Scam 1992 the Harshad Mehta Story (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Risk se Ishq - full transcript

By the fag end of the 70's era, a middle-class boy from Ghatkopar finds his way into the stock market. He is Harshad Mehta. Aided by his friend, Bhushan, Harshad masters the art of jobbing.

[Sucheta] 'Early 1990's.
The era of change for India.'

'The old heroes were gone,
and the new ones were yet to rise.'

'Before the time of
mobiles, internet and social media...'

'...everything moved
at its own sweet pace.'

'Be it the economy
of the country...'

'...or the paperwork
at government offices...'

'...and even breaking news.'

'If there was speed, it was only
at the Bombay Stock Exchange.'

'For the first time,
the common man...'

'...was trying to change his fate
through the share market.'

'And in this glittering share market...'

'...everyone was blinded by the
promise of profit.'

'A promise so great, that it hid
the white lies on which it was based.'

'And then came the day, which shook
the very foundation of the Indian economy.'

'But the story of that fateful day
starts a day earlier.'

Sir! Excuse me, sir.

Sir, I need to meet the editor.
It's very urgent, sir.

Oh, your good name?

Sir, I'm Sharad Bellary
from S- SBI.

I see.

Sir, I have some confidential information.

So, which editor
would you like to meet?

Executive editor? City editor?
Sports editor? Business editor?

- Sir, any editor will do...
- Associate editor?

I don't have much time, Sir.

If it is wasted, my information
will turn stale.

Sir, maybe I can give it to you...

- You look like a senior editor yourself.
- Oh, no, no...

I'm just a common man, you see.

- Sir, you are... you are...
- Yes... R.K. Laxman. Yeah.

- It seems your news
is very important. - Yes, sir.

I think you should meet the business editor,
Mr. Kiran Ajgaonkar.

[Kiran] 'Yes, I'm there for the edition.
Yes, I'm there.'

Oh! I'll call you back.
Laxman sir?

Kiran, someone is looking for you.

Why did you take the trouble, sir?
You could've asked a peon.

- Oh, it's alright. Please.
- Thank you, sir.

- Hello, sir.
- Tell me, how can I help you?

What will you have? Tea? Coffee?

No, thank you, sir. There is
a huge problem at SBI, sir.

It's a very big fraud.
You need to know about it, sir.

- Fraud? At SBI?
- Yes, sir.

Go on.

Sir, the bank has issued a cheque
without any BR.

- BR?
- Bank receipt, sir.

Oh, bank receipt.

Sir, there is no SGL note either.

In the PDO, the books aren't tallying.

It's a big problem, sir.


Sir, SGL is
Subsidiary General Ledger...

...and PDO is Public Debt Office, sir.
Of the RBI.

So, if you don't get the SGL or BRs

- One second. Wait a minute.
- It's a...

This is getting too technical for me.

I'll send you to someone
who will understand this.

- Just a second.
- Okay. Please hurry, sir.

Please take him to Sucheta ma'am.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Come on, sir. Let's go.

[Sucheta] 'You should have
informed me in the morning itself.'

'You could've called me
from BSE.'

Sorry, Sucheta.

-There was confusion regarding the strike...
- What am I going to do with this sorry?

We've only run this story because we assumed
that the strike was getting over, right?

I mean... every time with you, Aditya.

We can't be doing the same thing,

- There should be some...
-[Peon] 'Sucheta ma'am.'

Kiran sir has sent him to meet you.

- Sharad Bellary from S...
- Please be seated.

Mayank? I need you to go to BSE and get a
statement from Manu Mundra about the strike.

I need to know
what changed so suddenly.

Fine. Should I also talk to
a couple of my other sources there?

Yeah. But please don't start
gossiping there.

I need to file this ASAP, yeah?

And you guys, please start
respecting deadlines, yeah?

I mean we can't keep doing this
again and again, right?

- Yes, tell me.
-[Bellary] 'Sorry?'

Tell me?

Yes. Deadlines must be respected.

No. I mean, tell me why are you here?

Oh, yes, ma'am.

- I'm Sharad Bellary from S...
-[phone rings]

Just one minute, please. Excuse me.

