Scandal (2012–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - One for the Dog - full transcript

Olivia and Cyrus gets word that Fitz is awake. So they go to the hospital and see he's still in a coma. Mellie was the one who spread the word that Fitz is awake to stop Hollis and Langston...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The person they're looking for,

the one they think shot
the President... that's me.

Previously on "Scandal"...

- You set me up.
- Yeah, I set you up.

You're mad right now
because I had you.

But, Huck,
you're missing the point.

We're alike. You're like me.
We're built for each other.

- What's your real name?
- Does it matter?

I will leak to one of your liberal media
papers that you have terminal cancer.

Step down from the bench, Verna.
I'm asking you nicely.

I could give you my letter
of resignation, or I could

give you the name of the man
who tried to kill the President.

What's the charge?

This man is being held
under the Patriot Act.

The American people deserve to
know, you, Sally Langston,

caught the President's shooter.

You haven't turned
bashful on old Hollis.

I told the Attorney General
I want to announce it tonight,

in prime time.

So what's the holdup?

They're still interrogating
the suspect.

Suspect. That boy's guilty
as a chicken-feathered hound.

Well, they insist the
evidence is circumstantial,

that we need a confession before
we announce.

Are y'all using enhanced
interrogation techniques?

Yes, repeatedly.
He's not cracking.

Maybe they need to enhance
the enhancements.


What is your name?!
What is your name?!

Who are you working with?!

Aah! Aah!

He hasn't answered
any of our questions yet.

He will.
They always do.

Eventually, they always do.

Uh, I'm just

wondering about...

It really looks like
he can't take

much more of the waterboard...

the interrogating...

and I'm wondering
maybe if we want to do

a little less "interrogating"

and maybe start thinking
about his civil rights.

I'm a U.S. attorney,

I represent the United
States of America.

The United States of America
is in this room with you,

so you need to watch

how you treat the prisoner
on American soil.

I represent the CIA,

the Department
of Homeland Security,

the Patriot Act,

and all the men and women
who ever fought and died

for your right to stand
in this room with your glasses

and your briefcase
and spout your crap.

We're not on American soil.
This is not America.

This is the Pentagon,
and that is an enemy combatant.

Son, I represent the United States.
You understand?

The United States of America
is in the room with you.

You're our guest here.

Shut your mouth.


Verna. What are you...
Are you okay?

I'm so sorry, Liv.
It's all my fault.

What's your fault?
What are you...

Huck. I'm the reason
they took Huck away.

Where's Hollis?
Doesn't he usually host this dance?

Hollis Doyle is why I've asked
you all here tonight.

Can I, uh, buy you a drink?

Of course you can.

You work so familiar.
You work for Hollis Doyle, right?

I think I've seen you on the Hill.

Oh, Hollis and my daddy
go back a dog's age.

When I left U.T. and told daddy
I wanted to move to Washington,

he said Hollis was
just the man to call.

You don't say.

I went to see Hollis
the other day.

Do you know he keeps a
second phone in his office?

Locked it in his desk drawer
the second he laid eyes on me.

It was a cheap little burner
like the drug dealers use.

A phone?

You brought us here because
the man has more than one phone?

My husband is clinging to
life in a hospital bed.

Verna, plenty of people
keep two phones.

In my day, they didn't.

Well, thank you for keeping us
all updated on Phonegate, Verna,

but I have a husband
waiting for me at home.

I'm sorry.
I guess I'm old-fashioned,

but when Hollis was talking to
that Betsy or... or Becky, maybe,

I could swear he was talking
about the Stanworth Hotel.

Where the sniper
who shot Fitz was.

Well, I was a tri delt,
and she was a chi omega,

so we were just never gonna work
out as roommates, you know?

I do know.

- You know what the best thing
about my new roommate is? - Mm.

She's out of town.

You want to get out of here?

Let's, uh, just talk some more.

I really want to get
to know you better.

You know what?
On second thought,

uh, I actually don't want
to get to know you better.

Thanks for the memories.
Enjoy your night.

My sources in the White House

tell me Hollis practically
lives in the Oval

now that Sally Langston's
acting President.

He has done nothing but
benefit from Fitz's absence.

Should we call the number?

No, just hold on to it.
We may need it later.

You all know that ever since
our first meeting,

Hollis Doyle has been out
for nothing but brute power.

