Scandal (2012–2018): Season 3, Episode 14 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - full transcript

Sally arranges a meeting with the NRA, sending the White House into a tailspin; Huck and Olivia come to startling realizations; a surprising person asks Pope and Associates for help.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I really want to.

I've buried stories
before, James.

I can't do it again.

And here I was thinking

that you'd called this meeting
begrudgingly. Wait. What?

I said I thought you'd called
the meeting begrudgingly.

You thought I
called this meeting?

What's with all the whispering?

Please, please.
Oh, God.

I've always liked you, David.
You seem smart.

Are you smart, David?

Can you work with me on this,
or do I need to stop liking you?

Vic's name is James Novak,
White House press secretary,

but I'm guessing
you already know that,

or justice wouldn't be down
here taking over my case.

No car keys, empty wallet, and
windshield glass at the scene

suggest we're looking
at a carjacking gone wrong.

There's been a string of them in
this area the past few months.

Got an APB out on the car.

We're also visiting local
chop shops around town.

Any luck, the perp will try
to dump it locally.

Mr. Rosen?

Put an expedite on ballistics.

Anything you find,
I'm the first to know.

Copy that.

The White House doctor's
going to be here any minute

to check you out.

You've had a terrible shock.

We're gonna find
whoever did this.

We're going to find them,

and they're going to go to jail
for the rest of their life.

I have some things to do right
now, but I'll be back soon,

all right?

James is dead. He died. Ethan.

I know, but right now,
your job is take care of Cyrus.

- I talked to him yesterday.
- Ethan.

Ethan, stop crying
or you're fired.

I mean it.
Don't make me fire you, Ethan.

Call his nanny. Make sure
his daughter is accounted for.

Check on him every 15 minutes.

This is the worst day
of his life.

You're Cyrus Beene.

Guilty as charged.

I was, um...

Do you think I could get
a couple words

on Grant's thoughts
on immigration?

I called you a couple times.

Uh, sorry.

I'm James Novak,
Boston dispatch.

Boston dispatch.

No comment.

Wait a second.

James novak?

The James Novak who wrote
that tiny little hit piece

in that tiny little paper
that no one's ever heard of?

Do you mean the meticulously
researched cover story

on Hollis Doyle's influence
on the grant campaign

that ran in the Boston dispatch?

Wouldn't know.
Didn't read it.

But if I had, I'd tell the
hippies in Cambridge square

not to worry.

Doyle's pipeline has no
chance of moving forward,

no matter who's in the
White House come January.

So, you didn't read it,

except that you made it
all the way to the end?

Piece of advice, James.

You want to play
with the big dogs?

Dress the part.

You really think I'm gonna
take fashion advice

from a guy with a neck beard?

No comment.

I can't believe James is gone.

Just awful.

I'm so sorry.
How's Cyrus?

In shock.

You'll have to suspend
your campaign activities

at least for a few days
out of respect.

Um, I hate to say it,
but is that wise?

It's the decent thing to do.

I think what Mellie's concerned
about is the gun-lobby event.

You want me to suck up
to the gun lobby

the day after
my press secretary's

shot down on the street
in cold blood?

One could argue,
especially then,

the liberals will be braying
about gun control.

It reaffirms your commitment
to our second amendment rights.

I'm not politicizing
the death of a friend.

You'll be the only one
who won't be.

Reschedule my appearance.

Mr. President,

the vice President's
on the line for you.

Mr. President, James Novak
was a devoted public servant.

In the wake of this
senseless tragedy,

I imagine you'll be temporarily
suspending your campaign?

We will be, yes.

I just wanted to let you
know that, in solidarity,

the Langston campaign
will, of course, follow suit,

so that his passing
may be mourned

with all the honor that
it so richly deserves.

I appreciate that,
madame vice President.

- Thank you for the call.
- Of course.

And now?

Now we go after that
gun-lobby endorsement

with everything we've got...
Guns blazing, as it were.

What was the President's
reaction to the news?

I'm sorry. I'm just getting
my bearings here.

You mean you can't just tell us
how the President reacted?

Where was he when he heard
the press secretary was shot?

Hold on, I'm getting there.
Just one sec.