Hello? Ravi, I won't be able to do
the Hindustan Limited conference with you.

No, I just... Hold on a second.

- Would you like some tea?
Organise a cup of tea, please. - Tea? No.

Yeah. No, the strike thing is still developing.
So, I need to focus on that.

Yeah. Thanks.

Thanks, I'll talk to you later. Bye.

- Yeah, so...
-[Sucheta] 'Sorry, just...'

[phone ringing]

Hello? I had asked for a
buttered bun in the morning.

I don't want it now.
It's lunchtime.

No. Later. Thank you.

- You didn't get your tea? Aditya?
- Ma'am, I...

- Sorry.
- I've to go, ma'am. I'm getting late.

- No one listens!

- I don't want tea!
- Okay, Mr. Bellary. Please, tell me.

Ma'am, I'm Sharad Bellary
from SBI.

I just want to tell you that there's
something very fishy going on at SBI.

Things are not how they used to be.

'Everything has changed at SBI.'

There's something really amiss there.

It's a huge scandal.

You can't even begin to imagine
how big the fraud is.



[Bellary clears his throat]

[door closing]

[Bellary clears his throat]

Five hundred crores.

Five hundred crores are missing
from the books of SBI.

Payments have been made
without any BRs.

- BR means...
- Bank receipts, I know.

What do you do at SBI?
Which department do you work in?

It's PR, ma'am. Public relations.

Then, how do you know this?

Ma'am, this has been going on
for a while now.

They are having
meetings upon meetings daily.

But things are out of control now.

Because we didn't even receive the SGL,

How will they show it in the books?
I mean... I'm so... I...

- SGL means...
- Subsidiary General Ledger, I know.

So, SBI has issued a payment
of 500 crores.

And the SGL and BRs due in exchange
haven't been received.

You do know
what you're saying, right?

Five hundred crore is such a huge amount,
even a calculator may shy away from it.

Yes, that's how big the fraud is.
Maybe even bigger than that.

Do you know who is behind this fraud?

[Bellary clears his throat]

[Bellary] 'Har...'

H-Harshad Mehta, ma'am...

Harshad Mehta.

[Title Montage]

[Sucheta] 'This isn't just a story about
India's biggest financial scam.'

'This is the story of India
and her people.'

'It's our story,
the story of our dreams.'

'The kind of dreams that Harshad Mehta lived.'

'In 1992, Harshad Mehta was India's
highest advance taxpayer.'

'His personal holdings were
worth 4,000 crores.'

'It's a large number, right?'

'Adjusted for inflation today...'

'...this number would be over
20,000 crores.'

'So, how did a boy from
a lower middle class family...'

'...make so much money, in such a short time?'

'Harshad's first love was cricket.'

'He was an excellent spin bowler.'

'Everyone thought, if not for India,
he would at least play for the Ranji trophy.'

'He was weak in studies.'

'So, he spent his college life
playing cricket and dancing Garba.'

'But his father's failed cloth business
burdened him with responsibilities.'

'Harshad did many odd jobs,
to help run the house.'

'Sometimes, he worked as a clerk for
a six hundred rupee salary...'

' other times, he tried selling
plastic, cement, diamonds etc.'

'But the money was never enough.'

'Because Harshad's dreams were much bigger
than this small income.'

'Responsibilities were increasing,
and so was Harshad's restlessness.'

Full marks to the one who has prepared
this eggplant curry.

Bhabhi has made it.

His sister-in-law, I mean.

I'm not so lucky to have one.

Bhai, I will get married.

Enough of these taunts.

Jyoti, it's really very tasty.

Isn't the eggplant a bit burnt?

Only you seem to feel that.

Better watch out or she'll cook you next.
Make sure that you mash him well.

- Jyoti, come, eat with us.
- Yes.

It's alright, I will eat later.

- Come. We're done.
- Come on. I am done too.

Come, let's have some paan.

- I'll have a plain one...
- I know, Pappa.

- Without areca, right?
- Done.

The eggplant was really good, right?

How long will we live like this?

What do you mean?

I'm talking about the house.

