Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - Nobody Likes Babies - full transcript

David learns the truth about the Cytron case; Things come to a head for Pope & Associates, with extreme measures to protect themselves and those they love.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The day I agreed to election rigging
is the day I signed my death sentence.

OLIVIA: Previously on Scandal...

HUCK: It wasn't Hollis.

Someone else paid Becky
to kill the President?

When you release Hollis,
I need you to wait an hour.

We let him go an hour ago.

The minute he's released,

- make it look like an accident.
- Copy that.

Hold the doors!



I'm sorry. Do I know you?

- Hands on your head.
- Hey, hey! Whoa!

The hell is going on here?

Hollis Doyle, meet Charlie.

Charlie's here to kill you.
Unless I kill him first,

but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that yet.

- What do you want from me?
- It's what Olivia wants.

She wants to protect you,
but first she needs you to promise her

that you won't take the deal
they're offering you at Justice.

Oh, hell, that's just posturing.

I wish I could believe you, but I can't.

Which is why instead of killing Charlie
and assuring your safety,

I'm going to let him live.

If you keep your mouth shut,
I'll be there to protect you.

If you open it,
he trades your head for a paycheck.

Do I make myself clear?


That's lovely.
Ma'am, can you turn him a bit?

Let's show America the face of baby...

Oh, he doesn't have a name yet.

We can't decide. (LAUGHS)

- What about Wallace?
- Wally? (LAUGHS)

That's the name of a child who gets
beat up on a playground. Right?

It's a family name.

Of a child who gets
beat up on the playground.

- Cousin Wally did get beat up a lot.


Okay, everyone, that was great.

Let's give the family a little privacy.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.



(SIGHS) Thank you.

FITZ: I want to spend time with my son.

He's right here anytime
you want to see him.

I mean after the divorce.

I want to be clear that I want to spend
time with our children after the divorce.

What makes you think
I will ever agree to a divorce?

Let's be amiable about this.

- Amiable? Amiable?
- Mellie.

I married you for better or for worse.
For richer or for poorer.

Till death do us part.

There will be no divorce, honey.

Do not

push me.

Hollis Doyle didn't try
to have Fitz killed?

- I almost killed an innocent man.
- You crossed the line.

I know. I went over the edge.

(SIGHING) The power,
it goes to your head

and it's hard to pull back sometimes.
I'm sorry.

Don't let it happen again.
Because next time...

Listen, there won't be a next time.

David Rosen's not letting
election rigging go.

He's a dog with a bone.

Then we need to be
bigger dogs with bigger bones.

When we were trying to take down
Hollis, I was so ready to come clean,

let the whole
election rigging thing come out.

I was ready to do it
when it was going to hurt Hollis.

- And now...
- The only person it would hurt is Fitz.

And, Liv, he wouldn't survive knowing.

It would change him.
It would break him.

- Cyrus, I've got Granger

on my back looking for...

- Olivia.
- Mr. President.

I'll go handle Granger.

- Fitz... (MOANS)
- Quiet.


- I'm marrying Edison.
- No, you're not.

You're married.

- I'm getting divorced.

She just had your baby.
They'll crucify you.

She induced, you know.


She thinks I don't know,
like I don't ask questions.

She had the doctor induce
four weeks before her due date.

She put my son's life at risk
in order to manipulate me.

So even if you marry Edison,
I'm divorcing her.

It'll take some time.

She'll fight me.

It might even take
the rest of my presidency,

but I am getting out of this marriage.

And I'm supposed to do what?
Wait for you?

This isn't theoretical anymore, Liv.

It's real.

Say you'll wait for me.

We love each other.

We belong together.

So say it.






Wait for me, Olivia.

(VOICE BREAKING) I'll think about it.

QUINN: But Hollis Doyle is
still going to pay, right?

We're going to make him pay?
For blowing up Cytron?

For Jesse? For ruining my life?

Not our table, not our station.
We need to focus elsewhere.

ABB Y: On the big question,

if Hollis Doyle didn't try to kill
the President, then who did?

