Scandal (2012–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Enemy of the State - full transcript

Olivia and Cyrus get into a heated argument about the Amanda Tanner case; Quinn helps a dictator locate his allegedly kidnapped wife and children, going out with a reporter to seek information.

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Previously on "Scandal"...

They're talking about you,

Everyone's gonna be talking
about you.

I never dreamed
I'd be listening to a tape

of you moaning
with a White House aide.

Amanda Tanner is
blackmailing you,

which means that Olivia Pope is
blackmailing you.

I need to know
if you have any proof

of what went on with you
and the president.

I'm pregnant.

You know what's interesting
about being engaged?

Fiancees don't like it when
you get out of bed at 3:00 A.M.

To go see another woman.

But you called, I came, and I
brought our best friend Shiraz.


Hey, Liv.



I got it.

Amanda's asleep in the guest room.
I don't want to wake her.

What's up?

Whatever it is, we will fix it.

You should have seen me
forcing water down her throat

to make her pee. It was like
something out of Abu Ghraib.

Uh, let me get
this clear. Amanda Tanner is...

pregnant with
the president's baby, yes.


Are you sure it's his?

I'm sure.


I'm sure.

How bad is this for you?

I know you're friends with
the president, with his wife.

There's no shame in saying
you can't handle this.


You'd better come down
to the office.

There's an army here.

An army of what?
Reporters? Lawyers?

An actual army.


We gotta go in.

I need to put on some decent
clothes, and we'll take your car

because I think I've had
too much wine to drive.

I'll be ready in two minutes.

Liv. No, I'm fine.
Really. I'm good now.

I can handle anything.
Two minutes.

I didn't know. They barged in.

They wouldn't even say who they were.
You were alone. You did the right thing.

I should've stopped them. I just
surrendered, without a fight.

I surrendered the whole office.

Who's speaking at the O.A.S.?
Who's in town?


Organization of American States.
Annual conference this week.

Bolivia, Brazil, Haiti, Honduras...
You think it's the Cubans?

They've been wooing us
for months.

Would you like me to get a gun?
You have a gun?

I have one, too.
No guns.

You gave them coffee?

So they wouldn't kill me.

Of course. El general.

Who is it?
General Benicio Florez.

Otherwise known
as ruthless, repressive,

political freedom-hating,
police brutality-loving,

South American
leftist dictator.

And sworn enemy
of the United States.

My wife and my two youngest
children were kidnapped.

Taken from a restaurant
this afternoon in Dupont Circle.

My oldest son Felipe saw them
being pulled away in a van.

Is the FBI on it?

The FBI probably did this.

Look, the only reason
I'm even in this country

is because
of this O.A.S. conference.

Half of my security detail was
sent away at the airport.

Does that give you an idea

of what kind of cooperation I'm
gonna get from this government?

They've been trying
to overthrow him for years.

I know that in the eyes
of your president,

I'm somewhere between Castro
and Gadhafi.

But before I am a so-called

before I am a general,

I am a husband.

I am a father.

And I need
to have my family safe.

I will do anything
to see them again.

You are my best
and my only chance.

Tell me we're not going to
take on a dictator as a client.

They're just talking.
You don't talk for that long

if you're not gonna take somebody on.
Well, you do if the elevator hasn't come.

She's just being polite.

It doesn't mean
she's gonna represent him.

That does. Welcome to
Olivia Pope and Associates,

El general.

Your delightful death squads are
now our delightful death squads.

The man does not have
death squads.

Come on.
We used to vote on this stuff!

And now apparently,
we don't even get to speak.

Stephen, Abby,

first thing in the morning,
talk to the older son.

Huck, Harrison,
see if you can dig up

any eyewitnesses at the restaurant.
So we're taking the case?

What? Your good friend the general...
we're taking him on as a client

even though we didn't vote,

even though the rest of us
didn't have a say?

We need to cut Olivia
some serious slack right now.