He has lied for it. He's cheated for it.
He's killed for it.

And I've gathered you here
tonight because I believe

he is the one who
tried to assassinate

the President
of the United States.

What did you find out?

Maybe you could say hello
and possibly kiss me

before you start grilling me
for information?

Come here.

- What did you find out?
- Nothing.

- Edison.
- Nothing. I found nothing,

and I mean nothing.
Not a whisper.


No one anywhere is admitting
that they have anyone in custody

in connection with the attempted
assassination of the President,

- which means...
- They definitely disappeared him.

If you would give me
the name of your client,

maybe I could help you
with the...

I told you, no name.

If I had a name, maybe
I could get somewhere.

Sound like I know
what I'm talking about

- when I'm out there fishing for
answers. - I told you,

if we're gonna be together,
we need to have a Chinese wall.

Olivia, I'm trying to help you.

I know.

And I appreciate it.

Come here.

Saved by the bell.

I have an official letter
for Senator Edison Davis.

- You're getting letters
at my house now? - Yes.

I'll need I.D. and thumbprint, sir.

Sign here.

And here.

And here.

Thank you.

What did you mean?


"Saved by the bell"...
What did you mean by that?

You're avoiding me.

I am not.

We haven't had sex in a week.

The President was shot.

What does that have to
do with our love life?

Fine. You want to have sex?
We can have sex. Let's go.

I don't wanna have sex if
you're gonna have an attitude.

I don't have an attitude.

This is a symptom of whatever
the hell is going on with you,

- just like you and your Chinese wall.
- That is not...

You didn't even tell me
that President Grant was

going to ask to be reinstated.

- What? - I am President pro
tem of the senate, remember?

He's gotta send two letters...
One to me

and one to the speaker of the house.

Ah. Chinese wall.

Fitzgerald Grant
sent you a letter

asking to be reinstated to his
full powers as President?

He's awake and conscious
and he sent you a letter?

And you didn't know?

This is confidential information.


- Where are you going?
- Out.

Olivia, no one can know about this.

President Langston doesn't
even know about this yet.

You cannot tell anyone.

- Move out of my way.
- Liv...

Move out of my way.


I can't believe you didn't
call me the second he woke up.

And don't you dare
use Mellie as an excuse,

because I've seen how fast
you can text on the sly.

My apologies.

No apologies.

He's awake.


Is he resting?

In a matter of speaking.



He still hasn't woken up.

What did you do?

Gentlemen, what have we got?

A blockade in the East Sudan straits.

The good news is that President
Grant anticipated this move,

and he put a plan in place to call an
emergency session of the security council.

The U.N.?
Are we appeasers, gentlemen?

No, ma'am.

Then recommendations
on how we demonstrate that

to the east sudanese.

Two clear options.

We target the blockade directly

using carrier assets in the
Gulf of Aden...

Or we strike the headquarters
and military installations

in and around the capital where
kinyazi is based.

I propose a third option.
We do both.


We may have to hold off
on military action.

- Which of you forged
his signature? - I did.

And you didn't try to stop her?

She called me after she
submitted the letter.

Because I knew he'd try to stop me,
and I didn't want to be stopped.

- It's not the worst move.
- It is absolutely the worst.

It's a federal crime.
It's treason.

Forging the President's signature
on a letter of reinstatement

when he's not even conscious is...

Do you understand that
we live in a democracy

with laws and rules
and civil discourse?

This is not Nicaragua.
You can't just dic...

- What, steal the White House?
- Yes, we can.

Been done before.
Will be done again.

What are you talking about
is so far outside the law.

I can sign Fitz's signature
in my sleep.

I can do it perfectly. Been
doing it since he was governor.

But I did not sign this paper lightly.

I did not sign this
without using my head.

I'm not some man reacting out
of rage and then thinking later.

I am a woman. So I thought about
it and I made my decision.

Someone shot Fitz three times,

someone shot Hal,

they killed Britta Kagen,

and Hollis orchestrated it.

And now he's sitting pretty
in the White House

at the right hand of her
majesty Sally Langston,

whispering his dirt
into her ears.

That is not okay.

And because we let
that snake Hollis

play in our garden for so long,
we can't turn him in to the feds

or turn him over to the cops
or to the courts

and wait for justice
to be served,

because we have to protect Fitz.

