Scandal (2012–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Sweet Baby - full transcript

Olivia hires Quinn, who must deal with a woman's accusation against the President; Pope & Associates must prove a decorated war veteran innocent of murder.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Harrison Wright?
Quinn Perkins.

I can't stay.
What are you drinking?

I can't stay. I'm sorry.
I only came

because Lori wouldn't give me
your number so I could cancel

and I didn't want you
to be waiting here

because getting stood up
in this particular bar is

like falling facedown
on a runway.

And even though
I don't know you, Lori's got

this annoying habit of meddling, so it
seemed only decent... what are you drinking?

I can't stay is what I'm saying.
I don't do blind dates.

My parents met on a blind date.

They've been inseparable ever since.
I'm happy for your parents and for you,

because it means you exist, but I don't do blind dates.
This isn't a blind date.

What? It's a job interview.
What are you drinking?

Dirty martini. What do you mean
this is a job interview?

This is a job interview.
You're a baby lawyer. You're 12 years old.

I am 28 years old. Why aren't we
sitting in an office in a law firm?

Because that's not how we do job interviews.
I didn't apply for a job with you.

You did. You did.
I didn't. I didn't.

Okay, you know what?
This has been whatever,

but I don't do blind dates, so...
Ask me who I work for.


You really want
to ask me who I work for.

Fine. Who do you work for?
Olivia Pope.

Olivia Pope?

The Olivia Pope?

Wait. Shut up.

Is this some kind of ploy
to make me stay on this date?

Quinn, this is not a blind date.

On blind dates,
I like to buy a woman dinner

'cause it makes her more likely

to either sleep with me
or give me a second date.

When I buy you dinner,
you'll know I'm interested.

You did apply
for a job with me.

The way I know you applied
for a job with me

is that I have your resume
on my iPad,

the way I know you would kill
puppies to get this job

is the way you stopped breathing

when I said the name
"Olivia Pope," which is a tell,

your tell, which you should look
at, 'cause I'm gonna offer you

a crap salary,
and you'll have to take it,

'cause we all get paid
crap salaries

because we're the good guys.
I'm a good guy,

which means I generally don't
lie, but I just did to you.

This is not a job interview.

Wait. I don't,
um, I'm confused.

Olivia already told me
to hire you.

The job is yours,
if you want it.

The best job you'll ever have.

You'll change lives,
slay dragons,

love the hunt more
than you ever dreamed

because Olivia Pope is
as amazing as they say.

And, uh...
I'm not a baby lawyer.

I'm a gladiator in a suit,

'cause that's what you are
when you work for Olivia.

You're a gladiator in a suit.

Do you want to be
a gladiator in a suit? Hmm?

Mm. Mm-hmm.
You gotta say it.

I want to be
a gladiator in a suit.

We're gonna get killed.

Did you propose? Weren't you
gonna ask her tonight?

I was doing this tonight.
Liv, we're gonna get killed.

We're $3 million short.

So you flaked.
Why are we short?

The ambassador couldn't come up
with the rest,

which is a problem,
a very big problem,

why we shouldn't even be going
up there in the first place.

And I did not flake.
I'm working for you.

Don't worry. They'll take
what we give them.

Did you at least buy
the engagement ring?

Ukrainian mobsters do not take
what you give them.

They just shoot you. So we have
bigger things to worry about

than me not proposing
to my girlfriend.

We are in a situation here.
Focus. Do what you do.

Good evening, gentlemen.

You got the money?

Of course, all $3 million.
We said $6 million.

Did we?
We did.

I have $3 million.

That's a problem.

Well, it's all the ambassador
had on such short notice,

so you're just gonna
have to take it.

Leave the $3 million.
When you come back with the rest... Liv?

We have a deal.

That's not gonna happen, Oskar.


What's going to happen is
you and Vlad are

gonna take the $3 million
and leave right now

for Dulles to make your flight
to the motherland.

The reason you're gonna want
to go right now

beside the fact that
it's just good travel sense

to give yourself enough time
for international check-in,

is in exactly 4 hours
and 15 minutes,

both of your names are
gonna suddenly "pop up"

on homeland security's
no-fly list.

Lucky for you,
you're booked on a flight

that leaves
in two and a half hours,

so if it were me, I'd much
rather spend $3 million in Kiev

than here in Georgetown.

Way more bang for your buck.

In fact, it may even feel like
$6 million once you're there.