Amanda Tanner is pregnant.

Hello, James. Good to see you.
It's Sunday. It's Sunday.

I don't get a hug anymore?
Not on Sunday.

I'll be quick. I am trying to keep him
from dropping dead of a heart attack,

a heart attack brought on
by people like you...

I just need five minutes. Coming by here
and thinking he's gonna work on a Sunday.

No. He doesn't work on Sunday

unless there's a war.
Is there a war?

Somewhere in the world,
there's always a war.

When my husband's dead,
I'm blaming you.

I'm surprised
James let you in on a Sunday.

Things are bad.

He's in trouble, Cyrus. This is
real. Amanda Tanner is pregnant.

I need to know if he maybe...

Took precautions with Amanda.

You want to know

if the president wore condoms
when he slept around?

I don't know.
I think that's your area.

Did he wear one with you?

How much?

I could probably sell
$10 million.

Over five years.
Over three.

I'll see what I can do.

You and I aren't friends

Don't come here again.

You told Cyrus Beene
that I was pregnant,

and he still won't let me
see the president?

Amanda, I need you to focus.

They're talking about
$10 million.

That could buy you a lot.
That could buy you a life.

I just think if you could
get them to reconsider,

if I... if I have a chance
to sit with the president

for five minutes...
I don't understand

why this is happening,
why they won't let me see him.

I need a moment, just a moment
to talk to him.

If I had a moment, if we were alone...

Just five minutes alone!
How hard is that? I could just...

they put me in a chair outside
of his office, and I wait.

I wait until he has a break,

some kind of break
in his schedule.

that isn't going to happen!

Don't you understand that?

He is the most powerful man
on the planet,

and you are a threat
to that power.

You are a threat
to his government.

You are never ever gonna be in
the same room as the president,

much less alone with him
ever again.

So if you don't want money,

you need to decide
what you do want.

And I am not asking
for your fairy-tale hopes

and your princess dreams.

The fairy tale is over, Amanda.
You have a child to consider.

So I need to know what you want
that is real.

So what do you want?

Do you want to keep this baby?
Do you want to have an abortion?

Do you want to give it up
for adoption?

What do you want?

I want to keep this baby.


And I want to tell the world

what he did.

He told me he loved me.

He told me to trust him,
that he'd take care of me,

and now he won't even take
five minutes to...

they think I'm just gonna
go away, just like that?

I trusted him. I...

He should burn for this.


you're asking me what I want.

I want them all to burn
for this.

Olivia, you look great.

Uh, new lipstick?
It's working.

So you know the old guy
who runs the newsstand

on the corner of "C" street
and constitution?

I buy my paper and coffee there
every day for 11 years.

This place is my ritual,
my personal landmark,

and these vulture developers
want to knock it down,

and I want you to save it
by horse trading

or threatening
or getting it put

on the national register
of historic newsstands

or whatever it is
you people do. Olivia.

Is she...
I got this.

What do you need?

Just... one minute.

It's a good speech.

It's the same speech
every president has given

at the O.A.S.
for the past 40 years.

I'm pretty sure things
have changed

since the Cuban revolution,
and I'm giving the same speech.

It's a great speech.

I bet Eisenhower thought so
when he wrote it,

but I'd like to say something
a little more original.

We employ the best speechwriters
in the western world.

Are there better ones
in the eastern world?

Nobody likes a smart-ass,
Mr. President.

Mr. Beene.
They're ready for you, sir.

I'll put J.P. and Sally on
writing you a new speech, okay?

Now if you'll excuse me...

Anything new
on the Olivia front?

Nothing I can't handle,
Mr. President.


I don't have a lot of time.

Well, let's get right to it
then. Cyrus, meet Sanders Black.

Sanders, Cyrus Beene. The president's
chief of staff needs no introduction.