It feels like a rush-hour train.

If this continues,
we'll soon be punching and elbowing each other.

Bhai, this difficulty is here to stay.

And staying here is difficult.
That's what I mean.

Look... take my advice...

Jyoti and you should find a small house
and shift.

- A separate house, nearby.
- What are you saying?

If we have to shift,
why don't we all shift together?

- Let's find a big house.
- Big house?

Do we have that much money?
Big house!

Money is our real problem.

Today, even the diamond-market
has lost its shine.

This diamond trading
will fetch us nothing.

It will.
Everything will be okay.

- Slowly, but surely.
- Slowly, my foot!

Everyone is busy doing something
or the other.

Even a snack-seller is buying cars...

...some are making a triple
profit in textiles...

Everyone's pockets are full.

Look at Jimesh. He has made so much money
in the share market.

Bhai, you can dabble a little
in the share market.

But we can't depend on that.

- It's too risky.
- What do you mean ‘risky'?

Jimesh has involved
his entire family in this business.

Even his mother-in-law.

Instead of counting her last days,
she's counting money.

Bhai, we're not
Jimesh's mother-in-law.

If something goes wrong, Shantilal
will kill us before Jimesh's mother-in-law dies.

It'll be the end of us.

Jimesh's mother-in-law, he says!

Think calmly.
I'm sure there is a way.

- Ashwin?
- Yes?

Listen to me.
You also get married.

- What do you mean, get married?
- Why not?

Have you seen the size of our house?

I'm sure there is a way.

Pappa, what is she saying?

Where will my wife sleep?
On the ceiling?


Stop laughing. Go to sleep.

- Stay single, then.
- Okay.

- You're in a mood today?
- Shouldn't I be?

- Hey! Everyone's asleep.
- So?

Pappa will wake up!

It's a small house. It's risky.

Well, this house will not turn
into a bungalow overnight.

We will have to take the risk.

And anyway, risk is the spice of life.

Uncle, move!
Why don't you reduce this paunch!

I'm serious about the share market.

- So?
- If we do it right, we can make a lot of money.

Sure we can make money, but it's a risk.

Risk is the spice of life.


Look... If you know anyone, introduce me.
I will dive into it.

Okay, but do you have the time?
Can you handle it?

We only have time to spend.

Or we spend ourselves waiting for the right time.

Bhai, these dialogues are great.

But it's not that easy.

- Give it a thought.
- Done.

- Look... you always...
- I've made up my mind.

That's enough.
Give me some sweet pickle.

Are you done?
Now let me eat in peace.

Have you worked anywhere before this?

I've done lots of jobs in my life.
I'm sure I can start as a jobber here.

- You won't understand it.
- Why not?

I understand business.
I'm just new to the market.

And for us Gujaratis,
business is greater than religion, right?

Bhai, you don't have to be
well-read to become a jobber.

Even those who quit after the fifth-grade
work as jobbers here.

I failed my fifth grade.
I mean, i took two attempts to clear.

Give me some ghee.

- Pick up the phone.
- Huh?

Pick the phone up.


Listen carefully. I won't repeat.

One plate bhindi, one plate gatta...

...rajwadi kadi, jain khichdi,
two rotis.

Two bhakri, two papad,
one roasted, one fried. And raita.

Also, an onion-tomato salad.

Hello, yes, take an order.

One plate bhindi, one plate gatta,
rajwadi kadi...

...jain khichdi, two rotis.

Two bhakri, two papad,
one roasted, one fried.

And... an onion-tomato salad.

- And...
- Raita.

And raita.

Cancel it.

I'm full.

Okay, cancel the order.

Uh... in the hurry... I forgot raita...

So, what should we do?

Hire me, I'm like your son.

Tomorrow 9 am.
Bhushan will take you to the ring.

- Who's Bhushan?
- Our old jobber.

He knows the market very well.

Let's see, if the door to your destiny
opens in the market tomorrow.

- Black Cobra.
- Huh?

The one you're staring at.

His name is Manu Mundra.

But in the market, he's known as
Black Cobra.

He's the biggest pessimist in the market.


When the market is moving up,
he pulls it back down.