When can we expect to
hear something from the President?

Where's Vanessa Chandler?

Find out if shelby moss
was at work this morning.

Shelby Moss.

David's N.S.A. girl.
What's going on?

Vanessa Chandler was a no-show
at the White House today.

Are you saying...

I don't think James Novak
died in a carjacking.

It was a hit.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God, David.

Abby, are you
stalking me at work?

Yes, I am stalking you.

Because you didn't come home
last night, and...

Did you know that
James Novak was killed?

Yeah, I'm running lead
on his case.

Oh, my God.
That's even worse!

Worse... what are
you talking about?

There are people, David,
and they are dangerous,

and they are out there,
and James is dead,

and Shelby Moss and
Vanessa Chandler are missing,

and you're alive...
You know, for now...

But those people
are gonna see you.

David, you're gonna be
on the news.

James Novak died
in a random street crime.

It's not whatever
you think it is. It's not...

Uh, don't... don't do that.
Don't lie to me.

You can't...
Don't lie to me.

- We don't do that anymore.
- I'm not lying.

David. He was a friend of mine.

I liked him, and I miss him,
and I can't believe he's gone.

Please don't make this into
something it isn't, Abby.

Please just let me get
through this by doing my job.

Liv. I heard the news.
I'm sorry.

I know James was a friend.


Actually, that's
why I'm calling.

I think James may
have been killed

because he knew the truth
about Daniel Douglas.

Can you do me a favor?
Can you look into it?

I'm in the middle
of something right now.

- Well, whenever you have time.
- Sure. No problem.

I'll throw in the
Gucci for free.

You are a very resourceful
young lady.

Let's just say I have a knack
for playing the market.

So, now that I've paid
your retainer,

where do we go from here?

We find ourselves a terrorist.

Well, I thought
that's what you were.

No, not at all.

You blew up a plane.

That was personal.

Terrorists use violence
to advance their convictions...

God, country...

And since I'm not
burdened by those,

I'm more of a facilitator.

I don't make bombs,
I make money.

When I hired you, I thought
it was just gonna be you and me.

Then who would take the fall?

Because it's not gonna be me.

Don't worry.
Your money's been well spent.

You just leave
everything to me.

- Tell me you found Shelby Moss.
- I wish I could.

Her boss said she left early yesterday
and didn't show up this morning,

and her roommate said she
never came home last night.

And Vanessa Chandler?

- Also M.I.A., but I'll
keep looking. - No.

Find out what Leo Bergen
was up to last night.

You think Leo and Sally killed James?
I don't know,

but they'd benefit most
from his death.

I did everything you said.

I held his calls,
canceled his meetings.

I did a bunch of stuff
wrong on purpose

just so he could yell at me,

which usually makes him feel
better, but I'm sorry, Ms. Pope.

I couldn't stop him.

This is completely wrong!

I asked for her schedule,

not your own personal musings
about when she might be leaving!

They told me it was in flux.

Why use so many words

when a simple
"I failed you" will do?

Ethan, get out.

Yes, ma'am.

Liv, this is bad.
She's going behind our back.

- Cyrus, sit down.
- I'm fine! Just listen.

Sit down. You've been
relieved of your duty.

Sally Langston
is sneaking behind our back

to steal the endorsement
of the gun lobby.

And I will handle it.

Air force two is fired up
on the tarmac!

Sally's set to meet with
their leadership today!

I will deal with it!

I know what you're doing.
I appreciate it. I really do.

Thank you... for caring
about me, for my health.

I mean it.

But asking me
to sit on my hands

while Sally Langston
steals the gun lobby

and with it Ohio and
Western Pennsylvania

and the White House
in a single meeting...

That's not helping me.

That's involuntary manslaughter.

Let me work.

I need to work.

- Working.
- Just one question.

Why hasn't governor
Grant taken a stand

on the issue
of marriage equality

when he has a gay
campaign manager?


"What" as in you're
surprised I asked,

or "what" as in
you didn't hear me?

I'll repeat the question.

- Why hasn't...
- Shh!

I'm not gay.

So, why are you whispering?

Because your question
is outrageous.

And yet you shaved your beard.