I know that you've signed
confidentiality agreements

and been briefed
on the sensitive nature

of this meeting, but I'm going
to take a moment to remind you

that I will personally make sure
you never ever work again

within the borders of this fine
nation if you breathe a word

or the edge of a word
outside this room.

Now I'm a busy man. Let's go.

Good. Got it.

Okay then. When I'm
investigating someone,

I leave no stone unturned.

I want to know
where they come from.

I want to know what they've
done. Where do they go?

Who did they see?
Have they made mistakes?

Do they have debts? Enemies?

Do they drink, smoke,
snort, shoot?

If any one of them has so much
as even a parking ticket,

I will find out about it.

This group here... hiding a lot
more than just parking tickets.

Let's start with Olivia Pope.

Carolina Florez...
Cuban-born, Boston-raised.

She was a waitress
at a Harvard bar

when she met a cute undergrad
named Benicio...

Or as I like to call him,
the butcher of San Miguel.

They fell in love, got married.

He brought her back with him
to his home country.

They have three kids,

lived happily ever after
in their little dictatorship,

until last night, when according
to their oldest son Felipe...

They were in the bathroom
a long time.

I went to check
and then saw them out the back.

The men... they pushed them
in a van.

And I ran inside for help.

Restaurant bathroom window
was smashed.

Glass everywhere.
Signs of a struggle.

But then we went out back.

Unless they had
the world's smallest van...

There's no way out of there.

At least not how the kid says
he saw it.

What about other witnesses?

I didn't hear anything.
All I know is they were gone,

and the older kid was
still here, freaked out.

Anything strange happen
at the table?

Mm... just a normal lunch.

She had a lot of iced tea.

The little boy... cute, maybe 7?

He played with one of those
electronic game thingies.

What kind? What model?
What year?

Focus, fanboy.

I don't know.
It was white?

So yeah,
basically we have nothing.

This doesn't add up. We need to
keep digging. Look for a motive.

Political opposition, maybe or...

I got a signal.

The kid's Gen 9 S.D. is

Fanboy here tracked
the I.P. Address

to the dynamic host
configuration protocol

assigned to the ARM9 processor
and was then able

to ping the server's
geo-location vector.

English, Huck.

I found the toy,
which means I found them.

Go now. Get her.

Call David. See if he can get
D.C. Metro to send backup.

Don't go in alone.

Good thing you called.

Wouldn't want you to have to
deal with all this on your own.

I'll take the two nuns
on the left.

You guys get the one
with the baby.

You think Huck got it wrong?

Huck never gets it wrong.

Then she wasn't kidnapped.

She ran.

What about this Huck character?

Is this really all there is?
Well, Huck is obviously not his real name.

CIA denies knowing him,
but they also sent three agents

over to my office to encourage
me to stop checking

into his background.
So clearly he's one of theirs.

Other than that,
he is a mystery.

Do you have a guess?

My guess is that if you meet
this guy in a dark alley,

you're done.

I knew it.
I knew he would send someone.

I was so stupid.
I wasn't thinking.

I took Paola and Manuel
to the bathroom,

and I saw the back door,

and I just started thinking,
this is it.

My security men are at the bar.
This is my chance.

So I took it.
Did he hurt you?

Then why run?

I don't love him anymore.

15 years ago, I married
a good man, a kind man.

A man who looked at his country

and dreamed of ways
to make it better.

But now Benicio thinks
everyone's out to get him.

You disagree with him,
you disappear.

You don't tell a man like that
you're unhappy.

You don't ask a man like that
for a divorce.

You don't leave a man like that.

Abigail Whelan...

married for four years
to Charles Putney,

the youngest son of former
Virginia governor James Putney.

She left him when he allegedly
beat her in a drunken rage.

Divorce proceedings are
full of ugly details.

It's all in your files.

Your oldest son...
he said you were kidnapped.

When I was in the bathroom
wondering if I could do it,

he came to look for me.
And when he saw me, he knew.

He wouldn't come with you.

