Saturday Night Live (1975–…): Season 44, Episode 21 - Paul Rudd/DJ Khaled - full transcript

Paul Rudd hosts and DJ Khaled is the musical guest.

And now, a message from the
president of the United States.

[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you.

Thank you very much.
I'm very excited about summer,

getting around that those things
I never have time for.

Visiting friends in prison.

Enjoying all the fantastic new
tariffs with China.

Been an incredible year for our
economy, our American economy is

on fire.
I'm going to tell you if it's a

fire that keeps you warm or
burns your house to the ground.

But it's some kind of fire.
So I'm on cruise control to a

second term and there's nothing
the democrats in congress can do

about it.
So sit back and enjoy the ride,

America, because tonight, well,
opportunity I'm going to have a

real good time.
♪ he feels alive

and the world
I'll turn it inside out

yeah ♪
♪ and float around

in ecstasy
so don't stop him now ♪

♪ don't stop him
cause he's having a good time

having a good time ♪
♪ he's a lose Cannon

rippin' up the laws
of society

you can't subpoena him ♪
♪ he's gunna obstruct

he's a billionaire
unless you take a look

at his tax returns ♪
♪ he's going to hide

hide hide
there's no showing you ♪

♪ I'm burning every page
picking every fight

but they call him bad advice
cause he listen to ♪

♪ the fox news guys
I want to make a super

straight man out of you ♪
[ Laughter ]

♪ Don't stop us now
we're having such

a good time ♪
I'm having a ball!

♪ Don't stop us now
you wanna huge distraction

just give yeezy a call man ♪
♪ don't stop us now

we're having a good time
don't stop us now

we're having a good time ♪
♪ we don't wanna stop at all

get the supreme court
ready for a fight on abortion

we got the most now ♪
♪ women are screwed

it was an issue you thought
got resolved 50 years ago

but no, no, no ♪
♪ all men are still in control

search your Bible guide now ♪
♪ he's throwing stones and he

lives in a big glass house ♪
♪ he cheated on

every spouse
I want to make a chik-fil-a

man out of you ♪
[ Laughter ]

♪ Don't stop me
don't stop me ♪

♪ don't stop me
don't stop me ♪

Do you guys like tariffs?
♪ don't stop me

don't stop me ♪
hundred bucks for a tomato?

♪ Don't stop me
don't stop me ♪

♪ I ain't sweatin' it ♪

Oh he's throwing out the lies
yeah one tweet at a time he's

got the best brightest guys
that's why most of them are

serving time I want to make a
crazy sexy man out of you ♪

what are you doing?

I'm sorry, this queen music
gets me all riled up.

Hey dad, why weren't we
invited to sing?


And Eric.
[ Laughter ]

I'm sorry I forgot about you

I want to sing the song too.
All right, Eric, go ahead.

♪ It's time to
play the music

it's time to
light the lights ♪

♪ it's time to
meet the muppets

on the muppet show tonight ♪
[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]
I need to invite the three

white players over from

Wait a second.
[ Cheers and applause ]

I have something very important
to say to the American people.

Something they need to hear.
No collusion, no obstruction.

♪ Don't stop me now
it's a good time

to try and impeach
don't stop us now ♪

♪ we might even get rid of
freedom of speech

don't stop us now
we're having a good time ♪

♪ don't stop us now
we're having a good time

we don't want to stop
at all ♪♪♪

Guys, it's been fun.
I don't know what's next for me,

but I wouldn't be Donald Trump
if I didn't say tune in next

season to see who lives and who

[ Laughter ]
Spoiler, I live.

I live for another 150 years.
And the iron throne will be

Have a wonderful summer,

And live from New York, it's

"Saturday night"!
[ Cheers and applause ]

Musical guest --
dj khaled.

And your host --
Paul rudd.


Ladies and gentlemen --
Paul rudd.


[ Cheers and applause ]

Thank you.
Thank you, thank you so much.

I am so thrilled to be hosting
the season finale of "Saturday

night live."
[ Cheers and applause ]

Hands down the most anticipated
finale of this weekend.

[ Laughter ]
You know, I've hosted this show

a few times now.
And what I've learned is that

these monologues, they should be
a little funny, but they should

also be heartfelt, sort of like
a best man's speech at a

And, well, tonight I would like

to be your best man.
So could we maybe get some

champagne out here, something
warm and flat?

Thank you.


They're tall.
When I officially first met

"SNL" in 2008, I was like, this
guy is crazy.

You were doing sketches about
some guy named Barack.

I hadn't done a marvel movie yet
so I was still treating people

pretty well.
Times have changed.

Not a lot of people know this,
but you and I, we used to kind

of make out.
I think we have some pictures of

There we are.

Oh, man, were we nuts.
"SNL," you used to be a real

dirty dog.
I think like a thousand people

have been on you.
I know that sounds gross but

hey, it was the '70s, '80s,
'90s, and whatever this is.

True story, I was
actually right outside of this

building on the night of the
very first episode of "SNL"

in 1975.
I remember, because I had just

turned 30.
And I was working as a vomit boy

at studio 54.
I thought, this isn't for me.

