Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - Boom Goes the Dynamite - full transcript

Olivia is tasked with finding a woman for a Goburnatorial candidate who is rumored to be gay by his family. Fitz wants to rescue the hostages but he has to find out who the leak is. Cyrus ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
That wasn't a mistake.

That was betrayal.
We are done.

Previously on "Scandal"...

The bartender saw you
leaving McGhee's together

the night she was
stabbed to death.

She'd just started downloading
my Defiance files

when she died.

There's high-level classified
military intelligence on there.

Four Americans have
been kidnapped abroad.

They're our top C.I.A. assets
in the region, Mr. President.

Do you want to tell me
how they got their hands

- on legitimate U.S. operatives?
- We have a mole.

So what is your thing?

People watching.
How's 8:00 on Friday sound?

See you then,
captain Ballard.

I'm so sorry.
This is not...

I'm not a late person,

and I don't want you to think
our meeting isn't a priority.

- It's a date.
- What?

You said "meeting."
I'm not a client.

I don't have a problem.
I don't need fixing.

I asked you out.
You said yes. We dressed up.

At the end of the evening,
if all goes well,

there will be... kissing.

This is not a meeting.
This is a date.

And I don't want to insult you.
You chose this restaurant.

I'm sure the food is very good.

But this is not
a date restaurant.

We can't have a date here.
This is where dates go to die.

You look extraordinary,
by the way.

So let's go.

Tell me this is not a
fantastic spot for a date.

It's not bad.

You're hard to please.

I like that.
I like a challenge.

- What's albatross?
- I'm sorry. What?

Wendy was working on
something called albatross,

and I'm guessing that since
she reached out to you,

that you know what it is.

Wow, you really suck at dating.

I never said this was a date,
you did.

- Ouch.
- Albatross.

We are on date,

from which I will give you
a 30 second break

to answer your question.
That is all, okay?


Couple of years ago, a guy
from the state department

gets busted selling classified
documents to Tehran.

Pretty big deal, made
even bigger by the fact

that the day they were going
to issue his arrest warrant,

he pulls into his parking
spot on K street

and blows his brains out
with a colt .38.

Now, the guy says
in his suicide note

that he was framed,
that he wasn't the mole,

he didn't know
who the mole was,

didn't know anything about him,
except for the fact

that he went by an alias.


Now, no one believed the guy.

The case was airtight, but
the story became a legend.

So now, whenever anyone in
the intelligence community

- messes up
- They blame it on albatross.

So, when Wendy was
reaching out to you......

No, no, your time is up.
The date is back on.

- Captain Ballard...
- Jake.

All my dates call me "Jake."

You do not give up.

I'm a Navy man.
Navy men do not give up.

- Neither do I.
- Like I said,

I like a challenge.


I'll be right there.

Ten minutes.

Date's over.

Thought this wasn't a date.

I was being nice.

- Mm.
- Good night, captain.


- Day eight.
- Fitz...

Day eight!
They're running a damn tally

of the most glaring
failure of my presidency

on every network on a loop,

while we, for all apparent
purposes, do nothing.

You are doing everything
to get those hostages back safe.

It's not your fault
the intelligence

simply isn't there.

What if you reached out personally

- to the families, told them...
- What?

That we have no clue
where their loved ones are,

who exactly has them
or how to get them back?

But, you know,
tie another ribbon.

You need a break.
You haven't been sleeping.

This thing has been consuming you
day and night.

Don't wait up.
I have work to do.

- He's here, sir.
- Send him in.

Mr. President, sir.

Son of a bitch.

"Mr. President"... I'll never
get over saying that.


- How are you?
- I'm good.

You want a drink?

We're drinking.

Someone's following you?


All of a sudden?

How do you know?

Just I know.
It's a feeling.

- Can you describe them?
- That's easy.

They're very scary
and extremely invisible.

I have no idea
what they look like.

I see a car in my rearview
mirror, and I hear

footsteps behind me.
I turn around, they're gone.