Good boys.
So since we have a deal,

I am gonna take
what we paid for.

Pleasure doing business
with you.

I thank you,
my client thanks you,

and I hope
to never see you again.

God, I love this job.

Do I look okay?

Too much cleavage.
Olivia'll talk about you.

This is huck.
He's our tech guy.

Used to be CIA, right, huck?
I don't talk about that. New girl?

New girl. Are you sure she's here?
It's late.

She's here.
She's always here.

That's Stephen. That's Abby.

He's a litigator.
She's an investigator.

And that's...

Olivia Pope.

Come on.

I'm not doing it.

Well, I'm not doing it either.

Do not look at me.
How'd it go?

We gave them $3 million.
They gave us the package.

$3 million down.
The woman doesn't flinch.

We're just waiting for pickup.

Too much cleavage.

Oh, I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't
know that I was coming here.

Can I just say
that I am a huge fan?

I so admire your work
in the White House.

It is an honor to work
for your law firm.

We're not a law firm.

We're lawyers,
but this is not a law firm.

Law firms are for pansies.

We solve problems.

Manage crises,
save reputations.

Right. Of course.
It's still an honor.

Harrison feed you a line about
being a gladiator in a suit?

Liv. He did, and I am ready
to gladiate or whatever.

You know how
to gladiate a diaper change?


Thank you.

Thank you. When the russians
kidnapped him,

I thought... but you returned
my son back to me.

Thank you.

Anything I can do for you.

If you ever have a second child,
Olivia's a beautiful name.

Mr. ambassador, you can take
your son back to the consulate

and keep him safe. And you can
never tell anyone about this.

The FBI is sick of me.

Of course. Thank you.

Thank you.

Good work, everyone.


We've got incoming.

It's after hours. Take
a message. We're going home.

Not on the phone. Here.
And you want to talk to him.

You have to help me.

Somebody has to help me.

My girlfriend...

She's dead.

The police think I killed her.

Welcome to
Olivia Pope and Associates.

Lieutenant Colonel
Sullivan "Sully" St. James...

age 32, did two tours in Iraq,

was injured saving the lives
of his entire unit,

a war hero.

And not just any war hero...
the first living marine

awarded the medal of honor for
action in any war since Vietnam.

A famous war hero,
working class, patriotic,

comes from
a long line of soldiers.

Here he is with the president.

Also sexiest man alive 2010.

Poster boy for the military...

And for the conservative right.
That's how he makes his living.

He gives expensive speeches,
makes a fortune.

He's anti-choice, pro-gun,

hates the gays, and likes it
when kids pray in school.

Abby. I'm just saying he
sickens me politically.

I'm not saying we shouldn't help him.
Who's the dead girlfriend?

Paige Montgomery... 27, rich
girl, good family.

It's on the police scanners.

Girl was found dead
in her apartment,

three shots to the head. Three?
That's not an accident.

Sully called 9-1-1, but took off
before the police arrived.

Wait. What are we... can I ask?

What do we do? I mean,
if we aren't defense lawyers,

we're not the state's attorney,
it looks like he did it,

so what do we do?
What can we do?

First we interview Sully.

I was gonna propose.

We were gonna get married.

Uh, Paige was everything to me.

She was my best friend.

We listen to him. We watch him.

Did you kill her?

I would never. I loved her.

Where'd the blood come from?

In this moment, we are
the judge and we are the jury,

the media
and the public opinion.

I went to her apartment,
and I found her like that.

I held her, but there was,
uh, just so much...

Blood, and I-I called the
police and I-I-I panicked.

I'm on TV, you know,
so I didn't know what to do.

I thought that they would think
that I did it.

I panicked. I'm sorry.

This is the moment
where we decide who he is.

Where were you
during the murder?

I walk at night
around the neighborhood.

I-I was walking, and I stepped
into Matty's pub and I had a beer.

And then I kept walking
and went to go see Paige.

Do you own a handgun?

Not since I left the military.

I just don't believe
she's actually gone.

I vote no. The guy's
a fugitive covered in blood.

Not once did he question
who killed Paige

or ask us to find her killer.

We all know that's a red flag.
He did it. No, I don't think he did.

He's a soldier, government-issue
trained killing machine.

He'd have to be an idiot to get
her blood all over himself,

call 9-1-1, and then run.
But I still vote no.

It's a media hand grenade.

I don't want to take it because
it's too messy, too much work.

And I hate republicans.