I thought I would be cleaning up
vomit, but I was way off.

So, I walked out.
I started running.

I found myself under a beautiful
sign that said "nbc."

Out walked a guy who called
himself lorne.

I went right up to him and I
said, "sir, one day I'll be

hosting your show."
And he said, "guards, do your

[ Laughter ]

Funny how life works.
After all of these years I knew

we'd always be here for each

Whenever you needed a host, and
I needed to promote a movie.

Now I'm just so honored to be
hosting the finale of season 44.

So hey, cheers to you.
We've got a great show.

Dj khaled is here with like 200

So stick around.
We'll be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Thank you all for coming.
I'm Dr. Markowitz with NASA and

this is Dr. Handly with the
institute for temporal

We're obviously very

interested in your story as
you're the first three people to

have experienced a verified time
travel event.

This is bananas.
I mean, we were just three buds

watching TV and now, we're
quantum pioneers.

Now please tell us how this
time portal appeared.

I got a three-month trial, we
were watching

ray Donovan on showtime, and I'm
a fan, I'm a sucker for flawed

heroes, good person, bad deeds,
that dichotomy is very rich to


But if you could focus on the
time travel.

Uh, right, yeah, well, me and
her, we was on the couch when

this glowing majestic gateway
appeared and we drifted into it.

And we found ourselves in a
gorgeous city made entirely of

crystal or something.
Yeah, and we were welcomed by

a group of people made up of
just all the races in the world

and they said, we are the
council of humanity, this is the

It was so beautiful.

And you, miss Rafferty?
Yeah, a little different for

me, I must have been on the
wrong side of the portal or

something, because I wasn't so
much welcomed to the future as I

was violently sucked a million
years into the past.

I went to caveman times, man.
I got yanked so hard, my sweats

and my sneaks stayed in the

So I land ass up face down in
the mud with my cooter and

tooter on full display.
And I'm thinking, "gosh, last

time I was in this position, I
got kicked out of Woodstock

and were there people there

to welcome you as well?
"People" is such a strong

You know on the

evolution chart where you see
how the monkeys became human?

These guys hadn't hit the
halfway Mark yet.

Let's focus on what happened
in the future.

It was beautiful, I would
have wept but I was all cried

out from watching "nurse Jackie"
on showtime.

These two are walking around
wakanda, meanwhile, where I'm

at, it's the rise of the planet
of the apes, all 50 of these

hairy monkey people are rubbing
me with their butts.

It ain't exactly a tuscan

Perhaps this was some sort of
primitive religious ritual?

Buddy, god had no part in

They were marking me with their

And these guys weren't exactly
zestfully clean.

They zebra striped my t-shirt so
much, I looked like a foot

locker employee.
It's never easy making new

friends, right?

And what happened next in the

We was taken to this place
called the oculus and inside was

all these gateways to other
solar systems.

Each one was a planet they
had colonized.

I couldn't believe I was chosen
to witness this.

I too was chosen.
Chosen by the Alpha female to be

her new girlfriend.
She comes at me like a

silverback, right?
Ragdolls me.

And look, I really ain't into
ladies but if nothing else is

open, I'll eat at a taco bell,
you smell what I'm saying?

Yes, I think I do.
So anyway, this gal wants to

bond, right?
Do you mind, Dex?

She climbs on my back, right,
she starts picking at me,

looking for stuff to eat.
And unfortunately she's finding

a buffet.
So I guess the snack got her in

the mood because then she starts
like grinding into my head,

trying to mate with my hair, I

She's using my face for like a

Then she goes back to eating,
climbs around the front and sees

my ear, which I guess she thinks
is some kind of vending machine

because she's just -- she's

But there ain't no wax.

Then for the grand finale she
reaches down, she pops a finger

up her keester, and I'm like,
hey, curious Georgina, last

person to try that never saw his
wedding ring again.

Thank you for that.

No problem.
And thank you, Dex.

Your jeans rug burned my

I got bushed, smushed by a
cave woman.

You'll live.
Now, how were you all brought

back to the present?
Umm, well, the portal opened

up, and the council said when
fear is replaced by trust, your

world will begin to change.
So then we were home.

It was the most amazing thing

that's ever happened to me.
Right up there with getting that

email that said you've been
selected for a free month of the

showtime channel.
See, that's piss in my

porridge because when I dove in
the portal to get home, still

pantsless, mind you, I landed
downward dog in a grand Hyatt

casino with my bean burrito in
Barry levine's face.

Who is Barry levine?
A young man who will never

forget his bar mitzvah.

We would like to take you all
for a medical exam.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Game of thrones, it's my
favorite show.

Houses, lots of wine, a big ass
wall, never miss an episode.

I didn't know you like game
of thrones.

I don't really like to talk
about my personal life.

I don't like that attention.

Never miss an episode, I assume
some crows.

Pete, this is my friend gray

Oh, hey, what's up, man?
Did you say your last name is

You know nothing, Pete

I'm a penis.