The lower the market falls,
the higher Manu Mundra's profits.

- So, he's a Bear.
- Yes, he's a Bear.

- And you are?
- Bhushan Bhatt.

- Harshad Mehta.
- I know, Harshad Shantilal Mehta.

Ambalal Saheb has sent me.

I'm his old jobber.
Here, wear this.

From now on, this will be your identity
in the market. Okay?

Come on.

[car honks]

Park it in the back lot. Be careful.

Pranav Sheth!

You will kill us here
like you do in the market?

If you come in my way,
I will have to run you over, Bhushan darling!

Pranav Bhai, got any tips?
We have a rookie here.


I don't give tips for free
even to my own father.

Get it? Silly jobber!

He's also one of a kind. Pranav Sheth.

He has played a big game
in a short period of time.

He is an optimist.

He is one of those who
push the market upwards.

- You mean, he's a Bull.
- Yes, Bull.

Do you know why these pessimists
and optimists are called Bears and Bulls?

Tell me?

A bear always hits
it's prey downwards.

And a bull always tosses its prey
upwards with its horns.

Seems you've read some English books.
Homework, is it? Good.

But remember.
This is not America's Wall Street.

This is Bombay's Dalal Street.

And this here, is a betting ground.

It doesn't matter if the bear hits you
downwards or the bull tosses you upwards.

Either way, you will be knocked out.

So, don't be over smart.
Okay? Let's go.

[Bhushan] 'You will remember
the signs, right?'

This means the customer wants to sell
and this means he wants to buy.

Use your fingers to convey
the quantity and the price. Okay?

Do you remember what I taught you?
25 paise, 50 paise, 12, 12.5...

...27.5, 5, 500.
It could also be 5,000.

- And remember... Listen!
- Huh?

If you don't understand something,
ask me.

If you don't ask, you won't learn.

Don't think you're an expert
on your first day.

Okay? Come.

- That's 25.
- No... I've to go to the toilet.

You can hold it for two hours! Let's go!

If you see a crowded spot,
consider that's our area.

And that's where you will stay.

And the area with a small crowd,
assume that a slum...

...only shillings and pennies...
we don't do business there.


Because that's where
the penny stock jobbers operate.

Small shares sold at cheap prices.

Always stay away from small change.

Because we deal only in
high-value stocks.

It's a game of millions.

So keep your eyes, ears
and mind wide open.

Okay, tell me something.
What's our national sport?

- Cricket.
- Hey! It's hockey.

Oh yes, hockey.

This is just like hockey.

At the sound of the bell,
starts the jobber's hell.

And at the last bell,
well... game over.

During this, the one who strikes
the most goals, wins.

[Bhushan] 'So concentrate, my champion.'

[crowd screaming]

Hey! What are you grinning at?

This is not a movie!

If you don't strike deals...

...your first day will be your last!

Come on, get to work!

550... 500...

[loudspeaker announcement]

[Ambalal] 'What an auspicious beginning!'

You've started with a mess!
Vaandha! Do you understand?

Tell him what vaandha means.

That means... you've sold stocks
worth 25,000.

But the dealer says he has only bought
stocks worth 23,000.

- So this difference of 2,000...
- ...That's a loss!

Do you understand loss?
Who will cover it?

Saheb, I had told him to keep his
eyes, ears, and mind wide open.

See... It was so crowded, so noisy...

The ring felt like a fish market.

Things were happening so fast.
I must have made a mistake.

You're right.
You have made a mistake.

If you can't even calculate...
leave the ring.

Look, I agree I've made a mistake.

And as far as the loss goes,
you can deduct that from my salary.

"Deduct from my salary", he says!

Make him understand... profit means no salary.

I will surely make profit.
Give me one more chance.

Giving you a chance means
taking a risk, which I can't afford.

Not taking risks, is the biggest risk
in the market.

If nothing, the market has taught me
this in one day.

Do you think…

…Ambalal saheb has done you a favour
by giving you another chance?

I've known him for years.
He's a master of his game.

Remember one thing. If it doesn't serve his purpose,
he will even give up on God.