My vote always
comes down to my gut.

My gut tells me everything
I need to know.

We're taking the case.

Why do we even bother voting?

You're pretty and smart.

So pretty, so smart.

Next I set the rules.

We're gonna give you a clean shirt
and put you in Stephen's office.

You are to stay there.
No phone calls...

not to work, not to friends,
not to press, no one.

This is on us now.

Your job is to stay in that
office and let us do our job.

Then I warn them.

I always warn them.

I have one rule...
do not lie.

You lie, all bets are off.
Got it?

Now is there anything else
you want to tell me?

I didn't kill her.

She was my best friend.

I loved her.

Why am I not
surprised that you're on this?

You have to give me 48 hours

before you arrest
or charge Sully St. James.

I was sleeping. The U.S.
attorney's office never sleeps.

You told me that once.
I was being ironic.

48 hours before you arrest
or charge.

Olivia, you don't have the muscle of
the White House behind you anymore.

You're just a private citizen,
who is, by the way, annoying.

He's a decorated war hero.
He's a patriot.

You realize the blowback you'll
get for rushing to judgment

on a patriot?
The blowback you'll create?

Well, yeah. That's my job.

Do you actually have the naivete
to believe

that waking me in the middle
of the night and threatening me

is the correct path
to getting your way?

I wasn't threatening you.
He didn't kill her.

My gut says he didn't.

Your spidey senses
aren't evidence.

I've been on the phone
with homicide.

He killed her and ran.

I can have a reporter out here
in 20 minutes, with cameras,

asking why you are persecuting an innocent,
handicapped medal of honor winner.

Perhaps because he's a well-known
conservative republican

and you are considering a bid on
the democratic ticket next year.

Just to be clear...
that was me threatening you.

You have until morning.
36 hours.

24 hours. Sold.
Pleasure to see you again.

Hey, Wally.

Body still here or did
the morgue take it already?

Go home. I'm not telling you a thing.
You don't have to.

I'll just take a quick peek
at the crime scene.

Not on my watch. How's your wife, Wally?
She's what, six months pregnant?

Does she know about
the stripper?

You're a real bitch,
you know that?

I do know that, Wally.

So you guys don't try cases.

You don't go to court.

We do our jobs right,
we never need to go to court.

Now look, the reason
we're not a law firm

is we don't have to play
th the res of the law.

We're fixers, crisis managers.

We make the problems of our
client, big or small, go away.

It's not about solving a crime.
It's not about justice.

It's about our client.



You didn't call me.

I'm an ass.
Who slept with me and didn't call me.

I'm getting married.


You're getting married? You?

Her name is Georgia.
She teaches third grade,

which is why,
as much as I would like to,

I can't do it with you
in the freezer anymore.

What do you want?

I need you to fast-track
an autopsy, slip me the report.

We've been here all night.

Hey, don't you people
ever sleep?

Don't any of you have...

Husbands, wives, and kids,



In suits.

We need more.

The guy's alibi is water,

bloody clothes, and he's
a runner. He killed her.

Definitely killed her.

There. Gun was found
on the scene.

I'll work the cops,

find out if there are
any fingerprints on the gun.

And there. Look at them.

Look how he's looking at her.
He loves her.

A guy in love only kills
if he has motive.

If he has a motive, we need
to find it before the police do.

I have to step out.
I'll be back.

We need more.

So what happens now?

She wants more, we get more.


Hi. Hello. How are you?

Hi. Hello. How are you?

You working
the Sully St. James thing?

I'm trying to stamp out
the flames.

If you guys could refrain from
commenting... what's your gut say?

He didn't do it. Your gut's never wrong.
We'll stay quiet.

But keep me in the loop.

You didn't ask me here to talk
about Sully St. James.

He needs a favor.

I don't work for him anymore.
He trusts you.

I don't work for him anymore.
And yet you came when I called.


There's a girl, an aide,

going around saying
she's sleeping with him.

Is she?

Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky.

John Edwards, Rielle Hunter.
Is she?

No. You know him.
He's not that guy.

I need you to shut her down.

I need to see him.

Liv, that's not possible.
You want me to shut her down?

Then I need to look him in
the eye and know he's not lying.

He's not...

Look, the man's schedule is

He has no time to see you.

He wants the favor.
He wants my services.

I do not work for him anymore,

so you tell the president of
the United States to make time.

You're going?
I'm going.