- It itched.
- I don't believe you.

You need to return
to your seat.

You do look a lot better
without it.

- You found nothing?
- Nothing.

- I'm not saying bergen didn't do it, but
if he did... - He was clever about it.

All right, listen. The Daniel
Douglas file, the one in my safe...

I want you to look at it,

see if there's something
we've overlooked,

a thread we haven't
pulled on yet,

something that could
give us some answers.

Will do.

Lance McCollum?

Who wants to know?

Hi, Lance.

Who the hell are you?

We're the
United States government,

and we're here to ask you
to serve your country.

I can't serve nobody.

I'm a sick man.

Your liver. We know.
Six months if you're lucky,

and with your insurance,
you probably won't be.

Livers are expensive, Lance.

But you know who gets
free medical care...

Transplants, even?

Inmates, that's who.

We went to his place
on an anonymous tip.

Idiot sees us coming
and starts running.

My partner chases him
down, and voilà.

Suddenly, we've got cause
to search the premises.

That's when
you found the beretta.

Shoved under the couch with
some beer cans and cat toys.

Got a record...
Two carjackings.

- Ballistics?
- Uh, still pending.

So, what do you say?

Can we make it official
and arrest this guy?

- I was at home watching T.V.
- Mr. Rosen?

But you ran
when the cops showed up? - No.

- I'm sorry?
- It's too soon.

Too soon? We've practically
got him dead to rights.

- Why on earth...
- Because I said so.

We wait for ballistics
to come in.

Until then, no arrests.

The determination
of our party...

determination of our party...

The vision of a better tomorrow
than we've ever had before.

The vision of a better tomorrow

than we've ever had before.

Can you see
that future with me?

Can you see
that future with me?

Can you dream with me?

Can you dream with me?

Because I can't do this alone.

Yes, I'm the one running
for President.

But that's just me...

Y-you're going to miss the
end of my guy's speech.

He gave the same speech
two days ago,

and the day before that,
and three times last week.

Sometimes it feels like
a thing of the past...

A relic from a bygone era.

It's a good speech.


The speech.

It's a good speech.

Oh, my God.
You're terrible at this.

At what?

I do...

I don't... I don't...

Indulge very often.


Cyrus, I'm not a dessert.

- I... I know.
- I like you.

I'm attracted to you.

Now that you're divorced,
I want to date you...

Because you're intense
and you're strong and...

Even though you're a republican,
you have a very hot mouth.

Cyrus, that was my move.

It is now your turn
to make a move back.

Unless I've just been
deluding myself

that there's something here

and you can't figure out
a way to tell me.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I won't bother you anymore.


That was... my move.

Damn right, that's your move.

Sally's decided to mourn
the press secretary

by going down to Houston

to meet with her good friends
from the gun lobby.

What are you doing here?
You should be at home.

Why isn't he at home?

He needs to work.
Let it go.

- Cyrus.
- You heard her. Let it go.

All right.

So, what's the plan?

You want me to fly down
to Houston

to meet with
the gun lobby today?

No, that's...

Bad optics,
given the situation.

But we can send Andrew.

- With his record on guns? - He's
too moderate. And Mellie.

- They do love Mellie.
- Mellie's kin.

All right, but if Sally's
leaving in a few hours,

we need to get ahead of her.

We need help from
our commander in chief.

Four gun-control bills
signed into law

when he was
governor of California...

His very being an assault
on the second amendment...

Ooh, "assault."
Gun lobby's gonna love that.

And this arduous weapons ban
he's supporting...

What part of
"shall not be infringed"

does Grant not understand?

Jim, what's going on?
Why are we turning?

We have to head back
to the White House, ma'am.

Air force two
has been grounded.

Grounded? By whom?

Cyrus Beene, that
grief-stricken son of a bitch.

I'll handle this, madame vice President.


Ahh, another bird

that gets to have dinner
with his family tonight.

The gun lobby
has 5 million members.

If you want their support,

it's not enough to be seen
with a shotgun in your hand.

You need to know how to use it.

In case my family ever gets
attacked by clay pigeons?

- Or armed intruders.
- Oh, that's right.