Well, if this phantom menace
is real, as long as they

think Wendy's flash drive
is still out there,

they're gonna stop
until they k...

Until they kill me? That's what
you were gonna say, right?



We need to find out
what albatross is.

He's a mole.
A made-up one,

as far as the intelligence
community's concerned,

the stuff of legend...
athough given the files

- we found on this flash drive...
- Maybe he really exists.

So this Wendy girl... what?

She... she stole the files
from this guy?

- Realizing what she had,
- Then got killed

before she was able
to do anything about it.

If this stuff is so top secret,
why aren't we...

Why aren't we what, Quinn?

Um... why aren't we
handing them over

- to someone in the administration?
- We don't have all the facts.

We also covered up a murder
and messed with a crime scene.

If we turn in that flash drive,
we screw ourselves.

20% of the albatross files
were encrypted.

I've got three computers
working on it right now.

- What's the time frame, Huck?
- No, this stuff's from the Pentagon.

They have got firewalls
aside their firewalls.

I'll get through them, but we're
talking days, not hours.

Once that's done, we may have
a better idea who our mole is.

Well, it's probably the same
person who's following me,

just waiting for the
right moment to shoot me

or run me over or drown
me in my own toilet.

Huck will trail you for
the next couple of days,

make sure you're not in danger.

- Does Huck...
- Stink? Yes. To high heaven.

Like he
hasn't showered in days.

At least David will
always know where he is.

You see any of the guys?

Uh, lucky's C.E.O.
of some big tech firm now.

Patty and Rick...
They fly for the airlines.

You know Coney's teaching
at Annapolis?

Coney is shaping young minds?

Poor kids.

They all follow you.

They call me, like I've got
some direct line to the Oval...

It's good to see you.

In person, I mean.

You're a hard man
to get to these days.

That's a thing you don't bank on.

You work your ass off
to get to the White House,

then here you are and...

I didn't count on
the isolation.

It makes you do things.

Color outside the lines.


- You don't have to keep...
- I'm happy to.

I never should have
asked Tom to call you.

I'm happy to do any favor
you ask of me. You know that.

It's done. I'm doing it.
I've been doing it.

- How is she?
- She's good.

Quiet. Makes my job easy.
Spends most of her time working.

She took up swimming recently.

She was on the swim
team in high school.


What else?

She reads a lot,
watches the news... a lot.

She doesn't sleep enough.


She's unhappy.
She doesn't date.

I think maybe the breakup
with senator Davis

- might have been hard on her.
- I don't think so.

I know Davis.

He was serious.
She wasn't.

If you don't mind my asking,
we've made the jump

from photo surveillance
to video surveillance.

That's not a question.

I was wondering why.

I have my reasons.

Well, it would help
if I knew your reasons.

If I'm the one watching the feed,

I need to know what to look for.

Have you seen anything yet?

Well, it... might be nothing,
but she could be getting

into something interesting,
possibly dangerous with work.

I'm not sure yet.
It's...It's too soon to tell.

Fitz, my professional opinion
is she seems harmless,

so unless this is personal...

You're watching tapes
and looking at photos.

You don't know her.

Olivia Pope is not what she seems.

Of course. I didn't...
I'm s...

I didn't mean to...
It's just I'm...

She's not a good person.

Not the way you think.

And this isn't personal.
Nothing about this is personal.

Of course.
I didn't mean to imply...

I get it.

It's okay.

Stay on her.

You're still in the office.
Do you know what time it is?

Fun never ends around here, senator.

- How you been, Liv?
- Busy. And you?

- That's Peter Caldwell of the
Caldwells. - Gold star.

- The Caldwells are clients?
- So?

So they're one of the
dirtiest political dynasties

in American history.

What can I do for you, Peter?

Well, it's not me this time, Liv.
It's my brother... Will.

He's making a play
for the North Carolina

- Governor's mansion.
- I heard.

Congressman Will Caldwell,
heir to the famous

Caldwell republican dynasty.

♪ hey,
once I was a funky singer ♪

So this is where the Caldwell
magic is happening?