How'd it go with Hollis?
The last time we spoke...

They brought him in for questioning.

- For questioning?

- So they didn't...
- Arrest him? No.


- But the cell phone...
- It was circumstantial evidence.

If they're going to arrest him,
they'll need something more damning.

ABB Y: Okay, Becky gave Huck
her bank number.

We used that to establish that
someone other than Hollis Doyle

wired her the money
to kill the President.

- HUCK: We just don't know who.
- We have the person's account number.

- There must be some way to trace it.
- It's a needle in a haystack.

OLIVIA: We have Becky's bank account.

- Becky?
- The girl who shot Fitz.

It's the same account Hollis used
when he paid her for blowing up Cytron.

Ah, so there must be a second payment.

The one where he pays her
for shooting the President.

There is. But Hollis didn't make it.

HARRISON: Forget the account number.

What about the burner phone
that was in Hollis' office?

QUINN: Were there
any other numbers on it?

Just the one. Goes straight to Becky.

I went to see Hollis the other day.

Do you know he keeps
a second phone in his office?

Locked it in his desk drawer
the second he laid eyes on me.

It was a cheap little burner
like the drug dealers use.

HARRISON: So we trace
the origin of the burner,

find out who bought it
and we have our man.

Hollis didn't hire that girl.

So if Hollis didn't hire her, who did?


How does this work?
Do I pay you half now?

You wire the full amount
as soon as the job's done.

This is the number
for my bank account.

You use this phone
any time you need to reach me.

Do not use any other phone.

- Understood?
- Yes.

Why, when you're trying to clear
your conscience, do you hire a killer,

when all you had to do was
pick up the phone and confess?

- It doesn't make sense to me.
- Because confessing solves nothing!

Confessing tells America
that the country they love

is built on a lie.

That it's a fallacy.


Madam Justice.

You think I care about my conscience?

Screw my conscience! (COUGHS)

I'm trying to save America's soul.

I'm trying to give
America its country back,

the country they deserve,

a country built on trust,
where a vote actually means something.

OLIVIA: By killing a man?


If I'm already going to hell, why not?

I know you think
I'm crazy for saying that.

No. I think you're a coward.

Tomorrow I'll be officially nominated
to the Supreme Court.

What am I supposed to...

How long do I have?

One year. Best case scenario? Two.

OLIVIA: This isn't about saving America.
This is about saving your legacy.

Killing Fitz means you
never have to admit what you did.

It means for the rest of eternity,

whenever someone utters your name,
it's with respect and honor.

So turn me in. Go ahead.

If you're such a pillar of courage,

march over to Justice
and tell them I shot the President.

Tell them about the election rigging.

Tell them about everything. Do it.

Except you can't, can you?

Because just like me,

you know confessing
does more harm than good.


Chin up, Olivia.

It's not like I'm getting away with it.


David Rosen, please.

I have an appointment
with a Supreme Court Justice.

Surely that overrides your orders
from rent-a-cop base camp.

No visitors. Period. End of story.

Can you at least tell me why?



I had no idea you were so sick.

I would have come sooner.

The old lady?
The Supreme Court Justice?

The old lady Supreme Court Justice
tried to kill the President?

- Damn.

- OLIVIA: Huck.
- Sorry.

Is she in custody?

She's in the hospital. Dying.

But they could still take a statement.
Put the case to rest.

She's not talking.

It's David Rosen
we have to worry about.

He's still investigating election rigging.

We need to find out what he knows.

- I'll case his office.
- I'll hit up my sources at Justice.

There is one thing we already have.


- Bobblehead?
- I thought Bobblehead was dead?

- Bobblehead lives.
- What's bobblehead?

I know you just got
your job back, David,

and I wasn't going
to say anything, I swear...

No, you did the right thing. Come here.

ABB Y: I know you just got
yourjob back, David,

and I wasn't going
to say anything, I swear...

DAVID: No, you did the right thing.
Come here.

- You were listening to me?
- Not to you. To David.