You don't have to do a rap
about game of thrones just

because it's the most popular
show in the world right now.

What are you saying, if I'm
going to do an epic rap song for

the finale, it should be about a
TV show I like?

I don't think you should do a
rap at all.

My favorite TV show is Gracie
and Frankie.

One of the first ones to be

off of five seasons, sweet old
ladies is the reason.

You better grab a hanky, that's
what I'm talking about.

Grace and franky.
Dj khaled.

We the best.
Better than game of thrones.

Let me catch you up a little
bit on the smash hit, the

options, ain't that classic.
This is getting expensive.

You don't know what you're
missing, Craig t. Nelson, Ernie

They're both like 80 something,

riding hot air balloons like
it's nothing.

It sure is something.
Grace and Frankie.

They're different but they're

It's a nice show.
Dj khaled.

I changed it.
Now you just rap about whatever

your favorite TV show is.
Any show I want?

My favorite TV show is mother
[ Bleep ] grace and Frankie.

Season 4 is guest starring Lisa

Two graces are unusual.
Things starting cracking, grace

had that scooter accident.
That's the tip of the iceberg.

Grace and Frankie.
Remember, when he had that sleep

That was crazy.

Frankie was sick and grace
might [ Bleep ] Mary Nick.

Grace and Frankie, best in the

Dj khaled.

I got a dragon you can sit on
right here.

All right.

It's time to play "what's
wrong with this picture."

[ Applause ]
Hello, everybody, I'm your host

Elliott pants.
Welcome to another round of

what's wrong with this picture.
The rules are simple.

All you got to do is look at a
picture, tell me what's wrong

with it.
If you're right, you might win a

Toyota beef.
The first car for thick boys.

Contestants, are you ready to

Yes, daddy.

I don't like that.

I didn't come here to make
friends, but I would like it to


What's up?

I'm introducing you.
Oh, thank you.

I guess this is who is available

at 2:00 P.M. on a weekday.
Let's go to your first puzzle.

Who can tell me what's wrong
with this picture?

There's something very wrong
with this picture.

Can you spot it?
Oh, I got it.

They're siblings who know they
shouldn't have kissed.


That's not close.
Oh, man.

Her hair has too many shrimps

in it.
I'm sorry.

Did you say shrimp?
By her ears are shrimp.

No, those are her pig tails.

That's not shrimp.
Getting a little worried about


He's pointing at her butt
door and explaining its


Something in this picture is
physically impossible.

They're gay.

Boys and girls can't be gay
on each other.

That don't work.
Has to be the same.

I'll give you a hint.

Something is missing in the


Plus the knockers behind them
don't have nipples.

That's a bush.

That's inappropriate.
Can you really not see it?

The swing is missing a rope.
Then why are they smiling?

Because his jeans leave very
little to the imagination and

they like that.
Well, that made me angry.

All right.
Here is your next picture.

Yeah, I got it.

She's 4 years old but the
boobies grew too fast.

Oh, my god, no.
The twins are in the fish

tank and she can't get out.
That is not a fish tank, that

is a mirror.
Then where are all the fish?

I hate you.

Oh, I see it now.
The answer is she just did

blackface and got away with it.
The only problem is she got the

Now what?

Now, stop it.

The reflection is wearing a

It's wearing a belt.
All right, next.

Oh, I know.
Her chair is empty because she

just got raptured.
But once she got up there, god

did a twirl and his robe flew up
and she thinks she saw his


The objects come to life at

night but the only problem is
they're poor.

For the love of --
that computer has a virus and

I hate to tell you but it's

Uh, are you okay, Mr. Pant?

And it's pants.
Look at that.

What is that?
A date tent?

That is not a tent.
There is no such thing as June


We're doing exactly one more of

What's wrong with this picture?
Oh, she's wearing

rollerblades instead of ice

Oh, my god, that's right.
And I think it's my wife.

Can I say hi?
That is a drawing.

This has been what's wrong with
this picture.

What are you doing?
We got to start screening

these people.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Ladies and gentlemen,
dj khaled.

[ Cheers and applause ]
They were saying I would

never do "SNL."
So I'm doing "SNL" season

Another one.

♪ Jealous jealous ♪
put your hands in the sky

like this.
Make some noise for Lil Wayne.