Ground zero.
You remember my wife Marion.

Ah. Of course.
Thank you for coming.

Oh, the man of the hour.

Olivia. Back with us again.
What happened?

Chip fall off the wagon?
Josie make another sex tape?

Who's in crisis today?

You are, Will.

How's polling?

Got the race in the bag
if he wasn't...

So gay?

I read the gossip rags.
It's my job to be well-informed.

- I'm not gay!
- Will, come on!

- I am not gay!
- Then why are you still single?

I'm sowing my oats.
I don't want to settle down.

You haven't dated anyone
in the last ten years.

And don't tell me
that you have,

because I did my homework on you.

You don't date,
you don't go out,

you don't meet women, and you
don't have sex with anybody.


The rumors are killing
his chances.

We have a giant
fund-raiser coming up,

and our conservative donors
are fleeing for the hills.

Best way to quash rumors
is go with the truth.

Come on, Liv. You can't be
elected a gay Governor

- in a red state.
- Says who?

- You want me to be the first gay
Governor of North Carolina? - Yep.

Well, that'll be difficult,
Olivia, because I'm not gay.

He needs a wife.

We do that?

Peter, I don't need
to get married.

You belong in the
Governor's mansion.

We're just trying to figure out
the best way to get you there.

You sound just like mom.

Older brother Peter's
a senator from Indiana.

Has four kids with wife Marion.

Peter holds the family together,
and, boy, do they need it.

Sister's the Texas Attorney General

with a coke problem.

Father was Governor
of Tennessee,

bid for the White House.

Failed when they discovered
his secret Canadian family.

Fine. Canadian mistress.
But she did have a kid.

Before we go down
the fake wife road,

why don't we ask will
what he wants?

Gay I could work with.

Gay I could get elected.

Gay I could take all the way.
Give me ten years,

and I can make a gay president.

- Will...
- I'm not gay.

So we have a problem,
because this...

Single, celibate, no
women or men anywhere,

no virility, no testosterone,
no passion...

- That's fatal.
- Hold on...

When's the last time
a single man

has been elected
to the Governor's mansion

in any state
in the last 40 years?


People don't like a guy
they can't place.

A married man, a widower,

a divorced dad, a gay partner...
They get that.

A single guy
with no sign of anyone?

No love life?

People don't trust it,
and they won't vote for it,

not even the most liberal
of your constituents,

and we're in a red state,

so that's about 20 people
to begin with.

It's an uphill battle

that you don't want to fight,
Will, because you won't win.

You've got this, Will.
You are good at this game.

You could take the
Caldwell name all the way.

The White House.

What do you think, Marion?

You weren't raised
by political wolves.

You might still
have a soul in there.

This is your dream, Will.
You've worked so hard for it.

Be a shame to throw it away now.

Let's find me a fake wife.

♪ Yeah, and they was
dancin' and singin' ♪

So, who wants to marry
into this lovely family?

I was enrolled at Princeton.
Eating club and all.

But I spent all my time
in New York

hunting for fabric, so after
sophomore year I dropped out.

Uh, not to be rude,
but why do you care?

Compatibility will be
important in selling this.

The public's smart.
They've seen

enough fake reality shows
to know from true love.

Plus you'll be spending a lot
of time with this person,

so what do you look for
in a woman?

So your father
was a preacher, right?

Lutheran. Made me stand up
in front of the assembly

every week
and read the bulletin.

Now you're on air for BNC.
Makes sense.

So you a headhunter?

It would help if she understood
my responsibilities

as Governor will have to come first.

It would help if she
was sexy as hell, too.

Let's start there.

I've never been behind
forcing kids to pray in school.

The point of my op-ed
in the "Sun"

was to simply argue that
we might set aside the time

for the students
who choose to pray.

Who did you say you work for?

Where are we with David?

Uh, apartment is clean.
There's no sign

of anyone tailing him.
Stay on him just in case.

- Okay.
- Ooh.


- You okay?
- Yeah. Why?

No reason.


If you're looking for Liv,

everyone went home.