We hired out.
Olivia told me to shut it down.

- But I forgot.
- You forgot?

I got busy being tortured
by the U.S. Government.


This is all of them.
I divided them up by week.

CDs? You never heard of a drop box?

- You can't hack into CDs.
- Who's he?

Oh, you must be Abby.
I recognize the voice.


Okay. Ground rules.

Anytime I'm on the CDs,

you hear anything R-rated,

you stop listening
and you bring it to me. Understood?

- Start digging.


ABB Y: The guy you met with
at the Griddle Caf? yesterday?

He was a plant.

Voting machines.

Voting machines.

- Voting machines.

DAVID: Abby,
why do you need to talk to...

MAN: It's about a pipeline.

ABB Y: ... to become a professional
conspiracy theorist?

DAVID: ... killed those people
in California.

ABB Y: I would love... I would love...
DAVID: All of us devoting...

ABB Y: ... security company.
DAVID: ... not what I thought it was.

Not what I thought it was.
Not what I thought it was.

This is good. This is good.

- ABB Y: David. David. David.

So, this one's PG-13.

The sort of PG-13
you'd feel very uncomfortable

bringing your 13-year-old to.

- Just set it down.
- Yeah.

DAVID: This guy could tie Hollis...

ABB Y: ... did a little digging, and it turns
out that Cytron... Cytron. Cytron.


Add 'em to the stack.

- What?
- Nothing.

Beat it, perv.

Hurry! She's not breathing!

NURSE: Room 5. She's coding!
I need a crash cart!



have gathered on the steps

of the U.S. Supreme Court

to honor Justice Verna Thornton,

who died late last night
from complications of liver cancer.

Despite her brief tenure,

Justice Thornton was considered
by many a fairjurist

who was often a crucial swing vote
in many controversial decisions.

I'm surprised to see you down here.

- Why?
- You have a new baby.

You have a new baby
and you're at work.

- Yes, but...
- But you're a man?

I was trying to find a nice way to say,
"Yes, but I don't like babies."

Nobody likes babies.

Whatever. I'm down here.

Cyrus, Fitz is still talking divorce.

I am trying to hold firm with him,
but he's getting difficult.

- I noticed. You hear about Verna?

Very sad. May she rest in peace.


If Fitz goes public with this divorce,
I will go nuclear.

I will walk out in front of the press,

and I will explain to them
that my marriage is over

because while I was pregnant
with his child,

my husband was having
an affair with Olivia Pope.

I will leave him
and I will take his children with me.

I will take every penny
he has in the bank,

and every dollar of political capital
that he has in this town.

I will court feminist groups
and mothers groups

and religious groups. I will bury him.

And I will dance on his grave.

And then, I will run for office.

DAVID (RECORDING): I'd like to make
an appointment to see Mr. Doyle.

Rosen. R-O-S-E-N.

Congratulations. What's her name?

(SIGHS) You know what?
I really can't talk right now.

- I need your help, James.
- Or ever. I'm done, okay?

I quit my job,
I'm doing the dad thing now.

Just forget I ever told you
anything about anything.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

- When a national election is stolen,

the DOJ gets pretty invested.

Just give me a little more time, Pat,

I can deliver on this.

I already gave you the Cytron card,
and I regret even doing that,

because every day I am in living fear
of somebody showing up at the door

and taking my husband away.

Be happy for me. This guy could tie

Hollis Doyle to the explosion.

He could be my missing link,
my second...


... could tie Hollis Doyle
to the explosion.

He could be my missing link,
my second shooter...

DAVID: You are the chain of custody
for that card.

Without you, without your testimony,
there's nothing.

There's no one to prosecute,
there's no case,

and there is a case here, James,
there is a great, big, slam-dunk case.


I got something!

So heads up. This is happening.

Expect a subpoena today.

this is the memory card from Ohio.

So we put it into the machine.

And if it works the way
James says it will,

we could vote for Reston all night,

and Grant would still win
in the final tally.