He loves his father,

and I couldn't ask him
to choose.

I don't know, it just
all happened so quickly.

I guess you have to take me
back to my husband.


We don't.

This is not a date.

On the rocks, with salt.

I cannot date you.
I work for Olivia Pope.

- And the new girl?
- Quinn Perkins...

started less than
four weeks ago.

Left a cushy associates gig
at O'Malley and Lee.

Why is there nothing
in her file?

That's a good question.
Uh, we're still working on it.

What's the problem?
Well, as far as we know,

Quinn Perkins didn't exist
until 2008.

Quinn, I won't ask you
about Amanda Tanner.

I won't use you for my story.
I don't need to.

I like you.
Okay? So relax.

Drink your Margarita.

Wait. Why?

Why what? Why don't you need to use
me for a story about Amanda Tanner?

Because I have another source.

Harrison Wright.

Harrison Wright...
28 years old...

Grew up right here in D.C.

He somehow managed to go
from selling luxury cars

in Takoma Park to working
for Adnan Salif.

Made a mountain of money

and managed to only get
six months

when salif went down
for insider trading.

Great lawyer.
Olivia Pope defended him pro bono.

Hi. My sister and her kids need
a room for the night.

Do you have something
with two double beds?

Yes, we do.

This is insane.

We need to tell Olivia
we have her.

We will tell her. We just
won't tell her until tomorrow

or the next day at the latest...
as soon as we get her asylum.

She's fried, Stephen. She's not
wearing a white hat anymore.

I'm not lying.

Olivia? Hey, it's me.

Stephen's putting gas
in the car.

Yeah, she was at a shelter.

Pretty clear
she wasn't kidnapped.

We tried to talk to her,

but they've closed their doors
for the night.

Nobody can come or go.

We'll pick her up tomorrow.

Good night.

There. Done and done.

Stephen Finch...

Became a U.S. citizen in 1995,

shortly after graduating first
in his class from Yale law.

Was the top litigator
at Chase & Howard.

A real hotshot, but suffered
a nervous breakdown

in the middle of defending

the class action suit
against Bromquest.

The chemical manufacturer

that poisoned all those kids
in West Virginia? Exactly.

Spent two months recovering
in a facility in Florida

before quitting the firm.

Olivia Pope, what did you do?

What are you talking about,

Cyrus has called in
Sanders Black...

on you.

Sanders Black is
a short, short man.

So was Napoleon, but he still
did a lot of damage.

Why are you telling me this, Billy?
If you can just tell me

what's going on,
I might be able to help you.

I don't want to feel like
I'm betraying my own,

but sooner or later,
I have to fall in line.

Olivia Pope for Cyrus Beene.

You want to play hardball?
Forget the money.

We booked "20/20" instead.

We're sitting down
with Diane Sawyer.

You take care, Billy.

These people...
Liv fixed 'em.

That makes them loyal.
They'll die for her.

I need more, something I can
work with. Do better.

They did find one thing.

Olivia Pope had an affair
with someone on the campaign.

Yeah, we don't have a name yet.
We will. Give me a day or two.

That's not useful to us.
Uh, excuse me.

It's a potential gold mine,
because other than that,

Olivia Pope is purer
than Mother Teresa.

I have a country to run.

I'm not gonna stand around
and debate with you.

It's not useful to us. Move on.

Move on.

Shut it down.

I'm sorry?
I saw you on your date last night.

I don't know what you're talking about.
You're lying, which isn't the problem.

The problem is you suck at it.

Every time you do it, you look
like you're about to cry.

You look like you're about to cry right now.
I'm not going to.

Now you can keep
seeing this guy,

but there's gonna come a time
when you're gonna have to lie

to him to protect a client,
and we don't lie to reporters,

because once you do,
there's no going back.

You've killed the one thing
you protect at all costs...

your credibility...

and not just your credibility,
my credibility,

this firm's credibility.

And that's not gonna happen.