♪ You mad or you jealous
you sad or you settle

the brighter the rainbow
the badder the weather ♪

♪ the good with the bad
but the badder the better

bring my sand to the beach
and to the desert ♪

♪ we fell from the heavens
we landed like feathers

the roads and the rubble
keep your nose ♪

♪ out of petals
your -- know my schedule

and my -- know I'm special
they know not to question ♪

♪ you know I'm not Alexa
she post a pic of me and

her from off her iPad
you know them ♪

♪ don't like that
where the likes at

jealousy is a disease
you can die man ♪

♪ tunchi, Sean, c.B.
Khaled have that ♪

♪ I need some loving ♪

Hands like this and shake it.
♪ and I'm the one

don't let no one
change your mind

girl they just jealous ♪
♪ jealous jealous

don't want us

girl they just jealous ♪
♪ jealous jealous

don't want us

these jealous jealous ♪
♪ I can't relate to

the type to follow you
but hardly follow through

you say I'm on your mind ♪
♪ I'm wondering why

I'm not on you
girl you fresh

out the shower ♪
♪ towel around your head

like you're erykah badu
it's lookin' like a spa day

I'm re-arranging chakras ♪
♪ listenin' to sade

let's take a road trip and
get high on the highway

migrate spend time ♪
♪ laid back watch

the sky change

and I hear the jealousy ♪
♪ but look I never listen

the quickest way to let
something die is

lack of attention ♪
♪ and you got it all

you lookin' good
as my intentions

we on an ascension ♪
♪ straight up

another one.
I go by the name of dj khaled,

father of asahd.
And tonight we make more

It's we the best music.

It's rock nation.

epic records.
Everything I love.

Make some noise for jeremih.
Dj khaled.

♪ Why oh, why ♪
♪ cry every night ♪

Make some noise for meek Milly.
♪ I don't know how you do it

but you did it
I'll admit it

and who am I to be a ♪
♪ critic and tell

you different
you know I never

speak on that ♪
♪ it's not my business

but I could tell you
that his level's

no competition ♪
♪ and I'm optimistic that

I'm 'bout to hit it
and um, I can tell you've

been crying in ♪
♪ Honda civics

because I caught you slipping
left you no choice

you ever cry again ♪
♪ it's gon' be

in a rolls Royce
I wipe your face with them

new hundreds to ♪
♪ make your tears dry

hitting it on a jet
this ain't no red eye

got you chasing dreams ♪
♪ and it ain't even bedtime

and don't you dare bring up
your ex 'cause he a dead guy

I wonder ♪
♪ why oh why

oh why?
Do you ride

do you stick by his side ♪
♪ if he makes you

cry every night
girl I see the

pain in your eyes ♪
♪ I don't know why

oh why
you stay you stay oh

you stay you stay ♪
make some noise for the

little baby.
Acl, let's go.

♪ You give him
chance after chance

'cause you say maybe
one day he'll ♪

♪ grow up and be a man
and lately you been pouring

out your heart on the 'gram
but you been playing your ♪

♪ part from the start
I understand

I put carats on your hand
but see I'm one ♪

♪ of them bad guys
and I can't promise

you the world
but I promise you'll be ♪

♪ better than last time
as long as you're loyal

you got a plan
I'll do more than spoil ♪

♪ I'll be there
to support you

drop top in the wintertime
whatever just to ♪

♪ see you smile
private jet from time to time

by the ocean
I'll drive you wild ♪

♪ whatever your decision
I'm with it

no asking why
I catch you ♪

♪ slipping at all
you gon' be mine ♪

Make some noise for j balvin.
[ Singing in foregin language ]

[ Speaking foreign language ]
♪ you stay you stay

you stay you stay
you stay you ♪

♪ you stay you stay
you stay you stay

think you're too loyal ♪
[ Speaking foreign language ]

♪ You stay you stay ♪
you stay you stay ♪

♪ I think you're too loyal ♪
summer starts now.

Summer starts now.
Summer starts now.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Announcer: It's "weekend
update" with Colin jost and

Michael che.

[ Cheers and applause ]
Thank you.

What's wrong with you?
Hey, stop it.

Good evening, everyone.
Welcome to weekend update,

I'm Michael che.
I'm Colin jost.

This season of "SNL" started in
2018, but it looks like it's

going to end up somewhere back
in the 1970s.

I mean, amid rising tensions
with Iran there were rumors that

the White House is now sending
120 thousand more troops to the

middle east but don't worry,
President Trump set the record

straight with this firm and
reassuring message.

Mr. President are we going to
war with Iran?

I hope not.
You know it's up to you,

You don't have to outsource this

decision to John Bolton, the
islamophobic lorax.

And now lawmakers for both sides
of the aisle are demanding more

information on what exactly the
Iran threat even is.

So far the only evidence the
administration has provided is

this disturbing image.
China retaliated to president

Trump's tariffs by imposing
their own tariffs on products

the U.S. sells to China.
What the hell do we sell to

China besides marvel movies and
credit card debt?

I've never been to China but I
have been to Chinatown.

And one thing I can tell you is
that anything we have, they can

just make for themselves.
All they got to do is change one

letter and sell a billion abble

Jared kushner and Stephen
Miller who both have resting

evil face, have spent months
together working on the Trump

administration's new immigration

What I would not give to be a
fly on that wall, watching all

the other flies swarm around
their master.

And in a plan backed by the
Trump administration, NASA has

announced it will send the first
woman to the moon by 2024.

Unfortunately it's against her

It's a plan they're referring to
as launch her up.

Actress Alyssa Milano has
called on women to go on a sex

strike to protest restrictive
new abortion laws.

Look, I support that, but I just
don't think these republican

senators are getting Alyssa
Milano level sex at home.