Just killing time.
Huck's checking out my car,

making sure it's not bugged.

It isn't just
this hostage situation.

Until you get to the bottom
of this security breach,

I'm virtually paralyzed here!

Any intelligence I get,
any action I take

runs the risk of being
completely compromised.

- Sir...
- I want a full court press.

You eat at your desks,
you don't sleep or go home

until you unearth this guy!


There's a situation,
Mr. President.

I must warn you,
what you're about to see

is quite graphic,
extremely disturbing,

and wholly unsuitable
for young audiences.

This footage was sent
to Al-Jazeera this morning.

It's on every network.

The jihadi will no longer tolerate

the infiltration
of American spies...

Why is he holding
the paper like that?

So we can see the date.

The want us to know
it happened today.

No. No. No. No... no. No.

No! No!


Oh, my God, Fitz.

This is the destiny of the others...

- Turn it off.
- Who do not do as we say.

- We will...
- Turn it off.

Olivia Pope.

We need a second date.

- Captain Ballard.
- Jake.

- Jake.
- Hear me out.

You were late to our first date.

You chose a bad restaurant,

forcing me to improvise.
You left early,

and there was no kissing.

You did not get the full
Jake Ballard experience.

You're owed a second date.

I could cheer you up.

What makes you think
I need cheering up?

Well, don't you?

Jake, I don't date.

Um, just...

I'm sorry.
I'm just not dating right now.

Why not?

What was his name?
You want me to beat him up for you?

Because clearly he was no good.

Good-bye, Jake.

The White House issued this
statement just after the hour,

saying, and I'm quoting now,

the President deplores
this barbaric act

committed against
an innocent American.

The perpetrators must
and will be brought to justice.

Tell me we're doing
more than a press release.

This is just
the initial statement.

Fitz is also going to say something
from the Oval. He didn't tell you?

He doesn't tell me
anything these days.

- Ah, Cyrus...
- Words won't be enough.

They cut the head off
of an American, Mellie.

You do not answer that
with a pleasant sonnet.

You get revenge...
blood for blood.

Fitz is worried they will
kill another hostage.

The terrorists
are state-sponsored,

if not officially,
then unofficially.

During the day they
may not be drinking tea

with Kashfar intelligence,

but at night they are
sipping from their saucers.

We need to send in drones,

take out a couple
of their top guys.

Or a wedding party.
It doesn't matter,

just as long as you light
a fire under the Kashfaris.

You hold them accountable,

and they will
find the hostages for us.

I'll pass it along.

I'm gonna make sure he knows
this is your idea.

Cy, he can't keep
shutting you out.

You're too valuable.


Today, I've brought in little
chocolate bars... fun size.

If you get a right answer,
I'll give you one of these bars.

So let's get started.

Who can tell me who
Lyndon Johnson was?

It was in your reading
assignment, guys...

All four pages of it.

One of our presidents?

Yes. Yes, he was, Darren.
He was one of our presidents.

Our 36th President,
to be exact.



My candy bar?


I don't get it.
He's gorgeous, successful.

How come he doesn't date?

- He's gay.
- Lots of people don't date.

- He is gay. - Doesn't mean there's
something wrong with him.

There's nothing wrong with it
if he was out of the closet,

- but he's not. - I don't know.
Looks like there's a spark.

Speaking of flammable,
you tell your partner in crime

to take a shower yet?

I think there might be
something wrong with him.

He's Huck. There's something
very wrong with him.

Doesn't give him a pass on hygiene.

All right.

Nodding, leaning, eye contact.

All good.

Come on. Casual touch,

and boom goes the dynamite.

Before you sign
on the dotted line, just...

Take a minute, okay?

I know what
a political marriage is.

There are upsides...

The money, the houses,
the clothes.

You'll be American royalty.
That's all true.

But you'll also be put
under a microscope.

Every move you make
will be scrutinized

and held up for judgment.

They'll never stop
watching you,

because your life
isn't yours anymore.

It's theirs...
The family's,

because they bought you.