Your 2,000 rupee loss
makes no difference to him.

You've sold stocks worth
25,000 on your very first day.

Do you think he'd let you go
so easily? Huh?

You just have to focus
and hit goal after goal. That's it.

[Bhushan] 'Don't worry. Have some tea.'

[Sucheta] 'Harshad had only one thing
on his mind now.'

'The BSE ring'.

'And once he got back into the ring...'

'...within a year, he became one of
the best jobbers in the business.'

Excuse me! Hey! Listen.

- How much for Premier Auto?
- 32.5-35.

For what quantity is it valid?

- Five hundred.
- Fine, give me 500.

Five hundred for 35.

Can you give me 500 more
for the same value?

- 35-37.5.
- Okay, fine. Give me 500.

How much for another 1,000 shares?

- 37.5-40.
- That's quite high!

- Okay, I'll buy 1,000.
- Take it.

- Can you give me 1,000 more?
- I'm done.

Come on, be brave!
Sell me some more.

I'm out of shares!
Go to the bigger guys.

They're all out... Hey...

What are you doing?


I understand now why shares
of Premier Auto...

...have been selling like hotcakes
for the last few days.

Look at this.

Premier is hiking the prices
of its cars.

Someone must've
leaked this information.

It's the people with such information
who make tons of money.

This is called insider trading.

It's dealt with strictly, outside India.

Just wait and watch.

Premier Auto will be
in high demand today.

If the price surges,
we'll incur a huge loss.

We can't work like this.

We must gather such
insider information too.

Have you lost your mind?

This is a rich man's game.
We can't play it.

Don't start with games again!

You keep turning the market into
a game of hockey... a wrestling pit... a boxing ring...

And that's our problem.
We never play the real game.

We only watch the rich at play,
and cheer for them.

- Why don't we enter the playground?
- Huh?

[Harshad] 'Even if as the 12th man,
let's enter the playground this time.'

'Let's make contacts at a small level,
among the employees...'

' workers, watchmen,
peons, union workers...'

'If we look hard, I'm sure we'll find someone
who knows the details of the company's decisions.'

[Factory Workers] 'Fulfil our demands...'

'Fulfil our demands...'

What's this protest about, brother?

Same as always...

'Fulfil our demands...'

Keep going.

Who's this doctor saheb?

Doctor saheb, is Dr. Dada Satam.

He's a doctor by profession but he's
also the leader of all these unions.

All final decisions are taken by him.

Yes, tell me. What's the problem?

[in Marathi] Doctor, what can I say?

[in Marathi] I want lots of trouble.

Don't speak in wrong Marathi.
I know Hindi very well.

- Tell me.
- Oh, then I don't have any problem.

The market has a problem.
The market is really in a problem.

All day, people screaming nonstop.

Sometimes the price is up,
sometimes it's down.

Sometimes I feel my head will
explode like a football.

And of course, there's the heartbreak too.

Are you here to pass time?

No, it isn't that, doctor saheb.

I'm Harshad Mehta.
I work in the share market.


So... the thing is, the relationship
between the share market...

...and union workers is like a woman's
relationship with her mother-in-law.

Look... if the daughter-in-law does something good...

...her mother-in-law is happy.
The value goes up.

If she stops doing chores,
mother-in-law gets angry and the value goes down.

- And if she does something new...
- Get up.

- What?
- Get up and get lost.

- Get out!
- Doctor...

Your heartbreak is giving me a headache.
Get out.

- Hey, send in the next. Go.
- Wait a minute.

Doctor, listen to me.

What I'm trying to say is,
the share price of the company increases...

- ...when the production increases.
- Yes, so?

So, the thing is Doctor...
Premier has raised the price of its cars today.

But the price and demand for its shares
has been increasing over the last seven days.

Why? What do you think?

Who was behind this?
And who do you think benefitted?

Did it help the worker?
Did it benefit you?

Just think. Nobody benefitted.

I'm here to only discuss benefit
for the workers.

I just want to know what's
going on in the factory.

I mean, daily production details.

Details regarding the increase in production...
impending strikes... that's it.

Look, the market can be made to react
with this insider information.