So save yourself the trouble
and shut it down.


I know J.P. and Sally are
probably crying in the hall,

but I'm writing my own speech
now. It's good.

It's great. I'll show it to you
when I'm done.

Amanda Tanner is pregnant.


The good news is Amanda
doesn't want your money.

She wants publicity.

Also good... you don't have
to worry about that sex tape,

because who needs a sex tape

when you've got a fetus full
of presidential D.N.A.?

It's a win-win.

That's not my baby.
You just keep practicing that line.

You're gonna be saying it a lot.
Okay, what do we do? Next step?

How do we...
how do we fix this?

I don't know.

Cyrus, I know you're upset,
but we have to game plan this.

What's next?

What's next? What's next?

Okay, here's what happens next...
you resign from office now.

Or Amanda goes on TV,
tells her sad, sordid tale,

there are hearings,
you're impeached,

and you're forced
to resign from office.

Your vice president...
a moronic, right-wing nut job

who thinks the tea party was
founded to lower the yacht tax

and who also seems
to not quite understand

that evolution isn't an idea
but an actual fact,

but who cares? We won the scary
states in the election...

they'll have a party now that
their grand wizard is president.

I'm pretty sure I'll never see
a legal marriage

and women will lose
their right to choose,

but hey, whatever.
We're all Republicans,

even if the new president will
give Republicans a bad name.

You'll leave in disgrace,
go home to California,

keep a low profile for a while,

and then some fancy publishing
house will pay you a fortune

for a book, which you'll write,
only it won't talk about

what everyone really wants
to know about...

it won't talk about your sordid
affair with a White House aide.

It'll talk about policy and your
thoughts on the economy,

and it won't sell
because no one cares

about your thoughts on policy
and the economy anymore

because you're not
the president anymore.

What you are now is a joke
on "Letterman."

Mellie, a lovely woman,
ambitious and strong,

and, well, quite wealthy
in her own right...

she's not gonna be
circa 1998 Hillary on this.

No, sirree. This is the 21st
century. She's gonna leave you

and she's gonna take
your children with her,

and everyone will applaud her,
from the religious right

to the women's groups, because
you're a philandering pig

who had a child out of wedlock,

and we all know it's true
because we heard the tape.

You'll be alone in your house
in Santa Barbara,

listening to old records

and telling the same story
over and over again

to the poor sap not smart enough

to get out of being assigned
to your secret service detail.

Then one day, about, oh,
three or four years from now,

you'll step into your bathroom,
take out that revolver

your father gave you
when you were elected governor,

you'll put it in your mouth

and you'll blow
the back of your skull off.

Oprah's retired now,
so I guess I have to do

a post-funeral interview
with Barbara Walters.

She's nice.

But, you know...

You just go back to writing
your own speech.

That's important.

That matters.

We'll be filing a petition
to determine

the paternity of your child
in D.C. superior court,

after which there will be
a hearing and a D.N.A. test.

The petition is public, which is
going to set things in motion.

That same day
you'll be taping an interview

with Diane Sawyer for "20/20."
Diane Sawyer?

Don't worry. We'll be doing
mock interviews to prepare you

for the kinds of questions
you will be asked.

We don't want any surprises.
And if you're properly prepared,

you've got nothing
to be afraid of.

You need to call your parents
and all your friends.

Warn them about
what's going to happen.

Your parents will want
to check into a hotel

when the interview airs
because their street

will be chock-full of reporters,
and they won't be well-behaved.

I know this seems scary,
I know it's overwhelming,

but we are talking about

the president
of the United States.

You want to burn down his house,

you're gonna have to burn down
your own as well.


Clearly, you were busy before.

It was obviously not the right
time to ask for a favor,

but I do have a favor to ask,
and keep in mind,

you owe me big-time...

sort of how I owe six cops
from E.R.T. double overtime

for showing up at a church,
ready to blow holes in 30 nuns.