You and your beloved
second amendment.

"The right of the people to keep and
bear arms shall not be infringed."

Wiser words were never written.



Fifth place, junior
world championships.


I'm sorry. There must have
been a miscommunication.

I only speak to Ivan,
but your name is...



Can you see why I'm confused?

Ivan is very busy man.

Doesn't know you.
Neither do we.

If you want to do business,
you work with us.

First off, where's money?

Perhaps we can get started
with negotiations

and arrange
for a meeting with Ivan after.

Unh-unh, Dimitri.

Would you mind?

Now, Dimitri,

tell Ivan that Marie Wallace
sends her condolences

for his loss

and she looks forward
to meeting with him soon.

You have something?

When I took the Daniel Douglas
file from your safe,

it showed signs of tampering.

I pulled footage
off the cam inside.

You put a camera in my safe?

When David stole
the cytron card,

it exposed holes
in our security system.

I upgraded.

Quinn was here.

She went right for that file,
which means...

B613 knows everything.

Three innocent lives,

and one of them
was a friend of mine!

Innocence is in the eye
of the beholder,

and I think you're
smart enough to see

why my definition
is different than yours.

So you admit this was B613?

I am telling you
bad things happen.

A reporter and
an N.S.A. worker go missing.

A press secretary dies
in a carjacking.

It's unfortunate.
Life is unfortunate.


Bad things happen
to good people all the time.


You make bad things
happen to good people.

- Who put you up to this?
- Olivia...

I want to know.

Who made you do this?

You tell me...
Who made you do this?

- Who?!
- I am command, Olivia!

Who do you think?!

This was your call?

This was my call.

I am protecting the Republic.

I keep this country running.
I do what needs to be done!

It's my job!
I'm command!

You told me
you would be different.

- I am different.
- No! No!

Fitz gave you
the keys to this office

and immediately
you became my father!

I am different!

Because when something awful
needed to be done,

I did not pull some poor,
broken soldier out of a hole

and make him do something that would give
him nightmares for the rest of his life.

I did that awful thing myself.

James Novak died
in a carjacking.

Accept that and
the world keeps spinning.

And if I don't?

Bad things happen to good
people all the time.

I promise you, I am fine.
I have to go.

You're being unreasonable.

I'm being unreasonable?

Don't you dare
make this about me, Cyrus,

when this is so
clearly all about

you being too afraid
to tell your other boyfriend

that you're gay!

I'm not afraid, James.

I am just not ready to tell the
President of the United States

what I do when I
go home at night.

When are you gonna be
ready, Cyrus, huh?

Because I seem to
remember you telling me

that things were gonna be
different after the election.

- James!
- I brought a tux, Cyrus!

You realize that you are
literally... literally...

Standing me up for the ball!

I can't take you
to the inaugural ball!

You knew that
I couldn't take you.

Bringing a tux anyway

is your way of trying
to make me the bad guy...

You are the bad guy!
I am not like you.

I am traditional.

I am not interested
in flaunting my secrets.

I am not some
dirty, little secret.

I am your boyfriend!


What do you want?

Your boss has friends
at the justice department, yes?

She knows people.

Because I may be looking
for an escape route.

You know what?
Never mind.

Forget this ever happened.

Adnan. Hey!

Calm down, Rosen.
I'm not here to kill you.

- I'm here because I'm concerned about the
pace of your investigation. - The pace?

Lance McCollum still walks the
streets of our nation's capital.

- Why hasn't there been an arrest yet?
- There will be.

It's a big case...
Lots of red tape.

We need to thoroughly
review the evidence.

We've done everything
but put James Novak's car

in Lance's living room.
Do I need to do that?

Do I need to put James Novak's
car in Lance's living room? No.

Good, 'cause I'd hate to think
you're having doubts about this.

Not at all.
Why would you...

Because you scheduled a meeting
with the Attorney General.

St-strictly to update him, not
to tell him what happened...

Not that anything did happen.

I gave you a suspect.
I expect you to use him... soon.


You could say hello.

Hello, Olivia.
What do you want?


Can you just...


I don't know, nice,
for a minute, to me?

Can you be a dad...
normal, kind, regular dad...

for just a few seconds
for me, please?