And I'll give you a part of the profit
that I make from this.

I mean, it's for your labourers.
It'll go towards their fund.

[Ashwin] 'Do you know what sort
of man this Dada Satam is?'

I don't think he'll agree
to what you've proposed.

When it strikes his mind,
my phone will ring.

I've given him my number.

Look, everything has a price
and we have to pay this price.

Hey, give me chopped salad.

Listen to me... why are you getting
into insider trading?

If anything goes wrong...

...then people like Ambalal and Dada Satam
will chop you into a salad.

Problems and hacks,
sweets and snacks...

...nobody can take these
away from a Gujarati.

You are good at dialogues.
But it's risky.

Risk is the spice of life.

- [Sucheta] 'Whenever Harshad got inside information
from any company...' - Hello?

'...he would target their stocks.'

How much for Premier Auto?


He's giving it for 36-38.5.

- Then go and buy it from him!
- Get lost.

[Sucheta] 'If the information was negative,
he would offer those stocks at a low price.'

'The moment the news would come out,
the stock prices would drop further.'

'And Harshad would buy them back.'

'Similarly, if he received
positive information...'

'...he would corner those stocks...'

'...when the news would come out,
the stock prices would surge...'

'...and Harshad would sell them.'

They're on strike, the price has dropped.

Buy 1000 shares from me, please.


[Sucheta] 'Irrespective of gain
or loss for the company...'

'Harshad was minting profits.'

'Sometimes as a Bear,
and mostly as a Bull.'

'He began to do this kind of
insider trading with various companies.'

'Shree Synthetics, National Rayon,
Great Eastern Shipping...'

'...and the list went on.'

'And Harshad's profits kept growing.'

Harshad, I'm thinking of visiting
my village this weekend.

We've made a lot of profit this time.

This is not profit, it's called commission.

- Profit goes to the Lala.
- Lala?

- Your boss.
- Oh, Ambalal Saheb.

Now, the name, the clients and profit,
all will be mine.

It's time to open my own
trading account.

And what about this job?

Do you think I was here to do a job?

I was here to learn.

I've learnt enough.

I've already spoken to Suresh Bhai.

Suresh Nandlal Shah.

My trading account will be open
in a few days.

-[Harshad] 'Did you see that?'
- What?

Special fabric from Patan.

Bhushan bhai's wife has sent it.

What's up, Mr. Mehta?
You seem very happy today.

I've quit my job.

And you're happy about it?!

- I'm starting something of my own.
- What does that mean?

That means we're going to prosper.

I'm not a jobber anymore.
I've opened my own trading account.

I get that.
But what's the difference?

It's very different.
Now all the money will be ours.

What are you saying?
Tell me everything.

A wife must know
what her husband does.

You mean you want to tell
your parents?

Tell them Harshad's family
is going to prosper.

Okay, don't tell me.

So, if I tell you,
will you understand?

You can at least try.


Come here. Sit.

Look. A jobber's work
is like a slow train.

- A slow train stops at every station, right?
- Yes.

Starts at the green signal
and stops at the red signal.

Exactly like that...

...a jobber just follows orders.

The broker says buy, and you buy.
The broker says sell, and you sell.

And what do we get
after performing in this circus?

Nothing but a vaandha.

The boss and the broker
make all the profit.

When we have our own trading account
watch how our life changes.

The slow train
will turn into The Gujarat Express.

We will invest our own money.

We will take a position in the market,
then we will square it off ourselves.

- Did you understand?
- Of course.

A little bit.

But if you had explained this lovingly
I would have understood it better.

Is this much love enough?

- Where did this come from?
- It came from this decision.

It's beautiful, isn't it?


Who celebrates on quitting a job?

I don't understand it.

Pappa, what don't you
understand in the menu?

Not the menu. I don't understand you.

Really? I'm so simple!

What are you saying?

Ignore him. You place the order.

- Here...
- What I don't understand is... have quit a well-paying job,
and you're wasting money here?

Have you won a lottery?

Pappa, this is bigger than a lottery.

We've opened
our own trading account.

- What do you mean "we"?
- We. Harshad and I.