We have to protect secrets.

We all got in bed
with the devil together

and nobody wants to
go to federal prison,

so I wrote a letter
and I signed it.

I broke the law,
I broke the Constitution,

and I would do it again.

The only way to get rid of Hollis

without committing suicide
is to get Sally out of there,

whatever it takes.

What are the doctors saying?

The bullet in his head
didn't cross the hemisphere.

I know what his injuries are.
What's the prognosis?

That he could wake up in the
next 72 hours and be fine.

And if he doesn't...

Woodrow Wilson's wife
ran the country for two years

after his stroke,
and no one was the wiser.

- I could run it until he's ready
to take the reins. - Cyrus.

We... could run
the country together.


I'm thinking.

Yes, Tom?

I have the sat phone up.
It's President Langston.

She would like to speak
with President Grant.

Thank you.

Sally, it's like a miracle.

All our prayers,

the prayers you so ably led
the American people in...

They've been answered.

I can't thank you enough.

The lord is good to all.

So, Mellie, I was hoping
to schedule a visit.

A visit?

Yes, to offer your husband
my personal congratulations.

Or we can chat on the
phone if he'd like.

Is he awake right now?

He's sleeping.


I'm sorry, Sally.
The doctor's asking for me.

I will pass along your
congratulations and best wishes.

Thank you so much for calling.

She knows.


- Pat.
- Just wanted to see how things were going.

I can't tell you,
because telling you

would be a violation
of the Patriot Act,

and I could end up in the
basement of the Pentagon

being beaten and waterboarded
to within an inch of my life.

Not that that ever happens.

This is the hard part.

- The hard part?
- Being a U.S. attorney.

Keeping the balance
between upholding the law

and making sure
Americans are safe.

It's a fine line.

But I put you in there
because I thought

you'd be the person
that could walk it.

We're shredding constitutional
amendments like confetti.

No. We're trying to figure out
if some disaffected lunatic

shot the President
of the United States.

Look, no one wants to see you
succeed more than I do,

but you can't just talk about
wearing the white hat.

You can't just fight
the good fight.

We live in the real world.

Remember that.

I haven't found out
anything else.


No. Not about Olivia.
Not about any of them.

What's the problem?
You've had a week.

- I've been busy.
- Too busy for the story of the century?

The President was shot.

There's a lot of stories
of the century this week.

I'm not giving up
on election rigging.

Don't worry.
I'll get to it.

- She thinks this is Becky's number.
- I don't know.

- Should we call it?
- She said not to call it.

But it could lead us to Becky.
It could help Huck.

If Hollis was calling Becky,
that means he was

behind the shooting, and then
tried to frame Huck for it.

So why aren't we going to
the police? Why aren't

- we getting Huck out of jail?
- Huck's not in jail.

They took him
under the Patriot Act.

That's not jail.
That's... that's the dark side.

But still, why aren't we
going to the authorities?

Why aren't we trying?
Why are we just sitting here?

We're not just sitting here.
Liv has a plan.

What plan?
We're out of our depth.

Liv runs with the big dogs.
And, you know,

- I'm starting to think...
- What?

Liv worked for the White House.

The President was shot.
Huck is in jail for doing it.

One of the richest men in the country...
Hollis Doyle... might be behind it.

This is next-level stuff.
Grassy knoll stuff.

There's a whole other
layer of D.C., you know,

where real politics happen,
where decisions are made...

Not about democracy
or the flag... about power.

This is about things that
go bump in the night,

stuff regular Americans
never hear about.

This is the real deal.

We don't question Liv on this.


We have a new client.

Do they take me for a fool?
For an absolute child?

What did the First Lady
say when you called?

Oh, I was treated to some sort
of... I don't even know what...

A performance,
amateur theatrics.

You thinking what I'm thinking?

They could have a
stone-cold corpse over there,

and they'd all be swearing
he's alive and well

and fixing to run
a half-marathon.

Well, I have a duty
to the American people.

A solemn, sworn duty,
by God, you do.

But if I challenge
this reinstatement letter,

I risk seeming like
a power-grabbing opportunist.

In a game of Texas hold'em...

And that's all life
ever really is...

You never want to tip your hand.

So you get someone else
to do your bidding.

If I leak that letter
to the press,

then they'll ask the questions
I can't ask myself.