And one way in which
I'd like to cash in

on what's becoming a truly
massive favor deficit between us

is for you to help out
an old friend of mine.


I did not answer you when you
asked me about this earlier.

That was rude. This time,
I will be more clear...

I have far, far more important
things to worry about right now

than the fate
of the crappy newsstand

you buy your morning coffee at,

and I do not have time for this
or for you.

Bill me
for the police overtime.

Hi. Excuse me. I checked
someone in yesterday...

my sister and her
two young children, room 402?

Okay, uh, let's see.

Room 402... is... vacant.

You in trouble.

We will.

Oh, Abby, good.

I was just telling the general
that it was you and Stephen

that found Señora Florez.

I cannot thank you enough.
There were moments

when I thought I would
never see them again. Thank you.

You're welcome.

We think the kidnappers
may have been allied

with the general's
political enemies...

possibly the exile community.

Anyway, thank goodness
whoever it was lost their nerve,

dropped Carolina
and the children off

at that shelter, and now here
they are, safe and sound.

Safe and sound.

You had no right
to do what you did.

No right? No right?!

That woman was not our client.

She had one shot,
and you took it away.

She chose to marry that man.

She chose to have children with him, oh, and that
makes it your call to decide whether or not...

And now, 20 years later,
she wakes up and realizes

she's sleeping next to a monster and she wants out?
Are you kidding me? That's what you did for me.

She fell in love with the wrong man.
No, you made the wrong call.

When I wanted
to leave Charles...

she put herself
in an impossible position.

When I wanted
to leave Charles...

I did what I had to do
for my client.

I made a tough call. You don't
like it, Abby? Too bad!

It is my name on that door,
not yours!

When I wanted to leave Charles!

Don't talk to me about tough
calls and names on the door.

That woman needs us.

And I don't know
what's going on with you

or what's happened to you,
but I know that you have

your stuff
that you don't talk about.

I know that.

But something's going on
with you,

and I'm sorry about that.
I am,

but that doesn't mean that you
get to stop being Olivia Pope.

When Charles fractured three
of my ribs and broke my jaw

and threw me out into the snow
in my nightgown,

Olivia Pope took a tire iron
and broke his kneecap

and then Olivia got me the best
divorce attorney in the state

and got me out of that marriage.

That's what Olivia does.

That's who you are.
You are the gladiator.

I would
gladly follow you over a cliff.

But you gotta show up.
You gotta be a warrior.

You don't get to pick and choose

when the real Olivia Pope
walks through that door.

You made the wrong call.

Saltines, ginger ale,

every trashy magazine
on the rack...

Let me know if you need
anything else.

I gotta get back to the office.

Dirt floors and mud walls.
I'm sorry?

My senior year of college, I saw
this picture in a magazine.

This little school in India
or Nepal, maybe...

dirt floors and mud walls

and sad little wood benches
instead of desks.

It was the saddest thing
I'd ever seen,

but what was even sadder...

there were no girls
in the picture, just boys,

because girls weren't allowed
to go to school.

That's why I came
to Washington,

not to get knocked up.

Just so you don't think
I'm some dumb bimbo slut who...

There are places in the world
where girls don't get educated,

simply because they are girls.

You can still do it...

Whatever you came here to do.

This doesn't have to be
your story.

We have withstood lies spread
by powerful media outlets

and the permanent threat
of this capitalist empire.

We have withstood
the very naked disrespect

for the sovereignty
of our nation.

If you still want asylum,
we can get it for you.

I have a car downstairs waiting,

ready to take you and your
family to homeland security,

but if you want to go, we have
to leave right now, this minute.

Do you still want asylum?
My husband's security men are down the hall.

They won't let me leave the building.
We've got it covered.

If she wants to go,
you can't stop her.

Now we can talk I.N.A. Code 101
section A-42.

You guys familiar with that?

Okay, let me break it down
for you...

asylum given for foreign-born
spouses subject to persecution.