I'm asking...
I'm really asking, here,

because I...
I really need it. I...

I need my dad.


I don't know
what the point is...

of this...

of democracy and freedom
and patriotism.

If there are no white hats,
if everyone is evil,

if the deck is always stacked,
if everyone I love is a monster,

if no one is worth saving,
what's the point?

I'm asking you.

I'm actually asking you.
What is the point?

What happened?

Sally Langston murdered
Daniel Douglas,

and Jake killed three people
to cover it up,

Cyrus Beene's husband.

Oh, that.

"Oh, that"?


Forget it.

Sit down.


You want me to be your
dad, I'll be your dad.


That's the number of people
I'm responsible for killing...

Not the number of
people I've killed,

the number I'm responsible for.

There's a difference.

You get an order
to kill someone,

well, maybe
you pull the trigger,

but it's not on you.

They ordered it.

If you didn't kill the poor
bastard, somebody else would.

But when you become command,

you are the one
giving the orders.

You are the one
making the decisions.

You have to choose
who lives, who dies.

You are responsible.

So you become...

The hand of God.


I know all of their names.

I know how old they were,
if they had children,

if they would be missed.


I never made
a decision lightly.

I always suffered
a bit with each one.

The responsibility of that,
the gravity of that,

the weight of it, it marks me.

It stains me.
It never leaves me.

I am responsible.


So, whatever you think of Jake,

however you want to punish him,

being the hand of God

is already the worst
punishment in the world.

And there is,
incidentally, a point.

If there are
no more white hats,

if the deck is always stacked,

and if everyone you love
is a monster,

there is, in fact,
someone worth saving.



Everyone is worth saving!

Even the monsters.
Even the demons.

Everyone is worth saving.

In the face of darkness,

you drag everyone
into the light.

That is the point.

At least, I like to think
that is the point of you.

Am I finished...
being dad now?

Are we done?


Good shooting, dick.
Appreciate it, Andy.

Certainly underestimated
your abilities, governor.

Not bad for California.

Despite the hippies,

there's still plenty
of wild west back home.

Yeah, I just wish your boy Fitz

had brought more of your spirit
to his first term.

Look, I appreciate the visit,

but I'm gonna have to go with
Sally Langston this time around.

What if my husband were to make
some kind of gesture?

What kind of gesture?

Uh, whatever gesture would
make you feel more confident

about his position
on these matters.

Though if I were you,

a speech from the White House
would seem to do the trick.

- A speech.
- Hmm.

They're still
leaning towards Langston,

but they've agreed
to switch horses

if you make a speech

affirming your support
for the second amendment.

I mean, I know
the timing's not great.

That's an understatement.

But, all in all,
it's good news.

Thanks for the hard work, Andy.

It was Mellie
who struck the deal.

I was too busy worrying
about the recoil.

She's right here.
Want to thank her yourself?

No, that's okay.

I'll see her when
you guys get back.


- Well, what did he say?
- He loved it.

Wanted to thank you
for your hard work.

Was that Andrew
calling from Houston?

Yeah, they want to make
some kind of deal.

A big speech, yeah.

Mellie's chief of staff
filled me in. Don't do it.

Cyrus, when was
the last time you ate?

Lauren, call down
to the kitchen.

Have them
bring us up some food.

- What?
- I'm fine.

I'm fine.

If Lauren wants
to bring me something,

she can bring me
a new press secretary.

Sheila's been a damn
train wreck down there.

Now, about this speech...
You can't do it.

Yes, it gives us our base back,

but look at who
we're up against...

A democrat
who shot his wife's rapist

and Sally Langston,

who might love guns even more
than she loves Jesus.

- So you're saying...
- I'm saying

let's steal some
votes from the left

and worry about winning
the base back later.

By coming out in favor
of gun control?

Your press secretary was shot,
Mr. President.

You were shot.

It's a perfect opportunity
to shift positions

without looking
like a flip-flopper.

You don't like it.

It's a smart move
politically, but...

Using what happened
today to get votes...

You sure you're okay with that?

If we can turn some
purple states red, why not?

Mr. President.