And you swoop in at the end

and rake up all the chips.

I have in my hands, a copy
of the letter of reinstatement

President Grant signed
just hours ago.

Cable and nets are
wall-to-wall with it.

- Someone leaked the letter.
- Wonder who.

They're gonna want
to see the President.

And by "they," he means
everyone on planet Earth.

Harrison, find a friendly doctor.
Make them a hero.

You want me to lie to the world?

Lie? Hell, no.
That would be in conflict

with both of our ethical standards.

We took oaths, right?

Would you say that
the President's recovery

has been miraculous thus far?

Given the injuries,
it's certainly impressive.

So just short of miraculous?

Quinn, go with him.
We need an anecdote

from a well-placed and
unimpeachable inside source.

I'm a terrible liar.

I'm not your man, ma'am.

No, it's not a lie.
It's just a story.

You've told a tall tale to a
kid before, right, for fun?

No, ma'am.

Cyrus, assure the power players...

The Hill, the cabinet,
senior White House staff.

You need to live this lie.

Act like Fitz' return is
a foregone conclusion.

Well, that depends
on the timing... Cyrus.

Excuse me.
What are you...

Don't mind me. Just grabbing
a few briefing books.

The President is ravenous
for east Sudan intel.

Oh, and take your time
clearing out of here.

The end of the day'll be
just fine. As you were.

The news is encouraging,
but questions are swirling

about the President's
abilities to function,

given the seriousness
of the injuries.

Focus on the positive.
His improvements are miraculous,

and his mobility shows signs
of full recovery.

His movements are involuntary.
He's not even conscious.

That's a negative.

Movement at this stage...
Involuntary or not...

shows signs of full recovery, right?

Right, but...

No "but" s. Stay positive. You're
a miracle worker, plain as day.

Don't let anything
get in the way of that. Hmm?

Abby, call Kimberly
Mitchell's producer.

Leak that I just returned from
the hospital, where I visited

with the President. Pretend
you're going behind my back.

Are you sure you wanna lie
to the press?

I know what I'm doing.
Just make the call.

Jeff, it's Abby Whelan.

Look, you've got to give me

Off the record, at least.

He's in remarkable shape,
but he's not gonna go public

until the wound on his head

is a little more healed,
till the hair grows back.

Is he worried about the
perception with our allies?

- Our enemies?
- Oh. I said enough.


This stays between us?

Of course.

The First Lady thinks
he's a little vain.

Mellie, move back
into the residence.

I'm going to set you
up with one interview.

It's the only one you'll do.

Gesture and smiles only
as you walk out that door.

He is so looking forward to
speaking to the American people

and thanking them
for their devoted support.

He might want to wait till
the scars heal to do that.

Am I right?

Well, you said it, not me, but yes.

Between you and me,
he's a little bit vain.

Given the injuries,
I'm a woman of science,

so I don't use words
like "miracle,"

but in my 25 years,
this is as close as I've come.

So obviously, we'll continue
to monitor his progress

going forward.

But I'm not funny.
Let the words do the work.

Trying to remain strong...

You know, he told a joke
just after he woke up.

You wanna hear it?

According to this White House
source, soon after waking up,

the President told
the First Lady,

"Next birthday?
Let's order takeout."

And so it's just a matter

of when doctors
release the President.

The dark cloud has lifted
over the country,

as the President is
clearly out of the woods

and ready to take office.

Why aren't you happy?

- What?
- You should be happy.

You thought the President
was dying. Now he's awake,

which is a miracle.

- Yes.
- An actual miracle.

A-call-the-Vatican miracle.

I mean, with that kind of
gunshot wound to the head,

even in the best circumstances...

Well, to be up and talking
and ready to resume office

so soon after that kind
of traumatic brain injury...

No delayed motor skills or aphasia...

Saints be praised.
Miracle, right?


That's a word you use
in sentences now?

It is. I quit my job because you
said the baby would be here.

The baby you say exists and is
waiting for us but isn't here...

I told you the baby has jaundice

and a social worker is working

to have the paternal rights severed.

The baby isn't here, so I've
got nothing to do all day

but to research gunshot wounds
to the head on the Internet

and call a few of my expert
sources at Johns Hopkins.

The experts, by the way, agree
with the Internet... miracle.

Maybe we shouldn't pick
up the baby at all,

- I mean, if you're too busy.
- Cyrus...