Or well-founded fear
of persecution

on account of race,
religion, nationality,

in a particular social group,

or as pertains to our case
here... political opinion.

So you can object, petition,

make yourself a nuisance
all you want,

but in case you haven't noticed,
she's on American soil,

otherwise known as you have
no jurisdiction here.

Liv, we need to move now.

Okay, Huck... baby.

Thank you.

Manuel, wake up.
Manuel, we have to go. Come on.

I dropped the pacifier.

Take your toy.
Thank you.

Come on. Felipe.


General Florez.

What a wonderful speech.

I was just coming by
to congratulate you.


Benicio, she was helping me
to leave you.

There was no kidnapping.

There were no men.
There was no van.

I left on my own. I left you
because I wanted to leave you.

I left you because
I don't love you anymore.

Fine. Then leave.

But you're not taking
the children.

They're coming home with me.


no, Carolina, mira.

Come here. Come here.

No. No. No. No.



The kids and I were thinking
we could all go to Santa Barbara

for the long weekend.

They really want
to see their friends,

and we haven't been home
since the inauguration.

What's that, 14, 15 months?


Would it be so bad
if all this ended?

What? I wanted to help people.
That was the point.

I got in this job to help
people, not for the job.

I could find better ways
to affect change.

What's going on?
What happened?

Would it be so bad?

If this ended?

Yes, it would be so bad
if this ended.

It would be catastrophic.

Now pull yourself together, damn
it. You've got a speech to give.

We'll go to Santa Barbara
later in the year, or maybe...

For Christmas.

It's me.

I'm done.

I can't do this anymore.
I can't lie anymore.

I'm out.

I'm gonna tell them the truth.

Today, I say to say to
all citizens of the americas,

democracy is your destiny.

I call upon my fellow leaders

to stand together
and to speak with one voice,

loud, clear, and strong...

so General Florez,
President Chavez,

and President Castro...
all those who would seek

to squash individual rights
and freedoms, may hear us.

Your... time...

Has... passed.


The way I see it,

all roads lead back
to Amanda Tanner.

She's saying we had an affair.

She's saying
she's carrying my child.

Without her,
there's nothing but that tape.

Without her, that tape is

just a guy
who sounds vaguely like me.

There's no proof. Nobody even
takes that tape seriously

without it being vouched for,

which means our problem is
Amanda Tanner,

and she's not our problem.
She's a kid.

Our real problem is
Olivia Pope.

You realize...

I got into this job
to help people,

to change this country
for the better.

I am the president
of the United States of America.

It's time I acted like it.

Thank you...

Mr. President.

General Florez.

General Florez,
you need to reconsider.

You know that the Hague
Convention guarantees

that custody must be decided

by the parents' home country, right?
Right? Yes.

Yes. I know.
I know she's your wife,

I know she's the mother
of your children,

and I know she seems weak now,
but she is smart,

she is powerful,

and smart, powerful women
like Carolina...

they don't curl up and hide
when they've been wounded.

They strike back
by writing memoirs

and appearing on talk shows

and at benefits
and on red carpets,

talking about women's rights
in the developing world

and how babies were ripped
from her arms

by a ruthless dictator

who can't run a family,
much less a country.

And then one day,
out of nowhere,

she's not just the mother
of your children anymore.

She's a hero.

And people everywhere...
here, in your country...

people love a hero, general.

People rise up and fight
for a hero.

And I will make it
my personal mission

that the rest of the world is
behind them when they do,

so you need to tread
very carefully here,

because what you do today

may determine
your political survival.

This woman can either be
the mother of your children

or the face of your opposition...

now which would you prefer?

Okay, just one question.

What happened to no lines
would be crossed here,

no one will be harmed
in the making of this date?

Oh, so this is a date?

Okay. One question.

Was Amanda Tanner sleeping
with the president?

Don't you wish.

Now that would be a story.