Cyrus, I thought
you'd gone home.

Uh, I was hoping to discuss
something with you

before I left.

It's important.

What is it, Cy?

I'm s-seeing someone.

That's wonderful.

Is this the first person
you've started seeing

since the divorce?

It is.

And it's serious?

It is.

Well, good for you, Cy.

Do you...

Want to tell me anything else
about this person?


A journalist.

A journalist?

A very... opinionated

Is that going to be a problem?

Of course not.

Good. Okay.

That's a-all
I wanted to say.


Are you in love?

I am, sir...

In love.


Make me happy.

Then that's all that matters.

We cannot... we will not...

Sit idly by in the
face of such tragedy.

We must work together
to put an end to gun violence

once and for all...

Not only for James Novak,

but for every citizen
of this great nation.

President grant
decidedly guaranteeing his opponent,

vice President Sally Langston,

an endorsement from
the powerful gun lobby today.

The President's decision

to admonish
the nation's gun lobby

is being hailed as bold
but brilliant

by a vast majority
of independents this evening.

Grant's approvals are up
by four points

and are continuing to rise.

In other news, still no word

on the carjacking death
of press secretary James Novak.

White house officials
remaining silent tonight.

What is so bad about
stiffer background checks?

Everything! Are you insane
like Fitz or just stupid?!

So, you're saying three days
is too long to wait for a gun?

Three minutes is too long.
Oh, wait.

So... so, you're okay
with a depressed teenager

or a criminal
walking out of prison,

hell-bent on revenge,

walking into his friendly
neighborhood gun shop

and walking out
with an ak-47?

Ar-15, more likely.

The point is, the vast majority
of violent crimes

are committed
with black-market guns.

No self-respecting gangster
is gonna walk into

his friendly neighborhood
gun shop to get a piece.

And while we're at it,

we may as well put
background checks on vodka.

Bloody Marys kill far
more people than guns!

Those aren't the same!

"Bartender, I'd like a beer."
"Yes, ma'am!

That'll be five bucks.
Come back in three days."

Ordering a beer is not
the same thing as buying a gun!

- It makes the same amount of sense.
- It doesn't!

It's a shame.

What is?

That he can't see you
the way I do.



Are you here?!

Why didn't you answer me?

Didn't hear you.

You heard me.

What are you doing here?

I live here.

You're home before dark.
You're never home before dark.

I'm sick.

That's not how this works.

How what works?
This. Us.

You lying to me
is not how we work.

What's going on?

I'm not lying.
Everything's fine.


- Abby, let it go.
- No.

- Abby... - Something major's
going on with you...

Something major and disturbing

and quite frankly
pretty scary...

So you need to tell
me what it is.

I am sick.
That's all.


Are you in danger,
or are you in trouble?

I told you, I am sick.

Danger or trouble... which is it?
This conversation...

Danger or trouble? Can you
please get out of my way?!

Danger or trouble?!


Look at me.

Look at me.

Something's wrong.

Something bad has
happened to you...

Something terrible.

You don't hide that from me.

You don't lie about it to me.
You give it to me.

You let me share it.

I love you.
You are my heart.

What happens to you
happens to me.

I'm supposed to send
an innocent man to jail

for a carjacking
he didn't commit.

That's the price I have to pay
for still being alive.

But I can't bring
myself to do it.

Oh, David. He killed them
right in front of me, Abby...

Shelby, Vanessa, James.

They're all dead,
and I'm alive.



You come for some more teeth?

A finger?

I came here to kill you,

to, uh...

Put you down.

You cracked Liv's safe.
I saw you on the camera.

You're broken.
You're a threat.

So I came here to put you down.

But then I was sitting here,
and I realized...

I saw you on camera.

I trained you.

I made you.

And you are good, Quinn.
You're special... talented...

Which means I shouldn't
have seen you on camera.

You would have de-magged the optics,
looped the visuals, cut the upload.

There's no way I would
have seen you on camera...

Unless you wanted to be seen.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You wanted me to see you.

You wanted us to know
what Jake was doing,

what B613 was doing.

You're not broken.

Somewhere in there,
you're still a gladiator.