I could call the social worker
and let her know

that you're not ready, what with
your research on miracles

- taking up so much of your time.
- I want the baby.

'Cause you just said
you quit your job,

but I noticed you haven't given
up your White House hard pass.

Also when I called the "Times,"
they said you sill worked there.

They know I'm planning
on quitting,

and I will, just as soon
as we get the baby.

That's a relief.

Because that little girl isn't
going to raise herself, is she?

No, she is not.

Still, adoptions go wrong
all the time.

Wouldn't get your hopes up.

It might take a miracle
to get a baby in your arms.



You can talk. You can not talk.
It's up to you.

But I gotta tell you something.
If you don't,

you're get the death penalty.
You're gonna fry.

And I'm betting
that President Grant...

he's gonna throw the switch
on you himself.


You're gonna fry at the
hands of President Grant.

- Now... you talk to me...
- I'll...

- Maybe I can get you
a life sentence... - I'll talk.

I'll talk. I'll talk.

Well, there we go.

But not to you.
To them.

I'll talk to you!

I'll tell you everything
you want to know!

Everything you need to know.

But you have to come out
from behind the glass.

Just come out,
and I'll talk to you.

Just come out. I'll talk.

I'll talk. I'll talk.

I'll talk to you.

Is it on?

Start talking.

- Is the President still alive?
- You can start with your name.

- Is the President still alive?
- I'm asking the questions.

I have one question first.
Is he still alive?

- You got one last chance.
- Is he still alive?!

- For crap's sake!
- Yes, he's still alive.

Then he's still in danger.

She's not done.
If he's alive, she's not done.

- Shut it down.
- She's coming back to finish the job.

- Shut it down!
- It's not over. It's not over.

You hear me?
It's not over.

Turn off the camera.

Turn off the camera.

Right now!
Turn off the damn camera!

I know where Huck is.

They're torturing him.

They skipped
the sleep deprivation

and electric shock
elements of the program,

went right to the free skate...

They've been at it for three
days, but he won't crack.

They can waterboard
him for three months.

He won't crack
because he didn't do it.

- I don't know if he did it or not...
- I'm telling you.

And we know
how good your word is.

Look, the point is,
it's a matter

that needs to be decided in
a court, not a torture chamber.

He did tell them something.

- What? - That the
President's still in danger

and whoever shot him will
be back to finish the job.

I need a meeting with Sally.

Do you wanna come talk about
Grant's actual condition?

Because this whole

push-ups-on the White-House-lawn
bit is wearing awful thin.

The man you're torturing
in the Pentagon

isn't the person who shot
President Grant.

But he knows who did,
and he can help Sally find her.

You mean your employee, who you
were harboring in your office.

We gave you a hell of
a break on that one.

Thank you.
But the fact remains

you have the wrong person in custody,

and he will die at your hands

rather than confess
to a crime he didn't commit.

And you and Sally
can't get the media bump

without the confession, so...

Why on earth
would I release him?

On your say-so?
Because this somehow feeds

the charade that
Fitzgerald Grant is awake?

I wasn't elected yesterday, Olivia.

I know political kabuki
when I see it.

President Grant's life
is still in danger.

- I know it's a leap of faith...
- Leap of faith?

It's swallowing tacks and
expecting to puke up a unicorn.

These are your experts, Sally.
You called them, not me.

So why don't we listen
to what they have to say?


The prisoner was the star
of the B-613 program.

- Which means?
- That the United States government

funneled millions of dollars

into teaching him
how to execute a target

without getting caught.
The prisoner's also

one of the best trackers
the agency has ever seen.

- His dossier, ma'am.
- And you are telling me

that none of the literally
thousands of intelligence agents

I have at my disposal can
do what this man can do?

Read the summary on pages
four and five, ma'am.

How would we go about it?

Hello, gentlemen.

Where the hell do you
think you're going?

I'm not going anywhere.

But you all might want
to pack it in,

because, fellas, you're
back on American soil.

By executive order,
this man is to be released.

- What? - President Sally
Langston has ordered

that you stop torturing
this United States citizen

and let him go immediately.

We don't have a lot of time.

What is this?

A transfer form requesting
the President be moved

to camp David
effective immediately.

- I need you to sign his name.
- Why are we moving him?