Dennis and Katherine Mahoney

from County Cork, Ireland,

to Washington, D.C.,
in the summer of 1860,

just in time for the Civil War.
They started with nothing,

built an empire selling news
in the front.

And in 1973,

their great-granddaughter
Margaret Mahoney

sold her family newsstand chain
for $25 million,

but she kept one for herself,

one to sell
to one of her employees...

Kiyong Kim, who'd also been
working at Mahoney News

since emigrating to Washington
from Busan, South Korea,

also with nothing.

Kiyong Kim learned English
at that newsstand,

he became a U.S. citizen
at that newsstand,

and eventually, he became
the owner of that newsstand

because Mahoney News is

everything that makes
this country great.

It would be a crime
against the nation

to knock it down
for greed and profit

your boy Kiyong's got a news
crew showing up at 2:30 tomorrow

for the 5:00 news

and an 800-word human interest
story in the "D.C. Weekly,"

which comes out Thursday.

Does Olivia Pope ever
actually apologize to anyone?

She just did.

Cyrus. Don't get up.
This won't take long.

Let's see, Abby whelan... does her
ex-husband know where she is?

Stephen Finch...
he's been a bad boy.

This fella Huck...
his file reads like

"helter skelter,"
a real page-Turner,

and that's just the parts
that haven't been redacted.

Nice show, Cyrus. Very scary.

This is two days' work,
and I'm a little worried

about all the trees
that I'm gonna have to kill

to print out the rest
of the dirt I will find.

You want to go nuclear?
I have that option, too.

You should see the size
of the mushroom cloud

that's going to go up
when the president is hit

with the paternity suit
for Amanda's baby.

It's gonna make our "20/20"
interview look like a hug.

Just finishing up
some paperwork.

I'm going to need some blood.

I really thought
I trained you better.

You haven't even filed
a paternity suit yet.

I expected that days ago.

You seem awful chipper
about all this, Cyrus.

I am. I am.
I'll tell you why.

I'm a workaholic,
and my sweet husband

doesn't let me work on Sundays,
unless there's a war,

which is why I hate Sundays
and I really hate to garden.

So you can see
why I'd be excited,

because there is,
in fact, a war.

There's a bloody, scary war
starting right now.

You and I are going to war?
That's what you want? Fine.

Oh. No.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't clear.

This isn't my war.
You know who sent me here?

The president of
the United States sent me here,

to this office,
to deliver these piles of dirt.

I'm not the general.
I'm not the bad guy.

I'm just an errand boy who
doesn't have to garden anymore.

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III

has declared war on you, Olivia,

and he does so with the full
force of the White House

and the legion of men and women

who work
in the United States Government.

May God have mercy
on your soul.

I know I've been asking
a lot of you all,

asking you to trust me,

and I know that hasn't always
been easy or fair

and sometimes I am wrong.

But we are about to go forward
with Amanda Tanner's case.

Going up against the White House

is the biggest thing
we've ever done.

It will be hard.
It will be mean.

It will be personal.

But you don't have to do this
because I say so, not this time.

You have to decide
for yourselves.

It is a great honor for us

to host this meeting
in Washington once again.

We're grateful for the reminder
that this new world of ours...

America, North and South...

is more than
an accident of geography.


Let's vote on it.

We are not gonna make
a dime out of this,

but I still vote yes.

We, the free people
of the americas,

are bound not only by a shared history...

But by a common aspiration...

I'm in.





But I am sorry to tell you

that our work is not finished...

For as long as some
of our brothers and sisters

still live under
the tyranny of dictators,

we must not resign ourselves
to the status quo.

Of course.

Democracy is your destiny.

Over a cliff.

I call on my fellow leaders
to stand together

and to speak with one voice...

loud, clear, and strong...

All right then. We go to war.

So General Florez,
President Chavez,

and President Castro...
all those who would seek

to squash individual rights
and freedoms, may hear us.

Your... time... has... passed.