Even I've decided to quit my job
before marriage.

What is happening?
Are we buying soap? Buy one, get one free!

You've both quit your jobs
and nobody's told me?!

Can someone explain
what's happening in this family?

What do you want to know?

We use our brains
to fill other pockets.

How long will we keep doing this?

If we are working hard
and applying our brains...

...we should be the ones
getting the profit, right?

Son, if the profit is yours,
the loss will be yours too.

Ask me, I have the experience.

Even the textile market can't be trusted...

...and he is talking about
the share market.

Order something sweet for him... that he utters something sweet.

Such bitter words!

They're on to something good.
If you can't wish them luck then...

Wishing luck doesn't bring profit
in a business.

If I say this restaurant is good,
will I get free food?

Hey... Waiter. Excuse me, please.

Your restaurant is the best.
Very good. Number one.

Now that I've praised your restaurant so much,
will I get to eat here for free?

Bhai, come, let's go home.

- No... - Let's have dinner at home.
- Ignore him...

- He's ruined the mood.
- That's correct!

Save the money, you will need it.

What are you saying?
Place the order.

- Sir, can I take your order?
- Sure, take it.

A plate of wisdom,
a plate of smartness...

...and some responsibility.

- Do you serve those?
- That's not on the menu.

Then take it from her.
She has plenty.

- Yes, I do.
- Wait a minute...

- Come here.
- Yes. Here, take this.

- 5 rotis...
- One khichdi for me.

[Harshad] 'Yes,
get some hot khichdi for him.'

I knew you'd be the first one to
leave this place. I was right, wasn't I?

Who knew Ashwin would really get married?

This house is too small now.

We've found a big house
in Kandivali for one and a half lakh rupees.

We've bought it,
keeping the future in mind.

You always think about the future.

So, no more cricket and Dandiya?

Hey! I'm just changing homes
not friends.

I'll come back to play Dandiya
and bowl you a googly.

Will you have the time?

If you have time, come to my place
to learn about the share market.

There you go again.
I don't understand shares.

Why not? You're the first Gujarati
who hesitates to invest.

Everything is risky.

Once you learn, you can earn
your annual income in a month.

- That's not possible.
- It is possible.

Come home sometime.

- I'll show you around and teach you about the share market.
- See you! Bye-bye.

- Bye.
- Come on, let's go.

Come on.

- Tea.
- Give him some.

He's newly married. Pamper
him for a year at least.

Bhabhi, go, take rest.
This is your honeymoon period.

Mr. Oversmart! Mind your own business.

You both go on please.

Anwar Pharma?
Which company is this?

It's Alwar Pharma.

- Bhabhi, get him spectacles!
- Why are you investing in this company?

Did you get a tip?

No, but we have to create a tip
and spread that tip across the market.

Bhai, this is like peanuts.
What tip is this stock worth?

- The share price is only five rupees.
- Exactly.

Only five rupees. If we buy it
in bulk, the value will increase automatically.

And if we spread a rumour about it,
the hungry dealers will act like a flock of sheep.

At the right time, we'll dump the
shares and book a healthy profit.

It sounds easy
but it's not practical.

I know.

Look, we have enough money
to buy only 20,000 shares.

- Yes.
- If we get money to buy another 20,000...'ll be a feast for us!

Money for 20,000 more?
Who will give us the money?

Nobody in the market
has lost their mind like you.

- Anwar Pharma.
- It's Alwar Pharma!

Pranav Bhai.

I'm Harshad Mehta.
I'm a broker.

- So?
- I need to talk to you. Just 5 minutes.

Not now. I'm not in the mood.

Anyway, I can't smell anything.

Hello, Pranav Bhai.

- Smoking is not allowed here.
- I'm Harshad. We met yesterday?

- Yeah, so?
- Can we talk for five minutes?

See, if you can smell something.

You asked for five minutes,
I'll answer in a second.

Not interested.

- Pranav Bhai, listen to me.
- What can you tell me? Huh?

I can smell cash.
Notes attracts notes. And pennies attract pennies.

Do you think my clients are so small
that they'll deal in pennies?