And they're gonna want
what they paid for.

The Kashfari skies
were ablaze today,

as U.S. drones bombed
key military installations,

a move many Americans
are calling

a much-needed show of strength

on the part of
President Fitzgerald Grant.

Although Kashfari government
officials have denied...

72 hours,
Mr. Prime Minister...

That's how much time you've got

to find the hostages
and deliver them to us alive.

Fail to do that, and I'll order
a second round of strikes.

Have I made myself clear?

Clock starts now.

Let's see if he bites.

The press certainly did.

They're calling today's strikes
a much-needed show of strength.

I should listen
to my wife more often.


The strikes were Mellie's idea.

She called it
"blood for blood."

The woman can't handle
a diaper change,

but bombing a village?
No problem.

Well done, sir.

Mallory dropped out?

I'm afraid she had a
last-minute change of heart.

And why is that?


The Caldwell fund-raiser
is tomorrow.

He needs a woman on his arm.
The woman.

You put us completely
back to square one.

I couldn't just let her...

She didn't know what
she was getting into, Liv.

Not every political marriage
ends up with...

Three broken ribs, a busted
jaw, and a restraining order?

I'm sorry.

I look at that family and...

it brings it all back.

If one chat with you
is all it took,

she didn't have the
stomach for it anyway.

Come on, Huck.

You have reached
the voice mailbox of...

Please don't hurt me!

I know who killed Wendy.

I'm sorry I followed you.

It's called stalking.
And thank you, by the way,

for putting your phone on
vibrate and taking a nap.

- I don't nap. - Or whatever it is
you did while I was being stalked.

Why were you following him?

I just wanted to talk.
I-I know you didn't kill Wendy.

- How? - Because she said
she really liked him.

Wendy was my best friend.
We told each other everything.

And she knew she had
something really big.

She knew someone wanted
to kill her for it.

- Did she know who?
- There was this guy...

I don't know who it was.

I saw them fighting
outside her house once.

He was threatening her.

He s-said he wanted
whatever she had on him.

That had to be him.

But the thing is,
he knows I know.

He saw me watching,
and now she's dead,

and I'm the only one who
knows who killed her.

Do you think
he'll try and kill me?

Harrison, Abby, keep prepping
Gayle and will for the gala.

Huck, put Molly somewhere safe,
and see if there are any

security cams
outside Wendy's house

that could give us a
visual on this guy.

Maybe we can I.D. him.

What do you think?

Take her to the safe house,
or spring for a room

at the Stanworth?

Uh, do whatever you want.

- She backed out?
- It happens sometimes.

They think they're on
board, and when it's time

to pull the trigger, they balk.

But we have a very
strong runner-up.

She'll be ready in time
for the fund-raiser.

Enough is enough.

- First choice, yes, it's worth
the risk, but... - Marion.

This is Will's wife we're
talking about here.

If he rushes into this
with this woman,

- and then next week decides he
hates her... - He'll get a divorce.

I know you have my best
interests at heart,

but the gala tomorrow night...
That's my shot.

Those are the people whose wallets

pick our party's leaders.

This second choice of ours...
She good, Liv?

Because we're gonna need
a real charmer now.

Who does she need to charm?

The President of the United States

just agreed to be our keynote
speaker tomorrow night.

Can't you send someone
else to the Caldwell gala?

Mellie, the Vice President,
Secretary of Agriculture...

- Anyone.
- I didn't even know about it.

I had no idea
he was even going.

- You're kidding me.
- I'm completely out of the loop, Liv.

But it's not the knife
in my back

that is upsetting to me.

It's the size of the knife
in my back.

It's the... enormous knife,

- being stabbed over
and over and over. - Cyrus.

She's got him.
He looks to her.

He leans on her.
He's her guy now.

Maybe that's how it should be.

She's his wife.
She's the mother of his children.

This is Mellie we're talking about.

Whatever you feel about
Fitz, whatever happened,

leaving him to Mellie...
That is low, Liv.


Yeah, I-I know.
I'm sorry. It's just...