To camp David?
I won't be gone long.

You're going to camp David to
meet with the president why?

Meeting at the White House is
too official.

Press is there.

He wants you to take
your old job back, doesn't he?

He's wooing you. He's not wooing me.
We're friends.

You and I are friends. He's
the leader of the free world.

Your life makes me feel

Stay on Sully.
Text me if anything happens.

I'll be back soon.

Hey, um...

Should I really do it?

I'm talking about
asking Georgia to marry me.

Yes. Because I was thinking
I'd buy the ring today,

but now with Sully... Stephen, do you want
me to talk you into it or out of it?

Into it. Out of it.

No. Into it.

Normal lives... that's the dream.
You love her. She loves you.

Normal people get married.

You won't even date.

I'm not normal.

Okay, huck finally managed
to hack Paige's e-mail.

I've been reading them
and I think I found something.

Paige sent an e-mail
to a friend, Ariel Masse.

On the night of the murder,
they were supposed to attend

an embassy party together.
So why didn't she go?

I... I don't know.

Don't ever say "I don't know."

Olivia doesn't believe
in "I don't know."

She asks you why, you better
have an answer. Abby!

Yeah, Paige and I were
supposed to go to

the French Consulate dinner.
What happened?

She called at the last minute
and she canceled. No big deal.

Ariel, if there's something
you're not telling me...

Look, you have to understand...
Paige loves Sully.

She used to be... we both used
to be, you know, party girls,

always out,
always with a different guy.

And then Paige met Sully,

and she just settled down
with him, you know?

It made her family really happy.
They were amazing together.

Oh, I just
can't believe she's dead.

Ariel, you can cry.
That's understandable,

but that's not
gonna make me go away.

What aren't you telling me?

In other news,

White House press secretary
Joyce Armstrong

is saying that as of now,
president grant will issue

no comment regarding
war hero Sullivan St. James'

possible involvement...
Olivia Pope.

In the murder of
socialite Paige Montgomery.

He'll be right with you.

Hi. Hello. How are you?

Better. You're here.
He'll be out in a moment.

First lady came.
She knows about this?

It's not like
during the election, Liv.

The isolation of the White House
bonded them.

Their marriage is
stronger than ever.



Oh. You never call.
You never write.

Well, you're a little busy.

How are the kids?

Ah, Jerry's adjusting to
White House life pretty well.

But Karen... she misses her
friends, hates secret service.

How are you?

Are you dating anybody?

Because there is this guy
at council's office

I think you'd
really hit it off with.

I'm good, really.
Thank you.


Mr. President.

It's good to see you.

I know you've got
your hands full

with the Sully St. James thing.

I can't thank you enough
for taking this on.

Her name is Amanda Tanner.

She's 27.

I've got rumors
she might be talking.

And you can't fire her.

Not without a nightmare
on our hands.

Look, as yet,
she hasn't gone to the press.

It'd like to put a stop to it
before she does.

It's not right. Makes me
look like a dirty old man.

I have to ask.


I never,

I would never.


You've known me a long
time, longer than most.

You know I did not fall
for some young girl.

You know there's
only one person I love.

Mellie and Fitz are
happy together, Liv.

He'd have no reason to cheat.

I'll handle it.

Consider it handled.

You should come back
to the White House.

We need you on our side.

I like working for myself.

But I've never left your side.

The band is back together.

Where are we?

Waiting on forensics on the gun
to come in.

Whoo-hoo! Paige is a whore!

She was screwing some guy
named Tom Henderson.

She canceled on the
embassy party to meet up with him.

We have another viable suspect!
Paige is a whore!

I'm gonna run down Henderson,

see if I can make something

Quinn, I need you to find out
everything you can

about an Amanda Tanner.
You have an hour...

And then I need you
to come with me.

Impress her.

Can I ask what we're...
you're acting as my witness.

Just stay by my side.
Don't say anything.

Cute dog.

Golden Retriever?

His name's Thomas Jefferson,

which is lame, I know,
but he's very presidential.

Aren't you, T.J.?

Amanda, it would be a mistake
to think there will be

no consequences to you telling
lies about the president.

How do you know my name?
Who are you?

My name is Olivia Pope.
And I want to be clear...

I'm not here on any official
capacity. I'm only here

to warn you, because you should
know what could happen.

It could become hard for you
to find employment,

your face would be everywhere.

People would associate you
with a sex scandal.

All kinds of information
about you

would easily become available
to the press.