You don't need to know why
we are transferring him.

- You just need to sign.
- Several reasons. It's safer,

it's a lot easier to control
the guest list,

and the press has no
access to the place.

It takes him out of the Capitol.
It makes him look weak.

He's unconscious.
He is weak.

Thank you.

How are you holding up?

Me? I'm fine.

It's not easy living a lie,

pretending everything's
perfect when it's not.

I learned that lesson
a while ago.

I keep asking myself,
what am I gonna do?

I mean, I-I can keep the stories
going for so long until...

But if he never wakes...

What am I gonna do?

What are you gonna do?

Do you ever wonder that?

What you're gonna do
without him?

Mellie, you need
to pull it together.

You have one job here...
holding off Sally.

I'm doing everything else,
so get a grip. Okay?


I'm not trying to be
difficult, Senator.

Exactly what is
your role here anyway?

I'm simply telling you
the President

- isn't accepting visitors.
- On whose authority?

- When Olivia gets here...
- You can ask me yourself.

Thank you, Harrison.

I'll be down the hall
if you need me.

- Hello.
- Haven't seen you in two days.

- I've been working.
- You haven't been home in two days.

- I have been working.
- You're not taking any of my calls.

- Again...
- Liv.

Every third time you call,
I answer.

- So you have a system for avoiding my calls?
- That's why you're here?

Because I haven't been answering
my phone to your satisfaction?

- I'm here to see the President.
- He's not accepting visitors.

- You're a visitor.
- I'm his...

You're his what?

I'm his friend.


You should go.

I'm not leaving until I see him.

You're not seeing him.

Okay. You all may have
done a masterful job

with the press
and the American public,

but Sally Langston is whispering
to anyone who will listen

that all is not right
here in Camelot.

Sally has a right
to her opinion,

but I'm not gonna dignify
it with a response.

Olivia, if that letter from
President Grant was forged,

there will be joint
congressional hearings

and letters of impeachment.

The chief justice
of the supreme court

will turn the senate chamber
into a courtroom,

and you will be the star witness
for the prosecution.

Forging that letter or helping
whoever did forge that letter

is staging a coup.

It's an act
of domestic terrorism.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

I am the leader of the senate.

If my job description requires,

I won't hesitate
to prosecute you

to the full extent of the law.

And guess what.
I make the law.

So you talk it over

with whomever you need
to talk it over with

and then you let me know

when the President is ready to see me.

Good-bye, Edison.

They're moving Fitz
to camp David.

Their mamas didn't raise
no fools. It's a smart play.

Hide him away from media
scrutiny, run out the clock.

Something has got to be done.

This uncertainty is bad
for the country,

bad for the markets,

bad for our image
around the world.

We look weak to our adversaries,

confused to our friends.

Something's gotta be done.


Plausible deniability,
Madam President.

I'm handling it.

Don't you worry a bit about it.

The President is in fact
doing well enough

that preparations are underway
to move him to camp David,

where he will be able
to further recuperate

as well as be briefed

on the events
of the last few days,

including the situation
in east Sudan.

The First Lady
will undoubtedly...

be joining him at camp David.


Yeah, I'm watching it right now.

I'll be ready.

Wash your hands.
Yeah, I was just...

I-I don't need to be in here
or get in the way.

I only wanted to look at
her through the glass,

and... and she wasn't there.

She's over here in the back,
so you have to come in.

It's great if you come in.

She needs to be held.

She needs to bond with you.

You know what?
I probably shouldn't.

I mean, all the papers
aren't signed,

and I-I was just stopping by.

You're gonna be her father, right?

Come and meet your daughter.
It's fine.


Would you like to hold her?


She's clearly very intelligent.

Yes, she is.

Hi. Hi, cutie.


That's right.
That's a good smile.

That's right.
I'm gonna be your daddy.

Yes, I am.

Yes, I am.

Yes, I am.

Yes, I am.

Map of the motorcade route,
courtesy of the secret service.


You might also find this interesting.

- What is this? - The number we pulled
off Hollis Doyle's burner phone.

If it's Becky's,
we'll have our proof

that Hollis is the one
who hired her.

Huck, is there any chance...

Becky's a professional.

If she gets a call from anyone
but Hollis on this number,

she'll spook.


I won't let you down this time.


- Hi, Becky.
- Hi, Becky.