I almost don't know
who I am without him.

It's like...

I don't know what
to do with my hands,

and she's shoving me
out the door.

I can't figure out
how to fight her.

Let Mellie be.

That's how you fight her.

Don't overthink it.
Just let Mellie be.

Let Mellie do what
Mellie's going to do.

When it comes to Fitz,
Mellie's her own worst enemy.

Eventually, she's going to
go too far and cross him.

You just need to be
there when she does.

if that doesn't work,

he'll be seeing me
at the fund-raising gala.

Which should take the heat
off you,

because the only person Fitz
hates more than you is me.

I was telling her class what
it's like to be a congressman,

but it wasn't going very well.

Honey, they're first-graders.

They have the attention
span of gnats.

Honestly, I couldn't
take my eyes off her.

I was like a blushing schoolboy.

Don't flinch
when she touches you.

And don't call yourself
"a blushing schoolboy."

In fact, don't ever
say "blushing."

Find a place to disagree
about the story.

Makes you sound less rehearsed.

- Again.
- Again.

First grade teacher
from Nebraska.

What was her
college major again?

Library studies.

Not to mention she's pro-life,
pro-gun, and pro-family.

She wants kids.

At least four.

And she water-skis...

And this was his second choice?
Liv, you have outdone yourself.

Be a hell of a thing if
this marriage became more

than a political convenience,
wouldn't it?

A hell of a thing.

These bombing raids are a
death sentence for my son...

And for all the other
hostages of Kashfar.

This President is endangering
my poor Charlie's life.

He is clearly not fit
to be commander-in-chief.

You sure you don't want me
to come with you tonight?

I could dig something up
out of the closet.

It's a bunch of party
bigwigs and oilmen.

You'd be bored to tears.

Just wanted to remind you,
sir, to pay a little

lip service to the chamber
of commerce guys.

They'll be spending big
come midterms.


He's under so much
pressure, Cy.

It's terrible, isn't it?
Approvals are free-falling.

He's coming off as a demon.

I wish there was
something we could do.

It's not like we can
tell the families

that we're back-channeling
with the Kashfaris.

We just have to take
the beating.

Too bad Fitz can't meet
with the families.

Be a media circus.

What if it were me?


I'm good with parents.
I speak their language.

What about the press?

The second these parents
show up at the White House,

we'll lose a week's worth
of news cycles.

So we set up
a conference call...

A private number
the families can dial into.

I say my piece,
I set them at ease...

Disaster averted.

What would this White House
do without you, Mellie?

I have a car waiting.

- One of the girls talked.
- What? To who?

Editor of the "D. C. Dish."

He just called asking me
to comment on the auditions

we held to find a fake
wife for, and I quote,

"Senator Caldwell's
gay brother."

- How much does he know?
- Everything,

from rehearsals
to confidentiality agreements.

Find out how much
lead time we have.

None. They're running the
story tomorrow morning.

This story cannot come out.

It'll destroy Will's political career.

I'm headed to the "D.C. Dish" now.

I bet it's the first girl who
leaked it...the one Abby got to.

We deal with that later.
Just do whatever...

And, Harrison, I mean
whatever we need to do

to shut this down!

Hey, Anne.

I'm on deadline, Cy.
Come back in an hour.

I've got a big story for you.
Biggest of the week.

An American civilian
was beheaded in Kashfar,

and in return you guys
ignored international law

and bombed half a dozen villages.

News-wise, I'd say it's already
been a pretty big week.

8:00 tomorrow morning,
the First Lady will be

on a conference call,
a conference call where

she will speak very freely
about what this administration

is doing regarding the hostages.

She will speak freely because
she won't, in fact, know

that a reporter,
hopefully yourself,

will be on the line.

Have I mentioned how much
I like and respect you, Cy?

You're welcome.

The house across the street
from Wendy's had a security cam.

- Mm-hmm.
- And look, right there...See that?


Same night Molly saw Wendy
fight with our mystery guy,

and the time fits, too.