For example, you've had 22
sexual partners that we know of.

Also, there's that ugly bout
of gonorrhea.

And your family...
your mother's mental illness...

a psychotic break,
two years at Bedford Hospital.

I bet that's private.
She runs a daycare now, right?

He told me he loved me.

He gave me this dog.

See, it's those kind of lies
that could hurt you

if you said them to other people...
people not as nice as me.

I'll give you some free advice.

Hand in your resignation and
pack up your dog and your things

and get in your car and go.

Find a small city...
Minneapolis, maybe, or Denver,

get a little job, meet a
boring boy, make some friends.

Because in this town,
your career is over.

You're done.

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm a good person.

You know who else was
a good person? Monica Lewinsky.

And she was telling the truth,
but she still got destroyed.

If you get subpoenaed
in front of a grand jury,

you can testify as an officer of the
court that I was working on my own.

I didn't blackmail
or threaten her.

If you don't get
subpoenaed, this never happened.

It's handled.

Are you crying?

This is the ladies' room.

Are you crying?

Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.

You are.


I'm crying.

Well, don't let Olivia
see you doing that.

She doesn't believe in crying.

She doesn't believe in...

What is that? Who says that?

Olivia. She says that.

Wait. C-can I ask you...
why did she hire me?

I mean, she must get
a hundred resumes. Why me?

What about me... what about me
says "stand next to me

while I decimate
a girl walking her dog"?

You're here
because you worship her.

You want to be her.

You think if you're near her,
if you stand in her light,

then you'll finally
do stuff that matters.

Because you need to believe
that there's something greater

than a-a 9:00 to 5:00 crap job,
that there's a higher purpose,

that your life has meaning, because the
world feels big and you feel lost.

Am I right?

Olivia Pope fixes things.
That's who she is.

You need fixing.
I don't know your story.

I don't need to know.
We all have a story.

Everyone in this office
needs fixing.

You're a stray dog,
and Olivia took you in.

Don't question it.

No crying.

We don't cry, ever.

The president
and the first lady

are just now returning
to the White House,

where tonight they will be
hosting a state dinner

for President Sarkozy and
the French first lady.

Even though many
see this as a positive move

in relations
between the two countries...

Cyrus Beene. Put him on.
I just need a second.

Olivia needs you.

Hi, Liv.
Did you buy her a dog?


Just answer the question.

No, of course not.
Why do you ask?

Do me a favor. Turn your head
a little to the left.


Sorry. Forget I asked.
Thank you, Mr. President.

Uh, Sully's on the crawl

on the big three cable news
stations, all over "drudge."

Network news is
still hours away,

but, uh, Diane Sawyer's
already sniffing.

I've got good, I've got bad,
I've got ugly.

The good... Tom Henderson
spilled his guts

the minute I leaned on him.
Bad... he has an airtight alibi.

He was working
as a bouncer at a club

at the time of the murder.
100 witnesses.

Ugly... Henderson claims

that Sully knew he was sleeping
with his girlfriend,

which gives Sully motive.

Even uglier...
gun found in the murder

has Sully's prints all over it,

which gives him means.
Damn it.

Did you know Paige was sleeping
with Tom Henderson?


Did... you... Know?

I hired you.
You can't come in here and t...

yes, she can. She can do
whatever the hell she wants,

because without her, you are
definitely going to jail.

My guess is 20 years,
but if they get fancy,

a life sentence is
a possibility.

Is that what you want?

Did you know Paige was
sleeping with Tom Henderson?


Yeah, I knew.

Look over our statement.
Get me five soldiers...

Make sure it uses the words "war hero"...
Preferably with bars on their uniforms,

who are willing to attest to Sully's heroism and kindness...
And get our defense attorney down here.

On the record.

Wait. Wait.
I did not kill Paige.


She slept around a lot before.

I would've forgiven her.

But I didn't kill her.
You have to believe me.

Sully, your fingerprints are
on the gun.

That's because I picked it up
off of the floor.

I am a soldier

and I have looked into the faces
of men as I killed them.

I know what it means
to take a life.

I don't know how a person could
do this to someone they love.

I loved Paige.
She was my best friend.

I did not kill her.

Find me somebody, anybody,

who can say they saw Sully
at the time of the murder.

Make his alibi stick.

I believe him.
Abby, I believe him.

Go make his alibi stick.

I'll get the car.

In a minute.
Huck, did you talk to my guy?