So this is what gave him Ohio.

Ohio gave him the presidency.

- We need that memory card.
- Maybe he keeps it at his house.

He's got a safe in his closet.

Abby, no. You don't have to do this.

Who else can pick a safe?

It's fine. Don't worry.

I'll wait till he's gone. I got this.

- A subpoena?
- Yeah. It's for me.

- Courtesy of David Rosen.
- What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

Are you saying I did?

I'm saying you fixed
the national election

and now one of us
is going to go to jail for it.

We'll get you a lawyer, one of the best,
maybe a constitutional lawyer,

we can make a case for gay marriage.

You not testifying against your spouse,

it could get us
to the Supreme Court or...

Are you kidding me?

In order to go that far,
I'd have to get on the stand!

And once I'm on the stand
in a grand jury room,

I'd have to answer David's questions!

You can't bring a lawyer
into a grand jury!

And if I answer his questions,
you are going to jail!

And if I don't answer his questions,
I am going to jail!

We'll put you and Ella on a plane!

To Switzerland. Or France.
You like France.

Ella's adoption isn't finalized.
I'm not taking her out of the country.

And I'm not going anywhere
without the baby!

- And I'm not leaving you!
- We would figure it out.

Are you insane? I'd be a fugitive.

I'm not made to be a fugitive!
I'm not made to break rules!

I've got asthma. I'm made for
5-star hotels and room service.

Fugitives don't get room service!

- James...
- What did you do?

Did you seriously steal
the presidential election?

And you thought no one would notice?

Cyrus! Are you listening to me?

I want some answers!

Take off your clothes.

What? Are...
Are you kidding me?

I am not in the mood, Cy.
To put it mildly.

- James, just take off your clothes.
- Why?

- I need to see if you're wearing a wire.
- A wire?

Before we continue this conversation,

I would like you to remove your clothing,
so I can make sure

you're not wearing
any kind of listening device

at the behest of
the Department of Justice

or the Washington Tribune
or anyone else.

I am not taking off my clothes

because you have some insane notion
that I'm wearing a wire.

Fine. Then we're done talking.

I am your husband.

You want to have an honest
conversation with your husband?

Show me you're clean.

You could be wearing a wire.
Ever think about that?


JAMES: Fine.

All right. I hope you're happy.

C YRUS: Great.

(MUTTERING) If you don't trust me.



- Yes.
- Now you're going to tell me the truth.



Were you involved in rigging
the presidential election?

No, I was not involved in rigging
the presidential election.

You were involved!
I know you were involved!

- You gave me a baby! I have a baby!
- Yes, you have a baby!

Maybe because I'm a wonderful guy
who cares about you!

Don't you dare pull
that wonderful crap with me!

You think I don't know? I know.

I know you. I know who you are.

You are a political animal!
You live for the hunt!

Right and wrong mean nothing to you!
It's about the power!

But you smile at me
and you offer me babies,

and you love me,
and that's on me because I let you!

But that stops here and now.

I mean it, Cyrus Rutherford Beene.

For once in your life,
show me who you are.

If you love me, show me who you are!

What the hell
do you want me to tell you?

Tell me you stole the White House.

I stole the White House!


I wasn't made to be Chief of Staff.

Do you know what I was made to be?

I was made to be
the President of the United States.

I was made to lead the nation.

I was made to ensure

this country's place in the world
for generations to come.

I would have been great at that.

I have the stones. I have backbone.
I have the will.

I would have been a great president.

But guess what? I'm fairly short.

And I'm not so pretty.

And I really like having sex with men.

So instead of being president
of this land that I love,

I get to be the guy behind
the President of the United States.

And sure, I have power.

I influence decisions.

I help steer the country.
But I'll never be in the history books.

My name will never be on an airport,
or a doctrine.

Being the guy behind the guy
is as far as my road goes.

Eight years of this, and then I'm done.

Off to the think tank, or K Street,

or the poli-sci department
of the lvy of my choice.

A nice life.

It's respectable.