You tell me I'm a gladiator,

and then you take it away,

and now you're here
and I'm just supposed to...

Screw you!

Screw you, Hu...


If you're not gonna kill me...

Get the hell out.

Liv, I need to talk to you.

The... the guy who killed James,
it was Jake... your Jake...

And now he's threatening
to kill my David

if he doesn't arrest the patsy
he's picked out for him.

Liv. Thank God
you're still here.

Excuse me.
Little busy here.

This is more important.
Adnan Salif...

She's back in the country,
and she's up to something,

and whatever it is,
it's bad with a capital "b."

Liv! I talked to Quinn,
and she's in deep over there...

Like, way deep... and I think
we maybe need to get her out.


If you brought me here

to give me a lecture
on moral relativism,

I'm not interested.

Sit down.

So, this patsy...

His name's Lance McCollum.

He's 47 years old.

Has a mother named Pat
and a cat named Murphy.

- You need to arrest him.
- No.

- David... - Three people died,
Liv, right in front of me.

I can't let those deaths
go unpunished.

And if you die, too, then what?

Who's going to fight
the real enemy?

Real en... what real enemy?
Jake Bal...

Jake Ballard did what anyone
in his position would have done.

The problem isn't Jake, David.

It's B613 and
the fact it even exists.

That's where you should
be focusing your energy.

I see. So exposing Jake,
that's a death wish,

but taking down
the entire organization,

that's something
within my reach?

Me, David Rosen,
and my army of one?

Army of two.

We'll do it together.

Brick by brick, we'll
tear that building down

until there's nothing left
but a hole in the ground.

To do that, though,

we need to be patient...
Patient and alive.

So instead of standing alone

and turning this into
a suicide mission,

stand with me and turn
this into a cause.

Lose this battle
so we can win the war.

So, they've made an arrest.

Ballistics on the gun
were a match.

McCollum has signed
a written confession.

So, a carjacking,
then, that's...


What this was.
We're sure of that now.

We're sure of that now.

I've gathered the press
for a briefing.

As soon as I can grab
a minute with Sheila...

Cyrus, where are you going?

I can't let Sheila do it.
She's a travesty.

Cyrus, wait.

Do not go into that room.

Once you
open that door, it changes you.

I know you! Cyrus.

I know who you are!

The justice department,

in coordination
with local law enforcement,

has confirmed that a suspect...

A suspect...

Has been taken into custody

in the murder of White House
press secretary James Novak.

♪'s ups and downs

♪ but fate's been kind

♪ The downs have been few

come out to see what life
is like in steerage?

♪ I guess you could say

What are you doing?

♪ I've been lucky

- Cy.
♪ I've been lucky


- Cy?
♪ Oh, I guess you could say

♪ that's it's all because of you ♪

Are you sure?

♪ If anyone

- Dance with me, James.
♪ Should ever write

♪ my life story

♪ for whatever reason ♪
♪ for whatever reason there might be ♪

♪ oooh, you'd be there

♪ between each line
of pain and glory ♪

♪ you're the best thing
that ever happened to me ♪

♪ 'cause you're the best thing
♪ that ever happened to me



Oh, no!
Oh, no!

I got it.

Come on.
Come on.

Come on.

It's okay.

Let me do my job.

Let... let me do
my jo... job!

The suspect's name
is Lance McCollum.

He's being described
as a career criminal.

FBI investigators have matched

the ballistics
of a gun found in his apartment

with the bullet used
to kill Mr. Novak.

All other questions
about the case

will be referred
to the justice department,

the U.S. attorney's office

for the district of Columbia.

Any questions?

I'm sorry.

I really am.
I did the others...

Quick and clean.

I wish I could have
done that with you.

I'm sorry I had to be
so sloppy with you.

But I have to make yours
look like a carjacking.

It has to look like
an amateur did it.

So it's going to hurt, and
it's... going to take some time.

I'm sorry.

But I'm gonna sit here
with you.

I'm gonna stay with you
until it's over.

I'm not going to
let you die alone.

You're not alone.


Your daughter's gonna be okay.

Nothing is going
to happen to her.

She's safe.
She is safe.

You're almost there.

You're almost there.

Any minute now.