They're not moving him to
camp David tonight, are they?


And by the time
I reach for my gun,

you'll have put four bullets in me?


One for the dog.

Drop the gun!

Get on your knees!
Show me your hands!

Show me your hands!
Let me see your hands!

Down on your knees!

Put the gun down!

- It's Kate.
- What?

- My real name...
- All right, move it in.

It's Kate.


What's your name?

Does it matter?

All clear.
Take 'em down.

Clear that weapon.

In five... four...

Three, two...

My fellow Americans,

for the past week, our nation's
law enforcement agencies

have been working tirelessly
around the clock,

searching for those responsible

for the grave and cowardly
attack on President Grant.

The search is over.

I can report tonight
that we have in custody

the assassin who allegedly
killed Britta Kagen

and shot President Grant
nearly to death.

The justice department
has determined

that the assassin worked alone.

Was that a knock?

Someone check on the door.

Got it.

...In your prayers.

I also ask that

while the Attorney General
and her capable team

finalize their investigation,

that we not resort to
baseless speculation or rumor.

In this time of uncertainty,

I can assure you
that our government

is functioning
to its fullest ability.

We have informed our friends
abroad of this situation

and have their complete support.

We're releasing him
to your custody.

Thank you.

Let us show the best...

of our nature
in thanks for these blessings.

Whatever the motive
behind this brutal attack,

I pray that we might
find comfort in psalm 27.

"The lord protects me
from all dangers.

I will never be afraid."

And we will not be afraid.

- This country...
- Welcome home.

Is strong, and all those
who seek to harm our leadership

or our fellow citizens

should remember that
at the foundation of America

is a resolve for justice,

and we will get justice
for these sad events.

Thank you,

good night,

and God bless America.

Madam First Lady, come right in.

Acting President Langston,
thank you for inviting me down.

I see you've been redecorating.

Oh, I just moved in
some family photos

and set aside that dusty
old ship Fitz had on the desk.

Oh, that dusty old ship was
a gift from George Bush Sr.,

but whatever. It'll all
be going back soon enough.

Mm. Some light reading?

It's the east Sudan briefing.

There's only so much "what
to expect when you're expecting"

one can take, and the President
likes me to stay up on things.

Especially now, I'm sure.

How do you mean?

Well, as he recovers
his full capabilities.

Oh. The President is sharp as a tack.
It really is quite remarkable.

- Unbelievable, one might say.
- Modern medicine.

I've just done some
fascinating reading myself.


On graphology.

The study of handwriting.

Much of it is rather dry
and somewhat impenetrable,

but other insights are
fairly easy to digest.

For example, the "t" -bar.

I'm not familiar.

Well, it's quite elegant
in its simplicity, really.

You see, when a right-handed
person writes the letter "t,"

they make the cross at the
top go from left to right.

But when a left-handed
person makes the "t" -cross,

it goes from right to left.

Now the President is left-handed,

but his First Lady is not.

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant.

Three "t's" in all,
as it happens,

There's an old saying...

An expert is someone
who's read one book.

I'm quite sure I could find
an actually accredited graphologist

who will swear that Fitz
signed that piece of paper,

particularly given that he's still
recovering his full motor skills

resulting from a gunshot
wound to the head.

And will you also find a doctor?

Because I have a sworn affidavit

from one of President
Grant's physicians

at James Madison hospital
saying that your husband

has failed to so much
as open his eyes.

Madam First Lady,
you will withdraw

this letter of reinstatement,
or I will have no choice

but to reveal it for
the humiliating forgery it is.


There's no miracle.



He's not awake.
He's not talking.

He's not anything.
There's no miracle. We lied.

Report it. Don't report it.

I don't care anymore.
It doesn't matter.

I just called my boss and quit.

I'm not a reporter anymore.

I'm not chief of staff anymore.

Let's go get our baby.



Cyrus Beene.

Did you need something, Quinn?

I do.

I need to know why you aren't
on the phone right now

with the FBI, telling them
about Hollis Doyle.

I'm pretty sure he blew up
Cytron and killed my boyfriend

and ruined my life.

And don't say he didn't, because
I really, really think he did.

And he hired an assassin

to shoot the President
of the United States,

and you're not doing
a single thing about it.

I need to know why.
I need you to start talking.



Let's talk.


Someone wants to talk to you.