I bet if their wives said, I'm
on a sex strike, they would be

like, cool, I'll be at the
airport men's room, don't wait

up for me.
Up for me.

Fox news host jeanine pirro
has lost up to 20% of her

advertisers since making
controversial comments about a

Muslim congresswoman.
Here to comment is jeanine

Hello, I'm judge

jeanine pirro, and here I
just want to thank the brave

sponsors who stuck with me
despite accusations by the

radical loony left.
To companies like Jeep I say,

thank you.
And to mitsubishi I say, domo

Sorry Daniel-San, looks like

wax off.
You don't have to be so loud,

cause I can hear you.
No can do, buddy.

20 years ago I yelled at a
waiter because my Cobb salad had

a cranberry in it.
And now I'm locked at this

volume every day for the rest of
my life.

It's rumored that fox has
only kept you on the air because

Donald Trump personally called
the network on your behalf.

That's because Donald Trump
is a class act.

He is the Michael Jordan of
presidents and the Wesley snipes

of taxes.
He's a wiz in the boardroom, and

sometimes wizzes a little in the

Jeanine, I hate to ask this,
but have you been drinking?

Colin, I haven't been

I currently am drinking.
I vow to enjoy a drink every

time President Trump ignores a
congressional subpoena.

And let me tell, mama is a

Despite Trump's stonewalling,
it's likely Robert Mueller will

testify before congress.

Colin, look.
That's terrible idea.

The report is done.
Case closed.

Senor Mueller has spoken, and he
said, no hablo collusion man.

Well, I'm going to let you
finish before I say the next


So, the democrats could make him

testify if they start
impeachment proceedings.

Colin Jessica jost, impeachment

would be crazy.

That is the last resort of the
loopy loco left who hate this

president and his sick Mac daddy

What the hell are you talking

I don't think that's the case
because, look, I'm sorry that

your drink is gone before I say

Brood bloody Mary.
No, no, no, I got an extra

Why would you have an extra

Thank you, thank you, kenan.

[ Laughter ]
What a nice guy.

Funny, too.
So by ignoring

the subpoenas, I'm just going to
hold your arm right here for a

second, by ignoring the
subpoenas, Trump might actually

give democrats more reason to



I'm so wet.
Jeanine pirro, everyone.

[ Cheers and applause ]
Free Morrissey.

Free Morrissey.
It was reported that more

than 400 million pieces of
plastic have been found washed

up on the shores of a remote
island in the Indian ocean.

For reference, here is what 400
million pieces of plastic look

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]
Comedian prince rock is

teaming up with lionsgate for a
new "saw" which I am assuming

will be called "seent."
That's a fun joke.

A new survey ranks the Boston
accent as one of the sexiest

accents in America.
But keep in mind, the survey was

conducted by catastrophic
hearing loss magazine.

Conservatives are upset over a
new episode of the pbs

children's cartoon Arthur in
which Arthur's teacher is

revealed to be gay.
Meanwhile no one seems to care

that pepa pig's head is a
full-on penis.

Tonight is the last show of the
season, and che and I have

decided that our end of the year
gifts to each other would be


So we're making each other read
jokes live on air that the other

person has never seen before.

[ Cheers and applause ]

And the idea, Michael, isn't
to try to sabotage each other.

It's to just give over here fun

Why don't you go first?


A student in Texas who is
nicknamed white lightning set a

high school record by running
the hundred-meter dash in 9.98

Coincidentally, people call me

white lightning because I also
finish in under ten seconds.

[ Cheers and applause ]
Doctors in Iowa have

confirmed a dog disease that can
be passed on to humans.

Fine, I'll wear a condom.
A new report finds that as

people move into formerly wild
areas of Africa, human activity

is disrupting chimpanzee

Incidentally, chimpanzee culture
is also what my grandpa calls


I wouldn't have said that.

Pope Francis ended a Vatican
summit by promising the catholic

church would confront the clergy
sex abuse head-on.

Instead of their usual way, face
down, ass up.

Come on.
This will be good.

I'm sure.
A substitute teacher in north

Carolina has resigned after she
reportedly told a class of

elementary students that Martin
Luther king Jr. killed himself.

In her defense, he is the one
who decided to keep running his


You're going to get me murdered.
You're going to get me murdered.

Well, this is a terrible

This week Alabama passed a near
total ban on abortion.

And what many say is part of a
larger effort to overturn roe v.

Here to comment is our own

Leslie Jones.
Are you in a "handmaid's tale"

We are all handmaids now so

my name is of jost.
Leslie, I don't think society

is quite there yet.

You would think that, right?
You would really think that, but

this is how it starts.
I'm not living my life when I

see on the news a bunch of
states are trying to ban

abortion, and then tell me what
I can and can't do with my body.

Next thing you know, I'm in
Starbucks, and they won't take

my credit card because I'm a
woman instead of the regular

reason, which is why I don't
have no money on it.

What made me really mad was
seeing the 25 Alabama senators

who voted for the abortion ban.
Throw that picture up.

Look at them.