We should have Molly
come in and take a look,

- see if she can I.D. him.
- I'll call right now.

We're running this.
End of story.

- Off of one source?
- Look around you.

This is the "Dish,"
not the "Times."

I ain't Bernstein,

and my reporter sure as
hell ain't Woodward.

I get it.
You break this story...

However erroneous
and fabricated... and what?

Sell out a day's worth
of papers,

score a few hundred
thousand clicks?

Let me just ask you... would you
rather break this story,

or would you rather
own this story?

What's your offer?

She was so pretty, I-I still
don't know how I made it

through "Green Eggs and Ham."

Keep in mind, there's only about
five words on each page.

Thank you so much.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the President of the United States.

Don't think this means anything.

Don't worry!
I don't!

When it comes to leadership,

there's no better man
than Will Caldwell.

I mean that.

Support him, and not only
does North Carolina

get a damn good Governor,
but he'll be too busy

to run against me
in the primaries.

Thank you.

Thanks, everyone.

Thank you.

Will Caldwell, Governor.


Well, now I know why you
won't go out with me again.

You're having a torrid affair
with Henderson.

It's Harrison,
and he's my coworker.

Why are you calling?

Uh, you called me.

- No... I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

You said, "Jake, if I'm gonna
go on a second date with you,

I'm gonna need you
to sell me."

You don't remember saying that?

So sell me.

Let me guess. We'll start
at a Michelin-rated restaurant

and end up picnicking
under a bridge.

No, I was thinking the Metro.

Slap some Mac and cheese
in a tupperware.

The Red Line's my favorite,
but it's also the longest,

so until I'm sure
that I like you,

you know,
as much as you like me,

I think it's best we start
with something short,

like the Green Line.

I have to go, Jake. I'm sorry.
Can I call you back tomorrow?

And say hi to Henderson for me.

Tell me you shut it down.

I shut it down.
It took me offering exclusivity

on the Caldwell wedding photos
and pretty much everything else

for the rest of their
heavily contracted marriage,

- but given what's at stake...
- Small price to pay.

So where are we
with the first girl?

- You think we can muzzle her?
- That's the thing.

I was talking to the
editor, and he said

the leak came
from inside the family.


He needs a wife.

You haven't dated
anyone in the last ten years.

- Why?- I'm sowing my oats.
I don't want to settle down.

This is Will's wife
we're talking about here.

If he rushes into this
with this woman

and then next week
decides he hates her...

Be a hell of a thing
if this marriage became more

than a political convenience,
wouldn't it?

Yeah. A hell of a thing.

A hell of a thing.

He said the leak
came from inside the family.

I can't.

I have to go.


- Olivia.
- Will.

End it.

I don't know
what you're talking...

I saw you.
End it.

I don't care how much
we're paying you.

You have no right
to insert yourself

into a private family...

I can't.
It's too late.


Because I love her.

The day Pete brought her
home ten years ago,

I wasn't even supposed
to be there.

I was supposed to be
on a plane.

Sometimes I wonder, if I had
just been somewhere else...

We denied it for months,
because that's what you do.

You deny it. You pretend
it's not happening.

You pretend it's all above board
and it's appropriate,

and the next thing you know,
you're having sex

in the coat closet at your
brother's engagement dinner.

Pete loves her.
She's his wife.

And she and I...

Well, we have what we have.
It might not be much,

but it's what we have.

You have nothing.

You have a pile
of secrets and lies,

and you're calling it love.

And in the meantime,
you're letting your whole life

pass you by while they raise children

and celebrate anniversaries

and grow old together.

You're frozen in time.

You're holding your breath.
You're a statue

waiting for something
that's never going to happen.

Living for stolen moments
in hotel hallways

and coat closets,
you keep telling yourself

they all add up
to something real,

because in your mind
they have to, but they don't.

They won't.
They never will.

stolen moments aren't a life.

So you have nothing.

You have no one.
End it now.


I've got Molly set up
in the conference room

looking at the images
of the guy you found

on the security cam
from Wendy's house.

