank you, Mr. President.

Olivia Pope, do not hang up.

I need you to acknowledge.

That was the president.

What did he say?

I'm so sorry, Mary.




Your son was a terrorist.

- No! No! - He
was a high-level

al-qaeda operative...

- Higher than they wanted to make public.
- No!

- That's what was in the file.
- No!

- That's what was classified.
- No!

Oh, God. Oh, my God.

Oh, no...

I am so, so sorry.

I'm going to see you through this, Mary,

make sure you have the
best defense possible.

Our work isn't done.
You're still my client.

This is congressman Struthers!
I'm opening the door!

We're coming out peacefully!

Nice and slow, one by one, hands raised.

Aah! No! Mary!

Mary, open the door!

Pull 'em out. Get 'em out of there!



- Clear! Clear!
- No!

Code black, code black!

Victor Four, come in. Report status.

Someone talk to me!

Come in, Victor Four!

I'm happy to report the damage

was confined to the office suite

where the detonation took place.

The FBI, in coordination with

the White House and Homeland Security,

performed professionally
and heroically throughout.

I have ordered a review
of our security measures

on Capitol Hill and
throughout the federal complex

in order to avoid another such incident,

and can assure the American people

that we will remain vigilant.


Are you okay? Do you need anything?

I'm sorry, okay? But there
is something you need to know.

I was worried about Huck, so
I- I did some digging, and...

look, Huck's obsessed with your dad.

Liv, he was up all night researching

everything there is to know about him.

It's hooch.

My daddy sent us that case

when you won the election, remember?

Made it himself, said we
should use it to celebrate.

You called him a hillbilly.

How many presidents have
had sex on this table,

do you think?

Do you want to have sex...


With me, I mean?

I couldn't eat on this if you

had sex with somebody else.

- It'd have to be burned.
- You're drunk.

That's impossible. A
lady never gets drunk.

You're drunk, Mellie.


But like I said, I am celebratin'.


Today was a good day.

I would think the last thing
you'd want to do is celebrate.

I would think you'd be miserable,

you missed out on your
happy ending today.

Olivia Pope being blown to bits?

That's your dream, isn't it?

Oh, no.

That's my nightmare.

If your whore had died
today, brave and strong,

protecting a congressman
inside the capitol

with a nation watching...

Honey, the nails, the wood,

the... cross you would
build and hammer her on,

the worship you would feel
for the rest of your days

down on your knees praying
to saint Olivia Pope,

that would be...

I'd lose.

Our little war.

I'd lose.

I am spectacular, but...

I can't compete with religious fervor,

so, no, I was not hoping

that she would be blown up today.

I am not miserable that she survived.

I am celebratin'.

Because Olivia Pope
still walks this earth.

She's still alive.

And as long as she's still alive,

well, she's your flaw.

Your Achilles' heel.

Which makes her my weapon.

She's the strings that, if need be,

I will pull to make my
puppet husband dance.

So cheers, baby.

Drink up. I live to fight another day!


You scared me.

You okay?


Don't worry. I'm not here to kill you.

I'm all killed out today.

Huck, you didn't...

Huck, please tell me you
did not just kill my father.



All this time I've
wondered who Command is.

I've banged my head against the wall

trying to get a name,
and then I got one...

from you.

A name is something you can trace, Liv.

It's something you can tie
to a chair and question.

And after you've questioned it,

after you've drilled
some answers out of it,

like whether or not you have a family,

it's something you can kill.

You can wrap it in plastic
and put it in a dumpster

so it never bothers you again.

Huck, look at me.

This should have been my day, Liv.

I should have had some peace.

Look at me.

Look at me!



kill my father?


You're rusty, soldier.

Saw you tailing me this morning.

Shut up.

Happy to see you finally worked
up the nerve to say hello.

Got some unfinished
business for you inside-

A gift, all wrapped up and ready for you.

Go ahead.

Open it.

Command. Your father,
even after all that time...

even after everything,

he owns me. I can't...

There's nothing.

Hey, man. Get me out of these.

No, whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, no, no, no. Don't do this.

Wait. I could give you things.

No. I know things!

I know things.

I- I'm telling you...

I'm gonna write you a
beautiful suicide note.

I promise.

There's nothing I can do. I...

I thought I was free, but I'm not.

He controls me.

He still controls me.

He owns me, Liv.

He owns me. He owns me!


He owns me...

You must be starving.

Did you know Gettysburger delivers?

Right to the door.

Been dreaming of burgers.


Why are you here?

- Oh, I can go if-I'm
sorry. I thought... - No.

I mean, how are you here?


Are you gonna get that?

How are you here?

I don't- I don't
know what you mean.

They didn't just... let you out.

They don't julet people like you out,

- so how are you
here? - Olivia-

How are you here?! How?!

It's the president.

I'm thinking about calling
this the Fitz-phone.

Are you spying on me? Is that it?

No, I'm not.

Will you answer one of these?


Did he send you to watch me?

To report my every move back to him?!

"He"? You mean your father?

Nobody gets out. Nobody.

So I wanna know...

why did he release you?

I don't know. He didn't give me a reason.

- But there is one
with him... - Liv-Liv-

there is always a reason!

Listen to me!

I don't know why he let me
go. I have no idea. None.

Your guess is as good
as mine. I do not know.

Nobody... walks away from him.

He controls... everything.

I need to know... how are you here?

I never thought I'd get out of that hole.


And it's not just the...

dirt floor and the
darkness that gets you.

It's... the isolation. It's...

silence. It breaks
something in you, and...

I just kept picturing your face.

Your face saved me.

I'm here because you saved me.

This is not a fairy tale.

This is not the happily ever after.

If you're still alive, it's
because he still owns you.

It's because you're still useful to him,

and he's... going to find
a way to use you against me.


Don't feel bad about it.

He still owns me, too.