All men.
[ Audience reacts ]

This looks like the casting call
for of a Lipitor commercial.

This looks like the mug shots of
everyone arrested at a massage

And if any of them had lips, I

would tell them to kiss my
entire ass.

You can't control women.
You can't control women.

Because I don't know if you
heard, but women are the same as

[ Applause ]

And I'm Leslie dracarys Jones.
I mean,

why do all you weird ass men
care about what women choose to

do with their bodies anyway?
I don't care what you do with

your 65-year-old droopy ass

And how is Alabama's woman
governor going along with this?

Me, I'm re bell I couldn't say.

Don't take away my choice to
have a bad morning.

When women have a Joyce, women
have freedom.

[ Cheers and applause ]
You tell 'em, Leslie.

Shut up!
You flat white privileged latte.

Look, the fact that nine states
are doing this means this really

is a war on women.
And if you're a woman out there

and you feel scared or confused,
just know that you're not alone.

There are so many women out
there that got your back,

especially me.
Leslie dracarys bad bitch Jones.

You can't tell me what to do
with my body.

You can't make me small or put
me in a box.

I'm 6 feet tall and 233 pounds.
Ain't no box big enough to hold

And I know because one time I

tried to mail myself to a dude.
Leslie Jones, everyone.


What a beautiful antiques

Honey, look at this old sign.
It says I only drink on days

that start with "t."
Tuesday, Thursday, today,

tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday.
That's hilarious.

We probably don't need that
since you're not drinking

Oh, right.

You do remember that

Yeah, sure.
Hey, look what Emily found.

Oh, look, it's a music box

with a ballerina on top.
My grandmother had one of these.

Oh, that's a wonderful

They don't make them like that

And very affordable.
Our daughter just started

ballet lessons.
She's not very good.

$60, I don't know.
Wind the bottom and she'll

dance for you.

Don't you wish you could dance

like that, sweetie?
The song is so pretty.

Do you know the name of it?
Of course.

It's "fancy party."
"Fancy party," I don't know

Sure you do.

It's a famous old beautiful

Wind it again, let's see if I
remember the words.

♪ It started, the fancy party's
finally getting started ♪

♪ nothing can go wrong, owe
wait, I farted, now my whole

world will never be the same ♪
that's "fancy party."

Hold on.
The song is about a ballerina

having gas at a party?
That's right.

And the catastrophic effect it
has on her life, relationships

and dancing career.
That's not real.

Sure it is.
Your grandmother probably sang

it to you while you went to

Wind it again, you'll remember.

♪ I beefed one, they hired me
for dancing, then I beefed one ♪

♪ it was oh, so very long and
not a brief one ♪

♪ because I beefed one ♪
♪ now this whole fancy party

knows my name ♪
wait, I do know this.

♪ I gave them quite a scare when

I jumped up in the air and out a
fruity rooty came ♪

I knew you knew it.
♪ I'm sorry if you're eating but

my tights just took a beating
and now I fear I'll never dance

again ♪
♪ I farted ♪

I was just passing by and
heard "fancy party."

♪ now the party has sadly

departed because I farted ♪
♪ that's just how it goes ♪

Sing it again.
Let's do it.

Oh, know.
Did I break it?

What have you done?
What have you done?

It wasn't one of a kind, was

Surely there are more.
Please, please.

And that's a twilight zone.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Announcer: You're watching
"the view."

Can you believe they're not

Hello, hello.
This is "the view," the most

high stakes brunch on

I'm whoopie goldberg.
Later today we'll be talking

about dinosaurs, are they just

Alabama passed a near total ban
on abortion.

We're about to pop off.
We'll start with Amy huntsman.

Thanks, whoop, it's Abby but
I can change it.

They're calling this the war on

I don't think women should

I think women should be best
friends like us.

Right, joy?
Yeah, sure, sweetie.

Listen, I want to talk about the
guys who passed this bill.

Maybe they're so concerned about
what happens to a six-week-old

fetus because they all look like

Blobby nothings with beady eyes
and big foreheads.

They're like, oh, my god, it's

This law is backwards.
It is regressive.

It is texting your ex, honey,
you don't want to do that.

It's backwards, it's regressive.
Oh, no, I'm skipping.

Okay, can I talk now?
Okay, I am the only daughter at

this table.
So I have to say, these senators

are actually very good and fun
guys so I am spending love to

Clyde Chambliss and garland

And those are all real names,

Please, please, guys, let me

No one else is talking.

You see, and I'm getting
attacked, and as the person most

upset right now, I am right.
We got a live wire.

Anything's going to set her off.
What, what?

Down, down.
No, down!

Our guest today is one of the
many democrats running for

He's also the youngest.

Please give it up for Pete

[ Applause ]


How are you?
I'm ready to work.

See my exposed forearms?
Now, I hear when you grow up,

you want to be president.
Well, I am grown up.

I may only be 37 years old

but I do feel like I represent
everyday Americans.

I'm just a Harvard educated,
multilingual war veteran rhodes

I'm just like you.

So young, so impressive.
Can you fix my phone?