But the peak,

the pinnacle, uh,

the rarest of air in my lungs,

is happening right now.

This is as high as I get to climb.
This is the top.

And that election was my shot.
Fitzgerald Grant was my shot.

And when your shot comes,
you either take it or you lose.

And I've already lost enough.

I'm done losing.

I took my shot.


She needs me.

- What are you going to do?
- I'll sleep in her room tonight.

What are you...
What are you going to do?

What I have to.

I have to take care of our baby girl, Cy.

I love you.

Is that enough?




DAVID: Why do you care what I do
with the rest of my life?

I don't. I'm just saying.

Besides, wouldn't you rather be dating
a hotshot attorney in a suit

than a conspiracy wacko
in a bathrobe?

- We're dating?
- Aren't we?

I mean, this is good, right?
I feel like this is good.

It's good.

DAVID: Abby, Teresa Dunn is lying
and I don't know why.

But that's not what upsets me.

What upsets me is that
you haven't even given me a chance.

It hasn't even occurred to you that I
might be worth the benefit of the doubt.

You're a bad guy.

You look like a good guy but you're not.

DAVID: Abby? Are you awake?

I love you.

Abby? Are you awake?

I love you.

Abby? Are you awake?

I love you.

Abby? Are you awake?

I love you.

I'm only going to ask this once.

Did you pay Teresa Dunn
to tell me that David beat her?


Who did you use?

Hey. Where are you... Hey!

You told me you cared about me.
Like a sister.

But I guess all that big office talk
was more important.


Who am I kidding? I don't blame you.
This isn't your fault.

- She had a reason.
- Yeah?

- What was it?
- I don't know.

She had a reason!

I don't know what it is,
I don't need to know.

She asked me to do something, I did it.

And you know why I did.
There's a problem, you fix it.

You and David Rosen were a problem.

You know who we are,
you know what this is,

and don't pretend you don't.

We do what needs to be done
and we don't question why.

We put the personal to the left.

Doesn't matter who gets hurt,
doesn't matter what gets broke,

if it's not the thing that needs fixing,
it does not matter!

You wanna cry about your feelings?
Hmm? Really? Here?

We don't get to have feelings.
That's the job.

Gladiators don't have feelings.

We rush into battle. We're soldiers.

We get hurt in the fight,
we suck it up and we hold it down.

We don't question.

And you know it, Abby.

She saved me.

She saved Huck. She saved Quinn.
She saved you.

- And it's her life on the line now.

Over a cliff, Abby. Over a cliff.

Or did that only apply
as long as Liv didn't have any flaws?

We owe her.

And she needs that Cytron card.

Simple as that.



You love me.

I love you.

David Rosen has
the voting machine software from Ohio.

James knows about Defiance.

He's going in to testify
before a grand jury today.

So it's over. It's coming out.
I've played my last card.

I haven't played mine.



I've got a job for you to do.

O-M-G! Ginge!

I have never called you that.

Knock 'em dead.

DAVID: Ready to see justice served?

I have &5,000.


I want to hire you to kill Hollis Doyle.


- What?
- Where are you? What's going on?

I'm about to do the job you want done.

- Tell the Speaker I'm running late!

Yeah, so am I.
I'll call you when it's finished.

- No, no, no, no, no. Just wait.
- I can't wait.

He's about to walk into
the Justice building

- right now.
- Just hold on one minute.

I cannot go in there,
there are metal detectors.

We have to do this right now, outside.

Just hold on one minute!

He took everything.
He took my boyfriend.

He took my life.
And nothing happens to him?

He just walks away? He just gets to...

I want you to kill Hollis Doyle.


- Hey.
- Honey.

Please, don't do it.

- Don't go in there.
- What am I supposed to do, Cy?

What do you want me to do?

I am begging you.
I am asking you, please,

if you love me, stop walking.

Do not do this. Do not go in there.

I love you. You know I do.

But I love her, too. And I can't go to jail.

I can't just bail on her. She needs me.

I'm sorry, Cy. I am.