You got it?

I got it.


Open it.

They're engagement rings.


They're engagement rings.

For getting engaged.

They're engagement rings.

Stephen, we made you
a reservation...

8:00 P.M. Chez Henri.

Best table.

Huck already called Georgia.
She's meeting you there.

Pick a ring. Marry the girl.

Be normal.

You can't just...
you're bullying me.

As long as I've known you,
you've dated a series of women

I can only describe as trashy
and too young for you

and most of all, stupid.

Georgia is funny and
fun and old enough

and brilliant, and you know
you want to marry her.

We all know you want to marry
her, so pick a damn ring already

so we can go find an alibi
for Sully St. James.

She'll like this one.

Excellent choice.

I want to see her.

She's not available.
I want to see her.

She's not available.
Let me through.

I want you to give him a message.

That's not appropriate.

Not appropriate?
Not appropriate?

You came to me,
and I know he sent you.

I know you can give him a message.
This conversation is over. Please leave.

I quit my job, okay? I did it.
Now please give him a message!

Marlon, take her down.
Do not let her back up.

I'm telling the truth.
I am.

Time's up, Liv.
I have a warrant.

I still have 40 minutes.

Fine. 40 minutes and then I want
Sully St. James in handcuffs.

You stay out here.
Nobody crosses this doorway.

Get Abby on the phone.
Tell her we've been invaded.

Tell her time is up.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right.

I showed Sully's picture
to everyone in the bar.

No one saw him
the night of the murder,

and Liv's got cops in the lobby.
He's finished.

Maybe not.

I have $500 in cash...

And a pizza.

Howie, meet your $500
and your pizza.

Deep dish, sausage and mushroom?

Show me.

We have a ticking clock here,

I'm counting.

Last night,
between 10:00 and midnight,

the bank camera that points
northeast towards Matty's pub.

Speed through.

Stop. Right there.


Is that Sully?

We're gonna need a copy of that.

We don't have a lot of time.

The police are here,
so I need you to listen.

What's going on?

We were able to verify
your alibi.

You were?


That's a good thing, right?

Sully, you're the most decorated
hero since the Vietnam War,

you come from a family of
soldiers, you make your living

giving speeches
for the conservative right,

and you've said over and over,
Paige was your best friend.

Not your lover,
your best friend.

Paige knew, didn't she?

She was your best friend.
She knew you were gay.

The two of you had a deal.

You can't show that tape
to anyone.

I need the name of the man
you were kissing.

You can't show that tape
and you can't have a name.

It's your alibi.

No. I'm...

You cannot tell people
that I am gay.

I am a hero.

The police have
a warrant for your arrest.

All due respect, people
finding out you're gay is

no big deal compared to that.

I am a hero.

I honor the uniform.


I honor the uniform!

Sully, look at me.

The rules have changed.

Don't ask, don't tell is over.

That is talk!

I am a conservative republican!

I am publicly anti-gay!

I am the deacon in my church.

They're talking about me
running for Congress one day.

I am Lieutenant Colonel
Sullivan St. James.

I'm a hero.

I can't be gay.

But you are.

This is who you are.

This is your alibi.

Let us help you.

Come on, Sully.




Sullivan St. James, you have
the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can

you have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided to you...

Hey. You seen Olivia?

Sully was just arrested.

Olivia went
to the police station.

What's up?
I'm on my way there.

Got a strange call...
some girl named Amanda Tanner.

What about her? She's in the hospital.
She tried to kill herself.

Reporters are starting
to gather outside.


Our defense attorney's
with Sully now,

but it doesn't seem optimistic.
What do we do?

We can't use the alibi.
Can we leak it?

We... he's our client.
We have to do at he wants.

I hate this.

I have to go.

Now? It's after 6:00.
They won't arraign him till morning.

I'll be back.
Get in to see Sully.

See if you can change his mind.

Uh, Georgia's gonna be waiting
for me at Chez Henri.

I could cancel.

We'll work on Sully. Go.


Okay. Thanks.

Get down on one knee.
Women li that.

What happened?

She slashed her wrists.

Any press sniffing around?

No. No one. One of the nurses
told me her dad's flying in.

'Ll be here in the morning.

Okay. She hasn't spoken

no nurses or doctors... about anything?
Just to me.

Good. Stay with her.


You said to trust ur gut.

My gut says she's telling the truth.
She's not.

How do you know?
Because I know the president.