I got like 8,000 unread emails.
Look, ladies, I'm here to

talk about issues, like climate

There you go, I fixed it.

You're my nephew.
My nephew for president.

You have an unusual name.
How do you pronounce that?

Oh, okay.

I was thinking pad thai like the
Japanese spaghetti.

So you really think that
you're ready to be president?

Am I ready?
[ Speaking foreign language ]

And what was that last one?
A language I made up to speak

to gnomes.
I got to ask because I'm sure

it's come up.
You're gay.

That's not a question.
But I do want to say that I

wouldn't be running for
president if I didn't believe

America was ready to accept not
only a gay man but a boring gay

man in the public eye.
I think I saw your husband

Bring him out.

Oh, no, I'm here to talk
about my policies.

Husband, husband!

[ Cheers and applause ]
Hello, I'm chasten buttigieg.

He took the name buttigieg.
That's commitment, right?

Ha ha ha, yes, be my friend
or I'll die.

This is all so new to me.
Usually I'm just home with the

You're gay and you have dogs?

I love that.
I'm voting for you.

Mayor Pete, we love you, we can
never forget about Joe biden.

Take me to Delaware.
We love him.

My Prez.
Oh, Joe.

♪ I need you ♪
♪ I need you like mercy from

heaven's gate ♪
there's a freedom in your arms ♪

Thank you both for being

Joy, you need to let me talk.
I have said nothing all day!

Not today, Satan.

Coming up after the break,
prison reform and Elon musk

teaches us to vape.
This is "the view."

[ Cheers and applause ]

Once again, dj khaled.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Mama Assad.
Assad, my son.

Everything for you.
It's "just us."

Only us.
Another one.

hold up, hold up.

Another one.
Put your hands in the sky like

It's dj khaled!

It's sza.
Another one.

Let's go.
Dj khaled.

♪ Back against the wall
middle fingers in the air

busting through the crowd
they gon' feel me now ♪

♪ straight shooter
from the hip yeah

we heavy in here
tell me get 'em ♪

♪ then I got 'em
get 'em

99 problems but you ain't one
been so high lately ♪

♪ I don't care
who's goin' down

you could see it in my eyes
he been hitting it right ♪

♪ got me wishing that
he wasn't oh no

what we gon' do
and I need it all night ♪

♪ will love show me
what it feels like

I let you pull up on me
broad day light ♪

♪ shots over here
f the other side

we don't gotta lay low
we grown ♪

♪ a field trip and
I don't need no chaperone

I'm tryna get ghost
hands in the sky ♪

♪ its just us
lets go

oh oh
another one ♪

♪ it's just us
against the world

in this life of sin
ain't nobody gonna ♪

♪ take us out
it's always us never them

it's just us
against the world ♪

♪ when the smoke clears
all we got is all we got

it's always us, never them ♪
♪ sing it like an angel

I need ♪♪♪
lets take it to the streets.

Lets take it to Philadelphia

This deejay khaled.
This meek mill.

"Saturday night live."
Top of the charts.

Lets go.
Dj khaled.

♪ Drop top gone
drop top gone

selling popcorn
selling popcorn ♪

♪ I went from licks
to most wanted

to the top of the Forbes ♪
♪ trek through the trenches

I weather the storm

storm ♪
♪ young living legend

I be on that -- that these --
ain't on

these ain't on ♪
♪ I went to war

with the system yeah
to give my son toys

on Christmas yeah ♪
♪ probably won't give me

no grammy yeah
putting awards on wishlist

yeah ♪
♪ we had to kill

just to make it out
we puttin' rewards on --

lets go ♪
♪ live by the gun

and we die about it
I'm praying the sword

don't kill us ♪
♪ praying the lord

forgive us
I'm going to war with killers

they put a bounty ♪
♪ on all on my dawgs

want 'em dead by morning
what else ♪

♪ we took risks
to live like this

ain't doing consignment
what else ♪

♪ I brought my mama tears
and I turned 'em

to vvs diamonds
lets go come on ♪

♪ I know you see me
on top of my game

ain't see me declining
declining ♪

♪ turned to a monster
the next time you saw me

you seen I was climbing
what ♪

♪ they took my elevator
I said I'm taking the steps

got me on bail ♪

♪ they want me in jail
they say I'm a threat

fighting for freedom ♪

♪ 11 years they been
taking my breath

taking my breath
watching the feds ♪

♪ take pictures
it been making me sweat

makin' me sweat
tapping my phone ♪

♪ taking my rights
and making 'em wrong

makin 'em wrong
deep in this -- ♪

♪ had to dance with
the devil to make it

back home woah ♪
long live nipsey hussle.

[ Cheers and applause ]
The marathon continues.