Is that enough? &5,000?
To kill someone?


But I'll do it for free, if you want.

- You will?
- I will.

All right, what do you want me to do?
You've got like three seconds to decide.

But if I do that,
if I kill Hollis Doyle for you,

you can't come back here.

You can't work for
Pope & Associates anymore.

- You can't be a gladiator.
- Why not?

Because you want
Hollis dead for revenge.

And we don't do revenge.
We solve problems.

So you can be Lindsay Dwyer
and get revenge on Hollis

or you can be Quinn Perkins
and move on with your life.

You can't have your new life
and also keep your old life.

It doesn't work that way.

So which is it?

All right, this is it!

What do you want me to do?



What the hell? You can thank me later.

Stop, stop, stop.

I said, "Stop!"

Whatever. I'm still billing you.



- Cyrus?
- I couldn't stop it.

James is going to testify.

WOMAN: Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

Now it's over.

I do.

DAVID: After you wrote the article
for The Times,

I told you my theory that Hollis Doyle
was trying to rig voting

- in favor of the pipeline?
- Yes.


And did you subsequently travel
to the city of Defiance, Ohio,

- to see if that theory was correct?
- Yes, I did.

It's 9:00 in the morning.

Drink with me.

DAVID: And what did
you find in Defiance?

It's that bad?

Drink with me.


- I'm sorry?
- I didn't find anything.

You didn't find
a corrupted memory card

- in one of the voting machines?
- Nope.

A card which you
subsequently gave me.

I didn't find a thing in Defiance.
I told you that already.

Do you know what the penalty is
for lying to a U.S. Attorney?

Yes, but I'm not lying,
so it doesn't really matter.

You had some far-fetched theory
about election rigging.

Because of your relatively
high position at Justice,

I decided it might be
worth a shot to test it out.

You see, I used to be a journalist.
Now I'm a stay-at-home dad.

Anyway, I checked it out
and I didn't find a thing.

Which I told you a couple of weeks ago,
so I really don't know why I'm here.

The penalty for perjury
is five years in prison.

Again, I don't know
how that applies to me.

You took an oath, and now you're lying!

- David, that's enough.
- Stop lying

and tell me what you told me
two weeks ago!

- I just did.
- Do you want to go to prison?

- That's enough! Counselor!
- Is that what you want?




Oh, fun. A party.
When's the pizza arrive?

Hopefully before the police get here.

It doesn't matter
that you didn't get the Cytron card.

Cyrus Beene's husband
is testifying before a grand jury.

If he says what we think
he's going to say...

- You go to jail. I know.

DAVID: Abby Whelan, where are you?

- Where is it?
- Where's what?

The Cytron card,
the whole key to this case,

the one thing I had left!

It was in my safe and now it's not,

because I was an idiot
and left you alone in my apartment!

I... (SCOFFS) I don't know
what you're talking about.

No? Then you won't mind
if I look into your bag.

It's okay, Huck. I have nothing to hide.
David, stop.

- Will you please look at me?
- It's not in here.

Of course it's not!
Because I didn't take it.

- I would never...
- So who did?

Huh? Who cost me my job
and possibly my career?

Who should I thank for that?
Was it you?

Perhaps it was one of these felons
you keep on your payroll?

You're being crazy.
It wasn't any of them!

And I'm supposed to believe you why?

Because you lied to me
and told me you loved me?

I do love you!
No one has the stupid card, David!

- Please! You have to believe me.
- Get your hands off of me!

- David, please...
- I'm done with you!

We're done.


Come here.




How's that for big office talk?



Um, I thought you'd want a ride
to the funeral.

I have a car coming, so...

Liv, um, I...

So, that's it? We're done?


I have your grandmother's ring.
I kept it safe, right here.


I've given you this ring twice,

and both times, you've given it back.

- Edison...
- Tell me you don't want to be married.

Tell me that being
a senator's wife is too much.

Tell me that you don't want a family.

Tell me why I've been wasting my time.
Tell me something.