Fingers crossed
she can I.D. the guy.

Uh, yeah.

You smell.


You smell, Huck.

You've smelled for a week.

I googled it.

What happens to people
who've been waterboarded.

They get panic attacks.
They can't sleep.

Some of them can't even
go out in the rain.

Sometimes the rain
makes things so bad,

they can't even face the shower.


It'll go away.

When the rain stops,
it'll go away,

and I'll be fine.

Being okay as long as
it doesn't rain

isn't the same as being fine.

I used to live in a box
outside the Metro,

and before that I dismembered
people for a living.

Right now I smell.

When the rain stops,
I won't smell.

I'm fine.

- Is that...
- One of Wendy's files.

How exciting to be summoned.

Speaking to the hostages' families,

- making promises in my name?
- In the first lady's defense, sir,

her heart was
in the right place.

It's where her head was lodged.

I was only trying to help
behind the scenes.

There was a reporter
on the call.

It's all over the news.


There wasn't supposed to be press.

Oh, there wasn't supposed
to be any witnesses

to your discussing
military options with civilians,

or implying we're willing
to negotiate with terrorists,

jeopardizing every
U.S. citizen overseas.

That was just an "oops"?

I feel so much better.

What can I do, sir?

You've done enough, Cy.

Arrange a press conference...

National Security,
and Secretary of State.

Good. Smart. We'll act fast,
put a band-aid on it.


That'll be all.

Representative Caldwell
might have thought

he'd be the one
making headlines,

with a big endorsement
from president grant,

but never underestimate
America's love

of a Cinderella story.

Stealing the spotlight
was Caldwell's date

to the gala affair,
an elementary school...

Hey there, you.



Yes, I will go out with you.

Henderson's out of the picture?

out of the picture.

I've got a client.
Call me later.

Job well done, as usual.

Looks like your brother
might actually win this thing.

Oh, he's got a great shot.
Gayle on his arm

and the President in his corner.

Money is flowing in by the barrel.

All we have to do is keep
chip out of rehab.

I say the Caldwells are golden.

It'll be nice to have
your little brother

in the Governor's mansion.


Be nice to have
my wife back, too.

Come on, Liv.

I grew up in America's
greatest political family.

We lie first, breed second.

They've been sleeping
together for years.

Saw it from a mile away.

If you knew,
why didn't you stop it?

Because my brother's
crazy enough

to try and fight me for her.

He'd tank his whole
career for Marion.

I couldn't let that happen.

Family comes first.
Always has.

That's the downside
of being a Caldwell.

What is it?

These are the hostages.

Their C.I.A. files were
on Wendy's flash drive.

Huck just de-encrypted them.

So albatross, the mole,
the man who killed Wendy...

He's the one who leaked
their names to the terrorists.

I went in house, I did a thorough
sweep of all my officers,

checked all ingoing,
outgoing communications.


The mole is not in the agency.

The C.I.A. is clean on this, sir.

Which is a relief.

However, it does not
solve our problem.

I know the picture's not great,
but you think that's the guy?

- That's him.
- It is?

That's him. That's the guy.
I know it. That's him.


Sir, for my money,
I'd start looking into

other intelligence avenues...

The N.S.A.,
National Security Council.

I can provide you
with reliable names,

oversee any sweeps you need.

That's the guy who wanted
what Wendy stole!

That's the guy who killed her!
That's him on the tv!

That is him!

Thank you, Osborne.

Happy to be of service,
Mr. President.

- Sir?
- Send him in.

I don't see you in person
for three years,

and now I'm seeing you
twice in a week?

I'm starting to feel special.

- You still watching her?
- Of course.

But I have to tell you,
I don't have any more

- information than I gave you
the other day. - Who's the guy?

There's a guy, isn't there?

- She's seeing someone, someone new.
- Look...

Who's the guy?

So this is personal.
Look, Fitz...

I'm your commander-in-chief.
It's "Mr. President,"

and I need an answer.

Mr. President,
there is no guy.

She's not seeing anyone.