Make some noise for John legend!
♪ oh

you keep taking me
higher and higher

yeah ♪
♪ but don't you know

that the devil is a liar
I know

they'd rather see me down ♪
♪ put my soul in the fire

but we keep goin' higher

you keep takin' me higher ♪
♪ and higher

don't you know

that the devil is a liar ♪
♪ I know they'd rather

see me down
put my soul in the fire

but we keep goin' higher ♪
♪ higher

oh, lord

can you feel it ♪
♪ whoa ♪

♪ my shoes are
scrapin' the sky

I'm so high
we keep goin' higher ♪♪♪

Yeah talk to 'em.
Told khaled bounce the four

'til the bar break.
Long live nipsey hussle.

The marathon continues.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Oh, hey, les, a change in
the court sketch, you're going

to be the bailiff now.
Owe cool, thanks, Kyle.

What are you watching?
Russian car crashes, they're

crazy over there.
I was watching those videos

we made for the show when we
were in love with each other.

Why did we stop making them?
I wanted to show you a pretty

fun clip.
May I?

Oh, my god.
Tell me I'm not dreaming.

We was babies.
It was like last year.

But you know it's weird,
sometimes people will come up to

me on the street and say, are
you really dating Leslie?

Me and you?
They truly thought it was


Yeah, so ridiculous.

Well, I should get out of

So enjoy your videos, madam.
Thank you, sir.

Umm, hey, Kyle.
What's up?

Got some wine.
You want to maybe have a glass

of wine, we can watch videos.
Yeah, sure.

I mean, I drink every day, so --
yes, let's do it.

Well, to a wonderful year.

Oh, yes.
Ooh, you got some on your lip.

Thank you.
Is this happening right now?

I don't know.

♪ why do birds suddenly appear ♪
♪ every time you are near ♪

♪ just like me, they long to
be ♪

♪ close to you ♪


Oh, god, crap!
[ Screaming ]

What the [ Bleep ] are you

This is my dressing room.

Hey, sorry, man.
Oh, god.

What's that smell?

It stinks over here too.
Were you [ Bleep ] over here

It smells like a bad tooth.

My shoes are sticking to the

It's like an old movie theater.

Oh, crap.
Are you still doing it?

Get out of here.
We said sorry, dude.

Are you stressed out?
We were just having sex for a

few hours.

Yea, I'm stressed out.
I just -- I want the finale to

go well.
I didn't mean to yell.

Aww baby.

That feels good.

Is this happening?


Dorky dad on the loose.

You girls want some snacks?
I've got pita chips, raisins,

and salt.
Okay, bye, dad.

All right, I'll get out of
your hair.

Just let me know if you want any
of those things.

Sorry 'my dad.
But hey, I thought of something

scary we can do.
Ooh, cool.

Ouija board.
Let's get spooky.

Spirits, we call upon you to
answer our questions.

If you are here, give us a sign.
Ha ha ha ha!

I am bealthor, mistress of the
nine hell.

Holy smokes, we summoned a

Ask your question, mortals.

I'll go.
Demon, which one of us will get

married first?
Ah, the whispers of the

damned flow through my head.
They say Samantha shall be first

to wed.

Demon, thank you.
Do you know, we should

celebrate, you guys.

Pizza girls, at it again.
I mean, I like pizza.

Oh, I think we're kind of
done with the ouija stuff.

Oh, same here.
You know what we should get on

our pizza?

Ew, that sounds gross.
Oh, yeah, yeah, pineapple is

so gross.
I was just joking about that.

Hey, let's watch a movie.
Movie girls at it again.

I don't know, bealthor, it's
kind of late to start a movie.

Yeah, I was thinking that
too, as soon as I said it, I was

like, it's too late, I'm so

Girls, why does the whole
house smell like brimstone?

Oh, hey, Ashley, right?
No, dad, this is bealthor.

Is that Greek?

Anyway, it turns out we ran out
of pita chips.

I think I do see something
behind your ear.

Oh, it's a go-gurt.
It's the last one so take a

squirt and pass it around.
I'll be downstairs, working that


My dad is all, I'm Satan, god

cast me out of heaven, what a

What are you even talking

My bad.
Sorry for being weird.

I'm just really struggling with
my home life right now.

And I guess I've been feeling
really ugly lately.

Don't or she'll never leave.
I'm going to go to the

Guess who ordered thai food.

So if you guys could just throw
in five bucks that would be --

where's the goth kid?
Hi, Satan?

Can you come pick me up?
These girls are being super

I don't believe what I'm

Were you girls bullying

Dad, she's leaving.

I don't want to hear it,

So she has horns, big whoop.
Maybe her differences are what

make her cool.
Yeah, I guess you're right,

Mr. Sanderson.
You're right.

We'll be nice.
Hey, so my dad says that I

can't spend the night.
Anyway, I'm sorry for ruining

your party.
Bealthor, wait.

These girls have something they
would like to say.

Bealthor, we're sorry.

Yeah, we think it would be
pretty ill if you spent the



Hey, who wants to know how
they're going to die?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Thanks to dj khaled, Alec
Baldwin, Robert De Niro, lil'

Wayne, meek mill, little baby,
sza, John legend.

I've got to say thank you to
lorne, the cast, the crew, I

love you, Jack and darby.
Have a great, great summer.

Thank you.
Season 44 in the books.

[ Cheers and applause ]