I'm sorry.

Edison, I'm really sorry.

I could marry you.
I could be a senator's wife.

I'd probably be happy.

I could probably give all this up
and live in a country house

and have babies and be normal. I could.

But I don't want to.

I'm not built for it.

I don't want normal
and easy and simple.

I want...

- I want...
- What?

What? What do you want, Olivia?

I want painful,



life-changing, extraordinary love.

Don't you want that, too?

Love is not supposed to be
painful or devastating.

Love isn't supposed to hurt, Liv.




I'm sure your eulogy will be wonderful.

You always find the perfect words.

Did you need something?

I just wanted to say

I gave the ring back.

Told Edison I wouldn't marry him.

I'll wait for you, Fitz.
For as long as you need.

Oh, that. Yeah.

I've changed my mind about that.

- What?
- Don't...

...wait for me.

- Fitz...
- I don't know what I was thinking.

Screwing your mistress is one thing,
but marrying her?

It's political suicide, really.

I mean,

you believe that my presidency is more
important than anything else, right?

You must.

You worked so hard to get me here.

FITZ: Justice Verna Thornton
was more than a gifted jurist,

a brilliant legal mind,
and a dedicated public servant.

She was also a good and faithful friend.

You still don't know


Why I called you here, do you?


Of course not.

I was the one who sent that woman
to assassinate you.


No one was more devoted to the law,
to justice.

But what set Verna Thornton apart

was that she was fiercely passionate
about fairness, above all.

You are not the president.


What are you talking about?

Defiance County.

Hollis Doyle rigged
the voting machines.

We all knew.

We all helped cover it up.


Yes, she was a tireless crusader

But those who knew her as well as I

can testify to the fact that
she wasn't all about work.

Don't you pretend you don't know who.

You're naive.

You're pampered.

You sail through life,
clueless as a child.

But you're not stupid.





We had a campaign stop in Vegas.

And I can attest that getting her
away from a poker table

was the toughest negotiation

- I ever attempted.

Mid-East peace has nothing
on Verna Thornton on a roll.

You made us love you.

You made us so devoted
with your charm.

We would do anything for you.

We sold our souls for you.

Something had to be done.

And she was fiercely loyal.

Great friend in the trenches.

But if you cross her,

well, let's just say she'll never forget it
and neither will you.

You could have told me.

Confessed to the press, taken me down.

You didn't have to shoot me.

Kill an innocent woman.


But then you'd have to admit your part.

Then you'd lose your grip on power.

Is that right?

Is your seat on the bench,

your legacy,

is it really worth my life?

Not anymore.

I'm meeting with a
federal prosecutor after you leave.

I'm coming clean before I die.

But I wanted you to hear it all first.

I owed that to your father.




You've had an exemplary career.

Honorable. Distinguished.

I'll do it justice in my eulogy.

Your legacy will remain untarnished.

And so will mine.


I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.




FITZ: Despite the brevity
of her time on the bench,

Justice Verna Thornton's legacy

will stand amongst those
who served for decades.

We dedicate her service to the ages.

And inscribe her memory in our hearts.


The nurse wants to know whether or not

you want to do the last feeding
with the baby. Do you?

I thought you tried to kill me.

The night I was shot, my birthday.

Before we got out of the car,

you changed your mind
about going to the party.

I had a feeling.

I just got worried and scared.
I don't know why.

I thought you tried to kill me.

- Fitz, I would never try to kill you.
- I know that now.


You can't trust anybody.

You can trust me.

You're honest.

I don't know what...

You're the only one who has always
been honest about who you are.

- Fitz.
- Do you love me?

- What?
- Do you love me?

Enough to...

To be on my side?

No matter what happens,

what I've done?

I have never left your side.

You left mine. But I never left yours.

And yes, I do love you.

No matter what.

I have always loved you.

No matter what.

Then we're in this together, okay?

We have to be in this together.

Because I don't have anybody else.
I don't...

You're all I have.

(WHISPERING) It's you and me.

It's you and me.

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