Okay. It's just she was
going on and on and on

about how there's this secret
room off of the oval office

where they've met, and I've read
about the White House.

There is a little room.

If you read it, she read it.
People are crazy.

They get fixated on famous
people. They stalk them.

But I don't think she's crazy.

Tell me why.

Okay. She tried to kill herself,
but she didn't want to die.

She called you right after she
did it because she wanted him

to find out she was hurt
and come see her.

She thought he would do that.

She was going on and on and on
about how she thought he'd come

and call her "sweet baby" and
everything would be fine. What?


What did you say?

That he'd come if she was hurt.

And he would call her...

Sweet baby.
And I was just thinking

that if she really thought
that if he found out...

Where is he?

It'll just be a moment.

Stephen, I can't talk
right now. What's wrong?

Okay. I'll be there. I'm coming.

Maybe half an hour.
Because I'm doing something.

I'm coming. I-I have to go.


This is a surprise.

We're gonna need the room,

Sir, you have to give that toast
to the president of France

in ten minutes.
Maybe you could find... we need the room.


Sweet baby?

Sweet ba...

Sweet baby?

Co here.

You left me.

Because you are married, because you said
you wanted to try to dedicate yourself

to your marriage, because you are
the leader of the free world...

And I wanted you
to be a better man.

I wanted you to be the man
I campaigned for,

helped get elected, and I voted
for. Do not touch me.

Don't touch me. Please.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Did you give her that dog?


Did you give her that dog?

I love you.

I believed you.
You clouded judgment.

You made me mistrust my gut
because I wanted to believe you!

Destroyed that girl!
She tried to kill herself.

I just want to say
that we can hear you screaming.

Mr. President,

you want to go clean up.

Cy... no.
You have lipstick on your mouth.

You need to clean up.

Mother of God.

You didn't know.

He tells you everything.

Didn't tell me this.

Because it didn't matter enough.

No, Liv. Liv.

Don't. I have to go.

Just a minute.


Y-you're in a coat closet.

You can do this.

That's the thing.
I don't think I can.

Tell me.

You know,
what if I-I marry her

and I cheat
or she gs bored with me or...

She doesn't love me enough?

I am not a good guy.

Livvie, what if she...

Leaves me?

I gotta trust my gut
and my gut is what?

Never wrong.

Never wrong, and my gut
tells me at she's in this.

She's in this with you.

If it doesn't work,
it doesn't work,

but you have to try,

because if you try,
if you leap and you try,

and it doesn't work
out, it's not on you.

It's not on me.

You can do this.



I can do this.

Go. Be happy.
Get some normal.


It would give me...

The greatest honor...

We may never know
who killed Paige.

But this isn't about

you not going to jail
for Paige's murder.

This is about
you not living a lie.

Sully, I saw that kiss.

You love that man,
whoever he is.

You love him.

You have been living with
a secret for a really long time.

I know what that's like.

I honestly do.

And you think you're doing it
for the right reasons.

You think you're doing it
for your country

and for the people
who look up to you,

but the thing is, who you
are, who you love...

that shouldn't be a secret.

It shouldn't have to be
a secret, should it?

John Latimer.

That's his name.

And I do...

Love him.

I am honored

to have served my country.

I am honored to have been
injured serving my country.

And just as importantly,

I am honored to be a gay man
who served my country.

That was
Sullivan st. Ames,

cleared of murder charges.

The other soldiers are
a nice touch, don't you think?

...soldiers standing by his side.

Sully appeared
stoically strong...

You... you have good ideas.

So Sully's innocent.

He didn't kill Paige.
Then who did? Don't matter.

It matters, just not to us

all that matters is Sully.
That's the job.

Look, I take all this stuff to
the police. Maybe it helps them.

Finding Paige's killer is
their job.

You said we were the good guys.
We are.

Really? I mean, is Olivia...
is she one of the good guys?

No. She's not one of the good
guys. She's the best guy.

It's not enough to say it.

You gotta believe it.

Gladiators... in suits.

That's what I'm talking about.

conservative leadership

is expected sometime...

Uh, he wants to see you.

Tell him to go to hell.

I'm just the messenger.

You tell him
that he better hope to God

Amanda Tanner doesn't want
to come forward with her story,

because she just became
my client.

I am honored to
have served my country.

I am honored to have been
injured serving my country.

And just as importantly,

I am honored to be a gay man
who served my country.