Tell me something, Pranav Bhai.

Which is the most counterfeited
currency denomination in India?

- The 100 rupee note.
- No. Not the notes, it's the coins.

25 paise, 50 paise, one rupee coins.

Everyone focuses on the notes,
no one looks at the coins.

Similarly, nobody looks at
the penny stocks.

They're very easy to operate.

And if we operate them properly,
profit is guaranteed.

Operate? You want to operate stocks?

Operating stocks is illegal.
You will end up in jail, get it?

Pranav Bhai,
just like you can smell currency notes...

...I hear the sound of wealth
in these jingling pennies.

Just give it a try.


Do one thing.

Take all of this and try it yourself.

I don't want money.
Keep this.

Let's do it together.

Bloody hell!

In five minutes, you've gotten to
"Let's do it together"!?

What do you want to do?

Come to the ring today.
You'll see Alwar Pharma on the board.

Alwar Pharma?

Harshad Bhai has
some inside information.

Let's see what happens today.

If Harshad Bhai is saying
then it must be definitely true.

- Then buy some for me too.
- Okay.

Listen, Harshad Bhai has a tip.
Alwar Pharma is going to surge...

It's fine even if it crosses the limit
by 25 or 30 per cent, get it?

Come on, go. Quick!

Bhai, you're sure this will work, right?

- Nothing will go wrong?
- Don't worry. Nothing will go wrong.

How are you so sure it won't go wrong?

This is the first time
we're doing this.

It won't be the last time,
trust me. Come.

[Man1] 'Asian Cables 36.15, 39.20.'

'Ceat 107.68, 110.22'

'Crompton Greaves 91.38, 94.24'

'Tata Steel 234.12, 237.23.'

'Alwar Pharma 17.20, 20.'

Do you know who always wins?

The fastest one.

History is witness. The cheetah always wins.

Everyone bids on the horse.

But the horse only runs.
Cheetah is the fastest.

You were the cheetah
in the ring today.

I have two more stocks in mind.

Blowcast... and India Gears.

Shall we go 50-50?


That's not possible.
No company will shut down.

[Man2] 'Oh, Harshad!'

'Harshad Bhai!'

Harshad Bhai.

Wait. You've bought a new car!

- You're paying for our tea today.
- Yes.

I pay for your tea every day.

Forget tea.
Tell me what to buy today?

Buy any Tata share.

Don't think so much.
It's an old company.

Sooner or later, it is sure
to give you a profit.

You're investing in new companies
and buying cars...

- ...and telling us to invest in old ones?
- That's true, Harshad Bhai.

Fine, invest in the new ones like me.

- But if you face a loss, it's on you. Okay?
- No! That's not fair.

Brother, behind a large profit,
is also a large risk.

If like me, you too love taking risks,
then take the plunge.

You'll die or you'll fly.

That's how new companies work.

- 'The market has crashed...'
- Once it falls...

'The market has crashed...'

[crowd screaming]

Harshad, we've lost 10 lakhs!

Someone changed the game
in just half an hour.

Someone has dumped 3.5 lakh
Reliance shares in the market.

Who did this?
Is it Manu Bhai?

There is also heavy selling in Telco and Tisco.

It's an eight to ten percent crash,

People are saying that Calcutta Bears
have done this.

- Someone named Ajay Makadia...
- Ajay Kedia!

Whoever the hell he is,
we're finished, Bhai!

Everything's over.

Ten lakh rupees, Bhai.

[Sucheta] 'That day, it seemed
as if Harshad's inning is over.'

'But the game had not even begun yet.'

'The end of his story,
was still a decade away.'

-[DT] 'Hello?'
-[Sucheta] 'Yeah, Sucheta here.'

'Listen we need to catch up
very urgently.'

'The source is right in front of me...'

'...and he's telling me that Harshad might be
in serious trouble with SBI.'

'I just need you to explain
a few technicalities to me, can we meet?'

-[DT] 'Yeah, sure.'
-[Sucheta] 'Thank you, I'll see you.'

Where is the man
who was sitting here?

I brought tea for him.
I don't know where he's gone.

Oh, no!